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Good mileage car with plenty of space, impressive sized trunk, super reliable

My 2005 Toyota Camry has been very reliable. It was my parents for a few years, then my older brother drove it, and I have currently driven it for 2 and a half years. I go to college down in Texas and have driven my car there and back (14-16 hour drive) twice so far. It has not had any issues. Occasionally after long periods of driving, my check engine light will turn on though. The cause of this is unknown because all other functions of the car (oil, tire pressure, cooling systems, etc) are perfectly fine when the light is on. Sometimes the light will turn off by itself as well, so it is hard to say what the problem is - even after getting it checked and tuned up. Despite all that, my Camry gets incredible mileage and has yet to fail me in any way. Very reliable, as are most Toyota vehicles. My Camry does not have an aux cord however a cigarette charger plug is used effectively. The car is very comfortable and definitely has been my most favorite car to drive.

- Isabel A

The Toyota Camry (2005) review.

This vehicle is definitely older and has quite a few miles on it, but it is okay to drive. The engine is a little loud, and the visibility could be bad for some people. However, the comfort is amazing if you are particularly tall or wide. I struggle to fit into a lot of cars even being on 6'0 and a tad broad. This vehicle accommodates my size easily and has many seat adjustments for comfort. It is a bit of a gas hog, however. The vehicle is very high off the ground, making it ideal for winter as you probably will not have to dig your car out of the snow to drive it. I understand it is a 2005, and of course smartphones were nowhere near what they are today, but this vehicle has no Bluetooth and no AUX cord! Very annoying. Lots of cigarette lighter plugs, so if you have adapters you can charge up to 4 devices at once. All in all, it is decent and reliable.

- Naomi H

This car has been passed down from parent to sibling for years now.

For the most part, my vehicle is a good running one. I have to keep in mind that my vehicle is over 10 years old, but my only complaints as of now is that the breaks are not amazing. They've been replaced a few times in the past, but have never been as efficient as when the car was first purchased. Also, when starting up the vehicle, the car makes somewhat of a screechy sound, but it is not unbearable or overwhelming. Another complaint of I have is that there are signs that the vehicle will go soon; for example, white smoke from the exhaust at times. Aside from that, this vehicle has been extremely trustworthy and reliable. The ac still runs very cold, and overall the car is still great for day to day local errands.

- Hilary S

Long-lasting, dependable car.

I like the reliability, performance, and style of my 2005 Camry. I am the original owner and the only extra costs that I have incurred since 2005 is regular maintenance! In my opinion, the style is still appealing, and the durable of the inside of the car has amazed me. I love the automatic driver's seat with lumbar feature. It is comfortable for me to drive, as I can adjust the seat perfectly for my height. No trouble reaching pedals and dashboard items. I am expecting to have this car at least to 250, 000 miles. Currently, I have 151, 000 on it. I have not researched current updates or performances of newer Cars, but based on my experience with this 2005 Camry, I would consider buying again!

- Jeanne B

The Toyota Camry is a stylish, comfortable and reliable car!

My Camry is a reliable car. It is a 14 year old car and is still a runs very well. I've not had any major engine related problems. I did have a brake job done several years ago. The front seats are comfortable but not the back seats and I don't like how the seatbelts feel; I feel trapped. At the moment the motor of the air conditioner makes a humming noise but is still cooling me off so that needs to be looked at. One thing I do not like is the radio. It just doesn't have enough power to get more stations. Perhaps it is because it is an old car. The design is nice and the newer cars are even nicer. All in all, you can't go wrong with the Toyota!

- Cynthia D

It is reliable and affordable. You will not have to spend much on gas.

My Camry has a great interior for being 13 years old. The leather is intact and there are nice wood accents. Also, you cannot go wrong with a sunroof. Gas mileage is also a huge plus. But, I have driven newer Camrys and the '05 has one of the worst turning radiuses. The wheel and brakes are touchy. It also seems as if my bottom end of my motor is getting slower and slower, so when I initially hit the gas it does not always register right away. I was stranded by my alternator once but other than that it has been completely reliable. Oh one more thing, it is impossible to roll down the drivers window to where you want because of the auto button.

- Kiley D

Can't go wrong buying a Toyota Camry.

Drives smooth, it's quiet an. I have owned it for 10 years and put over 150, 000 miles on it. I have replace only a couple major parts like the water pump and the fuel pump. Had an oil leak and a water leak in a hose but easy fix. Totally reliable and trustworthy vehicle. It is a larger sedan so more than enough room on the inside for taller/plus size people. I had a blow out on the highway once and felt that the car handled it well without any added issues. Sunroof, powered windows and locks nothing has had been replaced and all still works fantastic. Almost 300, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Deborah C

Toyota Camry review, dependable, reliable and comfortable.

My Toyota Camry is extremely comfortable and gives a great ride. I can always rely on it to take me wherever I need to go, even in a snowstorm. It is performance is better than any other mid-size sedan that I have ever owned the only thing that I ever do is have the oil changed regularly, and keep the tires in good shape and rotated. There is no rust on it, it is easy to handle when driving and easy to park in a parking lot. It is easy to get in and out of also, especially for the elderly. The cloth interior has held up extremely well, with no signs of wear and tear after all these years.

- Susan L

My dependable, sweet, black Camry. Great car. Great mileage. Great experience.

My car is extremely reliable. The only thing I wish was that my car was newer, but it is beautiful, works beautifully, has had minimal issues. I have been driving my car since I was 16 (8 years), took it to college and back, and so on. I love my car. My car is very comfortable as well. Leather seats, wood grain detail, CD/tape player, v6 engine, great trunk space. In the past 8 years, I have had to get maintenance done on my vehicle (that causes it not to run) maybe 4 times for 4 different issues, but ever since I fixed those issues, I haven't had the same problems repeat themselves.

- Alexandra B

It's true what they say about Camry's...they're reliable vehicles.

Never had too much maintenance issue for a majority of the love of the vehicle. General wear and tear of tires, brakes, oil changes. The rotors did need to be resurface after about 150000 miles. The car is now at 230000 plus miles (I intend to keep it until the odometer reads 247365 - my baby was reliable). Shortly after I reached the 215000 mark O discovered that the right wheel bearing needed to be replaced, the valve cover gasket needed to be replaced, the fan belt needed to be replaced, and the alternator needed to be replaced. I would say that's pretty good for 230000 though.

- Chris G

Very reliable car that will last you a long time.

Very reliable and great on gas mileage. Great for trips (roomy and comfortable). Easy to drive and get the hang of. Plenty of trunk space to fit stuff for trips and/or if you have kids. Over time, one of the doors has a problem opening because it gets stuck but that is an easy fix. Also, the seats are fabric which I like the feel of but do not like how messy they get. Has a CD player which is cool but does not have an aux, so I had to buy an external cord to connect my phone. Fits two car seats, but if I want more room for passengers I need to upgrade to an SUV.

- Yuliya M

Solid, long lasting car, not great in weather.

I have received only compliments about how durable and well made Toyota Camry's are. In my experience, they really are solid cars, and my car has lasted through intense mileage and use. My only complaint is that it is not the best car for weather conditions. I have lived in Utah, Kentucky and Washington dc with this car, and regardless of maintaining all-weather tires on the car, the car slips in as little as rain and is not great to drive in the snow at all. I have owned other cars, and this car is by far the most challenging in weather.

- Claire C

Toyota Camry white 2005 xle v6.

This car is perfect for students, young people, small families, and day to day ab destinations. It is very comfortable, pretty roomy, extremely reliable, and great on mpg! It takes 30 mpg no the freeway, and about the same on surface roads. I bought it used, I am the 3rd owner, but it was very taken care of. The only issues I have had, I have had it over a year now, is just the ac belt needing replacement & a headlight dying out. Also, I love in phoenix, , and the ac is absolutely amazing!

- Naomi R

Does well on gas. I travel a lot so this was an important feature for me.

The car drives smooth and it picks up speed pretty quickly. I enjoy the space inside that it provides. I sit comfortably and so do other passengers when the car is full. It is good on gas and I have done the required maintenance on the car and have had no issues. The trunk space is also good enough to take a small trip to Costco with. The height of the car is just good enough. Some sedans sit too low but not the Camry. It is also stylish for people of any age. I recommend the Camry.

- Maggie R

Reliable, efficient, and useful.

My Toyota Camry is awesome. Its efficient, can take on lots of mileage, is reliable, and takes all different types of weather really well. I have never had issues with large things under the hood and have only had to do minor things to it. I bought my car as the 3rd car i've ever owned and have been the most pleased with this car. Tire changes, oil changes, windshield wiper replacements and a few other minor things is all I've had to do with it since purchasing it 4 years ago.

- EJ A

A great gas saving reliable car that gives you peace of mind.

The Toyota Camry has both luxury and value. It is a very reliable car drives smooth. It is spacious with a lot of legroom. It has a 4 cylinder motor so it is a gas saver. There's plenty of trunk space as well. Underneath the hood all your basic reservoirs are within hands reach for example the engine oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. There's also a sunroof and the ac heater controls are easy to use. I recommend the Camry to anyone looking for a long lasting car.

- Jonathan V

A beautiful, in shape first car. Smooth ride.

Start like a dream, just the right amount of power for a small girl who loves bigger cars. A nice roomy trunk fits every type of suitcase and is perfect for long shopping trips at the grocery store. Perfect amount of space to allow for travel but compact enough for easy parking and maneuverability. Large gas tank, only needs refilled every two weeks if you don't drive too far; exquisite gas mileage. 12 programmable radio stations and CD player. Perfect for the price.

- Shay S

A 2005 Toyota Camry review

Very nice car with good amount of space. Very reliable car. Had a few minor issues but very solid otherwise. Rides very nice and very comfortable. Plenty of trunk space and easy access to the tail lights. A cup holder in the back and reclining seats are a plus. Gets really good gas mileage for its size as well. Also it let's you know when you need an oil change and has a overhead sunglasses compartment. A very good vehicle and I would buy another in the future.

- Todd S

Stability and reality great performance great comfortable.

Well I love my car is very is very comfortable I enjoy the perfect harmony of a drive that's both relaxed and confident. It is a midsize car its durability and reliability. Camry is the perfect transportation appliance flawlessly performing its duties. Never annoying its owner. Its soft suspension smoothest out beat-up city streets. The interior ergonomically excellent, with big climate and Audio knobs that are easy to adjust, and the seats are comfortable.

- Edith E

Super reliable, peppy and fun to drive.

Amazing reliability. Purchased vehicle with 50,000 miles. It now has 281,000 miles without having any major issues. In fact it has hardly had any issues. Only money spent on it has been standard maintenance...Oil & filter, breaks, battery, timing belt, tires etc.. . This car drives exactly as it did 230,000 miles ago. The handling on car is very good.. It feels like you are hugging the road. The 4 cylinder engine is very peppy,good get up and go.

