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Reliable car for a single woman

I have had my car for 16 years now, I keep up with regular maintenance and have not had major issues. My car is very reliable as it takes me where I need to go. I have done a couple of long mile road trips, I usually take my car to a mechanic for a check up prior to leaving to make sure everything is good to go. Currently I have 200K+ miles and it's still going strong! I am 5'9 and the interior is spacious and roomy, I feel comfortable and can move around with ease. It fits 5 people and I have enough room for them without the feeling of being to 'squished'. The trunk is also roomy, can fit my groceries and my personal items. I don't have any complaints with Toyota, I'll be using my car until it can't run any longer and then I'll be looking to purchase another Toyota. In my case, it's been proven to be a very long lasting car and as a single woman it makes me feel safe when driving alone. At the moment the only thing I need to change is the AC which after years of use, it's expected to have wear and tear. I highly recommend this brand of car. It's great as a starter family car as well.

- Veronica Z

Ready and Reliable Toyota Corolla

My car is 16 years old, but it still runs great. It's very easy to drive and very reliable. However, the check engine light does come on and will stay on. Since it is a 2003 car, there is no Bluetooth feature and only the radio and a CD player. The speakers still work great. It also does not have automatic windows, but instead, you have to crank the windows open and close. The air conditioner is currently out, but is in the process of being fixed. My car does provide exactly what I need and is okay to drive far distances. It runs very well on gas. It can easily pass inspection pretty well. Due to two deer accidents, the hood of the car is different from the rest of the vehicle. It has some dents, but could be fixed. It is just normal wear and tear. It still has life left in it, but very shortly, it will be time to shop for a newer vehicle.

- Virginia B

Reliable car that is still running after 15 years.

I have had my Toyota Corolla since 2003. The car has been very reliable. I currently have 194, 000 miles on the car. It has a lot of pep and is comfortable to drive. I am a little over 5 feet tall and can see over the steering wheel well. I have a sunroof that I probably will not purchase again because it is either too cold outside or too warm, I live in Minnesota, to use it too often. I am looking forward to get a new Corolla, I cannot wait to try out the back up camera, but do not want to purchase a new car until I need too, my car is still running well. My car does have a medium oil leak that my local auto shop cannot seem to fix and the clock does not work anymore. But for a 15 year old car, that is amazing.

- Cheryl J

Corolla Rolling Right Along

Crank windows are a bit tedious but mostly only in a drive thru and when someone needs to speak with you. No power seats in mine either so can be a bit of a hassle when on a trip and realizing you need more or less room. Otherwise love this car. No mechanical issues and runs like a champ since I have regular checkups and changes done when needed/necessary. The back seat folds down and gives plenty of room for bigger cargo like chairs or even small dressers/tables. Fantastic gas mileage and purrs along on long road trips. I'm taking it as far as it will go with me in life. She's a keeper for certain

- Emily L

The 2003 Corolla overview.

My 2003 Toyota Corolla is a great everyday use car. It has not had many serious problems in the 6 years that I have owned it nor in the previous few years that the previous owners had it. The performance is not the greatest in terms of speed or acceleration, but it has good braking and steering and is easy to maneuver. It is also a very reliable car and has reasonable gas mileage. My model does not come with electric chairs, but it has a/c, powered windows and side mirrors. It has 4 cupholders and a decently spacious trunk.

- Nelson G

2003 Toyota Corolla= great car.

The only problem I really have is that the ac stopped working so I have to drive with the windows down and hope for a breeze. The windows are crank. Other than that, the check engine light turns on a lot but it's never anything I need to get fixed. I love the gas and brake sensitivity, its very high so I feel in total control. Steering is an a+. It's been pretty reliable, never had to jump start it or anything. It's not too small but not so big that it's a pain to drive around. I find it a very comfortable car.

- Madison T

My vehicle is small enough it is able to park just about anywhere.

I have had three recalls, which is a pain. Items in the car seem to break down, such as, the screws holding my visor come loose, the cover under my radio broke the third year I had the car and the vinyl on the drivers side of the car is coming loose. I get good gas mileage. The car is small enough that parking is not an issue. The color of the car is grey. I wish I had chosen another color. The seats could be more comfortable and not cloth. Overall I do not dislike the car, but have had a few issues with it.

- Terri C

It has been made with quality parts and would trust Toyota with another one.

This car has always been in my family. My grandparents bought it then passed it on to my mother. My sister was in need of a reliable car at the time and my mother passed this car on to her. Fast forward many years with no major issues along the way to when I was in need of a new vehicle because my car at the time that was several years newer and a lot less miles of a different company had died and would cost too much to fix. This car has saved us many times. I am very thankful to Toyota

- Daniel C

Absolutely love this car!

My car definitely is showing some wear and tear from over the years. But I love my car. It's great and runs great. Always has. I frequently keep it up to date on it's cleaning and maintenance as well which has helped its longevity. A few friends also have the same car as me and equally love it. I am at 200,000 miles and it still drives perfect as if I just got it. If I were to get a new car I definitely would consider buying this car again but a newer model.

- Katie S

Toyota corolla . Power windows . Power doors . Ac heater. CD radio . Anti lock brake.

This car I have had since 2003 and I got it brand new. I have not had any major problems. It performs great even after so many years. Its very comfortable with factory trims. There was nothing extra added so it is very durable also because it still is in great shape. Features include radio CD player ac and heater power steering anti lock brakes. Front has disc brake and rear has brake shoes. It has power windows and doors also has the s style body trim.

- Raj S

125,000 miles and no issues with it

Car is great. Since this cars came out, they are famous for their reliability. In addition to that, they are cheap, good on gas mileage and parts are easy to find. They are also very spacious for their class. My car currently has 125,000 and no issues with it. The only things that I have had to replace is tires, brakes and other normal stuff like oil changes etc. It doesn't burn oil at all. The car also looks very good right next the new ones.

- Hector P

Rock-solid car for the long haul!

At over 200,000 miles, my vehicle is still very operational and reliable. Consistent oil changes and basic maintenance has kept it running very well. Small issues that have popped up recently are some wiring issues with the battery - when it is cold, there is a parasitic drain on the battery. Looking at getting that fixed soon. Have experienced also some inconsistency with the A/C, but that also is impacted by age. Overall, highly recommend!

- Michelle F

Review of 2003 Toyota Corolla

The 2003 Toyota Corolla is a good car; it's sturdy and comfortable, as well as efficient on gas usage. This car has lasted my family over a decade and we've never had problems with it. There are a few minor inconveniences with the car, such as the lack of cup holders and the windows you have to roll down manually. The car has no flaws in functionality, however. It is automatic and responsive, making it incredibly safe and easy to drive.

- Sam H

It is very reliable. I have never had any problems with the car.

My car is very reliable. I have taken care of the maintenance on it including changing the oil. After many years of using it for deliveries and other work related things, I changed the struts. I have never really had any problems with it. I tend to trust Toyota's. Since it is an older car, some of the features are not as snazzy as newer models. For example, there is no GPS or satellite radio. I could ride a little smoother as well.

- Fernando P

It is white very easy to keep clean.

My Toyota is a great car keep the oil changed and it'll run forever mine currently has almost 200,000 miles on it and hardly no work done to it everything is original on it. It is white which is easy to keep clean it has a tan interior which is cool in the summer and it is very roomy it holds 5 people comfortably the seats adjust to wherever you want up high or down low or forward or back whatever is comfortable for you.

- Heather N

A car that gets me by enough for work but way too much for a 15 year old car.

When I first got this Toyota corolla, I was very excited because this was my first car. . I got it from a buy here, pay here dealership. . I feel like I am paying way too much for a 15 year old car. Even though it gets me to and from work or if I have any other business to handle its reliable for a car that has 126, 000 miles on it. . I am still making car payments as of now, but I am ready to upgrade for a newer car.

- Ashley W

Amazing gas mileage. And very comfortable.

