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My very first car, the Toyota Corolla, can take a new driver quite far!

I recommend a Toyota Corolla as a first car. It was and still is my first vehicle! It is extremely good on gas and I have gone very far with very little fuel in search of a gas station. It is a very basic car. There are not any of the features of the vehicles of this day and age but the windows (four door) are automatic, you have a really good air conditioning system/fan/and heating system. The seats and floor are made out of material that can be easily stained unfortunately, but it is really not hard to keep clean. Altogether, the car fits 5 people (adults mainly speaking) 2 in the front, 3 in the back. I currently have a car seat for my 4 year old child that stays safely in place so it is decent for taking rides but I would not recommend taking a family or full car road trip in it due to size. If you can make it comfortable though, the little sedan will take you far. My Corolla is an automatic but I have heard of them being made in manual form. There is a large trunk to put all of your gear in and definitely a few extra items as well. But as I mentioned earlier, this car is best for a first car and it is fairly basic!

- Stefanie S

2001 Toyota Corolla 19 Years and still runs like a new car.

I purchased my Corolla in 2011 with only 12,000 miles on it. I've had this car that is almost 18 yrs old for 7 years and I have taken care of it by changing the oil regularly and fixing any problems right away before they get worse. This car has NEVER broke down on me. I've never been stranded due to engine problems. Never had an engine problem. As long as you have good tires and change your oil when you are supposed to you will pass inspection every year with no problems whatsoever. I LOVE my corolla. The small size makes it easy to park and I can still fit 5 passengers in it. Worry free because you don't have to worry about breaking down or having it stolen. I would recommend a toyota corolla to anyone looking for an affordable car that is so simple to keep up with. The extra money for the Toyota name is worth it when you still love it 20 yrs later.

- Laurie S

Toyotas to me are the go-to import vehicles!

I stick with Toyotas because I believe they are a very reliable vehicle. I have never been able to buy a new car, in fact this is the newest year I have ever owned! That fact that everything is electric is fun! I absolutely love the sunroof! And of course the mileage. I am able to afford putting plus gas into it instead of regular. It is very easy to drive and enjoyable on long trips. It helps that the heater actually works 100%. The air conditioner works 100%. Maintenance on Toyotas are very affordable! Being a 6 cylinder is economical! Tires are important and I can afford to buy 4 all at once. I consider myself extremely lucky to own my own car! I would never buy anything else! If I were to win some lottery $, I would get a 2019 Toyota forerunner!

- Laura F

Reliable and classic Toyota Corolla.

My Corolla is on the older side, but it has been a faithful and reliable commuter vehicle. I commute about 15-30 minutes outside of town to get to work and school, and this car, though its over nearly 20 years old, runs great. Sometimes the engine makes a funny cranking noise, which I got checked by a mechanic, but there is no issue at all with the car and how it runs. I used to live in a much warmer environment, so I was worried that the car, which got shipped to where I live now, would be adversely affected by the cold weather. However, it has held up in the colder weather and is doing great. The interior of the car is not difficult to maintain, but the cloth on the roof tears and peels easily.

- Kylie G

Toyota Corolla is a good, reliable, safe car.

My car has been very reliable for the past 6 years that I have been driving it. As long as you keep up with the maintenance and give it regular oil changes, it will be on the road for many years. The only problem I have had with it on a semi-regular basis is with the emissions sensor which does not really affect the car's driving; and the muffler strap, which is not totally resistant to rust if you live in a place where they salt icy roads or live near the ocean. All in all, very comfortable car, suits my needs nicely, I just wish it had more trunk space every once in a while.

- Melissa W

This Toyota is the third one I have had they are very reliable and trip worthy.

Toyota, 4 door, I have only had to put a starter on it that was the main upkeep. Then your basic oil change, tires, muffler replaced the last part of the muffler just your basic then we rotated tires greased everything. It rides real good. I have put one battery in it, the old one wouldn't hold a charge. It has your basic stuff in it nothing fancy in. Nice stereo in it. Basic speakers in the two in the front two in the doors and two in the back. Nothing extra fancy on the speakers your basic.

- Kathy P

Car issues: but I still have a reliable car.