- Scott R

The Toyota Camry: a reliable choice.

The front passenger seatbelt gets stuck very easily with it being pulled in the slightly wrong direction. The seat material makes it so it gets warm very quickly on a warm day, but not as bad as leather seats. The car overall is comfortable, but it has its moments of comfort. It has a CD player and radio, but nothing too fancy, not bad for a mid 2000s car. Overall, the car is a reliable choice, but there might be better options for the more picky.

- William R

Toyota Camry sedan v6 xle 2005 Reliable and comfortable Powerful engine.

My car is a 2005 Toyota Camry v6 xle. What I love about it is that its engine is powerful and its interior looks luxury just like a Lexus. My car is reliable and comfortable. What I like least about it is that the steering wheel got loosen over the years and so I have to steer more than usual when making a turn. Overall, Toyota Camry is a great car. I would recommend it to anyone. Also, the price is in the 20, 000 range, very affordable.

- Tam L

One of the top selling family sedans in the us for many years in a row.

Le 4-cylinder model has outstanding reliability. Light to moderate use, mostly city driving, gets the job done. Has adequate power for most commuters. Cabin space is very good. 6 speed automatic transmission can be slow to shift in the low rpms on light throttle. Brakes are adequate. Headlights seem dim compared to more modern cars. Bottom clearance good for most driveways. Visibility is great. Overall very easy car to drive & live with.

- Ivan M

Over 200,000 miles and still going strong with few complications

My car has more than 200,000 miles on it however Remy (my car) is still going strong. Remy has made multiple trips from Georgia to North Carolina and back. Remy is just great! It is my second car. Remy comfortably seats four and has an extra roomy trunk. My driver seat moves electrically however the passenger seat moves manually. FM/AM radio. Outlet that is compatible with a Bluetooth jack which allows music to play through the car.

- A B

Toyota Camry is the BEST!

This is the most comfortable, roomy, and reliable family vehicle that I have ever owned and also is economically responsible for the finances as well! Could not have asked for anything better and would not get any other type of vehicle! I am getting ready to get myself and my daughter is saving for her first vehicle and this is all I would buy for myself and can recommend for her. It is safe and great for gas too. Best car ever

- Victoria M

Perfection great reliability and performance. Perfect for the whole family.

Great performance. Just the perfect quiet raiding for a family just enjoy driving my Camry is an economic car. Perfect reliability very comfortable great purchase to make or invert. I have no problems with it. If you are willing to make a good quality and affordable purchase this is a great time to actually do so. It has everything you need for a great smooth ride with the family. Is great for a small and average families.

- Juliet J

It is an old car, but it has a lot of life left in it.

My vehicle now has 165k miles on it, and is still running strong. I wish it had some of the features on our 2018 car, but on the whole I cannot complain. The ride comfort is adequate, it gets good gas mileage. The only complaint I have about the car is that the "check engine" and "maintenance required" sensors trip often as false alarms. My mechanic has said that as long as the car is running well, ignore them.

- Mike D

Trustworthy and spacious car.

My Toyota Camry is an incredibly reliable vehicle. I live in Michigan and it is a trustworthy car year round. Although it is a 2005, I have had no problems with the ac cooling down quickly in the summer and the heat working well in the winter. The seats are comfortable and the backseat is spacious. The trunk is also very spacious. I have not had any problems with this car within the last year (when I got it).

- Kelly M

Dependable and reliable. Car.

It is a tan 2005 Toyota Camry that we bought back in 2005, my family has always driven Toyotas meaning my sister and her family, never had any issues with them. Therefore we decided to purchase our 2005 Toyota Camry back in June 2005 after our current car, a Ford Taurus was on it is way out. We researched what kind of vehicle we wanted and since Toyotas were found to be very dependable, we chose a Toyota.

- Diane P

Well a couple interesting things about my vehicle the trunk space.

I would say that the best part about my car is that the seats are comfortable the engine is smooth the brakes are tight the muffler is a little rattle I had to replace the water pump I had to replace the battery I had to replace the serpentine belt but other than that I have had no problems it survive to floods and one hurricane and it still runs just great at a hundred and thirty thousand miles on it.

- Josh B

Extremely reliable, comfortable car

2005 Toyota Camry is an extremely reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage around 22 mpg highway/ 18 mpg city. Cloth interior stays cool in the summer. Plenty of legroom in the back seat, and trunk is spacious. My car is 14 years old at 285,000 miles, and I've never had a real problem outside of general maintenance. I'm currently in need of a tune up and fluid flush and change. But the car runs wonderfully.

- Kaitlyn S

2005 Camry: comfortable, smooth, and reliable.

My 2005 Camry has an incredibly smooth drive for its age and intelligent design. Steering is easy and seats are very comfortable. I have not run into any major problems since purchasing as these cars are extremely reliable. A/c is impeccable as well as transition, the interior has a sleek design. Driver's seat is automatic where you can control seat position with a few buttons located on the side.

- Jennifer F

Toyota Camry has brought great pleasure to me in comfort and maintenance.

I have been pleased with the comfort and reliability of this car. It is quiet, has good pick up for a 4 cylinder model and excellent gas mileage (33-34) miles per gallon on the open road. I have purchased this car as a used car in 2006 and have had only routine maintenance on it: oil changes, wiper blades tires and new battery. I have over 200, 000 miles on it and do not plan to trade it in yet.

- Richard K

The Toyota Camry is an extremely reliable car in every way.

Good reliable car. No problems in the 13 years I have owned it. Have owned Toyota’s in the past with great experiences as well. Good gas mileage and very smooth riding. Other family members also have purchased Toyota’s. My sister bought an Avalon just a few months ago. It has all of the latest safety features. I hope to purchase one in the near future when I am ready to buy another new car.

- Jennifer D

My car is fully paid off! The car has been extremely reliable in the time I've had with it. It has never let me down. Also, I am able to do most of the maintenance.

My vehicle is currently just over 13 years old and has been extremely reliable. It has a v6 engine so it is not sluggish but it is now showing its age. The paint is cracking and it is now showing signs of rust. I enjoy that I haven't had car payments for several years but it will soon be time to change. Advances in car safety will ultimately make me purchase a new car in the near future.

- Jeffrey L

My Toyotas, my ride, my pride with my vehicle. Ok.

I love my Camry. I drive it to work, Monday thru Friday, which is about 65 miles round trip. Great gas mileage. Do random oil changes. That's it so far. Got 188. 000 miles on her. That is the reason I have 2 Toyotas sitting in my driveway. You can really depend on them to get you to point A to point B. And they do not cost you a arm and leg. Mechanics do not mind to work on them either.

- Donald S

Very reliable, gas efficient.

Extremely reliable little car that just keeps on going and going. Wonderful on gas, really feel like I get my money’s worth compared to some of my friends that have big diesel trucks that guzzle fuel. Rarely have any problems with my car as long as I keep up on maintenance. It is just getting a little older, which is fantastic for my insurance and license plates, keeps the price low.

- Emily S

Dependable Dodge Durango!

Very reliable. Exceptional on gas and drives smoothly. Great car with minimal issues. Comfortable seating which makes traveling more at ease. Maintenance is easily manageable. AC works great! Never seem to have issues with this car despite my high mileage on it. (over 190k) love the make. Very pleasing to the eye. I can always count on this car. I'm pretty sure it will run forever!

- Veronica S

Reliable, cost efficient vehicle

Fuel efficient, low maintenance, dependable, reliable, low cost for replacement parts , roomy, comfortable enough for long drives. Driven this vehicle for over 100k miles bought it with 135k miles drives exactly the same as when I purchased the vehicle. Regular maintenance and small repairs (since the vehicle is over 14 years old) , but the motor and transmission are still strong

- Andrew W

The Toyota Camry is fully dependable reliable and performs well.

My Toyota Camry is very reliable and dependable. My Toyota Camry receives good mileage and has a smooth ride. I am still able to drive my 2005 Camry out of town 4 hr. trips each way. My stereo system is clear and concise. The 2005 Camry has adequate space inside and out. Also the trunk space is huge and able to hold many items. The Toyota Camry is very reliable and dependable.

- Nicole H

The car has a lot of blind spots that make it very difficult to merge but it runs very well and will last a very long time

I love that my car is very durable and will run for a very long time and still perform well at over 215K miles. I know that I could keep this car for probably another five years and not have to worry about anything but routine maintenance to keep it running. The biggest thing I dislike about my car is the awful blind spots it has that make it very dangerous to merge at times.

- Mikayla C

We continue to be thrilled with this car purchase!

This car continues to be both reliable and comfortable. We bought the v6 XLE because we need to go over mountain passes many times a year. This car gets us over the passes without a hiccup. We love the leather seats! Even now someone will get in our car and ask if it is new! That is due to the quality of the car finishes. The trunk is huge and can carry just about anything!

- San H

An interesting thing about my car is that the stereo system is like a modern stereo system because it includes bluetooth and movie.

My car is a toyota 2005 camry. The problems that it has sometimes is that the lights won't automatically turn off when I turn off my car. Also, sometimes the windshield makes squeaky noises when I turn them on when it is raining. I like how the air conditioner inside the car cools downs very quickly. The seats feel very soft because the car seating isn't made with leather.

- Krissy l

Great vehicle with never a problem. A Toyota is my car for life now because of the history with this one. Love it!

The car is great to get around in and has everything you need to do so. It is a light blue with light gray interior and there is a moon/sun window. The air condition and heat work great. Electric windows included which is a must for me. My history with this car makes me definitely want to purchase another Toyota once I purchase again. Great car with no problems. Love it!

- denise a

That it is a very reliable and stable vehicle

My vehicle is a rather basic Toyota Camry that I bought used in 2009. I have owned it for nearly 10 years and it is very reliable and cost effective. While it is certainly not a fancy or high performance, it gets me where I need to go and I have had very little trouble with it. It is starting to get loud and I can tell that I probably won't have it much longer

- David H

Silver great relatability great value. Less than 75000 miles

The performance on the car is very good. Needs new tires but there will be some new tires within the month. The interior of the car is very clean and has been slightly worn. Less than 75000 miles on it and oil changes every 5000 miles. It has very nice cup holders and soon it will have a mini fridge in the car. It does not take up much space and is in the trunk

- Bradley S

Dependable and comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage.

This car is the most reliable car and gets the best gas mileage you could ask for. It was a good price and Toyota stands behind their vehicles and has a great service dept with friendly staff and a good waiting room if you need to wait for your car to be serviced. I have only had to put a battery in it and just small things no problems with this car at all.

