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Easy to Fix/Hard to Diagnose/Small

I believe my car is reliable to a certain degree. It has never broken down while I've been driving, but it has had some problems. My water pump went out while I was parked at a grocery store. When I tried to start it nothing happened. It was completely out of oil. We filled the oil up and drove maybe 2 miles down the road and it was out of oil again. The pump wasn't too difficult to replace, but it was difficult narrowing down what was wrong with my car. The error codes weren't matching up with the real problem and it took a couple tries to figure out. Luckily the parts were readily available and inexpensive. Another downside is the size. I am 5'5 and I get uncomfortable on long car rides because I feel squished. This car was made for small people.

- Brie H

A great traveling car for you.

In my own opinion, Toyota makes are durable. The engines last a long time for up to 300, 000 miles or more. Keeping up with routine maintenance will keep you vehicle running for many miles and years to come. The Toyota interiors are comfortable. The only feature I am not comfortable with are the leather seats which produce very hot temperatures in very hot weather. I have had to use a towel or whatnot to sit on. I really do not have many complaints one way or another about my vehicle. It also gets great gas mileage. I would also like to see a Toyota Camry with bench seats upfront for total comfort. I am not a fan of any vehicle with bucket seats (2 seats up front).

- Angelica H

My vehicle is silver with leather interior and beautifully done.

My Toyota Camry has been in our family for about 18 years and it has been passed on to me from my mom and it is my baby. Cammy (name of my car) is so reliable. I have had her for about 5 years and she has never given me any problems. Recently she has started worrying me because when she is idle she has a problem with something but I do think she just needs an oil change. She is pretty small but I feel is very comfortable. She has leather seats and is a beautiful silver color. She may be a little old but she has so much power to her and still has a very long life to live. She is very reliable and is just such an amazing car and I am so blessed to have her.

- Mia Y

Smoothest handling even at high speeds.

I bought this car used with over 130,000 miles on it. I have had it for two years, put plenty more miles on it, and have never been disappointed in the performance. It handles like a dream despite its age. It is my first time ever owning a Toyota and I am impressed. I have had to do some normal maintenance and repairs but it was inexpensive and routine. I get excellent gas mileage. I easily get well over the speed limit on the highway so you need to be careful because it is very smooth at high speeds and you do not even realize you are going so fast. It really is a fantastic car! The age and miles mean nothing. It handles like a new car.

- Tiffany D

Smaller, compact, and very reliable

Well it has 270,000 miles on it and I am the second owner. This vehicle runs great almost everything has been replaced and is new the only thing is the sunroof is disconnected because the owner before me was afraid of with time of usage the seal would leak so it has been disconnected. Minor problems here and there but overall it runs great and the interior is still excellent. Its comfortable has cruise control and electric driver seat controls. Overall it is a very reliable car I would recommend it to any first time drivers, students,elderly and to anyone that doesn't insist on dogging their vehicle.

- Joseph M

Almost 300,000 miles and still strong.

I have had my car for just over a year now. I bought it at 260,000 miles, and it now has over 280,000 miles and still runs beautifully. I replaced the engine when I first got the car with a newer, but used, engine, and the car has given me absolutely no problems since then. I can take it on long road trips without worrying about it breaking down. It has surprisingly good gas mileage for a car so old. It is easy to drive, being an automatic. This car has made me want to only buy Toyota forever due to the ease of service I can get, and simply the reliability of the car itself.

- Jenny B

It doesn't ever quit on you!! It's a super reliable and safe car to have.

I love my Toyota Camry. It gets great gas mileage! I have never spent money to have it repaired because it never breaks down. I only do the normal maintenance on it and I replaced the drive chain on it at the recommended miles, not because it needed it. It has 140,000 miles on it and it's going strong. The only thing that is an issue with it, is that it is low and the people that I take places complain about getting in and out of it. This car is now 18+ years old. I just keeps going and going!!! I love my Toyota Camry!

- Kathy G

Tough terrific Toyota. My Toyota is the best car I have ever owned!

My old Toyota Camry runs like a workhorse. It feels like a car of substance and never lets me down. It starts every day, even on the coldest of days. It is a very comfortable ride. The only thing that could be improved, is the height of the driver's seat. As I age, it gets harder and harder to get in and out of the car. I keep up all maintenance, and rarely have repairs to perform on this wonder car, other than brakes, tires and the like. I love my Toyota Camry. It is like the energizer bunny as it keeps on going!

- Maureen M

Extremely dependable for the long haul

My Camry is holding strong at 19 years old! Both the interior and exterior still mostly looks like new, and the car runs very well for its age. No one believes how good it looks and runs for its age and level of use. I'd buy a Camry again in a heartbeat with the mileage and longevity I've enjoyed with this vehicle. The only problems to note have been persistent oil leaks that haven't been 100% resolved even with work, as well as the check engine light getting stuck on, no matter how many times it's been reset.

- Heather P

My Toyota car is really amazing.

My car is amazing. It is so comfortable. The seating is very comfortable. I could sleep on it. That is how comfortable it is. The cushions are so comfortable. I can lift the seats up and down. The car has a nice smell to it. My car color is silver. It is really beautiful. I like it really much. I love sitting inside my car and looking at the view. The car drives very fast. The car's engine is really smooth. The car goes very fast. I like that very much. I like my car. It is very nice. Toyota is great.

- Jason N

An awesome and reliable car!

My Toyota Camry is a 2000, I have had it for almost a year and have had only minor problems like a shimmy in the front end. It is quite comfortable to drive long distances. I have taken it to South Carolina 2 times and to Washington DC. Once. The gas mileage is very good on highways at just over 500 miles a tank, with a 4 cyl. Engine. It has performed remarkably well considering it is 18 years old. Even if I buy a newer car, I will probably hang on to my Camry as it is a reliable back up.

- Jamie F

It gets from point a to point b. A good daily driver.

Even though it is a small vehicle, it is not very gas efficient. I put about $160 a month into the tank. (Keep in mind there are two people driving it. ) The interior in the make in model I purchased has leather seats, but the interior in the doors is some kind of plastic. It's also a very low set car, so uneven roads, or driveways will always scrape the undercarriage of the car. It handles highways speeds up to 75 fairly well, however anything over that makes the car rattle a bit.

- Vivian S

The advanced features it has, compared to cars of the same year .

The Toyota Camry I own, is the best car I have owned. Considering how old it is, it rarely needs any repairs. And the features it has seem very advanced compared to other cars of the same year . It's also really good on gas. I only fill it up once a week with 40$ , and I drive it everyday about 40 miles a day. It might not be a sports car, but it is a good reliable commuter car. Spacious enough for the whole family of 5. Drives very smooth in all weather terrain .

- Jose V

Reliable, dependable Toyota Camry.

I love my car. It runs really smooth and reliably. The only problem with it is there was an exhaust leak when I bought the car. It has taken a long time to get the exhaust leak fixed just because of where the leak is, it would be very expensive to fix. Besides that the car runs great, it handles smoothly and accelerated quickly. It is a nice dark blue color which I love. It has comfortable interior and plenty of space for my family.

- Noelle U

After getting in a few fender benders it still looks relatively new.

I have one broken tail lights and my headlamps are really low making it hard to see at night. My tires are bad, and I wish my mpg was higher, but other than that it is a very durable car and it is very comfortable. It came with a good interior, working radio, and the brakes are perfect. I just wish it was a little more stylish and slightly shorter and parking can be a hassle but it makes up for its length with trunk space.

- Jennifer G

Toyota Camry the best car ever made

I am the proud owner of a 2000 Toyota Camry and I absolutely love my car. I haven't had it that long but since I've had it I haven't had any issues with it. It's good on gas and it's very reliable. It drives nice and smooth and it has over 200,000 thousand miles on it and runs like a champ. I wouldn't trade it in for a newer car or a different model even if I was paid to. In my opinion Toyota's are the best cars ever made.

- Dana W

Very solid reliable vehicle

Smooth ride. If u maintain this vehicle it will run forever. Great big trunk for groceries or bags if u travel. This vehicle has only had normal wear and tear issues such as tires and filters no major issues at all. If and when I upgrade it will definitely be another Toyota. For my vehicle being a 2000 its in extremely good shape body wise. It's held up very well over the last 19 years. Extremely reliable vehicle.

- Michelle A

It's dependable. It will get me where I need to go and back again.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is efficient with gas. I like that it will work for a long time. I like not having a car payment for it. I don't like that it's not new. I don't like that the windows don't work right or that the sunroof doesn't open anymore. I don't like that all the speakers in the back have been blown out and the one on the passenger side door. I don't like that it needs a paint job.

