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Still Charming and Reliable after 18 Years!

This car has been super reliable even though I'm not the most attentive of owners! Gets good gas mileage. At the age of 18, however, it does burn oil so have to keep adding more. While the car, in white, has a somewhat elegant appearance, at the moment I would feel more comfortable in something a little larger to get me higher off the road as almost every other vehicle seems to be taller than mine! It is a compact, but really there is a good amount of room inside for driver and passengers. Needs a CD player. Overall very happy with this car and will look at Toyota Corollas again in the future.

- Dawn M

Toyota Corolla: a love and hate.

As far as performance and reliability goes, the 2000 Corollas really cannot be beat. The engines last forever if you maintain them, they have great miles per gallon, and the frames are well made. Mine needs quite a bit of work on the shocks and suspension but that is only due to my own personal neglect of my vehicle. I have also had issues with minor details, such as seat belt buckles breaking or locking up, window motors breaking, door handles breaking. However as far as the car actually running, it is an incredible vehicle.

- Jacob H

Car works well before 300, 000 miles.

My car is very unreliable but it does have over 500, 000 miles. It did not always start even after being jumped, and when it did drive it was very loud and had a hard time taking off. Sometimes it would slow down while I was driving and stop when I pressed the brakes. The inside of the car was very comfortable though and had many places to store things in the front of the car. I did not get the car until it had reached 200, 000 miles so this would explain the deterioration in how well it worked.

- Yanis W

It is an amazing car and would not change it for the world.

The car is very reliable. It is great on gas. The seat are soft and comfortable. The backseat don't have much space but it can still fit up to five people. Has four cups holders and speakers are very long. The radio is a little outdated. But it is perfect for me because I would just connect my aux cord and play my music from my phone. I have owned this car for over three years and have not much problems with it. Only thing I had to get fix is the A/C. It gets me from home to places.

- Michelle T

My car will never ever start.

My vehicle will never start in the morning, and requires me to waste my time having to jump start it. When ever I drive, and go over a bump the car would start screeching. Or just driving over rough terrain in general. My car is reliable in anyway, I have had times where my car would turn off when I am driving at night. My car is cramped, and does not have a lot of space for me to store anything. It is a basic car that comes with a radio, and a ac system.

- Anthony N

Great gas mileage, low maintenance.

It has great gas mileage and little to no engine problems. . Great power steering, cloth seats, am/FM radio, cassette . Player. Have never had a problem with a/c. Only problem is with the rings, that leak oil. This is a Toyota plant problem, this year model has a history of ring leak. . 2000 were suppose to be recalled for this problem, but for some reason were never recalled. Other than is problem, which is not really bad. It is a great car.

- David S

Outstanding vehicle. Very reliable.

Awesome car! Handles very well in bad weather. There are no disappointments owner this Toyota and it is very reliable, I have had no major issues with my car. I have put over 350, 000 miles on it. This car still keeps on going. With this many miles on it. I have changed the brakes when needed and replaced the shocks. But other then that no major engine troubles. I will eventually pass the car down to my kids and purchase another Toyota.

- Joe B

Corolla's are very long lasting.

I love it. However, because it is so old and was never stored in a garage the interior is slightly falling apart. The roof liner is falling apart but that can be easily replaced. It is a manual and when you drive it you really feel like you re in control of the car. It was seen a lot of mile, over 200, 000, and its still running. If you are okay with a smaller car I would suggest buying a Corolla. They are seriously the best.

- Kayla K

I love my car, it doesn't give me any problems.

As long as you keep up with your car, oil changes etc. it's perfectly fine. It's so comfortable, and I've had it about two years and no major problems. Only problem I've had is a flat tire. As far as under the hood so far everything is fine. I love it and the body on the car looks so clean and beautiful. It's a decent size as well, especially if it's just you. I wouldn't recommend this car if you have a big family.

- Kayla R

It is a nice size, not too small, not too big. Has a pretty decent gas tank size.

I have had my 2000 Toyota corolla for about 2 years now and it has taken me to all the place I need to go and back. It has only given me a few problems but not to the point where I have found myself stranded or without a car for several days. It is the perfect size for me inside and out. Very easy to drive and maintain and overall a good first time car.

