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A car that fits me just right.

I love how I am able to adjust my seat forward, backwards, up or down. It excels when you want it to, and also breaks nice. Windows are easy to see other vehicles. It has cruise control. Back window defrost and wipers. Intermittent wipers, good rear view mirror. Nice and large center storage box in the console. A two slot cup holder, coin dish and a place to put your extra keys or small notepad. All four doors have a place to put your magazines or maps. Very nice large trunk were you can put lots of groceries, a walker or even a wheelchair in. Great area for spare wheel and easy access to it. Glove box is nice and roomy. Love the smoothness of my electric windows which easily stop where you want them to. Child proof locks for not only the windows but also the doors. I do have a problem with drivers seat belt going off the track continually. So it does not retract the way it was meant to, nor will it fit the way a seat belt should when you put it on. This does not make your seat belt safe. Heating and cooling system work great and it does not take long to heat or cool inside of car. Radio has am and FM lots of stations to choose from. All controls for the car are easy to reach. Hood is easy to open so you can get in to check oil, hoses, water or whatever else you need to do under hood. Headlights will go off by themselves. Stay on long enough for you to be able to see and get to wherever you're going.

- Carla E

Great simplicity. Made for middle America. Plenty of get up and go!

My 2006 se v6 Toyota Camry is gray, light gun metal with a metal, flake in the color it has light gray cloth seats, dash, headliner and trunk. Four door, am/FM standard radio, four speakers, two in the driver and passenger doors and the other two are above the rear seat. No CD or tape deck. Front wheel drive, it has 63, 000 miles. The car has 16 inch 5 lug steel wheels with hubcaps. Automatic windows, air conditioning, heater, defroster. The defroster takes awhile to defrost the rear window the car sways a little bit when going around a corner. My front end alignment needs to be adjusted. When I step on the brakes the front end shakes. Other than that there are no problems, issues or concerns about the reliability. The car is very comfortable while driving long distances. The car drives fine while the Cruise control is activated the car has no noises or squeaks. The car is ok on gas mileage. The car has plenty of power due to the v6 power plant. I use the car for a commuter, daily driver. Most of the miles are from driving on the highway. The car should be able to go for approximately 200, 000 miles. I put 87 gas in it two times a week. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that would like a car to travel to and from work. It has plenty of space, it can accommodate 5 passengers the trunk is plenty big it can hold 6 to 10 pieces of luggage. A spare tire, jack and some small tools.

- James W

Toyota Camry: do not think twice - buy it!

I absolutely love my 2006 Toyota Camry. It is the 2nd Camry I have owned - the first lasted well over 300, 000 miles w/o any expensive repairs or replacements (I. E. , engine, transmission, etc. ) & my 2006 is approaching 250, 000 miles & has never required any major repairs. I always make sure to change the oil every 3, 000-4, 000 miles & take it in for regular tune-ups. I have never had to replace the transmission or any other major engine component, even after 250, 000+ miles. Air conditioning, heating, defrosters, etc. Have never required work or replacement. The interior is very comfortable, the trunk is very roomy, and the ride is smooth & comfortable. I cannot think of a single complaint. The only caveat: I have had friends who purchased Camrys assembled in the us, and they have had numerous problems. I have only purchased Camrys assembled out of the country.

- Lisa S

Toyotas are the working man's Honda.

I am the 3rd owner, my car is now 12 yrs old. It still runs very well and all repairs are expected of its age. One problem is the paint has bubbled off, it seems to be a very common occurrence in older Toyota cars in Rhode Island. My hood is bare metal and the top corners are starting to peel off now. I need to have the entire car repainted, but I really do not want to spend the money. I have a teenager who will be driving in 1-2 years, so I plan to pass the car on when he is ready. At that time, I will look for a newer used Toyota. I have had multiple cars in my life, of different makes. However I have been convinced. I will only buy Toyotas from now on. My only other preferences are Hondas and Nissans, but they are generally pricier.

- Rebecca F

Love the heated seats and the sunroof!

The car has been pretty reliable but at 119, 000 miles my water pump and some belts had to be replaced. That is to be expected given the cars age and mileage. I love the heated seats and the cars heat and/or air-conditioning come on pretty quickly. Defrost works fast too. I like that. I do not have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for my car to warm up and the windows to defrost before I start driving. It is only a few minutes. It is also a pretty smooth ride. Gas mileage is average, the new Camrys get better gas mileage. We had bought a Toyota Camry for our daughter and I liked it so much I bought one for me when I needed a car. Overall I've been pretty happy with the car.

- Alison J

My 2006 Toyota is a very reliable vehicle, have had no serious problems with it.

I bought this car about a year ago with 225, 000 miles on it. I now have 274, 000 miles on it and it is running strong. We have a problem with the hook up from the air cleaner to the carburetor coming off. Finally bought a regular hose clamp to replace the original. Have had no problems since. The car is very dependable even with the high mileage. The condenser fan is in the wrong place. The air conditioner worked well but my wife hit a tire in the middle of the road and the fan snapped off. The seat belt on the passenger side pulls out and does not retract, gets stuck completely pulled out. All in all its a reliable vehicle.

- Clayton S

It is and old fashion car yet with modern features

My vehicle is still a bit old school but also new features. Has CD player for music but electric power to make your seat as close, far or comfortable as possible. It's got a sunroof. It is very comfortable. I am very petite and I am able to scoot my seat as forward and as high as I need it to be but also if my boyfriend who is 6'2 needs to drive it is very spacious for him as well. It's got a spot for two cup holders in the front and another two in the back for passengers. Lock and windows are electric power as well. So far I haven't had any problems with it. It's very good on gas.

- Maria S

It is very reliable automobile and with proper maintenance and care it should last your a very long time.

I have had my vehicle since 2006 and it has 235,000 miles on it. It has been a really reliable vehicle and I love that about it. The gas mileage is very good and it is a comfortable ride. There is not very much I dislike about it other than a few issues I have had with battery life and the alternator but a lot of that I think was the fault of the service store. Any car that has that many miles on it is going to have some issues like right now it wobbles a little and the cabin is a little noisy but overall it has been a great car and we got more than our money's worth out of it.

- Kevin S

The gas mileage for this car is great.

I bought my Toyota Camry because it is very fuel efficient. It has heated leather seats that are very helpful in the winter time. It has the AUX cord, my teenage daughter loves because then she can hook her phone up to the radio to play her music on. I have never had any issues with reliability with this vehicle, even though it is 12 years old. My husband travels forty miles one way to work every day, six days a week and has not once been left stranded. He wanted to trade it in for a truck but decided it would not be worth the trade due to the gas mileage issues with a truck.

- Carrie B

Camry the best car that you can ever imagine to have as an amazing story.

The car is amazing I really don't have any issues at all. I had an issue with the alternator a few years ago but besides that it is in great condition. I am very grateful for this car and I believe it will last me a long time. Camrys are very reliable and that's why I got it. I don't recall ever hear issues of the Camry. I believe it will last me for at least 10 years I've had it for 5 years already. It's been amazing. I have only put 40000 miles on it though. Not a big driver but I did drive it across the country and it did great for me.

- Mark H

Dependable car with basic interior features.

Very reliable car, comfortable to drive with basic features for the year of the car. Great trunk size! I get great highway gas mileage and average city. With over 200k miles, I have only recently started having mechanical issues. The o2 sensor went out and it needs a new exhaust system. The interior has not held up as well as I would like. The fabric on the ceiling has started coming down at the rear window and the speaker covers have cracked. There is also a short in the backlighting for one area on the temperature controls.

- Jessica B

If it is taken care of, the car will last for a long time.

I purchased it from my father 8 years ago with a little over 40k miles on it. It now has over 280k. I have taken great care of it as far as routine maintenance and phase maintenance goes. Therefore, I have come across little to no problems. The alternator went out 2 years ago and the starter within the past year. Both have been replaced. The 2 O-rings on the HVAC system that connect to the compressor were out, both replaced and the AC works great again. The size is comfortable for long trips. The performance is great also.

- Keith A

Boring though solid and reliable

I have struggled with the way the 06 Camry looks inside and out. The exterior design looks like a granny car and the interior is boring and moderately comfortable at best. However the car does feel solid and has been extremely reliable even with 76k miles on it. My Camry suffers from some of the quirks mentioned by other owners (lurching transmission when at a stop, sluggish acceleration response on highway etc.) but I have had no major issues and have not sunk any money on repairs outside of normal maintenance.

- Sarah A

Toyota Camry’s the most reliable car on the face of the earth. Do not @ me.

My Camry se has been the most reliable car that I have ever had period. I have only had engine maintenance very seldomly. Great gas mileage. I have had people crack jokes about how I am driving a mom car for the majority of my life, while that may be true, those same friends will tell me about how there car eats up gas and all of the maintenance that goes into their car. It makes me smile when I remind them how my mom car does not cause any problems that they have to face. I will keep my Camry until it dies on me.

- Adam W

Reliable performance and appearance. This used car was in superior condition.

This is my second Toyota and I am pleased with the value and the performance. Even though this vehicle is getting older, I am intent to keep the car at least through this winter. I have invested in replacement starter and tires this fall and believe that I am in good condition for the winter months ahead. Last year I invested $1, 000. In this car and it was worth it for the continued excellent performance. My previous Toyota Camry was in a total accident and I had no qualms about replacing it with another Toyota.