- Kimberly J

Get a Toyota. If you want a car that is good on gas, strong and dependable,

Everything is good, good on gas, cruise control is good, lot's of space, it is a good car, strong engine durable and dependable, with a good sound system as well. Very is to handle, easy to change the oil, filters, and gives you no headaches. Toyota has always been a good car and reliable, I'd love to have another one, any day, no complaints at all and worth the buy used as probably new, a good investment.

- Donnell W

Overall Great, with some minor hiccups

Well I have a lot of miles, about 270K miles on it right now. The turn signal light doesn't work, some body paint is coming off the trunk, steering wheel jiggles when you stop, my gaskets leak underneath the carriage of the car, my oil pan plug leaks sometime and the front driver front seat doesn't work by going back and up at all. Other than that, it runs great, starts fine and drives great.

- Myron F

Very dependable and power sunroof!

My 2000 Toyota Camry has about 215, 000 miles on it. I bought it used from a friend back 2015 and it has been absolutely reliable. It is super comfortable and the power sunroof is perfect when the weather is nice outside. I haven't had any major issues with it and repairs have been normal maintenance items that come with high mileage. I would definitely recommend the Toyota Camry to others.

- Steven P

Cool Cars best cars ever made. Affordable and reliable.

I own 1999 Toyota Camry it has 284000 miles on the original motor and transmission. By far the best car I have ever owned. Low cost maintenance, great on gas. I see of lot of them on the streets, so I know they are reliable. I recommend this car to anyone that's on a budget but needs a vehicle that is nice looking and reliable. Thanx. Your happy Camry owner. P. S. Her name is Rockstar.

- Shawn R

Old stick shift still running.

My car is old, about 20 years so it is a bit dinged up. The car is a manual transmission which gives me great gas mileage and control. The car also has a large 18-19 gallon tank which limits my need to fill up. The stereo system is amazing and fills the entire car with music whenever I listen. Even though the car is old it is reliable and I know that it’ll get me where I need to go.

- Oliver U

The steering wheel is quite messed up which is pretty dangerous when driving.

I have issues with the steering wheel every so often and there's also something wrong with the transmission. Driving the car is not so bad, it is so slow shifting but that is what happens when you get an older used car. The cars actually pretty reliable it gets me to point A to B safely. The interior is actually pretty comfortable to be in and there's really no special features.

- Jasmine A

It's functions great and costs very little to maintain.

My car is reliable, still looks good (could use a paint job though), and is safe. I've had little to no mechanical problems for the life of the car. It gets great mileage, costs very little to maintain (comparatively speaking), and only needs routine maintenance to function perfectly fine . It has almost 300,000 miles on it .I know I'm gonna miss it when it finally craps out!

- Kay K

This is a high-quality, long lasting car. The drive train is super reliable. Even when it's past its prime, a nice car to drive

This car is 18 years old and still comfortable and highly reliable. Toyotas hold up over time and can easily last for 200,000 miles. My Camry has older technology compared to recent models, but it provides more than adequate features. One criticism is it's underpowered and lacks pickup. Also, my model does not have anti lock brakes and I recommend getting a model that has it.

- Raymond B

Toyota’s are great for individuals or families!

Everything works great as long as I take it in for regular check ups. Comfy for me and my toddler to ride in every day. Heater warms up fast in winter and a/c cools down quickly in summer. The only problems I have had were from ignoring maintenance for a little to long. Even then, still got me from point A to point B. Always been reliable. I will always trust Toyota’s.

- Stephanie T

Great small car for beginners!!

It has high mileage but in amazing shape. We keep up maintenance and repairs if needed. It's reliable. Tires have been replaced along with routers. The door handles on the outside have been replaced. The door on the left passenger side does have a hard time closing because of a previous accident but still closes if you slam it. Other than those things the car is amazing.

- Alex G

My Toyota has been a lifeline for me and my children.

My car has taken me from Sacramento CA to Las Vegas for the pass 18 years, the wear and tear on my car is minimal, have only replaced the radiator, in my car, gas mileage is great. The only bad thing that has happen to it is that the motor for the windows burn out to soon. I am the only owner, and I love my car, with regular maintenance, and care my car has lasted long.

- Diana R

Very dependable long running car.

Its a 2000 model car so some things are starting to go on it. I have had the car since it was new and have had no major problems with the car. Because of the age of the car and the miles 160, 000 miles some things are starting to go. I have had this car for 18 years and it still runs very well. I believe Toyota's are one of the longest lasting cars on the road.

- Pam V

All around a good economical choice of car

I love my Toyota Camry because it's a dependable car that hasn't had many problems for as long as I have own it. The problems are easy to diagnose and fix. In the winter it drives pretty well. I find the inside to be comfortable and easy to control things like the air conditioning, radio, windows, etc. It's just an all around good economical choice for a car.

- Hope F

The Toyota Camry is an amazing vehicle!

My Toyota Camry is extremely comfortable to ride in and is always reliable! I never worry about breaking down or any other problems! The next car I purchase will most certainly be another Camry! No matter how many miles is on my vehicle I know it will get me to where I need to go! It's a great car for a family, for travel, and just to ride around town in!

- Kayla G

Economical, great gas mileage, reliable, convenient four door vehicle.

It's a great vehicle all around. It would make a perfect work car or first vehicle for a young driver. The price is economical and the car gets exceptional gas mileage, which is a must for an everyday driver. I love the fact that it is a four door. That's a plus for mothers or parents shuffling children in and out for trips or grocery shopping with ease.

- Kara B

What I like about my twenty year old Toyota is its reliability and quiet drive.

In my opinion, Toyotas last forever. My Camry is 20 years old and still rides smooth and quiet. It gets 25 to 30 mpg. I have had no major engine problems. I change the oil frequently. I have owned three Hondas which are also great cars. Now I own two Toyotas. It seems cars like Chevrolet are catching up but I think you cannot go wrong with a Toyota.

- Bernard S

2000 Toyota Camry: a reliable car for a 1st time driver

I have had this car since I turned 16. It was passed on from my great grandma, to my grandma, to me. Super reliable car. Has 220,000 miles on it and still runs good. I drive it on a 30 minute commute everyday. It's had to have standard work over the years and we have put money into it. But if you keep up with repairs this car will last a long time.

- Ashley B

Toyota Camry one of the most reliable vehicle I have ever driven.

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable car whether you are driving in the snow or in the rain or in the sunny day. The car handles well is very reliable and can take an absolute beating and still drive down the road like nothing happened at all. It has a sunroof to keep the air flow during the summer time so you do not even need the air conditioner.

- Alex H

Its efficiency on gas mileage.

I like its gas mileage because I am able to travel long distances for less, which is important for my job. I enjoy how reliable the car is, I let it sit for 6 months and it started and has been running perfectly ever since. I dislike the gear stick, as it's a little bulky and unattractive. I dislike how long it is, as it's sometimes hard to park.

- Grace C

The Best and Worst of the Toyota Camry XLE 2000

I've had issues with the car door handles. Both the outside and inside of the driver's side door have broken off before. And not even from pulling hard. Repair parts for this year and make are fairly cheap and despite all the small things wrong with my car, it's been very reliable between the long drives to work and even out of town a few times.

- Laura G

2000 Toyota Camry. My best car.

My vehicle was purchased new and it is now 18 years old with over 200 thousand miles on it and it still runs well! I have only ever had to fix normal "wear and tear" issues and even that was few and far between. One thing that I love about the older Camry model is that it is heavier than the new ones which is a great benefit for winter driving.

- Ashley A

Like me she's old but reliable.

As old as it is, it has never failed to start. While at one time this was the choice of the young set it continues to prove it is reliability. I expect to drive it at least to 300, 000 miles with only normal maintenance. It is very responsive, handling well even in tight situations, I have avoid more than one accident due to this factor.

- Claudia A

The 2000 Toyota Camry is the car for buyers that want longevity!

The 2000 Toyota Camry is an unbelievable vehicle. We did not have any problems with it until very late in its age. Those problems are very minor too. It is extremely comfortable and spacious. The best thing about this vehicle is the reliability. If you want to purchase one car and own it for 15 plus years then this vehicle is for you.

- Joshua H

Long-term reliability and comfort.

My Camry runs well and has comfortable seating. It is a great car for long distance road trips as well as in town casual driving. I get great gas mileage for both. It is also a very safe car for accident protection and severe weather. This car goes and goes. It has two hundred and fifty thousand miles on it, and still runs well!

- Valerie A

1999 Toyota Camry still kicking.

I feel like the car companies are really just trying to trick me when I am buying a car. They take advantage of the fact that I am younger and a female. I really hate shopping for cars so much. It is just overall very frustrating and disheartening. My car is a 1999 Camry and it has 87, 000 miles and she's still running great.

