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One Dependable Luxury Vehicle

My 2007 Toyota Camry is one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned. I work as a certified nursing assistant for Agape Hospice and travel a lot during the day. The gas mileage I get is great. I had an oil consumption recall on my car about two years ago, but the Toyota dealer replaced the part that needed to be replaced and I still have not had any problems. I will admit that I do take my car for routine oil changes when needed. I have not had any major problems with my Camry. I have only replaced things that are usually expected with normal wear and tear on a vehicle. I have had my tires changed, the windshield wipers changed, and the headlight bulbs changed. Other than that, I have not had to replace anything major. My car has over 200,000 miles on it, but it still runs great. I think my car is a very comfortable car to drive. There is just the right about of room in it for my children and myself. I must say that the trunk had plenty of space to put things when needed to go on vacation, as well. Nobody can go wrong when choosing to purchase a Toyota Camry.

- Stephanie G

Ride in style in your Toyota Camry. Quiet and smooth.

I really love my Camry. It has heated seats. It is cockpit is user friendly, everything is in reach. The seats are comfortable and adjust easily to the driver or passenger. The stereo system allows me to listen to am/FM or I can load up to 6 CD's and listen to my own tunes. It has cruise control. So long trips are less stressful. My children are grown now, but the rear doors can be locked so children can not open them. The trunk space is good. I enjoy the key fob so I can unlock doors before I get there. If I had to say there's a problem it would be backing up. I am use to cars that slope down not up. So I tend to have problems with where I am in relation to other objects. But I really enjoy driving around town in my Camry.

- Lindsey M

Affordability, low maintenance to upkeep it, very reliable car brand

Bought it certified pre-owned from a dealership after my first ever car accident. Has been working well, as a car should. Have had to get an oil change twice so far, with synthetic oil blends. Does eat up some gas if all you mostly do is drive on highways. Among city streets to and from school or work a full tank would last me almost 2 weeks. Is an older car, so it doesn't have nav features or Bluetooth capabilities, but it has an aux and that's basically all I need. Toyota overall is a reliable car manufacturer, I had owned a hand me down Toyota Corolla from my Mom before my Camry and that also did not give me any issues, so I can pretty much trust the way Toyota's are made and their reliability.

- Luana R

Good car. No problems, plenty of room. 10 Years old and still rolling like new.

I have no problems with this vehicles. I do the regular oil changes and tune up and the car has never stopped. The features on the car are excellent and the ride is very smooth. I feel very comfortable as a driver as well as a passenger. Also the room in the car is fabulous and spacious so you don not feel trapped in. The air and the heating system works for the comforts of the driver as well as the passenger as you can feel it like it is surrounding the entire car. The car is now 10 years old and I do not feel that I need to buy another car for at least another five years as this baby keeps on rolling without any headaches.

- Ruth M

Review of the 2007 Toyota Camry se.

When I first got the Camry, it was brand new off the lot. I never had any big issues with car. Just normal wear and tear. The air conditioning works amazingly, the stitching on the seats themselves is beautifully crafted. The speakers that come with the car work magnificently, the car is 11 years old and everything works just like it did the day we purchased this car. The only thing I did have a problem with was the original paint job. After two years the roof and the top of the trunk began to become discolored and looked very ugly. I've gotten two full body paint jobs for the car since purchased.

- Jennifer G

The oil leak that the car has. I am sure I can take it into get fixed.

I have over 140, 000 miles on this car! The only thing that I don't like is that the oil leaks. Other than this everything works great. The ac runs nice and cool and the heat works perfectly. Automatic car, that has the horsepower of a sports car. Can fit two car seats in with no problem. The ride is very smooth. Even in the back seat. No one can mess with your gas tank as there is a pulley in the car to open it. I’d give this car a five star. For the fact I drive 40 miles round about from home to work and back, with no problem. I have had this car for 2 years. And will keep it for a while.

- Mary E

Over 100,000 miles and still going strong

I bought my Camry new in 2007 because I wanted a very safe car for myself and my kids. Shortly after owning it, I was in a bad accident but my injuries were minor because the car kept me safe. In the past 11 years, I've driven about 110,000 miles, and the car is still running great. I plan to keep it until it dies, or 200,000 miles. What I don't like is that it's somewhat noisy in the interior, and since it's old it doesn't have all the bells and whistles the new cars have, such as bluetooth connectivity and backup camera. I still like the car enough to keep it for a long time, though.

- Amy W

Reliable, comfortable and safe.

Love this car. I always buy Toyota and this is my second Camry. This vehicle will last forever and I will enjoy driving it till it goes to car heaven. We used our Camry to drive through multiple states after our wedding. We were never uncomfortable and it was a 10 day trip through deserts and mountains. I was also in a bad accident a few years ago and my car was hit on the passenger side. I had no injuries at all even though the entire right side of my car was smashed and had to be replaced. I cannot say enough good things about Toyota’s in general, and the Camry is my favorite.

- Sara H

Dependable gas friendly vehicle.

Reliable car and good on gas since I drive it 5-6 times a week. The seats are comfortable and roomy, for a sedan there’s a good amount of space for the back seats where passengers have enough leg room. It already has an auxiliary port so I can play the music I want if I do not want to listen to the radio or CD player. So far the car has not given me any mechanical issues or concerns, but with the use of any vehicle normal wear and tear is expected. So far this Camry has been with us for 1 year and it is a very dependable car, and no problem driving long distances.

- Ruth L

Perfect for new drivers and a reliable first car.

I have a Toyota Camry and I am not in love with it but I do not hate it, so my opinion on this car is somewhere in the middle. It is the perfect size for me. It is not huge and bulky but it is also not small. I also like that the handling on this car is easy. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth, and sometimes my radio has a lot of static. I believe it would be a great car for a young adult learning how to drive. It is also a good choice for a first car because it is so reliable. All in all, it is reliable and easy to maintain, but lacks luxurious features.

- Noel P

The best car I have owned in years.

I have had this car for over 6 years the only thing I have done to it is regularly change oil and I replaced my tires 2 years ago. It is a midsize car and I would not trade it in at all we have taken so many trips in this car I would not hesitate to go and jump in it and take another this is the most dependable car I have owned years. I have replaced one headlight and where every short person in my house has driven it they wore out my seat control switch which only cost me 64.98 very low cost my son put it in no problem 5 minutes tops. I love my Camry!!

- Amy W

As of now, the 2007 Camry has the best mileage on the road at 18 mpg.

With the 2007 Toyota Camry, it is extremely reliable. This vehicle is my first and currently has 250, 000+ miles on it and still runs as it did on mile 1. Although it runs amazing, there still have been several issues and problems I have ran into with it. In 2016, I had to get a part replaced due to a callback and error on the part which was causing injuries to the drivers and passengers in the vehicle. In 2017, the a/c blew and I had to replace it (which costed roughly $1200). But overall, the car has been amazing and I highly recommend.

- Tyler H

2007 Toyota Camry, black exterior.

Although my Toyota Camry is old, it has been extremely reliable. I have taken it on multiple long trips (over 1,000 miles) and it has always gotten me from point a to point b without any trouble. In the many years of owning my vehicle I have only had to have the engine fixed once and it was an inexpensive trip. The interior of my car is not fancy, however it is cozy and very spacious. My friends and family have never made complaints about my car and I really do not have any of my own. Overall, it is a very reliable and affordable vehicle.

- Madison H

There are multiple locations which can be concealed for emergency cash.

My car is currently 11 years old and has had minor issues since I acquired said vehicle in 2014. Drives very smoothly but even minor potholes can throw the alignment. Interior is spacious for 5 average adult females. AUX cable and Charger are in a difficult location, but are less likely to be banged around because of it. Passenger foot space can contain roughly fifteen 32 oz Gatorade bottles before actual foot space is no longer available. Can take significant wear and tear before safety concerns arise. Has a very sturdy front bumper.

- Tara O

Toyota Camry xle. Great car.

No problems in 12 years. I have regular maintenance done and car has been very good. 90, 000 miles and have had only to replace alternator and one anti skid wheel assembly. This is the second Camry I have owned and would definitely buy again. Bought the 4 cylinder because I drove both the 6 cylinder and the 4 cylinder and there wasn't a whole lot of difference between them. Car is comfortable and ride is good. Gas mileage is up to 34 on the highway and 25 in town. No rust even living in an area where salt is used on the roads a lot.

- Wayne P

Better for the environment. Better for your pocket. Drives smoothly. Safe vehicle.

Driving a hybrid is great and I highly recommend it. Not only, is driving a hybrid better for the environment, when it comes to gas you save a significant amount of money! Also, although my car is an older model, Toyota was definitely ahead of it is time. It is actually a push to start and has heating and air conditioning controls for the driver and passenger! The car itself is a larger small car so if you are not comfortable with larger cars I'd shy away from this one but for me who came from driving an SUV this car is perfect!

- Angelica Q

If you want a car that safe, easy to drive, and will keep going for years, get a Camry. If you're looking for fun and excitement, look elsewhere.

My Camry is easy and comfortable to drive. Long road trips have never been a problem and I've been able to sit through west-coast road trips, constant trips to and from Vegas, and A LOT of traffic in the time I've had it. It's extremely easy to maintain and very easy to work on. I don't feel obligated to take it to a mechanic to do simple repairs as I can easily do them on my own or with assistance from my boyfriend. The only complaint I have is that it's boring. It's not fun to drive, it's not exciting, and it has no charm.

- Andrea G

2007 Toyota Camry with only 75,000 miles on it.

My car is relatively reliable. Even though it is very old, I haven't had too many problems with it, especially not compared to other people I know cars. When it does have an issue, it seems that it has a lot of issues, like a leak in the oil pan, a broken air filter, a crappy air conditioning system, etc. It drives pretty well for an almost 12 year old car, the interior is holding up okay. My dashboard has melted in the sun heat, so it is all squishy and gross, but that was a recall thing that Toyota had a couple years ago.

- Reese G

My 2007 Toyota Camry LE is awesome.

This car it is very reliable, it is comfortable, inexpensive, great on gas, family friendly, great for traveling, compact, attractive, has good acceleration, nice breaks, a decent sound system, I love the six-disc CD changer, it is also got a tape is you've got an adapter for devices. The air conditioning works well. I sell well or if my car. It is got a sharp turning radius for U-turns. My only complaint is that the lights are not quite as bright as my last car but they of course suffice and do not hinder driving ability.

- Aaron R

2007 Toyota in great shape.

My 2007, xle Toyota Camry was purchased brand new. Even though I have had since 2007 I have given it the maintenance it requires therefore it is in good condition. It has a beige, leather seats and interior. Power steering, windows and brakes. Auto door locks, CD player, am/FM radio, dual heated seats, dual temperature controls, center console, front and back, pull down sun screen in the back window. Excellent gas mileage in the city and on the open road. Automatic windows and door locks and alarm system.