- Alexis C

It is reliable and gas mileage is great.

I am having trouble with the air conditioning right now and have had to replace the motor mounts. I put new shocks and struts on it. And of course new tires. But they are rated for 70000 miles, so these will probably be my last set of tires. The car is very reliable and I do not have any issues. I travel in it sometimes, and it drives fine. No problems.

- Janet R

300,000 miles on her and she is still going strong

Had problems with the doors and door handles not working. I have had to replace the transmission. But overall it's still going and I have over 300,000 miles on the car. Its lost a lot of its pick up but still gets me where I'm headed. I have kept up with the proper maintenance on the car so it runs the way I would expect a 20 year old car to run

- Kristina S

The parts are widely available, some of the most widely available of any brand.

It is extremely reliable for one. It is also easy to repair and does not require driving out of town for some specialist mechanic. It has inexpensive parts that are widely available, and it also gets great gas mileage. It does not have all the bells and whistles that newer cars do, but it gets me from point A to point B.

- Cassie S

My Ever Faithful Toyota Corolla

I have driven my Corolla for 19 years and found it extremely reliable. I try to keep up with recommended maintenance and have had no problem keeping the car running well. It does not have a lot of glamorous bells and whistles, but it fills all my needs with the features it does have: cruise control, CD player, etc.

- Sandra J

My 2000 Toyota Corolla is a very reliable and good on gas.

I own a 2000 Toyota Corolla and absolutely love it. This vehicle is very reliable and good on gas. I am able to take long trips to different places for a cheap price. Although the car is out of style it still get me where I need it to. Toyota is a very good car maker and would recommend their cars 10/10 times.

- Noah T

My thoughts on my car I drive.

The brakes lines are hard to replace due to the gas tank needing to be dropped. Has been really reliably, needs better shock, feel like ride a road wagon. It is very comfortable to ride in and had a great sound system in it. The color is not the color I would have chosen but it gets me back and forth to work.

- Kay P

Spacious, cute, and a smooth ride.

Even when there are issues they are not really issues. The car is very reliable, durable, and safe. Gets you where you need to go. As long as your upkeep is good the car will last a long time. Having good tired and fresh brake pads helps too. Overall a very good car I say for the cost and how reliable it is.

- Melissa N

Greatest car ever, hands down.

I have had this car for 2 and a half years and the only main issues I have are cosmetic. No motor issues other than having to replace some stuff because of the age of the vehicle. It is reliable and sturdy, has never given me such bad issues that I couldn't afford. Great on gas and perfect as a starter car.

- Krystal P

Reliable 2000 Toyota corolla.

Radiator is the only problem right now. Size wise. Could be a little more spacious. Good on gas..Rides smooth not bad if u don't need a big car with not a lot of space. The interior is nice. Tan matches the paint job on the car. Good durable tires as long as you keep up maintenance overall not bad at all.

- Anna N

That is a long lasting car and very reliable.

I have a Toyota Corolla 1995 dx wagon 1. 8 v 4 it is a very good car, it has almost 200 thousands miles and it runs in good condition although the motor engine has it normal wear and tear and it does not good pickup, the shock absorbers are not in good condition, the ac is good, overall is a good car.

- Jose P

Best car hands down, Toyota Corolla.

This car is probably one of the most reliable thing since sliced bread. I have had this car over two years and not a single major problem has occurred since I have it. Cosmetically it could use some improvement since most stuff is made of plastic, but i'll take reliability over materialism any day.

- Crystal J

2000 Toyota Corolla, runs great, shows no signs of stopping or slowing down

I really love my vehicle. It's old but it still runs really well. It doesn't have many of the features that modern day cars have, such as a place to plug in my phone, but I make do. The speakers are still good. I've never had any engine problems. It looks like this thing is going to run forever.

- Katherine K

Toyota Corolla is a good and reliable car.

Good car, reliable and economical. Has some problems but can be fixed cheaply by buying used parts at the junkyard and follow the shop manual instructions to do the actual repairs at least that what I did with my car. As for the comfort it is in the middle between modern models and old ones.