I had my car for 6 years. I have had a lot of mechanical issues such as the button to lift the hood and handle to open the driver's side door, break. My car leaks oil. I have to put oil in it at least once a week. The CD player no longer works. And the check engine light has been on for about two years even with me getting it inspected and the maintenance people "fixing" the issue. With all of that being said, my car is still getting me to and from where I need to be.

- Alexis E

My car is reliable. I have spent very little on repairs over the 17 year life of the car.

I love my car. It is a good size for me. It has great visibility and good gas mileage. Even though it's over 15 years old it runs well, a little loud, and I've spent very little in repairs over the years. The only complaint I have is that the interior is starting to fall apart. The liner on the doors around the windows is falling off. Two of the four door openers have broken. But, given that it's 17 years old that really isn't much of a complaint.

- Suzanne W

That even though it has it is difficult moments, it is still pretty reliable.

My door handles and door keeps breaking. The handle usually has to Be replaced like every 6 months, and sometimes I will have to jump over to the passenger seat/door to get out of the car. During the summer, my car burns through oil, so I have to check the oil to make sure it is not low or has completely disappeared. If it does, then I have to buy more oil to replace what was lost. My car seems pretty old and used, it is been through a lot.

- Karen A

Reliable, comfortable with great visibility

I really like my vehicle. It has great visibility and is relatively comfortable. The check engine light has been on for over 7 years which is a bit frustrating since the mechanic says there really isn't something wrong. And, it's falling apart a bit in the interior. But, it is still running well, although a bit loudly, and I'm afraid I won't find another car that's been as good, so I hesitate to replace it.

- Suz C

Toyota..Superior performance & longevity.

Car was purchased used and already 15 years old, yet has performed extremely well with only general maintenance needed. The only replacements have been brake pads and a bearing in the transmission, the latter only recently. For my money, if I were going to purchase another car, used or new, I'd make sure to seek out Toyota first and foremost, for their reliability, lack of issues & longevity.

- Lynne M

Very reliable car despite how old it is.

It is an older car, but I love it. I have owned it for about four years and it was previously owned before me. It is very reliable and gets fairly good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive and sits four people semi comfortably. Has very nice storage in the trunk and because of this car I will be looking into other Toyotas and Toyotas of this model when I am ready to purchase a new car.

- Rachel M

Reliable, but no-frills car.

It is very reliable, but old. It does not have any modern features. The seats are bucket which makes it hard to climb in and out of the car. The ride is bumpy and sound proofing is minimal. However, the car is fairly low-maintenance. In the 13 years since I have owned it, I have done the brakes twice, replaced the battery three times, and other assorted odd parts. It has paid for itself.

- Amy M

Economical & attractive with longevity.

My vehicle is attractive & economical. No major problems in the 17 yrs. of ownership with usual maintenance. For me it is a comfortable car with easy handling. Very good radio, CD & tape deck with clear sound. Gas mileage is 20-25 in local driving & higher on highway. My previous Corolla lasted 220000 miles & 13 yrs. This car is 98000 miles & no worries to last longer.

- Jessie D

Needed work and is a small car.

Needs brakes, and we think the cv joints need to be replaced. This car has needed a lot of work since we have had it. We got it around 2010. The amount of money that has been put into this could have been at least a down payment on a new car. This vehicle does not have a lot of backseat space, so I would probably try not to put an infant car seat back there.

- Jasmine L

The motor has a long life span. It's lasted over 10 years and over 200,000 miles.

I like that it's small so it's easier to maneuver and drive. I feel comfortable in it. The only downside I have is I don't have as much room as I would ultimately want. I realize it's just the disadvantage to a smaller vehicle though. I like how long the motor has lasted. I now have over 200,000 miles on it and it still drives great!

- Mindy W

This is a very reliable and low maintenance car! It may not have all the latest technology but it does what is needed and that is just enough for some people.

The things I love about my car is how reliable it is and how affordable it was to purchase. However, since it is a 2001, it is missing quite a few of the "newer" features such as connecting to technology and other similar options. I paid off my car quite a while ago but plan on keeping it for as long as possible.

- Kristin M

Toyota corolla is a great and reliable first car. Great gas mileage.