- Shirley S

Toyota is a very reliable car.

Very happy with my Toyota Camry. I have never had a big problem with my car. I do have the regular maintenance done when it is required. I like that the interior and trunk are very spacious. We have taken our car on numerous road trips and I have felt very comfortable knowing we will not have my car brake down. Mileage is great, a full tank takes you a long way. I love the censor that indicates when I have a low tire. I got my car with 0 mileage, had it for more than 10 years and have never had an issue.

- Emma C

My vehicle reaches its velocity in a very good time management.

It is better comfortable to be driving around my car because it is very soft the motor does not give me any problems at all. I am very happy to have my car since I know that it gives me its best performance, everything works just fine and of course having a daily checking of the car is a very important part of the car. Adding water and checking the performance of how the motor is moving and sounding is very crucial to have a healthy automobile.

- Mi Angel💖 V

Great overall vehicle and gas economical.

For a 12 year old vehicle, it runs great. It's very comfortable and has a nice ride. The hybrid system took a little getting used to but definitely saves gas. The only real issue is we've had some issues with the battery system during extremely low temperature- car started but died shortly up the road. Never found out what cause was but mechanic felt it could be weather related. Once codes were cleared it ran fine. Never happened again.

- Regina C

It is a very economic friendly, four door sedan.

My 2007 Toyota Camry has cloth seats which are very comfortable, there is enough space for my daughters car seat in the back seat. I have had no problems from it since I have had it, I purchased it when I was in high school and it is always been a very reliable vehicle for me. I would purchase another one! I get great gas mileage, the radio and speakers are all stock and they sound great! It is for sure a good family car!

- Victoria M

Compare the body type to a lexus and BMW of the same year very similar.

Have owned Toyota's since 1985, the only problem I have experience is with the brakes the rotors tend to warp no other issues. Great mileage highways 30/33, streets 26/29 depending on traffic. Has some of the same features as expensive cars without the price. Its going on 12 years and still is a good looking car smooth drive. Keeping up with the maintenance has extended the life of the car still drives like a champ.

- Olga C

Toyota - dependability. Great value.

I bought my Camry in 2001 after owning a Solara. I loved the Solara, but after getting into the Camry, I realized am not a sporty type. The comfort of a 4 door is so nice. Also, I am not very tall. I realize now that I feel so much safer in the Camry. I get good mileage, and so far nothing has gone wrong with the car. It is a 2007. Back is very comfortable for passengers, and the front seat serve me well.

- Judith L

It will last years if it is actually taken care of and maintenance.

A Toyota car is very durable in general. The parts are cheap in comparison to other makes of cars. They're good for family or for the bachelor. My issue is how inefficient it is to get my car serviced when I go to any Toyota dealership. I went for an oil change yesterday and waited an hour and a half for my car because I was told my mechanic just went to lunch (it was 11:30 in the morning I arrived).

- Alexis A

2007 Toyota Camry - bought used in 2018.

This car is really reliable. It is slightly bigger than the car that I owned before, which was a 2009 Chevy cobalt. The trunk is very spacious and the Bluetooth is a nice touch. I bought this car used so there were some scratches on the dashboard. The center console slides forward and back, which can be annoying and inconvenient, but I have adapted to it and it does not bother me so much anymore.

- Maggie M

It withstands distance driving and carrying heavy weight despite its size.

The car itself is great and extremely reliable. We have had some issues with it running out of oil despite a lack of a leak but we bought it heavily used so that is a big part of why. Ours is missing a sunshade mirror and we have found that where the sunshades connect sometimes leak with heavy rain. Despite this it is extremely reliable to drive and very fuel efficient for the year we got it.

- Mackenzie G

It is a very dependable and comfortable car and gets good fuel mileage.

I like the leather seats and the overall comfort of the car. I also like the high fuel mileage I get. I have issues with the bluetooth in the car. I feel like I get a lot of complaints about people not being able to hear me through it and it only works for calls and not music. I understand some of the issues with that was the technology at the time it was made. Overall I like the car.

- Adrean E

Toyota Camry the protector.

The Toyota Camry is the most reliable vehicle ever. I do regular maintenance and that is all that is needed. This car is smooth while driving over bumpy roads. It is very safe. I was struck by a GMC truck in the rear with 2 children in the back and everyone was safe. I was left with our lives and a small crack in my bumper. I would really have to be convinced to try another vehicle.

- Patrice A

The 07 Camry is known for its oil consumption. Other than that it is a safe, reliable, and fun car to drive.

I love my Toyota Camry because it has still modern features 11 years later. I hydroplaned and the camry's tough exterior took the hit with minimal damage. The main dislike I have is, it has an oil consumption problem. The Toyota tech said was fine, but every 200-300 miles I have to add 2 quarts of oil. That is not fine, but its my car and aside from that it is still roadworthy.

- triston t

Reliable spacious Camry - great on gas.

Even though I haven't kept up with maintenance as I should, the vehicle has remained quite reliable and is always good on gas. The car is roomy with adjustable seats and plenty of legroom in the bag with a very spacious trunk. It has a CD player and an aux cord plug so I am able to play music from my phone. Does not take long to heat up in the winter or get cool in the summer.

- Bonnie H

Bad engine, still runs 80, 000 miles later!

My Toyota needs its whole engine replaced. It's got bad/ damaged piston rings and the engine is 4000 more than the car is even worth so were just doing oil changes twice a week to make up for the extra oil burning. Its flex pipe is cracked so we need another one of those welded on. Other than that we love it. The car is a trooper, only one hill ever in ice could we not get up!

- Samantha H

My personal Toyota Camry review.

I like my Toyota Camry a lot because it is reliable. It is great on gas for a vehicle this size. I haven't had to get any mechanical work outside of regular maintenance. My only complaint is that there’s been a few recalls that has concerned me. The size is spacious and comfortable. It is perfect for me and how I prefer to travel. I'd consider it again for my next vehicle.

- Crystal R

The car will get you from point a, to point b with safety in mind.

The lights on the dash seem to come on after I have it serviced every time. I also sort of wish there was more mobility with the seats so I could put larger things in the back at times. The seat is overall comfortable and I do like a lot of the features it comes with such as the moon roof. The CD player and horn broke and I do not have the funds to replace at the moment.

- Rachel L

It is very reliable, for the time I have had it I have had no problems with it.

It's a bit small I would rather have a SUV crossover but unfortunately cannot afford it a this time. But other than that I like the feel of it when I am driving, I love the interior leather, the jbl premium sound it came with. It also has a sunroof but I never open it because of certain conditions that I have were I am not supposed to be exposed to too much sunlight.

- Claudia R

2007 white Camry with a blown out AUX cord.

The performance is great for it being somewhat of an older car. Reliability is about 80 percent, only because I've had the battery die on me while I am driving or if I do not drive it for a few weeks. Comfort is at about a 7/10. Features are probably the biggest thing for me. Four other people had this car before I did and the AUX cord is completely short-circuited.

- Katherine M

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid. It gets about 35 miles to the gallon.

This car gets great gas mileage and never has any mechanical issues. I have used it in heavy rain, lots of snow and ice, dirt roads, etc. And never had any problems. Of course, it is not the best vehicle for snow but I have only gotten stuck a handful of times and I live in northern New England. The seats are not very comfortable, that is my only real complaint.

- Oliver S

Toyota cars are not made to last.

The dashboard is made out of a weak material. Dashboard is deteriorating. At 10 years of age it is performance is low. Burns a lot of gas and oil quick. It is starting to have throttle issues. The device to have inside air flowing cuts off when outside temperature is below 50 degrees. And there is an occasional vibration on the floor to the left on driver's side.

- Gwendolyn D

07 Toyota Camry went well above my expectations

It's the most comfortable, reliable, powerful car I've ever had. It's got a lot of really cool features like the rear seats recline! It has so much interior space as well as trunk space, and comes with a touchscreen. It doesn't have amazing gas mileage which is annoying but it tells me how many mpg I get as well as how many miles to empty which I really like.

- Nicole B

Best car ever. . Toyota Camry.

The only problem I have is the driver side sun visor keeps coming out on one side. Other then that my car runs really great. We put in a new stereo to update it a little. Gas mileage is good. For an a 11 year old car I had no problems with it. So as a Toyota Camry owner I would suggest you have a vehicle like this. It's the best car to own. I love my Camry. .

- Antoinette B

My car is a 2007 with a sporty body style this is the best body style by far.

This is my second Toyota Camry. I cannot imagine having any other make of car. I bought my car with a little over 30, 000 miles on it. In my previous job, I did several home visits and I never worried once about my car breaking down or getting stranded on country road. I have done very little maintenance on my Camry. This is the only car I will every buy!

- Jodi M

It comes with an AUX input and a CD player. Cruise control, two charger outputs.

My car has an air condition problem. It has a leak somewhere in the pipes. The inside has a little bit of a cosmetic issue. It not that spacious especially when you have two full grown huskies. It is more than 10 years old but it is still running on about 190, 000 miles. Although not sure how much longer it will last. It has done such a great though so far.

- Tatiana J

A 2007 silver Camry with a grey interior.

Car drives very smoothly but sometimes shakes when driving over 70 miles per hour. The grey interior has been stained by the sun over time. It is very comfortable to ride in. The check engine light comes on when an oil change is needed. The car rarely needs non routine maintenance. I have driven it for four years and only need tire changes and oil changes.

- Olivia T

One of the most reliable cars I have ever owned.

The Camry is very comfortable for long trips or a zip through town. It is very quiet in the cabin with plenty of room for 4 adults. Trunk space is huge. I average over 30 miles per gallon. My Camry has over 283000 miles and I have never had a major repair. I do change oil every 3000-3500 miles and do other regular maintenance. Truly a trouble free car.

- Jim C

That it has great gas mileage. I'm able to drive almost four hundred miles before having to gas up my car again.

It's a four door car with a six cylinder engine. It has over 170 thousand miles on it and the engine and transmission still run well. Lately there's been a bit of shakiness when I'm driving, which is associated with the struts getting old, but it's not intolerable. Overall I really like this vehicle and will likely buy a Toyota again in the future.

- Maddie W

Safe, comfortable and reliable car.

I really enjoy my car. It gets great gas mileage and is actually comfortable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there are a few situations which I wish it had a bit more power. Getting out onto busy highways can sometimes be challenging and the engine sounds like its really over working itself. But besides that it's a great car.

- Jeff G

It is expensive to maintain the 2007 Toyota Camry as most parts have to be OEM.

I like my Toyota Camry, it is very comfortable and a great car for road trips. I don't like that the maintenance on my car costs a lot because you have to take it to a Toyota Dealership to have it worked on. When you replace parts, most of them have to be OEM as other brands don't work well with this car. It seems to go through a lot of brakes.

- Katherine M

Camry: reliability and comfort.