- Connie K

Toyota Camry; the best used car I could find

When I purchased this car the rear window was busted out of it. Since then I have replaced the window as well as the front brake pads, recharged the air conditioning and changed the oil and air filters. I have not had any problems with the car, it drives really smooth and it's steering is spot on. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone purchasing an used vehicle. The seats are comfortable. The carpet is a light color so there is a lot of stains on them but I am going to scrub them out.

- Jeremy W

Affordable, comfortable and reliable.

I have owned a few Toyota's over the years that I have been driving, and I really like the Camry. It is well built, and with regular maintenance, it has had no major issues. We recently passed the 110,000 mark on the odometer, and it is still a comfortable ride. The air conditioner and heater work well, and there is plenty of room for five people. There is also adequate trunk space for all of our travel needs. I have always found my Toyota vehicles to be a product well worth buying.

- Heather O

The reliable 2006 Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry is great on gas and has been very reliable. The car however is getting old, and is not in the very best shape physically. I have had to do very little work to the car over the years other than standard items such as breaks, tires, batteries, and oil changes. Only a few other minor things like an alternator, starter, and radiator have needed to be replaced. Not bad for a 12 year old car with over 200, 000 miles. It still works well and I do like the car.

- Sean F

My dependable Toyota Camry.

Thankfully my car is extremely reliable, Toyota’s are very dependable. I haven't had any engine or transmission issues, ever. I have never had to get any major part of my car replaced. I have had my car for almost 4 years and I have only had to get my brakes fixed twice and that is due to the fact that I am a hard breaker. I was hit in my Toyota twice and I didn't have any major technical issues. I really appreciate the stability of my Toyota.

- Melissa C

Toyota Camry- A gas efficient dream

My Toyota Camry is a super dependable, reliable, gasoline efficient car that has continued to drive like it's brand new after almost 14 years. I have had very few maintenance repairs and the ones I have had were standard type repairs or replacements. I Recently had to replace a coil pack which was an easy diagnosis and fix. It is the most comfortable, consistent, and durable vehicle I've ever owned. I would recommend a Toyota Camry to anyone.

- Jennifer G

My car is phenomenal & has the perfect sized trunk for moving small furniture.

My car is great! It is 12 years old and has not broken down on me a single time. It is in great condition and runs like a champ. The only complaint I have about it is that it does not have an AUX cord, but I just bought a cassette one from Walmart that works just fine. One of my favorite feature about my car is its large trunk that comes in handy when I need to move small furniture. I definitely plan on getting another Camry when I need to.

- Kaitlyn D

Very reliable and good get up and go!

The vehicle has had very few problems actually, and I drive quite a bit. Both around town as a nanny and also on long road trips. It is not been garaged the last 2 years and has not had any repairs needed. Always starts right up! Been very reliable. It has good power upon acceleration for a 4 cylinder, too. It is the perfect size for comfort without being big, so it is great on gas mileage. It has all the features anyone really needs.

- Patricia B

Review on my 2006 Toyota Camry

I bought my car 4 years ago with only 85,000 miles on it. I use it for work everyday and my trip is 40 miles one way and so far the only problems I've had is replacing the battery and the radiator. I travel a lot to visit my family in Southern California and it still runs great. I use it everyday to take my kids to three different schools and still no major problems. The air conditioner works really good too. I absolutely love my car.

- Gloria G

It's the ideal family vehicle for safety and ride comfort

Toyota Camry 2006 was bought used almost brand new with only 383 miles on it. Smooth ride, 6 disk cd changer built in, leather interior, wood grain dash power everything.Only thing that bothers me is when you leave your keys in the car a passenger is in the car but the engines turned off. Then the panic alarm goes off when the passenger tries to unlock the doors. The vehicle holds its value well and usually never upside down.

- errol s

2006 Camry - happy with purchase!!

I purchased my Camry used about 4 years ago and I have not had any mechanical issues with the car. The sun in Florida has discolored the rear window liner. The car is not too small and I get great gas mileage. It takes about $30.00 to fill the tank and I drive for a couple weeks. The interior plastic on the bottom of the seat came off, but it can be fixed. Overall happiness with the Camry is a 4 out of 5.

- Melody L

Comfortable drive all the time sales vehicle

Problem, I have a 4 cylinder so not much pick up. Performance, handles very well. Great in the snow. Great gas mileage. Reliability, excellent car I've had it for 10 years. Comfort, very comfortable I need my car every day. Seats are very comfortable they form to your back. Features, my car is very basic it has a CD player AC electric windows electric seats and that's it but I love it

- Justin B

My living room and office on wheels!

My Toyota really lives up to the reputation of the Camry. I had no major replacement of parts until recently... Just because they wore out. My Camry is super fun to drive, comfortable with many drivers' seat settings, large back seat area comfortable for passengers and a large trunk. It gets onto the freeway quickly and is easy to drive and park. The finish stays nice and still looks shiny!

- Liz R

2006 Toyota Camry Review (manual transmission)

My Camry is an very reliable vehicle. I have the manual version of this model. I have had to replace the clutch plate but that was only after 200,000 miles. Other than that if you keep up regular checks and services it runs like new. I highly suggest for a reliable vehicle for your kids first car this is a great route to take. Or even if you are looking for a car that will last a while!

- David J

front, and side airbags, power steering, great mpg, Good horsepower.

With regular maintenance, this car has proven extremely reliable. It is durable in harsh MN winters and handles well, even on long road trips. Gas mileage is pretty good, even in traffic. Steering is tight. Power windows and driver seat. Air conditioning and heat work fast. Back windshield defrost lines don't work right so I have poor visibility in ice storms. Handles well in snow.

- Anne R

Why the Toyota Camry is a great car.

My Toyota Camry is great. I have had in since 2006 and it never disappoints. The pickup on the car is amazing and it is the perfect size for me. I love how it had a lever to open the car trunk in the driver seat and the controls are easy to use. It drives nicely, but sometimes the key gets jammed so I have to turn the car wheel while I insert the key, which can be annoying.

- Lisa C

Alarms system on it that sets if you don't lock the car, it also has blue lights

My car has been through a lot. I bought it used and it came from New York so there's a lot of aftermarket parts on it but I don't really mind them. I have had some problems with the battery and the radiator but they weren't huge problems and didn't cost that much to get them fixed. I've had the car for about five years and it still runs like it's the first day I got it.

- Erica H

The Toyota Camry is dependable and loyal.

The toyota camry provides practicality, durability, and safety. I have put countless miles on my car and have never worried about whether the car will be able to handle it. The only consistent issues I have had with this vehicle is the transmission. I have had it repaired twice and finally a complete rebuild. The jerking in the transmission seems to persist.

- Misty K

Reliability and comfort of the Toyota Camry

I think the Toyota Camry car is extremely comfortable in terms of driving it as well as the interior area. It feels safe and reliable as well. I've had it for a really long time (over 4 years) and my parents have had it for 10 years before that and it never gave us any trouble. It's an amazing car and if anybody wants reliability, it's definitely with this car

- Varsha S

'06 Toyota Camry: An Overall Good Vehicle

My 2006 Camry is easy to drive, has good acceleration, good weight and feels 'secure' when driving. It's sturdy and has given me no mechanical problems even though it has almost 140,000 miles on it. It's comfortable. I have two large dogs that spend a lot of time in the back seat and they have plenty of room. Interior cleans up easily. Gets good gas mileage.

- Linda D

Camster good on gas when traveling and in inter city

It's nothing I don't like about it. All you have to do is keep the maintenance up. Keep the oil change, windshield wipers fluids, anti freeze full. Tires rotated at every three visit when getting a oil change. Enough room for a small family. Trunk space is nice. Can put two full baskets of groceries in it. Only thing I don't like is it don't have a sunroof

- Alexander K

Toyota Camry; a low maintenance high value automobile.

2006 Toyota Camry, 4 door. Very comfortable, roomy and stylish, plenty of storage space. Maintenance is simple and straightforward. There are no hard to reach places when performing said maintenance. The quality of the construction was outstanding which allows for a long and very favorable resale value. Resale value is a trademark of all Toyota vehicles.

- Harry F

Perfect Toyota 2006, Oldie but Goodie!

Although an old model, my Toyota still works as good as new. It doesn't usually have major mechanical issues; just normal servicing and oil changes are needed most times. I mean it's a 2006 model, so it lacks all those amazing features that the newer models have. But Toyota is definitely one of my favorite car brands. Hope to opt for a newer model soon!

- Tom O

It is practically no maintenance.

I purchased this car new in the fall of 2006. At this time, 12 years later, I only have around 23, 000 miles on it. I have replaced three batteries, a set of tires and changed the oil annually. That is all the maintenance required. I have knocked the side mirror off the car twice but that has nothing to do with the car, which is a comfortable vehicle.

- Sharon B

Toyota Camry XLE the top of the line of Camry

It is a very reliable car. The V6 engine delivers 200 Horsepower. It is a very quiet, smooth ride car. It is very easy to do the maintenance by yourself. The luxurious leather interior with a high end JBL Sound System and a Subwoofer keep me enjoying the great music in great sound while driving. Camry is the best number one selling sedan in the USA.

- George K

My Camry is always dependable, lots of value.

