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Toyota Camry 2001, previously owned and still going with no issues.

My vehicle is very reliable. I haven't had very many issues with it besides maintenance. It has been previously used, so it has miles on it, but it is still going. The most recent issue I had was only with the key being worn and couldn't open my door or start my car. Keeping up with the maintenance has been what has kept my car in good shape. It is an older car, so I would like a newer one soon since it has a lot of miles on it. Having had this Toyota though, I would get another make of Toyota or newer version because this car has been so good to me. I owned an Acura before and I had a lot of mechanical issues with that car, so having the one now I can say I am really happy with it even if it is old. It gets me from point A to point B with no problem.

- Ana P

Very reliable, eco friendly and gas efficient!

The Camry has been very good to me actually besides normal wear and tear. I have had to replace some parts on the veh which is normal due to the age. She runs like a champ. Ac blows like the arctic. It has electric windows that still work. I have had to change the spark plugs and wires. I have had to change the radiator. I have also had to change the battery. The vehicle is spacious enough for me and I am a big woman so it definitely is comfortable. My Camry has definitely been reliable for me. I have not really had an issues with it beside normal wear and tear. I recommend this car for anybody and everybody. And it is great on gas. Very efficient.

- Amanda L

It is reliable. I trust it to get where I need to go. It also gets good gas mileage. Usually between 25-30 miles to the gallon.

My car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is small enough to be reasonable for just me to use, but large enough I can provide transportation to others. As it already has dings, I don't have to worry about a few new ones. It has a few quirks. The trunk release usually takes a few tries before it releases. The check engine light comes on when there is nothing wrong. It has some burn damage from the previous owner who was a smoker. I owned Honda Civics for my first several years as a driver, so the main reason I don't love my car is because I still miss my Hondas and the Toyota, while a good car, is just not the same.

- Catherine B

It is reliable but you must be gentle with it.

This Camry has gotten me through a lot. It is actually quite spacious. More than one could imagine. It has five seats and the interior is comfortable. There is glove compartment and a center console. The problems I have with car are the sound system, the breaks, and engine problems. However, these issues can easily be fixed. The doors also seem to creak when they open. Every time I go over a bump. I experience and squeaky noise. I am not entirely sure where it comes from. The car gets you from point a go point b which is the most important part. Yesterday gas was $2. 39/gal. My total costs for a full film was $38. 00.

- Carla H

The Toyota Camry will get you where you need to go.

I have a Toyota Camry, and I love it is reliability. It is a simple car, easy to work on, I have been able to do several simple repairs on it myself, and I am by no means a mechanic. It is nothing flashy or fancy, but it will get you from point a to point b. As far as it is interior and features, it is a very no frills car. It has all the essentials, such as air conditioner, heater, adjustable seats, and radio. It is trunk space is deceptively large, and it always surprises me when I think of the things I have put in it. The back seats can also lie down flat, which helps if you are moving something longer.

- Norm B

2001 Toyota Camry is a perfect starter car.

My 2001 Toyota Camry is always reliable and drives very smoothly. I bought it used three years ago with about 140, 000 miles already on it and I have no complaints. The only thing that I found weird about my car is that the battery will die if I do not drive it often, like if it sits in the garage for more than three weeks. Other than that, my car is an amazing starter car for teenagers. The seats are very comfortable and all of the added features to my car that I have done or previous owners have done make it stand out on the road. I love my Toyota so much and couldn't think of a better starter car.

- Jill A

Toyota Camry for comfort and reliability.

I love my Toyota Camry. I have always felt safe driving my Camry, and appreciate it is stability. The car is a little wide, but this only adds to the safety and reliability I feel. More than safety, the car is very comfortable and spacious - with plenty of room for myself and my dog! While there is plenty of room for friends and family (and pets), this is not the car for someone who plans to transport a lot of large gear. The back seats do fold down, but the access space is limited. This car is perfect for a small family or business person.

- Danielle L

It very low maintenance for how old it is.

My car has been very reliable and has never left me stranded. The only time it didn't start is when the battery needed to be replaced. The size of my car is just right. I feel very comfortable and in control when driving. I have had this car for over five years and I have only had to replace one headlight and one blinker light. The door handle on the drivers side broke so I have to use a rope tied on it to open it, which means I have to roll the window down each time I get out.

- Vali G

Take care of this car, and it will last you many years of reliable service.

My 2001 Toyota Camry has been a rock-solid reliable vehicle since I purchased it 4 years ago. Even at its age, it remains comfortable and secure for daily driving. I've made multiple trips up and down the East Coast with it, and it's never let me down. Mine currently has 160,000 miles and I'm hoping to drive it for another 100,000 at least. You don't need to spend a lot of money to obtain a good car. The 2001 Toyota Camry is one of the best used cars for the dollar.

- Christopher A

Toyota Camry is a dependable vehicle.

My Toyota Camry has over 165k miles on it. I have had it for over 15 years. With proper maintenance, it is been a reliable car. It drives easily, gets decent gas mileage for an older car. You are comfortable sitting in the front or back seats. The back seats fold down completely for a pass through into the trunk allowing for something lengthy to be transported. Lots of space in the trunk, it is wide and deep. And, the standard stereo is surprisingly decent.

- Liz L

It drives smooth and looks great!

It is a wonderful car! I love the size, and Toyota’s seem to never stop running. The seats are nice, and for its time, the dashboard, stereo system, and electrical features are great! I do wish the trunk was a tad bigger though. I also wish the gas mileage was a little better. For a smaller vehicle, you'd think it would get at least 25 to the gallon, but I think it only gets around 18. I drive a lot, so it would be great if the gas mileage was on my side.

- Linda M

For sale: 2001 Toyota Camry no issues. Ready for coast to coast adventures.

My Camry has been a great car. Have done lots of preventative maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc. )So it still runs like a champ. It is a very room car and extremely comfortable. It handles very nicely and really hugs the curves. Heater works great and makes you feel like your in sunny Florida. And of course the air conditioning makes you feel like your in the Rockies at Christmas time. I would absolutely buy another one if I was in the market.

- Lisa D

Fuel efficient car for student driver

The car is very reliable if you keep the oil changed. I rarely have problems with the car. Although the last time there was problems, they all happened at once. The car now has a new harmonic balance, alternator belt, spark plugs, and brakes. It has a bluetooth radio, great fuel efficiency, and is comfortable for anyone around 5'7". The driver seat can not move forward or backwards. Overall it's a great car for a young driver or someone in college.

- Adriona H

Toyota Camry 2001 - super reliable for almost 20 years.

Car is almost 20 years old and I have had a fantastic experience. My family has had it since about 2005. Minimal problems. If you are looking for a car with super fast acceleration or the most high-tech features this is not the car for you, but if you are looking for a comfortable, functional, and reliable vehicle this is the one. Had to replace the radiator once for about $250 but that is the worst problem it has had in it is lifetime.

- Sydney L

Comfortable, affordable, and an overall pleasure to drive!

Needs very frequent oil changes, but will run until you stop running yourself. It's very reliable, and with regular upkeep, runs like a dream, even now after so many years. I got this car when I was desperate and just needed anything to get me to and from work, and for its value, it has more than paid itself off. I am extremely thankful I have bought this vehicle. It's comfortable, warms up like a charm in the winter, and is easy to clean.

- Kas H

Cosmetically a mess but it runs almost perfectly and gets great gas mileage.

My car is fairly old. Cosmetically, the car is in pretty poor condition. There are several dents, the hood is a different color due to an accident, and the windows usually do not work. In addition, the heat and air conditioning do not work well and the gas gauge no longer works. However, I have never had any significant engine trouble or car issues, and the car is approaching 18 years old. In addition, the car gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Maddie L

Toyota Camry: most reliable car ever built.

I own a 2001 Toyota Camry. It's very reliable. Not once has it broken down on me. Interior wise is just the standard tan. The trunk space is optimal for a small car like this. What I truly love about my car is that Toyotas last a long time, they're cheap to fix, and always fun to update and change simple things. It took me less than thirty minutes to change the radio out. My only complaint is that there is to much plastic, breaks easy.

- Amy K

My Camry is extremely reliable when I need it to be.

The comfort is great. It runs well. I have had a few engine and transmission problems, however. They have not been anything major. This car has been very reliable so far - the battery seems to be very strong. I love that my lights turn off automatically even if I manually set them to stay on - this helps my car battery not die if I forget to turn them off myself. It is very spacious on the inside but still can fit in compact spots.

- Jazzy L

Toyota is a very dependable brand. I would not hesitate to purchase another Toyota

I like my car. It is dependable and has not had any major problems. I bought it, used, less than 2 years ago and is still running the same as when I first got it. The car is comfortable, but I am tall, so I prefer a little more space and miss having an SUV for this reason. I do not feel cramped or claustrophobic like I used the feel in the 2 door sports coupe I drove prior to the Camry. The Camry is definitely roomy enough.

- Kim S

I love the design, gas mileage and how it handles in all weather.

I purchased my Toyota from my parents estate. I had drove the car since they purchased it new to take them to all of their doctor visits, nursing home and hospital. It never let me down, drove in hail, high winds, ice storm and blizzards. Handled the weather and was great on gas. As old as it is, very little rust and have had minor repairs. The most money I had to put in it was a flywheel. I want to get another Camry soon.