My car has automatic windows and a sunroof. It is a four door car with a new Bluetooth sound system. The seats are cloth and are very clean. It gets great gas mileage and has a twelve gallon tank. The fastest speed you can get up to is 80 mph. Heat and air conditioning work great and the windows all work as well.

- Jessica S

Corolla Toyota is a very smart investment in the long run.

This car is the best no trouble at all 300 thousand miles and still going. Just love my Corolla good on gas that is a plus. Good engine never a problem. This car is hard to beat. The price was good also. I have told a lot of my friends and family about this car. So far I have five family members to purchase one.

- Barbara D

Toyota is a great car and well reliable.

It runs good even though it is a pretty old car. It has good gas and good mileage. The interior is a little bit outdated and damaged but overall car runs great. It can get you from point A to point B just fine & it is well taken care of. It is also really small so it can fit in small spaces but still roomy.

- Destiny J

The breaks still work even though it is a pretty old car it is still good.

It is an old car but it is pretty great the dealer guy showed me that the brakes still work and normalized functions works as they are supposed to but it does not have good miles on it being that it is a two thousand and one car but it runs great and gets me to where I need to be so I should not complain.

- Tracy L

It is the most reliable car I ever used, and when it finally breaks down, I will get a new one from the same brand.

I like that the vehicle I'm driving does not need much maintenance. I also like that my vehicle has brakes that do not make the car use excessive force everytime I come across a stop sign. I dislike that my vehicle does not have the latest technologies of the newest vehicles because it is a 2001 model.

- Mimi C

Very family friendly, gas saving vehicle.

Tire wear, suspension is bad, stereo doesn't work. It also leaks motor oil and transmission oil. The windows and electrical system on the care is wearing out. I must also mention the paint is coming off, but luckily everything works well on the car. Its very gas efficient and it lasts me all week.

- Alex R

It gets me here but not too far.

My car drives great it just has a few problems it does not get me far it gets me where I need to be. I would most definitely not recommend my current car to anyone you are just better off buying an up to date vehicle. The car had so much work done to it in the past year that it has gotten worse.

- Aliyah A

Hey, it still works somehow.

It is getting older, but it is still trucking along. The back windows can get stuck and it makes a grinding noise when turning hard. Otherwise it has decent pick and go, and has no trouble maintaining a high speed. Filling space, filling space, filling space. Oh, and the heating is pretty good.

- Nick C

It cannot go over 50-55 or the engine will start shaking.

It is a 2001 tan Toyota Corolla 4dr it has 2-4 problems but does not leave me anywhere yet. Does not waste that much gas which is a good thing. Right now I need to change the master cylinder, radiator, engine oil leak and other things. But hopefully later on I am able to get another car.

- Maria R

The body has fallen apart like the door handles have fallen off on inside and outside of vehicle but the engine hasn't had anything wrong with it at all

I have over 300,000 miles on my car and have had no repairs I have had to do to it as of yet other then changing the oil in it, this car has been the most reliable car I have ever owned any other car i've owned either broke down or transmission would have done went out on it by now

- Sherry J

Fixer upper- bonding with coworkers.

I really enjoy my Toyota! It is a slightly older vehicle, so I have had to do some work to maintain the quality. I have liked the process of learning more about cars throughout the process. One of my coworkers has shown me how to do general updates on the car throughout the year.

- Madison R

Not very good for road trips.

It was economical to buy and the amount of maintenance has been minimal. The brakes have never impressed and the check engine light is always coming back on. It is a city car. It would have been better to get a better transmission than the three speed automatic that was standard.

- Marc L

Its drivable and it gets me to places I need to go.

Getting old and right tail light is smashed so the bulb, wires, some of the number is pretty much torn off. It is getting old to the point where it will not be drivable. I do not like how low it is. And it's almost to its mileage breaking point. Windows are little too clear too.

- Morgan H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My vehicle has served me well for many years now. While it has of course required some repairs and maintenance, it has been relatively minimal. I am very satisfied with It's reliability and sustainability. The main thing I dislike is that it is not a very stylish car.

- Benjamin B

My car is my baby. I will drive it until it no longer works.

I love it because it's not a gas guzzler. I've driven over 300 miles on 15 - 20 bucks (which, in California, is amazing). The only thing I dislike is that the car is clearly aging, breaking apart to the point where I keep having to replace things (the door handles, etc).