A lot of miles on this car and always dependable. Comfortable ride. I have spent money on routine maintenance, like oil changes, tires, batteries, brakes, timing belt. Had to replace the alternator and water pump at 100, 000 miles and that is it. A lot of value for the money with this car. This is my second Toyota and my next car will be a Toyota.

- Rebecca T

Buy a Camry and Get over a Decade's worth of Driving!

I love how reliable and durable my car is. My car is 12.5 years old and has 188K miles on it and it going strong! The car is also very easy for my mechanic to make repairs when required, saving me labor expense. The car is okay on gas mileage. I am also grateful this Camry was produced in the year right before Toyota started having problems.

- Libby w

Comforting car that needs improvement.

One thing that annoys me is that it has a hard time getting around in storms, mostly because it does not have four wheel drive. So if it is raining or snowing then I cannot really rely on the car to help me. Another thing is that it cannot go as fast as I want it to. This is troublesome because I'd like to go really fast but this car limits me.

- Edward R

Very durable car! Takes a beating.

It's really reliable and does not give me many issues. It is been in several accidents and has 175, 000 miles on it and still runs well. The paint became dull and flaked off on the hood and the liner on the ceiling is falling off. Also the part around the emergency brake peeled away and things fall into the void and you cannot get them out.

- Tracy R

Fun to drive and quite reliable. Am very happy with the car.

The car is easy to drive. It has also been fairly maintenance free. Handles well in all weather conditions. Acceleration is decent, not too fast and not too slow. Is fun to cruise around in the car. It is roomy as well. The features are basic but functional. The car does sit a tiny bit lower than other cars and definitely lower than an SUV.

- Debbie V

when buying a used vehicle, give it a test drive, take it to a trusted garage.

maintenance is important. You have stay on top of things and make sure you are giving it all the care. Typically runs well if you do. I bought my car used and did not have much issue with it. Every car is different and depends on how the user before you dealt with it. So my experience would most likely not be the same as someone else's.

- Safiya H

It's got over 300,000 miles on it and it's still a great car!

My Toyota has over 300,000 miles. It still runs great! The only thing that happened was right after I bought it they had to put on a new catalytic converter because the one that was put on there wasn't any good. The only thing expensive was a new alternator and the struts and shocks. Other than that, it's been a terrific vehicle!

- Tammy T

My opinion a white Toyota Camry.

My car has been an extremely good car has over 250,000 miles on it. And still going strong. Honestly only thing that is giving me problem is transmission. And that unfortunately has been a battle since the beginning besides that I am very content and happy with my car and a Toyota camry definitely something I would tell you to buy.

- Alicia A

Great car, will not break down.

It is a great car, but the only thing is the size. I do not have kids and so the back seat never gets used. Also I want a faster car, more sporty look. I like the newer Cars though. I have a friend that has a newer Camry and it is black, she loves it. When I see the Camry le it looks a little more geared towards older ages.

- Allison S

My Toyota Camry the good and the bad.

The car is great. Except for battery charging issues. Also not as great on gas as I thought the 4 cylinder model would be. Very smooth riding quiet car. It makes you feel safe with side curtain airbags. Does have an issue with the rear windows they shouldn't go all the way down I have a small child and this worries me.

- Jared V

Good and affordable Car for everyone

I take good care of my Toyota Camry car, like I do oil change on time and good maintenance. It's performance are great, good reliability and it's very good on gas that doesn't spend too much. It's very good for driving local or long trips, smoothly driving and safe. Very good on highway. I would recommend it to everyone.

- Deedy B

Stylish car with comfortable ride.

This car keeps in very good condition for the 12 years of operation. It is got comfortable durable seats. The suspension is great and the cabin stays quiet during the drive. The turn radius is really good and it can park in tight spaces. It also has a good sound system, not top of the line but it makes the trip great!

- Dmitry M

Toyota Camry: not the newest.

It might not be the newest car but it gets me where I need to be. It is very dependable and reliable. Greyish leather seats, sunroof. Am. FM radio, ac and heat works great. 6-disc CD player, which is great so that you can always switch up your music. It may not be your dream car but it will get you from point A to B.

- Marie I

Best car I've ever owned!

I've had a timing belt break and starter go out twice. Other than that everything else works great I've had the car for years now and it still runs really well. Oh one more thing I also have had to charge the AC a couple times but it's so cold that on a hot day it blows smoke out the vents like a hot breath in winter

- Christopher R

178, 000 miles and still performs like a charm.

This vehicle is used and has 178, 000 miles on it but is a much better car then my old Hyundai; just a better built car and told I can probably get another 100, 000 miles out of it. I just purchased in April this year so have had no problems. Rides well and I feel safer in it - a little bigger car than my old one.

- Sharon K

Great, cost efficient and valuable car.

This car I have had for more than 10 years and still running smooth. No major engine issues. I have just done the necessary upkeeps like oil changes, replacing tires as need with wear and tear and small upkeep and cleaning. I also do not spend crazy amounts of money on gas because it is surprisingly efficient.

- Elizabeth R

It has a nice interior design, nicer than what you think a 2006 car would have.

It runs great! There have been lack of problems considering I bought the car used. It rides smoothly. The gas mileage is not the best, but it works for what I need. The electrical part of the car that makes the engine go blew out once, but it was a quick fix. I do not see it having any problems in the future.

- Ally H

Camry's last forever, I swear by it!

I love my Camry, she's my baby. We get good gas mileage, heat works well, nice moonroof, leather seats. Good in the snow, rain, sun anything! Lots of trunk space for when I have school projects or sports. Love that I have heated seats too!! Camrys run forever my car has over 250, 000 miles and is still great.

- Alyssa P

Vehicle reliability and comfort

I keep up with the vehicle maintenance and it's been reliable since I bought it. It's never broke down on me and it's very comfortable. Toyota is a great company and treats their customers greatly. I always recommend Toyota to my family and friends. I would definitely buy from Toyota again without hesitation

- Lauren H

Toyota, they are great cars!

Our Toyota has been very reliable. We have had it for 11 years and it has 165, 000 miles. We bought it used with 10, 000 miles. We have not had to have any repairs on the car just maintenance like new tires and battery. We recently took it on a road trip (4300 miles) and had no problems. We love our Toyota.

- Evelyn D

Most often used vehicle is the oldest of our vehicles and still our favorite.

We have absolutely had no problems over the years that we have owned this car, it has always given us great gas mileage, a smooth ride and absolutely no problems. The Camry is very comfortable on both short and long trips. We also have a Dodge RAM and a Ford Taurus, but always use the Camry for road trips.

- David J

My vehicle is very spacious and runs very smooth.

I've owned 2 Toyotas. They have been very reliable vehicles. They rarely have any problems. The only thing I've encountered is the door handles break kind of easily. Other than that they drive and run great! They are also great on mileage. They still run good if serviced often even with 200,000+ miles.

- Heather S

We've been together for a while and have been on the road for many trips.

The car rides smooth and is great for trips. The only thing that I do not like is that the car does not have Bluetooth or a tape player. The seats are super comfy and I love riding out in my car. I think the only problem I have with the car is that the brakes are not the best and give me some problems.

- Ashley F

My car is not much but it gets me from a to b well.

It is very comfortable and I do not have a problem with it so far. It has a fast acceleration and I have no problem with the brakes. The ac had given me a problem last summer but I had gotten it fixed. I love my car and it treats me well. It doesn't have many features except audio and ac controls.

- Dylan C

It is just a great little car best one I have ever owned.

It drives great and runs like a top likening the sunroof, it is a gold color and ac works very good, tilt steering it good and it is a v 6 on top of that I love just taking road trip with my husband, we payed 600 for it would not take less then a 1, 000 for it if was to ever think of selling it.

- Rita P

It has under 30,000 miles on it!...and it is a 2006 Toyota Camry

I absolutely love my Camry...it is dependable and requires little service. I received it from my mother in law in 2009 and have used it since. My only dislike,if you want to call it that is that it does not have all the bells and whistles of a newer model.It certainly gets me where I want to go!

- Janet C

Toyota cars are the best very reliable cars gets you where you want to go.

Great performance no issues only brake and oil changes change oil every 3 months well maintained Toyota vehicles are awesome would not purchase other make Toyota is the way to go. Very reliable cars they last a long time if you keep up with maintenance you won't have to replace anything on it.

- Maria A

Toyota very reliable great value company.

The Camry has been a great car. It bags been very reliable with just routine maintenance, brakes, batteries, etc. I have saved a lot of money with such a reliable vehicle over the years. Ac still blows cold, the only issue is the paint on the rod has begun to peel but it is over 10 years old.

- Joseph S

12 years old and still driving.

I have driven this car for 12 years. It has held up well. No major problems. It has 218,000 miles on it and is still going. We have driven it in many trips and it has performed well. I would recommend it to others. My children enjoy it and have enough room in the back seat to be comfortable.

- Heather F

A very good year and model car.

The car rides smoothly. It is so far lasting a very long time. It rarely needs tune ups; has air conditioning, power windows and brakes; great on gas; large gas tank. Has abs brakes; so light a green in color that it looks grayish. Car is 12 years old, but still in good shape and rides well.