- Laura B

Buy a Toyota Camry today.

I have had no problems wits this vehicle, it is very reliable. The vehicle is comfortable on shorter trips but not so much on long trips. The gas mileage of this vehicle is about average for a car of its size, 17 mpg city 25 mpg hwy. The xle. Model has nice finishes and a fairly good sound system standard. I would purchase another one like it in the future.

- Jim J

Great car that will last forever

This car is great if you want to keep it forever. I learned how to drive in it and it still runs well after 286000 miles. I struggle a bit with keeping air in the tires occasionally but there is a way to seal it so it was a minor problem. The interior holds up well too. I've driven it across country and on multiple long trips without being uncomfortable.

- Hannah S

Reliable car, runs great, very cheap to fix if something does happen to break.

I have had my vehicle for about six years now. I have not ever had any problems with it. I take it and get oil changes and that is about it as far as maintenance. I bought this car when I was about 19 years old and drive it every single day. I really trust that I can drive this car far and it won't give me any issues even though it has very high mileage.

- Kristen A

To sum it this is an everyday car for anybody able to drive.

Toyota Camry 2005 it runs very well real good on gas on the highway and within the city limits. The inside consists of a real good sound system along with a CD player it has cold a/c and heat for those cool nights, powered windows and locks. Brand new wheels and rims and the to top everything off it is a lavish till green that is shines in the sunlight.

- Amanda B

The best part of the Toyota Camry is that it is extremely reliable.

I have never experienced any problems with the Toyota Camry. It is extremely reliable and maintenance is easy and cheap. It also gets great gas mileage and filling up the tank is cheap, so it makes it easier to save some money. It also drives very smooth so it is very easy to drive on both side streets and freeways. Overall, I really enjoy the Camry.

- Kevin R

Reliable and long lasting.

The vehicle has lasted well over 15 years with minimal problems. The only major issue being the bumper and a headlight needing replacement after a hit-and-run. It still functions as great as when bought (new). It drives smooth and the automatic controls are easy to handle. Ours has a silver color and dirt barely shows, but it is still easy to clean.

- Gwen J

Long lasting for it is age.

I bought the car used in 2014. It has been very good to me, as I have been good to it! The car is durable and reliable. Only issue is there is a water leak of some kind in the back floor and the lights have blown under the ac/defrost dials. There is no AUX due to the age but also no cassette port so it is a bit hard to adapt with today's music.

- Beth M

The Toyota Camry is a smooth safe ride.

My 2005 Toyota Camry is a basic, reliable vehicle. No frills, no bells, no whistles, but you get a smooth, solid, safe ride. First time, every time. I don't know much about the engine but I've never had a problem with it. The color of the Camry is a weird mix of brown and gray. I can never tell whether it's supposed to be brown or gray or what.

- Tyrone J

Toyota Camry reliable and comfortable

Toyota Camry is very reliable and still runs very smooth with close to 130,000 miles. The Camry has very minor mechanical problems. Front seats are comfortable and spacious. Only thing is that the material used for the Camry seems a bit flimsy because even with a small car collision it seems to take very little for bumper of car to bend in.

- Susy K

Reliable car that will last forever!

The only major issue I've had to deal with is a hole in an exhaust pipe that caused the car to be very loud! Besides that, it's an extremely reliable car. It's roomy, and regular maintenance will seem to make it last forever. However, I don't enjoy cleaning the center area between the driver and front passenger seats. That is quite the pain!

- Jenna W

A dependable and comfortable rude.

My Toyota Camry is a dependable and comfortable car, the ride is very quiet, and the air filters keep the air quality very clean. There have been no major mechanical failures and the upkeep is very reasonable consisting of oil changes, tire rotation and basic tune-ups. The stock sound system is very good and the sound it produces is awesome.

- Steve I

A great family car for people who want a reliable car.

Always reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable, good color and body size. Oil changes are noticeable by light on dashboard. When low on gas, gaslight comes on. Overall it's a great vehicle, but it needs more power options as well as airbags actually working when you get hit from the front like my car did, because my bags didn't deflate.

- Kelly K

As cute as it is comfortable. Great ac.

I love my Camry because it is a trustworthy, reliable car. Not only are the seats super comfy, but I only have the basic car maintenance issues with it like keeping up with the oil changes, winter and summer checks. Once a year I might need a big repair like gaskets or oil leak, but it is never anything too bad. I really love the Camry!

- Jennifer P

comfortable and reliable car! Will not let you down.

Its reliable despite it being old. Several repairs have been made on the car because it was old, such as brakes, new tires, wheel alignment system. Performs good! I have not had many issues. It's comfortable, nice and compact. I love the heated seats. However, it is a low car, some of my guests complain that it is low to the ground.

- Allegra B

Toyota Camrys are the best cars ever! My car is a 2005 but looks new except for a little scratches, minor things here but for how she runs... She has never broken down on me & how can I ever want to replace her?

I have had my car for 13 years & it is the best investment ever. It still runs after 102000 miles better than cars a lot younger.We have been cross many states. The only thing I dislike is that she is an older car & it is time to upgrade since technology has changed since 2005. I love her so much that I have been so hesitant to do so.

- Ann Maria J

That it is an older car and needs to be treated with care.

My vehicle is a Toyota Camry year 2005. It is in pretty good shape. The body is in great shape. The tires need to be replaced soon. Otherwise, I've not had any problems with it. I change the oil every time it's needed. It's a mid size sedan and very comfortable to ride in. It also has a cruise control which I like very much.

- Tami C

Comfort & compatibility in Toyota Camry.

My vehicle is amazing. At 148,000 miles it is still going strong. I had to replace the breaks around 100,000 miles. I get regular oil changes every 3,000 miles and have never had any engine problems. The light bulbs do seem to go out more frequently than my last vehicle. It is roomy, comfortable and has good stereo sound as well.

- Jill W

My Toyota has a sunroof and leather seats.

My vehicle is a Toyota Camry and it is a really good running car. I haven't had a lot of problem with it. But I am putting it in the shop this week to have a few things fixed. It is leaking power steering fluid as well as needing a tune-up. I also think it needs an oil change. But overall it is been a decent running vehicle.

- Karen B

She keeps going and going.

Good reliable transportation if it is anything like my last Toyota Camry I will get 400, 000 plus miles out of her. With regular maintenance these babies will last forever. I recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for reliable transportation only drawback repairs when necessary need someone experienced with foreign cars.

- Michelle M

Gas efficient and reliable.

It has good gas mileage, does not generally have a lot of issues, the issues that it does have are minor or easily fixed, has a great turn radius, comfy seats, reliable, solid acceleration, also good brakes. Does not have an AUX port which would be more of an issue if we didn't have one to plug in to the cigarette lighter.

- Peyton D

nice fun 05 Toyota Camry se edition

the car is fuel efficient, dependable, no problems, drives well in city and on highway, came with nice rims and tires. Has a nice sunroof as well and nice stereo. Engine runs good, no issues, transmission shifts good, no problems. Seats are comfortable and cool in summer, warm in the winter. Car is spacious inside.

- Adrian C

I really love my car very reliable and dependable runs great.

My car is a little older but very reliable and dependable needs a paint job but other than that can't ask for a better car no lights are on good gas mileage the car runs very well I was going to buy a new car test drove a few but ended up not buying because it just didn't run as smooth as it should have being a newer car.

- Jamie B

The Beauty of an Old Used Car

While the car is fairly old, it still runs great! I haven't had any problems with it since I got it. While the gas mileage is just okay, I absolutely love this car. It's very comfortable, and has plenty of room. The speakers are great and the interior is absolutely beautiful. Love the electric seats and the seat warmers!

- Olivia C

It very good to have in any situation.

It is very comfortable so much that I wouldn't really need a luxury brand vehicle. . It has enough space, and familiarity in a car like when I was growing up. It has cup holders in the front. . And a place in front to charge my phone, and can roll the front seats down. . And can hear the radio very well after many years.

- Michelle K

Not the best car, but reliable and good

It's an older car, so it doesn't have an aux cord or satellite radio capabilities. I like the seat heaters, leather seats, gas mileage, and the fact that the car is small but it has a good sized trunk and never feels cramped. This car has been in my family since it's first purchase, and has always been super reliable.

- Carina H

Toyota, best car on the road!

My Toyota Camry drives very smooth. Even though it is a 2005, it seems brand new. I love that lights stay on long enough to get in house before it goes off! Love plush leather seats. It is so comfy I have literally slept in it! Lol. You cannot go wrong with a Toyota. Dependable, low maintenance, and great gas mileage!

- Karen K

Wonderful Car for Anyone on a Budget

It's an amazing car. I bought it already used and it is still in great condition. The only problems so far are the airbag malfunctioned and the seatbelt on the driver's side is a little jacked. Besides that the car is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone. Not to mention they sell for a very great price as well.

- Rue R

Toyota Camry quality assurance.

Very reliable mechanical history. Lamp bulbs all require replacement more often than usual, however. Sheet metal panels are easily dented and scratched. Good gas mileage in general, with moderate power and pickup. Interior and trunk size are well designed and allow the rear seat to fold down, increasing cargo space.

- Charles S

The highlight of my vehicle has to be the sunroof!

I've experienced a couple radiator problems and it got damaged pretty badly during an accident so it's not very sturdy. Other than that however, it's great on gas mileage and has been a faithful car to myself and other members of my family! I will always recommend Toyota to people looking to purchase a new vehicle.

- Rachel H

Toyota: dependability that reassures you.

This car has been the most reliable car that I have owned. It is so dependable, I will most likely buy another Toyota some time next year. Beyond replacing the usual tires, wipers, and oil, I have only had to replace the starter and the fuel cap. I only wish the driving experience was more fun. . . Like a Mazda.

- Joyce I

Camry: the reliable and cost efficient vehicle.

Works perfectly. I have had zero problems with this car over the years. Only standard maintenance has been done and a small fender bender crash a few years ago. It is comfortable and has room for five people to sit. It is very reliable car and has never broken down on me. The battery has been replaced two times.

- Michael G

Automatic car with power windows.

Drives fine ok gas mileage comfortable seats. Good heating and air conditioner. Mirrors have the little mirror on them and it is kinda annoying. Trunk is an okay size but wish it was larger. Cup holder was broken when I got the car so not much I can say about that except maybe it was poorly made since it broke.

- Laura Z

Camrys are very reliable! No significant issues for almost 15 years.