- Delawer A

It's just an awesome car! There's never been anything wrong with it.

I love the fact that I've had it for 14 years and It's never given me any issues. I only give it the maintenance it needs and anytime I've had to replace anything due to how often I use it (its very affordable to get the parts). Plus I drive it all over town without spending a ton in gas.

- Mayra R

All the problems that I face while driving this car.

The Toyota Corolla has too less leg space. The air conditioner does not work sometimes. Difficult to adjust the rear windows. The seats are hard. It always smells good. The automatic window roller does not work sometimes. Too less storage space available if a gas cylinder is installed.

- Mary R

Spunky little teal Corolla that withstands the test of time and two kids.

Performance has been great, but the ride has gotten a little rough after about 70, 000 miles. I probably could just use some new shocks. Not a lot of repairs outside of standard upkeep. Like the 4 door model with mostly just standard items. Would buy automatic next time, instead of manual.

- Shirley C

The car is a Toyota Corolla it's an orangey red color its from 2006 it runs amazing.

My car has no problems or any issues with its performance or reliability, comfort or features my car is an amazing car but I always wondered maybe it'd be better if I had a paint job because the car has like this orangey red color but it fades really quickly and turns into an ugly color.

- Ariel H

The little corolla that could

I adore my car it's a little corolla I've had for years. There are some maintenance issues and we have had to recently replace the battery but overall for the age of the car it has held up well. It has plenty of storage space and the trunk is very roomy and holds all of the items I need.

- bec L

My vehicle is very reliable and gets me to where I need to go.

My vehicle is very reliable and runs decently. It sometimes makes noises. It is not the most comfortable and luxurious car. But the most important thing is that it gets me to point A to point B. My vehicle is also really good on gas, only about 20 to 25 dollars lasts me a while week.

- Jason B

Great gas mileage. I can drive to atl and back on a tank and a half.

Have only had minor wear and tear issues. Changed the serpentine belt and had to replace the ignition because the key would no longer turn. No other problems minor or major. I would recommend this car to any and everyone. I believe it will last as long as you do regular maintenance.

- Julie L

My nice reliable Corolla!

My Toyota is very reliable, however, it does not have many bells and whistles. It is comfortable, it has a cassette player and it runs well and gets me from point A to point B. It is economical. It has fairly low mileage and is cheap to run. I would however like a newer vehicle.

- Patrice S

My 18 year old friend my car Toyota Corolla.

I bought this car in 2000. I really like Toyota and 18 years later its still with me. There wasn't anything special about it in 2000 but it worked for me. Great gas mileage. I always had problems with my tires. Either it was a flat or I needed air but I would recommend this car.

- Crystal M

The greener the better when it comes to the e.

It is a driver's car it gets good gas mileage and it is fun to drive it has cruise control and an alarm and anti lock brakes it has nice seats and comfortable seat belts and the floor shifter is easy to move, the car is a great running car and gets 38 miles on a gallon of gas.

- Robert P

Toyota is the best car ever.

Toyota Corolla barley have problems. It rides easily. It does not use that much gas. It occasionally have brake problems but that is fine. I would never trade my car for a expensive brand because I love it so much. People love their fancy cars but I love my little old Toyota.

- Martha W

It will probably get a least 300, 000 miles, like my last Corolla did.

I am very happy with this car. Even though it is 18 years old, it still averages 30 miles per gallon. It is comfortable. Everything works. It is reliable and easy to drive. I have done all the regular maintenance and I thing the makes a huge difference. It is a great vehicle.

- Nancy J

It is reliable. It is easy to park. It can go fast, even though I do not speed.

My Toyota Corolla ve is low maintenance and has very good gas mileage as long as you take care of it. Being that my vehicle is 18 years old, it has begun showing signs of external discoloration, my internal door handles break off easily and the internal top has torn fabric.

- Walton D

Toyota Corolla: reliable car.

Toyota Corolla is economic, reliable and cheap maintenance. No matter how old the car is you can find cheap spare parts to fix its simple problems. I often buy the parts from online vendors I find on google. For some problems I find the parts at junkyards around the city.