- Georgina G

Still going strong after 13 years

110k miles and still going strong. No major repairs. Rarely needed minor repairs. Still runs very quiet. No rust. Still has lots of pep in its step. I feel very safe in it, even drive it long distances from home. Even has original radio, upholstery is not damaged. Dash is not sun damaged.


Very reliable and rides well.

I haven't had a single mechanical problem with my Toyota Camry for several years. It is very reliable and handles well. I highly recommend this model Toyota to anyone looking to purchase a reliable and reasonably priced car. The model comes with several features including a sunroof option.

- Shaun S

Toyota Camry 2006 Perfect car

Never had a problem with my car. Regular maintenance performed and it is perfect. This car is low maintenance and has great gas mileage. I am told it has a cracked engine block, but I do not have a clue as to how or why that has happened. Having said that, I do not notice that as a problem.

- Lisa R

Great and efficient car worth buying.

It drives great. It gets really good gas mileage for the price. It is durable. It has great accessories in the car such as seat heaters, sunroof etc.. My family has had Toyota’s my entire life, they last a very long time and haven't caused any severe injuries in car accidents in the past.

- Beth D

Cute gray Camry with a pretty, but simple interior.

Overall I love my Camry. I have had cars in the past also. I love how reliable my car is. It does well in almost all types of weather. It also gets great gas mileage. The only problem I have had so far is a gas emissions leak, which is fixable. Would definitely recommend a Camry to anyone.

- Rose T

A great car with a lot of life in it!

My car has had to have many different parts replaced! But although it is pretty old, it has continued to work and continue to run after the replacements. The material seats make summer super hot but are nice in the winter. The air filter seems to be needing replacement faster than others.

- Madison S

Toyotas are very reliable and made to be sturdy. They are simple and safe.

My Toyota Camry is solid and secure. I feel safe driving it, and it is reliable. It is not a real "jazzy" car - just a gray sedan that gets me down the road. The speakers are blown out from the previous owner and it doesn't have Bluetooth or GPS, but I like this reliable transportation.

- Katie P

Just a great car with never any problems.

Purchased new have had no problems. . Regular maintenance upkeep only. Still have original rear brakes and have 137000 mile on car. Do regular oil changes and yearly inspection on the car. Have had 2 new batteries and three sets of tires. Paint still in good shape and so is the insides.

- Jerry W

Reliable, safe, and great value in a Camry

I love my Camry, it is incredibly reliable, safe, and fun to drive. Great value for someone on a budget. It may be over a decade old, but it still outperforms some new cars in safety and fuel economy. These are all reasons why the Camry has been the most popular car in America for years

- sophia n

The most reliable car I have ever had.

My Toyota Camry 2006 is 13 years old and I have never had any trouble with it. The only thing I have ever done was change the oil every 3000 thousand miles. It is very comfortable. All other features inside the car still work after 13 years. This is one of the best car I have ever had.

- Dennis L

My 2006 Toyota Camry review.

It's an okay car. It runs pretty smooth and doesn't make much noise when I am driving but, I would prefer a newer make of the same vehicle. Overall its been very reliable and comfortable but it doesn't have much features so if you are looking for that you should look for a newer build.

- Miles J

I drive back and forth from two states and the car travels really well.

My check engine light has been on for over a year and I have had it looked a multiple times but there really is nothing to fix with it. Other than that it drives great and I have never really had any troubles with it. My ac gets cold super quick which is really nice during the summer.

- Lizzie M

Ride or die on the road smooth ride 0- 60 road highway quality.

It runs smoothly the performance always comes through never had many issues, can always rely on the vehicle the seats are so comfortable the engine can speed up fast comfort the seats when I get in make the experience of driving even better backed up by the way it handles on the road.

- Jah Z

Classy looking and over all good car.

It has 250,000 miles on it, 2006 Toyota Camry. Is really very roomy and very classy looking. The transmission seems to be slipping, overall it is an awesome car. I like the pick up it has but it is really not very good on gas. There are lots of cute cubby holes and large cup holders.

- Jessica P

My car is a reliable fuel efficient comfortable ride.

My Camry is really good on gas. It is very comfortable plenty of leg room and storage space. It has plenty of power. I really like the leather seats. It has power windows and seats and a good sound system. It has four doors I have never had to do any maintenance besides oil changes.

- Justin D

Very dependable car in great condition.

I think that all Toyotas are reliable and my car is very dependable. It has minor problems but overall this car only has to have regular maintenance done on it. The engine is in great condition and it never loses power. I've never had to put freon in the air conditioner or anything.

- Amber T

Toyota Camry: a great car!

My Toyota Camry has been an extremely comfortable, economical, and dependable means of transportation for my wife and I and children and grandchildren when with us. It has good legroom and comfortable on long trips, also has ample trunk space for shopping bags or trip luggage etc...

- William C

Great value and performance vehicle

Overall good performance. Had some brake light issues but dealership fixed.. Gas mileage good for it not being a hybrid model. I like the overall size and horsepower for local driving. Easy maintenance, Great value for used vehicle. I would recommend it to family and friends.

- Heather C

I have kept up with the regular maintenance and in return it has been a very reliable and dependable vehicle.

I like that it has been a very reliable car and has had no major issues. I have owned it for a very long time and it has been very dependable. I would prefer to have newer built in features like a gps, back up camera, etc. but for me it's not worth the price of a brand new car.

- Toby S

Buy this car without hesitation.

Long life, comfortable, reliable, great color of white, great stereo, rides like a dream, I have over 100,000 miles and it is still in super good shape and I feel safe in it, I always change my oil on time and keep the repairs so I hope this car will be a second car for awhile.

- Carol N

I bought a car that I thought would be reliable to drive until it was paid off. This one has done that and years/miles more. In fact it may have years/miles to go.

My car is reliable and gets great gas mileage. It drives like a small car but feels like a large car. I don't like that you have to use the bob to open the trunk. The valet lock is stuck on and when I researched how to fix it I found out it is a very common unfixable problem.

- Shanda R

It is important to remember to manually lock it when out.

The vehicle has decent mileage, and is smaller and easy to drive and maneuver. With that being said, it does have downsides and comes with being lightweight and is sensitive to heavy winds. At this time the dashboard does not work, so no radio or charging station is available.

- Maya R

I struck gold when purchasing this used 2006 Toyota canary sedan.

I bought this car used over five years ago, and I have to say it is was worth all three thousand dollars I paid for it, never had any major engine problems the only thing I have had to do was buy tires, this is the best reliable and dependable car for a used car I struck gold.

- Veronica W

My comfortable car that I would recommend to buy.

Still running like new. Very kid friendly. Lots of legroom. Very reliable I taken to Las Vegas twice. Like a champ love my car. Very comfortable I have a family of four and they all have room. It also had a sunroof is pretty big and the leather seat are very cool in winter.

- Melinda C

The Toyota Camry is a great family car that is reliable and fun to drive.

This car has been great. I bought it new, and have maintained it faithfully. It gets good gas mileage, and has been very reliable. I have had to repair several things, including the alternator and water pump, but it has been reliable with very few issues. Love my Toyotas.

- Sharon A

Toyota Camry Le cheap on gas

I love my 2006 Toyota Camry Le. It's dependable, it's a very smooth ride. We haven't had any problems out of it, since we gotten it. It's really good on gas, only fill it up once a week and that gets me back and forth to work every day, an the seats are very comfortable.

- Amber S

Great gas mileage and family car.

My car runs great. It is very low maintenance and it has really great gas mileage. It is not the most comfortable car for long trips but it is a great car for every day commuting to and from work. It is also a great family car. Easy to get the kids in and out of the car.

- Michelle R

It's cute and reliable and I have no desire to sell my Camry.

It's a cute, reliable car that is reliable. I enjoy driving it. No mechanical with it. New tires recently. It's kept in a garage to protect it from the elements. I love the color or it to and the interior is in very good shape. I have no desire to sell my Toyota Camry.

- wilma C

The cars condition and how to maintain it.

It has been used for over 12 years. It's in great condition. It is comfy and safe. Just need to maintain it as much as possible. Needs new brakes, is very clean. Needs to keep an eye on the tires especially when it needs replacing. Also need to keep track of the miles.

- Danielle R

A great low maintenance daily driver with excellent gas mileage.

It really is a great little car. Very good gas mileage. Can take corners like you would not believe when using low profile tires. Pretty decent speakers but you definitely want to replace the included radio deck. Can comfortably seat five. Trunk is surprisingly large.

- Matt J

I have a Toyota Camry. It is a perfect first car due to it being so reliable.

The only issue that had with this vehicle is when the brake pads started to go out. Obviously this is a common thing for most cars and I was able to get them fixed and have not had anymore issues since then. It is a very reliable car and does very well on gas mileage.

- Heidi T

This vehicle is awesome, affordable, and family friendly.

I love how it rides really smooth, car parts are very affordable. The performance of this car is great even in the snow! The only problem was the car didn't have an aux cord setup but hey it's an 06 and no backup camera. But this is simple I swapped out the radio.

- Jewel G

Will keep this 2006 gem as long as it remains as good as it is.

Has had no major problems. Has been reliable. It runs well. It is always been comfortable. Plenty of trunk space (better than newer models). Quiet engine. Roomy leg space. A few scratches and dents but those are not the car's fault. Gasoline mileage is reasonable.

- Lillian D

Reliable, great gas mileage, great brand history.

