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The Toyota Camry is a reliable car that I would highly recommend to anyone.

My Toyota Camry is amazing. The only problem that I had with it, that was not self-made, was my car started to speed up to 10-15 mph without me touching the gas. It was a hefty cost to fix it, but since then there has not been any problems with it. The interior is all fabric, but that might be due to the year is was made (2004) so it is a little outdated, but that is just my opinion, not a problem with the car itself. The gas tank it great. It holds between 15-16 gallons, but if I drive it consistently through the city and highway, I only have to refill the tank about once every 2 weeks. There are not a whole lot of technology features, once again it was made in 2004, but for the time that it was made, it was up to date. There is a CD player, cassette tape, and a classic radio that has am and FM, while I am also able to preset 12 stations for my radio. The 2 front seats are automatic in setting the comfort and the position of the seats. The driver seat also has a function to provide more or less lumbar support. The driver side is able to control all 4 windows, however only the driver side is automatic and only on the way down. It can get a little annoying, but again that is just my preference. There is also a/c and heat, which I have not had any problems with in the 5 years I have had the car, and none of the previous owners has had any major problems with the car.

- Leah H

Sporty looking car while still on a budget.

My car supposedly had the sport package. All this means is it has sporty rims and the most expensive low profile tires. The body of the car does look good, but am not sure the wheels, rims and tires are work the extra thousands. It had the Toyota guard package included. However shortly after owning the car the paint chipped off with road debris. It also came off and bubbles up after lovebug season the very first year. It was hard to remove the bugs it was like the paint basically allowed their acid to just “melt” it away. The comfort of the car is nice. The diver seat has lumbar support that can be adjusted. It came with electric windows, electric moving drivers seat and a sun roof. The overall look and function of the car is superb. It has held up to being driven almost 200,000 miles with very little maintenance. The gas mileage is quite low for in town and there’s only a couple of miles difference for highway. It definitely has not met the advertised miles per gallon.

- Jenny C

Toyota Camry is an extremely dependable car!

I have had very few problems with this vehicle. It has been reliable for many years. The only issue I have had with it is the battery dying more often than I think it should. I have replaced the battery 2 times in the past 8 years. Aside from that, it is very comfortable. I have had a variety of different car seats in the back seat and all have fit well. I especially like the seat belt strap attachment that make it able to move down for a shorter individual. I also really like the seat warmer function in the front seat. Sometimes it enables me to keep from using the heat.

- Mel B

A Comfortable, Affordable, Drive

This car is very comfortable; there's leg room and comfy seating for four of the seats, and the AC works fairly quickly and thoroughly. Long trips with five people can get very uncomfortable for the person in the middle in the back, though, due to how cramped it is. The raised floor exacerbates the problem. Another thing to be aware of is how it handles turning. It cannot make narrow turns; you need a lot of clearance compared to other cars. It can't make u-turns in narrower roads; you'll have to do a three-pointer. And when parking, you have to start further away.

- Lucianna R

My car is everything I could afford to get in a car.

My vehicle always starts, has plenty of room, handles well in bad weather, has many features I care about having in a vehicle that come with buying a used car. These features would be cruise control, overdrive, front wheel drive, a good heater and air conditioner, a good stereo system. One thing I would change is that the electronic locks no longer work %100. The other thing I would have wanted but could probably not have afforded anyway was four wheel or all wheel drive. Otherwise I am very happy with my used car purchase of a 2004 Toyota Camry le sedan.

- Jeremy D

The Toyota Camry is a very good car it is luxury if you get it fully loaded.

I really like my 2004 Toyota Camry it rise very well the control of the car is very good it is a very good vehicle. I love this vehicle because it can fit all for my children it is good on the expressway I can fit all of my groceries in the car when it has a oil change and rides beautifully. This is a really good family car it is a good car that can take a lot of miles you can have this car for a long time and there is not a lot of things that will go wrong with the car as long as you keep it maintenance.

- Dana B

Twenty miles/gallon and with gas prices at over 3$/gallon it goes pretty far.

My Camry was bought used with 145, 000 miles on it. There are very few issues with the car, with good gas mileage and fast working heater. There is also a very large trunk space. An issue I have is the headlights are very dim. They hardly light up the road in front of me which makes driving at night dangerous. I can turn the brights on, but that is inconvenient to other drivers. Another small issue is the dash lights. When I need an oil change the light reads "maintenance required" which is misleading.

- Brittany G

2004 Toyota Camry v6--14 years later.

I bought the car used about 2 years ago, and the for the most part it was relatively new. I liked the interior, and the size was what I was looking for. Something I noticed late on though is how when I sometimes accelerate I'll feel a "kick". I believe this is from the gears changing. It is not all the time, but it is a bit uncomfortable and scary when it happens. Otherwise the acceleration is good on this v6, and I feel like it is a reliable car. It is 14 years old, but it feels like it'll last 20.

- Danielle W

It is a very low maintenance vehicle. It is very reliable and can always be counted on to deliver you to tour destination.

Have had very little trouble with car. Has had to replace the timing chain and replace a starter. It is a very comfortable riding vehicle, with the ride resembling a much more expensive car. The gas mileage has always been good. It originally got 32 miles per gallon and currently gets 26 miles per gallon. The car currently has 190,000 miles. Excellent car! Would definitely buy another Toyota product. The pain is beginning to fade, but I have no garage or carport to protect it from the sun.

- Charles C

My Toyota Camry 04, a grandma mobile that works.

The Toyota Camry 04 is perfect. However, after a handful of years of driving, parts from the car were falling off while driving and the brakes completely failed. It costed almost 800 dollars to fix, awful. But other than that it drives smoothly and gets me to where I need to go. I have traveled a lot with it. It is been much more of a help than a problem. And the mileage is great. I owned a Ford Taurus in the past, the Camry surpasses it and has lasted for longer by a long shot so far.

- Richard H

Review of a 2004 Toyota Camry.

My Camry seems to be a very reliable car. It was bought used and I have never had any breakdowns or major repairs. It has around 117000 miles on it and runs very good. It does not use a lot of oil. It needs the regular maintenance that all cars do like oil changes, brakes and tune ups. The only thing that has ever broken on the car is the fan for the ac/heater. It only works without a thumping noise on the first setting. I think it is off balance and is too expensive for me to fix.

- Stephen K

The best vehicle I have had.

My vehicle is very reliable; has almost 200, 000 miles and still runs well although it is definitely coming to its end. It drives very smoothly and the steering is also very smooth. The gas mileage is very good, I drive back and forth about 80 miles each way often and only have to fill up once usually for a 160 mile trip. The gas tank is very big. Car also has a sunroof which is another asset. Replaced the radio with my own due to no AUX cord in the original radio which was a con.

- Kayla K

Most important thing about my car is how great is runs and the low mileage.

My vehicle runs smoothly and just perfect for me and my children. It has leather interior seating and is quite spacious. It has a cassette player which I was excited about and also a CD player. The trunk is huge, which calls for enough room to store my groceries on the weekends. My vehicle has a sunroof that is automatic, along with automatic seating as well. I love my car and I am glad that I bought it used because it is worth what I paid for it.

- Stephanie C

The reliable Toyota Camry.

It's a very reliable car. Bought second hand with 170,000 miles and as of fall 2018, has 228,000. Since owning it, its been driven through multiple states and all kinds of weather and has performed great. The only issue we've had is the starter going out, but that was a quick fix at the local shop. We are definitely looking to buy another Camry when this one eventually gives out completely, but that does not seem to be happening any time soon.

- Alexandra D

Great, dependable vehicle!

This car has been very dependable and reliable, for a means of personal transportation. It is a very comfortable ride and is pleasant for long distance trips. My car has about 250k mi, and still runs smoothly. It is very old, so I have had to replace batteries, the alternator, struts, etc. Normal maintenance regularly will keep it running, though. It is a very good car and I plan on getting a new model, once this one is retired for good.

- Brittany T

My Toyota Camry 2004 is a reliable and pleasant car.

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry, and I bought it used. It have been very reliable for me, it had never broken down or even failed to start. I found that the gas tank seems quite large, which is great for long trips. The ride is pretty smooth and the engine has very little noise, but enough power to satisfy your normal driver I think. I keep mine waxed and washed, and it looks pretty good, not a modern design, but it still holds up.