I have never had any major issues with this car. Regular maintenance along with new tires and brakes. I love this car. So reliable! My next car will also be a Camry. The car I had before this was also a Camry and was just as reliable. I would recommend a Toyota Camry to anyone that wants a reliable vehicle

- Jen B

Toyota Camry -2005 the car for you

The vehicle performs very well, it has low maintenance just oil changes, alignments and tires every few years. It is a comfortable care with good room throughout. The trunk space is also sufficient. The engine is a V6 so there is a good 0 to 60 speed for a sedan. I am overall very satisfied with this vehicle

- Michael E

My car has a good motor and tires.

My 2005 Toyota Camry has been very good to me. I have always bought Toyota cars, I have had good service from them. I hope I prompt you to buy one too. The new ones are expensive. I bought a used one that didn't have many miles on it. I just love my Toyota Camry. It gets me where I need to go. Pamela Dorsey.

- Pamela D

Dependable and it lasts well over 10 years.

Great mileage, very reliable, parts are not expensive to replace and most garages know the vehicle well to work on it. I have not had many issues with it. Comfortable drive, even long distances and a higher speeds. The backseat interior is spacious. Truck is big and back seats fold in for more trunk space.

- Alice B

Great style and reliability.

New struts at 140,000 it has never needed any alignment. It is checked annually. Oil consumption is 'none', but I change oil and filter every 6000 miles. Reliability = excellent, it has alway started quickly even at 30 below and colder. The interior even after 13 years and 140,000 miles shows little wear.

- John S

Toyotas are known for being reliable cars!

Great mileage over 20 per gallon, looks good, great colors, has more speed than I will ever need but definitely there when I need it, there is blind spots so have to definitely look over shoulders and back when passing rear cars! My husband says oil always runs clean and we change oils on regular basis!

- Claudia S

Toyota Camry-a reliable car.

I have really liked my Toyota Camry. It has been reliable, safe, and comfortable. I have had no major issues with it and have had a ton of miles on it. The only issue I did have with the car was a transmission issue that was fixed pretty easily a few years ago. Other than that I have had no complaints.

- Evan W

Great first car for teenagers.

The car has ran and drove great the entire time I have had it I drive around 1000 miles a month for work and it is great on gas it is very spacious and the quality of the radio is great it is also 13 years old and still runs just the same as I got it nothing has gone wrong but maybe a few tire changes.

- Zach R

Suitable Affordable Toyota!

My car's water pump has had to have the water pump changed about 3x. However, the mileage is great! It is comfortable. It doesn't have nothing really fancy, but it is suitable. The trunk has plenty of space. My Toyota does not cost a lot to fix either, which I love! The car isn't to small, or to large.

- Alyssa C

2005 Camry: Trusty Family Car!

My car is very reliable. I've had it since 2005 and with good care and maintenance, I haven't had any problems. it's very comfortable and is good on gas. I've taught kids how to drive in this car and it's very easy to use and navigate. Depending on the mileage, it should keep you for a very long time.

- Ma I

It's the best I have ever had.

I have had no problems with this car. It performance is great. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. For a car to last as long as this one has with no problems it has to be great I have never had one as good as this one. I most likely have to replace this in the a few years and I will get another one.

- Lois V

The most important thing I want others to know about my car is that it is dependable.

My parents handed down this car to me after I graduated college and I've had it ever since. I've driven it to work for years as I build my career and even after I married, I still have it. It's reliable, attractive, easy to get fixed, roomy and has taken me to many places, experiences and adventure.

- Lisa M

My most reliable vehicle.

Purchased vehicle used, performance has been great. I have mostly done regular maintenance work. Did have to replace starter but that was after reaching 250,000 miles. Other than maintenance I have had repairs related to auto accidents. I would only buy another Toyota if I have to replace my car.

- Anna J

My car is the perfect car I am glad it is mg first car.

My car is the perfect car for me it rides smoothly and the only problem I have is that it does not have Bluetooth but I fixed it by buying an adapter but my car is amazing the steering wheel fits me perfectly. I love the seats and how smooth they are, and the heater and air conditioning is amazing.

- Natalia G

I am at 147 k+ miles and the car still runs great.

Most if all, I love that my car is a stick shift. My car also has a huge trunk that can fit a stroller and groceries. What I dislike is the way the car has fallen apart on the inside. From the very beginning the radio and internal lights had issues and has continued throughout the life of the car.

- Kirsten R

Toyota Camrys are made to last.

Car is made to last!! Suspension has not been changed in 14 years! Kinda pricey for replacement but totally worth it. Gas takes 97 very reliable car I have not a single complaint about it! Great car over 140 thousand miles and still running like a dream. Definitely recommend getting Toyota Camry.

- Josue C

2005 Toyota Camry review.

Very reliable, it is up to more than 200, 000 miles and still runs great. You just have to keep up with maintenance of course. Depending on how much you drive obviously bases on how often you have to change the oil, tires, etc.. I commute a lot so I usually do an oil change about every 2 months.

- Elizabeth R

Reliable comfortable car.

So far I have had no problems with my vehicle. It's pretty comfortable and the driver seat has electric seat adjustments. It is been very reliable and I work about 30 plus minutes away from work. The only thing really is that the air seems to flow from the vents even when the air is turned off.

- Daniel R

Who would know that you would spend less on gas with this Camry??

The performance is durable and reliable. Besides, the car has gas saving functions as well as comfortable seats. For the features, the new Camry model looks very sophisticated and clean. I would recommend go with Toyota brand for people who want a cost saving car that can last for a long time.

- Ann D

It is very dependable drives great no problems.

I love my car runs really good no lights on no major problems since I owned it over 250000 and still runs like a champ the only thing I do not like is the body paint is faded and chipped and a few dents and scratches but car is great as far as getting me anywhere I want to go I still love it.

- Jamie T

Best car on the road hands down.

My 2005 Toyota Camry has over 230,000 miles on it and has only needed routine maintenance. We have taken it on many road trips as it rides very well. I would recommend this make to anyone looking for a reliable car that handles and rides well. I will be purchasing another Camry in the future.

- Dee P

It definitely goes places.

My vehicle has been very reliable and basically maintenance free. It is good on gas mileage and is fun to drive. I would rate this car an a+. The only improvement I would ask for in my next vehicle is that the seats be more comfortable. The seats in my current vehicle could be more cushiony.

- Diane R

Toyota Camry is a great buy.

Very reliable car. It has great gas mileage and I have never had to repair anything besides getting a new battery. The gas mileage is fantastic and I only have to fill up once every two weeks. It is comfortable and has plenty of trunk space for a 4 door sedan. I feel safe in my Toyota Camry.

- Kayla S

Ignore the "maintenance required" light. It's fine.

It runs really well for the most part. It's very low maintenance. Generally, when something is wrong with it, it's an easy fix more often than not. However, one complaint I have is that the "maintenance required" light is always on, even when there's nothing wrong with it, which is annoying.

- Anna S

Toyota is the best car out there we chose a Camry for the body style.

No problems and gives us reliable transportation we will replace it with another Toyota as they are maintenance savvy it is the best car we have ever had. We are up in the years so this will be reliable car for us to drive. We really love this car and the smooth ride when we take long trips.

- Ann H

A Camry equals reliability!

Comfortable, reliable and easy to drive! My Camry is also easy on the budget getting good gas mileage! This is my third Camry! When I find a good car I stick with it! I have had no problems with any of my Camrys! I do regular maintenance and have had no major problems with any of my Camrys!

- Mary Lou D

Incredibly reliable and dependable.

Very reliable! Never have had any issues with my Camry. The only maintenance is regular oil. Changes and have changed the brake pads once. I have had the car for 12 years now and will definitely be purchasing another Toyota soon. It is always started right up, even in -20-30 degree weather.

- Britta V

The vehicle has heated seats which add to its very unique display

Upon first retrieving my vehicle I was really excited the leather in the car and the overall design and performance were really good. Its really reliable and it's been crashed a lot of times and its still running beautifully. The brakes are good despite the age and it's really cheap on gas

- Courtney G

Love it a lot, no major complaints in my opinion. Toyota is great.

This car is pretty good for the most part to say the least, but sometimes the ac will act up and not blow cold air on a hot summer's eve. Also sometimes this car does not start if I do not use sit for a couple of days. Other than that and the occasional engine malfunctions, she's a beauty.

- Mike B

05 Camry is basically the best car

Super reliable, able to drive itself out of a ditch with no problem, I once got t-boned and it was pretty much fine. The only problems I have are just age related, like needing new tires and things and the fact that my gas tank door is missing and welding it back on myself seems dangerous.

- Amelia P

It is a gray Toyota Camry from thousand and five and I love it because it's a big trunk and low gas price

It's gray it's a Toyota Camry from 200 and4 020 no five yeah 2005 the Toyota Camry from 2005 it's great it's great it's great it's great it's great it's great it's great it's great it's great it has the color of gray it is a great car it is blue mine is blue my nurse SBTRKT the blue equals

- Alex M

The vehicle that is Reliable.

I love our vehicle, it has been to many states and hasn't had barely any problems. The most we have had to do was change the tires and maybe change out the front headlights to give it more style. I would recommend the Camry to anyone. It is definitely a vehicle that can last you forever.

- Jasmine M

It's a cheap 2005 vehicle that can satisfy someone with low expectations.

The vehicle has served me very well for 3 years. Although it may not be as flashy, it works perfectly fine for me and is a must buy for a cheaper, alternative option. Not fast, not slow. Its comfortable but has little variety in it. Enough features to satisfy a minimalist like me. 8/10.

- Emmanuel R

Good size trunk, sun screen pull up on back window.

I have only had my vehicle for about five months. It performance great. I have not had any problems with it as yet. For a 2005, it is very clean. It has automatic windows, a has a sunroof. It is good on gas. It has a built in CD and cassette player. This is the second one I have bought.

- lupe T

The 2005 Camry still runs great and rides like a. New car, with 200, 00 miles.

The Camry has been the best car I have ever had. And with only regular service, the only repair. I have had to do was a wheel bearing. Normal repairs like brakes, wipers, tires and such have been average. The Toyota has over 200, 000 miles on it and still runs greats & rides fantastic.

- Sonya S

Toyota Corolla 2005 very good car.

Very reliable with good gas mileage and little rust. Very safe. Good suspension. Good rear view mirror. All parts appear to be above average. I would buy this car again because of its reliability. The sound of the radio is excellent and does not appear tinny. Very good second hand car.

- Virginia H

Worth the buy, solid car.

This is a very reliable car, I bought it for only $1,400, I have only had minor problems and haven't spent over even $500 in repairs in the 2 years I have owned it. As Long as you change your oil on time and change your brake pads when you are supposed to, this car will work forever.

- Abigail G

It drives quite smoothly and gets me where I need to go.