The car is easy to maintain comfortable and reliable. It is a perfect family car that gets excellent mileage both in the city and on highway. Maintenance cost of the vehicle is not outrageous. I know the Toyota builds lasting vehicles and have good resale value.

- Nina O

It is very reliable; repairs are rarely needs.

It is been very reliable -- I have only had to have two major repairs. One involved the rear struts and the other, just recently, the alternator. Even when something goes wrong, the car seems to have a long ability to run before the problem needs to be treated.

- David S

Love the reliability of my Camry.

The only maintenance that has been required is routine (oil changes, tire replacement/rotation, etc.). Reliable in all conditions found in the chicago area. . It is a fun and easy car to drive and has room for plenty in the trunk and in the cabin of the car.

- Stephanie T

Comfortable Family Car for Adventures

This car has comfortable inside space - no need to feel cramped! Excellent ability to gain speed quickly for pulling into moving traffic. Haven't had any major mechanical issues. Turns well. Minimal blind spots, if any. Small enough for smaller parking spaces.

- Alyssa M

2006 Toyota Camry with High Mileage

Cheap maintenance - not many serious issues, oil changes are the bare minimum, minimal problems, high reliability - car rarely breaks down, high mileage and still runs like a new car, very comfortable - heated front seats, power seats, power windows, sunroof

- Kayla W

Toyota Camry is affordable to buy, beautiful features easy to maintaining,

It is comfortable easy to drive with enough space for the passengers. I like my color of the car it is black with a beautiful shine. This car is easy for maintenance and the parts of the car can be easily found. This car is best for its safety requirements.

- Ana T

2006 Toyota Camry- fantastic model.

It is very comfortable and has a lot of space. My favorite aspect is the size of the trunk. I has a very big trunk, especially for a sedan. Since it is a 2006 model, it is obviously not the best running, but for a 13 year old car it is in really good shape.

- Eir C

2006 Camry a great value.

I love this car my mom purchased it in 2007 and it has lasted 11 yrs now. Very dependable. It is comfortable too. I am tall so comfort is very important when I purchase a vehicle. Gas mileage is ok for the size n weight. All in all though it is a great car.

- Anna H

Great car, great value and extremely reliable.

Extremely reliable. Very rarely have I experienced any issues. This is my second Camry and I notice that around the 100k mile mark the car will start shaking when at a stop light. This seems pretty typical with most cars since my Accord did the same thing.

- Karen C

2006 Toyota Camry very reliable car.

No problems, only normal wear and tear like tires, brakes, wiper blades and oil changes. Still gets good gas mileage and has been very reliable I would definitely be getting a Toyota as my next vehicle. Each Toyota I have purchased has been very reliable.

- Ernest S

Toyota Camry - a great car at a great price

This car is fantastic: Dependable and comfortable. Great gas mileage - certainly doesn't break the bank to fill it up. . Gets good pick-up when needed. I drive a lot, do the required maintenance and have never had any issues. I would purchase another one.

- Joseph G

The car is a driving cloud

Car is great. Along with its powerful motor. The car does every job possible. Taking me and my family to our destinations. To getting me to and from work. To thousand mile vacations. The car has been a champ. Car is spacious and everyone fits comfortably.

- Roberto G

Even the air and heat work!

My car is a dream come true. It is a Toyota and very valuable to me. It's great on gas and looks good too. It's fast and the breaking in tip top Condition. The sound system is perfect and it idles perfectly. If I had the money I'd buy a brand-new Toyota

- Kenny E

It is a good car! I feel lucky.

Really, at the moment, my car has not any problem. Run in excellents conditions! During the last years, the car has a excellent care. The motor oil and the transmission oil has been changed appropriately. Maybe, the car is old, but run like a great car!

- Luz N

This car is absolutely fantastic. It�s great on gas, so worth buying.

This car is absolutely fantastic. It's great on gas, so worth buying. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's comfy, and compact. This car is so fantastic that I would buy it all the time, every version. Thirty dollars for a full tank of gas? Sign me up.

- Kristen B

My dependable and reliable car.

It runs good and reliable for like 11 years as owning it, next time I'll get a new car, I will get the same model as my car right now. It's very dependable, I use it a lot when I go long driving and everyday to work. I even recommended it to my friends.

- Amanda B

That it is really really reliable even in snow.

It's a good economy car with good gas mileage. I like it is simple dashboard design with user friendly interface. I do not like how it is not a good family car. We will eventually have to upgrade to a different vehicle to effectively fit two car seats.

- Cassandra O

Make: Toyota type: Camry.

Runs smoothly, spacey, good as a family vehicle as well. Have had the vehicle for about three years. With good car maintenance no car owner should have any difficulties with the car. Transmission did go out after the three years of having the vehicle.

- Victoria S

Camrys are great cars that require very little work to maintain. The quality of workmanship is very high and the car is likely to last you very long.

I like how reliable my car has been over the many years I've owned it. It has required very little work and only routine maintenance. I wish that it had many of the modern features that new cars have, lane departure warning, back up camera, etc.

- Will L

Highly dependable vehicle!

My vehicle is a black Toyota Camry. I have found that Toyota vehicles are highly dependable vehicles that get very good gas mileage. It is comfortable and there is plenty of room for both of my kids in the back and plenty of room in the trunk.

- Kellie P

Nice body, sunroof, leather seats, heated seats.

I have the high-end car, leather seats, sunroof heated seats, very good on gas, easy to drive, drives well in all kinds of weather. I have had very few problems with the car, bought it used and it looked brand new when I got it inside and out.

- Judy S

2006 Toyota camry two door review

Sports edition, great gas mileage but can also be a gas hog if you don't use synthetic oil. Vibrates and shakes a little but that may be because it's an older model. It's a two door so not a lot of room inside but there is a spacious trunk

- Victoria L

i'm glad I got a toyota camry

this is a very reliable car i've had for over a decade. no major problems and just passed 160,000 miles.at this age it tends to pull a tad and the steering is a little loose, but it still gets our family through multi-state road trips

- Steve r

It does not consume much gasoline which is convenient for my long drives.

I like how convenient my car is. The fact that is not a big car allows it to it anywhere. I have never had issues with it and it always seems to be “healthy” when going to the mechanic. It is an excellent car, it takes me places.

- Natalie E

It's very reliable and has a very smooth ride. It has a better ride quality than my friends grand Cherokee with air suspension.

I have a v6 motor sonor has decent power. It is higher in miles, 273000. It's fully loaded which I really like. One of the only things I do not like is the lack of an aux cord or Bluetooth connection to listen to music on my phone.

- Jordon P

Reliability and comfort of the camry

Camry is a reliable car. It has not needed any repairs other than maintenance, such as oil change. It is a smooth ride do not feel bumps on the road. It seats 5 comfortably and has big trunk space. Once again it has not broken down

- Mae M

The Camry is a comfortable car.

The Toyota Camry is a good car to have. It is small enough to drive comfortably in town, but also suited well for long car trips. The interior is leather, makes for comfortable seating. It has a good radio, an AUX cord, a sunroof.

- Hannah M

My car is here for the long haul. It will not quit on me. Even with the occasional hiccups, with proper maintenance, it will bounce back and be on the road again. A Toyota is a long term commitment

I am very happy with my vehicle because it is comfortable and reliable. It has enough space to meet my family's needs. If i had one complaint it is that the length of the car makes it difficult to find parking spaces in the city

- Harry G

This car will not cause you headaches. And it is fully worth the money.

I love the gas mileage on this car and the low maintenance and the extras. Not to mention the style of the Camry always great. I love the dependability. Only thing I don't like is the interior but it's not bad just being picky.

- Randy P

It works. It is a safe car and it runs well ..it's just not new.

I love my car because it gets me from point a to point b safely. It does have air conditioning which is wonderful on the summer. However I would love a newer car with some of the newer features and safety features as well.

- Alissa S

It's very reliable. I know when I go out to start it in the morning that it is going to get me where I am going.

It's a comfortable ride, easy to drive, and looks nice. It has a HUGE trunk, which I love. It could get better gas mileage, and I would prefer if it was a standard transmission. Mechanically, it's a really reliable car.

- Katie M

Man see Toyota Camry as a reliable way to get from point A to point B.

I bought the vehicle from my father in law after my wife's grandpa died. It's an ok car. I like the cruise control and power windows/locks. I dislike that the locks lock when you put the car into gear for the first time.

- Adam C

This Toyota Camry is an ultra dependable car. In all the years that I have owned it, it has never let me down. And it's fun to drive!

I have been blown away by the quality of this vehicle. I've lived in 3 cities since I bought it and every mechanic offers to buy it from me. It has convinced my to invest in another Toyota in the future. No complaints.


My car is reliable and safe but definitely has a lot of miles on it.

I transitioned to this car from a two door car so I definitely like how much more space it has including four doors. It drives very smoothly and has a large interior but is small enough where it is still easy to park.

- Nicole H

Great quality in this age of use it up toss it out. Should go 200,000 miles without a major problem

Likes: Ride comfort,gas mileage,reliability,overall size,quality of material used, dislikes: Headlight material used,cheap plastic has turned yellow and looks terrible,Tint on upper part of windshield could be darker.

- Fred M

My car may be older and a little tired looking, but it has been faithful to me!