- Teresa J

decent, solid ride that will see you through the years.

This is a really solid car. It will get you to where you need to go but please note that it isn't a fancy ride. It can take a beating though and has weathered many storms. It is fine to drive in hot weather, wet weather and even icy weather. All you have to do is keep up with maintenance and you will be good. It helps that most parts you need to fix this ride are available for cheap or you can go and find em in a junkyard.

- cecilia M

If you are riding up front on the passenger side you gotta hold on when I turn right, because there's a long screw that's missing and the seat will go with the turn. Lol.

I love the color, charcoal grey and the way it looks after being washed. Although it is an older vehicle it still purrs when I start it up. I don't like how long it takes to warm it up or scraping ice off the windshield and drivers side window in the winter. I love the adjustable steering wheel and being able to adjust the height of the drivers seat , because of my height it's something I love about my car as well.

- Joanna S

I call my car my little speed racer

This has been a great little car. I have owned it for 11 years now and have about 250,000 miles. It has been very reliable especially with me driving over 100 miles per day. Even though it's a 4 cylinder, I seem to get a lot of power out of this little car. I am in the market for another car now simply because age, wear and tear have taken its toll on my vehicle. I will definitely look for another Toyota.

- Mekeshua N

Great vehicle for anyone who likes to drive.

I was gifted this car after I was in an accident last year. It has been completely dependable. The car gets great mileage. Can make it to Houston Texas and back on a tank. Very smooth ride and comfortable seating. Plenty of room for my family and maybe a few of the kids friends. Huge trunk for grocery days or shopping trips. Any lengthy trip with luggage. Plan to use it for a trip to florida soon.

- Cathrine W

My 2001 Toyota Camry is old, but still useful.

The front door handle on the driver's side has broken off and the CD player has a tendency to scratch the CDs but otherwise it is a good, humble car. It is comfortable. It is silver with grey interiors and automatic windows. The driver can control all the windows in the car and open all the doors at once using the controls. The stick shift is easy to use. The trunk can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Sophie T

Love Toyota Camry- Lifetime Car

It's been very good car. The only problems I've had are loose battery cable,broken door handle, flat tire, clip in buckle stopped working, after market alarm, and the wafer in the ignition. The only issues that weren't caused by external factors (like the after market alarm, things in the road, rough people) was the wafer in the ignition going out, but that was a 2 min YouTube and $40 part fix.

- Savannah H

Reliable vehicle and would recommend.

The only major issue I have had with this vehicle is changing the transmission. This has been my favorite vehicle I have owned. It has over 200, 000 miles driven and it is still performing really well. I plan to keep this car for as long as I can. It drives very smoothly and it is very clean. I would recommend all of my friends and family to get a Toyota in the future. They are really reliable.

- Amy S

Most reliable car for your family with the best resale value.

The Toyota Camry is extremely reliable. The problems I've had have been minor. General wear and tear of tires, oil changes, alignment, timing belt, and problems with the windows automatic up and down. Never a problem with the transmission or motor. I highly recommend the Camry to anyone who is looking to buy a car that will last him a very long time. My car is 18 years old and going strong.

- Miriam R

This car will take you any and everywhere you want and or have to go safely.

My car is very dependable. There has been little to no need of repairs neither major or minor. Oil and other fluids need little to no checking. All sensors work and the car has no problems starting stopping and all electric sensors are intact. The car has traveled from Norfolk VA to all the seven cities and back. It is the perfect car for new mother's students and older clients.

- Kelly D

That it is very dependable.As long as you do the routine maintenance...oil changes, brakes, tune-ups..etc it should last you a very long time. Toyota also has been around for a very long time & I believe its reputation speaks for itself in dependability

I dislike my vehicle because it is very old,2001. it was my Dads car 1st so it was something that I would have picked if I were to purchase a car on my own. It does get me back & forth to work & so far has been very dependable but it is nothing stylish & definitely has many dent's bumps & bruises which does not add to its character. but it does get me from point A to point B


It has little maintenance requirements.

My Camry has been a very good car. We bought a second one last year. The sedan is very comfortable and the sport model is fast and fun to drive. What I really like is that as long as we take it in for regular maintenance there are not big dollar surprises. The interior has lasted a long time and still looks nice and the outside paint job has also lasted a long time.

- Jean M

Old Camry runs great and has comfy seats.

Runs pretty good considering age and mileage. Lasted longer than my mom's '02 Camry. No serious problems, just typical regular maintenance. Some rusting on the body and parts of the muffler and cat, but that is to be expected for a car this old. Seats are super comfy. Features include ac, power windows, and a cassette tape player for all of your led zeppelin tapes.

- Elizabeth W

2001 Toyota Camry: reliable.

My Camry has been very reliable. It is still running with very few problems 17 years after we bought it. There are not any of the snazzy features like those in modern cars, but it has all of the necessities. There's a tape player, which is a nice touch, and heated seats. There is not as much space as there is inside new Cars, but it still has plenty of space.

- Leah V

It is smooth and safe even after 250k miles and a nice car for a small family.

It is a basic model car with very limited features. The mileage/gallon is very good and it is a good vehicle for low income people. Pick up is good and reliable for long drive too. Performance is so far good and we have crossed 250k miles in this vehicle without any bad experience. In general it's a very good car at an affordable price. I am a fan of Toyota.

- Anand A

The fan belt needs to be changed.

The fan belt is pretty noisy, makes a screeching sound at times. The hood of the car is pretty long. It has a gold/ tannish color. The interior is polyester, super soft and all black. It is a four door car and the surround system is pretty good. The tires are Michelin. One of the windows do not roll down but the a/c works perfect as well as the heater.

- Kate B

My first car - reliable and inexpensive.

Although my car is older and has some work done on it - it is very reliable! Great on gas, sturdy and quiet. Toyota’s are known for the ignitions being bent over time or rusted but some wd-40 will fix that. You have to replace the radiator every 10 years or so and it is about $100 so that is not horrible. It is a great starter car for young people.

- Makayla W

Toyotas have good gas mileage

Have had it for almost 4 years and only had to take it to a shop 2 times for major issues. When all fluids are good and everything is 'new' the car gets good gas mileage. We've put a lot of miles on it and it still has a long car life left. It has never let us down trip wise. Always gets us to and from far distances with little to no mechanical work.

- Shelby M

Good mpg. Looks good. Runs great.

Very comfortable. Easy to drive reliable. Reasonable gas mileage. Easy to maintain. Lasts for years. Pretty. Takes a lot of wear and still looks good. I have been off-road with it then ran through the car wash and it cleaned right up. Nice family car. Lots of room. Trunk is huge especially if you lay the back seats down. You can haul about anything.

- Bonnie W

Toyota Camrys are so reliable no matter the year or mileage

I love my 2001 Toyota Camry. My car gives me absolutely luxurious riding. There is so much about this car that I love, starting with the smooth driving, cold ac, comfortable space, and dependable reliability! It's amazing I would recommend this car for everyone! You have to try it to really feel where I'm coming from they are absolutely the best.

- Jessica P

California to Michigan three days straight so problems at all.

My 2001 Toyota Camry may be an older car but it extremely reliable. The only issue I have had is a small oil leak and two of my window motors have gone bad but they were easy fixes. My car took me from California to Michigan and is still doing its job. It also does a pretty good job in the snow I had very little issues getting around last winter.

- Heather C

No end in sight. Safe, extremely reliable just a great vehicle.

Love my Toyota. Most reliable car I have ever owned just regular maintenance throughout the years I cannot believe it is still running after all these years I would never buy anything else. I have a long drive to work and it has never left me stranded Wiley family members are having their cars in and out of the garage mine keeps on going.

- Julie B

I love the fact that it still has a cassette player!

It rides smoothly and great on gas. I love all the features it has with it, like the moon roof, the automatic lights, the electric seat, the rear view mirror tells the direction and it dims at night so your not blinded from the car lights behind you. It tells the temperature outside. It has a CD player and a cassette player which I love.

- Robin S

No major problems with the car, minor things that come along with wear and tear.

This car is 17 years old and still going strong. Other then that it is an older model, you would never know. The interior and exterior of the car have been well maintained, I keep up with oil changes, general maintenance, and inspection. Because of this I am confident this car could take me many more miles. Toyota makes a great vehicle!

- Tara Y

Toyota or Honda. Both good cars but Honda has better trim.

Things like electric windows have problems that are expensive to fix the door handle trim is coming apart seems like trim in general is less than wonderful but it runs well and is very dependable as well as reasonable on fuel I liked my Honda Accord better it was also dependable and fuel efficient but interior trim was in better shape.

- Linda W

Gets me where I need to go. Good on gas.

It's a descent vehicle I really like that it Electric. Windows and seat. The heat works well but the ac could be better works but not as strong. Comfy seats, drives well. I would only trade it in for a newer year Toyota Camry if I could afford one but over. All would like to keep same make and model because it's a very reliable car.

- Fawn S

Toyota Camry is a very reliable, trustworthy, stylish, comfortable, car.