I love my Toyota Camry very much. It takes me where I need to go and it is reliable. The car is very roomy and can fit up to 5 passengers. Additionally, mine is 14 years old and has had minimal problems. If you are commuting to work or traveling a lot, this car is definitely for you.

- Gi U

The vehicle is in bad shape. Not sure if the car itself is going to be fixed.

Brakes do not work anymore. In order to brake, the vehicle must be shift to neutral. Certain windows does not go down that far, certain doors will not shut properly, and lastly, there's no radio installed. The previously one was taken out. And that is all she wrote, from here on out.

- Audrey N

The Toyota Camry is super reliable.

The key wears down, it is very reliable though and gets good gas mileage, plus it has a really good turn radius and surprisingly drives okay in the snow. There are not really any problems with it except the steering wheel gets stuck sometimes so it will not turn on but that is rare.

- Pay D

It is very reliable, I love having Bluetooth and heated seats.

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. The color is ok and the interior is nice. Bluetooth is a nice addition and I love the heated seats. The look of the car is not my favorite, but the pros far outweigh the cons. For some reason the seat belts get messed up which is not ideal.

- Isabel O

If you want a car to last a long time, get a Toyota.

Have had the car since 2008. Have had no major problems. . Regular maintenance keeps it running good. Have 130, 000 miles on it and have no reason to trade it in for something newer. Outside of a few scratches, the body and interior are in perfect shape. Recommend Toyota to anyone.

- John R

Best makes ever, Toyota�s are the most reliable.

No problems at all, drives like a charm and the gas lasts a long time. Quiet rides and the ac gets so cold that I have to either have it on low or just turn it off. Trunk space is amazing. Being 14 years old it drives like a 2016. Toyota's are the best vehicles to have hands down.

- John P

Toyota Camry 2005 Has a secret door to the trunk.

I love my car. It's very practical and it gets me to work just fine. Every now and then I have issues with the engine but the price for a fix isn't bad. There's lots of storage and it's roomy in the car. It's very comfortable and I would recommend this car for a family of 4 or 3.

- Connor J

My Toyota is the car for everyone!

It is dependable. I get it serviced regularly so I can trust that it will get me where I want to go. It is comfortable and reliable. I have had it for years. The Toyota brand is one that other family members have had over the years, so it is a brand that I trust and can count on.

- Carol W

Great low cost of ownership car

Camry is very reliable. Fun to drive. Holds value well. Has low cost of ownership. Gas is average on car. Headlights work well on car. Mine is 14 years old and runs well still. I highly recommend it to anyone like myself that wants a reliable car that's fairly inexpensive to own

- Jesse S

Great car for small family

I purchased this vehicle in 2017 used with about 100k miles on it and so far it's been amazing. Great on gas mileage and the upkeep isn't difficult. I haven't had many issues I know it's had an alternator change once so far and it's still going strong so far with 120k miles on it

- Lucia G

I have a silver Toyota Camry XLE (I think XLE) with a sunroof and heated leather seats

It has comfortable seats which includes seat warmers. It is a fairly smooth ride and has gradual acceleration and brakes. It hasn't had many problems and it expected to last a while. One downside is that the air conditioning takes a while to cool down the car when it's hot out.

- Sarah H

This car is reliable and has many special features.

This vehicle drives very well and has not had any major problems. It gets very good gas mileage and also has heated seats and a 6 disc CD changer. It is a very good car to have for a long period of time. There is quite a bit of trunk space and a lot of storage space in the car.

- Kay D

Toyota Camry is a good daily driver.

The Toyota Camry is pretty nice. It is a little small if you have kids, but it makes a good daily driver on the highway or in the city. There is ample trunk space, and the back seats fold down in case he need more. The xle with the v6 has very good pick up and go when merging.

- Ally H

The great red Toyota Camry.

I haven't really had too many problems with it. As long as I change the oil. And whatever else is needed. I think the biggest thing that I have had has been what are the belts that needed to be replaced. So I haven't had any major issues with it. It is been a really great car.

- Sue M

I would definitely recommend a Toyota Camry to anybody!

Absolutely love how reliable my Toyota Camry is! It runs great on gas!! The AC is amazing and my kids love it. I would definitely recommend the Toyota Camry to anybody no matter what year it is. It is a comfortable four-person car. One of the smoothest cars I have ever driven.

- Amie C

2005 Silver Toyota Camry leather seats and it's a v6

The Toyota Camry is a great and reliable car. Have not had many problems with it so far and which ones I have are my own fault. This car is super comfortable and quicker than expected. I bought this car from a used car business and it still runs fantastically. Beautiful car.

- Alexa H

Gas mileage on a Camry is good. I do routine maintenance to keep it in good condition especially since it is so old.

For my car being 2005, it runs really well. Routinely keeping up with maintenance, I have not had any problems with it so far. The seats are fabric (not leather) so fuzz and lint is hard to get rid of. I've regularly drove my 2005 Camry on long road trips without any issues.

- Melanie S

This car can be summarized with one word: reliable.

This car is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It time and time again proves its reliability regardless of how many miles I put on it or how many years it has. All it needs is your basic oil change and tire maintenance and this car will just keep on going.

- Alex D

It drives great and very fast.

I have had to make several repairs but it is almost 200,000 miles and still driving. It is an excellent vehicle. I have had some break issues, but it has never broken down for long. I had to replace the alternator once. I have had to replace the battery usually once a year.

- Jessica B

My Toyota runs great and saves me a nice dollar on gas fill-up.

My car has over 250k miles and still drives like a champ. They have the normal wear and tear look and performance wise but overall drives really well for the year and mileage it has! To top it off, it gets great gas mileage! With these gas prices that is a very good thing.

- Maria H

Why Toyota is the right way to go.

My car is very good on gas. My vehicle is also very safe and spacious. I feel safe driving sound with my children in the back. It is a very reliable vehicle. I don't have any major issues and parts are cheap. It's a very long lasting vehicle and has great safety features.

- Tammy A

New model of the Toyota Camry.

Car is very reliable. Great on gas. Very roomy and comfy for our family of four. We are definitely looking forward to upgrading to a newer year and model very soon. Looking at the brand new 2016. Just need to do a little bit more research. It is very nice looking though.

- Amanda M

Dependable & long lasting.

Camry's consistently last for 300k miles or more. They have great gas mileage, do not break down often (if cared for regularly) & are comfortable & safe. This is the second Camry I have owned & I intend to own another one when this one no longer runs anymore.

- Sarah S

Minor issue with unlocking doors.

It has never broken down. The only issue is that the car doors, not including the driver's side door, only unlock manually. This leads to a lot of leaning around the car to unlock doors for people. Apparently this is a common issue and it does not cause me any problems.

- Ashley G

Smooth drive, great mileage.

Good gas mileage, great performance, very comfortable, great for cross-country driving and good for being stuck in traffic. Toyota by far great affordable vehicle. Problems with the car is it has a lot of miles due too year of the vehicle and I was not the first owner.

- Jesus S

Four door sedan automatic windows and sunroof. Buttons on steering wheel.

Comfortable seating and automatic windows. I love the sunroof and the speed is decent for the year. It still runs great even with the age and mileage. Great gas mileage as well. Large trunk and plenty of passenger space. Radio sounds great and bass sounds good as well.

- Samantha H

Toyota Camry, comfortable and reliable.

The 2005 Camry is roomy and comfortable. I do not feel squashed into it and never hit my head getting in like with some vehicles. Since I bought mine used in 2006, I have only had two major repair jobs done, the brakes and the transmission. It is a great, reliable car.

- Jeff H

A beautiful grey fantastic car.

It is super reliable. I really haven't had any problems with it. It's a great car, it gets me to and from every time I need to go anywhere. It's pretty spacious compared to most cars. Its lasted me quite a few years and I am planning on it lasting me quite a few more.

- Jorie P

Great, durable and reliable car!

This car is durable and long lasting. I got it used and it runs like brand new. It is a nice size for my family and comfortable as well. It runs great and has never given us a single problem. We have been in a wreck and it still runs like a champ with minimal damage.

- Sarah W

My vehicle is black Toyota Camry.

Most reliable thing I own! Minimum maintenance required. When you do need to work on the car it usually isn't that expensive. The features are not the best, however the new Camrys are very modern. Its comfortable and always feels safe. I love my car. I love Toyota.

- Emily C

Toyota Camry LE 2005 review

I have had no problems with my Camry. It is very reliable and extremely comfortable. This car also has many great features to make it a great car for anyone regardless of gender or age. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a vehicle . It's a great fit .

- Kate L

No major Problems with my 2005 Toyota Camry after owning it for 14 years..

I have had my car 14 years with no major problems. I am sure that it helps that I am the only driver. I have 135,000 miles. Driver side of auto window sometimes does not work. The air condition and heat still works very well. It is still comfortable and reliable.

- Helene C

My car is over 10 years old, but it runs like it's brand new.

The only problems I have is the coolant needs refilled pretty often and it could use a front end alignment. Otherwise it's an amazing car. It drives smoothly, its excellent on gas mileage, and hardly ever has issues. I love this car and I highly recommend Camrys.

- Jesse Z

Toyota Camry perfect for anyone!

Currently no problems, I have 167000 miles. I drive 25 miles to work everyday there and back and she runs like a champ. I have a sunroof a lot of space very roomy and comfortable and security options. I recommend this car to anybody it's super reliable I love it!

- Jasmine H

A vehicle that will help you get places

Reliable long lasting vehicle. Power steering, adjustable power seating on driver's side. Paint is oxidizing due to weather damage. Power windows, power side view mirrors. Cruise control. Trunk doesn't pop up all the way anymore, it does unlatch, but not lift up.

- Sanchez R

Toyota Camry is an extremely reliable car.

It is completely reliable. I have never had any issues with it. The transmission is perfect. The car only had one previous owner. Anytime I have had to fix a part on the car, the parts are extremely cheap. You can also find the car parts anywhere for a low price.

- Kevin N

Great car! Love everything about it!

This car is extremely reliable. My mom bought it in 2005 then passed it down to me recently and it has needed minimal work. The car has needed few repairs and gets great gas mileage. Everything about this car is comfortable and it is definitely an excellent car!

- Sarah G

It accelerates really fast.

I like that I can go where I would like to go on my own without relying on anyone. I like that I do not have to take the bus or waste money on lyft or uber. It is not my dream car so that is what I dislike about it. I also dislike that my windows are not tinted.

- Maria C

My wonderful amazing lovable car

Very low in problems, I had change the normal on this vehicle. Run great! Little by little I been put in it up to date. Love the color. Toyota are the best, last forever.I need to change the tires now. Other than that is great. Love my car. I always buy Toyotas.

- Ruth X

Speakers and reliability. Love the little things.