I haven't had any problems out of my vehicle just regular upkeep. And it gets amazing gas mileage. And it is very uncomfortable. Not a lot of room through. I have had to change starter. But it runs very well. And like I said the gas mileage is amazing. I drove from Morganfield ky to Louisville ky and back and only used 3/4 of a tank of fuel. That's really good for a 2003. And I would trust going anywhere in it today.

- Faith W

It gets good gas mileage.

I love my car. I as yet have not had any problems. I bought my car new in 2003. I get my oil changed and tires rotated and balanced regularly. Which is very important to the life of your vehicle. I love my car but if I could change anything I would have bigger cup holders. I have a glow in the dark latch on the inside of my trunk. Hopefully I want be thrown into my drunk, but if I do I can see to get out.

- Tracy B

One of the most reliable vehicles.

The 2003 Toyota Corolla s is an insanely dependable car. With age all cars begin to fall apart but my Toyota has over 200k miles on her and she drives beautiful. The ac and heat work perfect, only around $30 to fill the tank and it last for a week and a half. Longer if I do not do a lot of errands. It is a great car, useful, reliable, and cute! It is the sports model as well so it is got a little kick!

- Gina J

2003 Toyota Corolla. The world's best selling car gets bigger and better.

Reliable vehicle. Issues with fog light bulbs not lasting long and having to replace more frequently than normal. Some replacement parts ate more expensive than that of newer model vehicles. Dual-stage airbags—which offer variable deployment rates dependent on seat position and crash severity—are standard for front-seat passengers, as are belt pretensioners. Side airbags are available as an option.

- Andre S

Reliable, comfortable and efficient car

The Toyota Corolla S is extremely reliable. It's a family friendly vehicle that seats a maximum of 5. There is lots of leg and overhead room. The trunk is extremely spacious with plenty of room for strollers, walkers and other large items. The satnav is user friendly with a great sound system. The engine runs smoothly and is very fuel-efficient. It's a great car for both city and long distance driving.

- Shannon B

Good gas mileage and does not need lots of repairs.

I really have had no problems with my vehicle I have 135000 miles on my vehicle I just keep the oil changed every 3000 miles the only thing that I have a problem with is the gas gauge does not work but other then that the vehicle works great I still get 35 miles per gallon on the highway and 22. Miles per gallon in the city if you want a real workhorse than the Toyota Corolla is the vehicle for you.

- Joseph G

Great little car with interior cabin room

Scars been very reliable. It is a stick shift which you don't find very often any longer but I enjoyed a stick shift in the winter time and on the hills as it seems to give me better controlled. The trim is basic but functional. The interior is gray colored which does show some stains but it is a nice color. The gas mileage is fantastic and the interior cabin space is also quite adequate.

- Carey C

I love the Toyota Corolla!

The Toyota Corolla is comfortable to ride in and very cheap on gasoline! Has enough room inside for my family! It is very dependable! All we've had to change out on it is tires, brakes and battery! We can take more vacations with this vehicle because we spend less money on gas! The body style of this car is very pleasing to the eye! The interior seating is leather, so easy to wipe clean!

- Jane P

It is the first non-American made car I have owed but I find it reliable.

It is comfortable, it is dependable, attractive, gets good gas mileage, runs well, big enough to carry what I need to haul. I like the color, the comfortable seats, and the roomy trunk space. It is easy to maneuver and does well if the road has a little ice or snow, tracking well on the roadway. It drives great in the rain as well. It is easy to drive on streets as well as highways.

- Lee M

My reliable family car the Toyota Corolla

I haven't had any problems with my Toyota Corolla. It blows cold AC. Economical in gas and mileage. It has comfortable seating for my family & I love that it's a compact car. It's never given me any problems. Never broke down on me. I didn't even keep up with scheduled maintenance and still the car never gave up on me. Reliable, it took me to places I needed to go with no trouble.

- Jackie R

The car that will take you anywhere you want to go.

I love my car. It is dependable and has excellent gas mileage. I have driven it through creeks, bumpy roads and fields, and in winter storms on snow covered roads. This car can go anywhere! I have over 200, 000 miles on it now and while the body may look a little beat up from all the adventures we've taken, my car still runs well and is reliable. I'll only own Toyota’s from now on!

- Teresa C

That $25 can get it a full tank of gas.

I like my car because it does not require much gas to fill up the tank. I also like it because even though it is 15 years old, it still looks and functions like a new car. I have never had any serious issues with my car (i. e. It breaking down, battery dying, etc. ) And i plan to keep this car for a few more years (i have had it 5 years) before i eventually purchase my first car.

- Martha H

I would buy it again. And I would suggest it to others as well.

In general, I love my car. There not that many miles on it, but I've still had to replace a handful of parts. It's still worth it though. I love the gas mileage. It's a small car, yet pretty spacious inside. The seats are very comfy. I replaced the stereo though. The one it comes with was way too dated for my liking. Overall, I would buy again and would suggest it to others.

- Alicia S

2003 Toyota corolla review!

First of all the seats are extremely comfortable! The AC isn't the best, but still works! I get amazing gas mileage in my corolla! The paint is peeling off the car all over but that's okay! I haven't had any issues mechanically since having the car, as I keep it regularly maintained, and the previous owners did regular maintenance as well! Overall I give the corolla a 10/10!

- Addison S

The corolla: the car that keeps on ticking.

This car runs very well. It has over 300,000 miles on it and it keeps on running. It has had no major repair done. It is just needed some wear and tear repair done. It also gets great gas mileage, around 25 miles/gallon in the city. Safety features on it are also top notch. I had an accident once and the frame structure kept from any major damage to my engine being done.

- Natalie T

Toyota Corolla 2003 is a very good car!!

The Toyota Corolla 2003 has amazing acceleration and the seats are very comfortable. It has a very sleek look and the interior is small but cozy. It can fit up to four or five people. The seats are very comfortable. The interior is made mostly of leather expect for the seats which are made out of fabric. The engine runs amazingly well and it is a very safe car to be in.

- Lisa W

Good beginner car. Great on gas.

It runs well but it does not have good pick up. I do not like that there is not a button on my remote to pop the trunk. It is hard to regulate the temperature. There are no air vents in the back of the car. The vents at the driver seat do not hit the drivers feet. In the winter time that is disappointing because my feet stay cold while the rest of my body can be hot.

- Megan K

Highly reliable and 200k miles going strong.

I love my Corolla for many reasons but mostly because it is reliable. I do regular maintenance and only rarely do I need any larger repairs. I have almost 200k miles and it still runs great. The gas mileage is very good too. This is the second Corolla I have owned and I will definitely buy another Toyota. Next I might look at a Camry only because it is a bit larger.

- Sp R

Small but mighty vehicle for leisure and business Best in class

The Toyota Corolla 2003 has a sharp sleek look and cones in various colors and great trims A 4 door sedan that looks sporty but not too much so. Has a great mpg score somewhat less than a hybrid vehicle That performance is enhanced by the fact that it runs smoothly on different gas types This is also comparable inexpensive with 18000 dollars for new vehicles

- Teresa H

Toyota commercials told the truth. They are excellent vehicles!

I purchased it in 2005. I haven't had any problems with it, ever, even though I really haven't been diligent in its maintenance and servicing. It is beat up now, with dents, dings, paint chips and color fading. Presently nothing attractive it. But, it is an excellent vehicle overall. I would definitely consider purchasing another Toyota in the future.

- Patricia J

Great quality and dependability when it comes to a Toyota Corolla.

Other than the fact it is not exactly what I want to drive, the Toyota Corolla has been a very dependable car without any performance problems. The fuel economy is the absolute most positive thing about this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and it is never broken down or had any issues. It is a comfortable little car that has proven to be reliable.

- Regina B

Cruck..Combination car and truck!