Its comfortable, stylish, good on has, easy to work on and trustworthy like a car should be. I love my Toyota Camry just as much as I did the Honda accord I had before it. I think that Toyota Camry is one of the top cars in automobiles today, before I bought it I asked many people and they agreed this would be the better car for me.

- Honey L

I named my car Camisa BC it's a combo of my name and the cars name

Has only Standard features. I wish it had Bluetooth features and seat tamers etc. The car still runs good but I am ready for an upgrade. The seats are still comfortable but beginning to wear. I am starting to worry about how old the car is getting and the reliability. I bought it used and I'm lucky that it still runs pretty well

- Jessica V

Still running smoothly after 18 years.

I love my car because it is still running extremely well despite the fact that it is 18 years old. It runs very smooth and I have had very few issues in the time that I have owned it. The gas mileage is decent considering how old the car is and its long life has helped me be able to save money and afford other important things.

- Grace L

I love my old Camry, she is still kicking at almost 3ook miles.

I absolutely love my 2001 Toyota Camry!! It has almost 300 thousand miles on it! However, they were not all from me! We bought the car from a family friend for my daughter's first vehicle!! Of course she drove it like she stole it! Lol and now its mine to rock until the wheels fall off! Which actually might not be much longer.

- Shelly J

Difficulties of the vehicle.

The vehicle's brakes have difficulty engaging after a light snow. Hydroplaning is too easy in this vehicle, even if there is one-fourth inch rain. To move either of the front two seats is different and is very easy to confuse, it usually takes about one minute to recall what side and the function is for that particular seat.

- Danny W

Very dependable car, over 220,000 miles and still runs smoothly.

My car is very reliable. I love the sunroof. The drivers side window is not the best but it does go up and down. It is a very comfortable car. The air and heat work great. I have over 220,000 miles on the car and it still runs great. Very dependable. The only rust I have is where I got hit by another car and it was repaired.

- Mary M

Its a standard overall good economy car.

I have had my car for almost 6 yrs as it was gifted to me.. The people that owned it before had no problems whatsoever. I have had no issues except the usual upkeep. Battery. Tires. New brakes. Windshield wipers. New windshield new belts. . New rear bumper as someone hit me not severe but enough to get a bumper replacement.

- Melissa Z

Toyota Camry: very reliable car.

Have not had any major problems since buying this car four years ago. I had the timing belt replaced which I thought would last longer due to the mileage from when it was last replaced, but that has been the most expensive repair. No other major issues with this vehicle and have read only good things about owning this car.

- Andrew B

Reliable vehicle, great performance, excellent safety protection.

I have had my Toyota Camry for over 15 years it a very reliable vehicle . It's was in two car accidents but was repaired each time and it's still running great Toyota are reliable vehicles if you keep up on Maintenance as in oil changes etc. I will highly recommend this car for anymore to purchase for their first vehicle.

- Irene I

Good old car runs good and lucky to have it.

Good reliable car. Gets ok gas mileage. The AC is really cold and cools the car off quickly. It is fast for an older car. It has a CD and tape Soni can still listen to my old stuff. Only problem is from time to time where the water is suppose exit from the AC it backs up and goes under the floor and the carpet s get wet.

- Lori S

It will last a long time and still be a reliable vehicle.

After 17 years of use, it is still very reliable. That's what matters most to me, given the high price of even used cars nowadays. It's not a luxury car, but it's plenty comfortable for me. It also doesn't have many of the electronic features of newer cars, but all I really need is just to get from point A to point B.

- Ken J

The feeling to own your own.

I own an older vehicle, but on the other hand I love my vehicle. When I purchased my vehicle I could not drive it for months because the seller never had it looked at by a mechanic so the car would never stay on it would stop wherever I was, besides that it is very comfortable and drives really great to be 17yrs. Old.

- Crystal L

She is the quietest car (other than the new hybrids) that I have driven

Very reliable. Comfortable. We service her before long trips (once a year) and she just keeps going. Very quiet engine. She doesn't have automatic door openers and the latest gadgets but she serves our rather unassuming needs well. The bodywork has a few dents and nicks after nearly 20 years but she still looks good.

- Jennifer S

A great older car that is dependable and easy on the wallet

My 2001 Toyota Camry is a great dependable car. I got it about a year ago and there really has been no major problems. The car has a sunroof which is a great add on. The air conditioner works better than any new car I have been in. It also gets great gas mileage and only takes about thirty-two dollars to fill it up.

- Lex A

A Toyota Camry runs and runs 'till the end even with over 330000 miles.

My car is 17 years old and has several problems it needs inner tie rods and ball joints a o2 sensor and has a oil leak and my tires keep going bald and get horrible gas mileage and if all that was fixed maybe it might not be such a bad car but I can't afford anything else right now so at one time it was a good car.

- Jamie K

That it's long lasting. A lot of mileage with few major repairs.

Over 200k miles and still runs well with no major repairs. Comfortable size without being too large. But the door handles are so easy to break and cost too much, in my opinion to replace from the manufacturer. Also the space from the trunk to the back seat with the fold down option is so narrow as to be useless.

- LaDonna M

Most dependable and easy to use car I have ever had

very smooth ride, easy steering, comfortable seats. Old but has held up very well and no problems, still very dependable. Gas mileage is great, only have to fill up once about every two weeks and I go back and forth between jobs quite a bit. Trunk space is nice, speakers are decent and overall very happy with car

- Alexa M

It's a white Camry it's a very basic car all power locks and windows.

My car is older it's okay just a lot of parts being replaced lately. Like the starter and one of the wheel bearings. It's had a lot of wear and tear unfortunately it does not have window tint. It does drive pretty smooth for an older car but my air conditioning is also not working the air blows but it isn't cold.

- Julie L

The dependable Toyota Camry.

Vehicle is very reliable. Only major repair was a fuel pump. Great on gas mileage. Very secure driving feeling when driving on interstate. Seats 5 people comfortably. Nice ac for summer, warm heat in winter. If a problem develops with the vehicle, the dashboard indicators are good about diagnosing the problem.

- James R

Toyota Camry simple but good.

Reliable car with all the right basic features. The 2001 Toyota Camry runs on all gas and no fancy technology, no Bluetooth music an no navigation ( you can use your phone for music and directions) but if you are just looking for a comfortable car that works well and has a great ac then this is the car for you.

- Sa A

Camry: a vehicle to depend on!

The 2001 Toyota Camry is an incredibly reliable and low maintenance vehicle and has been my go to transportation for seventeen years. I have replaced the timing belt, some hoses, a battery and tires along with regular oil changes. That is it! This car drives as well as a new vehicle and I would choose it again.

- Mike W

2001 Toyota Camry experience

Check engine light is always on simply due to a slip up in an emissions part, but that's not uncommon for the age. The heat/AC take awhile to catch up, But the car lasts forever (is currently 19 years old) and runs beautifully. This is a great car for families, youngsters, or retirees. It's great for everyone!

- Olivia M

Another Amazing 2001 Toyota Camry

It runs very good. It is comfortable to sit in for several hours of driving. The A/C still blows cold. And maintenance has been at a minimum. Only issues have been with the brakes and rotors. Reliable vehicle that travels well on dry, wet, and snowy roads. Needing to replace the seats as we have worn them out

- Randy R

Good old fashioned reliability

It's an older car but I feel like it was built to last. I have had nothing to repair but regular maintenance. It's simple and blends in. No bells and whistles. No screens to distract from diving like newer cars. We've taken it on many long road trips and I have no intention of upgrading in the near future.

- Cassie V

The Toyota Camry 2001 is an alright vehicle.

The car can be reliable sometimes but is very unreliable. At this point, it can stop in the middle of the road at any time. I am just blessed it is just been in the city and not on the highway. The car is comfortable and I have never had any problems with that. There are no cool features I can brag about.

- Vanessa S

The car does not have modern functions like a remote key or hands free calling.

My 2001 Toyota Camry is sturdy and reliable but it does not have the modern features more recent cars have. Despite that, it still gets very good gas mileage and provides reliable transportation. I have never had a problem with my car breaking down, and I don't have to worry about any issues on the road.

- Grace W

Brand new ac put in, & runs well.

My toyota Camry is good for mostly maintenance free car. It has 150 thousand miles & still running well. Had to have the ac completely repaired, which cost a lot-$1000. 00. . . The engine of the car itself is running pretty well. I've only had 2 flat tires in 7 months, which was a big pain in the butt.

- Jennifer R

My vehicle was grey with black tinted windows, silver aluminum rims.

The car never had a problem, it always run well, the only thing was that there were no seat warmers, during the winter. There was also the great thing on the gas mileage. In the car I did not have to put too much gas. I also have my car with tinted windows so it can give it a nice look and sports feel.

- George F

Smooth ride, lots of power!

This Camry is totally reliable since my purchase quite a few years ago. It is a 2001 and I do not want to part with it. Repairs have been minimal, just keeping up with the norm, oil changes etc. I have always felt safe and love my Camry! I am at approx. 117, 000 miles and hope I have a ways to go yet.

- Cindy Z

My Toyota Camry is very reliable, have not had any major problems with it.

My Toyota is a very reliable car, I haven't had any major problems with it just the muffler and I replaced it. I do oil change every 3 months. It runs very smooth has a lot of power. It has CD player, power windows, power locks, very cold ac. I will never trade it or sell it. It has been good to me.