- Lauren M

Down to earth and affordable car.

It is pretty stable and nice. Saves gas money because of its light build. It is great to have because you wouldn't be too worried about other people accidentally scraping your car. The ac could be better though. I recommend this car is you only need to commute, otherwise you can get something else that fits your expectations.

- Tiffany C

Green Toyota Camry with an oil leak.

The oil leaks, it is old and the paint is peeling, but it is a very reliable car. It has lasted a long time, it is a smooth drive. The gas mileage is not the best, have to fill up every week. The antenna is broken, so the radio is staticy sometimes, it makes strange rattling noises sometimes when you drive it on a bumpy road.

- Mason H

My dad is a Chevy man. He told me to buy a Toyota.

Really bad shape. Old. Wrecked in the front. Is not that dependable. But I do not know what it would be like having a new car like that. I am very poor so I cannot pay a car payment until I can receive the disability rights that I have worked and paid in. So until I can get it I am stuck with the one that I have right now.

- Crystal W

The toyota camry the best car !!

Toyota Camry is a very good quality of a car, works really good it can last for so many years , and it performs very well , it is very well made as well, it is a favorite for central americans because it is economical when it comes to using gas , it's a great car because people have used it for generations I love my car !!

- Brenda F

It has amazing gas mileage.

Car has great gas mileage. It also never has left me stranded or broke down in five years! In five years I have replaced the tires twice, one brake line and shocks. Grand total for all of that less than $900. 00. That is super cheap! I love this car. It is super roomy, I can fit a ton of stuff in it! The Camry is amazing!

- Amanda A

My perfectly smooth and dependable ride.

I love my Toyota Camry! It is by far the most reliable car I have ever owned. We have not had many problems with this car other than the normal ware and tare that typically happen with vehicles as they age. But with this car we don't even have much of that. It's so dependable and has a smooth ride and is a joy to ride in!

- Pam M

Great drive but not so comfortable.

The drive of my car is great. It is smooth and I do not have mechanical issues often. The leg room is not the best however. I would prefer it if I could move my seat back further to make long car trips more comfortable. Also, the cloth seats makes it hard to clean up spills and so a different material would be better.

- Emma M

Gets you one place to another

The Toyota Camry is a good generic company. It's nothing special but it's not awful at all. It gets you from one place to another. Its as durable and reliable as every other car and has no standout problems. The feel is good when driving. All the accessories work really good including the air conditioning and heat.

- Drake K

Not new, but new to me! Grandfather's graduation gift still riding!

My vehicle does not have many problems. Since I received it from my grandfather, it has been running great! Currently, I am dealing with a battery issue. The battery runs well all day but in the morning it needs to get jumped off. Once I get a new battery this problem shall cease and I will be quite happy again!

- Christina S

A reliable, comfortable, low-maintenance vehicle.

This is a great car. It has 280, 000 miles on it and still going strong. I have not had to do much more than basic maintenance to it so far. Although soon I believe that I may need to replace some exhaust parts. It is very comfortable on long drives and can carry a lot more stuff than I was expecting from a car.

- Barbara B

How my Toyota serves my needs very cheaply.

I love my Toyota great gas mileage smooth ride I have very few repairs. Very low maintenance. Have never been let down on vacation trips. Around town gets me where I need to go. Maneuvers very nice on trips and in town. Gets 20-28 miles per gallon of gas. Do not use any oil. Has almost 300, 000 miles on it.

- Bud C

My Camry is a very great running car, dependable. Strong running gas saver!

The only problems I have with my car is there is no Bluetooth, no excess to Sirius radio. The performance of my vehicle is great! Even though its a 4 cylinder its very strong, just a schedule oil change and tune up, it runs forever. No structure problems. Seats are very comfortable all features work well.

- Joel S

An interesting detail of my car is it has cruise control.

It looks new although it is almost 20 years old. I bought it from the dealer in California. Its engine still good enough and could drive in snow weather condition, in Chicago. What I love the most is its air conditioner. It works even better than any other luxury cars. I didn't see any problems until now.

- Mai T

19 years and counting... old but steady

My Camry is currently 19 years old. It was bought used in 2013. It has around 185000 miles on it and is still running great. It has been a very reliable car for long trips and gets great gas mileage considering how old it is. We have upgraded the radio system and also installed an automatic key starter.

- Noelle C

Spacious and great on gas.

No major problems. It is reliable. Bought it used. Really only changed the oil. I have had it 5 years. New rear brakes. New battery last month. Is very comfortable. Take my daughter to many traveling sports events. Both front seats recline for a nap and she says is very comfortable. Never changed tires.

- Sharon G

I love how spacious this car is and to pull the seat down for large items.

The vehicle is getting older. Sometimes it would need maintenance on the headlights, oil change, windshield wipers, the hood of the car and the squeaky door. Also, for a really old car, the Camry still runs really well and smoothly on the road. The car isn't too complex and it is very spacious inside.

- Cheryl L

2000 Toyota Camry 4 door sedan. Low mileage, heating and a/c,

It is a 4 door sedan, with good gas mileage, interior is in great condition and radio, a/c, heat is in good working order. Power steering, anti lock brakes. Plenty of trunk space, maintain records, new set of tires. The color: champagne exterior, and interior. Leather interior with wood grain trim.

- Tony R

Toyota Camry is great, comfortable and reliable! Love the way this car drives.

This vehicle is really reliable and comfort to drive. I love that it drives smooth on the highway. I do not have any major issues with it, as long as keep up with the checkups, oil changes, etc.. I have had no engine light issues, or big problems. From now on, I will be only purchasing Toyota only!

- Liliana R

Sporty feel with 5 speed and sport suspension.

Engine: 1mz-fe 3. 0l v6. Wonderful engine and easy to maintain. Transmission: e153 5 speed manual with a billet aluminum 9lb flywheel. Makes the engine feel incredibly agile. Suspension: h&r sport springs with kyb gr-2 struts. It's a Camry, everyone knows they are amazing vehicles if maintained.

- Eric J

very old but still works well

doesn't accelerate very fast but other than that the car drives very well, performs fairly well, it is older than me but is still very reliable and driveable, very comfortable, it has a nice sunroof and leather seats along with a nice interior and it has a sleek nice look with a nice paint job

- Clara B

A faithful friend for 18 years.

The car has been reliable for us and the original buyer, a family member. . After 18 years it now needs new shocks front and back and some other upkeep which has us wondering if it is time to let it go. The mechanic is willing to buy it from us to fix himself so there is life still left in it.

- Liza D

Runs well large trunk space.

Very reliable car, runs smoothly and has for almost 20 years, tape deck is a little faulty and could use some work but gets from one place to another. While it's not the perfect model it is good enough for what it needs to do. It has a working air conditioning and heater and large trunk space.

- Elena S

The color is common. It is low maintenance, good ride for a twenty an old car.

It is a second hand car that looks like a grandpa car. I prefer something sporty but cannot afford it. Many like models are on the road today so the car is a long lasting model with great air conditioning. It does have a tape player but not a CD player. It is a good card but not my preferred.

- Carol T

Amazing Air Conditioner. Reliable and wonderful family vehicle.

Fantastic reliability. Easy to work on myself and super roomy. I will forever drive/ buy Toyota's. Safest car I've ever owned. Drives smoothly. A/C is amazing! Even on the hottest days I could use a sweater with how awesome this A/C works. The interior is super comfortable and easy to clean!

- Melissa R

My reliable Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry is reliable and safe vehicle. I commute to work Monday thru Friday. I feel I get very good mileage for the buck. I've had these car for years and it hasn't given me problems. For me these is a great car. On the weekend if needed I don't hesitate to take it out for a spin.

- Miguel P

The reliability of the Camry.

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable car if routine maintenance is done and the timing belt is changed when it is supposed to be. Parts can be more expensive when things are needed, but the reliability outweighs this. I have had less overall repairs on the Camry than all my other vehicles.

- Lisa M

I take pride in my vehicle.

No problems performs well and very reliable. I regularly take my car in for oil it is oil change. I have all work done on it by a certified mechanic. I take pride in my car and love it. I do not plan on getting a new one anytime soon. This has been my first car. Toyota is a quality brand.

- Paul P

Long-term and reliable Toyota Camry.

Very easy to drive, hugs the road and reacts very quickly to my actions. Good sightlines and safety. Aged very well and still runs very well after 20 years of use. With its age it has to be taken in to the shop about 2-3 times a for engine problems but it is worth how long it has worked.

- Melissa F

2000 Toyota Camry - 4 door sedan.

I have not had major problems with my vehicle. The performance is great. It is a reliable car and the gas mileage is good. It has a DVD player and anti theft device. The only expense I have had is new tires and of course I have regular oil changes. I would recommend purchasing a Toyota.