The most reliable car ever. This car has high miles but great gas mileage. And is comfortable to drive. The car has good legroom and rides like a dream. Four adults can easily sit comfortable. This car is easy to maintain and easy to tune up. The trunk has plenty of room for groceries. And occasionally I have been known to put firewood in the trunk!

- Shelley S

My golden Corolla has my back.

My Corolla is super reliable and maintenance has been easy fairly priced. I most recently has the gas tank replaced. The gas mileage is awesome. I have driven it all of the united states and it has never given me a problem. I would not buy it again however because I am very tall and it is difficult to get in and out of for me and my boyfriend.

- Jo S

Toyota Corolla - without a doubt reliable dependable and durable!

I bought my car for two reasons: 1) I wanted something with good gas mileage and 2) that kept its retail value. This was a great choice it has almost 200, 000 miles on it and it still runs well I have kept up the maintenance to a decent degree I have a sunroof that I love. I have not had any major problems with it other than normal wear and tear.

- Andrea F

Toyota corolla 2003 trims

The only problems I have with the car is that since it was used it came with problems of its own such as brakes, needed new tires, the water reservoir had a leak, and also my front passenger window is not mounted so it cannot go down without it falling inside. But I love my car despite those problems. It fits me and it is small, and a gas saver.

- Alexis B

Toyota Corolla a great reliable car.

The Toyota Corolla has been a very reliable car. Other than general maintenance I have never had any major problems with the car. It has been great in all kinds of weather and I have never been broke down or had to be towed all the time I have owned this car. I would definitely recommend a Toyota Corolla to anyone looking for a dependable car.

- Bonnie G

The best car I have ever owned.

This car is probably the best I have ever owned. I bought it used, but it has held up over the past three years of me driving it back and forth to work daily. I have kept up with maintenance, so I am sure that helps. There have been no major problems. The drive is fairly smooth, power has not decreased and overall I am pretty happy with it.

- Carla H

My old 2003 Toyota corolla is still running smoothly.

My vehicle drives well. Currently, I have 165,000 miles on my vehicle. The brakes are my only difficulty but that may be due to a wheel imbalance. Otherwise, I've only gotten oil changes for my car and maintain the correct levels. The exterior of my car doesn't look great. The front paint is peeling. There's dents on the top of the car.

- Joseph V

Reliable, but needs improvements.

The car runs decently. The ac is blowing out hot air and freon didn't fix the problem, also the engine grinds very loudly, but it's an old, high mileage car. Toyota is a very reliable car brand, but I wouldn't recommend this year corolla because it provides manual instead of automatic locks and windows which is a con of the brand.

- Sharon B

the engine still runs very well and gets decent mileage

this car has been in the family for at least 10 years. it has driven over 300,000 miles and has never had any engine problems. i like this car because it has been reliable throughout the years and still runs well. the only complaint i have about the car is that there is no shock system so i feel every bump in the road when i drive

- alison o

The Most efficient vehicle

The Toyota corolla holds gas well. Just a good and simple car that gets the job done. Doesn't cost much to fill up the tank as well. The car can last in good shape for years. It will run for years. No major issues honestly. The braking system could be better right now, but this car has been whipped around for over 10 years now.

- Justice D

The biggest thing to know about a Toyota car is the life longevity. This car keeps on kicking for a long time, as long as you keep up with the basic routine maintenance.

This has been a reliable car, in my family's ownership, for 15 years. There's has been very little I've had to replace on it, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Gets decent gas mileage for a car of this age. Toyota vehicles will last a very long time, as long as you treat them right with the proper routine maintenance.

- Jeremy S

03 Corolla from a personal perspective.

Acceleration a bit slow, very reliable, good on gas, front seats more comfortable if you're less than 6 feet tall, never really had to sit in the back but it wasn't bad when I tried it for a short distance. AC works well if well maintained, engine a bit noisy but manageable. The sound system is wonderful for a 16 year old car.

- Ola L

All in all my vehicle is a piece of junk .

Reliable it is not and it is a absolute wreck. When I got it, it seemed fine but then the windows stopped working along with the air conditioning. It is a stick shift but has trouble shifting. It's horrible. I can't get to work half the time and then the door handle broke off on the drivers side door and the back 2 doors.

- Angel N

Drives very smooth and is spacious inside.

My 2003 Toyota Corolla is very reliable and drives very smooth on the road. It is very spacious both in the front and back seats as well as the trunk. I have never had any problems with it other than it does not hold much gas. Another thing I do not like about the car is the shape of it and how it looks from the outside.

- Michaela C

Toyota, the car that keeps on ticking

My car was only a few months old when I bought it from a car rental place. I have had it for 16 years. This is obvious wear/tear from that many years but it still runs pretty well with no major problems. We are just now starting to think about getting a new car but we could easily keep driving this one for years to come.

- Yvonne M

My little Toyota that could. The best car I have had.

The only problem I had with my car was the radiator. I have traveled with my it never broke. I would recommend a Toyota to anybody. I love it. The Toyota dealer told me that I have another 10 yrs. with my car. My is over 200, 000 miles. It is a little rusty now but I am going to keep on driving my Toyota until it quits.

- Stephanie J

I love my car having a spoiler. I love that it has room for my whole family.

I love my car. I get great gas mileage. It is perfect size for my family of 4. I have had my car for over 10 years now. I had to change out the motor once because it has a problem with leaking oil. But my car takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It is my second car I have ever owned and I will keep it till it dies on me

- Courtney K

A great little car the reliable Corolla.

My Toyota Corolla is a 2003 and a very reliable little car. The ride is very smooth and is excellent on gas mileage. The trunk is quite large which is a plus. My only complaint is that the size of the car is a bit small for me. If I had the chance to purchase another Corolla I definitely know I was getting a great car.

- Nancy B

Toyota Corolla: the family car.

It's a good little car. It gets you to where you need to be. Never had any problems with it ever. I get oil changes and tune-ups when they're needed. Sometimes I wonder about my gas mileage, at times it seems like I go through gas like crazy going a short amount of distance and others it seems like it barely uses any.

- Carolyn N

Reliable. Cheap. Good second car.

Toyota Corolla 2003 is very reliable. It has now over 100k miles and is running really. This is partly because I have kept good, but basic, maintenance to it. As the mileage increased, different parts of the car have also need maintenance other than oil change: brakes, tires, alignment. Ac has also stopped working.

- Richard C

Purchase for a life. Great for the middle class.

Not many problems except basics like starter battery tires. Have driven this car for 7 years and have not had any major problems. I bought this vehicle for 6000 as a basic sedan for work and school. Has more than been worth the money. Car has Manual windows CD player great ac and heat. Is great on gas mileage also.

- Sean G

It has been a very dependable car.

My vehicle is the right size for me. It is easy to get in and out of which sometimes becomes a challenge for people my age. It is a reliable car and has not require much upkeep. I wish it had a built in NAV system. Also, the cup holder could have been designed a little better. But really, this has been a great car.

- Bonnie D

It operates well! That is the most important thing to me.

I love the gas mileage and that most of the repairs can be done by any mechanic--some newer cars can only be fixed a the dealership. As my family has grown, the amount of space in the car is really annoying. With 3 people in the car it feels super cramped. But the car operates well and I have over 200k miles on it!

- A K

There is nothing that is really wrong with it after 15 years. Super reliable

It is a cute, reliable car. With all the upgrades to new vehicles I do really wish it had an AUX cord. Because it is older, the clock has also gone out. There are little things that have started going wrong with it that are annoying, but overall I like it because it's a safe, cute, reliable and (was a) cheap car.

- Jess W

It is incredibly reliable, even without perfect maintenance.

My car has been extremely reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's compact, which makes driving and parking much easier (we live in an urban environment). My only complaint is that the car is 15 years old and items/materials in the cabin are getting worn out, and the exterior has quite a few dents and scratches.

- Stephanie S

2003 Toyota, Corolla red 180000 miles.

Very reliable, gets me to point A to point B, needs new tires and has a small oil leak. Also has a few dings. Other than that this car has been with me through thick and thin I am sure someone else can get more miles out of it if need be. Cold ac and great heater, compact, automatic, CD tape and am/FM radio.