- William L

2004 Toyota Camry mom boss car.

Great running car. Has lasted me for quite a while. I haven't noticed any engine problems and it is fairly easy to work on. Rides very smoothly and it is easy to drive. Compact but leaves plenty of room for passengers. The car came with standard CD player radio and cigarette ashtrays which is a nice thought for smokers in the family. Plenty of trunk space for big grocery hauls and great gas mileage. Overall a very good car.

- Elizabeth S

Satisfied customer consider Toyota if you are looking for a reliable used car.

My Toyota has been problem free with regular maintenance. It is comfortable to drive and has plenty of room. The back seats fold down and we can get a 8 foot piece of wood from Lowes in it with no problem. My car can be started from inside the house on cold or hot days so that it is comfortable when entering. It is silver and the paint has held up well. This is my second Toyota and I find them to be well made and reliable.

- Judith L

Toyota Camry 2004 is the best.

When driving a Toyota Camry, it is very smooth. This is one of the most comfortable cars I love and is easy to maintain. It is affordable and there has not been major issues. I have had this car since 2004 and it is been in good shape ever since. The inside of the car is a little bit smaller than I would prefer but it is still nice. Since it is a 2004 Camry, there is no Bluetooth. The engine is nice. Rides are smooth.

- Katie V

Camry xle is reliable and luxurious!

I have a Camry xle so I have luxury interior with leather seats and premium sound system. The car itself has run flawlessly since purchased. The only issue I have is the plastic engine cover on the bottom of the car is falling off. Otherwise she runs smooth and quiet. It gets about 23 miles to the gallon which is not terrible but could be better, but the tank is enormous so you do not have to stop for gas often.

- Patrice M

The car has lasted for more than 15 years and it is still operating.

The performance is not bad but I am having problems with the engine. It might be because this is an older car. There are a few times that the battery would die and I would need to get a jumper cable. This car is reliable enough to get me to where I need to go. When I got it checked I was told that the car shouldn't be driven long distances as it would be dangerous. It is a good car overall for its age.

- Kelly L

2004 Toyota Camry is a reliable vehicle.

I haven't really had many problems with my Toyota Camry. It is starting to get kind of old and adding some miles to it but it still runs as if it was brand new. I keep up with the maintenance on the vehicle, and things like changing the oil are extremely easy. A very reliable car, not very fast, and the 2004 is not very special but runs and works great. Really worth the money, if the price is right.

- Don L

Reliable for sure! 2004 Camry - keeps our family safe!

The reliability of the Camry is like none-other. At 249, 000 miles, I am just now having to replace small parts, i.e.. Oil cap & valves. The 2004 Camry is large and roomy with plenty of trunk space. The Camry gives more space for family vacations than the typical SUV. My family currently has six Camrys in the driveway. When my 2004 finally goes to car heaven, my next car will be another Camry!

- Jenny D

This car will run forever.

The car is really reliable. It was my sister in laws car before it was mine. We had to replace the battery and some things under the hood but overall it is a very good car. Has very cold ac and hot heat. The outside of the car has some dents and dings but it still runs really well. Although I do have to replace or fix the battery cables, everyone tells me that this car will run forever.

- Erin T

The Camry is reliable and gas saving perfect for a small family or personal use.

My Toyota Camry is an excellent vehicle. It is great with gas mileage, seeing as it is a four cylinder car. Thirty or forty dollars will fill up the tank all the way up. It is extremely reliable, and it has never had major car issues. It is important to get tinted windows from the agency, since my tinted windows were done in another shop and ended up too dark. Overall an excellent car.

- Samantha E

Camry for beginning drivers.

My Camry is the first car I ever owned and has done me justice 5 years later. I bought it used from a Toyota dealership and have never had any major issues. It was involved in a small crash about 2 years ago, but it held up very well and the fixes were cheap. It does not drive super fast and is definitely not a sports car, but is the best mode of transportation for beginning drivers.

- Isabelle C

Perks of ginger (name of my 2004 Toyota Camry).

I love my Toyota Camry because it's cute, low gas mileage, small (but not too small), and has a good trunk space. It's the second one I have owned. I love all the features like the storage between the front seats and the fully adjustable automated seats. The seats are comfortable with good back support, and I like the storage space for extra items to keep my front seat clean.

- Corinna S

Great mileage and lasts forever.

Now at 150,000 miles and still going well. No major problems and very good gas mileage. This is the first Toyota I have owed, but I would definitely purchase another one due to the reliability and cost of ownership being so great. The Camry is a nice size car and great for both in city and highway travel. It seats 4 comfortably and handles very well.

- Randy F

You have to manually lock the doors as they do not work anymore.

I like my vehicle as the drive is smooth, it has been low maintenance thus far, and the visibility is impeccable. On top of that, I enjoy the features that it has such as an awesome radio/aux cord and a sun roof. The only thing that I do not like about it is that the locks often jam and I have to climb through other doors but it is getting old.

- Clare T

It is durable and as long as you take care of it it will take of you. After 14 years I can still put my car on the road and go on a long trip with no problems. You gotta love it.

I love the comfort of the car, the reliability, safety and the fact if you take care of it it will take care of you. I love the older the care the better it is. I do not like the air condition system. You must get it just right for it to operate correct. It is hard to explain but the inside and outside must agree or your windows will fog up.

- Vera P

Super reliable and I'll stay with Toyota for the rest of my life.

My 2004 Toyota Camry is very high on mileage but is still going strong. These cars have the best lifespan of any car in my opinion. Very reliable, good on gas, smooth ride, and when you need to replace a part then it is super easy to find the parts you need and they will not be expensive like most other cars. Is very easy to work on also.

- Amanda M

Great car if you can avoid the design flaw.

Great car built really well but has some flaws. One of the flaws is the steering that causes the steering wheel to rattle when going straight. Another issue is certain models of this generation can get a blown head gasket due to a faulty issue that Toyota is aware of. If you're lucky enough not to get this design flaw it is a great car.

- David H

The vehicle works well and good.

The vehicle is fine, it was given as a gift and does what I need it to do. As it is old, will eventually need something new. I have had no problems with the vehicle except for normal wear and tear from using it as much as I do. The vehicle seems that it will last for as long as I need it to, where I will then purchase something else.

- Jesse S

2004 Toyota with sunroof and electric windows.

It is a 2004 Toyota, it has under fifty thousand miles on it. The car was bought used, but in good condition. The Toyota currently has a broken water pump, which has a leak and needs water put into the car manually before it is driven every time. As well it has a few dents, one on the left bumper and the other on the front fender.

- Doris R

It has high miles but we have not had any issues with it since we bought it over a year ago. We use it as our family car. Toyota got this car right.

We bought this wonderful car used. It has well over 150,000 miles on it and it still runs like it is new. It is comfortable, roomy and fits my family of 4 very easily. The trunk is spacious. We have not had any major mechanical issues, we change the oil and take care of regular maintenance. I will keep this car as long as I can.

- Lucie B

Clean Toyota Camry great family car.

Very reliable car. Has only been used to go to and from work really, but has had no serious problems. Although it is older, the model looks very nice and clean. It has a sunroof which is super nice when the weather is nice outside. Overall a are very happy with this car and think it will continue to last for a very long time.

- Hannah F

Classy and sleek reliable and runs great.

I bought my car used and it has over 100, 000 miles and I still a reliable car. The ac works great and the gas mileage is even better. It has power electric windows that still work for the car being over ten years old. I keep doing cosmetic work on it to make it look more updated and plan on having this car for along time.

- J P

I love the comfort of it and the user friendly interior.

I have never had any horrible problems worth my vehicle and the interior is fantastic. I can count on it to drive through rain, snow, dirt and anything in between. However, during colder seasons the front doors will not open and the hubcaps fall off often which is something that I hear is common from other Camry owners.

- Clare T

Reliable and dependable car.

The Toyota Camry is a very comfortable riding car. No blind spots in this car. The use of all mirrors make the drive easy. This vehicle is dependable and reliable. I have driven this car across the country a few times, with no automobile breakdowns. After 14 years we plan on keeping this car around for another 10 years.

- Sheri S

A reliable car for the long haul that gets great gas mileage.

My Camry has been extremely reliable. It's comfortable for longer trips and gets great gas mileage during my daily commute. As it has aged I've had problems with parts - engine mounts, steering problems, etc. The engine has remained solid, though, and after I trade it in I'm sure someone else will drive it for a while!

- Victoria W

A good car with low maintenance.

My car is very reliable and low maintenance. My car has plenty of space for comfort and also lots of truck space for traveling and shopping. No major issues with maintenance. I have replace things for normal wear and tear. I replaced tires, windshield wipers, belts, batteries, fuses, brakes, the starter, and alternator.