I like that my vehicle has been very reliable for so many years. I take care of my car, and it has taken care of me. My one complaint is that the headlight covers get cloudy and have to be cleaned 4-5 times a year.

- Rebecca M

It is very reliable and despite all the use, continues to function well.

My car is very reliable, with few issues. It is making a sound that is different when the engine is running, but there does not seem to be any problems. The car is comfortable for Its age, even long distance driving.

- Aquino C

That it is extremely reliable.

I love my Toyota Camry. It is very reliable and never breaks down. It has great resale value and lasts forever. The only complaint I have is if you do need a part they are more expensive than your average car part.

- Dale W

a lot of power behind the wheel.

Great car to have for getting to where you need to be. Fast enough to keep up on the freeways and surface streets. Large enough for 4 comfortably. Has problems with the sensors going off sometimes, bit easy to fix.

- Sapphire H

It's reliable, it's old but it's still runs fine, without any problems. Toyota's good for that

It runs fine, I bought it used last year, so far hadn't got any problems, even though it's already 12 years old. I don't like that it doesn't have a phone jack so I could listen to music (since the car is too old)

- Auguste V

Love my car still going strong after almost 20 yrs.

I love my Camry its almost 18 years old now and is still very dependable and comfortable. I just recently had to replace a cv joint but seeing as how this car has gone thru 3 family members it's still a great car.

- Anna H

Comfortable super running car!

Terrific car. . . Comfortable, nice cloth interior, quiet great running engine and transmission, peppy! Huge trunk, holds 16+ cubic feet of luggage. Has been a wonderful vehicle. Hate to trade it or sell it!

- Jon D

Will last forever as long as you keep up with the oil changes and regular maintenance.

I love it. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and still runs great. It does have a few oil leaks but as long as I keep it full and changed it's fine. Very good on gas. Has never left me stranded.

- Samantha N

Not new, but gets great gas mileage and has a CD player!

This vehicle has been very reliable over the past 5 years. Granted, when I got it it was 7 years old with 26,000 miles on it, but it runs well, gets good gas mileage and it should last a while!

- Jackie M

Great for consistency and durability, especially if you're on a budget.

It's white and has automatic transmission. As of right now it has 150,000 miles. I really like its gas mileage and durability. One thing I dislike is that the brakes seem to wear out quickly.

- John D

I like my Camry. It is gas efficient. It is not costly to repair. I like the leather seats.

It is a very functional car. It is gas efficient. It does not cost a lot to maintain and repair it. It is a great car for the average consumer who just needs a reliable car for transportation.

- Jimmy T

Parts seem pretty easy and cheap in comparison to others.

I believe it is very reliable. I enjoy the mileage for it. Used to be my commuter car for an hour drive to work. Very spacious, reliable and great to travel in. I would definitely buy another.

- Michael Z

I love Toyota as it is very a dependable brand.

I love my car and have not had problems. It is comfortable and easy to drive, I get fair mileage out of my Camry. I have had offers to sell it - it only has 46, 000 on it but I will not sell.

- Kate H

Always starts. Always runs!!

My Camry is reliable. I like everything about it. I do regular maintenance; and the car needs regulate maintenance which enables it to run beautifully. It is a great car great investment.

- Kathleen C

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable vehicle for families.

We have found Toyota vehicles to be very reliable and last a long time. One of our older Toyotas has 290,000 miles! We like the camry because it is affordable, comfortable and practical.

- Gail H

Toyota Camry is a super duper amazing vehicle!!

This car is absolutely amazing, I have driven all over the state of Florida with absolutely zero problems. It has been all over the southeast of the United States without a single issue

- Jacob B

Good vehicle just not for me

Sits too low to the ground. Needs more room for backseat. It is hard to get a car seat in and out. Trunk could be more square. It has lots of contours and it is difficult to pack full.

- Heather W

After 100,000 miles they tend to burn oil for no reason rather quickly, even after an oil change.

I hate it. We have had it since day one. Sudden acceleration issues and oil leakage after 100,000 miles. Toyota claims no responsibility for either problems and offers no solutions.

- Jacquelyn F

Anyone who is interested in this car should know it is a good economical car with good gas mileage.

Good economically friendly car with good gas mileage. Spacious for a small vehicle. Wouldn't recommend for someone with a growing family but definitely a good single person car.

- Cassie O

Very good on gas, and reliable.

I got this car used. It is all black and it runs very well. Very good on gas. You can fill up the tank with $30 and will last you thought a week and couple of days. Very smooth.

- Faith L

It has a nice size trunk and is a car that is a nice size.

My car is comfortable and had very little problems with it like the room in the car had airbags put in extra ones for safety reasons did not have to use then the style is nice.

- Sandra W

It runs well and I have spent virtually no money on repairs.

I like the my vehicle runs well and has no problems. It has been very inexpensive to maintain. I dislike that it is a boring style and color. Silver is my least favorite color.

- Paula S

The seats are very comfortable and the cargo space of the trunk is great.

I like everything about the camry except, I think the gas pedal and brake are too close together. Also it would be nice to be able to adjust the height of the passenger seat.

- loretta d

I lease it and I like to keep it clean.

Smooth driving, good acceleration. No complaints. It gets fairly good gas mileage and the maintenance cost is quite low. Has a good appearance and is comfortable to ride in.

- Diane P

The car doesn't look like much but it does what a car is supposed to do, get me from point A to point B. It is the most dependable car I've ever had.

The vehicle is dependable. I never have to worry if it is going to start.The air conditioning is not working currently. It also gulps oil. I am constantly having to add oil.

- David T

2006 Camry = Reliable, Good Gas Mileage

My vehicle is extremely reliable and gets decent gas mileage. My engine has recently been running slightly hotter than usual but other than that, it is in perfect condition.

- DaL L

My Toyota Camry is a very safe car. Not only is it safe but it is also reliable!

My vehicle is okay. I would not say that I love it but I certainly don't hate it either. It gets me where I need to go and it has fairly good gas mileage. I cannot complain.

- kelsey s

It is a good quality car because its parts or parts are durable, an important detail is that it is not noisy

the performance of my car is optimal, it is an excellent car in all senses, in terms of damping they tend to present faults, their interiors are comfortable and easy to use

- Desiree H

It's more spacious than you would think just looking at it, and fairly reliable.

The car is reliable. It's not too great on fuel efficiency, but I've seen worse fuel efficiency. The trunk is roomier than you would think, but I do wish it had more space.

- Samantha L

My 2006 Toyota Camry is a very tough car that can basically get through anything.

I have a 2006 Toyota Camry. My car is a fairly old car, but it works just as new. I have no problems with my car except that the paint is slightly chipped and waring out.

- Ashley R

Great car that is bound to get you to where you need to go for a long time

I really love my car. It i super reliable as I have had it for over ten years and I have put over two hundred thousand miles on it and it has not had any major problems.

- Andrew K

Love the spoiler on the back, makes it look sporty!

I have had very few problems with this car, I keep up the maintenance which helps maintain its performance. It is dependable, I drive it everyday and it is comfortable.

- Carrie K

I have had my car a very long time and it still runs great.

I love my car. I have had my car for over 10 years and it almost looks new. It runs very well. I do not have a lot of repairs. My car can hold a lot when I am shopping.

- Teresita M

A solid john smith of a car.

For a car that is 12 years old, it runs pretty well. Over 120, 000 on it and with maintenance it is fine. Comfortable seating and legroom, quiet your average nice car.

- Jess T

To get a new stereo since the one it comes with is fairly lame.

It's extremely reliable and have had very minimal problems with the car since I've owned it. I do not like the somewhat cheap radio and crappy speakers with the car.

- Aimee M

You get a lot of mileage out of each gallon of gas.

I can't say there's anything I dislike about my car. I really like how fuel efficient it is and how smoothly it runs. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this car.

- Cecilia L

The most reliable car out there honestly.

I like how it's reliable and won't crash down on me. It has great gas mileage. But I dislike how everyone these day has them like I'm tryna be different nah saying

- Marvin S

10+ years and still on the go!!

I love my car. I have had it for over 10 years and she has been as reliable as ever. Toyotas are a great brand of a car if you are looking to buy. Very reliable!!

- heather b

It gets really great gas mileage.

It is great on gas, comfortable, and a very safe vehicle. I bought it used and have been driving it daily for over a year, haven't had any problems with it yet.

- Katie B

maybe it looks like a junker but it's pretty solid.

i like how comfortable it is and how it seems to hold up really well. i don't like how to alternator died twice in two years. i wish it was a little fancier too

- lindsay w

over 12 years old and runs like brand new. take care of it and it takes care of you.

all cars in the Toyota line up are excellent as far as reliability, durability and value. the 2006 camry sedan is great and there isn't much to complain about.

- roxanne r

The AC barely helps during the summer and it's like driving around in a super heated oven of death.

My vehicle is easy to handle, it's blue which is my favorite color, and it's the ideal size for me. I'm not sure there's anything I really don't like about it.

- Nhu L

Excellent car for years to come.

It's great. I get good gas mileage and its lasted me throughout the years with minimal problems. I would recommend the Camry to everyone especially families.

- Chasity C

The car has very comfortable seats. It runs great and has a good look. It is also easy to drive. The breaks and gas pedal are not too touchy but work well.

I really like my car! I think that if i could improve anything it would be to make the blind spots in the car not as big. It is hard to switch lanes easily.