- Alex L

Great commuter car for all your needs.

It is a small but very sensible car. It is great on gas and perfect for commuting. It is simple: manual locks and windows, but has everything you need. Only complaint is that when at a stoplight and foot is on brake in drive, the car shakes. Can be fixed by putting car in neutral while foot is on the brake.

- Jen S

Great, dependable car. No major repairs.. Gets me to work everyday.

Dependable, reliable, low maintenance, no major repairs, easy ride. Would recommend. Like the body type. Good on gas. Not that comfortable for long drives. Car is over 10 years old and still gets me to work every day. Does not have a lot of features, as long as the ac works. The radio and speakers are poor.

- Debra Z

The car lasts! And even in the event the car needs a fix, parts are so common that they're cheap.

The car has been an amazing investment, I bought it for $3,000 and roughly 80,000 miles two-years ago. Two years and 70,000 miles later, I've only had to spend $1,000 on repairs on, which has mostly just been breaks. Would recommend as a starter car for anyone that needs cheap, and reliable transportation.

- Evan C

It is on style and looks amazing on the road.

My Toyota Corolla S is amazing. Even though it's 2003 model, it is still on fleek. I keep it well maintained. The next time I will buy a car, I would still choose Toyota Corolla S but a later year model. Toyota cars are easily available everywhere that's why parts are easy to buy whenever you need repairs

- Carlo A

Great starter car for new drivers.

Gets great gas mileage. Very spacious trunk and interior. Minor oil leaks so I have to keep an eye on the oil levels often. Comfortable ride on long trips. Not much get up and go, pretty slow starting off. Good starter car for learning how to drive. Smooth ride still with over 200, 000 miles on it.

- Julie B

It's old but great quality.

No automatic window, great performance, the air conditioning is not that good.. Working fine. Not automatic door close but it drive really good..I really like it even its old still working fantastic. It's very comfortable and less gas. It drives fast and has a great sounds. It's a really nice car.

- Gee G

Reliable and trustworthy car

My car is incredibly reliable. It's been going for over a decade and has had minimum problems. It's dependable and has never once broken down on me. It doesn't have an aux cord plug in because it is older, which is my only real complaint about it. All in all, a Toyota Corolla is a really good car.

- Mackenzie M

It works but small features of it is broken.

The back window on the right takes a long time to roll up, the right side window in the front has a broken seal and when it rains it leaks and floods in my car. The paint is chipping off and the bumper has fallen off. The gear shift is broken and can be easily moved to neutral when it is in drive.

- Samantha G

200k miles and still running strong.

Corollas are extremely reliable. Maintenance costs are very reasonable and major issues are few and far between. My Corolla has almost 200, 000 miles and it still runs great. I get pretty good gas mileage and I like driving a compact car. This is my second Corolla and I'd definitely buy another.

- Sp P

The broken brand of Toyota.

My car's axle and brakes seem to be broken every month or two. The car dies really easily when the weather is really cold. When the tires are very flat, they continue to deflate no matter what. I have to repair and repair my car a lot, more than twice a day before I am able to take it to drive.

- Logan P

The fact that its missing two buckles in the back seat.

Still runs pretty good, not as a smooth as a drive now, old but still good, has some problems with the exhaust but only when the ac is on, some windows are wearing down, some don't go down, missing two buckles in the back seat, radio still works pretty good, lights on the gear shift don't work.

- Meredith R

Compact sedan with style and durability.

My car runs very well. It has a good driving record for me and I feel it is a safe car too. It has good legroom, mileage is not bad as it is a compact sedan. It is a Toyota Corolla 2003 and has about 5 thousand miles. It handles the road well and one thing I like is that it accelerates well.

- John H

First time car owner, perfectly.

I love my car, I love that it is small but spacious. Little money to get a full tank a gas per week and a half. Color and the rims fit perfectly well together. Heat and air conditioning are fantastic. Car signals on dashboard are readable. A very reliable car for any first time car owners.

- Hazel Z

Toyota Corolla, its been a workhorse of a car as it has logged over 100, 00.

My Toyota is getting up there in age, so things are breaking down on it. Once I get past all of these repairs, I probably due to purchase another vehicle. The current car is also rusting out by the fender wells, so when that breaks thru that will also dictate that I need another vehicle.

- Brian S

Sweet Corolla with alotta life!

Very comfortable, very reliable, performs when expected and 2nd owner. The Toyota Corolla has a lot of perks. It has cold AC, great heater, clock, stereo with CD player with terrific speakers, also has thermometer to tell you how hot it is outside. Body is still in great condition, too!

- Debra C

You are a good egg, my Toyota luv!

It is durable. I am not mechanically inclined but I do the basics and it keeps going. I have had it a long time and only the paint job didn't last. I have done several long trips, I have done long commutes & still runs good. The clock died, radio runs good but the long antenna did broke.

- Lisa H

Over 270k miles and still a beast.

I love my little car. I have had it for almost 9 years myself, previously owned. It has over 270k miles on it and its 16 years old... Its a tank. It is held up so well over the years that I have only ever had to do general maintenance to it I.E. Oil change, new battery, new tires etc.

- Jessica H

I love my car and do not have issues.

My car is small enough for me to drive everywhere & parking is easy. I can easily shift & read everything regarding gas, problems with the car's engine, etc. I also have remote lock & start that makes it great to start up in the winter. Problems have been few so no complaints at all.

- Karen C

Even though the car might not be the prettiest newest model out. it definitely has gotten its use and rides smooth.

At this many miles it still running pretty smooth. My car is at 280k miles - same engine - only work done is the Seal of the motor to fix oil leaks. alignment can't be fixed properly and the Tail light has a short in it. other then that a pretty reliable car for the basic family use.


Toyota Corolla is a dependable car.

I haven't had any problems with the car. The Corona is a very reliable car and has over 200,000 miles on it. The interior is way to small. The handling should be better for a smaller car. And the gas mileage isn't as good as it should be. Other than that, I'm satisfied with the car.

- Tom D

Its silver, not pretty, it has a dragon design around the back license plate.

Its old but reliable most of the time, it is in need of an oil change because its overdue by a few months an over a thousand miles. The sun causes the back windshield to bubble and the paint to peel off so it looks bad but it takes me from one place to another without any problems.

- Tom C

Comfortable Camry. Lots of legroom in a small space.

I like the cat but it is too low to the ground. It is too light and actually does not seem to do too well in lots of water, like it slips a bit. Otherwise it is pretty comfy and has a lot of room in front as well as the back seat is roomy as well. It is a small car but comfortable.

- Gloria L

Reliable little car for mom of 2.

I honestly haven't had any real complaints about my car. It runs good, easy to service and reliable. The only issue is that it's a little small, but other than that it's a great car. 20 bucks gets me a little more than half a tank right now. To be honest it's been a good car to me.

- Bee P

2003 Toyota corolla bought it second hand and runs perfectly fine 16 years later

Toyota made runs well for its age. No major problems as to this date. There were about 2 recalls about airbags but other than that it's fine. Ac works great still all windows and locks still work. It doesn't need a lot of gas. The engine does sound a little loud but it has power.

- Kc T

It's a smooth ride from the grocery store to a road trip.

My Toyota is amazing for the age. It runs great, like it's still new. The electric window arms did give out after 10 years. It's comfortable it sits 5 people. As long as you keep up the maintenance it runs well. The size of the trunk is great. It fits in small or compact parking.

- Claudia R

Silver Toyota enough space for a family of 4 to ride comfortably on a trip.

The brakes need to be fixed. Has good gas intake. A/c and heat works great. Good trunk space. It was in a wreck a couple of months ago and even though the road was wet and the brakes didn't completely stop the car there wasn't much damage mostly cosmetic work is all that it did.