- Merrily E

Good car the Toyota Camry is.

My Toyota is a good reliable car. It is gas conservative and very maintenance free. Keeping the oil changed and the others things done keeps it running good and I love it. I encourage anybody that is looking for a reliable car to invest in a Toyota Camry. It is a reasonably priced car.

- Pamela J

My Toyota Camry is a great reliable car.

The car works great for what I use it for - driving to and from work daily (usually about 7 miles round trip). I do not feel comfortable taking it on longer trips. It is an older car so there are a variety of things that come up as needing to be replaced, but the frame is great shape.

- Naomi F

Spacious even though it is a sedan.

My car is 19 years old it is still running very well. It is very comfortable and needs very few maintenance. Even though it is sedan, it is spacious and can fit five people easily. I do not see any problem with this model. If I buy the next car, I will replace it with the same brand.

- Na N

Very dependable car for many years.

I love my Toyota Camry. We bought it used and never have made large repairs on it, just the usual yearly maintenance. It currently has 264, 000 plus miles and my mechanic says it can drive for another 100, 000 miles. Drives smooth and is such a comfortable car to take long drives in.

- Willie E

The car runs really well with no problems!

It does not run well with a lot of snow, but other days when it is dry, it goes well. I recommend you to not drive while it is very icy or snowy because it will not run well and you will be stuck out. Overall, I like the car. It has good performance and reliability. It is very comfy.

- Vivian L

My vehicle is a standard vehicle, nothing too special.

I just recently purchased a 2000 Toyota Camry. It is gold and has a nice comfortable interior. It only had one owner previously. It runs good as new for being a 2000 Toyota. You always want to look for the lowest miles, my car has about 130k miles, which is amazing and hard to find.

- Dustin O

20 year old Toyota Camry review.

Long lasting vehicle. Little maintenance. No electrical problems. Great interior furnishings. No issues with check engine light. Quick repairs when needed. Great gas mileage. Great engine performance. Good turning radius. Comfortable interior. No problems with blind spot.

- Robyn L

Highly reliable workhorse of a vehicle.

The Toyota Camry I own has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It has required no major repairs besides a failed water pump and a cracked radiator after 18 years. The car is very quiet inside and is also extremely reliable. It is a powerful v6 and runs almost like new.

- James B

2000 Toyota Camry has very good mileage.

I love my white sedan 2000 Toyota Camry. It has good mileage, very reliable, good visibility, and most of all, comfortable seats. It is an old car, but it is still running very good. It's so easy to maneuver and really suits my needs. I will highly recommend this car to everybody.

- Mary R

Toyota cars are extremely reliable, built well, tough exterior and interior.

My car has very comfortable seats, Toyota is extremely reliable, such a gas saver, very economical, great performance, and cheap fix to problems when they occur. The year of my car is decent looking, not the prettiest but not the ugliest. Pretty tough exterior, good for accidents.

- Christina S

A interesting detail is that it has a actual light switch.

It drives really smooth for a 2000 car. I would like a upgrade because I mean it does not have Bluetooth or a AUX but it is a good reliable car. I got it for about 1200 and haven't had any problems besides the radio. I wish they were leather seats. I wish that there was a sunroof.

- Cliff H

It is teal and it is $4 and its standard great on gas.

I love my car because it holds 5 people to four-door it steel and it is a stick shift it is great on gas it has a big tank I believe it has a 12 gallon tank I haven't had problems with it so far I had to change the timing belt but that was easy my husband loves working on the car.

- Cass G

Way to keep your Toyota Camry on the road.

Toyota Camry's are very reliable. It is easy to fix and long lasting. Great for long distance trips as well. Seats are very comfortable as well. Regular oil changes and easy driving helps keep it in great shape. They can last 20 years or more with just some basic upkeep and care.

- Sarah C

Great car, and is very reliable.

There has really no major problems, other than the normal maintenance. It is a very comfortable car, the radio works, and ac still works. The car still runs great, and almost looks new. This has been a very reliable car for me my entire family.I would tell anyone to buy a Toyota.

- Katrina M

It is a reliable, beautifully engineered product.

The Toyota Camry and 4Runner are very reliable vehicles. The take minimal repair and are very dependable. I would suggest them to. Anyone. About the only problem you may have out of them is routine maintenance, and a battery every now and then. You cannot go wrong with a Toyota.

- Martin F

Camry is better for community.

Comfortable car, gas saver, reliability car that qualified most of people. I had never faced any problem with it. The parts for it kindly affordable price. I owned this vehicle for almost 4 years. Most of my fried having the same car. It has a good performance for adult people.

- Khalil L

Toyotas are one of the most reliable cars in the USA.

I love this car. It gets wonderful gas mileage and has never broke down. I get a check up and oil change every 4,000 miles. I couldn't ask for a more reliable car. I have taken long trips and never had a problem. The car had 170,000 miles on it and I expect it will outlive me.

- Carol F

Dependable car that with the right care can last.

The car is reliable, its a real workhorse. My husband does the basic fixes on it. I have a long commute to work and it has gone through a lot of wear and tear. It performs great and the I have heard the similar comments from other owner with similar make and model of the car.

- Gabby A

Fuel efficient car that is amazing.

I like my car because its reliable and efficient on gas. I like driving it. The Toyota Camry is one of the best cars on the market. My next car will be a Camry. I like this car so much. Everyone should drive a Camry if the want a fuel efficient car. This is a really cool car.

- Jasmine C

My Toyota Camry. I love my Toyota.

I have had no problems other than routine maintenance on my vehicle. It runs well and has good gas mileage. I would buy another Toyota. I do not know what else to say. I do not know what else to say. If this is not good enough than oh well. I do not know what else to say. , .

- Joel B

It has a high safety rating and is very dependable and inexpensive to maintain.

I like it's high safety rating, and high customer satisfaction rating. I also like it's durability, dependability and low maintenance. I also like that replacement parts are inexpensive. The only thing I dislike is that it has an electronic key, which is expensive to replace.

- Sylvia L

Awesome used 2000 Toyota Camry.

My 2000 Toyota Camry has been a pleasure to own! It is been extremely reliable. I have done routine oil changes, replaced tires, brakes, alternator and battery. All normal maintenance. It is comfortable in both driver and back seat driving. Spacious trunk, and good speakers!

- Nick S

Just my opinions of the vehicle.

The car is nice and fast is decently roomie, I do not like that the seat does not straighten the back more. Also not a fan of the lowness of the car. Or the gas mileage. Though the car heats and cool real well with a/c. Also would be nice if the handle lit up for the prndl.

- Alexa L

My oldest one is 22 years old and still running. 1996 model.

Love this car, very reliable, except for the air conditioner. Car has lasted 18 years and is still up and running. My family of 4 owns 3 of these cars, all of them older than 14 years old with over 100, 000 miles and they are all still running well. Great car, new or used.

- William B

Camry reliability and longevity makes this brand a great purchase.

Dependable well built vehicle, durable and reliable, I expect to get many more years of driving from this vehicle. I would absolutely buy this brand again. Safety and comfort and low maintenance are key to this model, always reliable. I am loyal to the Camry line of cars.

- Stephen B

All about my 2000 Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry is a great car.. It is very roomy for my kids and I also have a big trunk for all my groceries. The only problem is it does use a lot of gas. My Camry is a very reliable car and I do feel very comfortable driving it. Also everything in my car is update.

- Ashley M

2000 Camry runs great and is very dependable!

My 2000 Toyota Camry runs really well for its age, it has zero problems. It is good on gas and it is a very dependable car. The heat and ac work very well also. It gets us everywhere and we even took a road trip in it! It is a great family car and I would recommend it.

- Ashily C

Clean, dependable family car.

Very nice car. Drives really well. Comfortable and reliable. Gas mileage is good. Performs very well in all areas. Have had for awhile and enjoy driving. Good on long trips. Works well carrying grandchildren with plenty of room for the car seats and any baggage needed.

- Brenda C

2000 Toyota Camry is the perfect car for me

my car is perfect for me. It gets me where i am going and is very reliable. It doesn't matter how old it is, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. it's not too big but still has a lot of room in the trunk and back seat. it is a comfortable and smooth ride

- devin h

Love my Camry, you'd love it too.

I love my 2000 Toyota Camry. It's been such a reliable vehicle I'd hate to see it go. Drives great. Runs good. If it tears up it's not too expensive to fix. Great gas mileage, and great space for a small car. When this one quits I am definitely getting another Camry.

- Caitlin H

True story of a love hate relationship between my and myself.