- Deanna H

2001 Toyota Corolla. Gold and reliable with no major issues.

Really good gas mileage. Smooth ride. No Bluetooth or backup camera but fine for how old the car is. Sometimes wheel does not turn when I start the car. Seats are comfortable and interior is fine. Has only had a few flat tires but no major damage. I really like it.

- Kayla M

It's probably not a good idea to try driving it long-distance; it tends to start rattling unpleasantly above a certain speed (~75 MPH) and it's had some oil issues brought about by long-distance travel as well.

It's definitely very old and battered. The exterior is not pretty to look at. But it runs smoothly, hasn't had any major mechanical issues, and gets me from Point A to Point B safely and comfortably. It doesn't consume an absurd amount of gas either, which is nice.

- Matt D

Just the basics but reliable and even carefree.

My 2001 Corolla ce is a basic, fuel efficient car. I have owned this car for 15 years with no major problems. Routine maintenance tends to be low-cost (brakes, batteries) because it not full of electronica. Basic comforts (seats, air conditioning) are sufficient.

- Bonnie T

It's just the best I don't have any complaints. It's all good with this vehicle.

It's very basic, but rides very smooth and is very dependable never had such a dependable car. I would recommend this car to anyone it does not have lots of luxury's but rain or shine never a problem. The best car I ever had. I would never go back to any other.

- Marsha A

I like my Toyota because it is a very reliable car.

My Toyota is by far the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I didn't buy it new; I bought it when it was about ten years old and already had over 100,000 miles on it. Yet I have never had any mechanical problems with it, and I have had it almost ten years.

- Pat R

Toyotas keep on going and going.

My Corolla is 17 years old. I have owned it for 5 years and I haven't had to repair any major components, meaning the engine or transmission. This car has been very reliable. I have never tried to start it and it didn't start no matter the weather conditions.

- Gabby A

This car will run till the end of the world.

So one time I made an 8 hour drive with no oil in the car and it never even blinked. The steering is so loose I can drive with one finger. The CD changer has 6 slots and none of them work. The check engine light came on once for no reason. It is still on.

- Es S

It is a great car, dependable, trusted and a great investment.

I like my Toyota is reliable and dependable. Other than the maintenance that any older cars needs its worked out well. No major needs to fix other issues with it. It's really a work horse of a car. I commute at least 40 miles daily and it's a great car.

- Gloria A

Toyota Corolla! Gas saver.

Great gas saver, but handles and other interior features break very easily. Awesome for commuting. Easy to maintain. Not very spacious inside but trunk has a decent amount of space. I do prefer bigger cars but this Toyota definitely gets the job done.

- Alex G

The Toyota Corolla will last a very, very long time!

I bought my 2001 Toyota Corolla several years ago. It is a terrific car. The vehicle gets great gas mileage, which saves me money. I have not had to replace many parts of the car. I now have nearly 250,000 miles on my odometer. I love my Toyota.

- Jason L

It is good when you need something affordable to get to and from work.

It has good gas mileage and is typically a very dependable work car. Has some miles on it now and I recently had to replace the catalytic converter and air flow sensor. Cost me about $600 total but I am hoping it still has a lot of life left in it.

- Katy B

Dependable and trusting and durable.

Dependable car, normal maintenance required. It is an older car but my husband works on it. Other than that car we have no real problems with it. I have long commutes so it's a great use. On gas use it was a nice change from driving an SUV.

- Gaby D

It's very reliable and lasts a long time without much time in the shop.

I love my Toyota Corolla because it is small and easy to handle/park. It has been very reliable for all these years. It has manual locks which have never broken and it seems you can't get them any more. I wish it had a CD player or WiFi.

- Christine S

That you have to top off the motor oil every once in awhile.

I think these cars are built to last a long time. I like the size of my car, and I have always felt comfortable in a Corolla, since that's what I learned to drive on. I dislike that the door handles fall off and need to be replaced lol

- Jennifer D

A solid car for what you need.

Classic car, can and will get you everywhere. A bit older, so the sound system is less than stellar but can be modified. Keep a good eye on the engine and you'll never fail. Comfortable and easy to drive for first time drivers, compact.