- Natalie R

Others should know that I consider my vehicle as nothing more than basic transportation, and value fuel efficiency and vehicle reliability above all else.

I like the overall reliability of the brand and model of vehicle that I drive. I appreciate the decent gas mileage and fuel economy of my vehicle as well. I sometimes wish my vehicle had more power, but understand the trade-off between limited power and vehicle fuel efficiency.

- Tyler d

Great investment and wonderful car

The car is a good, low fuel consumption, it has been serving me greatly for almost a year now. Easy to service no mechanical problems, engine working greatly. Toyota has always been my choice of cars and have not regretted it ever since I made a choice to be using the product.

- John O

Is the best car on the market.

The best car ever, 100% performance, minimal problems. More than 300, 000 miles on and car still drives excellent. Air conditioning system works perfect, fuel economy. Comfortable for the size. Huge trunk space. Only problems I had are minor like fuses, sensors and alternator.

- Brenda R

Looking for an Economic car? Toyota corolla it's your deal.

I'm really happy with my car. It's not brand new but it's all I need. I make more than 5 travel on my Toyota around all USA, totally more than 70 hours. And still been an amazing car, driving well, no bad sound. I'm just in love with my car and I'm not going to sell never.

- Grace Co T

Reliable well priced vehicle.

Very reliable over the years. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a good midsize car. Do not know that much about today's prices, but the Toyota corolla is likely very worth the purchase price. Nice ride for the most part and good mileage both in city and country.

- Paul S

My car is a 2003 Toyota Corolla in great condition

I've been in 2 car accidents with this car, and although the horn no longer works, everything else does and will be working for years to come. The car does not have a great radio system and no aux cord or tape player. The air conditioning works fine but isn't very powerful

- Rebecca J

What can I say? I love my car.

This is my second Toyota and I love it. Easy driving, high safety ratings, and it's roomier than you would think on the inside. The only difficulties I've had was the battery dying often, but that was from my not driving it enough. Over all, I love my car and always will.

- Kira F

Toyota Corolla 2003 Grey with Sport mode

The car runs great and is good on gas. Perfect for working people. Gets me everywhere I need to go and saves me a ton on gas expense. Very reliable and good for traveling. A little old but dependable and will get you everywhere you need to go. Definitely would recommend.

- Ivan A

Toyota Corolla is a good investment.

The car has needed very few repairs, mostly tires and batteries. It is comfortable to drive, and comfortable for passengers. It gets good gas mileage. The air conditioning functions beautifully, which is important for a car in Arizona. It also has plenty of trunk space.

- Cynthia R

Reliable. Dependable. That is Toyota.

It is reliable, dependable. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Corolla in the future. My car is 15+ years old and still runs great. I have over 135k miles on it and can probably go for another 135k. I am not sure what else to say. Buy a Corolla, you will not regret it!

- Jennifer G

Toyota Corollas are super reliable.

The Toyota has lasted quite a long time and still keeps going. It is a wonderful car. I will keep it until it falls apart. It is extremely reliable and has endured things other cars would not have. I have a love for this car. It dependable and reliable and very useful.

- Gregory C

It is a small car that saves on gas

My car is a grey toyota corolla and it is a small compact car. I like that the car saves on gas and is easy to drive because of Its size. However, I dislike how small it is because it makes it difficult to see when i need to make a left turn or other things like that.

- Griselda S

2003 Toyota Corolla review.

My Corolla has been amazing! It gets great gas mileage, has needed very few repairs, and rides like a dream. I have had this car for years and beyond oil changes and tires the only repair I have needed is brake pads. I will never again buy a car that is not a Toyota.

- Melissa P

Great car and excellent value.

My car has been very reliable throughout the years. Mechanically it has only required general maintenance and regular oil changes. Car has held up remarkably well considering the use. I cannot say enough about the Toyota Corolla - excellent reputation well deserved.

- Bonnie R

Corolla Sport! You will LOVE it!

I love my corolla S. It is reliable, gets good gas mileage and will last me forever. I love the speed, it has good pickup for city driving. I have a stick shift and wish I had an automatic instead. I love that I had tinted windows placed, it doesn't come with them.

- Nicole G

It is a good car that is versatile. It does not feel big when there is just one person in the car, and does not feel small when the car is full of people or items. While it is an older car, there is nothing I would change about it.

I like everything about how the car runs, but the car is getting old and various items are starting to wear out on the car (belts, etc.). Another thing I dislike is that the paint is beginning to chip off the hood and there are areas where rust is starting to form.

- John m

Long lasting and reliable family car.

I have had this car since 2003 and have not had many problems with it. I just had the battery changed after a long time. This is a great performing car, safe and reliable. I learned to drive in this car and I have never had an issue. It's very comfortable and safe.

- Desi T

A classic ride for youth and the old.

A classic! Not exactly an up to date car with all the new tech, but a nice ride for cheap. Seats are comfortable, easy to use. Windshield wipers tend to stick and not work that well, making it hard to see in rainstorms or when its foggy. Good for your first car.

- Caitlin T

Dependable car and has potential for the future.

This car is 15 years old. The salt from the winters have taken a toll on the exterior of the car. Nonetheless, this car has a great engine! It's GREAT on gas! I commute 18 miles to and from work 5 days a week, and I can go two weeks without having to fill it up!

- Mary G

2003 maroon Toyota Corolla

Car is dependable with great gas mileage. The steering and seating is comfortable with lots of trunk space. With it being an older vehicle it lacks the interior technological such as an auxiliary cord input. And the windshield wipers don't come in good speeds.

- Ba W

Because it's reliable and compact, It has a very low cost of ownership.

It is a good size, more spacious than expected. The gas mileage is excellent. It has Toyota's exceptional reliability, and requires less maintenance than expected of a car its age. It is all that i need in a car. I expect to have it well beyond 200,000 miles.

- Gregory B

My car is a well made, quality vehicle

My vehicle is a well made car. I have done basic maintenance to keep it in shape and it still runs well over 15 years after I purchased it. I have had little to no problems with it but it is outdated at this point. It lacks many of the features of newer cars.

- Keeshaun t

My car is Toyota, Corolla, strong and very reliable. I love my car.

Very strong and reliable. It can make you want to drive all day. I love my car and will always go for Toyota Corolla as my best car always. The trunk has enough space to take my luggages. If it has problems, you can still manage it till you get help.

- Stella K

It's a manual transmission and I can make it go pretty fast off the line

Has always been reliable never had any serious issue except for replacing the clutch. Gas mileage is really good especially because it's a manual transmission. Only dislike is the space is limited mainly due to the fact I'm very tall for a pretty compact car

- Zach S

It is very reliable along with great gas mileage.

I have had a few problems with the Corolla, but overall It's a very reliable vehicle. The problems were all simple fixes as there was old wear and tear from previous years/owners. It has amazing gas mileage and has Its very own cup holders in the back seat!

- Marie P

My car has changed me as a person. It basically my life.

There is not much wrong with my car. I mean I like my car but I would prefer a bigger and newer version. It drives great and can take me where I need to go. My car does not have a clicker to lock and unlock but at least it works then I am more than happy.

- Karrie E

2003 Toyota Corolla: Cost and maintenance friendly!

This vehicle is very reliable, has over 200,000 miles on it and runs very good. Awesome on gas mileage so great for long commutes. I hate that there is no cruise control and it is a little small. I would not recommend as a family car due to limited space.

- Brittany P

My Toyota Corolla is the BEST.

I've had my car for 2 years. I am the second owner of my Toyota. I have had an oxygen sensor go bad on it. Otherwise it's the greatest car I have ever had. It rides smooth and comfortable. It always starts the first time and the gas mileage is amazing!!