Its getting old and having some issues. It has almost 250, 000 miles on it, until earlier this year it ran great. Its performance has been r Great and it has been very reliable. The seats have cracked which is pretty uncomfortable and all the door handles have broke.

- Mary M

Marilyn's car has been the best.

The car is not mine I do not drive anymore. But since I cannot get out I have to tell about the car that is in the household. It is a good car very little maintenance. As long as you take can care of it when it needs to be serviced you will have a good running car.

- Beverly A

The Toyota Camry has great gas mileage.

My 2000 Toyota Camry is a very reliable car. It requires little maintenance and minor problems for an older car. It has great gas mileage, so it saves me a lot of money. The gas tank holds up to 18 gallons which allows me to drive long distances before fueling up.

- Joann H

It's a very reliable car! Love it!

My Toyota Camry has been the most reliable car I have ever had. It's good on gas mileage. Couple of minor things is it doesn't had good lumbar support and the other is the door handles inside break often and have to be replaced. But overall I love my Toyota Camry!

- Pamela S

The gas mileage is very good

My car is great on gas mileage. And is very reliable. The only maintenance I have to do is change the oil once a month. This car is a very reliable vehicle that has never given me any problems. The room in the backseat of the car is a little small but it's enough.

- Cheyenne B

Silver 2000 Toyota Camry le.

Smooth drive, lights could be brighter, seats are comfortable, pretty simple controls and does not take long to cool down in the summer but does not take long to get warm in the winter. It gets me from place to place and is very spacious. 10/10, would recommend.

- Rae L

Great car for wife. She loves it. It will go 85 on the interstate!

Water pump, valve gaskets, radiator, brakes. Wonderful car. Ac super cold on low, we have 115,,000 miles. Still runs great! Wife. Does not want to trade it In. No recalls, nothing major ever went wrong. If this was another model car, maybe a lot of problems.

- Ken S

Toyota Camry le v6. It gets great mileage and it is very reliable.

My car is the most reliable. It has never had any mechanical problems. It drives smoothly. It is also very comfortable and spacious on the inside. It comes with a sunroof. It is a v6 so it is fast. It has a 18 gallon tank. It gets 19 miles city and 23 highway.

- Valerie H

My car is the best car yet and it's not for sell.

I don't have any problems with my car it runs good everything good I love my car pretty color and everything only had one other owner. . . Best car yet and I am not selling my car. . My car is my car so really don't need to no much more about my car I love it.

- Jessica L

Great on gas! Extremely reliable and a pretty little car. Good first time car.

My car is extremely great on gas. Runs absolutely perfect. Great reliable car. Last very long. I have never had a problem with my car. My car has never broken down or gave me a problem. I have cold ac and it is a pretty little car. Great for a first time car.

- Kaitlyn D

Nothing special but gets the job done.

My vehicle is rather old as the year is 2000 but as far as getting the job goes it does the job. I wouldn't advise getting this car if you want a long lasting car but if you need car that will get you from point A to point B than this car will serve you well.

- Ken V

The Toyota Camry is an Amazing Vehicle

It's amazing and runs great. It's extremely comfortable, the sound system is amazing. Smooth ride, extremely dependable. Engine starts right up. There are no problems and it drives great in any weather condition. I love this car and am very happy to have it.

- Zach C

Dependable Toyota Camry that can last you for many years!

My Toyota Camry is almost 20 years! It's a very reliable car and brand. It can last for a very long time, with affordable fixing when it comes to having to take it to the mechanic! Just make sure you change the oil when needed, and it will keep you running!

- Alexandria A

The Toyota Camry a car you can depend on!

I few had very few problems with. My Camry. Other than general maintenance. I have replaced the timing belt one time. I drive it everywhere. I bought it when it was almost new and so it has been a really good car. I would definitely buy another one today,

- Tracy S

Nice car, reliable, gas consumption.

The vehicle is too old and it not runs smoothly likes before also it is not a gas saver anymore and the mpg now is low.. It is outdated and unfortunately needs to do a full maintenance to make it run smoothly..Also the paint is so bad and not good looking.

- Waleed G

2000 Toyota Camry le sedan.

My biggest problems always come from my tires, other than my tires I do not get that much problem with my car. Super reliable and spacious, I have been able to move to and from college with my car. My only complain would be that it eats gas like a truck.

- Mary M

This has been a fabulous vehicle.

I have driven this car for 17 + years. General maintenance only nothing really serious over the years. Comfortable, reliable, plan to keep it as long as I can. Currently has almost half a million miles. Have thought about trying to make it to 1 million.

- Karen A

It is not bright like it's supposed to be while driving during rainy day.

Check engine light is on and bad gas pumps. A car that might need new brake and new headlight while driving in the rain. A car that needs a new engine and a car that does not have shaking noise or making noise when starting or stepping on the gas pedal.

- Alee V

It is ancient but it gets you where you need to be safely and reliably

It is extremely old but it has gotten me to everywhere I have needed to go for practically my whole life, from 1st grade through college. It is reliable even with its old age. I can't complain with a car over 20 years old that is still working so well.

- Laura O

Personally I love Toyotas just currently having issues with the timing belt.

My car has been pretty reliable. Bought it used and had to put some work into it. However I love Toyotas they last a very long time and have been my most reliable type of car. Currently my timing belt went out however its got almost 230000 miles on it.

- Kim L

Very reliable vehicle that keeps on moving.

My Toyota Camry has been a very reliable car. With extensive miles it has held up very well and performed well. Other than minor issues regarding maintenance like spark plugs and wires I have not had to do much with it. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Lisa F

Long-lasting Toyota Camry still going strong.

For the most part I have loved my Camry. It has over 240k miles on it and is still going. The door handles on the Camry are plastic so they break and the driver's side window motor is broken so it cannot be rolled down, but nothing major has failed.

- Karen L

The perfect car for teens.

Camry's last forever. They're very reliable. It is a great car for student drivers, and it'll last for the duration of my education and then some. Two-wheel drive and durable. If you take care of it, you will not have any problems down the road.

- Angela I

Toyotas are some of the best made cars on the road today. If you take good care of a Toyota, it will last over 300,000 miles.

I love how my car handles, how good the gas mileage is, and that I have had to have very little work done to it. I don't like how many miles it has on it and it needs painting, but it has been a great car. I hope my next car is a Camry too.

- Tina L

In spite of its age and high mileage, our Camry still rides and drives really well!

Our Camry gets excellent gas mileage. It is extremely dependable, and we've not had to put a lot of money into it. The odometer reading was about 98,000 miles when we bought her, and now she has over 243,000. We've had it almost six years.

- David Z

The lock does not work on the driver side so you have to unlock it from the passenger side. Also, the door handles break fairly easily. I have replaced two and currently have a broken one on the front passenger side.

It has lasted a long time but the paint does not seem to hold well. The transmission had to be rebuilt a couple of years ago but otherwise it seems to be running pretty well at over 240000 miles. I would go with a Toyota again for sure.

- James K

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's still running.

I like the fuel economy that my vehicle has despite being an older model. I do not like the rust and wear it has acquired from being a previously used vehicle. I would very much like to have a used 2010 or newer model Camry.

- Johnathan H

2000 Camry-4-Life ` will probably outlive me!

20 years old and still runs great. I am original owner so I know everything that has happened and been done to this car and maintain it so it stays in great shape. Never had to service the A/C, rebuilt the transmission once.

- Rebecca J

It's small but it stores a wide variety of items.

I like how well it has endured for me over the years. It gets good gas mileage, and really doesn't break down too often and more importantly, it never needs an expensive fix. I love the gray color and the smooth steering.

- antonio O

Toyota Camrys are a great car and should be driven by everyone.

I really do like this ca. It is small but mighty. This car could probably last you a very long time. I have a 2000 Toyota Camry and it just hit the 100, 000 mile mark. I love this vehicle and highly suggest it to anyone.

- Rachael S

It is not that expensive to maintain and repair. It is also very durable.

The vehicle was well made and I feel safer in a 2000 Camry than a newer model. It is also less expensive to repair and maintain than other cars. The gas mileage is also still very good even though it is an older model.

- Hilda F

It's hard to find in a parking lot because there are so many of them in the same color and model.

It's a good little car, has good legroom. The trunk is pretty good sized and it gets good gas mileage. It could do a little better in the snow, but all in all it's a good car for how old it was when we got it

- naomi N

I believe that it has lasted so long is because I have taken very good care of it.

I purchased this car from a friend that had driven it since 2000. It has been a reliable car. It has aged nicely, but it is now time to get a new car! I would seriously consider getting another Toyota Camry.

- Christina W

It is been custom painted sparkling blue and shiny new rims.