- Melissa D

2004 Toyota Camry review: pros and cons.

It is a good car that has good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive and easy to handle. The interior is comfortable and roomy. The different functions are well placed and easy to use while driving. One con is that the sound system does not have aux capability but does have an FM/AM radio, CD player and tape player.

- Lee M

All around excellent vehicle.

My Camry has been a great car that is very reliable and comfortable. My car has over 270,000 miles and is still going strong. It gets great gas mileage and rarely needs to be in the shop. It is been a great commuter car and a great family car. I highly recommend Camrys to people looking for a solid and reliable car.

- Jill M

Toyota Camry runs non stop as long as you keep the oil changed.

My vehicle is a 2004 Toyota Camry. I love my car because it has been very reliable for me as I drive around a lot. I have had to buy a new battery for it once but I think that is only because the battery hadn't been changed for a long time since before I bought it. Other than that everything has been fine thus far.

- Katie C

I love my Camry, and these are a few of my favorite features!

I love my Camry! She gets great gas mileage and has been an amazing daily driver for me for almost a year! The only problem I have had was remembering to change the oil in her, but that is due to me own memory problems ! Over all, super good vehicle and it also has lots of room! Car seats fit nicely in the back!

- Sierra C

My vehicle is charcoal gray on the outside with leather interior design.

It really is a great and reliable car! My only problems have been tire issues, but that is with any car. Recently, it has started to make a really obnoxious sound that I have never heard before, so I need to go get that checked out. It has taken me around the u. S., and it is an overall great and reliable car!

- Bob T

Good condition. Drives great. Not to many dint or dings.

Mileage is getting up there. Engine light is always on. Nothing really wrong with it. My vehicle has not many dents except one were I was backed into and it caused a hole in the hood, no damage to the engine or anything. A few scratches here and there. Other than that drives fine, wheels are in good condition.

- Hannah H

Great reliable car, great on gas.

I was told these cars go forever. I only had 200, 000 miles on mine before the transmission and motor went out. Other than that it was a great car. Cloth interior held up great. Paint on hood was chipping due to weather. Never had any major problems with it until transmission and it is quite expensive to fix.

- Tiffany W

Toyota is reliable but unsexy.

Very reliable, good gas mileage. Old enough that it's not a target for thieves. Comfortable and roomy, good storage. Miss updates like rearview camera that are on newer cars. Good, sturdy, dependable car. Paid for so no monthly car payment. Would buy this model again as a preowned car when the time comes.

- Veronica S

that's it's easy to maintain and as long as you do so it will never let you down.

I dislike nothing about it really. I've had it for years, it's completely paid off and it's easy to maintain. It's got some scrapes and dents, but is extremely reliable. I plan to keep it for as long as I can, and when the time comes that I absolutely have to replace it I want another one just like it.

- Val G

It's a car that is absolutely built to last. When cared for properly, it's the most reliable car I can imagine.

Even though it's old, it runs like a tank. With proper maintenance, it'll take running this car into the ground to get rid of it. It doesn't have any modern features, though, like an audio jack or back up cameras. It does its job for sure, but after driving more modern cars I get wistful about upgrading.

- Caroline F

Toyota Camry 2004: timeless.

Vehicle is practical and economic. Extremely reliable. Never had any major problems. Only keep up with regular maintenance. As a female w/ limited knowledge of cars I need something that I can feel safe in especially when driving long distance. Its a 2004 so it's a little dated but runs extremely well.

- Eve M

Most reliable vehicle I have owned.

I have had the car for 7 years and I have only had to repair it twice (gearbox, ac unit) other than that it has been great and I have had no issues. It is very reliable in any situation, I have driven the car through snow and dessert and long distances and have never felt that I would have problems.

- Trevor G

My old Toyota Camry as told by it is second owner.

The Toyota is very reliable - small rattles etc., but not surprising for 150, 000 miles. Good power for passing and everything on the car works. Gas mileage is around 20 miles per gallon and I drive about 300 to 350 miles every week. It is painted white which is rough living in the country as I do.

- Randy S

Toyota Camry keeps on ticking 100+ miles.

My Camry has been relatively trouble free for the past 14 years. Great value in a car. In addition to regular oil changes, I have had to replace the tires, replace the struts and shocks, & replace the motor mounts. No big huge repair bills. This the reason Toyotas are so trusted and run forever.

- Leslie J

It's a very sturdy car not but fancy! Very liked features.

General. It will not charge anything once the car is turned off, it is small, radio breaks easy you'll have to replace, takes a while for the lights to cut off on it is own. Really hard to balance the tires so it does not shake at 70 mph. Great on gas and super durable. The comfort is average.

- Austin S

Toyota Camry 2004 50k miles.

Good reliable vehicle for commuting and traveling long distances have driven to New York from Virginia several times have not break down as of yet has 97 k now purchase second hand from old gentleman in Long Island New York and had it since September 2015 original miles when I bought it 50 k.

- Victor C

Great car for longevity, not the best interior.

The Toyota Camry is an extremely reliable car that offers a solution for low maintenance and longevity in it is build. My car is well over 100k and still holding like a champ. The one area I really dislike is the interior, which is the one part of vehicle that has not stood the test of time.

- Matthew A

Reliability, not awesomeness.

This is a reliable vehicle which has not had repeat mechanical issues or recurring problems. The car's road handling is a bit soft, does not take turns as precisely as other cars. Its engine lacks some quick pickup. The noise in the car (hearing road noise) makes it difficult to hear radio.

- Lori S

2004 Toyota Camry: highly recommended.

Very reliable, and safe. This car has very few problems considering how old it is. This car is rather luxurious given it is a 2004. There are quite a few features that I love having such as heated seats, automatic windows, and good air conditioner. This car also gets very good gas mileage.

- Jack E

It is a 4 door sedan, red, roomy interior, great on gas.

I don't really have to many complaints. The ac does not work that well at the moment and in this south Florida heat it gets kind of miserable. But aside from that it's a great car. Just needs regular maintenance: oil changes, tire rotation, air in the tires, deep clean the interior, etc.

- Savannah G

Reliable, . And seat room. My trunk is very large, standard spare tire.

When new my Toyota Camry 2004 was so quiet when running I barely heard it. I use to drive long miles, but today use only around town. It is comfortable and reliable and I bought it for the large trunk space. No major problems, now dealing with a flexpipe hole which needs to be repaired.

- Pamela H

Love my Camry! Only car I will ever buy.

Love it incredibly reliable and comfortable. The repairs it needs are always reasonable. When I use premium gas it handles like a brand new car. Most of the time gives me no trouble at all. It is the second car and the second Camry I have bought and I would want to buy a Camry again.

- Miriam D

That is makes a skrr sound if you try to accelerate too quickly and that you shouldn't drive it faster than 70 ever, even 60 is questionable.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and has held up over time, it doesn't look bad and it has more storage space than one would think, but I don't like that it needs a lot of maintenance at this point what with the brake pads being worn down and the check engine light coming on a lot.

- Sam A

It is reliable & looks good.

I haven't had many issues with my vehicle since I purchased it in 2006. It has been reliable and has never had any major issues. I have spent only about $800 on repairs to the engine & the car is 15 years old now. I do regular upkeep on it so it had definitely been very reliable.

- Michelle M

Safe car that gets great gas mileage!

I love my car because it is comfortable and gets great gas mileage. It also has a tape and CD player, although I wish it had a port for my phone or iPod. It also has a large trunk which is helpful on trips. The seats are very comfortable. It is very easy to clean, inside and out.

- Mary P

Smooth ride. Mechanic said engine looks great & well take care of.

Car miles 224,300 already. Keep change oil every 3,000 miles. Still smooth drive & ride. Replaced tires, muffler, brakes, wipers, lights, front window due chips. Trunk is roomy. Loathe it locked out too fast. Inside carpet & mats worn out. Passenger seat belt will not close.

- Beth A

My car is a Toyota Camry le that has been a great investment.

I love Toyota because it is a well made car and has been really good for me. Keep up the oil changes, etc. And it will be good for you. We have taken many trips in this car and it always performed very well. I have the oil changed and do whatever general maintenance it needs.

- Norma T

Amazing timeless car - Toyota reliability!

I love my Camry. It has been reliable for about 15 years. I have never had an issue with it, and feel like the look of the car has continued to stay modern. I have no resistance going 80-90 mph on the freeway, ac works amazing. It is a great car and I'd highly recommend it.