- Sonia R

The car is excellent on gas.

Its is roomy, good on gas, and reliable. I have no complaints about my vehicle. Toyotas keep their value, and also are known to be good vehicles way above the 100, 000 miles. I would feel comfortable taking a long trip with my 2001 vehicle, as long as you keep it maintained it will last a long time.

- Maria T

Its Has Power Seats, mirrors ,. Great gas mileage

My Camry is a 2001 LE, It's a 3.0 liter V6., it's has power windows, and Power Seats ., a CD And Tape Cassette Player., It Seats a Total of 5 , 2 in front, 3 in rear.. it has power mirrors and an auto defrost, also has defrosting mirror's. Its gas mileage is rather well, and it rides really smooth..

- Zack K

For sure a Toyota Recommender

The vehicle still runs well despite the mileage and the other issues that it has. Finding parts is easy and pretty much inexpensive. It is very reliable and truly is the epitome of the Toyota brand. It's a V6 engine, so gas consumption is higher than the smaller engine Cars but I will recommend it.

- Michael H

The reliability of a Camry

My vehicle is very reliable. Just doing basic maintenance on it every month keeps it out of the mechanic shop. It is very comfortable in regards to the way how it drives in regards to how easy it is to control the vehicle. It has power steering, power locks and power windows. I really love my car.

- Marlon N

Toyota Camry's are the best.

I love driving my Toyota Camry. It gets me to where I have to go and gets good mileage. It has a lot of miles on it. I would definitely get another Toyota Camry when the times comes where I need to get another car. It still drives good. I get nervous about the number of miles it has on it, though.

- Marcia J

Great car for everyday use that will work for a long time with good gas mileage.

Great performance, gas mileage. Can have engine check problems that cannot be deduced. Changing oil is easy and is a reliable car. The interior is holding up well, except in major heat the adhesive can deteriorate on plastic door interior. Best choice for everyday use, and is good for long trips.

- James W

Thoughts on a 2001 Toyota Camry.

My car has always been really reliable. The turning radius is fantastic, and it is very easy to handle. I will say that it has a little trouble once I start getting up there in speed, it feels just a little shaky, which may have to do with it being a small car, and living in a very windy area.

- Michael C

My Toyota Camry is white and has 2 turtles on the back.

My car has good gas mileage and is a comfortable size for me. Since it is older it is a little less reliable than other cars. The radio is glitchy and the front drivers window does not roll down, but it gets me where I need to go. Overall the Toyota is reliable enough and fits my personal needs.

- Hannah E

Beautiful car, great runner, easily maintained.

This car is easily maintained, not too expensive to fix. Comfortable ride the seats are comfortable and the driver has full control of windows and locks, great on gas. Get me to and from without any issues. I have had minor issues that needed repair but she's an old car. I love the this car.

- Vanessa M

Overall, good reliable car. Great mileage

Oil burns/ disappears, otherwise reliable, very comfortable, love the gas mileage and 5 disc changer. Great in the snow, quick off the line, decent sound system. I wish Bluetooth worked for audio and not just the phone. Blind spots are ok. Other drawback is back seat does not split nor go down

- John G

The car needs repainting. The car's door handles are broken.

My car's engine is a bit run down. The doors of the car are broken. But it goes long distances with little gas. The seats are comfortable. The car is old. The paint is damaged. I appreciate how well it takes me from point A to point B. The car has a cassette player, so the car is a bit dated.

- Pedro F

Great long term car for a college student.

My car’s engine is a v6 and it has been an awesome car! It has run great for the time that I have had it. I am planning to have it until it wears out or I want a new car. I have never had maintenance issues and it gets good gas mileage. I absolutely love my car and really like Toyota brand.

- Aubrey D

The good gas mileage is what stands out about it.

Has good gas mileage and is easy to control. Have had issues with it trying to pass emission tests though. But if your county doesn't have emissions it is a good sedan to have. Those are the only problems I've had out of it. The parts seem to be cheap and easily found online or in junkyards.

- David B

My issues with my Toyota Camry.

The problem with my car is the struts keep going out on it, a lot. So I am having to replace struts a lot, it's expensive and my gas mileage isn't that good with the issues I am having on my car. But other than those problems it's a pretty decent little car for the price that k paid for it.

- Amber S

My car is able to travel pretty far. It my not look like it but it can also go fast.

My toyota camry does not have leather seats. It has a good amount of room both front and back of the car. Nice amount of space in the trunk. It has Automatic windows. 4 doors car. It can be a bit small when driving up a hill. Easy to drive. Comes with a radio with a cd and cassette player.

- Adeleyda C

The vehicle rides smooth and it doesn't guzzle gas.

The vehicle drives well. It's very smooth on the road. I like that I can see clearly through the windshield & there is nothing big blocking the sides & creating blind spots when I turn. The vehicle is old, however. I do wish that it had an included navigation system & updated technology.

- Samantha T

Toyota Camry 2001 Model: Reliable but past its prime

Older vehicle. It's been reliable. Not many issues. Have had to replace alternator, breaks and rotors several times and tires. Interior is starting to fall apart. Paint job on exterior is also chipping. Overall it's been a good car, it's running ok, but it's probably time for a new one.

- Charles B

Its slick design is a must for any car.

My 2001 Toyota, is both reliable and efficient. I have owned the car for 2 years. It was bought from my uncle for a relatively good price considering the age and mileage on the car. There has never been any major work done on the car, just your typical oil changes and wheel alignments.

- Jimmy C

Blue Toyota for sale right now. Cash only.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Newly maintained. Needs three new tires. Needs some inside and outside body work. Air conditioning and heat works great. I really don't want to sell it. Just doing this as required by this survey. Headlights work. Radio works. Speakers aren't real loud.

- Renay E

Toyota Camry LE is a good choice for students and new drivers!

I bought this car when its mileage was about 154000 miles. I've been driving it for 3 years, the engine is still good. Except changing oil, replacing the battery and tires, I don't have to spend more money on it. It's mileage now is 205000 miles, but still 'so smooth ' to me, love it.

- Jun T

It's great value for the cost. I have been driving it for more than 17 years.

The size is comfortable and easy to drive and park. I have not had to have many repairs in the 17 years I've had this car. Although the back seats fold down to open up the trunk, they do not fold down all the way across the seat so the space to fit things in is not very wide or high.

- Joan B

Toyota Camry, so hacking' reliable.

This is my second Camry, both bought as used vehicles from a small private dealer. Exceedingly mechanically sound, blazing past 200, 000 miles on the odometer with no problems. My next vehicle will also be a used Camry. I recommend Toyota due to their reliability and safety features.

- Barbara P

Toyota Camry 2001. White with tan stripe. Has sunroof.

I love my 2001 Toyota Camry! It has a few maintenance problems but that is normal because it is 17 years old! It rides smooth and is comfortable! It seat 5 people but is more comfortable with only 4 people. My child's car seats fits good in it and it's a great car! I love my Toyota!

- Rebekah G

2001 Toyota Camry, dependable car.

My Toyota Camry has 218, 000 miles on it and still going strong. The only thing that has happened to me with it is the timing belt broke and the exhaust is falling off but that is because of the bumpy road I am currently staying on. Good car actually, I would recommend it to anyone.

- Kathleen O

Awesome, dependable car!!

It is really good on gas. The only issue I have so far is the size. It fits 3 car seats in the back, but it is really not ideal for a family with 3 or more children. (without the car seats it is very roomy. ) Overall, it is very dependable and I would definitely recommend this car.

- Shayla P

What a Great Toyota, Camry. Everyone must buy one.

No problems but I just bought it months ago. Its very old but inly had 70000 miles win I bought it runs great. It is a little small for me but right now the price was great. Nice interior with great paint job. Very large trunk. Most cars are not made to hold up like this Toyota

- Lori O

Others should know that it is a durable car that is a good fit for almost any one and any situation.

My camry gets the job done. It's not fancy or compatible with new technology but I focus on driving anyway so that is what is important to me. It is a smooth ride and rarely breaks down. It is low maintenance but when it does need work, it is nothing major and never too expensive.

- Nicholas N

Toyota made a great 2001 Camry.

I have 95500 miles driven - no major problems - oil changed every 4500 miles - power windows, AC is excellent, power driver's seat, disk brakes, am/FM radio and average 32 MPG. I plan to keep this car and thinking about buying a Camry lease return. Also very comfortable to drive.

- Thomas K

Our car does not look old, is easy to keep clean. And runs great.

Do not have any problems. Oil is changed every 3000 miles, fluids are checked often. As long as regular maintenance is done. We have no problems. Our car is spacious and easy to keep clean. The year and model of our car is such that it never looks outdated or like an older model.

- Jean K

Toyota, impressive, never-regretful, reliable, durability, cost effective.

It is being old enough now. I want to explore new car and new model in near future. The technology, the model, the functions and other parameters about this car are old. It brings me problems sometimes. The problems like brakes, engine, axle, steering, lights are not upto date.

- Verma G

My Toyota Camry gets great gas mileage.