I love my car. It is excellent on gas and very easy to drive. All around economical. It not only gets me from point A to point B but it is my home on wheels. I spend a lot of my life in this dream on wheels!

- Heather Y

Our Toyota Camry has been one of the best cars we have ever owned!

We love our Camry. It gets exceptional gas mileage. We bought it with 98, 000 miles on it, almost six years ago, and have only had one major repair. It now has 246, 000 miles on it, and it still runs great!

- David Z

Very reliable vehicle, even at 18 years old!

Bought used about 5 years ago and has been my family's most reliable car. It currently has 172k miles and still going strong. No mechanical issues, and has been in the shop maybe once since we've owned it.

- Millie B

It helps me drive my kids around and it is very reliable.

I like that it is compact. The engine doesn't make sounds. It is comfortable. But it skids when it just starts snowing. The wheel is at an uncomfortable distance for a petite person but is hard to adjust.

- sissi s

It may not look good but it is a great car.

I love this car it is a great and reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with it just needs an oil change every once an while. Only dislike would be how small it is, this makes driving at night hard.

- Zack G

A reliable little car, works great, except maybe the A/C

It's a super reliable car, even though it's fairly old and has a lot of miles on it. It's got some persistent issues that would not be cost effective to fix, but it still runs well and I still like it.

- Sean M

it came with a full size spare tire. the quality of speakers are very good, but CD player hardware quality can be improved, when it's broken is very expensive to repair/replace it.

it is reliable, and low maintenance. the engine can run forever when follow the owner's manual to take care of it. it is comfortable either driving or as a passenger for long distance travel.

- apple c

It is extremely dependable and runs well for It's age.

It's been a good, dependable vehicle for our family. However, it is definitely starting to show It's age. Upkeep and repairs are getting to the point where we're thinking about replacing it.

- Thomas P

It has been running for years without any big problems!

I like that it always runs well. Never had a problem with it. Has great power for my driving. It runs very smooth and drives very well in the city. I love the service I get from Toyota too.

- John R

That it is comfortable to drive long distances on the highway

My Camry gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive for long trips. It is roomy inside and has a large trunk. The sound system is good and it provides a quiet ride on the highway.

- Carol T

It is a safe and comfortable car.

Like the size and ride of the vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage as it is low by current standards. I also dislike the power of the vehicle as it takes a long time to get up to speed.

- Holden W

It is good quality car that I would recommend to anyone.

I love the Toyota Camry that I have it is a great traveling and go getting vehicle. It is very reliable and a comfortable. While also fairly low maintenance. It also get good gas mileage.

- William E

Affordable & stylish mom car.

My 2000 Toyota Camry is a great mom car. The inside is roomy (& comfortable) but I can still reach behind my seat to reach my sons booster seat, if needed. The truck space is great too.

- Christy W

How much of a dependable vehicle it is.

I like the gas mileage of my car. Since my car is older, I dislike that the higher quality replacement parts for my vehicle are of a much higher price then the lesser quality items.

- Sean H

Total reliability for a modest price.

It has been totally reliable since 12/31/1999. No major repairs. Only now starting to rust. Good maneuverability, large capacity trunk, comfortable seats. Doesn't show its age.

- Anita B

The Camry 2013 provides nice features such as: radio that come with a aux.

Toyota brand is a really good brand for a car, especially a Camry this car is reliable on gas and can save you a ton of money in your pocket. I guarantee you will love this car.

- Mikayla S

Toyota Camries are very reliable cars.

My vehicle runs good to be 18 years old. I has had a few problems with injectors and the head, but it comes with age. It's very comfy. It's a good running reliable car overall.

- Breanna R

Leather seats Sunroof Comfortable Worth it

The toyota camry 2000 that I have is pretty good detailed with sunroof and it's V6 engine. It runs great and smooth. I recommend this car because of its size and a family car.

- Ahmed A

Portable mileage and gas saver.

This car is a great gas saver. There is plenty of room for everyone. Installed a stereo to be able to listen to CDs. Regular oil and maintenance checks. Runs and drives great.

- Kevin P

Vehicle is relative maintenance free except for normal maintenance.

One of the problems I have so the handles on inside of doors break. Also spring of passenger front door came off. Otherwise I am happy with reliability and comfort of vehicle.

- Arlene R

The parts are so expensive and it uses to much gas and just cant get off road.

The car has a powerful v6 engine.. It has a very comfortable ride.. All passengers have comfortable headroom.. It is getting old and nearing 200,000 miles - time to replace..

- Pat E

It is a very reliable car.

It is a really reliable car. It doesn't give me any major issue. All I have to do is regular maintenance. I will try to keep it as long as it lasts. I love this car.

- Noboru K

It is old, but still works great.

My car has run great since I got it over 10 years ago. It does not have a lot of features, but I know it will continue to run for a long time. It gets great gas mileage.

- Sara T

The best brand in the planet. It represents me really well.

It's reliable and it's never really left me stranded. One of the little things I dislike about it is that the small components break easily,(door handle and latches).

- E A

Kids always get alone because of 3rd row seats. Good on gas also.

I like my car because I do not have a car payment. It also gets me where I need to go. I do not like that it is an older car. It needs some maintenance and repairs.

- Ashley H

For a family sedan, it can handle a surprising amount of travel on unpaved roads.

It's been a reliable source of transportation with no mechanical problems for 18 years. Reasonable gas mileage. Comfortable on long trips. Genuine Toyota quality.

- John S

Safety with the side and front impact airbags.

I love my car .only thing I have a problem with the sensors. I had to replace two of them .not sure maybe have to replace one more .witch it delayed my inspection.

- Alice C

It runs well and has been very reliable.

I like that it has been very reliable and had very few problems. I don't like that it is now old and I am frequently wondering when it will start to break down.

- Mike F

It's reliable and affordable

I love the smooth feel when you're driving. I love the colors inside and out and how well they work together. It's a nice reliable car with good gas mileage.

- Rebecca R

The high gas mileage is a great plus.

It is very reliable, it is small enough to maneuver easily, has minimal blind spots so I feel safe driving it, has great mileage which of course saves on gas.

- Jenna D

Great car Will have only Toyota's in future

Great vehicle parts are affordable and labor isn't extensive car is still running great! 18 years old in great condition will probably drive another 10 years!

- Mary H

My car is the LE model allowing me to have a sunroof which is a great feature

It really is a well worth car, I had to fix mine up for minor issues but honestly it is a reliable and safe car I continue to use and will for years to come!

- Emily W

It's a trooper, it has been threw a few things but it keeps on trucking.

I love how my vehicle does not have any major blind spots and has a huge trunk. It's easy for me to get in and out of. It also, has never left me stranded.

- Felicia U

you get a great car for a great value and great service.

the only problem i have ever had is stalling twice: once in an intersection, once on highway...other than that, never had any kind of problem whatsoever...

- Jill M

It is a great car that has little or no problems.

The car runs with no problems as all I do is change the oil every 5 months. It is a wonderful mode of transportation as it gets me from point A to point B.

- Stan t

Runs great, mileage is not too bad, lots of room inside and trunk.

Door handles on car break, I only have 2/4 left. Currently my ac does not work, my radio volume control occasionally does not work, my radiator is leaking.

- Ali B

My Toyota Camry is a gem of a ride that treats me right.

My Camry is not new, but it is pretty low mileage for its age. It was in an accident, but still gets me where I need to go. Very reliable and comfortable.

- Aaron M

Repairs are costly and it can take a long time for parts to come in.

It's older so the features are not up to date. It drives smooth and has great gas mileage. On a whole it is a good car, just looking for something newer.

- Skyler C

It is surprisingly quick for how basic of a car it is. I really like it.

It is just getting a bit old. Over all a great car though. Very reliable and sturdy. The air conditioning and timing belt has had to be changed though.

- Edward H

2000 Toyota Camry, from the perspective of a college student

My car is your standard older car. It is not amazing but it is good. It runs fine. There are few problems ever. It is the right car for my price range.

- Josh E

It is not broken in until about 150,000 miles.

Except for needing a new timing belt every other year, the car has served us well. Still gets good mileage, but needs a new windshield and paint job.

- Kathryn A

My car doesn't run as fast as a Bugatti but it runs fast for a 18 year old car.

My car runs perfectly fine. It doesn't make any type of noise and runs smoothly. It gets me anywhere I need to go and runs without making any noise.

- Nicole R

Lives up to its reputation of being a long lasting vehicle.

I get good gas mileage. I have had very few major repair bills with this car. It is a reliable form of transportation. I wish it had a GPS system.

- Karen P

The car is 18 years old and runs fine.

