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Low maintenance, smooth ride. Excellent customer service.

Cons- design. It is very difficult to see behind you whether backing up or changing lanes. This is due to shape of rear side windows and position of the rear window. The doors are extremely heavy causing some difficulty in opening them. They are also very large. This requires care in parking if you are interested in not giving door dings to the neighboring cars. Pros- nice ride. Low maintenance costs. Toyota was extremely good about addressing a concern when the car began using too much oil. They repaired the engine and provided a free car to use while they had my car.

- Mar T

For a great ride- try out a Toyota!

My Toyota Solara has been very reliable through the years. I have had very few repairs to make since owning this vehicle. I have had to replace the alternator once and battery and tires are routine after a few years. The car handles very nicely and is actually fun to drive and I really do not like driving! The gas mileage is better than fair, city miles are 27 mpg and highway driving is 32 mpg.

- Ginny H

2008 Toyota solara review.

I have had no maintenance problems other than normal oil changes and replacement tires. The car feels tight and powerful has no problem accelerating to highway speed, and gets very good mileage. The ride feels much like that of a luxury car. The 8 speaker stereo system sounds fantastic. The only thing I would change is to get the convertible, instead.

- Jim B

2008 Toyota solara review.

Love this car. Have never had any issues with it besides just regular maintenance such as oil changes, new brakes, tires, etc. Had a solara previously and got into an accident where I was t-boned and I walked away without a scratch so I had to get another. Great safety. Very reliable, started right up in negative temperatures around here recently.

- Hannah K

Great reliability, comfort, and performance.

It is a two door car but has so much room in it that I can stand up in the back seat! Sleek semi sporty look but drives and feels like a comfy sedan. Have not had any problems with performance at all. . . Has 40000 miles on it and still drives and sounds like a new car! First Toyota I've had and I love it.

- Shannon H

Stylish with comfort and reliability.

I love the car, it handles great, good on gas, comfortable and was just what I wanted in a car. It has been very reliable in summer and winter. It handles great in snow and ice. It has CD player, am, FM and fm2 radio channels, also change radio station on the steering wheel, and it has intermittent wipers.

- Mary M

My sporty Toyota solara, with dual pipes.

My vehicle performance is great and reliable and runs really good, it also has a v6 engine and only 160,000 miles only, it does not have any engine or transmission problems and still has a great body and paint job,I can truly say that this is one of the best pre-owned vehicles that I have purchased.

- Marie M

My reliable car always starts and always looks good.

Great car. Love it. I bought it new and it has run great. The interior still looks new and the exterior paint has held up well. I highly recommend Toyota. My whole family drives them and they are very dependable cars and well designed. My next car will be a Toyota also. They are the best.

- Betty H

The Solara: a great car that has been discontinued.

My Toyota Solara is a fantastic car. This is the second one that I have bought. It is a two-door coupe which I love. It looks great and although it is a 2008 model, it stills draws admiring looks from others. The only sad thing is that 2008 was the last year this model was produced!

- Debbie P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's a convertible!

I like the fact that my vehicle is a convertible. I like the color of my vehicle. I am happy with the quality and durability of the car. It is starting to show its age and doesn't have any of the new technology in it. I would like a car with more tech, especially a back-up camera.

- Melissa H

It takes regular unleaded fuel and it is has good fuel economy.

It is a very attractive and stylish car and you really don't see many of them on the roads. It is quick and good on fuel. It is a mid-size car but it does have enough room for 4 people with plenty of trunk space. I really don't have any dislikes or complaints about it.

- JoAnn H

It's a great performance vehicle that also looks great!

I absolutely love my car, this is my 2nd Toyota Solara convertible. I also own the 2002. These cars are the best. They handle well, look great and run so smooth. What's not to love when you drive with the top down!

- Kathy M

It is reliable and looks expensive. In the summer months I like to open roof for a nice breeze.

It is a comfortable and very reliable car. For a coupe is very spacious. The downside is the doors are very wide and you have to be careful not to hit the car next to yours at a parking lot when you open the door.