I really like this car because I have owned it now for 11 years and have never had any maintenance issues beyond normal wear and tear and regular oil changes/tire rotations. It is extremely reliable. The features are minimal and not very modern. Seats are comfortable and the interior is very roomy, plenty of room to travel with multiple people.

- Carolyn P

2007 Camry. Great car for anyone.

Very reliable, comfortable, large enough for a family yet still a small car. Great gas mileage. Has given me no issues over the 10 years I have had it. Easy to maintain. Limited features, but has all you really need. Has over 300k miles on it and no major issues. I drive it cross country at least 4 times a year and never have to worry about it.

- Julie F

Toyota is a great brand for a reliable car.

I love the car because it has a lot of space but does not feel like I am driving a huge vehicle. The biggest issue I have had with the car is the sun visors get worn out easier than other vehicles in my opinion. I have not had any issues other than the sun visor. Toyota is a great brand and can last awhile if you take care of the car properly.

- Chelsea L

The dash board was replaced at no cost to me because of a manufacturer defect.

My car has been nothing but reliable. It is very economical to operate and when repairs have been required many of the major ones have been covered u under warranty. It is fun to drive and has maintained its stylish looks even though it is eleven years old. The Toyota dealership is very easy to work with. It is a quality experience all around.

- Marcella G

The car lasts forever. Mine is a 2007 and I have almost 200,000 miles on it. It is still running strong except for the oil issue. The car burns oil at an unreasonable rate but Toyota is unwilling to address it properly.

I have the hybrid version of the Camry and I love the gas savings that I get. This version has saved me considerable money since I had a commute time of 4 hours each day. I was concerned that I would have to replace the battery at considerable cost but so far, it is still working fine. I would purchase another one when this one gets too old.

- Lorinda K

Keep up with most scheduled maintenance and the vehicle will perform great for years to come.

It is a great vehicle, that I haven't had any major problems out of. In the years I have owned it I have had to replace the water pump and the front exhaust pipe. The only other major thing is the dashboard. It has melted in the sun and can't be clean. I have seen where other drivers have had the same thing happen to their vehicles as well.

- Tiara F

Older cars are not bad cars.

The Toyota Camry drives really smoothly despite its age; it is an absolute dream to drive. I purchased the vehicle used, and the salesman informed me of a few basic repairs, like new brakes, a new car battery, and basic maintenance like brake pads, but the car has never needed anything major. I am expecting to have this car for a long time.

- Jasmine H

My wonderful pre owned vehicle.

I really love my Toyota Camry le. I bought it from the original owners two years ago. The interior is the only thing I would say is falling apart. The engine is great and the car is reliable. I was lucky to buy the car from previous owners that really took their time and kept the care maintenance up as far as oil changes and routine stuff.

- Katie V

I'll Be Sad to See it Go Someday

I love my Camry. It has been rather dependable the last 11 years and I hope to drive it for another ten! The interior is roomy. I like the power seats and steering wheel radio controls. My husband has a 2012 Camry, but I think mine is way better! The body styling is classy. My car is like a good friend and I'll be super sad to see it go.

- Elizabeth T

Reliable car but it does get old.

It is a mini van with automatic doors. Over the years the automatic door has broken so one door does not open. The buttons on the keys are also broken so the passenger door does not open unless it is unlocked manually. However, before this car was ten years old, it was very helpful. There is a lot of space and it is a good reliable car.

- Tristan D

First and last Toyota for me.

I bought it used a few years ago because I needed a good, reliable car. I have been very disappointed with this car though, it has needed many repairs in four years. New tires, new exhaust, a repair on one of the wheels, and it uses more oil than any other car I have owned. I really regret buying this Toyota and will not buy another.

- Donna E

I love my 2007 Camry hybrid, would buy another Camry for sure.

Very comfortable car, excellent gas mileage, roomy interior. I like the dual temp controls on the ac. The sound system is excellent. With the side curtain airbags and five star safety rating I feel very safe in this car. I would like a rear window wiper. There are more blind spots than I'd like. Overall I am very happy with this car.

- Brandy H

My Toyota Camry has been a very reliable car.

I bought this car in 2007 and it has been a very reliable car, good on gas and great performance. I feel very safe because it has many safety features. Even though it is more than 10 years old I still love the way it looks. Most importantly, I had only few common mechanical problems considering the year. This cars are built to last!

- Daisy D

2007 Toyota Camry--11 years old and I am buying it with under 90k miles on it.

The dashboard has melted in the heat. There was a recall on it but it is too old to get it fixed for free. I can either buy a cover for it for about 20 dollars or replace the whole thing for close to 200. It drives very smooth. Recently totaled my Nissan Altima and was only looking to buy a Toyota because they last a very long time.

- Courtney D

2007 Camry hybrid, must buy.

My car is very silent when driving under 5 miles/hour. It gets great mileage, filling up the tank completely costs around 33$ every time. Nothing in the car has really needed a major repair, although the 02 sensors keep lighting up my engine light. It is kind of meaningless, but is rather annoying. Regardless, this is a great car.

- Jack D

Reliable car - comfortable and very good car.

2007 Toyota Camry is a great car and I would recommend to everyone, get the warranties they keep up on them and are worth it. Very reliable and comfortable. This car was my grandfather's and when he couldn't drive anymore he gave it to my mom with all the warranties! They really help to save money on repairs, filters and labor!

- L J

Red Toyota Camry is my best car yet.

I really like my Camry. It handles well and has great acceleration. There is plenty of legroom for all the seats. I haven't had any major repairs so far. The doors open a little too wide which can be an issue in tight places. The trunk has a lot of space for small items but it can be a challenge to fit long or large items.

- Shannon F

Very reliable and low maintenance car.

I've had my Camry for 7 years now and I've never had a problem. It was a great first car, very low maintenance. One of my only complaints would be that I wish the side view mirrors would fold in, I live on a narrow street and I've had 2 ripped off by speeding cars. They're very easy to replace and not to expensive though.

- Melissa F

It has a transmission hesitation known as the Camry hesitation.

My car is all around reliable, but when something goes wrong it means multiple things are wrong. It also has a destination in the transmission that people sometimes refer to as the Camry hesitation. It runs and drives just the same broken as it would if it were in new condition and is a good car for a starting out family.

- Courtney P

Great starter Toyota vehicle with dependability.

Fairly reliable vehicle overall, low ride height and tires are easily worn out, suspension could use some stability. Overall it's a decent vehicle with very little mechanical issues since I got mine. It is not the best for any severe weather driving since it is only a FWD and has some suspension kinks needing worked out.

- Alexander A

Affordable, reliable boat car.

It initially had some call backs and replacements needed but other then that it is a reliable car. It kind of drives like a boat for a sedan. It is longer than you expect. I don't really have any major problems with it and have had it for 11 years now. Spacious in the back and trunk. Decently comfortable and affordable.

- Jamie G

Probably that you can get minimum five people in the car.

It's actually a really great vehicle. Has over 200,000 Miles. It did have a recall on it for oil consumption (using too much oil), and the Toyota fixed it. However, I had to pay for the parts who'd were over $600. But since then it's run really smooth. I get decent gas mileage and it's been reliable for over 10 years.

- Gideon R

Great good on gas and just fun to drive.

I love my Toyota Camry it's such a smooth drive and is really good on gas, the looks are second to none and the comfort when your driving or even just sitting and relaxing is unreal I would tell anyone that's looking to buy a car that the Camry is the way to go. I love my Toyota Camry and wouldn't trade it for nothing.

- Keenan C

2007 Toyota Camry review.

The car is old so of course it is gonna have problems. Lately the lights have been breaking. The brakes also break a lot now. I cannot plug my phone into it and listen to music like the newer cars, but it still runs well with the CD's. The cloth on the top is falling off so we had to put thumbtacks just to keep it up.

- David G

Toyota is the best! Great company!

The only downside to this car is the splash guard made of plastic. The clips that hold it in break easily and then the part scrapes on the ground as you drive. . Great car overall though! Handles nicely, great gas mileage. Tons of space. Huge trunk. Very dependable. Lasts a very long time when regularly maintained.

- Thomas R

Great family vehicle. Excellent on gas. Dependable.

I always have owned Toyotas my Camry has been good to me. Its reliable and comfortable it's going on 180, 000 miles and never had any major issues with it only thing major was dealer replaced transmission module that's it. I change oil every 3000 miles, rotate tires and regular maintenance. I would give it 5 stars.

- Abel L

Best car I have ever rode in.

I have had my Camry for around 5 years. I have had no major problems with it so far. Gets very good gas mileage. Use this car when going on trips because of the gas mileage and how much room it has in the trunk and in the back seat. Rides smoothly, and I do not plan on getting another car for a couple more years.

- Madeline M

My vehicle has been very great for me I love it.

My car is reliable it is able to go on long trips and does not use so much gas and has been repaired so nothing is wrong with it. My car drives smooth and cannot even hear outside so it makes it nice. And the last thing is the performance of the car is going great I cannot say one bad thing about my car at all.

- Michael B

The Camry is definitely the best car ever!!

I just love my Camry! It is great on gas and so reliable. No major maintenance issues and it is great on gas. I would definitely recommend a Camry as a first car for any person looking for a vehicle that will give you longevity. It is well worth every penny spent. You can ride a Camry until the wheels fall off.

- Nelson N

2007 Camry hybrid great reliable vehicle.

Eleven years old, 140k miles without any major issues. Very reliable when taken care of. Routine maintenance and care of interior and exterior and she still looks good as new. Being a hybrid we do see benefits over a traditional gas engine. Great car from a great car company that has really taken care of us.

- James S

Toyota Camry: spacious, reliable, affordable and dependable.

This vehicle has been a great option for our family. It is spacious enough for long road trips with two car seats and all of the stuff kids come with. It is been very reliable, and has cost very little in terms of maintenance and repairs. It gets great gas mileage as well. Overall we are very satisfied.

- Nicholas C

Toyota Camry: wheels are a little shoddy.

I wish it was a 4 wheel drive car, the wheels routinely skid in the rain and cannot start from a stop on slick roads without issue. The battery that I have is too small, I am not sure if that is the dealership battery or what but it dies on the regular, even if the light is just left on for a couple hours.

- Olivia F

Why I recommended going and getting a Toyota!

Toyota’s are very reliable cars and I think that they are the most reliable cars on the market! It's definitely a great first car! I have a Toyota Camry le v6 and it is a 2007 it is a smooth running car! I am so thankful that this Camry is my very first car! I definitely would recommend Toyota to anyone.

- Christian A

My car is 4 door with leather seats

My Toyota Camry has been sure a reliable car, it gets me to work every day, and all the places I like to travel. It does not take much to fill up the gas tank, the maintenance on the car is reasonable. It has definitely been my favorite car. I have a sunroof for the summer and heated seats for the winter.

- Shelby R

Benefits of buying a used Toyota Camry.