The car has really never let me down, as it's gotten older, the Radio and AC have gotten clunky, but I've never had a massive breakdown with it.

- Ethan G

It's a Toyota! We like Toyotas and have 2. They are reliable.

It is reliable and even though it is old it still looks pretty good except for where our daughter ran into it and we fixed the dents ourselves.

- Joanna C

My Ramona my girl take me everywhere.

I doesn't wanna start I believe it has to do with the pressure or timing belt. You can google how to do it self or have a mechanic take a look.

- Barbara P

I keep up maintenance on car like oil changes an such. Its reliable and love it.

Reliable, had backup light problems replaced engine, year ago but most problems are wear and tear considering year of car. Nice car in winter.

- Elaine L

Great car. Air conditioning and heat both work.

Great car. It has four doors. Power windows. Air conditioning and heat both work. Good gas mileage. CD player installed with AUX cord hook up.

- Kevin P

My car is typical and not very interesting, but it gets the job done.

I like that the car is compact and easy to drive. It's also very comfortable to drive in. However, the top speed of the car is not very fast.

- Alan O

It is a very reliable car.

I like how reliable and fuel-efficient it is. I dislike how old it is and the design of the car. I dislike how the back window is not tinted.

- Joann H

Great on gas low maintenance and low key.

Good on gas and doesn't break that much the regular maintenance is minimal but not very stylish it also is a 4 door with a little room in it.

- Mike M

Lifetime of a Toyota 2000 camry

This car is over 17 years old and still runs great! Only a few battery changes over the years. Other than that the car is works wonderfully.

- Bill Z

Toyota Camries are very reliable cars. I recommend them

I love my car. It is very reliable even though it is 19 years old. Maintenance is very minimal and I drive it to school and back every day.

- Crystal C

If you want an amazing car, buy a Toyota Camry!

My car is very reliable. I have had it for over 10 years and as a result of regular maintenance it has 275, 000 miles on it and runs great.

- Michael B

good gas mileage , low maintenance, very reliable will go long after its paid off

very low maintenance. just regular things like brakes, timing belt spark plugs basic car it has 240,000 miles and is still running well

- loren m

Let's go places. Runs like a champ

Runs like a champ. Toyota, let's go places. Maintain a Toyota and will last a lifetime. Never had a problem no leaks. Just a wheel problem

- Amber M

It has really tinted windows and the windows need to be rolled down.

I have been having problems with the relay and fuses. I like it cause I can still use it to hang out. Besides the problems I love my car.

- Barbara P

My Camry gets great gas mileage and just keeps on going!

It's amazing! My Toyota has 257,000+ miles and it just keeps going. I want to try to get to 300,000 miles. Looks like it can be done!

- chris v

It's a Toyota and it runs great - 278,000 miles and as long as I keep up with it, change oil and keep it clean and do it abuse it , it will give back

It has never let me down. It has 278,000 miles on it and still running smooth. Great car and Great quality. I will always but a Toyota!

- Greg l

It may be old, but it is reliable. Routine maintenance is really the only thing I have to do to it

I like the gas mileage it gets. I dislike the fact that almost every year I have to buy a new windshield due to cracks caused by rocks

- Spencer w

Lasts a very long time in excellent condition

I like that it has lasted 18 years and still goes well with only regular maintenance. I think it is very safe and solid. No complaints

- Paula g

Dependability and reliability.

Would love release latch in trunk. Nice for car to auto lock when reaching a certain speed. Love my sound system. Adore auto windows.

- Sharon F

Its held its value. The a/c runs great. High mileage but still runs smoothly.

Runs well no problems. Only thing is outside cosmetics. I do not care for the color. Also the clock is out so I lose track of time.

- Amanda R

There is not any minivan on the market that has 4 wheel drive except sienna.

I like that the vehicle is easy to maneuver. I also like that the vehicle does not need to much gas. I only dislike that it is old.

- Roger R

It is a very reliable car for city or highway driving.

I like that it is still running after 18yrs. I like the color. I like that it's nice a roomy. I like that it gets good gas mileage.

- Ang A

It is very durable and easy to maintain.

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It has low maintenance. It is very easy to drive. It hasn't given me any major problems.

- de B

It is indestructible. Even as old as it is and having not performed the maintenance, it still runs mechanically just fine.

It is getting up in age, so it has the typical maintenance issues. Needs a timing belt change and the shocks need to be replaced.

- Clay H

It's a Toyota, the best car on the market and worth every dime

I've had it for many years . Despite being an older model it's the best car I've had. Toyota's are the best cars on the market

- Joanne Z

Good on service needed, and excellent on use of regular gas.

It is a salvage title and transmission needs repairing. I like the gas mileage and comfort of it. The CD player does not work.

- Lisa B

Good gas mileage and room for the family.

It is reliable and gets me where I need to go. Not a dislike but a concern that I will have to replace it in the near future.

- Anna D

That it gets great gas mileage for an older car

I like that the car dependable and can get me to places. I don't like that it is always breaking down and needing to be fixed

- michael E

It is 100 percent reliable.

Toyota Camry is very reliable fuel efficient and the Dodge nitro is stand alone great. Some of the feature are great as well.

- Jason N

They should know that Toyotas can last a long time and are worth buying.

It is an old Toyota, but it still works. They are built to last. Toyotas tend to be reliable, so they are a good investment.

- Lana B

This car is an excellent choice for people who love convenience and comfort.

My car is very old so it brings a lot of problems. However it's comfortable, capacious, easy monitored and unpretentious.

- Jane V

Love my Toyota Camry, great car

Excellent car, no problems in the winter or snow. Better than ford, Mazda, and even Honda which I have owned in the past.

- Kim N

Camry has been a joy in every area and is still going strong after years of dependable performance!

I love my car because very comfortable, low maintenance, very dependable, good gas mileage, and I have had few repairs.

- Joan H

Toyotas are reliable and fun! Maintenance and safety are never an issue.

My car is so reliable. I've been driving it 17 of it's 18 years and have had no problems with it. Camrys are the best!

- Julie H

It holds a lot of people.

It is a very reliable vehicle. Even when it is messed it it runs. It is an a to b car and it saves a whole lot in gas.

- Kenya N

Toyota Camry is a very reliable automobile for me and my family.

The toyota camry is very reliable. With regular maintenance, it has required very few repairs. It is cost-effective.

- sandy g

Camry life, will run forever.

You can run a Toyota into the ground and it will still keep going! 18 yrs. old and runs great with basic maintenance.

- Rebecca E

Dependable, and last forever.

Good gas mileage, last forever, little maintenance, good quality interior. Smooth driving and handling. No dislikes.

- Carri S

Toyota Camry is comfortable quiet car and nice looks with safety features and with good price and good value

Good mileage and drive smoothly and less noise and very good engineer, air conditions is good, music sound very good

- Shirley S

Great gas mileage. Never worry about really expensive failures

It is very reliable. I have had no problems whatsoever with my car. Regular oil change is key and it gets great gas

- Nikki D

It has body damage but has been well taken care of original owners.

It is very reliable, good on gas, never have any problems, seating is comfortable. Dislike; it is getting very old.

- Ashley K

Everyone should know that my car is safe and reliable.

It's already old so I am dealing some kind of many issues like brakes, hvac, and the door handle is already broken.

- Mar M

My vehicle runs great and is easy on gas

My car works great the back rotors and brake are needed to be changed other than that there's nothing wrong with it

- Areica W

This truck is a great truck to haul bumper pull trailers.

It runs perfectly fine, it is just not the best looking car. My speakers are not the best, but I like the interior.

- Justin L

Toyota Camry last a long time

Toyotas are good car reliable car. Comfortable car easy to find someone to work on car. This car can last long time

- Wendy H

It is comfortable and easy to drive.

I have had this car for many years it runs great and is good on gas. I have very little maintenance with this car.

- Tracy N

I do not like my 2000 Toyota Camry.

The car gets good gas mileage. I do not like the car though, it is look. The car is older. It is always ran funny.

- Ian V

It is long lasting and affordable.

I like the endurance of the Toyota.. I like the safety aspects.. It gets great gas mileage.. It holds it is value.

- Marilyn H

It is a reliable car & you can drive it to the ground

I am amazed the car is still running. The emergency brake light has been on for months even though it is not on.

- Lindsay N

it gives me no problems.it has been very dependable.it is great

i bought this car new 18 years ago it has never given me any trouble still drives good looks good and i love it

- Shirley H

My car my life nice performance

low average front left mirror broken twice all tyres need to be replaced 4 years good average nice performance

- khyati n

Great car I love her. Have only had minor repairs.

I love my car. I got it used and it has been a great car. Taking me on vacation and to and from work and home.

