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Toyota, Please Bring Back My Car!

It's a dream to drive, although manual transmission is not comfortable when I'm stuck in urban rush-hour gridlock. One weird problem: the spare storage well collects water and has to be manually drained. Integrated headrests don't shove the back of one's skull the way most other cars do. Love the instrument panel composition but wish indicators did not dim when I put lights on. Low center of gravity, corners well, responsive acceleration. My only regret is Toyota discontinued this model, or I would have a 2016 instead of a 2001.

- Elaine W

Almost 20 years old and still runs great

I have a manual 2001 Toyota Celica GT. I bought it used and it has over 150000 miles and still runs great. It's great on gas and the air still blows cold. I have replaced the struts and mounts in the front of the vehicle and will be replacing the back ones soon as well. Everything on the vehicle works great, especially for how old it is. I would definitely recommend this car. It is very reliable.

- Allison S

One of the best rides ever

Looks great and drives great. The handling is superb on this car. Gas mileage is 34.7 miles per gallon on the interstate and about 25 mpg in town. It is perfect for trips or just getting out for the day. It is comfortable to ride in and the sound system is top notch. If you have not driven or ridden in a Celtics you don't know what you are missing.

- Ronnie H

Dependable & fuel efficient with good air conditioning and comfortable seating.

I really enjoy my car, it came with a touch screen radio which was really nice but it broke soon after. Great speakers, air conditioning, fuel mileage, very dependable. My tires are a little worn out so it's a little loud but they're getting replaced soon. A large trunk, back seat is a little small but it would be great for children!

- Hannah L

It does not take regular gas!

I really love all the speakers! The bass is awesome! Also I never really liked having a sunroof until I got this car. Also the back seats are so comfortable! And the back is super spacious both of my kids car seats fit without it feeling super crowded and the trunk has a ton of space! It's perfect for a small family.

- Monica F

Great, comfortable, reliable car.

The car is overall great on gas, and easy to drive. The only issue is with the starter, it's been replaced recently. Otherwise it's been completely reliable, comfortable, and good on money. I'm a small female and the size of the car is absolutely perfect for me to see and feel comfortable while driving.

- Ab C

Reliable but some mechanical issues.

There are many mechanical issues, the locks have trouble closing sometimes but other than that the car is reliable and fast and will get you where you need. The amount of gasoline that it uses is really nice considering it is a v4 engine, and will save you lots of money on gas spending.

- Sebastian M

It has a modified exhaust and tinted windows and has had some upgrades.

It is a 5 speed manual transmission it has had some upgraded features to the engine as well as the exhaust and exterior that I had done. I love this car its sporty and fast. Its small compact and is perfect for parking anywhere and saves on gas too all and all I love this vehicle.

- Nicole C

That it is a standard vehicle.

I've had this vehicle for 13 years, was purchased used. I love this vehicle, it is a standard which are hard to come by these days. I love that it is low to the ground and fast. Unfortunately the check engine light is on, and think I will be getting a new car soon.

- Megan l

The GTS 01 Celica has plenty of power you'd need for going up hills or whatnot.

I would suggest getting a 2002 or later Toyota Celica as the Flange bolts on the engine have a chance of breaking after 100k miles but mine still runs and works! Mine is very custom so I can't say whole a lot about a stock one but mine is easy to work on too!

- Lucas S

It's reliable and is great on gas.

I like that my car is reliable and has lots of aftermarket parts to upgrade from stock parts. I dislike how I basically need to fix everything on my car since it's old. My car is also out of style.

- Ashley H

Toyota should have never stopped making them. So reliable very low maintenance.

Miles? Celica's do not know what miles are they last forever! Most reliable car I have ever owned. I will not own anything else and will go 10, 000 miles to find another one when and if I have to.

- Debra H

One 17 Year Old Lemon: So many problems noted that there's not enough room here to list them all.

Speedometer only works when it wants to. Not consistently. Recent Air Conditioner repair cost was almost $1000. Major Transmission problem, Doesn't to want to smoothly shift in Drive.

- David W

It's reliable, comfortable, stylish and perfect for your commute.

I love my car! I travel to school and work and it's perfect for me and for taking along another person. I would recommend this car to students. Very reliable and comfortable.

- Emily H

It always starts and takes me where ever go.

My car is a love - hate kind of thing. It uses a lot if oil, has issues with the power windows working or not, it has had work on it which cost more than we paid for the car.

- Brenda E

My Toyota Celica has a new clutch. And comes with touch screen radio.

My car is a Toyota Celica it has over 200,000 miles on it and it is in mid condition. The interior is in mid condition as well as the car body frame.

- Paul M

It is definitely old, and used, but it keeps going

High miles, sunroof leaks, sucks oil, and gas, needs aligned, New tires which it has 15 inch rims. Horn doesn't work.

- Misty K

Good reliability. Drives well. Looks great. I have really low mileage.

Love the look and reliability of my care. I don't like the road noise and the problems with the warranty.


just because It's a sports car with "vroom" does not mean it needs to be driven that way

i like the pick up and go factor, the gas mileage is pretty good, It's too low to the ground

- skyann m

No complaints. Very safe and reliable. Good on gas

Reliable good gas mileage easy maintenance very sporty

- Angela C