- Delawer A

Small car, low cost, low budget.

This is a good reliable small vehicle that requires little maintenance. The automobile gets very good gas mileage. I live in a mountainous area, the engines could use a little more horsepower getting up the hills. The car is eighteen years old and has very little rust.

- Mark M

208000 miles and still going strong. I have no plans on trading it in anytime soon.

I love how dependable my Corolla is--it has 208000 miles on it and still runs great. I love how durable it is. I wish that some of the interior molding had been a bit more sturdy, and the remote entry fob has broken twice, but otherwise it's been a great experience.

- John K

1999 Toyota Corolla Review

No problems until around 10 years of having it and then I had brake issues. Other than this no issues. The car was comfortable, easy to drive and had decent gas mileage. The car was also inexpensive especially considering how long it lasted compared to other cars.

- Sarah T

Good on gas, reliable, good car overall.

I love my vehicle it is an older type of vehicle but it is very sturdy very reliable and responsible car. I love the color of my car especially pick that color years ago. It is very good on gas, drives you for a long time without stopping at the gas station often.

- Edit M

Good on gas, reliable, responsible.

I love my car it is super sturdy and big size inside. It is very reliable, responsible, good on gas, even though it is an older car very good and I never had major problem with it. Only the regular changes. Like oil change, regular maintenance. No other issues.

- Ed K

My vehicle is 18 years old and it runs like an 18 year old car.

This vehicle is 18 years old, which is indicative of its functionality. My car has bad rings in its engine, making it burn oil. The front end is out of alignment making steering more difficult. That and my wheels are out of alignment so it innately veers right.

- Amanda F

It has been through a lot. From flat tires to battery and starter exchanges but it still works in great condition.

The car I use is not mine but I have no choice but to use it to travel to work. I like how it runs it is smooth even for being an old car. There are no dislikes or complain about the car. Thinking of purchasing a newer model of the same brand.

- Ivonne L

The most important thing about my car is that it has a radio to listen to music rather than listening to other cars driving during rush hour traffic.

I like that my vehicle causes less damages and less air conditioner. I dislike that my vehicle runs out of gas and oil engine very quickly in about 2 - 3 days. There were complaints that my vehicle needs a new upgrade to function properly.

- Anthony L

Its reliable transportation.

My vehicle is very reliable good on gas the main thing I dislike about it sits so low to the ground and hard to get out of also be cautions over speed bumps another defect is they make cheap door handles so those have to be replaced often.

- Michael K

Its a bucket. Gets you from point A to B can't tell if gas is ever in vehicle.

Its a hand me down from a associate of mine. No title in hand unfortunately the original owner took out a title loan. The clutch needs to be fixed as well as the tires rotated also need a fuse for the radio and the lighter port to work.

- Lyric S

My car is very safe and i can fill it up with approx. $25.

Some reasons why i enjoy my vehicle include: the great gas mileage, the affordable price and the overall great quality. My dislikes are slim to none. The only dislike i could provide is the small console, which leaves little elbow room.

- Ashley C

My Toyota corolla has had an excellent service record. My only complaint is that I can't seem to figure out why it is using so much oil.

I like the fact that my Toyota is a compact car. It gets very good gas mileage and I don't have to stop at the fuel pump very often. My only concern with the car is that it does seem to use a lot of oil at this point in time period

- John C

It is a great car for every day commuting.

I like the manual transmission and how comfortable the interior is. I really enjoy the ease of the steering wheel however the clutch has always been a bit strange even after getting it replaced. It is great on gas as well!

- Lindsay M

The reliability of the car.

The car is a base Corolla(ve). Not the most comfortable car, but the economics of it makes up the difference. It is an automatic with a 1. 8l engine. With 157000 miles, it still get 30-35 mpg. Never has left me stranded.

- Steve W

My 2000 Corolla gets 32-38 miles to the gallon. It helps me save money.

Picked up this car for 200 bucks. It has over 300,000 miles on it. I've had to make some minor repairs but it takes me roughly 90 miles a day round trip. Seats both car seats in the back with plenty of room in the trunk.