- Tammy T

The special edition Camry is dependable and has a stock Bose stereo system.

Car is reliable for the most part. Rarely has issues. But, like my first Camry (1990) it did have an issue that took several visits to various mechanics to diagnose and fix. Overall great commuter car. Very dependable and good gas mileage. I would buy a newer Camry as well.

- Carl H

Very reliable car and it is very smooth ride.

I just got this car actually today used and I really love it. There is no problems with the car so far but I have an inspection coming up in may so we will find out if anything is wrong soon. It handles very well and the steering is very tight and the ride is smooth also.

- Corey R

Save gas, car seats control with buttons.

It has over 220, 000 miles & runs smooth like new! It has no problem except buy new tires, wipers, & other small parts replaced as brakes, bulbs, new batteries. Keep oil change every 3 months or over 3000 miles. Tires rotate. Drove to Chicago from Detroit in couple times.

- Beth Ann A

Great Toyota 2004 car love it, would buy another one.

I love my Toyota, I bought a least car, and really haven't had any big problems, normal wear on the tires, new battery. Front wheel drive and very good in snow. Most people cannot believe its a 2004 car. Very good on gas. Very smooth riding car. Would buy another Toyota.

- Marianne M

One nice thing about the car is that the carpet is very easy to clean up.

Other than general maintenance on the car I have never had to put much into the car. The gas mileage is great and it has been very reliable. I have had this car for 12 years and it has never given me any trouble. I would recommend this car for new drivers or families.

- Christy V

Toyota cars is very dependable!

Toyota rides smoothly. No major problems lately just keeping regular maintenance with oil change and other basic maintenance. This car can go for high mileages. The interior of the car is very spacious. The seats are very comfortable and soft material on the seats..

- Darlene H

2005 Toyota Camry: a great ride.

The age of the car is a downside because it can breakdown more but overall, it is a great car. The seats are comfortable. The air conditioning and heating work well. The radio works but is a bit outdated now. There’s a lot of truck space. It gets good gas mileage.

- Rose S

Extremely reliable vehicle.

Over 240, 000 miles and it has always been extremely reliable and maintenance costs are not overwhelming. I have always found the ride to be fairly smooth. It may not be a luxury vehicle but I would buy another in a heartbeat based on how reliable the car has been.

- Kimberly B

It is a sturdy car and will be there when you need it.

I love my car. It is 14 years old and works very well. It does not have all the features Like new cars but it will get you where you need to go and it is the best road car for long distance trips. It has not had a lot of maintenance problems. It is a very good car.

- Vera J

My vehicle is great but I feel like it is too wide and it breaks too slow. It bothers me sometimes because I get too close to cars. This is an issue because it gets difficult to park at certain places but I am not the best driver or I do not park that well either.

- Lovely Y

Camry's are long lasting!

It has lasted over 10 years with very limited maintenance. I have only had to get one new battery and other maintenance has been minimal such as oil changes. Car runs very smoothly. Because it is older, it does make some noise while running but not extremely loud.

- Ann H

This car is comfortable, reliable, and good for short and long distance trips.

My vehicle is compact, yet has a lot of room inside. I can comfortably fit five people in my car without any problems, and this car is great for long distance driving. The air conditioning works great here in the desert. This car also is easy to fix in the shop.

- Alexis T

Safe, reliable and efficient.

My car is reliable and fuel efficient, which makes the commute to work easy. It also has great features like Bluetooth that increase safety. I have been driving this car for over a year and never had any issues with it, even on road trips and in the winter.

- Anna D

Great car for the money and seems like it will run forever.

Haven't had any problems with this car. It runs great and gets awesome gas mileage. It is also very comfortable and drives smooth. The trunk space is enormous and is very easy for traveling. It also has a nice kick to it like a sports car without being one.

- Jennifer S

It is dependable. It always starts in all weather.

Dependable, smooth ride, comfortable seating, turns easily, low maintenance. Others comment on how clean it is and how good it looks. The gas mileage is fairly good. I do not like the gas cap as it is, for me, hard to get off and difficult to get back on.

- Nancy B

My car has 206,000 miles and I continue to drive it because I do not want to purchase a new one until I absolutely need to or when repairs cost more than it is worth on such an old vehicle.

I like that my car has been very reliable for the last 14 years. I am preparing to buy a new one, but will just keep driving this one until I can't. My only complaint is that it does not have the features found in newer cars like bluetooth connectivity.

- Jacques D

It is reliable and efficient. It is also environmentally more friendly than other cars if that is important to the consumer

I like that it is old but still works really well. I don't know much about cars but it gets me where I need to go safely. I wish the suspension was a little less bumpy but it is an old car and I've hit the curb a couple of times so that's probably why.

- Devni G

It's the perfect car to have.

It's a good car. Runs perfectly with the way it accelerates and handles inclines. Lots of power to get up a hill without losing power. It has a comfortable ride and gets me wherever I need to go. My only complaint is that it's not brand new anymore.

- Melissa A

It will not break down as long as you check your oil and timing belts.

The 2004 Toyota Camry is the most consistent car you can buy. Never have to worry about it breaking down because the shelf life of this car is near forever. I enjoy the pick up for a small car and the gas efficiency. It is really a terrific car.

- Liam W

It is not a sports car and should be taken care of accordingly.

It has held up very nicely thus far. I have had a few problems with oil leaks but other than that it is a great family car! I have driven it to Colorado from Minnesota and back twice now with to problems and it still drives like new. Love it!

- Trinity K

The gas mileage is fantastic. I run around town and go on short day trips constantly and I fill up once or twice a month.

I like that my car gets great gas mileage. I only have to fill up once or twice a month. It is great for long trips, and I love traveling. However, I hike a lot and sometimes my car cannot handle the terrain required to get to a trailhead.

- Becca S

It runs really well and doesn't have a lot of miles on it for being an older car.

I wish there weren't dents on the side when I bought it. I also wish that the tape adaptor would work so I could listen to music from my phone. I also wish there weren't a couple little black stains inside from whoever presumably had it last.

- Heather C

The car can run even if the engine has several miles on it.

I love the engine, the radio signal and how it doesn't heat up often. I dislike the seats they are very uncomfortable, i dislike the suspension system, and brake system. The only complaint that i have is that the break is not the smoothest.

- Juan L

This car handles well, is big enough to be save and drive in bad weather, but not too big to feel difficult to handle.

The seats and controls are comfortable and make long trips easier. The gas mileage is better than most cars. However, I have had plenty of expensive maintenance bills. I just crossed 150,000 miles and the car is still going strong.

- Brad L

It is a Camry, a well build car, very quiet driving.

good gas mileage as V6 vehicle. mostly trouble free. sometimes phone connectivity issues. So far I just do the regularly maintenance as recommended. No repaired yet. The tires came with the new car are not very good quality.

- Yau Y

This vehicle is economic car, saving gas.

I drive it many years. It runs very good, no noise, very smooth. Just left head bulb out of work now, I have to change it soon. This car is really economic car, I drive it to my company and go shopping, really saving gas.

- Sel Q

It goes and last for long time if maintenance regularly. Craigslist runs forever

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry le 4 cylinder with a Manual transmission. It is a good and reliable car getting me everywhere from work to running errands all over town. It is a pretty smooth car and pretty strong for a sedan

- Kevin T

Toyota's do last a very long time. My car is 14 years old, and has 183,000 miles on it, and will likely run for years to come.

My vehicle is adaptable, however, there is an issue with the steering that no one can figure out. They claim it's due to a sports package. Also, the suspension on the vehicle isn't great, despite having been replaced.

- Lacie T

Experience of Austin's Camry

My Camry has been in my life for about 5 years. In that time I've driven 100,000 miles in it. It is a reliable and sturdy car. Interior ceiling upholstery beginning to detach from riding with the windows down, i think.

- Austin M

Low maintenance problems.

A older vehicle that still looks good and runs great. I keep up the maintenance, so I am rewarded with a car that gives me minimum problems. If I am ever able to afford a new car I will probably buy the same brand.

- Norma a

Has a lot of miles but still runs well. Toyotas are built to last and they do!

Dislike--it has a lot of miles on it (about 280, 000). Like--despite the high mileage, it time really well. I have owned it for over two years and never had a major repair. Runs smoothly, pretty good power, good a/c.

- Spencer H

It gets good gas mileage and it is a very safe and attractive car. Mercedes is gr.