- Heidi C

Toyota Camry - A Sturdy, Reliable, Long-Lasting Vehicle!

It has made it to 143,000 miles and is still running! It has not had any major issues. I love that it has lasted this long and will hopefully last longer.

- Beverly S

Extremely sturdy for the first 100k miles. After first major problem, start looking for a new car.

It's very sturdy and lasts a long time. However when it does start having problems it's one thing after another and you're getting it fixed every paycheck.

- Katara L

The one most important thing about my car is it is a reliable car!

My vehicle is reliable, economical and is in good condition. It is also, comfortable and has good gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Doris D

It's an easy car to drive around town

I like that It's easy to drive and relatively safe. Dislike that It's smaller than the other vehicles on the road, feel like I need a large SUV to be safe

- erin F

5000 miles for oil change.

I love how it rides and its dependability. I like how I can wait every 5000 miles for a oil change. I dislike how the major parts can be expensive to fix.

- Nikki R

its efficient gets me to point a and b get great gas mileage

i was always fond of Toyota growing up and to now own a Camry i love it wish it was a newer model but in six months i will definitely get another Toyota

- kristelle a

My 2006 Toyota Camry was a great buy!

Never have had any mechanical problems with my 2006 Toyota Camry. I have put well over 200,000 miles on it and it still runs like it did when brand new.

- Chuck M

Camry overall great car with minor flaws.

Overall great car, alternator has had to be replaced twice, now that it is old it leaks from the windshield, but drives great has a ton of miles on it.

- Betsy W

Toyota Camrys are THE BEST

My car drives so smoothly, rarely has issues, has excellent gas mileage, comfortable and easy to drive, great leg room, lots of trunk space. I love it.

- Whit K

The Camry is very safe and reliable! Great family car.

It's very reliable. I feel safe taking my family around in it. Good size for a sedan. But, it's pretty basic... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

- Amanda H

It suits me, because it's practical, compact, and safe.

I like the comfort of this vehicle. Also, Toyota is a great brand and I've always had positive experience with their cars. It's safe and reliable.

- Mar R

I love my Toyota Camry !!

I have not had any issues with my vehicle . My car was used when I purchased it 8 years ago and has over 200,000 miles on it !!! Runs like a dream

- Corliss R

I am proud to drive a toyota.

No complaints. It is a wonderful car. Has only required oil changes, air filters, new tires and windshield wipers. Still get good gas mileage.

- Kay H

It is very easy to drive in all weather conditions.

I like my vehicle in all respects. If not, I wouldn't still have it for 12 years. No complaints except regular maintenance, tires, brakes, etc.

- Doris M

Long life and generally user-maintainable vehicle.

Solid performance but minor problems with appearance due to weak spots of external engineering. Parts welded that need to be user replaceable.

- Larry R

It is reliable and practical.

It is a Toyota so it is reliable and practical. Smooth ride. I very much enjoy my Toyota. The gas mileage is not as good as I thought it would.

- Lisa M

I love the gas mileage I put $20 in a week and it lasts the whole week

For an older car my car is very reliable. I have had minimal issues with th this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and has been running great.

- Laurissa C

It is not very up to date with technology so no Bluetooth for example.

The exhaust had a problem once but other than that it runs smoothly. For an older car I have minimal problems. Mine could use new tires soon.

- Ally H

It is a very safe and reliable. It's a very good car for a family of 4

My Toyota Camry has been very reliable. The maintenance costs have been really low, mainly oil changes and tires. It also gets decent mpg.

- Dan B

My car has great mileage and is the perfect size.

137,000 miles and never had anything wrong with it except do regular maintenance regular oil changes. Still have original back brake lining.

- Gerald W

It is a great value, and very affordable.Also easy to maintain.

I love to drive my car. It is comfortable, and all of the controls are easily accessible. The ride is smooth. It is also easy to maintain.

- Jackie p

Great reliable car that will never break. Perfect for new drivers.

I love the car. Never had any issues with it. I would recommend buying this car 100%. Will buy it again, once mine doesn't drive anymore .

- Maddy M

If you do all the required maintenance regularly it will give dependable service.

Like. Low maintenance dependable car. Has power everything and smooth ride just like a Cadillac. Dislike. Poor paint job. Its coming off.

- Jack P

I like that my car is small and compact. I do not like the fact that it is only a two door. I also wish it was newer model, but all in all, it's a pretty decent car.

My car gets extremely good gas mileage. I can make a full tank of gas last for about two weeks and it only costs about $27 to fill it up.

- Rhiena H

Toyota Camry Is Dependable, Comfortable and Affordable to Maintain

it is dependable, has excess trunk storage, economical, good electrical system, comfortable with excellent air-conditioning and heating..

- Jerry R

It's a very reliable car. I never had any problems with it and it still runs great.

I love everything about my car. It has a v6 engine. It's the charcoal color that I love. It has cloth seats. It's a sports edition Camry.

- Cindy C

Toyota makes a great car. It is pretty reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car when I first got it. As it ages, it has become costly to maintain it. However it is still cheaper than a new car payment.

- Terri M

Check the alignments regularly. Never skip caring about the front bumper screws.

I like the reliable engine. It has some cosmetic issues which can affect the function of the tires. It tends to have alignment problems.

- Cindy H

Toyota Camry reliable and economical.

My Camry is very reliable. It is also gets great gas mileage. It handles decently around corners. It has been great for long commutes.

- Daniel B

Toyota is a very reliable and dependable vehicle. MPG is good as well for a mid-size sedan

This is my 2nd Toyota Camry and I love it. Performs really well, very reliable and comfortable. I gave my first Camry to a relative.

- Liz T

Several accidents but it does run well.

Runs good. Have had a lot of accidents. I think it's cursed. Has a lot of miles on it. It's time to get a new car. It needs some work.

- Laurie G

These cars are sturdy and durable. Great resale value.

The resale value of my car is great.It has very low maintenance and the car just seems to go forever Even a 12 yo Camry looks great.

- Lea E

The car can run on empty for miles. I have driven the car a least 10 miles under the E sign.

My car is extremely fuel efficient. My car does not break down. My car handles well in the snow. I don't like the look of the car.

- Kevin L

Reliable and have only had to do oil changes, tires, and new brakes.

Easy to drive, maintenance free, reliable auto. Has leather heated seats that are fully power adjustable. Moonroof. No complaints.

- Ginny S

it is a very reliable car.

I love my car. It has held up since my dad bought 12 years ago. my dad gave it to me when I was 18 and it's been reliable to me.

- Alexia B

It runs great. It does have high mileage.

I only have had to replace the battery since I have had my Toyota, since 2006. New tires, and windshield wipers, no other parts.

- Carol G

My toyota is a dark color and it's very reliable

My vehicle was bought used and still in perfect condition. The only problems I've ever had with the vehicle is a small oil leak.

- Destiny P

It is very dependable. It will get you where you need to go.

I love everything about it. It takes me where I need to go. It has a remote starter on it for when the winter time comes around.

- Donisha I

Toyota Camry still running

It's a good car as long as you keep up the maintenance on it. I haven't had any problems with it and it has over 100,000 miles.

- Heather L

My safe and reliable camry!

This is a fantastic car! It feels safe, reliable and offers a very smooth ride. It is a vehicle that I feel very proud to own.

- Bridgette G

Its clean and good on gas.

Comfortable seats. Good on gas. Had plenty of power. Has good features CD player power windows and seats. Has plenty of room.

- Justin P

Fairly used car with minor scratches.

I have a 2006 Toyota Camry. Although the car is a little old, it runs like new. All the parts work fine and the gas is good.

- Ashley R

The little engine that does.

The check engine light is on but my dad thinks it is a sensor lol. It does need a tune up and maybe a check on the braking.

- Zachary H

It's great for if you have to drive long distance and don't want to burn a lot of gas.

I love the way my car gets great gas mileage. It handles smooth and low maintenance. I just wish it had a little more room.

- cylie V

It real good on gas and handles really great. I have not had any major problems.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. It runs great good on gas I just keep up the maintain end oil change etc.

- Tammy B

It runs great I never had a major problem with it.

Not many problems, not costly to fix when does break down. Only dislike it is getting old time to look for newer model.

- Carol B

That it is reliable and lasts a long time.

This vehicle is red and very nice. I love that it is a reliable car. Also my Toyota camry has lasted a very long time.

- alexandra g

That if you do not do the maintenance on the engine it could break down.

Overall I love my car. However the electrical system in the car does have a few problems. But that can be easily fixed.

- Taylor B

How the vehicle runs and the miles per gallon.

The vehicle is reliable, it gets me from point a to point b. It is a smooth ride. And finally it's pretty good on gas.

- Asher P

They are very reliable and if anything needs to be fixed it's easy to find places to get it fixed.

Camry's are very reliable cars. I've had no problems with it breaking down or needing major repairs. Good gas mileage.

- Lynn K

Good in gas, very nice looking, and the most important it's feeling comfortable

Love my vehicle, easy to drive and maintain, I have this vehicle since 2006 and I can't say nothing else but I love it

- Nelson S

That is has a lot of space in the back seat and in the trunk.

I like that it can carry large items. It has a huge trunk. I dislike that it does not have an aux cord capabilities.

- Brianna D

It is a manual transmission.