Since my car is a 2001, I have experienced issues lately. I have had to buy new shocks, battery, and breaks all within 6 months. Before that, my Toyota Camry was reliable and I never had any issues. I received this car from my grandma so she took great care of my current car.

- Kristen F

Toyota Camry: a very reliable car.

Very reliable car, always starts very few mechanical problems. Heats up very fast in cold weather, and the air conditioner blows very cold. Good gas mileage. Inexpensive to repair and very easy to get parts for. The car has held up very well body wise. No rattles or squeaks.

- Robert D

Toyota Camry best car in my lifetime.

I got very lucky bought my car from carmax only 1 owner 2001 Toyota Camry and 53, 000 thousand miles only. Mechanic told me this car can last me 10 + years with little maintenance happy lady. In my futures I hope to get me the newest Toyotas in the market for a great value.

- Virginia F

Toyotas do not need to be new to work great!

My 2001 has 240k miles and runs great. We keep up on all the maintenance and have replaced parts, including the exhaust. It is a comfortable car and has a smooth ride. The brakes work very well, which makes me feel safe. I also like the sunroof, which opens up to fresh air.

- Charlotte B

2001 Toyota Camry with moonroof, cruise control, CD player, abs, and od.

Even at almost 20 years old, this Toyota is a champ! Great gas mileage, although it is a v6, and no leaks. The mechanics love it because there are never any problems when I bring it in for regular maintenance. I would definitely invest in another one when the time comes.

- Carol M

It has a fully functioning radio and cassette deck.

My vehicle has run and operated reliably despite years of use without many issues, from what I have seen. Few repairs have been necessary, and the fuel mileage is great. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this car and would definitely recommend it to other buyers.

- Sylvie W

The car is wonderful for anyone who is just starting to drive.

This vehicle is not very reliable. At this stage, the vehicle will make weird sounds and even stop in the middle of the road. Luckily, it has not stopped on the freeway for me, only when I have to use the brake multiple times like in the city. There is a brake problem.

- Van S

Reliably Lasts almost two decades

Reliable vehicle. My mom bought it new, and I inherited it. It's still great after almost 20 years! Great performance from a 6 cylinder engine. Very good gas mileage. It costs a reasonable amount of money for upkeep and repair as opposed to other foreign vehicles.

- Lexie J

Toyota Camry le, v6, 4 door.

This is the best car ever. It is very reliable, comfortable and still a nice style loom even though its 17 years old. Has a large trunk for luggage. Has roomy back seating. Strong engine needs few repairs if maintained properly. I highly recommend the Toyota Camry.

- Ann S

Great vehicle for work and travel

This car gets pretty good gas mileage. We have put thousands of miles on it in the past year due to a long distance move and yet it still works great! The seats are comfortable. There are very few blind spots. It is great for driving around town or going in trips.

- Kaitlyn H

Toyota is like the energizing bunny it just keeps going and going.

Very reliable and it keeps going. It leaks a little oil but other than it is good. For us is fine. We have driven it a lot on trips and it does fine. The trunk is roomy and holds all of our suitcases. The seat covers need to be replaced but everything else is good.

- Linda B

My trustworthy Toyota is my best friend.

My Toyota Camry is 17 years old, however, runs very smoothly, has a lot of power, is comfortable and all around a great year. I highly recommended Toyotas, during the past two years, I invested in snow tires, which work like a charm. My Toyota never lets me down.

- Charlotte B

Really reliable and durable car that get me to where I need to go.

My toyota isn't pretty or new but it's reliable and gets me to where I need to go. I've had for over or close to a decade now and have only experienced a few issues with it. The main problem has been with the muffler but other than that it's been really reliable.

- John s

Durable and dependable and smooth.

Toyota Camry’s are reliable, lots of room. Low maintenance. Durable for, room for car seats, lots of trunk space. Smooth and quiet driving. I have owned two Camry’s only car I have ever bought both have lasted me many of miles. I put 366, 000 on my first one.

- Carri S

Has really long and extended life span and totally worth the investment.

Runs well, limited problems, most frequent problem is the engine light due to an oxygen sensor and it has had two new batteries replaced. Other than that safe car. Simple and cheap to fix and has a long life span. My car has over 300, 000 miles on it currently.

- Rebecca D

Best car yet. Great gas mileage

My car runs great. It has almost 108,000 miles so it still has at least 100,000 more to go. I get very good gas mileage it's clean inside and out. The only thing I had to change was the radiator. It is tan in color with tan seats very spacious for a family of 5

- Eva L

Toyota Camry's are long lasting good running vehicles.

Sunroof, leather seats, power adjustable seats, 6 cd changer. The overall reliability is great, has 250,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. The seats could be a little more comfortable, gets pretty hard on the back and butt even after a half hour trip.

- Allen B

2001 Camry versus 1996 Avalon

I just got this after having to leave my 1996 Toyota Avalon in WV when moving back to CA. The 96 Avalon has a much stronger engine, is more comfortable, and leather seats. The 01 Camry is, like the Avalon, great on gas and reliable. Not as many extras though.

- a M

2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder

I love the spacious room inside. It seats up to 5 people.. It has a large trunk. The engine is easy to work on, It gets great gas mileage. Handles good on rain or snow. It has great air conditioning and heat. Also it has front and rear defrost options,

- Jennifer V

My vehicle is a 4 door with a 4 cylinder engine which makes it great on gas.

The color of my car is a silver/ gold color. Grey interior. My car has a 4 cylinder engine which makes it really good on gas. Only problem I have had with my car would be changing the battery, starter, and tires which are pretty common things to do on a car.

- Ezekiel M

This vehicle drives me! . . This survey drives me crazy.

Has battery problem. And no luxury features. For the most part reliable and good gas mileage. If you take care of the vehicle it will take care of you! Get to point A to point B. I hate having to write a certain amount of words. It's a car and works for me!

- Katie D

A Camry is a stellar performer

Extremely reliable, only work it has had done is basic wear and tear (transmission flushing, tires, tube replacement etc.) for a vehicle that currently has about 287,000 miles. Basic features- electric windows, ac, automatic, radio with CD and tape player.

- Leslie R

Love my Toyota Camry even though it has a lot of miles on it.

Even though the car has a lot of miles, I am getting nervous cause even though it still drives good. I will not be able to afford another car because my husband is retiring in February. I really love my car. I would definitely get another Camry if I could.

- Marcia L

2001 Toyota Camry LE Gold Sedan

This vehicle is highly reliable and if well maintained, may last a long time. It rusts easily if living in an area with winter and needs oil changes more frequently than other vehicles that I have owned previously. Overall I would buy another if possible.

- Sarah W

People think it is a boring car, it is actually fun and it is a great car overall.

It is got great mileage, great on gas, shocks and struts are going out and I have a but frozen on right side tire so I cannot get alignment because of this. I am really being charged way to much for the car but it is a great car so I guess it is worth it.

- Kelly S

I absolutely love my Toyota Camry.

It has comfortable seat in the front and back. Cruise control power steering power locks power windows abs brakes system delayed windshield wipers 2. 0 liter engine am/FM/cd stereo gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway very nice car.

- Tina C

Camrys are still the best vehicle out there

Cars from the early 2000s are notorious for the door handles (inner and outer) breaking off. However, this is such an easy fix and the rest of the car works like a charm. The sunroof is such a nice bonus feature. Seriously great vehicle. Love this car.

- Chelsea B

The 2001 Toyota Camry, still holding strong:

My Toyota Camry is over 18 years old and I'm just starting to experience mechanical problems. The Camry came fully loaded, only thing missing is a car alarm, it has high mileage of 198000 miles. It is very good on gas. My next car will be a Toyota Camry

- Suzette V

I have fit a drum set, guitar and bass with amps and 3 people in my car before.

I love the performance and reliability of my car but I am hoping to make it to 20yrs before I replace it. The only problems I have is that it does not have the same features or gas mileage as newer models. I have about 160, 000 miles on my car as well.

- Trina S

Toyota Camry is a great car.

Toyota Camry is very reliable. I have had very few car problems. If I do have a problem with the car it is very easy to fix and very affordable. It has great gas mileage and the car drives and rides very smooth. It's a very cheap vehicles to buy used.

- Brandy H

The 2001 Toyota Camry has amazing gas mileage for an older car.

The Toyota Camry LE is a very reliable car. It has lasted my family three generations and is keeping up well. It also has great gas mileage. It's an all around good sturdy car. It's very heavy. It also has lots of storage. It's a perfect commuter car.

- Olivia C

Old car but still working

The color of my car is faded white. It has one mirror that is black and the other one is white. It drives smooth. The A/C gets cold really fast. The carpet is a little stained. The engine bolts needs to be replaced that's the reason for the rattling.

- Marvin O

I am totally sold on Toyota Camrys. We had 3 before this one. Great car!

Vehicle is 17 years old and no major problems. Once a minor air conditioning problem. Performs well and, so far, very reliable. Has very few of the latest features but, overall, is comfortable enough. Wish everything else was this well made.

- Dale B

Reliability and dependability.

Very reliable, hardly any service throughout the years. The body and interior still look good. Has been kept in garage so that has contributed to the condition of the body. Will be buying another Camry within the next few months.

- Paula B

It was my grandmother's car and it is special to me.