- Ash M

It gets amazing gas mileage. I can get like 30 miles to the gallon.

I like that my car is small and easy to park anywhere, and that it gets really good gas mileage. I do wish that it was newer and had a built in bluetooth so I could play music in it. The CD player doesn't really work either.

- Julia W

It's rusting a little so it doesn't look as pretty anymore.

Aside from the fact that it's getting old and little odd parts are breaking due to its old age and the salt of winter, it's a great car. Super reliable, sturdy, it picks up great radio stations. It's just a well built car.

- Shonda S

I just talked about my car, other than that it is a good car.

Do not like the plastic door handles, they break all the time. Headliners are cheap, they shred. Watch for little things like a $1. 26 part that snaps onto the clutch pedal, when it wears out you cannot start your car!!

- Sonja K

It's the best from gas mileage to dependability it never fails me.

I love my 4 cylinder car I get about 30 miles to the gallon and really can't complain. It's always started and besides general maintenance and upkeep nothing serious major has ever gone wrong. I am a big Toyota fan.

- Sarah S

It is affordable and reliable. I have a good amount of miles on it and have not had any major issues that required expensive repairs.

I like that my vehicle is small and compact. It is really easy to handle and maneuver. The tradeoff is that the engine power is very low. Acceleration is slow and I don't like driving it at very high speeds.

- Dave S

She is a reliable car. You don't have to worry about too many big maintenance problems because she's so sturdy.

I love my car. She's reliable and gets good gas mileage. Plus shes study and has nice handling. Plus her size makes it easy to park and drive around. My only complaint is that her acceleration could be better.

- Victoria M

Toyotas get really good gas mileage and run for a long time. They are a good cars.

It has good gas mileage, but burns oil due to a manufacturing problem that was never fixed. I bought it from people, who had no idea it had issues. It has cosmetic issues but gets me where I need to go.

- Sarah S

I suppose that others should know that this model of car is very reliable.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is extremely relatable. I have had it for many years and have never had any serious issues with it. My main dislike is the gas mileage is not so great anymore.

- Francesca C

Reliability. This car runs great. I can count on it every time I start it up. I feel safe in my car because it is so reliable.

I love my car. It has a manual transmission, which I prefer to automatic. And it looks like a beater so it is less likely to be broken into or stolen. And I get 30 MPG so it is pretty fuel efficient.

- Matthew D

You cannot go wrong with a Toyota. They are very reliable cars.

I love my 2001 Toyota Corolla. It has been really reliable and no problems whatsoever. I take it every 6 months for a oil change and inspection once a year and it always passes with flying colors.

- Christine K

It's reliable, and I never had a major problem with it

My car is small, easy to maneuver, economical to drive, has few repairs. I get regular oil changes and checks and it doesn't need much more than that. I have 96000 miles on it and more to go!

- Katherine l

It's paid for and I'm not the one who put all the dents and dings on it.

It gets me to where I need to go without costing a small fortune in fuel. A bit beat up but it has character. It's easy to work on and very low maintenance. Insurance is reasonable as well.

- Gabrielle H

It gets great gas mileage, and requires very little in the way of repairs.

I just got this car in May, so have only had it 4 months, but I definitely love it. It is an older car, but in very good condition and requires nothing more than regular maintenance.

- Barb B

It is mine. The car is inexpensive to operate.

Controls are conveniently placed and don't distract from operating the vehicle safely. I have had no problems with the vehicle so far and have owned it for one year and one month.

- Clint M

The car does not always start up right away but it is a minor problem we are working on.

It is a very good car. It has high mileage and a few minor engine problems that need to be fixed. However, the car runs great and gets amazing gas mileage. I feel safe in the car.

- Hayden M

Reliable. Unlike American made cars it was built to last longer than 5 or 6 years.

My vehicle is reliable (it has 204,000 miles on it). It gets excellent gas mileage which I love because I do a lot of driving. I can't think of anything that I dislike about it.

- Barbee T

Reliable and safe small family vehicle that is good on gas.

I've had it for about 6/7 months now and I paid $500 for it and it's treated me better than newer cars that I bought from dealers for thousand of dollars. I love my little car.

