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The vehicle is very dependable and months and I just love the sleek look.

I love this vehicle. I have had to replace brakes several times, and I not sensors are always cause the check engine light to come on. Otherwise the car is reliable no major engine problems. I wish the car was available in four door model. I find sitting in the back a bit uncomfortable/low. Not fit for elderly to get in and out of the back seat. Safety features are great with airbags and the trunk size is large enough for to carry anything from groceries to home depot supplies. Since its a earlier model, I have only a CD player and am/FM radio, no built in fancy features. Battery life is not as good as I would like, having to replace every year. This model has a sunroof that I love to open in spring and summer. As stated earlier the year of my car is a 2003 and this vehicle is still reliable with well over a hundred thousand miles.

- Tina W

It has been an excellent, reliable car.

I drive a Toyota Camry Se. It is a 2003 model. I am very happy with my car. It has given my no problems. I am a poor car owner, it that I do not get my car serviced like it needs to be. When I have gotten it serviced I am always told that the engine was in good shape and the oil looked good. (whatever that means) I must confess to you that I do not drive my car like most people, I am retired so there are many weeks I don't drive it at all. The mileage reads less than 74,000 miles

- Suzanne A

Love my Toyota Solara. It is fun to drive and looks good.

My Toyota Solara is an excellent vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, and handles very well.. mine is the 2 door coupe, the body style is very sleek and attractive. The leather interior is very comfortable and holds up well. I have had no issues with it other than to have a brake job on it, which is to be expected. The 6 cylinder engine has a lot of pickup.

- Keith J

The car shape is unique and sporty. The engine is great and drives well.

Great performance, strong and reliable engine, some old parts that will need replacing at some point but has been running great. The top speed is good and the car gathers speed very quickly. Great leather seat interior with CD and sound system. Had a problem with the radiator head which rusted due to age but it was easily replaced.

- Amanda N

amazing car. Just keep it maintained!

amazing! has 200k miles and still a great car. keep the maintenance up and it will last forever! I have other cars but this one is great on gas and low maintenance. not in the shop for any issues. just keep oil changes transmission serviced and tires rotated. would love a new one but definitely not in my budget

- bridget B

Why I love my car, age and all.

Very reliable, good on gas, smooth riding. Great driving and easy moving around. Dependable and easy upkeep. Cheap on any repairs if needed. I the size and color of my car. Not too small or big for me. It has all the features I need and keeps the road noise out. Easy to get in and out of the car.

- Darlene R

Old but reliable Toyota Solara.

My vehicle needs a few mechanical repairs and body work related to the muffler, ac, and paint. It an also used upholstering, new brakes and maybe some struts for the back wheels. Regardless of mechanical and cosmetic needs, it has been reliable and performs average.

- A H

Good mileage and reliable.

Reliable, but only two doors which is hard cause I have twin toddlers. Do not like the inside colors. Drives okay. Looking for a new car soon cause I need a larger car. Good mileage, good gas. It is an old car and I need a newer one. Car seats do not clip in.

- Ariel G

The good car runs like a charm and lives forever because I have over 180, 000.

None I have no problems with the car. It runs perfectly. It is a two thousand and three car. It has no real problems. Other than applied tire every now and then the tires are great the suspension is good. I would definitely buy the same car again if I could.

- Paul U

That it is dependable in having no major repairs that it has good and easy steering.

My vehicle is a two door car. I like that my car has good steering control. I don't particularly like is that I have a two door instead of a four door. My car runs smoothly and it is still in great shape after all these years.

- Gaynard T

My car says all you need to know about me: independent, fun, and reliable.

I like that my car is reliable, comfortable, and sporty. I dislike that they stopped making this model, so I'm going to drive my car until it can't be driven any more. It suits me perfectly.

- Melanie E

The solara is comfortable, safe and efficient!

I love how comfortable the seats are. The car gets great gas and the tank is huge. The only issue with the tank being huge is that it is expensive to fill.

- Taylor K

It will last well beyond average if you do basic maintenance.

It has lasted well over 200k miles. It has been reliable with no major issues. It does go through tires at a higher than average pace.

- Mark b

How long I have had it and cost effectiveness.

It is dependable. Very economical. Nice looking car. Has very low maintenance. Parts are not very expensive. Very reasonable.

- Louie A

It has high mileage and still runs great. Good on gas

It was not my first choice of a car. My vehicle broke down and this is what I ended up with. However, It does handle well.

- Donna C

Which side the gas can is on. No one wants to look like an idiot at the gas station

It's a nice compact vehicle which I like. I do not like how sloped the hood is. You cannot see the front of your car.

- AJ F

It is built to last a really long time.

The Toyota solara is a very well built for that handles the rosemarie will be convenient since all kinds of weather.

- Paul G

It is durable but does burn oil and has had issues throughout the years that have been fixed

I love how long my car has lasted, however, it constantly burns oil. I continue to put more and more oil in it.

- Margaret J

This car is great if you are looking to buy something that will last for many years.

This is a great car. Even though it is already 14 years old it is still very reliable with minimal problems.

- Monica V

It's a HIGH END, SUPERmodel but without the high end super price

Luxurious feel to the interior - good on gas. Quiet engine. Runs smoothly. Absolutely no complaints.


Very reliable and comfortable seats. Climate control.

Never had any problems with my Solara. Bought it brand new and is 15 years old. Still runs like new.

- Darlene N

last forever and ever almost could be maintenance free if you take care of it

i love that it last a long time. I don't like that the parts cost

- tab b