- Nicole M

Reliability is all I can say

Spent 1500 on it 6 years ago and can't say I've put much money into it. Hands down most reliable car it's go 350,000 miles on it and still going strong. Toyota's are the car to go as long as you take care of it and check your fluids. I highly recommend

- Nicole D

The sporty economical Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla is a great mid size economical vehicle, it is great on gas, it has plenty of legroom in the vehicle and plenty of space to carry four passengers comfortably. It also has plenty of trunk space. It goes great in the winter in the snow.

- William B

Simple, basic amenities, but overall a great daily driver.

The 2003 Toyota Corolla is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I drive about 100 miles a day commuting back and forth to work and this car has never given me any problem. Great daily driver. Very basic features but has everything you really need!

- Rebecca S

My car is very dependable, gives good gas mileage in city and highway.

My Corolla has no problems. It has always been a dependable car with good mileage and performance. My car is comfortable and the features are pretty good but does not have course control. My car gets good mileage in the city and better on the highway.

- Sally G

It has great MPG and is affordable

I like that it is simple. I like that it gets good mpg. I like the price I purchased it for. I do not like that it does not have tinted windows and is older and does not have newer features such as a navigation system and upgraded sound system.

- Brett T

Good car, but annoying humming.

The car gets you from point A to point B, but the constant, loud humming noise is totally obnoxious. With acceleration, it just gets louder and makes it difficult to hear the radio. Cute cosmetic design, would be much nicer if it was quieter.

- Sierra M

It's long-lasting, trustworthy, and fulfills its purpose.

It still holds up after all these years, but it doesn't have enough "oomph". We've had a problem with the catalytic converter, but it's old enough now to not worry about it. Brakes might need work, but I don't have enough money for that yet.

- Karen R

Is really reliable and you don't need a lot of money to maintain the car.

Reliable car from Toyota, driving this car is smooth and it take us anywhere we like to go, we really love our car. Is a small car sometimes when you bought large item we need carried home is hard to do, otherwise we are not compliant.

- Chiayun V

Toyotas are work horses with good mpg. Reliable and efficient

The corolla is a reliable car. Because I bought it used and its old it needed some fixing but the engine is strong and the mileage is good. There was a recall on the car and everything was dealt with smoothly at the Toyota dealership.

- Hannah A

It is light and fragile. Please avoid hitting me.

I like the simplicity of my car compared to today's cars that are computers on wheels. It gets good gas mileage and it is environmentally clean, the suspension is weak but the car is reliable. I also like the roominess inside the car.

- Gil T

Best car I have ever owned

I absolutely love this car. It is small enough to see everything. It has a good size trunk as well. I find this car to be really reliable and easy to fix if I need to do repairs. I have a lot of miles on it, but it is still running.

- Heather S

TOYOTA COROLLA, the best car for today's busy families.

The Toyota corolla is a great car. It is very good on gasoline. One tank will sometimes last me two weeks. The car is also very comfortable and there is plenty of room for my entire family. I wouldn't buy another car over a Toyota.

- Julie A

Oldie but Goodie. Love my old car!

My car is 15 years old... It has been AMAZING!! I love Toyota and the quality of cars they provide. I mean it's 15 years old it does have minor scrapes and bumps but it gets me from point A to point B. My next car will be a Toyota.

- Beth C

2003 Corolla has high mileage but still runs well.

The 2003 Toyota Corolla has well over 200, 000 miles and runs pretty well. The only problem I have is when I am stopped at a red light that the idle goes low and shakes a little. I have to put it to neutral until I am ready to go.

- Gabriel A

It is old so it is not perfect.

This is a very reliable car, it is very good on gas and has little to no problems. It will get you from point A to point B with ease. I have had this car for over a year now and I have only had to get basic maintenance done on it.

- Amanda J

The safety features are outstanding.

The Toyota Corolla is a well made car. I have put at least 60000 miles on it and it's still going strong. We have only had minor issues with it. This car is great on gas. It is the perfect car for any first time driver.

- Theresa C

It is a brand that lasts! It's reliable and keeps its value.

It's an older vehicle, but it's been very reliable for us. We've used it to travel and have had relatively few problems with it. The performance is great. It's okay as far as comfort. It's older, so it could be better.

- Bethanie N

I have needed very few repairs on it, still great gas mileage.

I love Toyota cars! My 2003 Corolla was purchased in 2002, has well over 100,000 miles, and is still running fine, having had minor repairs over the years. My daughter has a 2011 Corolla and it runs very smoothly.

- carol P

My great 2003 Toyota corolla.

I have had no problems with my 2003 Toyota corolla. It has over 210, 000 miles on it and it works great. The a/c and heater both still work very well. It doesn't use a lot of gas. So in all I am happy with my car.

- Jennifer M

The vehicle is great, but has few issues.

This vehicle has a radio to listen to and well amount of gas filled. However, the oil leaks every 2 or 3 days depending on the distance the drivers' drives the car. This vehicle has also an air conditioner.

- Anthony P

There is no reason for anyone to know anything about my car.

I am not selling my car now. I do not need to give details about my car since I am not wanting to sell it. The gears go out usually once a year; need to repair it. Annoying. Car rides usually very nicely.

- Ellie C

The marketing line "Toyota: let's go places" is very, very apt. Reliable.

No complaints. I do not need a lavish/luxury vehicle. My Toyota Corolla is reliable and does exactly what I need it to do. We've always had Toyotas in my immediate family, and I do not see that changing!

- Jennifer C

Car feels safe to drive in and seats are comfortable.

The Toyota Corolla is a cute, gas safer. Its runs good and whenever something breaks down, which rarely happen, it's an easy fix. Only thing that's wrong now is my ac pipe drips and wet my entire carpet.

- Raven M

It's old and makes unusual sounds when you drive it but it's okay.

It's old and the paint is peeling from the heat of the florida sun. The air conditioner broke last year just as summer hit and it took weeks to fix. I gets the job done, that's the only reason i use it.

- max k

It may not be the newest and latest and greatest car on the road but it always safely gets me home

My car is serviceable and gets good gas mileage. It is dependable and gets me where I need to go. I haven't had to do a good deal of expensive repairs and it has lasted a good long time. It's a trooper!

- Kim P

Corolla is most things you've ever wanted.

My Toyota Corolla gets wonderful gas mileage, is also very smooth. It is also surprisingly pretty quick. Extremely comfortable. Four cup holders, easily fits 2 car seats. . . Compact parking is a plus.

- Tommy G

It is a nice ride and does not seem to have many mechanical problems.

Its reliable and gets great gas mileage which is good due to my 25 min commute for work. I do not like that I had to change the outside door handles it is something that seems to break on every Toyota.

- Yolanda J

Well built and long lasting car.

I like the way the car drives, the look of the outside, and the body style. I have no complaints on the car. It's been a good car for the 3 years I have owned it. Parts are cheap and it's easy to fix.

- Courtney H

Long lasting, good running car.

It is a good running car. I like the safety features and ratings for the year it was made. I dislike that the windows are not automatic and that there are not air conditioning vents in the back seat.

- carisa m

Reliable car, easy maintenance

I love this car because of how reliable it has been for me. I can count on it every day. Maintenance is cheap thanks to cheap parts and I haven't had too many problems as the car has gotten older.

- Sarah M

Take it in for regular maintenance and do not drive 80 or 90 mph.

I have driven it for 15 years, in town and on the interstate. It has never let me down. The drive train has been great. The only parts that broke down were the air conditioning and the starter.

- Sharon R

It provides reliable transportation.

While it is not the flashiest car, my Toyota Corolla has been a very dependable car. The seats are comfortable, and the ride is smooth. I have not had to put a lot of money into maintaining it.

- Patricia H

Used 2003 Toyota Corolla S

The car is very reliable. Bought used from someone who had a mutual connection. The car is 15+ years old and has natural wear and tear as well as a few more Toyota Corolla specific problems.

- Taylor B

A fuel efficient, reliable and fun car.

Love my car! It handles well and drives nice. It gets excellent gas mileage and rides smoothly. Handles well on slick roads and is low maintenance. I enjoy it on short trips and long commutes.