- Rusty B

Would buy a used Camry again

Usual wear and tear. More rust than I would like. Reliable. Cheap to operate. Cheap to fix. Cheap to insure.

- William R

Toyota is a great reliable car.

I like my Toyota and have had no problems.I have had it 18 years and still enjoying it! It is very reliable.

- Julie J

It's an extremely reliable car. I have never regretted.

This is a very reliable vehicle. Absolutely no complaints! I have over 200,000 miles on still running fine.

- Sherri A

Reliable beyond most other cars that I've Heard of or seen.

My Toyota Camry is a reliable car. It's lasted for 18 years with very little maintenance. It's a good car.

- Mark C

Dependable, low maintenance, good safety features.

The best thing about my car is that it has over 200,000 miles and I have only change the timing belt twice.

- Glaze M

Safety features, rides smooth and is good on gas.

No complaints I love my Camry. Drives really nice been a hot car for all these years. Never to many issues.

- Denise H

It has good leg space, but needs to be regularly maintained.

Runs well, even after 5 years. However it is starting to have issues, for example; I had to jump start it.

- John K

It's extremely reliable vehicle that is now 18 years old and will probably last forever

Very reliable and very good on gas. I never have any major issues with it. Drives good. Dislike it is old.

- Ashley K

It is reliable and even though is 18 years old it still looks decent.

My vehicle is reliable and economical. I need something to get around. I am not concerned with much else.

- Jean D

change the oil every 3000 miles and it will run clear

no complaints...great car...runs good..rides good...have had 3 Toyotas and all went 300,000 miles or more

- Steven S

My family has had this car for 18 years. It's been passed down family members. It has had electrical issues but no major mechanic problems. It's reliable even though it's old. It's a quality car

It's 18 years old but runs as well as any car. If you keep a Camry up, it could easily last for 20 years.

- Colleen C

It is dependable! It will get you back and forth from where you need to go.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. It is older, but does not need many repairs. It is also good on gas.

- Cara S

It's durable and was affordable. The inside interior has kept up very well. The trunk has enough space as well.

My vehicle is very durable. Requires very little maintenance. It is roomy for me and mileage is great.

- Soni E

Excellent condition after 20 years of "mom driving." I get cash offers on a regular basis from people wanting this exact make, model, year.

20 years old with less than 100K miles, made of steel, still blows cold air, has an ageless appearance.

- Rebecca O

Others should be aware of the reliability.

Vehicle is very reliable. Needs very little repair. Smooth driving and quiet engine. Good gas mileage.

- Bonnie R

The gas mileage of the car is good.

The Toyota Camry is a really great car. The gas mileage is wonderful, and I have not had any problems.

- Danessa S

it is a Toyota and it will last a long time and it has been a worthy car

it is green and i like that color and the price is right. I wish it was newer and had less problems

- cathe t

Adjustable seating, you can move it anyway you like

Great drive, smooth, it's a nice little car that can get you from point A to point B if you maintain

- Aubrey W

During last 1 year most parts changed.

I have Toyota Camry 2000 year, V6. It runs well and has no any issues. The car has clean seat cover.

- Farid M

The car break down kinda easily.

My car seats are soft, and fluffy. It's Features are a radio and air. The Reliability is kinda good.

- Dave W

Toyota Camry, built to last.

Reliable vehicle. A few minor glitches, but overall the Camry is a seemingly pretty well made car..

- Crystal S

It has plenty of space for passengers, cargo and drives on very good fuel efficiency.

The Camry has good fuel efficiency, I feel safe while driving and it's comfortable. A great value.

- Allen S

it is good on gas, it has really really good gas mileage

i like how easy it is to drive. i like the freedom it gives me. i dislike the condition it is in.

- Vanessa P

It works fine and i still use it

It's ok it runs and gets me from here to there. But there are minor fixes that need to be made

- Michael D

very dependable and reliable, with regular routine maintenance will run for a very long time

very reliable, great gas mileage, headroom more than adequate, could use more leg room in back

- todd w

it gets me where I am going it may not look pretty

it is very reliable. it is now older and still very functionable . it is not as attractive.

- deb t

It isn't flashy at all. Is reliable and cheap to maintain. Would recommend.

It is a simple car. Does what it is designed to do. Goes back and forth and is reliable.

- Owen S

reliable cost efficient transportation that looks good

It has been a good car lots of miles and no problems just the right size for my family

- Kallie P

It's loaded, low mileage for a 2000 model - and a powerful V-6

I bought it for the Sunroof. Love the roomy comfort. Keep it cause it's reliable.

- Marc R

that it has good gas mile good wiper blade but the widow yount give out

smooth ride good windshield wiper the only drawback is the control are giving out

- mark y

It is a very reliable car. I would never go with another brand other than toyota.

I love my car. I never have any problems with it at all. Best car i've ever had.

- justine c

I wish the middle console was more interesting, but I love the car otherwise

My car's engine runs very well, and the car is extremely quiet while running.

- Savannah B

it speeds up quickly you will get a speeding ticket

this vehicle is very dependable. it's very low maintenance ..good gas mileage

- john f

Toyota Camry paid off finally that runs great and looks new

It is paid off! It gives a feel of style that is affordable. It runs great!

- Tony D

It's reliable and I've had it for a long time

I have always had toyotas and they are very reliable. It's good on gas

- Lizzy P

Good gas mileage comfortable car all around I love it so they should too

I love everything about my car, good gas mileage, comfortable seating.

- Darlene G

regularly change oil and timing belt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

quality made and built to last perfect family car faithful vehicle

- wayne A

Runs great & handles well. Easy to be comfortable driving long distances & good on gas. Enjoy the interior as well

The dashboard seems to "melt" once the car goes through a hot summer

- Geoffrey H

it's a car that is nice to drive and is a good and is comfortable thing to have

its a toyota camry that is in okay condition but the ac doesn't work

- daniel p

Th camry that I have has been going since 2000 without a replacement engine or transmission. There have been multiple accidents that have only resulted in superficial damage with very few actually causing structural damage and the ones that do are easily fixed.

Reliable and long-lasting. Will keep going without major problems.

- Prashant P

My 2000 Toyota Camrys have really great gas mileage and runs great

I love that I get great gas mileage. Toyotas are easy to work on.

- Jamie C

the style of the car and its reliable

I love everything about it.the performance.the gas mileage etc.

- iris a

It is an older vehicle but it's paid for. Like that I have no car payments. It's in great shape. Garage kept. Runs great. Low maintenance. If I take care of it, it takes care of me.

Longevity. This car might outlive you, if you take care of it.

- Kevin B

Reliable. Long lasting value. Good gas mileage. Only minor repairs needed over these last 18 years. Will buy Toyota again!

Reliable! Can count on it keeping good value over the years.

- Jan H

It's a nice car that is of comfort

my vehicle is a toyota camry and is a good comfortable model

- daniel H

For its age my Toyota Camry is a great vehicle. At almost 20 years it starts on the first turn every morning and gets me home every day. The interior is also very comfortable.

The most important thing about my car is how reliable it is.

- Briana C

If accelerates fairly quickly and drives smoothly.

It's an old car. It is automatic. It drives very smoothly.

- Amanda A

Most reliable care I have ever owned. Has never broke down on the road. Comfortable with a roomy trunk.

Well maintained vehicle with low miles always garage kept.

- Janet K

It's just a way for me to get from one place to another.

It has a moonroof. It goes fast. It gets good gas mileage.

- AJ K

The tint used to be pretty good along with the stereo.

It is a pretty old car. It still runs. Has a bit of rust.

- Sam T

I hate it. It stink badly.

It has always run poorly. It's a hand-me-down. It is old.

- Ian W

The car has enough room for myself and my son. It is older and is starting to make noise. It has a nice size trunk. The leather seats are starting to rip.

It is reliable and has lasted almost twenty years so far.

- Lindsay N

Very well built car and runs for a long time with little care

Great gas mileage, comfortable driving, easy to maintain

- Lynette M

I have had very few problems and overall my car is dependable in the coldest weather. Because of its age I guess, and not being garaged, it is rusting and I only have one remote car opener that works. They are my biggest problems.

It has no major repairs in all the years I have had it.

- Charlotte P

It is worth owning it. I am indeed very proud of my Camry

Even after 18 years the vehicle is running very smooth


I really like the style, color, make and model and how it runs smoothly

It's pretty and comfortable and was very affordable

- Hannah H

Its reliable. It's price competitive. It has good engine that last for a long time. I have no complaints.

It's the most reliable car with excellent quality.

- Kay H

It is reliable. It requires just regular maintenance - oil and filter changes, brakes, tires, and batteries.

Starts every time. Runs well. No big problems.

- Steph S