- Kristina D

It is an old car, sometimes the seatbelts in the passenger side does not function as needed.

It is such an older car that the driver side door sometimes jams. Also, it is just so old that it is falling apart. Due to money, I cannot afford to get a newer car currently.


very low repair bills and good gas mileage

It has given surprising minimal repair cost, especially considering that it has been hit twice by other cars. It gets good gas mileage. It is still comfortable to drive.

- david r

It's an easy drive and reliable, has taken me across the country multiple times!

Good car, few problems. The air conditioning no longer works and the engine hood gets jammed at times. Other than that runs well, good gas mileage as it is a manual car.

- Emily R

My old white lemon: too many problems. To list.

Transmission problems; even though it is in gear, it feels as though it is not; recurrent problem with speedometer, sometimes it works, but other times -- it. Does not!

- David W

It is probably the best car ever. Hands down.

Pro: the ac works great. It is the one car I like driving and do not feel like I am being cluttered. Huge trunk. Great mileage. Con: it does not speed up very fast.

- Sam B

It will continue to provide dependable transportation for many miles.

My car is very dependable, everything on it works. It gets excellent gas mileage even though it is not a late model. The back seat folds down which is convenient.

- Marsha A

It is old but it does work.

It is easy to drive. It needs new struts and a new ac. It does not have automatic mirror adjustments. It is old so everything needs to be done or moved by hand.

- Destiny A

The annoying, uncomfortable Toyota Camry that stops in the middle of the road.

The seats are not comfortable and it is hard for me to move my seat back and forth. The engine always has problems. It can even stop in the middle of the road.

- Vanessa S

It gets me where I want to go without hassle. Never had a major breakdown.

It has been good to me because I service it regularly. It has 115,000 miles on it. If I have to make a major repair, I will replace it with another Corolla.

- Tom B

Good ride with good gas mileage.

My car I like, but it to small it ride good it is very good on gas.My car is to low to.. The ground not enough room. I like it for going to work save on gas.

- Willie M

It is reliable and needs few repairs even if it's over 15 years old

Toyota is very dependable, only needs basic maintenance and has had few repairs in the many years I have owned it. It is attractive and comfortable as well.

- kathy h

That it is still very reliable, and recently just drove 6 hours cross country with no problems.

It is a 2001 Silver Toyota Corolla. It is very reliable and is still in very good condition. It is obviously not a luxury car, but it gets the job done.

- Tom P

Great car for everyday use

This car is very dependable. It gets very good gas mileage. It is sometimes a little small for our family, but great if we're just running errands.

- Erin D

The car is a great value.

I love the reliability of my car. The car is low maintenance. I have no complaints about the car. The car has lasted a long time. It is a good value.

- Mary Cate R

Built to last with good gas mileage

The car is very reliable, it's good on gas . It's built to last , the only real problem that is small and it's really just good for four people max

- Hector R

A dependable vehicle with few flaws

Toyota is comfortable and mid-sized. The only issue with it is the acceleration takes a while to pick up when trying to merge in a highway setting.

- Andrew J

It is very reliable but it is a manual.

My vehicle is very old and is starting to have more problems. I love that it is a manual transmission. The door latch and windows have problems.

- Emma G

It is very fuel efficient.

I like that it saves gas. I like that it is cheap to repair. I like that it lasts time and time again. The car never fails to drive perfectly.

- Cooper H

That it is still smooth to drive.

Still in good condition specially the air-condition is still so cool and it is going fast and It's not that noisy unlike some of the old cars.

- Angelica T

Dependable vehicle and extremely reliable to drive daily.

The Toyota Corolla has been a fantastic car. The gas mileage has been wonderful. It has been extremely reliable and rarely needs maintenance.

- Tim S

best car I ever bought--I would buy it again

Best car ever--speed when you need it and very good fuel economy .the original battery lasted 12 years. for a small car it seems well made.

- joyce g

Very dependable and reliable vehicle. Great on gas.

It's great on gas. Has a strong motor. Very dependable and reliable car. Everyone should own one. I recommend it to everyone. I love my car.

- Alicia L

It has decent fuel economy.