- David M

Toyota Gets it RIGHT with Corolla

I have had very few problems with this car. That is one of the reasons I gave five stars. It's not the prettiest or flashiest but it is so reliable and the small issues I have had have been easy fairly cheap fixes.

- sara c

It is generally mechanically sound for a number of years, if regular maintenance is done on the car.

I like the gas mileage and reliability of the operation of my car. I do not like how the clear coat is peeling off paint job on the car, the plastic on the headlights getting cloudy and the headliner peeling away.

- Alvin C

It does not waste too much gas, I literally put like $23 dollars every other week.

I like how the car itself doesn't waste too much gas. Sometimes when I play my music on AUX it cuts off when I put my signal lights on which is annoying. Overall, I am grateful the the AC works and the heater too!

- Neyda H

It is small and won't weigh you down or give you low mpg.

It is old, but a reliable car with comfy seats. It is clean and there is not any noticeable exterior damage. It has performed well, but has over 200,000 miles, so I do not know if I could take it on a long trip.

- Dominik R

The car gets me where I want to go.

The dash is cracked due to sun damage. The car gets me to point a and point b. It is reliable because I know no matter how old a Toyota is she runs almost the same as when she was bought but with a few kinks.

- Aline R

The whole car is really compact and really good on gas mileage!

I like how compact the whole car is. I like how simple and low key the whole car is, I don't need special gadgets built in. I like that the windows are automatic. I wish that the side mirrors were automatic.

- Aurelia J

I am sure a lot of people know how reliable and gas efficient a Toyota Corolla is. They always make the top 10s list on gas efficient and affordable cars.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable, the parts to replace are cheap and gas efficient. The only thing I dislike about it is it doesn't hold weight very well. I don't have any complaints...I love my car.


People should know that Lexus is a very strong and reliable car.

Works well. Few repairs. Looks good. No complaints. Fine size for transporting pets to the veterinarian and packages for and from the post office. Dislike color which is dark green and shows dust and dirt..

- Ann P

It provides reliable transportation at a moderate cost.

I can depend on it to get me from one place to another - I can carry passengers and/or packages/luggage - I have driven it for 18 years and plan to drive it for several more years - I get good mileage.

- Sandi J

Compact, easy to drive, perfect for short road trips

I love how small and versatile the Corolla is. It has a great range of motion and is easy to park. It is also pretty reasonable to maintain -- even though our car is a 2000, it is in great shape.

- Liz A

I have a good car! So far, it's been very dependable. The ac works well.

I have had no major issues with my car. It has over 200, 000 miles on it. I am going to have to have wheel bearings changed. It started rusting rather quickly also. Otherwise, I am happy with it.

- Gayle B

Toyota Corolla a great car that is super easy on your wallet.

The reliability is fantastic it has 128000. Miles it has only needed a new water pump and a replacement of front end suspension struts. The gas mileage is even better. It is 25 to 30+ mpg.

- William R

The Toyota Corolla has great gas mileage and will get you to your destination safely.

My vehicle has great gas mileage. Holds together in rough conditions and terrain. Has gotten me from northern California to southern California many times and is still holding together.

- Kimberly C

They will run forever! The engine is still so strong but the stupid little things - plastic things - door handles! will break before the engine does

I love the car - it has always been incredibly reliable. But now it is 18 years old and things are starting to finally fail on it. Plus I would like to upgrade to newer technology.

- Amanda B

Reliable Vehicle that is paid for. It has been maintenance-free other than usual oil changes. Since I don't drive much it's great to have.

It's a very reliable car given to me when my Mama was no longer able to drive. Still, it's almost 20 years old, has broken handles on passenger side, & is a color I don't like.

- Dinah C

My car is a stick shift car.

I like this vehicle because is gas saver, it is manual car, and it gets you anywhere. No complaints with this car just minor damages but that is alright because it still runs!

- Dalia E

Older car, but still reliable.

Still a good vehicle, will run great as long as it has been taken care of and had regular oil changes, brake, tire and battery replacements, and other general maintenance,.