It gets good mileage it runs. It may not be the best car, but it is reliable. It does not have any of the new fancy stuff like Bluetooth for music and i'd like to have better speakers, but on the road it is great.

- Jacob H

If you regularly maintain it, it will run for a long time. You might get an expensive repair, but that repair if often cheaper than a new car. For instance, I just paid $2,000 for a repair. The car isn't worth $2,000 but the repair will keep it road worthy for at least another two years, which is cheaper than a car payment!

I like that it is built well and will generally last me to 200,000 miles. I wish the trunk didn't have that rounded lip however since it makes it difficult to get some items in. I love that it has 4 full doors.

- Amanda B

My car is reliable and has a smooth drive and gets good gas mileage

My vehicle is reliable and hasn't broken down. It has driven me to and from school on breaks (which is a 5 hour drive). It gets fairly good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive in for long periods of time.

- Gabby L

It is extremely reliable and lasts forever.

This car has been through everything and keeps chugging along. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it and other then changing the oil, tires, and regular maintenance, I have never had an issue with the vehicle.

- Matthew B

I think it would be the dependability. I really, think Toyota makes a great car. I get good gas mileage, as well.

This my first Toyota and I am, more than willing, to buy another, at some point in the future. I would like to see if Toyota has an upgrade for the stereo system and/or A/C... but, these a trivial things.

- Greg K

It is built to last. It will still run great after 25 years.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and is reliable. I never have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road. I would only wish for luxuries like keyless entry and Bluetooth compatibility.

- Jasmine R

my car has been through a lot and It's still going strong

my toyota camry is white, i enjoy it very much it was a gift from my grandmother. everything about it is awesome except my notification lights turn on randomly even if there is no issue with the car

- lucas n

It does not have state of the art technology in it.

I like the fact that it can get me to where I need to go. I dislike that it does not have GPS. I also dislike that it does not have anything that allows me to setup my smartphone safely in there.

- Arthur G

It is a v6 motor so it saves on gas.

And drives real nice smooth on the freeway good gas mileage a lot of room the back seat in the front big trunk all kinds of stuff in like a champ for over to 200, 000 has a fantastic stereo system.

- Steven H

Good and reliable car. Great space.

My car has been reliable for the majority of the time that I have owned it, Currently my car has an oil leak....the only other situation that I have is that the brakes are not great in heavy rain.

- Madi C

It's most definitely a family vehicle.

I do not have any problems with my car and if I did it's cheaper to fix than most cars, Toyotas are reliable and I definitely will be a lifetime buyer. It drives smooth and the interior is great.

- Lindsey E

That it is one of the best cars out there and is a very reliable means of transportation

I like the reliability and smooth ride. I like the good gas mileage. I also like the low maintenance costs, quality of the car, and the fact that I can count on it to get me where I want to go.

- Kent J

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's gives me great mileage on gas.

My Toyota Camry is a great car has good mileage and awesome on gas. I keep my oil change regularly so therefore my car lasts me. I've had my car for 3 years now and it's still great on the road.

- Dina C

Decent and Affordable Car

I love how well the car turns, and it has some decent get up and go power. I am not a fan of the outer appearance of the car. It is comfortable. I don't have any performance problems to mention.

- Alexa M

It's black on black everything is black about it

I've actually never had any problems with this vehicle I bought it from a friend of mine used it had 90,000 miles on it and it's still running good today and it's got a hundred 34000 miles on it

- Ruby C

Treat her with care and she will get you where you need to go.

She is a great vehicle. Runs smoothly except for the only issue she has. She fan get caught in gear sometimes so she will not accelerate. It's easy to fix and only happens once in a blue moon.

- Jordan G

Super reliable and well made vehicle.

Super reliable vehicle. Starts and runs well every day. It is my daily driver. Also very resistant to rust and corrosion. Live in New England and still no body or structural rust at all.

- Roger D

This has been a reliable, comfortable ride, especially in flat, low elevation areas. It seemed to struggle in higher elevation such as the Great Smoky Mountains.

I've been pretty satisfied with my car. It gets good gas mileage and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. My one complaint is about the battery. I seem to go through a lot of batteries.

- Vanessa K

It is 14 years old. It looks shabby. But it runs so well that we do not have a reason to replace it. The engine is still powerful. We don't feel it that old except the appearance.

So far so good. It runs so well that we do not have a reason to replace it although it is 14 years old. Of course we followed the guideline for maintenance. The engine is still powerful :)

- lynn z

That the car is very dependable.

Very dependable, good mileage, comfortable ride, my husband and i have had these cars since 2005, and we almost 300,000 miles on both cars, i cannot find anything to dislike about the car.

- Patricia J

To get it fix when need to be fixed.

I love my vehicle. Without it I wouldn't be able to get places I need to go. It has minor problems. And I am also living on a low budget. So it is kind of hard to get those problems fixed.

- Terri L

Love my Toyota couldn't ask for anything more.

I absolutely love my Toyota. Toyota's are cheap to maintain and very reliable. I have purchased other vehicles but always go back to Toyota. They are definitely worth their weight in gold.

- Lori W

The reliability of Toyotas.

I have had great experiences with every Toyota I have ever had. That are not only dependable but they run great even when you don't treat them the best. I highly suggest purchasing one.

- Megan M

It's lasted almost 15 years of city driving with few problems other than being hit by a snowplow.

Very reliable car, plenty of room for 4, few problems, only gave it a 4 star because it's hard to find in a parking lot because it looks like all the other cars, a bit dull looking.

- Carolyn H

I feel safe driving it. Can see much more sitting higher up.

I like the look, the way it rides, pretty for me. Color wise. No complaints so far. It rides smooth air works great, stereo fabulous. Mileage great. Price I bought it for fair deal.

- Deborah R

I love what you do for me...Toyota!!! That's it.

I love that Toyotas can last for a long time. Mine was purchased brand new in 2004 and aside from some minor work, it's still running. Absolutely love the brand. No complaints here.

- Sean S

It is white and a limited edition.

It's pretty much indestructible. It has a lot of miles but my car is reliable as all get out. I do not see any problems with it, it has the check engine light on always but oh well.

- Allison S

Toyota Camry is the best car on the road! Very roomy and very fast pick up.

My Toyota Camry is a 4 cylinder car but operates like a 6 or even an 8 cylinder. I just love the gas mileage. I can go 400 miles and still have a 1/4 tank of gas. It's fantastic!!

- Robert M

Very dependable and easy to care for.

Takes very low maintenance and upkeep. Does not need a lot of oil changes. Average gas mileage. No complaints, plan on keeping it a long time because of how easy it is to maintain.

- Chris T

Just keep up with regular maintenance including tire pressure check and that ie.

I have a Camry that has been a reliable commute vehicle. It really gets me to places on the weekend also. I really like the longevity because I get more than 150K+ miles thus far.

- Sze F

Excellent family car for large families!

My car is a great family car. Gets excellent gas mileage, smooth drive, roomy interior. My family of 5 fits comfortably. It will be a great car to teach my children how to drive.

- Kristen D

Great first car, bad in snow

My Camry is a good first vehicle for me to be driving. I enjoy it's small build which makes it easy to park. However, I struggle driving it in the snow even with snow tires on.

- Lila H

It is very dependable. I have never had problems with the engine or really any other part of the car, for that matter.

I really like the sound system in the vehicle. I really like the braking, but the acceleration is a little touchy at times. I also like how much space there is in the trunk.

- Jessica P

Great cafe for new drivers

This cafe was so reliable and durable in all conditions. It is great on gas. This car got me from point A to B. Exactly the type if vehicle I needed. This is a good first car

- Gianna L

It's reliable. No matter where you go

My car is the most reliable vehicle going around. I have yet to have any problems with it that'll put it off the road. However, it is getting old and therefore, out of style

- Bradley R

Reliable car that can go for 10 years plus!

Toyota cars run very long life. The main thing is to make sure oil changes are on schedule. Regular maintenance is a plus! Mileage is very good. My car is 14. Years old now.

- Darlene V

It is extremely dependable with regular maintenance.

The car is very reliable with no major mechanical issues. It is easy to drive and has no real problems on the road. I wish it was more stylish. Very good for the price.

- Daniel K

My car is affordable . Anybody can own a Toyota camry

I like my vehicle because i rarely have to fix it it is very solid. The oil change and other maintenance operation are affordable . And it doesn't consume too much fuel

- Laure O

It is reliable and affordable so I don't have worry about how to pay for it.