I love my Camry. The seats are comfortable. Interior is roomy. Trunk is holds a lot for a sedan. Rides smoothly and is very quiet. Interior functions are easy to use. Get great mileage. Ac and heater work extremely well. Great sound from the stereo system. Exterior paint is gorgeous and has held up well.

- Tricia M

Very reliable and low maintenance.

I really love my car because its very reliable, has never given me any mechanical issues since I purchased it. Very quiet and love that it has a Bluetooth that I use a lot. Very roomy and chic style. I saved on a lot of gas a lot. Never regret buying the hybrid and will buy another hybrid in the future.

- Nora A

My Camry has been such a reliable car!

I love my car. It has been very reliable. It has a good size trunk, perfect for road trips and runs to the store. It gets good gas mileage, has a nice stereo. It would be nice if the glove box was a little bigger, the cup holders are not the best, and the a/c recently quit, but overall it is a nice car.

- Elise O

Small, Comfortable, Reliable, and Easy Maintenance

The model is a four door vehicle with fabric interior. The car runs really smoothly and has not had any problems other than a dead battery that was easy to replace. The only issue to worry about is keeping it updated on services. It is smaller so comfortable for those who prefer operating smaller cars.

- Alyssa O

Reliable and safety Focused.

It's a reliable car that is very good on gas mileage. It comes in a lot of colors and has a lot of features you can add to customize it. I have had the car for years and my parents had it for years before. I was given it because safety is a huge priority for me because u transport my kids in this car.

- Erin W

2007 Toyota Camry xle is a good car.

Reliability is great. Has 230, 000+ miles and maintenance it regularly. Performance is great. For an 11 year old car no major issues except front engine coil needed replaced. Battery and alternator where 10 years old before needing replaced at 200, 000+ miles. 2nd owner and keeping it until it croaks.

- Gabi S

2007 Camry - still running!

It runs great! But it is old, needs new paint and the interior is stained. It is big enough for 4 people to sit comfortably, but a pain when you have 2 or more car seats. I wish I could afford a new Toyota, a bigger vehicle. I have taken great care of the engine and I have never had an issue with it.

- Laura H

Toyota Camry Hybrid - a great purchase

The Toyota Camry makes a very comfortable, reliable daily driver. Styling is not too crazy and gas mileage is outstanding. After 11 years and 186K miles owning the vehicle, I have only had to replace tires, brakes, and oil. Total cost of ownership is exceptionally low. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

- Jeff O

Pros/con of 2007 Toyota Camry.

The car is actually pretty good but the motor is fragile the gas is good. It rides smooth and the inside has a lot of space for a small car. It a easy car to have for your first car. The wheels are strong and the car drives pretty fast. I am happy it is my first car it is not too difficult to handle.

- Val F

Great size, drives very well.

It is a 2007 and has over 100, 000 miles and is still in great condition and still runs very well. I have owned the car for almost a year and I plan to keep it for awhile. It is a smaller car, but the inside is very spacious and comfortable. The air conditioning and heater also work very well too.

- Casey M

It has really good speakers and mildly good gas intake.

I am very comfortable with my vehicle. It is very reliable and the only problem I had with it is sometime it will unlock itself. That's mostly from someone breaking into it by using some electronic to unlock it while not breaking anything. It has a really good heating system, not confusing at all.

- Elisabeth W

Reliable 2007 Toyota Camry xle.

I had a water pump problem a couple of years ago. My car performs very well. It is extremely reliable and very comfortable. I have leather seat with automatic levers to move up or down backwards and forward. I have dual heating controls, and a sunroof. The car rides very well, and I am satisfied.

- Lesley H

It's a good deal for a reliable car.

My Camry is affordable and reliable. It is easy to find a mechanic experienced in working on Toyotas. My trunk leaks and occasionally fills with water which is my biggest issue. My Camry drives well in the snow during New England winters provided I buy good tires. I am satisfied with the mileage.

- Nicole H

Toyota Camry performance review.

I had this care since 2006, purchase new it is a 2007. I have never had any major problems with this vehicle. Its very reliable and performance is excellent. The seats in this vehicle is adjustable and very comfortable. I do not how the newer models perform, but I was very happy with my purchase.

- Martha W

Camry just goes and goes and goes!

The Camry will run forever if you take care of it. Regular maintenance is all you need in order to get over 300 thousand miles on it. After 11 years and 280 thousand, my Camry is running strong. My only issue is that it is starting to go through oil a little faster than it had been in the past.

- Danielle S

Great car has good pep along with the great mph.

Only problems in 11 years replaced the battery twice and the alternator went out very comfortable ride and great gas mileage it is loaded with moonroof power everything cruise control cargo net wheel locks dual climate controls mp3 ports satellite radio CD player I love it why I kept so long.

- Gary J

Car is durable and dependable.

Remains to be a reliable car after over 150000 miles. Have had a few issues with things needing to be replaced, but given that the car is 11 years old that is to be expected. Still is a smooth drive and I really do enjoy having the car, because we have gone on some great adventures together.

- Liv G

It has very low mpg, and costs about $40 to fill it completely up.

I love how comfortable the car is, but I do not like how much it costs to fill it up with gas or how fast it runs out of gas. The low tire pressure light is on, but none of my tires have low pressure. The oil runs out very quick, and it takes full synthetic oil so it is relatively expensive.

- Britney Q

Will always love my Toyota Camry.

I love my Camry. Its spacious and comfortable. Love how much you save on gas by using this vehicle. The trunk of the car has a lot of space which is important for me because I have two children who require a lot of stuff when we travel. However, as you family grows you might need more space.

- Margarita T

Needs work but it is manageable.

It gets me one place to another. The car alignment is off. The radio is broken. It is spacious. The car note is not too bad. Sometimes I feel like it is going to break down at any moment. It has nice features though. There’s a sunroof, headrest TVs for the back, and it is a push to start.

- Christine W

My silver Toyota Camry. Best car around cause I see it all the time.

This car handles well, has moderate gas mileage and is easy to maintain. I have had this used car for 3 years. I have had to replace the alternator and starter. I think that is reality minor since the car has more than 165, 000 miles on it. I hope to have this car for at least 2 more years.

- Wallace W

The body style is sporty it is one of the reasons I purchased it when I did.

The model is lovely and interior is great the car runs very well. The problems to this vehicle are minimal. It is very comfortable to fit 5 people and the trunk fits quite a lot of things! This particular model although older still is very relevant and holds its own among the newer models.

- J R

That the controls are on the steering wheel for everything.

The love that my vehicle has a built in Bose stereo speakers and Bluetooth connection. I also love that it's all power and most of the controls for the radio and temp is right on the steering wheel. How awesome is that? I do not have any complaints whatsoever I feel like my car is perfect.

- Scott N

Just love my Camry hybrid would never buy anything else.

Love my Camry hybrid. The gas mileage is great especially with these gas prices. My car runs smooth, has a great sound system, has navigation and Bluetooth. Bought my car used and have no real problems with it. I just really love my car and would never buy anything else but another Camry.

- Stacey W

The car is intensely boring in a good way, gets you from point a to point b with no problems, doesn't drain your wallet, either.

This is an old car with a lot of miles, but it is so reliable. The only problem I had was at one time the internal computer just stopped working and I had to have it replaced (cost around $600), but with the longevity and great mileage I get, it is all worth it. Dependable and reliable.

- Tasos T

A vehicle for drivers of all ages.

My vehicle is great, it has lots of room and is very spacious. The extra features like dual air control and heated seats really make the vehicle stand out. It runs smooth and has good highway fuel efficiency compared to other brands. I would recommend to both new and experienced drivers.

- Kyle D

I like the car it drives smoothly.

It drives very smooth and I like how the seats feel it also warms up very nicely also the colors are nice and the trunk has lots of room I don't know what else I like but it's nice I don't want to write anymore but I have to get to two hundred and fifty words is this enough I don't know.

- Emily H

Good quality car with possible high labor repair

Great size, great handling, great mileage on highway, very comfortable. Usual maintenance issues but certain issues require large labor hours. Replaced air conditioner condenser, pulled dashboard and manifold required welding, expensive part replacement otherwise. Dependable otherwise.

- Gerry W

2007 Toyota Camry maintenance report.

I make it a point for the vehicle to get serviced when required. I use synthetic oil and make sure the filters are checked and changed if necessary and at 97, 000 miles, car still runs fine. So long as I keep it maintained properly, I am expecting to have it for 200, 000 miles or more.

- Steve S

Great reliable car, bad paint job.

Great gas mileage, I have 167000 miles on it and haven't had to have any work done on it. Rides great very smooth and quiet. The only problem I have had with it is the paint. My clear coat has peeled off on the hood and roof of the car. The paint job on my 1999 is better than the 2007.

- Andrea B

It is very roomy and has a nice size trunk for storage and runs great.

I like my vehicle because I've own Toyotas all my life end I find them to be cost-effective. I have never had to put a lot of money into my Toyota's because they last a long time with very few repairs if any. You can go 200,000 and more miles with no repairs mainly general maintenance.

- Bernice D

It's a great reliable car. However, begin saving after getting the car in case the battery goes out.

My car gets great gas mileage. The cabin is spacious and not noisy like other cars. The car rides very smoothly in town and on the highway. The only downside is the battery. My car is a hybrid and when the battery goes out its $4,000 to replace and only the dealership can replace it.

- Kaylee A

Overall I think it is very reliable.

I think it is super reliable and very comfy. I love how it drives and everything works perfectly. We've taken it mostly everywhere and have never had a problem with it. I would most definitely recommend it! It is such a pretty color and I feel like the back seats are very spacious.

- Anna J

It's sturdy and reliable for everyday use with passengers.

It's spacious for passengers and cargo, fairly good handling, feels very safe when I'm in it. The parts I don't like: the audio jack and one speaker wore out/aren't connected properly anymore, the trunk isn't waterproof in heavy rain, and there's only one keyhole for the whole car.

- Leah L

If your looking for a quality car that will last, this vehicle is definitely an option.

I've had this vehicle for 4 years now and have had no major problems other than regular maintenance. The performance has not decreased over time and is the most reliable of cars that I've owned. Features are pretty basic, aux cord is a plus, and as far as comfort it's pretty good.

- Anthony M

Toyotas used car life can be interesting as long as you have repair money.

My car seats five passengers including driver. Has heated seats, six CD changer regular ac and heat. My car is a v6 engine gets 22 miles per gallon. Since I have had the used vehicle I had one major fix, the transmission and I had regular oil changes, regular yearly brake repair.

- Tina S

Great little car especially for a small family.

I bought a pre used one so it has some cosmetic damage, but otherwise it is a great little car. It gets decent gas mileage both in town and highway. None of the maintenance lights have come on and I haven't had any trouble out of it. It is a little old but it is twelve years old.

- Maya A

it has great mileage great family car.