I like the size of the car. I like the fuel efficiency. I do not like how old my car is. I do not like that the maintenance costs so much.

- Kat U

I like it. It is 17 years old and nicely running.

Reliable. Less gasoline needs. Runs smoothly. Nothing wrong with this model. I bought it brand new. Do not need often repair shop visits.

- Mi L

Looks good and performance extremely well for the price.

This brand has honestly lasted the longest than any other car I or my family owns. It has excellent performance and gas mileage as well.

- mayra o

Lola. Always there for me.

Great car, no major issues. Always turned on even in cold weather. Reliable always. Had high. Body of car had wear but still ran great.

- Jackie A

Toyota Corolla is a good brand.

My car is too small, the engine is very slow, it burns a lot of gas, but overall, it has held up considering it is a 20 year old car.

- Troy J

It can safely tow up to 5,000 lbs.

I like that my car runs okay. I dislike that it stops in the middle of the road. I dislike how it shakes when it hits the 65mph mark.

- Van S

Reliable and stable. Great for a first car or hand me down.

This vehicle is very reliable. Rarely does anything break. Passes every inspection. Gas mileage is decent for a low priced vehicle.

- Garret M

My dependable Toyota Corolla my family car.

It's a very durable car has great mileage and is very good on gas. For a compact car it rides very smooth and is very dependable.

- Courtney M

It performs well, never fails

I love its endurance. It saves gas and it never fails even during extreme cold weather. I don't like that is kind of old already

- Marcela R

toyotas are very reliable vehicles. They are very dependable.

Like the size and the gas mileage it gets. It's an older vehicle with none of the new safety features which is a disadvantage.

- Debora A

Got to open the window to get out.

It is got decent get up and go, it is old and so stuff is falling off of it now. But I do no maintenance so I can not complain.

- Nick C

It's red and it's a classy sports car

It's a good car. Bought it new and it runs well. Don't have to to too much maintenance to it so that's good. I keep it clean

- Adam H

That it is dependable and while it's not the prettiest around it gets me where I need to be

It starts when I need it to, it's very fuel efficient and it's paid for. It has character ie it's not in perfect condition.

- Gabrielle R

my fantastic car and the problems that behoove it

It's old so it has some problems. Nothing serious. The windows don't roll down half the time. Water leaks in sometimes.

- jordan K

The safety features are the latest and greatest.

When time comes, I will need a new one. It has gotten old. There are oil leaks and I need to constantly add oil to it.

- Leigh D

Fuel efficient, very reliable, low cost of ownership

I like that is very reliable, it is very fuel efficient, low cost of ownership, car is a little small for a taller man

- John T

It is budget friendly for just about everyone.

I love my Toyota, I have very little repairs to do even at the age it is. Will be buying a newer one in about 2 years

- Elizabeth o

It dependable when running.

It dependable and long running and the gas does not take that much gas to fill the engine. It runs smoothly and good.

- Katharine B

It is standard transmission.

My vehicle has good gas mileage. I like that it is a standard transmission car. I like that it is small and compact.

- Shay W

It is a reliable car in general.

It is really a good reliable car even though it is a 2001 model performance is good to and it is comfortable also.

- Christina M

It is very quiet. Pedestrians need to watch out!.

I have noticed no major repair issues since purchase. The car gets good gas mileage. I have no dislikes to note.

- Jim S

Very old and very reliable

Older vehicle runs well. Not to slow. Easy to drive not the fastest car. Some wear and tear is on the vehicle

- Sam F

They might need to get their car checked out every once in awhile just to be safe.

It has lasted a really long time, which is nice. However, it has needed a lot of maintenance over the years.

- Abby E

The quality is top notch beats all American made cars I have owned

It has been the best car I have ever had, Just keep maintenance up to date and drive it. It has 135K miles

- Phillip P

Review Results of Toyota Corolla

It runs well. However, the oil kept on drying out. As a result, I have to add one quart of oil every month.

- Jenny F

Its has a very good size trunk and great gas mileage.

It is very dependable. I have had very few repair problems. It gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Linda S

That it is been reliable for a long time.

I have no complaints and I have had it for fifteen years; it gets good gas and has been a reliable care.

- Beth P

The parts it is not expensive! Is very good for drive and I love my car.