- Trevor M

My car is very easy to drive.

I have a second hand used car. It was and still is in great condition. I haven't had any problems with my car. It has great gas mileage and is very compact so easy to park.

- Chanel L

I like how in 2000 they had power windows for me car.

My car is amazing. It has gotten me over 100,000 miles. The seats are comfy and the AC/Heat has never went off. I like the radio and the colors of the seats are awesome.

- Hayley E

The Corolla is very good with fuel economy.

I like the engine. I've been told Toyota engines last a long time. However, being an older car, I have had to deal with other issues like brake repairs, exhaust system.

- Stan a

A good vehicle that has aged well.

For an older vehicle it functions very well and does everything that I need it to. It has been subject to minor wear and tear however nothing that renders it unusable.

- David L

Excellent value for the cost!!

This is a great car. It is dependable. It is easy on gas. As long as you do routine maintenance, it is fine. I would buy this car again when getting a new one.

- Marian M

It consumes oil so you will need to keep filling it up with oil every week or so.

I like my car because it is practical. It is because it gets good gas mileage and is reliable. I do not like my car because it is ugly, underpowered and slow.

- Nicholas H

I love my Toyota Corolla!

The car lasts a very long time as long as you take care of it. Problems include poor acceleration due to the small engine and the inability to drive off road.

- Shaun Z

That it does so good on gas.

I love the vehicle. Although the car is a bit small but it does do very good on gas. Got someone who does a lot of traveling this is the perfect car for them.

- Hussein H

That it's extremely dependable. It's still working after 18 years.

My car is still working 18 years later so it's dependable. It's economical when it comes to fuel and it's very easy to drive. I don't like how small it is.

- Amanda S

You will have it for years if you like.

It is dependable, I like that. I have had it for years without any problems. I do not like it is size. Next time I will trade up a size, maybe a minivan.

- Pamela M

Best starter car for your needs

My vehicle has never broken down on me and it always get me where i need to go. The gas mileage is really great and servicing the vehicle is inexpensive

- Jaime h

That it has Good gas mileage and holds up well with time.

I Enjoy my Toyota Corolla for many reasons. I think it's great gas mileage. And addition, the car has lasted a long time and is still in good condition.

- Emily F

It does not have all the bells and whistles, but gets you from point A to point B.

I have no problems with my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, the service is inexpensive, and parts are readily available. It also retains value well.

- Cassie S

Its an economy car. Not a status symbol.

Good gas mileage. Cheap repairs. Paint job is ruined. Interior is still in good shape. I like that repairs are easy to make. I do a lot of them myself.

- Jamil H

It has great gas mileage and has many innovative items that were not available in US cars for many years.

It runs great. It is great on mileage. Doesn't lose trade in value over time. The only thing that is bad is the price which has quadrupled over time.

- Ronny B

It's a good car considering it's age, but I'm afraid the climate here has made it too rusty.

It's old and there is so much rust on the underside it's frightening. Toyota is too expensive to help with maintenance for low income persons.

- Priscilla C

It rarely breaks down and has comfortable adjustable seats

There's nothing I dislike. I liked the blue color, it has only break down a few time due to easy to fix things. I like it comfortable seats

- Samantha R

It's great mileage. Love that its white. I love that my sister gave it to me.

My vehicle saves gas. It's not too big. It's not too small or too big. Good mileage. Its too low to the ground. I wish I could sit up higher.

- Kathleen A

Decent driving condition.

Has cosmetic damages like the paint coming off. Has the check engine light on but does not pose a real threat. Sometimes burns through oil.

- Unknown V

take care of your car and it will take care of you

love it Toyota make great cars have a lots of different styles and some compact great cars have had mine since 2003 and it still run good

- Annie S

Heat during and ac you can used it or don't use it.

Used car of Toyota Corolla can have problem on it and you have to take great care of the car. Always go to the car shop once in a while.

- Guise P

Very low maintenance. Very dependable

Very reliable and dependable. Have no issues. Would definitely recommend this car. Low maintenance. Very economical. Great gas mileage.

- Juanita M

Its unique and I am comfortable with driving my car.