Like the turning radius, comfort ,gas mileage. It is comfortable, easy to drive and has a big trunk. I like the air conditioning and heater. I like the color and the color if the seats.. No dislikes other than it doesn't have a left side visor which makes visuality hard at times.

- Nancy D

Toyota 2007 Camry le pearl white- everyone has this car.

Engine burns oil consistently, and has a knocking sound due to a valve leak. Took it to Toyota dealer for diagnostic and they cannot repeat the situation. Other than that it is a great vehicle I have 180, 000 and still going pretty strong as long as the maintenance is up to date.

- Kara G

A car that meets my need just right.

This car has absolutely no problem. It comes with all the cool features. Leather seats are very comfortable. The car is spacious. Oil consumption is very low. Maintenance is not costly. It has a good color, too. Runs smooth. Price is very reasonable and resale value is high too.

- Farina I

My love for the Toyota’s!

No issues with any vertical performance. I have enjoyed the trustworthiness of my car and know I can rely on it. Gas mileage is very appealing. It is a great road trip car as well as a car to drive around town. The trunk space and comfortable seats make it a family car as well!

- Annie B

Toyota Camry, good condition, 2007 model, le, nice seat covers and tires.

It is in good condition with good mileage rate. Looks like new. Good tire, a/c and heating, but I do not want to sell it. Less than 75, 000 miles, no battery problem. Side mirrors well. One hand driven car, I love my car, suggest to buy Toyota car only, no maintenance required.

- Swati S

My good car that is easy to drive.

Had all tires replaced, new battery, wipers married windshield had replaces, had new cassette cover installed. And only 52, 000. Miles. No accidents small dent by a driver backing up hits my grocery cart. Had fixed for twenty dollars. Previously owned and get in good condition.

- Sharon F

Toyota got it right when they built the Camry!

My main car is a 2007 Toyota Camry se. It has about 190, 000 miles and it has not had any major problems. It is comfortable and roomy. It has a number of features, like a sunroof that slides open or tilts up, heated seats, power locks and windows, cruise control, and much more.

- Casey N

To always turn the key all the way before taking it out.

I like that the lights turn off on its own and I do not have to worry about the battery dying. The heater works really well as well as the cooler. It's a really reliable car. One time the car wouldn't start but that is because I got a new battery and it wasn't installed right.

- Elisabeth W

Gets you from point A to B comfortably but there are some computer issues.

My vehicle keeps on having the systems lights turn on- when I have a mechanic look at it they say nothing is wrong, turn it off and it comes back on. It makes me uncomfortable because if something were actually to be wrong, I wouldn't take it to the mechanic quite so readily .

- Rachel P

2007 Toyota Camry le review.

My Camry is 12 years old and drives great. Never has it left me stranded. It has been through two of us and our granddaughter wants it now. Very reliable, cost efficient. All electric, leather seats, moonroof, heated front row seats. Back seats recline. Has 183000 miles on it.

- Anna S

Comfortable dependable Toyota Camry.

My vehicle has been great! I have had no major issues with it. I get it serviced, oil and tires changed. It is comfortable to drive and has plenty of room. My tire pressure light stays on all the time even though there is nothing wrong with my tires. It gets good gas mileage.

- Crystal W

The trunk is huge! Lots of room for gear or groceries.

Can listen to my music through my stereo when I am on the go, good gas mileage, sends indication to service needs on my dash, warms up and defrosts fairly quickly, comfortable seating, lots of leg room, excellent air conditioning in warmer months, good stability and handling.

- Miranda K

Excellent looking car very stylish.

Very reliable handles nice slight road noise comes through the interior burns a little bit of oil but not bad excellent performance for a 4 cylinder engine 2. 4 l good gas mileage 25 to 30 in the city and highway also sports package looks very nice with 17 inch alloy wheels.

- David R

The car history and gas consumption.

It really is a very durable car. The gas does not go by quickly and it does not possess a lot of problems. I had a total of 3 problems with the vehicle which include fixing the electrical system of the car and changing the alternator. It really is a good car for a first car.

- Daniel H

Camry for the win - why you should buy.

Still runs great after 10 years, comfort is there, features including connecting your phone through the car, no problems have been an issue through the last 10 years for me - I suggest getting this vehicle - it will last you a long time and it will not cost you a fortune.

- Christen J

Hanging in there with the old guy but it still gets good mileage.

My vehicle has quite a lot of miles on it now so am afraid to take longer trips without renting a car or borrowing another one. The brakes all the way around may soon need replacing or resurfacing. Without any certain timing involved, sometimes the shifting seem sluggish.

- Carole S

The Camry is a comfortable, and reliable vehicle.

My Camry is very comfortable. It has a lot of legroom, and a very big trunk. It gets good gas mileage, and has a lot of power. It has leather seats and heated seats which is great during the winter. I did have to have a new wheel bearing put on the car at 85, 000 miles.

- Nancy W

Royal blue 2007 Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry has been a dream car it is extremely reliable, awesome on gas, and super cute and spacious inside. It is a perfect car for everyday use, but it can also be used to take road trips. Toyota has been a go-to car make for my entire family. They last forever.

- Hannah C

Camry review: great look and amazing drive.

My car drives very smoothly. I have had it for many years and it has been extremely reliable. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for one. It has never broken down on me. I also like the look of my Camry. It has a nice red paint with fashionable clothes seats.

- Callie C

It is a 2007 Toyota Camry. Nice shade of brown.

I have had this car for 3 years, although it is an older model of the car I do love it! It is a nice shade of brown and I do not really ever have problems with it. Being a college student, it is the perfect car for me. Especially for my first car!! Rarely any problems.

- Marie F

Smooth ride, great performance.

I love this car. This is the 3rd Toyota and best I have ever owned. I would definitely purchase another. I have recommended the model to my family and friends looking to buy cars. The only issues I have had are with the fuel pressure sensor and the car is 11 years old.

- Christ D

The air conditioner needs to be repaired at a cost of over $1100.

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable and safe vehicle that is an excellent value overall. The one huge issue I have with this particular vehicle is that the air conditioner has failed (the compressor has a hole in it) and the cost of repair is beyond my ability to pay.

- Ken A

Toyotas are reliable vehicles.

My Camry has been very reliable for the most part. I do not get it serviced regularly but I do try to keep up with oil changes. The water pump had to be replaced but other than that, just typical maintenance issues, such as replacing brake pads and buying new tires.

- Susan J

Would buy another one in a minute.

Besides regular maintenance, I have had no problems at all with this car. It is good on gas and reliable. The windows, seats and door locks are electronic. CD player, all wheel drive, automatic, v6. Great car. Comfortable to drive. Would buy another one in a minute.

- Minette M

It is a very reliable car amazing for traveling as well.

This is my second Camry, my first one last almost 300, 000 miles before I sold it. My 2007, is extremely comfortable not only for the driver but also passengers. Back seat is roomie and the trunk space is amazing. My model has a sunroof which I really enjoy as well.

- Kelly S

That it has been a workhorse; it is super reliable.

I like my car because it's been super reliable, as Camrys are known to be. It's nothing special otherwise, but it's been a workhorse, and hasn't really been a problem for me. It's had a few annoying issues--sticky dashboard, broken turn signal--but nothing too bad.

- Peter G

Oldie but a goodie! Not flashy but very reliable!

Very reliable, smooth riding. Although it is an older car, it rarely has any repairs needed, just routine maintenance. Since it is older, it lack backup sensors which is the only drawback. I have backed into things. It seats my family comfortably in the back seat.

- Linda E

Toyota is one of the best on the road.

I love the Toyota brand. They have dependable vehicles. Toyota is one of the best on mpg on the road. It handles great on the road and rides very smooth. I love the comfort and affordability of the car. It has a great reputation and it will last for years to come.

- Courtney G

2007 Toyota Camry is great!

The car is great. We've had it in the family for about 11 years now. Other than the normal wear and tear, the car works great. It is reliable. Only now are we experiencing issues with overheating and leaks, but overall we are very happy with our 2007 Toyota Camry.

- Breanna S

Still looks great being 10 years old and having 140, 000 miles.

I really like my car. It runs great but things are starting to fall apart on it. The driver back door does not open from the inside anymore. The a/c isn't working as well anymore and the floor heat by the drivers heat doesn't work either. Otherwise it runs great.

- Autumn J

My car, while a bit older, is very reliable and safe.

My vehicle is very reliable, and gets fairly good gas mileage, which is a primary factor in why I bought it. It also has a very comfortable interior, and, while it is not extremely stylish, it is very functional (i.e., it gets me from point A to point B safely).

- Eric S

It's a great family car with good mileage. It's very comfortable and reliable.

I've had this car for 6 years and I've had to replace the lock on the driver's door, the automatic driver's seat, the battery, and the brakes. Everything else has been great. I get great mileage. It fits 2 car seats comfortably. The ride is very comfortable.

- Allison S

It leaks oil and needs better seats.

I like my vehicle for the most part. It gets good gas mileage and has not had too many mechanical issues over the years. 2 years ago it started leaking oil and the seat does not feel comfortable to my neck, shoulders, and back anymore, so it needs a better seat.

- Jennifer C

Silver 07 Toyota Camry XLE.

I absolutely love my 2007 Toyota Camry XLE. It is dependable, stylish, and it rides so smooth! I do not have any complaints about this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone and would repurchase this car time and time again. I love Toyota and I love my Camry.

- Paula V

One interesting thing about my car is that it is almost 12 years old and only has about 42,000 miles on it. I don't drive a lot because I live close to work and stores. It's a dependable car that right now doesn't give any trouble. I hope to have it for many more years to come.

I have some dings on the sides and rear from carts in the parking lot or people opening their car doors and denting my car's exterior. I have only had to have work done to replace parts such as brakes, oil, cabin filter. So far, no major issues have occurred.

- Julie B

Always faithful great gas mileage always starts.

I bought my car brand new in 2007 and thus far it had not given me any problems, I would surely encourage anyone to go with Toyota model car, it has always been faithful to me, I would not purchase any other brand of vehicle, very pleased with the performance.

- Yvonne C

Toyota Camry is a great car.

There's not any problems really so far. Its ran great! Had a maintenance light on but a quick fix with water and oil. Runs and drives great! Nice and roomy for our kids too! It's fantastic in gas! Went from state to state and back on a little over a full tank!

- Brittany S

Amazing vehicle, a true must have.

It is great it handles amazing I love this vehicle when I get my new car I will just get the newest model of the Camry available, very spacious lots of leg and trunk room, handles long drives well too have taken it up and down the eastern seaboard many times.

- Terence P

My Camry is a perfect sedan for me.

I have never had a serious problem with my Camry. It drives good and is a good size for me. The passenger seat lets back well enough for my husband to nap during trips. There is not anything I would like changed in the makeup of the car. It is my third Camry.

