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My Toyota’s, pure enjoyment.

I really enjoy my vehicle. I enjoy driving it and the performance. I like the interior design, body design and the mechanical mechanisms. I did purchase it used so there are issues that come with vehicle age(2002). There is no rust. I have owned Toyota’s that I have purchased used and was very satisfied with them as well. Gas mileage and engine mileage with little to no problems. What I purchased them for I was able to sell them after 5+ years and made 1/2 of the money back that I had purchased them for. I enjoyed them as much as my current vehicle and share the same opinions of them as my current Toyota.

- Victoria L

Last for a very long time and will be driving it until the wheels fall off.

My vehicle is very reliable.. It is a 2002 but the engine didn't go out until I hit 164,000 miles in 2018 other than that no major problems occurred.. It is very sturdy and heavy metal.. My car was parked and someone hit it extremely hard but you cannot when noticed because of how it was built.. It is a small car but very comfortable.. Gives you the race car feel which I love.. Features are pretty simple, radio, heat, air conditioner, front wheel drive.

- Jacinda W

My little reliable Toyota

It's very reliable, has a little over 260,000 miles. The only problem I had was the O2 sensor. Currently its burning too much oil and needs to be check but still running strong, no issues. Very comfortable and small. It has a sunroof, automatic locks/windows and CD player. Sadly it's no longer being manufactured but parts aren't very expensive

- Cruz S

Just has to make sure you get the right oil for the car and that's it.

I have no problems, I love the car. The only thing I can think of is if you buy a thicker oil it slows the car down a little bit and doesn't change gears as fast or get up to speed as fast. Other than that little minor thing great car. It is fast gets up to speed easily and overall a real smooth running car.

- Felicia R

It�s fast, compact and sporty. It is great on gas!! Most reliable car

My Toyota has been very reliable, I have had it for over 5 years and as long I change the oil and do basic maintenance it has never broke down. It is fast, and great on gas. I have 192,000 miles on it and it runs the same as when I first bought it. I got lucky with my decision to buy this car!!

- Danielle L

It is good if you don't have a lot of money. It is an older car so obviously, it is not going to be the best car in the world. But overall it is a nice car.

I like the design of the car. Sadly though because of its wear and tear, I don't like it as much as a couple years back. But it was a hand me down so I cannot complain much. The gas maintainability is poor. But the overall driving is smooth for such an old model.

- Brianna M

It gets great gas mileage. If you are a person who drives a lot, and takes solos road trips this is a great car for that.

I really like this vehicle because I like the look of it, and I like the way it feels when I drive it. This car has been a great reliable car even though it is older. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is a low riding car.

- Jess C

My car gets good gas mileage, and I should be able to continue driving it for many more years.

I love having a small, sporty car. I love how smaller cars usually get good gas mileage. Toyotas seem to keep their value, and they last a long time. The only thing I would improve is the comfort level of the car.

- Den J

It is very small, only has two doors, and only fits four people.

I like how it is small and easy to drive. It is very comfortable and manages to hold up well throughout the years I have had it.

- Harrison S

My vehicle is great on gas.

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. I like the color. I like the interior or my vehicle. I like the model of my vehicle.

- Robin C

2002 Toyota Celica GT - good car!

The interior is quite nice, though the back seat is tiny. I've had a few mechanical issues, but I still enjoy the car overall.

- Ryan C

That it is 16 years old and though it has been reliable cars tend to break down after a while that's why it's important to take good care of them and they will last

The car is reliable, It gets excellent mileage. The body is why people really want my car, but the gas mileage it gets helps.

- jack c

the gears are very stiff making it hard to drive if you don't drive it all the time

it is a very comfortable car but always has its problems, things break all the time so it's not very reliable but i like it

- Reece A

Needs taking to a junkyard and scrapped.

Horn doesn't work, it needs all kinds of work to the engine. It takes 195 65r15 tires and they are hard to come by.

- Misty K

2002 Toyota Celica is an old car and it needs a lot of work.

Its reliable but has so many engines issues its not funny. The tires are 195 65 r15's and they are hard to come by.

- Misty K

toyota celica: good car to have

leather seats, cold AC, good stereo system, sunroof, new paint job, alloy rims, good gas mileage, no problems

- joseph c

My car is extremely good on gas and it always runs super smooth

It's amazing and good on gas, I always gets me where I need to go, without any problems ever. My cars awesome

- Tyler T

Celica is a very reliable car

Very reliable car, Have had no major problems just routine maintenance. Very easy to drive and comfortable

- elaizabeth P

It is very well made and reliable. The high horsepower adds to its appeal.

Strong, comfortable, attractive vehicle. Economical to operate and easy to maintain.

- Russell S

The GT model tends to burn oil. Consider purchasing a GTS

I have modified my car and I take it to shows.

- Christopher S