I like my car because it runs and takes my family where we need to go. Because it is an older car it has a bit of rust and one of the windows does not work. I would like a new car but will drive this car until it falls apart

- Laura j

It gets me where I need to go.

It is my first car. My mom bought it for me when I started college and there are lots of problems with it. I like it but it isn't always reliable. The battery has died many times and I'm scared to drive it long distances.

- Amy r

Smooth quiet ride with safe reliability and fuel efficient

Toyota camry provides a smooth quiet ride. Overall it is a very efficient car with few mechanical problems One thing i wish they could fix is the fog on the Windows when the heat is turned on. Otherwise great car.

- Mary M

My car is dependable and lasts a long time.

My vehicle is highly dependable. I have had my car for the past 17 years and seldom has there been a major problem, and when these did occur they were fixable. However, it is not good in snow or really bad weather.

- George C

very reliable and trouble free. It looks about the same as when it was brand new

It has been and remains highly dependable and low cost to maintain. I just change the oil regularly and perform the major maintenance milestones. The car has been trouble free for over 150,000 miles and 17 years

- jim g

Great First Car...unless you travel lots!

My 01 Camry is super reliable! It currently has 272,500 miles on it and I'm not worried about breaking down. However, I am afraid of taking trips longer than 2-3 hours. For my first car, I say it's pretty great.

- Haley F

Great car, long lasting, would recommend

The car is very nice to drive. I guess it could be considered comfortable to drive. I have owned it for about 3 years with few issues. There have also been only a few issues in the 18 years someone has owned it.

- Kristen D

It is very reliable - it is trouble free - it is quiet

My Camry is exceptionally reliable. I bought it brand new in June 2001 and have spent very little money on it other than standard maintenance. It runs well, is very quiet and has a smooth ride at 128,000 miles

- Paul F

The car is very good on gas mileage.

I like that the body of the car is very sturdy. It gets very good gas mileage and runs extremely well. The only thing I do not like about the Camry is the electrical messes up sometimes ( taillights, radio).

- Kristen H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I love that my vehicle is a 4 door car so people can get in easier. I also like that it has a large trunk to fit all my stuff, especially when I pack for vacation. I only wish it had back windshield wipers.

- Kathryn B

The one most important thing about my vehicle is that it is reliable.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is reliable and gets me where I need to go near and far. What I do not like about it, is that it is slow, low to the ground and not enough storage space for things.

- Dominique M

Blue Toyota Camry 2001, banged up but beautiful :D

I like my camry a lot, since it's a pretty reliable vehicle and the replacement parts are cheap. What I don't like is the bad gas mileage - I would love to get a prius or something with better gas mileage

- Karina B

Extremely reliable, and safe to drive.

It is a great and reliable vehicle to drive. Not too many problems as I see it. The only thing that I would like to have in addition to all it's current features is to have a backup camera and bluetooth.

- Mandy D

Reliable and inexpensive.

It's reliable and has a cassette tape player as well as a CD and allows me to play my older music collection. It has a V6 engine so it has some power, but it is an older car and has a lot of miles on it.

- Zack l

Not bad, minor improvements needed.

I like the smooth handling and simple design of the interior and exterior. The steering could be a little smoother and she is not the prettiest girl (partly because she's a boring gray) but I like her.

- Kae E

It's long lasting and a good brand

I like it because It's a toyota. It's long lasting and low maintenance. Sadly I have the xle so It's bigger, and i prefer small cars. I don't like how It's hard to get a good clean in the console too.

- Patricia M

If you buy a toyota camry, it will be a sturdy car that will run well and will last you for years

I love the Toyota Camry. This car is many years old, but still looks brand new. The outside looks great, the interior does, too, and it runs well. There have been few issues with it over the years.

- Hope S

It is a safe and solid vehicle that will last a long time.

My vehicle has a lot of interior space, and the exterior is old but still looks good. It is a little on the slow side and doesn't get great gas mileage, but it is a solid car and drives very smooth.

- Lin J

It's a Toyota and Toyota's are amazing and in my opinion, the best!

I love Toyota in general. Although, Camry is number one, the best! There are so many great things I could say about a Camry. However, the one thing I really can say is that the quality is amazing.

- Janet B

This car is incredibly reliable and gets pretty good gas mileage!

The car is very reliable and needs few repairs. I've had to put very little money into it. The acceleration is excellent. The vent system during storms could work better to clear the windows.

- Dawn P

My car is very reliable I love it.

My car runs very nicely. Everything is easy to find and manage. I recently had a problem with the tires and windows. My driver window wont go up quickly and it cost about 200 dollars to fix.

- Diana M

This auto does not appear to be 17 years old. The paint is excellent and the vehicle rides very well. The only problem we are fixing is the replacement of CV boots.

4 door sedan all power windows , door locks , tilt wheel , cruise control , 4 cylinder, approx. 155,000 miles excellent condition inside & outside , 4 Michelin tired no dents or dings 2001

- Michael R

Toyotas are reliable cars

Toyotas are reliable cars. They are pretty easy to maintain and have repaired. Parts are readily available. All mechanics can work on Toyotas. Camry xle are fully loaded and comfortable.

- Lana R

The Camry is very reliable and can last until 300k miles if well maintained. This makes it the most affordable car long term.

My Camry is reliable, fuel efficient, and an overall great value. It is comfortable. Obviously, it is a little old, but it has been well taken care of and may last several more years.

- Eric S

My car is great for small families and good for running errands that go with having a family.

I love the size of my car and especially the trunk. It's very reliable and runs great. It gets good gas mileage and has a large gas tank. I do wish it was newer but it's a great car.

- Danielle S

The car has excellent handling, reliability, and ease of use.

I love the handling, steering, braking, and movement of the car. I love the size of the car. I love the dependability of the car. Only complaint is the speakers could be improved.

- anna c

I love my car! Toyotas are very reliable and great pieces of machinery! I also love not having to pay tons of money for a brand new vehicle!

This car has been extremely reliable for years. We have had very few problems with it. For an older vehicle, it also has quite a few amenities. It has been a very good car to have.

- Derek W

Toyota Camry Tried and True

I have been driving my Camry for 8 years and only have replaced the water pump and alternator. It is a very reliable car I have 360,000 miles on my car and it still runs very well.

- Rebecca N

The Camry is AWESOME. Great V6 and super gas mileage. Very comfortable and roomy

I love Toyota. This is my 2nd Camry and I owned a Corolla before. I love the luxury of a Camry. This car doesn't have a sunroof and I miss that. The trunk is huge which I love!!

- Kimberly R

Silver Toyota Camry. Damaged but still a great car!

I actually love my car. I bought it used from a family friend for $1000. It had only 63000 miles. It had been in a previous wreck. But other than cosmetic damage it's a champ!

- Brittany M

Runs very smoothly and the seats are very comfortable.

Oil leak causing bad gas mileage. Accelerated quickly. Heat, a. C. And radio all work great. The car drives very smoothly and is relatively quiet on highways and interstates.

- Annika S

Regular servicing and maintenance. Stay current with oil changes and tune ups.

Very reliable, never broken down or been stranded. Problem with leaking oil. Had it fixed a few years ago but has started to leak again. Smooth ride and comfortable interior.

- Kevin F

Nothing special my car is in good shape.

I do not like the model and my car is too old, I need a new one but I have to make money for it. Currently I am studying because I want to get my license as a physician.

- Andrea R

That its a vehicle that you can depend on to get you where you're going, no matter how near or far it may be.

It's a 2001 so by now it's kind of old, but it's still going and going good. This car is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and is overall very comfortable to drive.

- Kyle R

Long time and happy Toyota owner.

I love my Toyota. It's safe and reliable. Maintenance is easy and affordable. I had a Mazda for a period of time and everything cost more down to tires and headlights.

- Chereen E

That it is reliable and it gets me to where I need to be

I had to put in a new starter but other than that I have not had any issues with my Toyota in the year that I've owned it. Very reliable and I happy with the vehicle

- Brooks S

It's very reliable and great on gas. Although foreign, parts are easily available in the USA

I have had three Toyota's in my life. They have all been reliable cars. The parts aren't expensive when they do break down. I have nothing bad to say about my car.

- Jessica B

2001 4 door Toyota Camry XLE V6

This car has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. The only thing it has ever needed is new brakes. It has 118,000 miles on it and still runs like it's new.

- Andy M

It needs body work.. I ran into a yellow pole at a parking garage..

I love my car! It has the room I need for my family to be comfortable. The truck space is great I have two 10 inches speakers and I still have room for our bags.

- Angel B

my car is great on gas and I think that's important to know

I Love my vehicle it gets great gas mileage is great just going around town I have a 4 door so I have lots of room for other people or rideshare to and from work

- Donna C

Moon/sunroof and great gas mileage when everything gets fixed

Huge money pit, it's durable for the most part. After one issue though there's another right after you fix the one part. It's old and the life is just about out.

- Aaron K

I feel that I have a very reliable car to drive which gives me a great sense of security when I'm on the road

I like the overall look of the car. It is very easy to operate. I get very good mileage between gas fill ups. It is easy & relatively inexpensive to maintain.

- Doris T

This car is 17 years old and still kicking. It lasts a long time.