- Faye C

2007 Toyota Camry review. Great car. Big body size. Low city mpg for the v6.

Great car overall. I like the suspension. Really reliable even with being almost 12 years old. Only flaw is city driving the mgs is around 17-18 for a v 6. Overall I believe a newer Toyota Camry will be my next option. I would recommend this brand to others.

- Reggie M

Still somehow very reliable.

It's a really ld. model however it works perfectly fine and is reliable for everyday use. The engine still runs pretty smoothly and all of the electronics still work as good as new. The ride is mostly comfortable as well. All in all nothing to complain about.

- Ali J

Our blue Toyota is a great day out.

Our vehicle is 11 years old. It runs quite well. We have done things to keep it up, regular maintenance and added GPS. It is comfortable, and reliable, and quiet. We enjoy taking day trips and long trips in it. It has room for a full size cooler in the back.

- Mary V

My Toyota is still running and is about to hit 200,000 miles.

I have an a 2007 Toyota Camry. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and still going strong. It has not needed any major repairs besides regular maintenance. Tires and pads have been changes a few times, regular oil changes and minor repairs for regular upkeep.

- Heather B

When I got my car for the first time and when I tested it out I was like. Wow!

Nothing was wrong with my vehicle it runs smoothly and it didn't stopped on me at all. I love my car I had it forever. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I have seen so many people drive this kind of car. Never giving it away. Keeping it. Forever.

- Sharon T

The entire car itself called me out, when I first glanced at my car..

To real honest I love my car, it's perfect. The transmission is very great, motor still working good, the seats are super comfortable and adjustable to our own. The trunk has amazing space, my mom's bike fits without a problem.. The ideal car, for everyone.

- Valeria D

Toyota Camry: most reliable car.

I love my Toyota Camry, it is probably the most reliable car I have ever owned. The only issue that I have is that I am only at 60k miles and the struts gave out recently. Aside from that it is been great. The next car I get will likely be a Toyota as well.

- Julie C

My favorite part about my car is how smooth it drives and rides.

I just bought this car back in may 2018, it has been good to me so far. Only one thing I have had to replace is a coal pack. The gas mileage is great, I am not sure exactly how many mpg it gets. But it is a super comfortable to drive long distances as well.

- Rebecca W

Saves me on gas. Huge plus!

I got it at 75000 miles and have kept up on oil and have only had to change breaks once now has 105000 still running good. The interior is a wood grain with cloth seats. Shows dirt because of the light grey but looks nice. I love my car it saves me on gas.

- Ryan S

Great ride. Comfortable seats. Good for safety. Camry's are reliable. We've had no trouble except having to replace the battery after 11 yrs

love it, except we had to buy a $4,100 new battery. It rides smooth, saves gas, but dislike because now we pay more when renewing out tabs. So we really aren't saving any money. Dislike the extremely small trunk - baby's stroller takes up the whole thing!

- bethany w

Very pleased with my Toyota Camry, good car, low maintenance, good on gas.

Our Toyota Camry is a Hybrid, and I love it! It's quiet and we get good gas mileage. The only dislike I have is the back seat air condition vent is only in the middle and none above, so the air doesn't circulate well, only if you're sitting in the middle.

- Audrey A

Toyotas are good reliable cars.

We have had it for 11 years with 180k miles. We have only had 2 brake jobs and 1 air conditioner done. Otherwise we've only done oil changes, usually with conventional oil. Well we have also put on 3 sets of tires. Any other comments would be superfluous.

- Jo H

This car has not one bit of rust.

150,000 miles and still going strong. Very little in repairs, handles still like a new car. It is my fourth Camry and would buy a new one again. It is great in the snow, sleet, rain and sunshine. I highly recommend this car for anyone buying a car today.

- Jude J

The engines are more powerful, the transmissions more diverse.

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry it is a great car, runs great I love the leather interior. It is a 4 cylinder great on saving gas. If I ever get the chance to pick a different. I am very happy having this car with me it also has a lot of space front and back.

- Maria R

My 2007 Toyota Camry vehicle.

The car is very reliable. It gets us great gas mileage. It has a lot of room to transport and carry stuff in. The controls are very easy to use and everything has been very durable. The car is been a very long lasting car. The maintenance is very simple.

- Steven H

Camry: the most valuable car.

I really enjoy how smooth it runs when it is on 4 drive. I usually shift it to that whenever I am on the freeway. I also like the base it has whenever I am playing my own music out loud and the space it has in my trunk. . I also like how the brakes feel.

- Elizabeth R

Very large on the inside and out.

I used to have a Corolla so the size of the Camry is a lot larger than I would normally like. If I have a vehicle that large I would prefer to be sitting up higher. I feel like I'm driving a "grandmother's" car. There's just nothing special about it.

- Daphne t

You can never hate a Camry.

The car is really good. It drives really smooth especially when you keep the oil up. Its fast, comfortable and really just a good family car. The trunk has exceptional space, really good for groceries or anything else. I get like 25 miles to the gallon.

- Ellie R

Looking for the 'best bang for your buck' that will not let you down?

Toyota Camry's are very reliable cars. They are great on gas. They are also provide enough room for the family and allows them to feel safe while traveling. They are very low maintenance as long as you routinely maintain them. All around great vehicle.

- Max B

Virtually maintenance-free for many years.

Inside parts are not sturdy but the rest of the car is awesome. The dealership stands behind everything and has replaced many things under recall. The performance of a car 11 years old is amazing and it is not difficult to maintain or overly expensive.

- Shannon G

It gets GREAT gas mileage.

It's reliable and low maintenance, safe on the road, and handles curves great. The only complaint I have is that the armrests are falling apart. Other than that, it's great. I would gladly buy a Camry again if I could find a used one in my price range.

- Jennifer S

Good gas mileage and reliable.

Very reliable and fun to drive. I really love the moonroof and the lumbar support. It is packed full of features like a screen for the back glass to cut down on sun, temperature based climate control, anti theft, tilt wheel and so many other features.

- Susan P

No big issues. Lots of miles.

Car is well over 100,000 miles. One of the cylinders is no longer working. This is not too big of an issue, all that means is my car goes through oil a little faster so I keep a jug of oil in my trunk. I really haven't had other problems with the car.

- Sarah F

I love my Toyota, why you should get one too.

I love my car. It is very reliable and very easy to upkeep it as well. It is a great starter car for someone who really just needs it to drive to work and occasionally take it on long road trips as it gets excellent gas mileage either way you use it.

- Haley H

A high end hybrid with high quality features and comfort.

It is a hybrid bird and I live the gas mileage it gets, plus I am helping the environment. Comfortable sedan it is luxurious features like soft leather seats. Have been some problems and recalls, such as the not braking problems, and soft dashboard.

- Frost V

It's practically indestructible. So long as you do your regular maintenance and don't go trashing it, intentionally, you can't go wrong with a Camry.

I love how low maintenance my car is, overall. I'm not constantly having to fix things, and mostly just have to do my regular maintenance on it. It's not the "coolest" car and definitely not meant for road trips, but it does what I need it to do.

- Randy B

Toyota's Camry vehicles are great cars for general every day driving and for traveling! Nice size, roomy, comfortable.

I've been pretty happy with my vehicle. For once, I have a car that has a CD player, which none of my previous cars have had. I can also plug in my iPod if I want to use that. Camry's are pretty good cars. Can't think of anything I don't like.

- Meghan W

Toyota Camry's keep their value and go forever! I have a 97' model that has over 300,000 miles!

I have always loved the model of my car. When it was old enough to become affordable for our family, i purchased it. I will pay it off within the next year. I get compliments on it. It is dependable, comfortable, and perfect for our family.

- Tina M

The older model has features you can find and manipulate easily.

I like that the controls are adjustable by actual buttons and knobs. New cars have folders and files of features hidden where they cannot be seen and found. My car has had mostly routine maintenance, so has held up well. Glad to have it.

- S K

Good car if you have kids.

I love that it has good gas mileage and a spacious trunk and back seat! It is a nice, simple, easy drive. The only real issue I have with it is that the auxiliary port does not work but radio and CD player work good so I can live with that.

- Alexandra L

It has been over a thousand miles and still is running good. The oil changes are more often than it use to be but that is common for older cars.

I love how it is easy to use as well as the comfortable seats. There is a CD player and the dashboard is easy and simple to use. I do not like a lot of high tech stuff for the car. I do not like that the newer models has a weird interior.

- Jade H

Good family car. Reliable and good on gas.

I like it. It is kind of old. But it is comfy, good on gas and I think it has style. It has had some issues with smoking in the morning and the dealer said nothing was wrong and it was burning the normal amount of oil for a car that old.

- Diane C

The vehicle looks brand new and it is runs great and no stalls and no rough start.

The vehicle runs good, it is new and the comfort is good, the people would love a Toyota Camry, so that way you can enjoy driving it and it will give you comfort during your road trip, and it should help people to start life perfectly.

- Pavlov B

I love the dependability of my car. My kids enjoy the sound system and how big the car is inside.

It's a smooth spacious vehicle that's very comfortable for my family. Very reliable in all weather. I do not like the fact that it eats oil so it should be checked at least every 2 weeks and it should only take a quarter of a quart.

- Elizabeth D

It gets incredible gas mileage as long as the oil is consistently changed.

It is a blue colored vehicle that has has cream/tan colored carpets and seats. The only complaint would be the dash. There was a recall that I was not notified of and the dash is extremely sticky and is actually beginning to crack.

- Brittany P

If you are a student, Camry’s are the best reliable car.

My car is a Japanese car so it is cheap to fix comparing to German cars. But the design is not as good comparing to same year German cars. I like that it is reliable, but if I can afford, I would buy something with better interior.

- Era B

My Camry is large and reliable. It gets good gas mileage for its size.

I like that my Camry is reliable and fits my daughters car seat and my large dog at the same time. I dislike the fact that even when I install snow tires, my Camry cannot make it up my long steep driveway. I wish it had AWD or 4WD.

- Maria T

Great on gas, very dependable.

Toyota's are dependable cars. Maintenance is not expensive, oil changes are relatively cheap. These are cars that you can rely on to survive for years, even past 100k miles. The next car I get will probably also be another Camry.

- Jasmine B

If fob is lost, there is no way to start the car -- be sure to have an extra fob.

I have had a dashboard recall but it was fixed by the dealership and there have been no problems since. I get good gas mileage, a nice sunroof, and it drives very smoothly. It is fairly spacey for a car and I never feels crammed.

- Lori L

That it is very reliable and won't drain your wallet.

very reliable vehicle for travelling to and from work and also for trips out of town.Its gets very good gas mileage and i save a lot on gas. no major problems over the years and i've always been on time with oil changes etc.

- Aisha C

This is a great car for someone who does a lot of driving.

This car is reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain. It meets all my needs and takes the punishment of my long daily commute well. It's relatively fun to drive, too, although it doesn't quite match my previous car.