I love my Toyota Camry. It gets great gas mileage and has taken me all over the southeast. Everything down to the small details of the car are great. Tons of trunk space. Speakers are great. Excellent control of all the dynamics of the speakers and strong bass.

- Andrew H

Used 2005 Toyota Camry xle review.

Bought it used and the sunroof seal leaked so it had to be sealed. It has a built in GPS on the dash and a CD player. FAUX leather seats with electric front seat position adjusters. Lot's of trunk space and leg room. Plenty of cup holders. Runs fairly quietly.

- Jenna P

Loyal Toyota fan totally reliable.

I have always favored Toyota when it comes to reliability. I have owned my Toyota for 6 years now, it has started every single time I turn the key. I would not choose any other vehicle over a Camry, even after rolling over 200k miles it still drives like new.

- Christopher L

It's a great running car with air conditioning.

It rides 4 comfortably smooth riding. Very. Dependable. Never have any problems with it. Hope it last for a lot longer its trustworthy. Its dependable. Sleek looking design. Feels like you're riding on air. Low maintenance. Just an outstanding var.

- Michele B

My car is white finish on the outside, it has great tires and it's a 4 cylinder.

I love that my car is a reliable Toyota! With that said I cannot really say anything bad about my car! It has more than 250k miles on it. Everyday I get in my car, to start it for work, it starts right up! It could use a sun roof as well as leather interior.

- Kayla M

I love my Camry and hope it is the first of many.

Totally reliable and low maintenance. Have local service mechanic take care of routine oil and lubes. Bought new tires, brakes and pads once. Have had 125000 miles of trouble free driving/and will probably buy a very similar make and model in two years time.

- Edward B

It gets great gas mileage, it is reliable and runs great

What I like about my car: Good gas mileage, I work close to home, and only have to get fuel about every 2 weeks. It runs great, and smooth and quite. It has a CD player and a good radio. What I dislike about my car: The back door does not want to stay open

- Renee M

Toyota Camry can get over 400 miles on half tank.

Great gas mileage, spacious 5 seater, cold ac, great sound system, nice and roomy vehicle, reliable. The car runs great and the kids love it. There is enough space for them to stretch out and be comfortable. Great gas mileage can get 400+ miles on half tank.

- Nicole M

For the life of 05 Camry - no issues whatsoever!

I have not had any issues with my 05 Camry other than routine maintenance, the only thing, because it is older, is the back speakers have deteriorated due to the sun. I would like to buy a new car, but no reason to part with a car that has no issues at all.

- Beth P

Gets from point a to point b.

Still going good after lots of miles, minimal upkeep, it gets me from point a to point b. It serves its purpose. It is a fine car nothing impressive it gets the job done. This is silly I do not know what else to say about this car. It is a plain old Toyota.

- Robin D

Constantly Well Performing Vehicle I Would Buy Again

I enjoy the fact that my vehicle is reliable. It hasn't had any major issues in the ten years that I've owned it and I only have to make small repairs annually. The gas mileage is good for in city driving and when I go long distances it is a smooth ride.

- James S

My vehicle has been very reliable with few, and no major issues as of yet.

My car has proven to be very reliable and dependable. Have yet to have any serious issues. Sits five people comfortably. It is easy to maintain myself if needed. Interior has remained in good condition. It is very good on gas, has a great ac, and stereo.

- Nina D

Runs great for the year it was made.

Very reliable always starts. Comfortable. Many features considering the age of the car. Air conditioning works great as well as the heat. I have put very little money in the car over the years for repairs. The vehicle seats 5 passengers comfort ability.

- Anthony A

My car is very reliable. It doesn't require a lot of maintenance and it is gas efficient.

I bought my car salvage in 2011. I love it because I have had it for 7 years and I have had no problems with it. I also love that it doesn't waste much gas. I dislike it because it is pretty old and it doesn't look nice. I think it's time for a new car.

- Zayuri L

Sometimes you just need ole reliable!

2005 Toyota Camry. Toyota reliable. Body is dented from previous owners tendency to hit mailboxes. Cloth seats, new upgraded sirius/xm radio. Great trunk size. Easy to drive, and the best visibility on any car I have owned. Safe, boring, and reliable!

- Carolyn S

The car is for someone who wants a long term no fuss reliable car.

Good car, performs well and has regular use wear and tear. No major repairs needed before 10 years followed by minor to moderate repairs after 10 years. Very reliable car that is practical. The car does not waste a lot of gas and has a nice interior.

- Alicia M

2005 Toyota Camry is the best car I have ever owned

No problems, love my car. Very reliable, runs smooth, cold air, heater. 4 door 6 cyl comfortable seating. Toyota Camry are great value and last a long time. Easy to park with backup camera. Compact yet fits in small parking spots. Toyota is number 1

- Barbara G

Great all purpose vehicle

No problems thus far. Minimal normal vehicle maintenance. Drives comfortable and has a huge trunk. Back seat large enough to hold three adults comfortably. Great for long trips as the front seat is roomy and extremely comfortable. Would buy again.

- Mary S

GOOD OLD FAITHFUL: sturdy as heck

It is comfortable and is reliable. I've had it for 4 years now and it shows no sign of crapping the bed anytime soon. I honestly have no issues with this car. I do wish I had a larger, newer car, but the Camry works perfectly fine. Great starter car.

- Caroline H

My car is that it drives really well even being over 14 years old.

The main problem I am having is that the air conditioner has recently stopped working and am currently waiting to have it looked at. I love the adjustable seats, and quality speakers. I also love how big the trunk of the car, overall I love this car.

- Madeline F

The Toyota Camry XLE is reliable and good on gas. As long as you keep up with maintenance, you really shouldn't have a problem.

Normally, I would say that the Toyota Camry gets very good gas mileage, has good pick up speed on the highway, and it's a pretty comfortable car. Some issues I have with it are the plastic under parts breaking, and the speed sensors getting dirty.

- Ally H

Performance of the Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Camry has a very smooth ride and is very reliable. As long as you perform regular oil changes on the vehicle, the car will last for a very long time. I haven't had any major issues with the car with over 160, 000 miles on the odometer.

- Kimberly W

This car is very reliable!

Even though my car is old it very seldomly needs repairs. The only recurring issue I am experiencing is that the tires keep wearing unevenly. Considering this car is a v6 it gets pretty good gas mileage. I am usually able to get about 28-29 mpg.

- Danielle M

My car has great gas mileage and is very easy to fix and is on the cheaper side for parts

This car is great on gas for road trips. I can drive for 16 hours on the highway only stopping once for gas if I fill up before I start my trip. The only problem with this type of vehicle is that the gas cap Cover tends to fall off and break.

- Amber A

It is a very reliable car and great for a small family. I feel good knowing when I take my family anywhere in it I know that we aren't going to breakdown and get stranded.

I like that the car has a lot of power so when I am merging into traffic I have no problems getting up to speed. It gets okay gas mileage and is reliable. I dislike the fact it sore around $60 to fill my gas tank and I go through a lot of oil

- Heather H

Regular maintenance. Oil change, fluids, new tires when required .

The Toyota Camry we have is a great car. The only thing required is to do the required maintenance, oil changes and fluids in a consistent way. Of course if tires are required you must get them etc. otherwise great car even in NJ winters.

- Susan m

My car is good on gas, small enough to maneuver into small spaces and inexpensive to repair.

I love my car because it's good on gas and it's small. It's easy to clean out and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. I don't like the color of it any more and am thinking about painting it another color, it's grey now and I want it brighter.

- Lynnette K

I think the most important feature of my car is reliability.

I bought my 2005 Toyota Camry new in 2005. I have been driving it regularly since then. It current has 147,000 miles. Very comfortable & reliable. I plan to get through another winter and plan to get another new Toyota Camry in 2019.


Amazing car traded my 328i BMW for it and have not regretted my decision!

Safety, Lex features: leather heated seats, extra detailing, ride is smooth, fits 5 adults comfortably, roomy trunk, quality exterior paint (still looks new), electronic seats, doors, windows, moonroof, regular size spare tire- love it!

- Patricia C

It provides safety features to protect the passengers in case of an accident.

I like that it gets excellent gas mileage. It is comfortable and smooth riding. It has sufficient passenger room in the back seat and also in the trunk for luggage. It is nicely styled also. Importantly, it has safety features.

- bruce k

My car is very comfortable and spacious.

Toyota has been a great first car for me. Being a college student Toyota’s are affordable and save you gas. They are very spacious from the inside as well as a trunk. Up until this point I have not had any trouble with my Toyota.

- Edith N

It runs perfectly and is a clean and in good shape car

2005 maroon Toyota Camry Its a 4 door with 102,000 miles on it. It is in excellent running shape. The paint has been scratched from being washed by hand, the number in front is lose from Riding up on the curbs when parking the car.

- Angela R

Our Toyota Camry is wholly owned and enjoyed by us!

Our Camry delivers the dependability and comfort we expect from Toyota. It gets excellent gas mileage and delivers great looks, despite Its age. I miss having my sunroof, as this was not an option on this car when purchased.

- Jess C

My car is very reliable. I know that my car will run for another 5 years at least.

I like that my car is very reliable. I know that as long as I keep up with my scheduled maintenance my car will run for a long time. I like that when I take it in for an inspection I know without a doubt that it will pass.

- gabrielle J

This car is the most reliable car I have ever own. It lasts a really long time!

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry that I have owned for 5 years now! I absolutely LOVE my car!! I have no serious issues with it, and only requires an oil change once every three months. I have taken really good care of my car.

- Taylor B

It is the best car for the money.

This is by far the best car I have ever owned. It requires very little maintenance and drives like a dream. The car has 71, 100 miles on it and have been told by other Camry owners I have at least 150, 000 left on her.

- Janet K

Sometimes the trunk of my car refuses to close.

The car I own is terrible in snow, rain and ice. I feel like it's always making some type of noise and about to break. The breaks also squeak a lot. But it gets me from point A to point B and I'm satisfied with that.

- Rina D

Others should know that this car will last for a long time.

I love this vehicle because I have never had any maintenance problems with it and it gets amazing gas mileage saving me money. It has awesome features as well such as seat warming and the ability for satellite radio.

- Kay S

That you and the car feel you're working together.

I like the size of the car. It handles very nicely, I feel me and it are working together, unlike many newer and larger cars that feel like their controlling me. Dislike would be that I wish it had a bit-more power.

- Jonathan M

I bought my car second hand but it was practically brand new.

Toyota Camry's last forever! They are super reliable, comfortable, and they have a very neutral look to them on the road--not flashy but not ugly. I love my Camry. The next car I buy will probably be a Camry, too.

- Vida D

Take care of it and it will run well for years. Keep that oil changed.