At this point, it's just surviving but it does its job well. Runs pretty good for 180K miles. Still have to plug some money in here and there but that's fine.

- Eric N

It has a very good resale value.

The Camry is very reliable and safe, very good gas mileage and a great handling car. The only complaint I would have is that it does not have very much power.

- Errol C

It's got a really big trunk can fit a lot of stuff on it. Good for vacationing.

It is a very reliable car. It has over 200,000 miles. It still runs, if I do the regular maintenance on the car. Like changing the oil, changing the filters.

- Brooke E

Dependability and good gas mileage.

My car has been very dependable, as only needing a battery replacement and a radiator changed. Oh and also wheel bearings. Other than that it has been great!

- Amaris B

It is in good condition and I take care of it very well.

My car is in good condition since whenever I bought it two years ago. Not many problems have appeared since then except some minors with cheap replacement.

- Anh N

It lasts a long time, its from 2001 and still runs great.

It's very reliable. The maintenance is cheap. It's good on gas. don't really have any complaints. It's also very spacious. Rear seats have lots of legroom.

- John A




it's good, dependable transportation. i've never had to make major repairs on it.

Toyota is the only make i have ever owned. my car is dependable and gets me where i want to go. it has suffered damage, but never when i was driving it.

- Rick M

That it is a Toyota. The model is Camry. That means it is reliable.

My car is reliable. The performance is good for a sedan. I have no problems with my car. It has a comfortable interior. Regular car features for the year.

- David R

It is long lasting, always runs good and it is very dependable.

My car is the perfect size for me. It is easy on gas. It is cheap on maintenance. The only thing I don't like about my car is, it is a little dented up.

- Barbara Y

Toyota Camry: built to last generations

Built to last, the Toyota Camry will easily take you to 200,000 miles or more. My car is over 15 years old and still has original parts in many places.

- Danielle K

The mileage is wonderful.

I love that the mileage lasts for as long as it does. It has some dents here and there but it is still a solid car. I do not have much I hate about it.

- Samantha S

My 2001 Toyota Camry has a V6 engine with approximately only 134,000 miles.

For a 17 year old vehicle, it is running extremely smoothly. Even though it is a V6 engine, it doesn't cost too much to fill up a full tank of gas.

- Tammy D

The this car has a pretty high voltage output.

I pretty much like everything about my car. As of right now what I dislike is the kind of paint that was used. Also I dislike the cassette player.

- Angie B

Paint has fade but the performance and dependability is unsurpassed.

I don't put much mileage on my Camry but it has been a consistently reliable vehicle. I take good of it and it continues to take good care of me.

- Margaret R

It needs a lot of repair work to get it back to original condition, but is still running well considering all It's issues.

It's fairly reliable and has a powerful AC and pretty good heat. The gas mileage could be better. The door handles need to stop breaking so much.

- John H

reliability and low cost of maintenance. Ease of use.

love the ease of use, reliability, longevity, and low cost of maintenance. Could use a little more power when merging but mileage would suffer.

- cy l

I have not had major mechanical problems or rust issues.

It has been very dependable and has not had any mechanical issues. I faithfully have had maintenance work done. I am pleased with gas mileage.

- Rosemary B

My Toyota Camry.. life isn't about the newest and prettiest but about the journey!

My car is very reliable for an older car, runs great, comfortable, great on gas mileage, gets me to and from where I need to go with no worries!

- Jodi P

Good on gas and great air conditioner.

The air conditioner still works really good but some of the motors in the electric windows have stopped running but in general It's a good car.

- Jodi Y

It runs very well and only needs ordinary servicing to keep it tuned up.

It runs very well, very few service issues. It is easy to drive and it looks good. Toyota makes great vehicles and I am a fan. No complaints!.

- Holly E

Reliable Betsy, rugged horse, no complaint Vera.

Very reliable, cheap to maintain, all you need to change oil as it falls due, even though its an old car it runs very well and very reliable.

- Mercy A

My 2001 Camry has been very reliable. It has low road noise and nice suspension, and although the tape deck is very outdated at this point, the radio and speaker quality is adequate.

Toyotas will run for a very long time if you take good care of them (change the oil on time, keep the tire pressure right, and wax the body).

- Erica G

That if taken care of properly it can last up to 300,000 miles.

I like my car for the most part it is just falling apart, too many miles etc. However it rides very smooth and has lasted a very long time!.

- Leah S

The Camry is very dependable and just keeps on going.

The car is VERY dependable and drives well! I change the oil and tires regularly. It still the original paint job but could use a new coat.

- Joel L

It's very reliable and gets good gas mileage

I love that Toyota camry is reliable . I like the body style . I like how much gas to each gallon I get . I like all the features it offers

- Tina B

that it has 350K miles and no major repairs

Great reliability, low cost of ownership, durable. Love everything about it. I hate that it is the most stolen car since it is so popular

- Cy C

It's not the most exciting or interesting, but it's enough for everyday use.

It drives ok and is comfortable enough, but lately it's had a few problems come up that can be annoying and expensive to have to deal with.

- Brittany S

It is a safe reliable and sleek looking SUV.

Very few repairs have ever been required.. This car is very reliable.. The check engine light will not stay off. No repairs are needed..

- Nancy F

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Easy to keep clean. Repairs are reasonable.

Comfort, drivability, gas mileage, color. Lots of room in the trunk to carry lots of goodies. Sits too low to the ground. No complaints.

- Bonita W

Great family car and great gas mileage.

It is a great car just needs a little front end work. It is a 4 door has power locks and windows it is ac blows cold and heater is hot!

- Rachel S

It's a Toyota!!! Need I say more??

I love it!!! I have owned a previous Camry I bought brand nice in 2003. I love Toyota cars. They are very dependable and last for years

- Kimberly M

That it is trash free. I do not like trash to stay in my car

I like how my vehicle cruises. The Toyota is very good on gas. I do not like how it constantly needs maintenance to keep it in shape.

- Ashton M

My Toyota Camry has been the best car, that I ever have had!

I love my Toyota Camry! It has about 225,000 miles and runs great! My four kids at sometime drove it, as their car had to be fixed!

- Carrie T

Even though its old its still a solid car with good gas mileage.

It's a solid car that i've gotten a lot of use out of. No major issues for its age. However it would be nice to have a newer car

- Mark F

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

It still takes me where I need to go. I will try to keep it running as long as I can. I can not afford another vehicle right now.

- Anton H

My vehicle has been very reliable, so I definitely can't say I hate it. However, the driver window doesn't work, the AC doesn't work, cosmetically, it's not very pretty, it needs a new battery, and it's almost at 300,000 miles. I think it's just time for a new car.

It has been very reliable. We've had it for almost 2 years now, and there hasn't been anything major that has gone wrong with it.

- Annebelle T

It didn't pass this years emissions test yet.

I don't like my vehicle because I keep having problems with the ac. I also don't like how I keep having problems with the tire's.

- Jennifer T

That it will last you a long time if you take care of it right.

My car had been the most reliable car I've ever own the only problem I did have was the I needs to change the timing belt one.

- Margaret L

Toyota Camry has a smooth ride with plenty of room inside.

Like the smooth ride, electric locks and windows. Enjoy the stereo system. There isn't anything I don't like about the car

- Faith R

The only thing I can think of is that it has lasted a long time because Camrys are good cars and I would another one if I could.

I love my car. It gets me to where I need to get. My only complaint is that it is getting old with a lot of miles on it.

- Marcia L

Really rock solid and reliable.

It is old and rattly. It needs a lot of maintenance. It is charcoal gray. It is reliable. I do not worry about body work!

- Shannon F

Love it baby the only problem is the paint is starting to chip.

It is reliable, dependable and gives a smooth drive. I am the only owner, driver (except for my son) gas mileage is good.

- Linda S

Dependable and gets me to where I need to be.

I like a Camry because it looks and feel nice. I dislike the tail wing on the trunk. And people say Camry is a great car.

- Carol J J

It's very safe to let your kids drive it it is extremely reliable

Toyota is one of the best cars I've ever had it's gets great gas mileage and I have never had any real problems with it

- Vicki C

It is very reliable because it is a Toyota.

Needs new engine. Commuting 75 miles daily, car is getting old and has high mileage. It also is not good on gas lately.

- Allison Q

It was made in the year depicted in the movie 2001: a space odyssey.

I had an engine-stall problem. I took it repair three times to finally had it fixed. It took me more than 2000 dollars.

- Masa Y

The car is so dependable. You get what you pay for. My next car will be a Camry.

I love how dependable it is. I never have maintenance issues. I am at 240,000 miles and going. I will never give it up.

- Dan H

it's comfortable to ride in for trips and easy to park in lots.

It's great on gas. It's fun to drive, not hard to park or see other cars around it. It's just the right size for me.

- john j

Best overall midsize car with reliably and low maintenance.

The rims fall off easily, replaced the window lock actuator last year, but has never broken down so pretty reliable.

- Jessica S

It is a bit loud, I assume as it has aged. That's the only downside.

Reliable, comfortable, and sturdy. It doesn't take much gas, and it was a used car when purchased. It has aged well.

- Lacey P

That Toyota?s are dependable.