- Lee Ann M

It is dependable and saves money on gas.

I like that it saves gas. I dislike the manual window rolling. I like the way it runs. I like the car color. I dislike that there is no cassette player. I dislike that there is no Bluetooth.

- Casey D

That it does not drive like other cars.

It runs good. Only thing is the check engine light is on and now it probably needs a tune-up, and tags are up on october. After that I might not be able to use it because I cannot afFord it.

- Selena S

Others should know that sometimes the car won't start up or the headlights could be broken.

It has a pretty good design considering the time it was made but it's pretty old already and sometimes it breaks down but apart from that, it's been a really good car for what it was worth.

- Alejandro F

It is very dependable and reliable.

My car is fuel efficient and user friendly. It is very durable and sturdy. However, I do not like how plain it is and how little technology there is. The car has no unique features to it.

- Victoria A

It's loved, it's a handy down by my daughter. I trust it to get me where I need to go without any fuss.

I like that I know it will start when I want it too. I like & trust the brand name. I am sad that the paint is peeling-my fault. I like it's small and I can get it in and out of places.

- Robin H

It gets excellent mileage.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It gets excellent mileage and has a smooth ride. I have only needed to do basic services on it. One thing I dislike is the noise level inside could be better.

- Donna L

I don't have air conditioning in at the moment. You can jam out to old CD's too!

My car is named wheatley, he may have a few problems, though he gets me to point A to point B safely. The gas is amazing! And my miles have been great. I love how I have a $30 tank!

- Alicia N

That I love and appreciate my car. That my car has been through the best and worst of times with me. That I'm proud of my car, even with it's dings and dents and fading. I love my car.

I love my Corolla. It's reliable, comfortable, roomy, easy to drive and fuel efficient. I enjoy driving my car and letting the light in by opening the sun/moonroof. No complaints!

- Maria G

2003 white Toyota Corolla.

We continuously get a red triangle telling us that we need an oil change and maintenance checkup. We dislike this vehicle and plan to trade it in for a new one as soon as possible.

- Crystal D

tt has been a reliable car, easy to take care of, easy with gas mileage

It's been a great car, no complaints; just hoping to get more years out of it. No real complaints, just always annoying that it is computer based like many cars out there today.

- Lois M

It is very reliable and does not break down very much.

Love that I get regular oil changes and do not have to spend a ton of money on other fixes. Good miles per gallon. Do not like upholstery coming apart on the door by the windows.

- Katherine S

Good mileage for all around driving, whether city or highway driving.

I like the fact that I get good gas mileage. I also like that I have had few problems with it and have had few repairs. It's holding up good for being in high mileage category.

- Cindy D

It is not a completely small because it can take up to 5 people in the car, .

The car is very comfortable and it can take up to 5 people in the car. It helps me save gas and run very smoothly. I have own it for 10 tens now and it is still working great.

- Jon K

It is a very reliable vehicle and very fuel efficient and spacious back seats and trunk

It was a very good purchase. Bought it used for $6000. Gave a few troubles with brake pads and engine block. When it rains, water filters in from somewhere, I do not know yet

- Gabriel S

She is a generic, textbook car. It does all the things a car should and nothing more.

My car is reliable and dependable. It doesn't have any special features and isn't a "luxury car" but it gets the job done. The gas milages is fine but I wish it were better.

- Oliver G

The dependability and affordability

It is very dependable, affordable and gets great gas mileage. I have owned Toyota's in the past and highly recommend them. I am an auto technician and I Indian well made car

- Randy S

It's a trustworthy brand.

I like the brand and the quality of the car. It's fuel saver and I did not have any issue with the car since I had it 10 years ago. I do not have any complaint on my car.

- Vivian V

Going strong at 15 years and 89000 but ugly

The car has been reliable and comfortable. The biggest problem is that the metallic paint has not held up in the hot sun. At 89000 miles it is running well but is ugly.

- Barbara R

It has been a very dependable car for nearly 15 years and 300k miles

It is very dependable. It has lasted nearly 300,000 miles with almost no maintenance problems. It is old and doesn't have the latest technologies that I'd like to have.

- Shanne B

Its reliable, quick, and red.

I like that it fits in any parking space. The seats are comfortable. And for a compact it is quite spacious inside Only complaint is my family of 5 is out growing it.

- Christy M

It is wonderful for a small family. It's trustworthy

I love that the seats are not leather. It runs amazingly well, never had any issues with it. The seats are adjustable, which is a must have for me because I am short.

- Ashlie L

I bought it used and paid it off in cash because it was important to me at the time I bought it to not have car payments.

I like that it is a reliable car with very few issues or maintenance required. I don't like that it doesn't have Bluetooth or updated features like a rearview camera.

- Nicole S

Safety issue and secure setting.

I like my car because it is durable and good looking, not only interior but exterior. And it has high quality maintenance service. It had a good resale price as well.

- Ze N

It's a well built car and has lasted for many years.

My vehicle is very well built. It has lasted a very long time with minimal repair or maintenance needs. It is a beautiful car and the color makes me feel happy.

- Keeshaun M

Its dependable and easy on gas so can go further than other cars.

Easy on gas. It rides comfortable. It's a good car. It goes further miles than any other car I have had. It also has not broke down on me at all thank goodness.

- Tracey M

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that my car is very fuel efficient and dependable. It was relatively inexpensive and is pretty comfortable. I really don't have any complaints about it.

- Carin f

The car is very reliable and it's easy to maintain. It has decent gas mileage and has good power for a compact car.

A good and reliable vehicle. The car is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs. The car is easy to drive and has sufficient power for a compact car.

- Dan C

lasting ability and low low low maintenance costs on this model and I love it

like lasting ability. low maintenance. hate its old. but will buy same kind of car..its third new car of model don't care about dealership much too greedy

- sally c

It is a good little car to drive and performs well.

I like my vehicle because it is simple to operate. It does not have all the bells and whistles of the new model cars. It still has a CD and cassette player.

- Linda G

lasting ability and low low low maintenance costs on this model and I love it

like lasting ability. low maintenance. hate its old. but will buy same kind of car..its third new car of model don't care about dealership much too greedy

- sally c

2003 toyota corolla. super reliable.

i love my commuter car. it is great on gas, and it is very easy to work on for maintenance purposes. It has over 250,000 miles and it is still going strong

- aldo a

It works just fine for what I paid for it. I haven't had any major issues.

It's an old car that gets me around. I wish it were newer and had an auxiliary cord option. I would rather have a oil life sensor and a better ac system.

- melissa t

Worth every penny! If you're in the market for a reliable car I would highly recommend a Toyota.

Low maintenance and high gas mileage make it a great car. The only thing I dislike is I wish it was an electric hybrid. I'm looking into a Prius next.

- Ryan P

It will run wellness long as you keep up on regular oil changes etc

I like that this car is a workhorse. I keep up on maintenance and it runs well for my needs. The MPG is adequate for my needs and it is easy to drive.

- Jacob H

Reliable and trustworthy. I wouldn't buy another type of car unless I absolutely knew for certain that it would perform like this one.

I bought the car brand new and it has never given me any problems ever. I completely trust this car and would purchase the same make and model again.

- Evelyn T

Gets Me Where I Need To Go

I haven't had any problems with my car, it's still running great, I've had it about 8 years. It's small, easy to park, good on gas mileage, and cute.

- Cara S

Continuing great gas mileage.

I have had no problems at all. I take care of it and it takes care of me. The car has nearly 240,000 miles and runs great, and gets good gas mileage.

- Shelly B

corolla sports is the best long lasting vehicle that is ever in market

it has been long 15 years but the vehicle is still sturdy and comfortable drive...no accidents happened yet hence the vehicle is in good condition

- mahesh p

An oldie but goodie Corolla.

My Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car with great gas mileage. It is a very smooth ride with a huge trunk for storing anything. Love my Corolla.

- Nancy B

It's a Toyota so it will run forever without many major issues!