Reliability has been wonderful. Nearing 200k miles and the only things I've needed to do has been regular oil changes. Wishing it had some more modern features but it has been my daily driver for 13 years almost.

- Chandler S

I think the camry is a good car but I would recommend if you are not going to have all wheel drive you might as well by something cheaper like a corolla or civic

I like that the backseat and trunk of my car have a ton of space! I like that my car is good on gas based on the model year. I do not like that my car doesn't have all wheel drive or perform well in snow or rain

- Meaghan T

I moved from Florida to upstate NY. It's been reliable in intense heat and hurricanes and in zero degree weather and blizzards.

I loved this car. After 5 years, I was side-swiped and the car totalled. I replaced my Toyota with a 2005 Saturn L300. That would have been my answer to your first question, but "Saturn" wasn't on your list!

- Priscilla R

An awesome and reliable family car

The toyota camry is great as a family car. Mine has 209,000 miles and still runs like its brand new. It is very reliable and is very comfortable to drive. I haven't had any problems except routine maintenance.

- Shaniya P

It does not take up too much gas and it is comfortable for passengers.

It is relatively uncomfortable for me since I am short. It needed more repairs often. Headlights turn cloudy so it requires being cleaned every now and then. The I would prefer a different color if possible.

- Rebecca A

Dependable, long lasting Camry.

A Camry is a very reliable, comfortable car. It does not break down easily and needs little maintenance. The only thing I do not like is that the paint is coming off on the hood from sitting in the hot sun.

- Marsha A

Reliable, no problems other than routine maintenance thus far.

Great rating on durability & safety. Stylish, my favorite color, very comfortable, roomy for the size of the car. Gigantic sized trunk with 60/40 seats, expanding the size. Handles well. Love my car!!!

- Dilys Y

Camry is reliable and drives well!

The Camry is large in size but handles well. It is comfortable with leather seats and plenty of room. The trunk is huge. The steering is great and it handles well. It is reliable and rarely breaks down.

- Theresa G

It is a good car to have as long as you're not doing a lot of traveling out of states. It's very economical and durable.

I like that it is very economical and is spacious, but I do not like that it does not have aux outlet so I cannot use bluetooth streaming and it has problems with putting up the windows from time to time.

- Sui N

Gas mileage should be better.

It was passed down from my late grandmother, so I have a lot of memories in this car. Plus it has under 90000 miles on it... She was a smoker, so it took a while to get (what I could of) the smell out..

- Melissa E

My vehicle is exactly what I need and works well.

My vehicle has great ac, drives smoothly, and has great gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and don't get too hot in the summer. The only thing it truly lacks is an aux cord or bluetooth option.

- Catherine B

People should know what the fuel economy is for their cars. Unless you have an electric car, you'll be spending a lot on gas. Knowing your fuel economy will help you save a lot on gas.

It has over 200k miles on it. It runs very well for an older car and it's reliable. The gas could be better, but since it's an older car it's understandable as to why it's not as good as other cars.

- Muhammad H

The car has extra safety airbags built in to ensure a safe riding experience.

I like that it is a very quiet car. I do not like how sensitive it is to starting and stopping. The automatic door lock drives me crazy because if you're not careful it will lock you out of the car.

- Sherry s

It is reliable if you keep up with the maintenance!

It is a wonderful car! Great for a young family that is just starting out. It is roomy and rides great. The gas mileage is to die for! Keep your vehicle maintained and it will last longer than you!!

- Beth T

My car has been reliable over 18 years

I love my vehicle. It is older model but been very good car with few issues. It is nice looking stylish and reliable. Has wonderful sound system very comfortable to ride in. Get good gas mileage.

- Sue B

That It's my car. Works great. And I plan keeping it for a long.

It's a nice car. Looks sleek with the body. It gets you to spot a to spot b in great time. The gas mileage is alright although it does get better if Its going on highways or freeways like that.

- Sami N

My 2005 Toyota Camry has anti lock brakes.

I feel Toyota has always been a reliable brand. I like that it is medium size sedan. It also gets fairly good mileage I only dislike it because it is getting older and I worry about repairs.

- Sandra M

It gets me where I need to go and has held up over the years.

I just consider my vehicle a way to get from place to place. I like that there is enough room for my whole family as well as a carseat. I like the radio controls built into the steering wheel.

- Marissa G

That it's a very durable car.

They run forever and never breakdown. I've had my car for six years and it has not been to the shop all but one time. This is the second Camry I've owned. I'll probably buy another after this.

- Bridget P

My car is reliable, fuel efficient and roomy for a family.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and easy to maintain. I also like it's pretty blue color. I dislike the style of the radio area. I also do not like that the sound system has not aged well.

- Amy L

Very reliable and a good car.

I have had Toyotas in the past and they seem reliable. I have had to have considerable repair--exhaust system and steering. It does need some additional repair. It gets fairly good mileage.

- Sandra G

Toyota Camry; perfect student car.

My Toyota Camry is super reliable and comfortable while I drive. It is not the fastest vehicle but it gets me from A to B and provides me with quality audio and comfort with carpet seating.

- Tyler H

Tinted windows is the best part.

Overall my vehicle runs great and has good skeleton on it. Some cosmetic changes would better but overall I love the gold color on my car. I love the thrust when pushing on the gas pedal.

- Alec B

The Toyota Camry is a Gas Miser. It gets great mileage per gallon

My toyota is a gas miser. It gets great mileage, and has 130,000 miles on the odometer. With regular maintenance it will go much higher, and I will save money on gas. Very efficient car

- Janet M

Toyota Camry s are the most reliable cars for lasting a long time.

I like that it has lasted this long with minimal repairs since I bought it new in 2005. I dislike that it is now getting to be an old car with a few minor noises and is banged up a bit.

- Linda V

My vehicle is brown and the inside is an off brown and it is very comfortable.

Sometimes the air leaks water but other than that it runs fine with few scratches. The seats are very supportive on my back and it is very reliable, even on long trips to other states.

- Fiona A

It's safe and reliable. It is a larger car with plenty of space

I like how big it is and how heavy it is. It allows it to do well in the snow. I'm short so I like that I sit up high in it. It also has good gas mileage and has never had any problems

- Sam P

Great mileage in the Camry! Get this car if you want to save money!

I really like the gas mileage. The car also drives very smoothly. The one thing that I don't like is that it is an older car and can have a hard time starting up in the cold mornings.

- Daniel S

My Camry is a great commuter car. Gas mileage is pretty good as well.

It is reliable and comfortable, however the back window visibility is not great. Bluetooth is a nice addition but is not very reliable. Leather seats and front seat warmers are great.

- Isabel O

My car is an older version but I haven't had any issues like breaking down or anything. Very reliable car.

I love my Toyota Camry. It is a very reliable car even though its older car it still functioning well. I haven't had any issues with it. I definitely recommend buying any Toyota car.

- Jennifer M

it's spacious and has a big trunk, it's dependable

I like how easy it is to drive, it's spacious and is easy to take care of. i wish it got better mpg. I also would like if it had cooler features, like bluetooth and better speakers.

- hannah c

Extremely dependable and reliable.

The car is very dependable. So far did not have trouble in 13 years. I like driving it in different weather. The only negative is a drab grey color but it was my choice at the time.

- Olga L

I think the important thing about my car is It has low mileage.

I like its good gas mileage. I like that it has low mileage for its age. I dislike all the dents. I dislike the way the seat belt fits. It crosses me at my neck & is uncomfortable.

- Margaret G

Toyota camry is a good car

Toyota camry is great. I have no problems. 2005 year. black car. no problems not problems Toyota camry is great. I have no problems. 2005 year. black car. no problems not problems

- Amber S

That it is my only vehicle and I take good care of my car.

I enjoy the comfort of my car the seats are not as hard as a newer car, they are plush and nice. I also like the simple design that this model has, not to flashy but not too old.

- Taylor D

The resale value of the Toyota Camry is among the highest of all automobiles.

Toyota's hold their value more than other cars. Consumer Reports constantly rates them very high. My car is a 13 years old and runs as smoothly as it did when it was brand new.

- Harvey K

After owning a Toyota for 13 years I will always buy Toyota.

I love my Toyota. It gets fantastic gas mileage. It still runs great and has for 13 years. Matter of fact, I will eventually replace it with another Camry, but a hybrid instead.

- Jacqueline J

Toyota Camry is the most comfortable vehicle on the road!

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love the way it handles. It gets great gas mileage,Has plenty of room for my husband and myself. I have not had any trouble with it..

- Alice G

You all should know that this car will serve you for many years!

This car has been running pretty well since we got it. I love that it does not require a lot of maintenance. It fits our requirements and doesn't burn through gas too quickly.

- Nicole M

It's good, reliable transportation. It's the best and easiest way to commute

I like the way it rides, and it gets decent gas mileage. I love the color and that it's much roomier than it looks from the outside. I can't think of anything I don't like

- Jen H

That it a great model well worth the money.

I like my Toyota because it a good size, not too big not too small. It is also get great gas mileage. It hasn't given me any problems unlike many Honda's I have had before.

- Mary B

It is a great car because the gas mileage is wonderful.

I love my vehicle because the replacement parts are inexpensive. It has a great resale value. I dislike the moonroof because it's broken and it cost way to much to repair.

- Jamila G

It is very reliable and I expect it to last more than 200,000 miles

I like that it is a V6 and has power and pep. It runs well and has over 175,000 miles on it. I find Toyota's to be reliable and lasting. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Terry G

Its durable, I've gotten hit by a truck and it didn't even didn't my car.

It is super reliable. It has great gas mileage. No complaints at all. I have owned this car for the past 5 years and it has to be one of the most durable cars in my house.

- Erica M

Runs great for a 2005 car. Low maintenance and always reliable

Very few maintenance problems. Always been very reliable. My children always complain about the steering and brakes when they drive but it but I guess I'm just used to it

- Julie T

Great car!! Love Toyotas!!!

Great car. Only have had to buy a new battery. Great gas mileage. Really have had no problems except just doing routine things like needed new headlights it break lights

- Amy L

They should know that Toyota Camries, and Toyotas in general, are good, quality, long lasting vehicles.

I like it's performance. Toyotas seem to be really good cars. I dislike that the paint and body start looking really bad while the car still has so much life left in it.

- Renee K

The main thing is that the gas mileage is wonderful. . That is the best feature.

I like that the gas mileage is great. It also has a sporty look. The inside is a bit smaller than I would like it to be. Do not like that it is really low to the ground.

- Esther Y

It is very dependable and with having it for 13 years it hasn't needed any major repairs.

I have had it for 13 years and haven't had to do much other than regular maintenance and replace tires. It is comfortable riding and dependable. I really like this car.