- Lia W

the best thing about this car is that it is eco friendly and is still a strong performing car.

i love my car. it is great because it has a camera in the back that allows me to see when i back up. the windows are great because it helps to reduce glare. it is spacious and i love the power features.

- karen s

Convertibles can leak around the windows in very heavy rain.

It is a convertible, so that is fun. It handles nice. I think Toyotas are overpriced for how they are equipped. I have had less expensive cars that had way more equipment. Hate the navigation system.

- Pamela F

It has sports drive mode where it is similar to a stick shift but you can then change back to automatic.

I love the sporty and sleek look of it. Looks like a sports car but is also a great car for daily commute. I do not like the inside feels very tight but most sports cars are. Overall a nice car.

- Monica M

Very reliable, nice looking coupe- not too many choices out there.

Haven't had any real problems-just normal. Maintenance for age of vehicle. Oil changes, brakes, tires and parts of exhaust- normal wear & tear for a 10 year old vehicle.

- Carol B

Get regular checkups, oil changed regular maintenance.

No complaints but just had blew out my transmission for lack of oil. But I love how well it runs and new it feels even after driving it for over a decade!.

- Ct T

Safe family car toyota camry

Very well volt car with a strong engine that can for miles. Very smooth acceleration and driving. All around safe and comfortable family car.

- Joel W

It has a much bigger truck than it appears

It has a relatively few repair problems. Very comfortable for me as a driver. It is very hard for passengers as it is small. Large trunk

- Andrew B

Highly dependable. Great mileage. Beautiful car.

Love this 2007 Toyota-Camry-Solara convertible. Great performance. No problems. Highly recommend. Will never own anything but Toyota.

- Carol O

Fun to Drive and comfortable

It is sporty, good gas mileage but a nice big trunk for carrying items. Only problem, not great paint and doesn't look too hot now

- vicki m

I feel safe when I drive it.

Performance problems, makes some weird noises. Older molder, has some air conditioning issues. The passenger window is off track.

- Lindsey G

It's a bit too small for my taste, but i'm fine with it

Its overall a good vehicle, i don't know too much about cars and I wasn't the one who bought it so i'm not sure what to expect

- Hien T

Lots of room, the truck could be better. The tires it comes with could be better.

Everything is perfect, drop top, lots of space. Very good quality, great auto system. No real problems with this car at all.

- Amber S

The sunroof is fantastic. I love the trunk space. Seats are comfortable. Windows give you lots of light and ability to see

Love it but it's very large for a 2 door car. The car has held up great and is solid. Will most probably by an Toyota again

- Kelly S

It is a convertible that is fun to drive.

Like - it is a convertible with large back seat. It also has a very large trunk. It is fun to drive. Dislike - road noise.

- Alan B

It is one of the last years Toyota made a convertible.

I love my convertible, except for the fact that the back window is very small, making it difficult to see behind you.

- Judi S

The back window is hard to see out of it because it is small.

I love that is a convertible has nice seats, and is stylish. I dislike the rear window it makes it hard to back out.

- Cindy C

Toyota's are very dependable.

I drive a 2015 Toyota Camry. This is my fifth Camry. I love Toyota's. The car is so dependable.

- Elaina R

It's great on gas. Makes it worth the money. And i have never team out of gas.

It's a convertible. Very spacious inside to be a two door. It's silver. And pretty good on gas.

- Saesha B

They don't make it any longer

I love my car because it is a convertible, runs well and is beautiful! I have no complaints

- Kathryn G

I'm going to drive it until it dies, hopefully 200,000 miles or more

Camry is a reliable car, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. It has good gas mileage.

- Chris H

the car is economical yet attractive, doesn't require much maintenance, and lasts forever.

likes: dependable, attractive, low maintenance dislikes:dear sits a little low

- therese t

It is a very dependable car that has not had any issues.

It is dependable. The interior is comfortable. Gas mileage could be better

- Helyn O

It is dependable transportation. I will always drive Toyotas

I love Toyotas Gets good mileage. Comfortable car to drive.

- Emperatriz K

Very reliable and trustworthy. I have never had any problems with it.

I have no complaints. This car is very reliable and sturdy

- Lisa G