It is reliable and affordable. It is nicely maintained. my only complaint is that it recently started making a screeching noise and is embarrassing sometimes to drive.

- Jen F

That it is good on gas and that can last for a long time.

I love the fact that is a low mileage older car that is very good on mileage. Also, it is comfortable to drive and is attractive to look at. It has all that i want.

- Jason H

Others should remember that if they are in the market for an affordable used car, they should consider a Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry has lots of room and runs very well. It only has just over 100,000 miles on it. My mechanic said that if I maintain it well, it will last a long time.

- Mark A

An easy to use Simple starter car

It's pretty comfortable car. It's a smoother ride and there aren't that many problems with it. It's a great starter car and you can hook up Bluetooth to play music.

- Aspen W

They should know that it has been a trooper and still runs very well.

I like very much that it has been very low maintenance. It has run well and efficiently with no major issues for years. Not very pretty, but that's not important.

- MikeH H

It is safe and comfortable.

I like the gas mileage, comfort, and it is very dependable. I do not the foggy headlights, and it has a bumpy ride. Other than that, everything about it is great.

- Stuart W

2004 Toyota Camry can really go the extra mile

Long lasting vehicle that has good features that have truly stood a good number of years of wear and tear. With good maintenance the vehicle can be very reliable.

- Robert O

Toyota Camrys are extremely dependable vehicles! I love mine!

I have had my Camry since 2005 and the only major problem I have had is the water pump recently went out. This is my second Camry and I will always own a Toyota!

- Kim V

Good looking, reliable and affordable car.

Very reliable, good-looking car. Has 181,000 miles and still no major complications. Older or handicapped people may have difficulty getting into the back seat.

- Ryan C

The car is dependable and needs very little maintenance

The brand of car has always been is dependable and we owned several It gives you a smooth ride everytime The rear speakers on two of our cars cracked from heat

- Susan O

It is built to last a long time and be very dependable.

I love the comfort of my Camry as well as the dependability. I also love the sunroof and remote starter. My Camry is built to last and it certainly is lasting.

- Lorraine M

Camry is a fantastic car which most importantly is safe.

I do like my vehicle. It is reliable, gas efficient, and safe. This car gives me an ease of mind and I know I will be able to travel where I need to with it.

- Sam O

It's almost 15 years old, and has had no major issues.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. We bought it used when it was about 5 years old and have had no major issues with it, just standard wear and tear.

- Vickie H

It is a reliable, fuel-efficient, durable car that is well worth the price.

I have no complaints about this vehicle. It is quite, roomy, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. Also, it has required very little besides basic maintenance.

- Amy P

This is a sturdy, reliable, safe vehicle that will last you many years.

It's reliable, i love that it's low-tech and doesn't listen to me/have distracting touch screens. Easy maintenance, safe,sturdy, great size, comfortable.

- Aux B

It only has 56,000 miles.

My vehicle is easy to drive and reliable. The gas mileage is excellent. The air conditioner runs perfectly even though the car is about 14 years old.

- Holland R

It is reliable and consistent. It is safe. It is cost efficient.

Car is reliable with rare mechanical malfunctions. It gets good gas mileage for daily use at work and school. Easy to find mechanics when necessary.

- John S

It gets good gas mileage. It has a comfortable ride. As long as you take care of the Camry it will take care of you.

I bought the Camry used. It had 25000 miles on it, it now has 175000 and still rides the same. If I have to buy another vehicle it will be a Toyota.

- Janice M

Take care of your car and it will definitely take care of you

Just normal wear and tear on a 14 year old vehicle. needs new paint job. needs freon for air conditioning, needs a flex pipe for the muffler as well

- Alfred H

A roomie, reliable car, you should buy one!

The interior of my car is roomy. The gas mileage is decent. It is reliable. On the negative side, my automatic windows have experience some trouble.

- Peggy N

Reliable, very functional

My Toyota Camry had 20,000 miles on it before I purchased it used. It has weathered 40,000 more miles since and protected me in a car crash or two.

- Paige B

Fully Loaded with leather seats!

4 door fully loaded. Love it great on gas, roomy, and drives,super smooth. The heated seats in the winter are awesome and a sunroof for the summer

- Heather R

Dependable Toyota Camry --owned for a long time; expect more good years!

My Toyota Camry is a reliable vehicle (mostly just regular maintenance), comfortable to ride in, reasonably responsive, satisfactory gas mileage.

- Sallie A

it functions and has 6v motor. Also, it has pinstripes and had good paint color (gold)

I love the vehicle but it has confusing lights that you have to remember to turn off. Also, my trunk lever does not work. Got to use key button.

- Timothy B

It is dependable and has never left me broken down.

The reliability and gas mileage. The safety of it and the dependability. I know if I take care of car it will run. The interior could be better.

- Andre B

That it runs! it has 250 plus thousand miles on it and still runs great so I like it.

I love the gas mileage on the vehicle. It does make me irritated that the AC doesn't blow very cold. Also I wish the car had more horsepower.

- Jordan B

The gas mileage is great for long and short distances.

The car gets good gas mileage, great mid size car. Has a large truck to put cargo in. Good lasting car. I really do not have any complaints.

- Deborah B

The car is very durable and reliable and still running great all these years.

The car has been very reliable and dependable. As long as you keep up with the maintenance the car will run in good and excellent condition.

- luis a

It's a used vehicle, but it's reliable, it isn't fancy like modern cars, but it runs well.

It drives really well, and is reliable for an older car. It has a place to charge your phone as well as buttons to lower or raise the seats.

- Alisa D

Beautiful car and wouldn't change it for anything else.

I love my car very much great on mileage and gas takes $40 to fill up my tank. a lot of space for my kids and a huge stroller in the trunk.

- Kelsey C

Comfortable and reliable car.

It is an old car with 200, 000 miles. No fancy features, but comfortable and very dependable. Low cost of ownership, and good gas mileage.

- Nathan G

That it is very dependable.The car only had basic maintenance done.

I like my vehicle because it is very dependable. Mechanically, I've not had any issues with this vehicle since I purchased it brand new.

- Mei C

Love my Camry. Love Toyota.

My Camry is a fantastic car that has given the means to get from one side on the country to the other multiple times. Reliable as can be.

- Robert B

It's not that interesting. The highlight it still runs.

Its 20 years old and needs a full facelift. Inside and out. Everything is falling apart. Gets good gas can't complain about that I guess.

- Amanda M

The car is dependable and doesn't give problems, the car is ok

Car is dependable, very reliable, comfortable, good gas mileage, needs new struts, motor mount, it starts and takes me where I want to go

- Steven S

If you perform regular maintenance it will last a long time. I am at 180,000 miles and it is still running fine

I do not like the fact that the engine is only a 4 cylinder. If I had another chance to buy it I would get a car with a stronger engine.

- Mark G

the car is very economical and rides well. It is always there when I need it.

my car is very economical and gets good gas mileage. I have had the car for 8 years. There have been only a few problems over the years,

- bob s

Long lasting trouble-free Camry.

My Camry has served me well over the past 14 years. Relatively problem-free. Lately, I have had issues with shocks & struts and exhaust.

- Leslie J

It's great on gas, the quality over all is outstanding

The toyota camry is a very reliable car. For being almost 15 years old not too much has been put into it and it runs like its brand new.

- Colin S

Camry is a very reliable car. not sporty but comfort.

I love my car. is quiet and comfortable and very reliable. except regular maintenance and airbag recall, nothing wrong after 14 years

- rebecca z

Usable, dependable, vehicle, good for families

I generally use this vehicle to get to and from work. I find it handles easily, gets okay gas mileage, and isn't too long in the body.

- Florence W

I do love that it is a family car

I love the size of my car I just hate that when it breaks down it breaks down. Everything starts to go wrong with it at the same time

- Megan C

It is safe and very reliable.

I like the comfort and reliability of my Camry. Toyota's last forever. I do not like the color. It is silver and I would prefer blue.

- Sydney P

It's reliable and built to last! Toyota is a great brand.

I love my car because it's reliable and built tough. It has a lot of miles but still runs like a charm. I don't even want a new car!

- Taylor R

It's reliable, quiet, and comfortable. Great gas mileage

Speakers don't work but it has a great V8 engine. Runs fine, but it does jerk when accelerating sometimes. Sunroof no longer works

- Zachery M

Camry's stay reliable for many years

The things I love about it are it's huge windshield, the way it handles, and how reliable it is. It runs great being 14 years old!