- Bill O

The 2007 Toyota Camry is super roomy and comfortable

I love my Toyota Camry. It's considered a small car but it is so ROOMY!! Easily and comfortably, my car will fit five adults. It's my everyday vehicle and have never had problems with it besides the normal maintenance.

- Lauren T

Good dependable car for a reasonable price.

It looks nice, has good features, without carrying a high price tag. Runs well & is dependable. Only thing is it's a little noisy, road noises aren't blocked good. Fairly comfortable, but not the most comfortable car.

- Sarah g

It's a 2007 model and still runs great - not too many manufacturers can say that about their vehicles.

Comfort and safety are the two things I like the most about my car. Another positive factor is the dependability- it really holds up well to a variety of traffic situations. There really isn't anything I don't like.

- Anne J

It's a dependable car. It's always gonna get you where you're going.

I love that it has a pretty roomy trunk. It gets solid gas mileage and it's also quite comfortable. I don't feel claustrophobic in it. It runs reliably and usually only needs routine maintenance even at high mileage.

- Stephen P

Dependability and comfort!

Dependable and great gas mileage. Well made inside and out. 2007 with 213, 000 miles and still runs great. All the buttons and fans still work. Drivers seat in very comfortable. It handles well on any road condition.

- Debra S

It is a good car even after 200k miles and still runs really well.

I love my car. It has really nice acceleration and the ac and heater work really well. My only complaint is that it is not working as well as it is 11 years old now and over 200k miles. The brakes also squeak a lot.

- Breck O

I have already said it all.

The Toyota Camry is a very durable car that gets you around. Their have been a few issues with the engine which have been fixed but outside of that, the car performs well. I love the acceleration of the car as well.

- Lj C

it has been regularly maintained as per toyota maintenance schedule.

i dislike how big and chunky it is. the seats are uncomfortable. there are too many blind spots. everytime you go up a hill it smells of gasoline in the cabin and they have been unable to fix it or find the problem.

- faith M

My car is a white Camry se, 2007. It has black interior and runs perfectly!

My car is very reliable. I have had it for five years and have had zero problems with it. My car is sturdy, dependable, starts quickly, runs well, and is very quiet. Overall, I would have no other car than a Camry!

- Madison H

Maintenance is up to date and has resale value.

Since the maintenance of the car is being done on time, it stays in good condition. The features are very basic as same as when it is purchased. The main reason of considering this brand is due to its resale value.

- Alena M

My car is a tan Camry that has seen its fair share of fender benders over the years.

I bought my car new in 2006. It was my first car and I have had it for twelve years now. Aside from regular maintenance, it has never given me any issues. I am approaching 100,000 miles and it still runs amazingly.

- Kerri Q

Reliable transportation for a senior driver.

I recently had to replace the battery and alternator on my car. The last time I bought a new battery was 2015. I am a senior citizen so having transportation is important to me. My Camry is reliable and efficient.

- Eva S

I would say the bells and whistles make the car fun.

I was given the vehicle by my mom. For a 2007 it only has 40000 miles and looks and runs like new. I love the features of the car. It is loaded and runs smoothly. Only thing I don't like is the color. It's white.

- Rick W

That it is very reliable, never left me stranded.

The Toyota Camry is a sturdy car. I have about 200,000 miles on it and it is still running, very reliable. I just do not like how basic it is, nothing fancy about it. I also do not like the interior beige color.

- Kelly C

About my car or the 2007 Camry in general? About my car: It has a low mileage of about 25,000 miles, despite being 11 years old. About the 2007 Camry, I would say its affordability.

It was fairly cheap when purchased new. The interior looks newer than some other cars from around 2007. The seats are comfortable. I can't comment on reliability because I drive far less than the average driver.

- Matthew H

Enough leg room and comfort.

My Camry is very dependable and a reliable form of transportation. Great with gas and mileage and has never broken down in all 8 years I've had it. Only complaint is I frequently need new tires or an oil change.

- Morgan H

It is very dependable I have never had any problems with it.

It is comfortable, lots of trunk space, lots of power options to adjust drivers seat, good on gas mileage, dependable, . Looks nice, easy for me to see out. Problems: it does not have the screen for backing up.

- Vanda J

Dependable even with high mileage of over 250,000 miles. It's still going strong

Love the long time I have had it and high mileage and very little issues. It is very good on mileage even with over 250,000 miles on it. The only thing I don't like about it is how low it sits to the ground.

- Sandy M

The car is very safe for family travel.

I like that the vehicle is safe for my family. It has pretty good gas mileage. It also has good acceleration. I would like my next Toyota to have more gadgets in it, but other than that it is a great car.

- Brock b

Reliable and dependable! Love my camry.

My Camry has been the most dependable car I've owned thus far in my life. My only negative comment would be the dash. In the past couple of years it has become sticky and shiny which creates an awful glare.

- Janet P

It is a car that I can rely on.

I love my 07 Camry hybrid! It gets great gas mileage. I love the color I get so many compliments on it all the time! It rides super smooth. Its enough room for me and my kids. I wouldn't have any other car.

- Lara B

I loved my Camry, and I won't replace it until I can't use it at all!

My car is reliable I don't have any complained on it. The style is up to date and runs smoothly. I loved the Toyota brand. I didn't need a new car right now but influenced my partner to buy his Tacoma new.

- Roxanne A

It's great for reliability and dependability. It's not as great as I would like on gas mileage.

I love the reliability and the leather seats. As the car gets a little older, there are things that are not as nice as they used to be and some technology that is not on this car that is on the newer cars.

- Dina C

Reliable and safe for any type of distance.

I have driven this car for almost 5 years through rain and even blizzard like conditions and it has handled steadily and smoothly. I have had no major issues and feel very safe with this make and model.

- Maura L

It is durable, reliable, fuel--efficient, and long-lasting.

I love that it gets great gas mileage. It has a spacious trunk, which is great when traveling. It also has a very roomy backseat, which is nice when traveling with several people. It is very dependable.

- Lou d

It is not new but its all we can afford.

I really do not like the color (greenish blue) and it is a little dated, but that's pretty much it. It does have a lot of recalls, but the dealership covers all the costs so I cannot complain too much.

- Kylie C

Comfortable and reliable.

It's comfortable, easy to drive. It is older so it has some maintenance problems. It squeaks a bit when accelerating and when backing up first thing in the morning. Mileage isn't bad. I'm used to it.

- Kristy W

Its comfortable, safe, super reliable, and it has great gas mileage.

I love my Camry! I feel like it is safe and reliable. We haven't had any issues with it. The only thing that I dislike is I feel like it doesn't have a lot of power. It takes a bit to get up to speed.

- Kal B

It is a reflection of my personality. It makes me feel comfortable and safe.

I love my Camry. It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. I bought it used in excellent condition. The only thing I don't like about it is a damaged passenger side sun visor.

- Roy S

I think the most important thing about the tracker is that it is reliable.

Good on gas, low maintenance, love the heated seats. I wish the Bluetooth would for music and not just phone calling. I love the moon roof over sides windshield. And I love the longevity of the car.

- Shy R

It is very dependable and reliable. It also gets great gas mileage!

My vehicle is a 2007 Camry Hybrid. We purchased it new and now has 225,000 miles on it. It has been a very dependable getting about 40 miles per gallon. It's been the best vehicle we've ever owned!

- Vickie L

The car has 150k miles and still running smoothly. I recently changed the tires.

The car has been an great purchased! I am the second owner and it has not given me any major problems. I've done the usual services like oil change, brake fluid, etc. My car has already 150k miles.

- Stephanie C

It is fun and easy to drive.

I love my car. It has the power when I really need it but I can go for a long time between fill ups. It has been a very reliable car. Oil changes are easy to do yourself. Highly recommend this car.

- Beth N

I like to keep it clean! NO smoking in my car. I always take it in to the dealership to keep the maintenance up to date.

I love the size of it...it's easy to drive, The trunk space holds a lot of things. I wish it got a little better gas mileage than it does since it is a smaller car...but other than that I love it

- Judith N

Toyota Camry's are a great value

I love how my car looks and drives. The interior is sleek. Despite Its age, it runs very well. It does well on gas and is dependable. Toyotas are a good value for the money and have great resale.

- Patricia l

Rides incredibly smooth even though it is an older model, has an aux cord.

Mostly small mechanical problems that i have had so far(brake pads,new tires). This is an incredibly smooth riding car and handles excellently. Seats are comfortable lot of legroom for tall people.

- Kurt A

It is much more reliable than any other car I have owned in my life.

Car is really reliable and comfortable. it is also quite economical in gas. The only real issue I have noticed is that the car tends to pause for a second or two when I accelerate from a full stop.

- Elias G

That it is very reliable and great gas mileage.

I like the reliability, smooth ride and it is pretty quiet. It also gets good miles. Wish the charging ports go on when they turn off the engine, would like to charge phones even when I am stopped.

- Joe L

I really enjoy the cruise-control and ease of driving most of all.

My Camry is such a luxury ride. I have owned a cadillac, BMW, pathfinder, Honda, land rover, f57 truck, etc. My Camry out rides, out drives, all of these. My Camry has a large trunk for storage.

- Susan H

It will last as well as great on gas!!!

I think it's a good reliable car, very little problems since I've had if any at all, it is really good on gas as well as a very smooth ride. My car is very quiet so great for family environment

- Chris F

It is dependable, nearly maintenance free, economical and fun to drive.

It is a very reliable car. It has good power. It has good gas mileage at any speed. It is responsive and handles well. It maintains Its value and has low maintenance costs. Highly recommended.

- Bruce N

It will last you years and years. Great resale value.

Camry is great on gas and comfy for four people to sit in. We have traveled on vacation with it and it was awesome. But we now have three kids and they don't fit that great in the back seat.

- Sheila D

Plenty of space, lots of comfort

This car has been a great commuter vehicle for us. It is a little loud compared to our other vehicle but has been reliable and gets great gas mileage. Plenty of space and the trunk is huge.

- Jeni P

Runs like a charm if you take care of the engine. We use our cars for a very long time before where buy another car and this car has had minor problems

This car is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. The car is very spacious and has a nice large trunk. The one thing that is bad is that it has had a few recalls and had to be repaired.

- sue s

Even Toyota can manufacture a lemon occasionally and they are not willing to stand behind this failure.

Toyota is a good brand and usually provides a high quality product but this car has had a failure in the air conditioning condenser that will cost over $1000 to fix, very disappointing,

- Kristie F

My car is extremely comfortable. There is plenty of space and being it is so hot the ac is great!

I personally enjoy my car very much! It was a surprise gift from my parents after I lost my first car in an accident. They liked it because of safety and I like it for everything else!

- Laney D

Like fine cheese: Camry gets better with age

My car is very stylish despite being 11 years old. It is still mechanically sound and does not cost much to maintain. The paint is still brand new looking. It has been very reliable.