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry that has plenty of room and gives me great mileage and dependability. . I love my Toyota!

- Rhonda L

Total and complete reliability.

This car runs like new with only routine maintenance ever having been done. It is fully loaded and everything works.

- Renee D

My Toyota Camry Review Today

My car has been a very reliable. I have had it for a year, it comes with a sun roof top has pretty good gas mileage

- Jenn V

It drives well and I feel comfortable and safe using the car.

I like that it has heated leather seats and doesn't need a key to start the car. All in all I'm happy with my car.

- Rachel P

comfortable and economical to run and very reliable

great car always runs very well, low cost to maintain and very reliable, no problems just maintain, fuel and tyres

- carol d

It is a car that allows me to travel from point A to point B. Completely a utility vehicle and nothing more.

It is an old but reliable car. Good fuel economy even after so many years. But now it is starting to break down.

- Sam P

It won't ever break down on you out of nowhere if you take good care of it

Very reliable, easy to find parts. Drives well and never breaks down. Turning radius is really wide like a boat

- Jessica M

Well running car with some minor inconveniences

It leaked but it runs and drives smooth. I think the leak may have possibly been from the windshield or sunroof

- Bob B

It gets great mileage on the freeway, and it has a rather large tank

I really like how reliable the car is. The car has all the features that I really need. It's super comfortable.

- Lindsay R

That it runs pretty good and is good on gas. Good gas saver

It is a pretty good running car. Just old and a little bit too small for a guy like me. Really cramped spaced.

- Fredrick L

There is a fault in acceleration for high speeds when going on the freeway.

The vehicle is very reliable. It has lasted us a few years with minor faults. Very nice looking and runs well.

- Andrew D

That it is a dependable make, and this is a good model. It's good type of transportation.

It needs a new transmission and I don't have the money to have it fixed. Otherwise I like the make and model.

- Nancy L

It does have a very hard time starting in the heat

Reliable and affordable switch does tend to be replaced very often very efficient car for errands and stuff

- Alondra C

Oldie but a goodie - maybe time to upgrade

My car have been very reliable even though it is over ten years old. I have had minimal issues with the car.

- Linda N

I would recommend buyers who are looking for the most dependable vehicle to buy a Toyota camry

Affordable, reliable, dependable, good on gas, next car purchase will also be a Toyota camry. would recommend

- Matthew V

Good City Car Easy to Drive

Good car for city driving - easy on gas but has enough pick up to get around town. Big trunk and back seat.

- karyl g

Very reliable, comfortable and easy to drive. Visibility is a little limited but probably light years better than newer cars.

Has been very reliable on four cross country trips. Gets good mileage and is easy on tires. Been a good car.

- Fre B

Dependable, have only put two batteries in it.

Best car I ever owned, still has a lot of original parts, has 180, 000 miles on it and still running strong.

- Karen H

It is an all around quality car.

It runs great and quiet. Always reliable. Its too small need something bigger. It has great sound and comfy.

- Robert R

Smoothest running vehicle.

Like the smooth running and fabric interior and ac.. Dislike that it has no navigation or rear view camera.

- Jessica J




It is a Toyota, Camry what else can be I say.

Drives great and is nice and roomy. My parents had a Camry and my younger sister because there great cars.

- Jan B

It is comfortable and makes you feel safe to drive.

Comfortable good gas mileage has cold air. Truck does not open. Fits what I need. Easy maintenance. Heat.

- Sarah W

Good car for every day work commute.

It's great. Good gas mileage and roomy. The only problem I have is that it has a lag when you accelerate.

- Mag E

The reputation for reliability is justified

It's very reliable. We've had our Camry for a long time, but it's only had a few minor mechanical issues.

- Sam R

It lasts a long time. Good gas mileage.

I like it is durability and it is comfortable. I do not like how old it is, it is starting to wear down.

- Kiah W

It runs forever. Has a really good engine.

It is reliable. Great size to carry everything. Good fuel economy as I use it for work. But it is older.

- Rosie C

It is dependable and reliable

Toyota is the leader in quality cars. I also own a 2007 Toyota Camry with few to no problems to report.

- Mark R

the car is a great car it saves a lot of and gets you to point a to b

good economical car and great mileage and the parts are not expensive to buy and the car runs smoothly

- andy r

It is fun and safe to drive.

It is a good sized vehicle. It handles well and gets good gas mileage. It isn't expensive to maintain.

- Blithe J

It's a reliable vehicle and handles well in all weather.

It's very good on gas and comfortable to travel in. Repairs can get expensive is one thing I dislike.

- Megan M

That my car is very reliable!

I like how reliable my car is. I dislike the size of my car. I would prefer my next car to be smaller.


When they are well taken care of that last a long time.

I have never had a single issue with it. It runs great and air and heat work great. Great on gas too.

- Sherry N

Very reliable car. Gets us where we need to go!!!!

Very reliable. Needs repairs every now and then but what can you expect from a 2001 vehicle Love it

- Patricia W

My car does not use unleaded fuel.

It is a little run down. Some door handles are run down, but it is reliable. The car has some bumps.

- Pedro F

cost effective to run in all ways

It is great, good gas mileage, comfortable, responsive, reasonable to service and very reliable

- peter d

It gets me from place to place but is old so it requires a lot of maintenance. Starting to cost more than to keep it running than it's worth but it's free so.

It's old, not necessarily the most reliable, and that i would buy another one if i could.

- Katherine D

That it is very reliable and has good fuel economy

It's a pretty old car. It also has paint that is peeling. Not the most comfortable ride

- W N

It is reliable and have drove over 400 miles 3 or 4 different times no problem.

I like that it is reliable.i like that it is good on gas.i like that it is comfortable.

- Herbert D

I love my stereo, especially since it has bluetooth capability & I can listen to spotify on it

I love the gas mileage. I also love the size, lots of legroom. I also love the ride.

- Rachel H

It gets me where ever it is that I need to go safely and sufficiently.

I love my car, it has a large trunk, roomy back seat and gets good gas mileage

- Heidi B

dependable ride has good pick up

i have had no major issues with it. she is still spunky. she still looks good

- september B

The vehicle is very economical and cheap to insure

Vehicle is reliable. Vehicle is fuel efficient. Parts are relatively cheap

- Nicholas A

It's very reliable and dependable I haven't had any problems

I love everything about it still ride nice and smoothly with no problem yet

- Paulina P

My car is kind of a silver color and the LE model of its year. It's the first car I've ever owned, and it's quite a workhorse. I've put almost 100,000 miles on it in the four years I've owned it and barely had to put any money into it. I love it and I plan to buy another Camry whenever I finally have to retire this one. My favorite thing about it is probably it's amazing gas mileage. There's really nothing I can think of that i dislike about the car.

My car is an extremely reliable workhorse that absolutely refuses to stop.

- Brandon K

It is reliable and the upkeep is minimal. It also has great gas mileage.

Toyota is the most reliable vehicle manufactured today. I own two of them.

- Mark M

Does not give any problems.Works really well. Everything is in good working condition.

It runs very well. Very little maintenance. Features needs to be upgraded.

- Brian M

good gas mileage, operates well easy to take care of

start to break down falling apart strange noises can still operate well

- melodie L

I like it i trust the brand and name Toyota is a renowned company

love the color, drive and smoothness Heavy duty Tolerates all weathers

- sweetie c

Good gas mileage. Cheap parts if one should fail. Is good for the environment

Gets good gas mileage. I like that it is compact.It is good small car

- david b




That it is a convenient and dependable car you can rely on for a long time.

My car lasts a long time. It is very dependable. It has a smooth ride.

- M H

It's a very Reliable car with decent gas mileage

It's reliable but I wish I had ABS & a trunk button on the key fob.

- Karen S

It does the job and gets you were you need to be

Very dependable easy on gas easy to maintain good in bad weather

- Michael K

Excellent every day car! for anyone!

It's a good car. It runs well, does what it has to! No problems!

- Colleen K

Oil leak that never goes away even after I put a new engine in it still has the same problem

Like that it works but hate the upkeep. Engine has a oil leak.

- Sydney S

would like a new one that would have aGPS

has been a great car. little repairs needed all these years

- mary P

Good on gas. It's a four door and it's comfortable

It's a Toyota and it's good on gas and extremely reliable

- Shane B

I like the style of the car. I also like how much room you have. I like the fact it has a long life

It has low miles and will last for several more years.

- Amy P

It may not be pretty, but it lasts a long time and is very reliable.

It runs really well and requires minimal maintenance.

- mjl m

The Toyota Camry is a very efficient and dependable car

Good gas mileage. Wish it wasn't so low to the ground

- Beverly P

I love that it is gas efficient and easy to handle and park. I dislike how old it is due to rust and maintenance/work needed often. Though I do like that it is easy to work on and the parts needed are reasonably cheap compared to other vehicles.

It is great on gas mileage. Needs work done though.

- Elyssa H

It could get me from one point to another

There are no complaints with the current car.

- tae t

Some door handles are broken.

I like that It's small, but It's worn down

- Pedro A

It works. It works. It works

It has a lot of miles, but it drives well.

- Dylan f

- Summer B

Anything breaks it is not too expensive to fix on, very reliable car,

- Christian N