- Tori B

This will become a very dependable vehicle after being introduced to proper care tactics

The car itself runs great for the mileage its accumulated. But the motor often leaks oil and the transmission is prone to slipping

- Ashly M

This vehicle is very reliable. It has good gas mileage.

It has been very reliable. Over the 14 years, I have spent less than $6,000 in repairs which includes maintenance. No complaints.

- Veloria C

At least it makes it to point a and point b.

I do not have any complaints. I like gas mileage and how comfortable it is. It has lasted me a long time as long as I service it.

- Kristin F

It's very reliable and safe especially if you have a family.

I love my car because it's very easy to steer and I have this car for years. I never had a problem where I had to go dealership.

- Koffman A

Well I do not have to keep track of miles for oil change, light will blink.

I like that it is reliable and has good gas mileage. I do not like the rims that it has, but other than that I love driving it.

- Paula J

Efficient, cheap and reliable

A sedan car that is easy to drive. I think it has good mileage per gallon for its age. It is a Japanese card so it is reliable.

- Duy v

Toyota is the best car product!

Great car with very few problems. Have replaced the engine mounts after 100,000 miles. This is my 4th Camry and 5th Toyota.

- Jill H

The gas mileage is by far the most amazing part of my car!

I absolutely love my care! It is very reliable and has incredible gas mileage! It's very comfortable and drives like a dream!

- Sarah H

It is very dependable and fuel efficient.

The Camry is a nice car to drive. It handles very well and is great on gas. For a small car it is very roomy and comfortable.

- Charles G

The fact that the car has many good qualities and easy to control.

I love the acceleration of the car. It feels very easy to drive and brakes are easy to apply. Car feels light and manageable.

- Alison P

That I feel safe in my car.

I love how smooth I rides. It is very easy to be comfortable in, and I love the seats and steering wheel. It is a great car.

- Sarah M

It drives well and handles turns easily.

Its reliable never have any problems with it, but it has a few blind spots. Toyota is always a dependable trustworthy brand.

- Megan M

Camrys are quite reliable.

137,000 and only minimal repairs needed. Just had first wheel bearing replaced last week. Can't ask for a more reliable car.

- Ryan N

It is big and has it quirks but it works.

It rarely has needed repair and it gets great mile per gallon. The back seat is difficult to get into even with four doors.

- Cynthia J

Lots of room in all rows and the trunk.

It gets me from point a to point b. It's a safe. It's just old. I do not have any complaints. It fits two car seats easily.

- Candy C

Love it overall and that's why still driving it.

I love it but it is just old. Interior is old and smell bad than truck is not clean too. Outside the color is peeling off.

- Yuliya A

That it is good on gas, and a great family vehicle.

It's a good family vehicle which is why i bought it. I honestly would prefer an SUV but this has been a good car thus far.

- holly l

It is safe and also reliable.

The car is reliable but it is an older model so it is in worse shape than it used to be. It is very comfortable and safe.

- Kelly C

Old toyota which is reliable but not very attractive

Very reliable. Decently comfortable but older. Used primarily as a commuter so bought it to be trouble free and low cost.

- John M

My Toyota Camry is reliable but basic. It gets me where I need to go.

My Toyota Camry has been very reliable for the past several years. I like the gas mileage I get and it is very well made.

- Molly B

DEPENDABILITY ! Maintenance Free Holds its value over time better than other makes and models on the road.

I love everything about my car. It has been dependable and has required very little maintenance while holding its value.

- cheryl e

they should know that it gets me to where I have to go.

my car is super comfortable. I do have a few problems. my car is blue. I have a smaller car. I use it for everyday uses.

- Marcus J

It is a very reliable mode of transportation. I've had three of these vehicles.

It's a car it gets me to and from where I want to go. No problems with performance or repairs. I have two of these cars.

- Leslie M

I believe it is quite comfortable and safe to drive.

It is very comfortable and runs well with minimum maintenance. The only thing I don't like is that my fob doesn't work.

- Nancy Y

Camry that just keeps going and going

No problems, always starts and always runs, nearly 300000 miles on it to date. I love it, it has been a great investment


And interesting detail of my car is it doesn't waste gas

It is amazing and great cause my car is useful.save a lot of gas. And it has the best breaks.and also you can drive far

- Rene R

The CD player does not work and the leather seats are not good for warm weather.

It is great on gas. I really love Toyotas in general because they're good cars. I dislike that the paint chips easily.

- Ashley D

That it is built to keep your family safe.

Love the gas mileage and the way it handles. Great dependability with very few maintenance issues. No dislikes at all.

- Sonya B

Toyota makes the most reliable car in the business.

It is extremely reliable, comfortable, and trustworthy. I love the gas mileage and sleek look of the body of the car.

- Jackie H

Very easy to drive and maneuver.

Very reliable, power windows, power locks. Seats are very comfortable. It has a lot of legroom in front & back seats.

- Rosita G

Get ready to love your car! It will fit all your needs and more.

I love my Camry. It is just my style its comfortable, reliable, and gets great gas mileage. I don't dislike anything.

- Zoe C

Our 2004 Toyota Camry runs great and has just over 103,000 miles on it. It has some quirks with the electrical system since we had our air conditioner fixed, but we will get that straightened out next oil change. It is roomy, reliable and wonderful.

Our car had one owner and less than 100K miles when we purchased it in 2015. I highly recommend this make and model.

- Brenda A

My vehicle is amazing it embodies beauty just like me.

Absolutely nothing at all it's amazing if they still made them I would recommend you buy them. Please look into it.

- Jade G

Toyota Camry reliable transportation.

This car is very reliable. The gas mileage is not bad for a midsize vehicle. It is easy to locate parts for it too.

- Bruce W

Great value for you dollar.

Good on gas handles well on city and highway, smooth ride cruise control sunroof 6 CD changer, comfortable seats.

- Angela W

Drives like a dream and really easy to learn all the little specifics :)

I think it drives very well. Few blind spots. Like everything about it except it doesn't do the best in ice/snow.

- Sara S

My Camry is perfect and I absolutely love it!

No problems. It is very comfortable and rides smoothly! It has a sunroof and the sound system sounds fabulous.

- Tammi S

It is reliable and safe. Very economical to drive. I totally trust it, even with 200k miles.

Very reliable. Economical to own and drive. Not a lot of features as it is rather old, but has been a great car.

- Nathan G

It gets good gas mileage, drives smooth.

I'd like a bit better gas mileage. I like the comfort and roominess. Could use a built in bluetooth connection.

- William S

As long as you take good care of your car it will take great care of you.

Good car. Heard that Toyota engines can work up to 500k miles. Almost a 300k just lazy about the upkeep of it.

- Alfred H

That it can break down if driven long distances.

I like that my car is small. I like that is does not waste that much gas. I dislike that it breaks down often.

- Ana S

It is old but dependable.

Great drive. No complaints. Olay, but goody. People stop us on street to ask details of this car. We love it.

- Felicia F

It has been a very dependable vehicle. I have never had one single problem. .

Never had a problem with this vehicle. It is a very dependable car. Performance is ok, its just a 4-cylinder.

- Edward J

It is reliable, and very functional. It has needed relatively few repairs.

It gets decent gas mileage. It is reliable (I mean, after all, it is 14 years old). I like the way it looks.

- Douglas R

Very Reliable Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is the most reliable car that's I've ever had. I drive a 2004 and it still works just fine.

- Hannah P

Reliable for the most part. Last a long time.

Car keeps breaking down. Alternator & battery will not keep charge. Overall comfortable, need more features.

- Lauren H

Its long lasting and durable car.

This car has been in the family for fourteen years and has had three different owners, still runs like new!

- Sam S

The engine still runs very well considering it is a 2004 model.

The car has a smooth ride. Is good as far as gas mileage. No visible rust on the car body. Very reliable.

- Paul R

It have a check engine light but is nothing big.

It very reliable, it has 230. 000 miles and runs great, the inside driver set is worn a little all leather.

- Kim H

Toy last along time if u do proper maintenance.

Nothing I would like a newer one no money. So there nothing to say. Disability does not pay u enough money.

- Susie K

It is a small compact with good gas mileage.

My car is great because it is low maintenance and reliable. It is drives great too with decent gas mileage.

- Anna D

It's a good dependable car and it gets me where I need to go, when I need to go with no problems.

I love my car. It has a lot of features that I love, It's just the right size and we get good gas mileage.