The heat and the ac do not work most off the time and the engine light can light up if it not full of gas otherwise it is a good car.

- Guise P

The 4.6 liter engine will outperform the 5.4.

I like that it gets me to where I want. Yet it breaks down a lot and the service engine light stays on. Overall it gets me by though.

- Michael B

Engine runs well, just needs regular oil changes and good gas.

It's reliable even after years of use, it has automatic windows and a big trunk. It's racked up miles and time and still runs well.

- Amber S

Toyotas have longevity. This is my second Toyota with 200k miles.

It has high miles, but it is leaking oil. I do like the economy of the gas mileage, but it sits a little too close to the ground.

- Maria F

The Corolla drives well in all weather.

The Toyota is good on gas, cheap to repair, and drives good. The Corolla interior is very plane and the door handles break easy.

- william K

One thing that everyone should know about my car is that it has a good condition and maintain very well.

I like my car because it's gas efficient. My car is also in fair condition. The only thing I don't like about it is that is old.

- John B

It fits the needs of a person who doesn't travel much but it's very reliable

I like it it was affordable it's a four door so just the right size for a small family no problems so for but it is an older car

- Vanessa M

It's one of the most reliable cars I've had.

I like that it's reliable and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Can't think of anything I dislike and I have no complaints.

- Kathy W

Best vehicle because of its affordability and reliability

It's one of the best cars that I've owned. Very reliable and easy to manage. I haven't had any issues even after buying it used

- Coral Y

It's a well-made, economy car that is for everyone

Reliable and fuel efficient. It is a car that is built right and built to last. You can trust the car to work for a long time.

- Meg S

It is a great money saver on gas. I only have to fill my tank at least once a month.

I love that it is great on gas. I also love how it is good in the snow. It overall is a great vehicle that gets me around.

- Samantha L

It handles super great for what it is and the gas mileage is amazing.

It was my mother's car before it was mine. She took perfect care of it and so do I. That's why it's still running well.

- nancy k

Excellent car. Love it. Tons.

It is a very nice car. It gets me to point b from point a. I have not had any problems with the car since I received it.

- Misty H

It gets great gas mileage and the duct tape is just to keep the bumper from falling apart.

I dislike that it is old and has plastic bumpers. I like that is gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

- Denise K

It is a good fit for someone who carts around a lot of stuff or people.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is very dependable and reliable. I have not had any major problems (knock on wood).

- Steven M

It has an electronic sunroof

It's a 4 door Toyota Corolla. It's a good care just needs some minor repairs. Needs new tires the oil needs changing.

- Edith H

It is very dependable and has required very minimal maintenance.

I like that my vehicle has been very dependable and low maintenance. I do not like that it is small and looking old.

- Candace S

Adjustable seat and pretty comfy.

Sometimes malfunctions, and comfort may not be the best. And the features are great in the car. Performance amazing.

- Rodolfo Paz P

Dependable. Easy to drive.the headliner is deteriorating.

It has been and still is a great car. A little difficult now to get in and out because it is so low to the ground

- Joyce D

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable car.

I would prefer a more modern car but really like driving the Toyota. It's a very smooth driving and reliable car.

- Christina L

Good Overall and recommend one for beginners

It has few problems but occasionally have to go to the repair shop and is a comfy ride overall. It's pretty fast

- Rodolfo P

That it works and I am not going to buy a new car until this one stops working.

It is very old and does not have power locks or power windows which can get annoying. It also makes loud sounds.

- Aria P

That it's easy to drive and handles well.

I like that it's easy to adjust the seats. I like that it's a smooth ride. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Dora E

It is convenient and comfortable!.

It's a car I can use. It gets me around. It is comfortable. It's old and need updates. Doesn't have Bluetooth.

- Karen T

It is older car, it's not a racing car.

I have no complaints about my car. It gets me to where I need. Haven't had any problems. It's a wonderful car.

- Brittany K

It's great on gas! It gets you from A to B.

I like that the car is great on gas. I dislike that it's an older car. I dislike that the windows are manual.

- Spencer A

Great on gas, great on miles. Lots of room for a compact car.