I like that it is a manual. It is very reliable. No complaints. It is really fun to drive. I wish it had an AUX plug.

- Lidia A

Great car and how to maintain it.

Great car when properly maintained. Very reliable car , good mileage and no major engine problems. Use synthetic oil.

- Joe H

It is a big car with a lot of room for things and people.

I like that it's small and good on gas. I like that it's dependable. There's nothing that I really dislike about it.

- Pamela G

Car is very reliable and great on gas.

The car is a good car. It is just old. Doesn't have any of the modern features newer cars have. It is very reliable.

- Lauren C

It is dependable and runs really well.

It gets great gas mileage. It is super dependable and runs well. It has ac and I love that since my last car didn?t.

- Samuel R

Excellent braking system and radio.

Great gas mileage. Beautiful color. Large trunk space. Side view mirrors easy use. Excellent vehicle. No complaints.

- Catherine U

It has been a great car with only a couple of repairs in almost 15 years.

It is a very reliable car. Very low maintenance. Standard maintenance is all that is required. Good on gas mileage.

- Peg H

It' had lasted a long time. We have over 200,000 miles but it still runs good.

It is old and is starting to need a lot of maintenance. It has a lot of miles on it. And it does not fit all of us.

- Samantha C

She's been a great car for over a decade.

It's a gray Camry. Has traveled many miles, and been a great car. Roomy inside, comfortable. Gonna miss it one day.

- Joey M

Very reliable. Clean. Fay

Very reliable. It starts having problems astounds the 50,000 mile mark. Overall it is a cat most people would like

- Bob S

It has always been very dependable.

Very dependable all these years. Gets very good gas mileage. Nothing to dislike, except that it is 12 years old.

- David J

It accelerates and you don't have to push the gas pedal hard to get it to go

It is drives smoothly and accelerates well. The air conditioning works great. I just wish it was better in gas.

- Kathie C

Buy a Toyota Camry xle v6. This is a very dependable vehicle.

I really do not have any problems with my car. It is safe, reliable, looks good and rides great and I love it.

- Debbie L

Toyota Camry is reliable, something you don't have to think twice about!

Love the reliability but not in love with the size, feel pressure to have a large SUV to stay safe on the road

- erin S

It was a great value. I would be happy to buy another one just like it.

I have nothing but good comments about my car. It is great is gas mileage. It has enough room for 5 people.

- David D

Built to last. Great value, great comfort.

It is comfortable, well built, reasonable gas mileage, a lot of trunk space and so far just needs maintenance

- Diana C

Camry is a great vehicle!

This has been a wonderful car. Completely reliable and dependable. Good gas mileage and efficient in all ways.

- Crystal F

That it is very reliable as long as you keep up the maintenance.

It is very reliable and safe to drive. I love the size. It has never broke down on me. I love the blue color.

- Susan T

Gets really good gas mileage

Just normal wear and tear on my vehicle, a really reliable car,worth the money. Interior holds up really good

- Larry D

A great car and good handle control.

I like the way it drive and control but I hate the way it sounds and turns and the way it stops to quickly.

- Freddie M

comfortable while driving, that passengers or drivers feel safe

Toyota makes good cars. I love my car. No problem with the engine since the purchase. Affordable gas price.

- Haeyoung C

It is easier to fit into spaces because it is small.

I don't really have any problems. It runs well and it is lasting. I can fit into a bunch of parking spots.

- Harvey B

I would buy a Toyota Camry again

My car has been very reliable and I've never had any issues with it mechanically and it is 12 years old .

- Candace R

My car is very important to me.

My car is very dependable, and is very good on gas. I do not have any complaints about my car. I love it.

- Michelle G

Its a Toyota camry xle. What can go wrong with this car? Nothing

Best car ever had. Good in gas. Great for the family. Very affordable. Basis maintenance brakes, oil.etc

- Leonel S

Comfortable and durable car.

Great car, no major problems. Comfortable, very reliable, standard features, cd, power lock and windows

- Durwin L




Very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

Performs great. . . No issues. It is just getting old and needs new paint. It has been maintained well.

- Jenny H

It is good for car insurance rates.

It has great giddyup. Air conditioner works great. Very comfortable. It handles great and is quiet.

- Tia A

Tire needs to be check often and gas.

Big, comfortable, reliable, good drive, good in gas, air conditioning good, easy to operate, reliable.

- A A

My car is very dependable and has never given any trouble of any kind.

My car has a great body style and great performance. It has plenty of passenger room and cargo space.

- Kathy T

If your in need of a good family car, than this is the car for you.

My car holds my 2 kids and myself very comfortable. It is very good on gas and it is very reliable.

- Lynn G

It is a gas saver and it handles very well.

I love the coLors of the car. I like that is not too big or to small. I like the technology in it.

- Megan N

Excellent value: Low cost good mileage comfortable

Resilient, low maintenance, comfortable, reliable, safe, great mileage, aged well. Outdated features

- Matt S

My vehicle gets me from point a to point b and back to a

The only problem is the sunroof does not work. It runs very smooth. Heat and ac work perfect. Comfy

- Vanessa L

lasts a long time and is reliable and also has good gas mileage

good gas mileage, very reliable, attractive design, intuitive controls, fairly priced repairs

- Donna Q

Dependable and reliable performance

Pleasure to drive and very little in terms of maintenance costs even after 10+ years of driving.

- bill e

Very good gas mileage and dependable car that is cost effective

It's very dependable, has required minimal maintenance. Gets good mileage. From a good company

- Kat B

Be careful with the acceleration because it's smoother than you think

I love the smoothness of brake and gas pedal but the dashboard gets sticky due to hot weather.

- Sunita M

that it is very dependable and gets good gas mileage

I like that my car is dependable and it gets good gas mileage. I never have an issue with it.

- T K

It has good gas mileage and so far very little service required.

It gets Good gas mileage. Also plenty of legroom in back seat. One dislike is road noise.

- Ileenb B

It has a great air conditioner. I mean, seriously.

It is blue. It has a great air conditioner. I wish it could go for more miles per gallon.

- Zachary R

It is very reliable and even when I've had to get service it isn't expensive.

Compact but large enough to fit my family of 4. I wish it handled better in the snow.

- Catherine B

Take care of the exterior paint. Wash & wax regularly.

Reliable. 3.0L V6 engine has good performance with good fuel economy. No complaints.


Trustworthy and long lasting.

It has manual everything. I didn't want electric anything including my transmission

- Sham W

It is a great car to drive and has few problems with its engine or other mechanics.

I drive the vehicle one day a week and love the way it handles and low maintenance.

- Vangie A

Check consumer reports I promise it will help in the long run, I have a great car and I wouldn't use anything other site besides consumer reports

I love everything about my car Great on gas great to drive everything is amazing

- Christina W

The car is very reliable and runs well. I would recommend this car.

The car runs very well and is reliable. It does not take turns well in the rain.

- Arlene P

Still runs great after more than 10 years--good engine.

Still runs like a champ. The body is scuffed and dented but not worth fixing.

- jin v

One most important thing others should know about my car is that the seats are from leather.

It does not have the modern communication systems. It uses too much gasoline.

- Ara S

The car Lasts for a long time. It is 12 years old and feels brand new

Engine last forever. Very dependable. Very comfortable and gets good mileage.

- Clifford T

the price and durability. what the money you out into the car to last.

no rear view camera.no Bluetooth. no aux. very reliable and durable however

- Jennifer G

Not much maintenance. After all these years car still run nice.

The car runs great. Also the ride is very nice. Not crazy over the color.

- karen b

It is dependable; durable and handles well

It has been dependable; maintenance is far and few between; runs smoothly

- Vangie S

it lasts for a significant time, and minor maintenances are reasonable

it's working after having more than 180K mileage on it. I'm happy with it

- Saman S

good mileage on traveling long distance

It's good on gas mileage.It's a small car.gets stuck in the snow easily.

- curt M

It's very a very practical vehicle that won't let you down.

It's a very practical car. It has a smooth ride. It's not that stylish.

- Ben K

it is bigger than you think

runs well, never had any real mechanical problems, good fuel efficiency

- jordan B

The Toyota Camry is incredibly reliable and stylish

It runs well, but it doesn't have newer features like GPS or Bluetooth.

- Alexis M

120000 miles and still running like a champ just basic maintenance

No complaint drive great cheap on gas maintenance is not to expensive

- Ken W

These cars are built very well and take a licking and keep on ticking.

So far the car runs good. Never needs maintenance besides new tires.

- Jason G

it is good and reliable.and gets me where i want to go

it is an okay car. it gets me to where i want to go. it is reliable.

- Robert S

It's the most reliable, affordable vehicle out on the market.

Love my Toyota!!! All it needs is oil changes and it drives perfect.

- Codie C

the toyota camry has excellent reliability, good resale value

reliable vehicle good resale value next to no repairs no complaints

- tom w

If you want reliability, get a Toyota.

Reliable and practical car, even with high mileage. No complaints.

- Samantha S

Easy to drive and gets good gas mileage. I dislike how easily the body dents, compared to the Honda Accord I used to have.

Gets good gas mileage especially on the highway or interstate.

- Ann H

Mileage. How many gallons to the mile. No bluetooth built into the car.

Broken horn. No built in GPS. Scratches on car. No bluetooth.