- Marcella M

Very safe and reliable car. It's simple to drive and great on gas.

It has been a very reliable car. I would like it more if it was a bit bigger but it's not a bad car. I've had trouble with the dashboard though. It has the feeling that it has melted.

- Nadia D

It is reliable and good on gas. Virtually maintenance free.

Maintenance free. Good on gas. Comfortable. Nice looking. A/c very cold. Heats up quickly. Cd player. Child safety locks. Intermittent wipers. Power locks. Power windows. Cloth seats.

- Minette M

It really works well for me, and it has been a reliable vehicle

I've always enjoyed Toyota Camry's in my lifetime of owning them. I enjoy the good gas mileage and reliability. Like all older cars though, it seems more and more goes wrong with them

- David R

Very comfortable Gas saver

I drive a 2007 Toyota Camry I love my car it is reliable very comfortable and it's a really good gas saver I recommend anybody that wants a reliable car to buy a Toyota good on gas

- Alvaro G

Camry is a great vehicle.

Rides nice, great on gas, very roomy. Big trunk. Very reliable and have had no major mechanical problems. I have owned many makes and models, but my Camry is the best I have owned.

- Shannon A

My car has lasted me a very long time

Obviously I would like the car to be updated. I like that it has lasted me a long time and drives very well. I also appreciate that it's not too expensive to fill up the gas tank.

- Katie g

It is very economical car. It will be a little more expensive to repair.

I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid which is good enough to get from one place to another. I like the fact that it's easy on gas. I did buy it used and it has several problems with it.

- Janine D

A reliable, cute and comfortable car that my whole family loves!

My Camry is very reliable, comfortable and fuel efficient. I love driving it. I have the hybrid model which is really great. My family fits well and the trunk has plenty of space.

- Wendy J

For a sedan, it has the ability to fit more in than one might think, initially.

It is a bit behind in technology, but the seats are comfy and it's plenty of room for long trips with 4 people and two carseats. Has been very reliable since I got it 9 years ago.

- Jessica A

Smooth nice comfortable and a eye turner

My Toyota Camry is the best car I have ever owned it's good on gas it's very comfortable and it rides real smooth I encourage everyone that's buying a car to go with Toyota Camry

- Keenin C

It is safe and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is a reliable and safe car, though it does tend to have a lot of technical issues, with sensor lights coming on when there isn't actually a problem, "crying wolf"

- Katherine W

Toyota Camry is a very reliable car that provides safety and good gas mileage.

I like my car because it has been a very reliable car. Also it offers good gas mileage on both city and highway. My only complaint it feels to low to the ground and not an SUV.

- Ann K

It is mine! It is paid for and I will drive it until it dies which hopefully won't be for a long time.

I like the fuel mileage it gets and the tinted windows. It drives well but it has some issues right now and the a/c can't be used. Has been a good car for me for the most part.

- Pamela H

Easy maintenance and reliable.

Low in maintenance and reliable and nothing that I do not like about it except need paints job. I wish they make all vehicle like my car. Low maintenance and easy to take care.

- Su D

That just because it is older, it does the same thing as other cars. It gets me from point A to point B in the same amount of time i would use with another vehicle.

It is a bit older but it helps me travel around. Also it is not very expensive to fill up the gas tank. It is very roomy inside and can fit 5 people in the car with extra room.

- Hannah D

That it is a hybrid and i take very good care of it. People can't believe it is 11 years old

It is a hybrid and it gets very good mileage, especially in the summer. It has over 180,000 miles on it and i have never had any problems. It still has the original battery!

- Catherine L

Toyota Camry owner for life!

The Toyota Camry is the most reliable car I have ever had. It last forever, is great on gas, and is extremely comfortable. This is my second Camry and plan on getting a third!

- Tim D

My automobile and Toyotas in general are very reliable vehicles.

I like the reliability and longevity of my vehicle. I have owned more Toyotas than any other make. Great value for the price. I dislike the blind spot when making left turns.

- Julie T

Despite Its age, my car is both extremely comfortable and reliable.

It is an extremely comfortable and reliable vehicle. It still looks good even though it has nearly 200,000 miles on it. I've really only had to perform routine maintenance.

- Scott g

Thank God for my Camry! Love it!

Toyota is a very strong car. Built to last. I haven't had much issues since I bought it in 2009. I change the oil battery new breaks since I've had it. Thank God for Camrys

- Makisa M

The vehicle is spacious. It's also long lasting. It's great on gas.

Good gas mileage. Reliable. The vehicle is very spacious and looks luxurious. The ac needs to be serviced often. There is a recall on the door panel that can be dangerous.

- Maria L

07 Toyota Camry. Fantastic car to own.

I have only had to do basic up keep of my vehicle. New tires, battery, new alternator at 130000 miles. Otherwise my Camry is fantastic. It has never given me any problems.

- Cheryl K

The 2007 Toyota Camry rides like a dream.

I love my Toyota Camry. It runs and handles great, and my family fits comfortably within it. I was formerly a Honda fanatic, but Toyota seems to have swayed my sympathies.

- Shawn S

Built to last through everything life throws at you.

I love it because of low maintenance and low on gas mileage and just ease of mind because it's dependable. Only thing I hate is some of the extras could have been better.

- Randy P

It is a hybrid. Save on gas and lowers emission. Roomy and practical.

My vehicle is quiet and efficient. It saves me a lot of money on gas and it is very reliable. Although it's not new, it runs well and is very practical for my situation.

- Emily R

It is extremely reliable and is a fantastic shade of blue.

I like that it runs quietly, has a smooth ride, a large trunk, and very few mechanical issues. I dislike the flat-tire sensors and the seats are not very comfortable.

- Sheryl V

Blue dream: my Toyota Camry.

The radio screen sometimes doesn't work, it shows characters and symbols instead of the radio station numbers. Other than that I keep up with the vehicle maintenance.

- Stephanie O

It is efficient on gas and has a very nice audio system

It is a reliable car that has been in my family since 2007. I bought it from my mom as a hand me down and I've only had a few minor issues since it came into my care.

- Jacqui H

That my car has excellent gas mileage and That the acceleration is amazing on this car.

I like that it can go fast really quickly and That is has excellent gas mileage. I just wish I could have a better and newer car. The carpet seats get dirty to easy.

- Alexis T

It gets me where i need to go and it's not a bad car to drive just not good for me

I like the vehicle because it gets me where i need to go. I don't like that its small that i've had to pay a lot to get it fix and takes up alot of oil and its small

- Ali V

It's a reliable make and model.

Like because its good on gas and reliable. Its cheap to fix when needed. Dislike because its older, does not have new features. Some cosmetic work needs to be done.

- Jennifer H

What a great investment it is. Can be relied on for 10 or more years, 200,000 miles.

It is so reliable. I've only had minor maintenance expenses common to every car. Driven it to nearly 200,000 miles! Never broken down, never given me headaches.

- Kristal N

Toyota camrys are very reliable, there are a lot of parts out there for it, and they are relatively inexpensive.

I love that it is reliable and has good gas mileage. It's not flashy, so it doesn't attract too much attention. It also is affordable to get repairs with a Toyota.!

- Albert V

Great when it comes to gas intake and it drives really smooth.

I like how reliable my car is and how great it is with gas. I rarely have any issues with my car. Only thing I hate is that it has had a lot of recalls in the past.

- Frankie I

It drives great, has great pickup, and is very comfortable!

Love the heated leather seats. The trunk is huge. The driver side door is a different color! I think it was wrecked at some point. The window does rattle a little.

- Nany W

A great car for a small family.

Our car is a reliable, trustworthy vehicle. In the few years we've owned it only one issue has arose. It has kept has safe and I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

- Jeffrey K

Long lasting, good quality.

This car is super reliable, comfortable, great on gas, and so spacious! Love the ratings on it and I have had a Camry in the past and it was so easy to maintain.

- Tori W

Toyota Camry is very reliable

Other than regular maintenance, I have not had to deal with any problems since buying this car. I get excellent gas mileage and excellent performance on the road.

- Mike W

It is super reliable. I have not needed a major repair yet.

This car has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. Over one hundred thousand miles in, and I still haven't had to make any major repairs to it yet.

- Peter U

It is a convertible, which is useful for backing out.

It is a red solara. I love driving it and it is convenient. However, the top is too sensitive to chemicals and the back window is tiny. Other than that I love it

- Danielle K

It is very old and has almost 200,000 miles.

It is very old but still gets me from point A to point B. The AUX port is also wonky so it is hard for me to play my own music. The engine makes noise sometimes.

- Kay H

The Camry is a very reliable roomy vehicle.

This is the seventh Toyota I've purchased over the past 30 years. They require minimal maintenance. And retain their trade-in value. I highly recommend Toyotas!

- Pat G

Reliable and low maintenance

I have almost 200,000 miles on my Camry. It has been a great car. It started out with oil leak issues but Toyota issued a recall and it's been great ever since.

- Taneka K

It's very durable and dependable. Even as a high mileage car, I have not experienced any outstanding issues or concerns.

I've driven this car across the country without any issues or concerns. This car has always been very reliable. I love the sunroof feature and spacious seating.

- Suan M

Very reliable car and is very comfortable.

The car has been the most reliable car in my family. It has done multiple trips going state to state. It is also comfortable to drive and ride in on long trips.

- Sara N

The Toyota Camry is Very reliable and a great car.

I love my Toyota Camry. It's very reliable and have not had many problems with it. What I dislike about it is I miss my small suv and being up a little higher.

- Pam y

Hybrid car and has great mileage. A very reliable car with great features.

Like the sensor door locks, push to start button and hybrid features. Like the gas mileage and the smooth driving. Dislike the size and how low the vehicle is.

- April Y

The engine has been completely rebuilt.

Alignment needs to be fixed but all new tires, completely new engine rebuilt, air conditioning has been fixed, has some dings and bruises. A 2007 Toyota Camry.

- Catherine M

The car is very reliable and easy to drive. Repairs are reasonably priced.

I love size. It fits my family perfectly. It has decent gas mileage and we haven't had to put a ton of money into it even though it has extremely high mileage.

- Heather R

It is reliable. Good low cost car. Nice looking car. Long lasting.

Dependable, runs good never any big problems, only thing I have kept up on is oil changes, tires and maintains runs good still a good ride after 120000 miles.

- Brenda W

That is safe and everyone is comfortable.

I love my car. It's so spacious. Great on fuel. I wanted a vehicle not newer than 2007. I was a Chevy person, but, after 2007, their transmissions are junk!.

- Sherry B

The Toyota Camry is very dependable.

What I love about the car is: smooth drive, dependability, safe driving everywhere..... What I dislike about the Toyota Camry is the blind spots - dangerous.

- Jude G

It may be an older model but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I've had my car 11 years and have never had a problem with it. It's comfortable, easy to drive and good on gas mileage. I really have no complaints about it.

- Glenda S