- Annette H

It hasn't had any major issues! And it's dependable!

It doesn't drive like a Honda! But it does get decent gas mileage and has low miles. So overall, I can't really complain. Sometimes I wish it would sit a little higher.

- Loretta M

Silver 4 door gray interiors few scratchy normal wear and tear still good condition

No problems the oil change general maintenance great car I make 2nd owner 160000 miles still running like a top. Can't beat a Toyota no matter what year make or model

- Staci S

Toyotas are efficient and last forever

It does amazing on gas and it a very smooth and efficient drive! There is a sunroof that is great for the winter and the XLE plenty of trunk space and backseat space.

- feresha p

It's really reliable and super fuel efficient. It gets the job done. Plus the maintenance cost is relatively cheap.

I like my toyota camry because it's really reliable and fuel efficient. But it's not a luxury car so it doesn't have state of the art features which I always wanted.

- Max s

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has not required many repairs.

It has been a reliable vehicle. It doesn't have all the latest features such as rear backup visual and GPS but overall it is a good car that gets good gas mileage.

- Carolyn L

It is a very dependable car.

Never have any issues, never breaks down, runs well, gets good gas mileage. Confidence in its handling. Do not like that one day I will have to buy a different car.

- Leah C

Does not break often and when it does it is cheap to fix.

Good gas mileage. Runs like new after 13 years. Inexpensive to repair. Comfortable. Really no complaints other than it not being quite as powerful as I would like.

- James C

The Toyota Camry will run forever as long as you take care of it and keep up with maintenance.

The car has been absolutely wonderful. It has nearly 190,000 miles and still going strong. It is very comfortable for long drives and gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Nathalie W

The Toyota Camry is stylish and does not compromise performance.

Reliable vehicle with smooth riding, the Toyota Camry has a comfortable interior with plenty of add-ons to make it comfortable and enjoyable for those long rides.

- Michele O

It is very reliable with low maintenance costs

It has been a very reliable car with very few maintenance issues. It gets great gas mileage. I hope to be able to pass it to my son in the next couple of years.

- Jeremy T

Toyota Camry, Reliability at it's Best

The Toyota Camry is incredibly reliable. It will run for upwards of 200,000 miles, and the replacement parts, should something break, are cheap and easy to find.

- Nicole W

That it is a reliable car with good gas mileage.

I like the size and comfort of the vehicle. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike that I tend to have brake issues, needing to replace the pads often.

- Lynda G

My car is very reliable because I take care of all the maintenance.

My car is very reliable and does not leave me stranded. My car is also very good on gas. My car has enough room for me and my family and big enough trunk space.

- Jennifer H

It is very dependable and very little money has to go into it on a regular basis

I love my Toyota. It is a very dependable car. I have not had any major problems with it and it has over 150,000 Miles on it! It also gets amazing gas Mileage!

- Kaylee S

It has been very reliable so far.

No problems so far! I would buy another Toyota if this gets me to 200, 000 miles. However, I am very committed to buying a more eco-friendly car in the future.

- Michael S

Great on gas. No sunroof, comfortable spacious. Good in snow and it's reliable

Extremely reliable and great on gas. It's very spacious and can fit five passengers comfortably. I wish it had a sun roof however it is also great in the snow

- Pretty G

Long lasting! Reliable and good gas mileage

I like my car because it has been very reliable. No major issues. I wish, however it was a larger car and that it had more room. It is good on gas mileage.

- Sarah O

I think people should know that the Toyota Camry is worth the money and will last.

I think that my car has handled well for the high number of miles I have on it. It is still in great condition and I've never had any major mechanical issues.

- Drew K

Get it! Toyota Camry is the one!

It's been extremely reliable and has great performance. Has always been there when I have needed it to be and would most definitely purchase another like it.

- Justin E

It has very good gas mileage, and it a great commuter car.

It has great gas mileage and all the simple features I need. I don't have any complaints except that I wish cars in general did not need so much maintenance.

- Karis L

It has served me well in all kinds of weather conditions

What I like about my vehicle is that is that it is reliable economical on gas and quite spacious. Does not have all the bell and whistles of modern day cars

- Chris F

It is very reliable, never break down on you.

Run forever so is very reliable. Is smooth and give me good mileage for the gasoline. The only disadvantage is that when is going up a hill, it runs slow.

- Liliana B

It's been a great bargain vehicle and you shouldn't judge this book by It's cover.

Overall pretty happy with it, but I'm fairly easy to please. Most important thing to me is reliability and cost to repair/maintain. It gets the job done

- Jared B

Base model Camry with great gas mileage that easily gets from point A to B

The car has been very reliable. No major work has needed to be done and car has had over 185,000 miles. I plan to use the car well over 250,000 miles.

- Andrew R

Toyota Camrys last forever. My last car was a 1986 Camry and my daughter is still driving it.

I bought it 2 years ago and it is had one previous owner. It only had seventy six thousand miles on it. I haven't had any problems so far and I love it.

- Jerry M

Great reliable and comfortable car.

Very reliable car. It gives me smooth ride. Very spacious interior, and a lot of cargo space. other than regular maintenance, it seldom gave me trouble.

- Sarah Z

It's a very good vehicle investment. Great gas mileage, safe, and enough space for a family of 4/5. The xle is also a 4 cylinder not a v6.

I love my car, plenty of space for the family. Also cost efficient, cheap to fill up and cheap to work on. Will definitely be buying a newer model soon.

- Chasity P

Gas expenses mph while in highway.

Over time exhaust system is loud. Drives excellent on snow surfaces very comfort in back seats heated seats in front cold air haven't had to refill ac.

- Carmen D

It is totally dependable and a real pleasure to drive.

I have had my Toyota Camry for 14 years, have experienced NO trouble with it...and honestly LOVE it and probably would only choose Camry in the future.

- Shirley W

It is reliable and dependable.

I like that is it is large and roomy. A luxury vehicle to me. I do not like how much gas it consumes or that is should take plus or high test gasoline.

- Jen D

Keep up on your maintenance and car will last you a long time.

It is easy to get into and out of. Seat is at a natural sitting level from outside. Plenty of room and has lasted me many years with no major repairs

- Reva L

Its gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

Its doesn't have enough seating for my family. It is getting older, would like something newer. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable for the age.

- Heather H

Others should know that it is a very reliable car.

I like it's comfort, reliability, and it gets great gas mileage. I dislike it's styling. It's just kind of boring, but it gets me where I need to go.

- Jeff S

You can really take that car anywhere it's made for any trip you throw at just change the tires

My vehicle is great on gas. And has a new audio system inside right now that changes colors and stock speakers that sound brand new it has 4 wheels.

- Abdul M

It is reliable! It is still driving and performing well since 2007.

Ease of handling, turning and driving. Compact size makes it easy to park and maneuver . Comfort of seats and the ability to adjust them as needed..

- Paula D

I would suggest my car to others.

I enjoy my car it has been good to me for the past couple of years. I keep it clean however it sometimes makes sounds that it should not be making.

- Ava E

It's very good on gas while traveling.

It has good gas mileage in town and on the hwy. Its small but has room. It's a good traveling car. Don't have any complaints; it's been a good car.

- April H

Dependability, would make 300, 000 miles if well taken care of.

I love the way it drives, its dependability, looks and proper storage in the front and back. I would buy a loaded Camry over a luxury car anytime.

- Kotwal Ray/1 K

The miles on it are extremely high.

For the age and mileage, my vehicle still drives like new. I like the style. The only dislike is how much parts cost compared to other vehicles.

- Alexandria E

It is very reliable. It is over 10 years old but I have no plans of getting rid of it

Our Camry is a very reliable car. I trust it to get my kids and I around town without worrying that it is going to break down or have problems

- Amy F

That the interior will always be dirty. Also, the A/C might go out sometime.

I dislike that it's older and doesn't have a AUX cable or USB plug in. It also has 250,000 miles on it and is starting to have a few problems.

- Alex H

Do not get the car used that is why I believe this car has a lot of problems.

This car is terrible on gas always has a new problem the AUX does not work where you would connect your phone to charge does not work either.

- Elena R

The problems we've experienced is because the previous owner tinkered with things under the hood.

It's an older model and I'm ready for an upgrade. It still runs pretty good for a 13 year old car. My only complaint relates to cosmetics.

- Keisha M

It's basic and gets me from point a to point b with good gas mileage and minimal maintenance.

It's a very basic car and that's all I really need. I like that it is comfortable and has good gas mileage. No complaints, it fits my needs.

- Jacob R

This vehicle gets great gas mileage.

This vehicle is very reliable and good on gas. We have kept up with all of the maintenance on the vehicle. It is performance is exceptional.

- Sarah B

Toyota camry is worth it!

Very comfortable care, never had problems, outside of normal car wear and tear. Very reliable and comfortable. Had it 12+ years and love it!

- Stephen C

That the catalytic converter is a hot item for theft among thieves.

Other than tires, brakes, battery (which come over time) if one keeps it tune-up's; I believe it will continue to run for another 10 years!

- Jewel M

It works, it's paid for, and the air conditioning works!

Automatic door locking/unlocking doesn't work on one door. Size is nice for longer trips. However, I prefer driving a slightly smaller car.

- Wanda M

Toyota = dependability. It may not have eye catching style, but you can always count on it.

I love my Toyota because aside from replacing a few parts due to wear, I've had no problems with it. It gets top marks for dependability.

- Joyce I

Gets good gas mileage & runs very well.

I bought my 2005 Toyota Camry le about 6 months ago & it drives & runs very well. It was a one owner & the lady took very good care of it.

- Richard A

It is good on gas and good for city travel or short road trips.

I like that my vehicle is good on gas. The inside is roomy and comfortable. My only complaint is that the car is a bit low to the ground.

- Christina H

It is reliable and easy to maintain.

It is a great, comfortable, reliable vehicle that has never given me any major problems. I also love the air conditioning.?. . Very cold.

- Darlene W

Very dependable car, and the car looks nice and has lots of room.

It is starting to make sounds,.. Not enough back seat space.. The CD player was put in wrong so.. It is messed up the electrical system.

- Edwin L

Still running strong after 14 years, and 200,000 miles.

This is a dependable and reliable car. I have had the car for 14 years and have put over 200K miles on it and it still runs beautifully.

- Pauline H

It is a reliable car that will give you years of good use.

My car has been a reliable car with good gas mileage. It is comfortable and is a good looking car. I have no real c9mplaints about it.

- Susan T

Requires very low maintenance, just oil changes and tires

Great on gas, it holds a lot of luggage. I like the way it handles and seems roomy. It has only been in the shop once in 90,000 miles!

- Susan A