- Myra U

A nice Toyota that runs great

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry. It runs great on gas, and it rides very smoothly for being a 2004. Great car!

- Nicole R

Great car and very reliable

It's a great reliable car, I haven't had many issues with it at all. The gas mileage on it is incredible!

- Christy C

It is very reliable which I think is very important when choosing a car.

It is very reliable and drives smoothly. The gas mileage is great and the car is a very comfortable size.

- Jamie B

Her name is Cammy and I love her

I like the fact that it is reliable. One complaint is that the paint job is starting to peel on the roof.

- Michael W

it's a great car!!! It know It's time to last me 14 years now It's time to retire my camry. Don't want to replace it.

I like the act it last me 14 years Dislike the fact that I need to replace my car. I have no complaints.

- melanie y

It is my way to and from work. It gets me there and back with no issues.

Toyota is great on gas, comfortable, reliable and overall great cars that can carry you for a long time.

- Lenny M

It may look old, but it runs like new. It gets me from point a to point b without any issues.

I got the car a few months ago. It runs perfectly. The only problem I have had is a flat tire last week.

- najee A

it is reliable has a lot of room and has good gas mileage.

it is a little big. I like the corolla better. but the gas mileage is good. it is comfortable to drive.

- marie b

This car is incredibly reliable. As long as you change the oil, it just keeps on going.

This car has tremendous mileage on it. I'm not sure how it keeps on going. I'll miss it when it's dead.

- Violette S

This car gets gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride

It drives smoothly. It is comfortable without being indulgent. It is modest and gets good gas mileage.

- Cassie M

It last a long time with proper maintenance and is great on gas mileage.

The are not enough ac vents for the back of the car. I like how easy the maintenance is on my vehicle.

- Emily G

It is a reliable vehicle that needs very little servicing.

I love that my car is reliable and gets great gas mileage. At this point I haven't had many problems.

- Steve L

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it still runs smoothly and its low maintenance but its getting old and needs a paint job.

- Roxanne B

It carries out it's duty well and reliably. It hasn't failed me yet.

The car has great fuel economy. It's easy to find parking for it. Has sufficient space for my needs.

- James L

It's a typical Toyota and that's a good thing.

Very dependable and comfortable with decent gas mileage. It's getting old with over 200K miles.

- Joseph S

It is very reliable. It has sufficient room for 4-5 people.

It is very reliable. I would prefer better gas mileage but it is ok. Very spacious trunk room

- Bruce W

Safety of driver and others sitting in the car and good looking

It's Engine is still in an excellent condition after 14 years.Very good pickup and comfortable

- S B

Long lasting great performance car. I would recommend it to everybody.

My vehicle has been very good to me. It doesn't always break down & isn't always in the shop.

- Dolores A

The paint is peeling, but the car is solid. It is my car.

This is a reliable vehicle. It is comfortable and holds what want to transport. I like. It.

- Barbara H

the most important thing is that toyota camry lasts longest

lt is reliable. I drives it comfortably. i have had it for 14 years. I don't have complains

- Ruth L

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I love my car because it it reliable. It is not expensive to maintain. It also looks nice.

- Deb C

It's a very dependable vehicle and has never caused me any problems

It's a great dependable vehicle. No major problems. Easy to get around. Good gas mileage.

- cj o

It's been very reliable doesn't do well in the snow

I like it starting to get older and need repairs. Would like a bigger car with three kids

- Andrea Y

My Car Gets Great Gas Mileage, I can almost go all the way to LA on one tank.

It gets really good gas mileage. it hardly ever needs to be worked on. It is comfortable.

- ikki n

It's reliable and inexpensive to run and maintain.

The maintenance costs are low. It's reliable. It's relatively inexpensive to operate.

- gary v

Nothing special about this car. It was very popular when it first came out.

I really don't like or dislike this car. I just using the car until my new car arrive.

- jeanette D

My car should be dependable. The paint is faded. Needs upgrade.

My vehicle has lots of miles. It's not updated. I want new technology on my vehicle.

- Julie L

Reliable and long lasting.

Very reliable car. I have had it for years without any complaints. Very roomy inside.

- Anna N

They should know that toyota's are reliable and last on the road for a good amount of years.

Reliable vehicle that has a lot of room. As an older vehicle, it is a bit boatish.

- Chelsea T

even though it is older it still rides and handles great.

As it is an older vehicle it does not have the technology that a newer one does.

- hilary m

Dependable and eco-friendly car that will last for many years

it's very dependable and long lasting. It also gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Suzanne K

It will last a long time. It is very reliable. not good on gas though

It is a good sturdy car. It has been reliable. It is not very good on gas

- James M

very comfortable i like very much

i like my car very comfortable my kids like the car

- kaniki H

It's incredibly dependable.

It's very old and sometimes stop while I'm driving it. It has some dents.

- leyssa O

It is very dependable and trustworthy car! It will get you where you need to go

I love my toyota camry! It is the best car I have owned very dependable

- Sheila P

My car is amazing on gas mileage. My car is fast and runs great

My car is great in gas. The car is very easy to fix. The car runs great.

- Andrew E

it is reliable and well kept up and the ac works still

It is not comfortable it is good on gas I have had few mechanical issues

- Tanya J

It is very cheap and easy to do regular maintenance.

Love how cheap and easy it is to maintain. Dislike that it is so old.

- Emily C

It is very dependable. I love driving it.

It gets great gas mileage. It is all paid for. It is very dependable.

- Eric C

Reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Comfortable and reliable. Great features and gets good gas mileage.

- Richard W

My car runs like a brand new car

Very dependable low maintenance vehicle that gets good gas mileage

- Theresa H

Toyotas will last forever; almost 200,000 miles for a 14 year old car.

Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Roomy without being too big.

- Sue S

Its durability since my car is already over 200,000 but I barely have any troublesome situations during driving! Love it

I really this vehicle because of its durability and fuel economy

- Vy D

It's reliable and worry-free. I was able to buy it used in cash. The leather seats and faux wood dash make me feel fancy. The trunk is huge for a sedan.

Great value for the money. You won't regret purchasing a Camry.

- Diane N

First thing is safety mine and others

I love my my car. It rides smooth. It treats me very well.

- Lourdes S

This vehicle is very reliable.

6 cylinder - only 22 mpg for both city and freeway driving.

- Madison H

It's durable. If you take care of it, it will take care of you for a very long time.

I like the gas mileage. Needs more leg room. Very reliable.

- Bryana C

I love my Camry, it gets awesome gas mileage has a ton of space. I have only had to do a couple of repairs. I]My car has over 300,000 miles and still going strong

Camary's require very little maintenance, just oil changes

- Trina k

I have no complaints at all concerning my car. I enjoy it, really like all the features. The only thing I would change is the model year! A 2018 would be very nice!

It is built with quality in mind. They are made to last!

- Karen M

It is comfortable and handles well. I would like a larger vehicle that seats more people. I also would like something newer.

It handles well and is comfortable for a car of its age.

- Tammy B

My car gets me around, but it is far from my dream vehicle. The brakes are weak, and the engine isn't particularly strong either.

My car has a tendency to run out of gas rather quickly.

- Max G

It's easy to drive, and seems to be a very popular car.

Easy to drive. No complaints or dislikes. Good looking.

- Barbara T

It is a reliable, safe car. I have had it for 14 years and going (it was my very first car). After 14 years I'm just starting to have major problems now but can be fixed.

This car is most reliable, safe car to hit the market!

- Jodi D

Good condition. Previously owned by an elderly man who rarely drove it so it doesn't have too many miles on it. One of the car mirrors has been replaced.

Toyota Camry. It is a very reliable and affordable car

- Rachel W

I really like the way Toyota's drive and operate. It is a brand I am used to and comfortable with. It drives really well and is comfortable. It is on the older side so the only things I really dislike are the outdated features.

It is reliable and a very great car to drive overall.

- Mia T

I've had no problems with my Camry. Very reliable, especially with kids in car. Airbags turn on & off

All the safety features, no breakdowns, great on gas.

- Michelle B

It is a 2004 Toyota camry fuel efficient served me well

Served me well..basic maintenance no major issues...

- J B

Very reliable car and very good for gas mileage, build for long years to drive

Reliable, good for gas, comfortable for two people.

- Gregory M

It suits me and my personality. Always gets the job done.

Good. reliable. always takes me where I want to go.

- Caron E

Very Dependable, trust the brand, easy to get fixed

very dependable great mileage,i love my car

- doris R

Comfy reliable car for all.

- Dana R