Nothing!! Is a excellent car for driving, economic in gasoline and is comfortable for me and my family.

- Grace M

I have had really good experiences with Toyota cars.

I love the fact that my car has great gas mileage. My car is low maintenance. My car is paid for.

- Stacey J

It gets good gas mileage. It runs great and it is a good car.

I like the good gas mileage it gets. I don't like it that it is white. It is a good running car.

- Cynthia K

It almost never has issues

I like its gas and it almost never has problems. I don't like how the gas meter always changes.

- Amanda P

I like the fuel economy and its compact size. I dislike the lack of luxury options.

It's easy to maneuver and park in small spaces. Additionally, it saves a good amount of gas.

- Dale W

It only has 110K miles on it, but it has been being used for over 17 years

I like that I own it and it gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it is a beater vehicle.

- Sawyer H

Power windows suck. I like the roll up windows better.

It's old and falling apart. Power windows suck. Now the latch is broken. But I love my car.

- Brook H

It is extremely dependable and continues to drive perfectly

Great on gas; dependable. Very low maintenance. It still rides smooth and has no problems

- Ryan C

Toyota corolla is one of the most reliable car in the market with low maintenance cost.

The car is very reliable. But internal decoration plastic is broken in just a few years.

- SL C

It runs great and is reliable

I like that It's good on gas. I dislike that it has no a/c and rusty. It needs work.

- Brittany L

I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla s. I love my car even if is too old it is very reliable and,gas saver. It has a speed and very dependable.it is a four door compact car. The gas mileage is very good and it takes about 12 gallons,of gas to fill it up. It is really very good.

It should be,a gas saver or good in mileage and that it will last you for a while.

- Antonette P

it burns oil like crazy. rule of thumb - when you fill up with gas, gotta put 2-3 quarts of oil in, too

it is old and burns oil. but it runs and gets me and the kids where we need to be

- Jami A

I like that it is a compact sedan and that it a good car. I just don't like that it needs a bunch of repairs right now that I can't fix.

Toyota's last a really long time. Many of the repairs are easy to do yourself.

- Heather S

The car is very reliable for me.

The vehicle runs great but when you go above 75 mph it seems to jerk a lot.

- Travis G

I like the trust I have for the vehicle. There are over 200000 miles on the vehicle. I miss the new systems that are in new cars

Reliability, over 200,000 miles and I am still happy with how it performs

- Brian E

The car will drive a long time if you take care of it.

Gets good mile per gallon of gas but the interior is not holding up well.

- adam j

It's reliability. It is most important. It is also a budget friendly.

I love the low maintenance of the car. It is reliable and gas efficient.

- Mary R

Toyota Corolla is fuel efficient, nice compact car. Style is ok too.

Durable. Fuel economy. Serves my purpose. My first car bought new.

- Diana W

great resale value good gas mileage and very low cost to drive

it rides like a dream love the good gas mileage and smooth ride

- ron w

comfortable to drive. affordable to drive. safe and good to drive. runs and runs

good gas mileage. very good repair record. just keeps running.

- Karen R

I like the gas mileage when in proper running order. I dislike the age of it.

While its body looks in bad shape the engine is in good shape.

- Carol B

Is a fine car, and very efficient

I love is a car easy to find replacement parts, I hate is old

- Jesus B

It's the most reliable car we have owned

It is reliable. It was affordable. It will last several years

- andy f

Long lasting good reliable car.

Good mileage, easy to park, easy to drive around the suburbs

- Maria D

very good gas mileage and low maintenance cost

none whatsoever been a good car all the years I have had it

- ron n

My car is very reliable and it has good gas mileage

It is a wonderful car and I had no real problems with it.

- Lorraine B

My car is old but still working very good.

I like my car because it is reliable and working great.


How reliable it is. And the fact that I've had it a long time and it's easy to maintain.

That it is reliable. Easy to drive. Compact in size.

- Monique B

Doesn't need much work done on it. Very good mileage.

I sure like my car. Very little problems with it.

- Lela R

small car that is great in mileage and fun to drive

small, great commute car, great mileage, gas saver

- liz R

Toyotas are very reliable

Love that i have air conditioning & saves on gas

- Bruce W