My vehicle runs great. It is good on gas. Good on miles. Lots of room for a compact car. Lots of trunk room.

- Maria C

Reliable simple vehicle with good mileage, power steering, and decent leg room

Drives well, few if any issues. Fair mileage. Dome light dies quickly, and window gears fail after a time.

- Dakota T

The problem is always fixed.

The Toyota Corolla is reliable and always has an easy fix! What issues do pop up are always a quick solve.

- Maria J

Best Mileage for your Dollars

This car is very efficient with gas usage .Have to fill my tank up on have to fill my tank up once a week

- Terrence B

comfort, cheap, gas efficiency, low maintenance, easy to handle

it's pretty old. it overheats and its ac turns very hot when it's summer. its efficient in saving gas tho

- Maria T

Gold 2000 Toyota Corolla rides like a Cadillac

Great car. But the engine is very temperamental. The handle broke off the door because plastic is weak.

- Jessica H

The most important thing about my car is that it gets great mileage.

My Toyota get great gas mileage. I runs wells and needs little maintenance. It is comfortable riding.

- Pat K

It is the best car I've ever owned. Very cost effective and reliable.

I like that it is reliable and has a high mpg rating. I wish it was more stable ride on the highway.

- Allison J

this auto is dependable, and gets good gas mileage

dependable, large enough inside with still being a rather small auto, decent gas mileage, long-lived

- mary f

It's an okay car. Its milage isn't the best but it could be worse. Sometimes it has issues shifting. Had a short in my headlight connections recently.

It's a good beginner car. It is a reliable car for someone's first car. All around solid car.

- Adam H

Toyotas are very durable cars; mine is 18 years old and still kicking!

I love the durability of my vehicle. I love the make and model. I do not like how old it is.

- Sarah K

It is an awesome and reliable car that will last. You need to make sure that you take care of it.

It is reliable and is inexpensive to operate. I also like that it is a standard transmission

- Brandon M

Its loud, but it works fine. I could give you a ride but I have to open the door for you from the outside.

It's used and old. It takes me from point A to point B. It's very loud but cheap on gas.

- Rachelle M

I love it! On cold days, it warms me quickly.

It has low maintenance. Is a perfect long trip car. The heater has always worked great!

- David H

My car is good on gas. The car drives well and is reliable. You can go wrong with this Toyota.

My vehicle is old. I like my car though. It's a efficient car to use. I love my car.

- John J

That it drives better than it looks. It is reliable and affordable.

I like it because it will get me from a to b. I dislike that it is old and beat up.

- John S

These cars literally last forever. Anything that breaks or just wears out is expected considering the age and mileage on the vehicle.

Great value and dependability. They also don't depreciate as quickly as most cars.

- Mitchell F

It performs pretty well for the age, but the interior is starting to fall apart. Obviously given its age, the car is low on features, but it gets me from point A to point B reliably.

It will last forever if you treat it right. You won't love it, but it will work.

- Maddy O

It might not be the fastest car, but my car is reliable.

I like my vehicle. I can't complain about it. It gets me from point A to B.

- John L

This car has a lot of miles, but it is still running strong.

I like that it is a reliable car. It saves gas. It never has any problems.

- Fabian S

Toyotas get great gas mileage, and they can last you a very long time

I like that is gets good gas mileage and reliable , I don't like the style

- Julia M

It has never let me down. That's all, it's been a good car

It is reliable. It is reliable. It is comfortable. I really like it.

- Monica M

It's cheap and reliable and good on gas and requires low maintenance

Good on gas Not the most impressive looking Easy to get around in

- Josh K

It's a good driver and great on gas it gets good gas

Great car its, very good on gas, Its very reliable and very safe

- Chad L

car is an older model but in great shape and runs great. everything works well, a/c, radio, cassette player, power windows. it has newer brakes and tires.

great economical running car that is in great shape for it's age

- Lynne E

The car works. It can be slow though. As long as it has an engine. I'm good.

Crappy car but runs good. That's about it. Nothing else

- Gisselle L

How it works and what are the flaws

I don't like how it does not have a bass speaker

- Cindy W