My vehicle is incredibly reliable and I really don't have to worry about having issues with it. It's old though and I could really use an upgrade.

- Hannah B

That it is a great brand and reliable. It is low maintenance and fun to drive

It is a reliable car. Comfy and easy to drive. It gets pretty good mileage and i know it will last a very long time. It is a great commuter car

- Eileen B

Toyota Corollas Are VERY Reliable

My car consistently provides EXCELLENT gas mileage. It drives smoothly and has been easy to maintain with regular oil changes/tune-ups and so on.

- Christin M

That it has a good quality.

Is an economy car that is very cheap in gas usage. Is effective. Is very comfortable, fits all the people that I need and we feel safe. Is nice.

- Jessie C

Toyota overall is one of the best vehicles on the car market.

No problems, performance is great, and reliable sense I had, very comfortable for driving abilities and my features are great, I love Toyota's.

- Nadine P

Reliability is key to getting anywhere and no issue here.

It's a great car has been since the day I got it. Had to change out the ac once but still under warranty when I had to. Reliable in every way.

- Elena M

Amazingly reliable Corolla.

It's been a good reliable vehicle, only issue has been a water pump for 170,000 miles of use. Its comfortable, has ice cold air conditioning.

- Justin P

It runs good Toyotas are good cars.

Well first it's pretty banged up from the exterior. I've had to put more money in my car then I wanted too. Lastly, its getting old for an o3.

- Rodolfo H

Has always been reliable and easy to fix on my own if there's been an issue.

Love my car! Has great gas mileage and compact design. Allows me to travel more. Have had a few problems but always fixed quickly and easily.

- Krystal P

It has a hole in the bumper.

It is pretty old. The air conditions does not work very well. It has pretty good gas mileage though. The middle console is always in my way.

- Cade H

great reliability and great gas mileage. Lasts for a long time.

My car is very reliable and has had few maintenance issues. It is great on gas mileage. It is such a great car that I would buy it again.

- cat k

The gas consumption is excellent

Good value for money and the gas consumption is very low compared with other vehicles also the performance is excellent especially in town

- Amd Z

I like the low gas mileage

I like it but there was an airbag recall and I had to go get it fixed at a dealer. It also has lots of broken pieces around the cd player.

- Ava P

It takes little maintenance.

I love that it is mostly repair free. It drives and handles well and has a lot of interior space. I would get a different color exterior.

- Leanne M

It has great gas mileage. Four doors so convenient for up to five people.

I like that it is it a compact car with four doors. It is great on gas mileage. I wish it had a better radio that was Bluetooth enabled.

- Yvonnie W

That it has a v6 engine and can accelerate very well.

It gets me to where I need to go safely. It fits all my family in it. Drives nice the only thing I do not like is the carpets are filthy.

- Jay W

I'm not selling my car, so why is this a question?

This car is pretty dang reliable. I feel like I have at least 100,000 miles left on this baby! It's comfortable and the ac works great.

- Emma T

Love the low maintenance and dependability. I can also park it almost anywhere.

It makes a weird rattling noise. It is a pretty old car in years. I do like that it is been pretty reliable for all these years though.

- Daniel M

50 mpg on highway, and 33 mpg in town.

Reliable, good gas mileage, standard transmission, runs great, like style of body, interior is ok. Wish it had USB ports in back seat.

- Jeanne B

That a Toyota Corolla is reliable and also looks good!

I love my car. Even for being as old as it is, I've had minimal problems. I love how it looks and how it runs. It's treated me well.

- Melissa R

It is very reliable. Only needs every day maintenance.

My Toyota seems to go through a lot of front brakes. It does need a new battery before winter. Other than that it is very reliably.

- Nikki S

it's reliable. i can get to and from a place with no problems and i can count on the car every time. it may be old but it's really held out.

the car is very reliable. i haven't had a problem with it majorly since i've gotten it. it really has been holding up to ability.

- lily n

durable, extremely durable under my usage and maintenance.

My car has a good style and power. It is durable and gasoline effective. But I would like it more if the length was a bit shorter.

- Yiying y

It looks like it's expensive but it wasn't.

Like the gas mileage on the car.. Comfortable seats front and back.. Gas saver all year around.. Oil change is great always clean.

- Richard M

I love how long it has lasted with no major issues. I have put 200,000 miles on it in the time i have owned it (totaling 277,000), and it's still going strong. my only complaint is that it's old and it doesn't have features new cars have.

That it was a blessing from God and meant to bless others. anyone can borrow it. and about it's functionality, it hasn't died yet.

- Beth H

Toyota makes good quality vehicles

This car is fairly nice and extremely reliable. I purchased last summer and only good results. Would recommend toyota to anyone.

- Alex T

Has almost 200k miles and could break easily

I like my car because it was free but very old. Has a lot of miles. Has some dents. The AC is not that strong during this summer

- Jesse M

It is very reliable and dependable.

It's very reliable and doesn't use to much gas. Those are the things I like about it. The thing I don't like is that it's old.

- Kat L

Great gas mileage runs well worth the buy.

Great gas mileage good running vehicles only dislike no power windows but in the winter the heat and defrost works very well.

- Marcy Y

Dependable, well-made vehicle that will last for years.

My Corolla has been reliable even though its older and has high mileage. I don't like the placement of the rear view mirror.

- Sarah N

It is very low cost to maintain.

It is very well made and easy to maintain. It has 200,000 miles on it but still runs great. I just wish it were a bit larger.

- Parker R

It got me across country on a road trip. It has served me well.

It has good visibility out of the rear windshield. It has a good feel. It's an older car so it has a tape deck which I like.

- Andy T

30+ mph is a big plus for us people on a fixed income.

Economy is key for me.. Style makes me happy to drive.. Comfort makes driving easier and guests are not crowded in the back.

- Mary D

It is great on gas and really reliable.

There is no ac in it. The vehicle is very old now. It is a great reliable vehicle though. The car has been ran a lot though.

- Chris S

That no matter what rain or shine this car is going to run.

Extremely reliable transportation. Low maintenance.... Not very flashy. No frills. Not the best car to pick up a date in..

- Miles W

Toyota is well made and well known

I like Toyota they're built well oil light goes on when you need an oil change it's well know so parts aren't as expensive

- Norene G

It runs good in lots of different areas.

The car has a lot of space. The car runs pretty good as to where we drive it. But I am not crazy about how it is on gad.

- Emily S

It does what it was bought to do, get me from point a to point b.

It has been very reliable. Get good mileage and is a comfortable ride. The only complaint has been the number of recalls

- Danny L

It is worth the cost and very comfortable on long trips and in the city.

A very economic car. Works well just with minor mechanical issues. The only thing I would change are the manual windows.

- Jesus A

It's a reliable, great car.

I love that it's reliable. I love that it's not flashy. I do not like that when it rains my car leaks from the sunroof.

- Sarah R

It gets me where I need to go and is safe to drive

the headlight can be very dim so I am looking into getting new ones. There are no automatic locks so that kind of sucks

- Shantae N

That it's a well made car

I like that it's low maintenance. well built and study. Reliable and safe. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Sandra N

It is reliable! It also has excellent gas mileage.

It's a small Toyota Corolla. It starts every time. It drives great and is the most reliable car I've ever owned.

- Melissa B

Meh, It is a comfy ride to and fro and it makes me feel great

My car helps me get to point A and point B safely and efficiently. I love my CD player and the miles are amazing.

- Alicia N

The one most thing people should know about my car is the car gets great gas mileage

I love how it drives and good gas mileage. I hate that the air conditioning doesn't work and everything is manual

- Barbara P

Great gas mileage and comfort.

Great gas mileage and comfortable. Has a lot of minor issues but easy to fix. Would buy another Corolla anytime.

- Krystal P

great quality and speed!!

sporty reliable car need maintains. my car is great and reliable but it need to be updated since its a bit old.

- reina L

Dependable and good on gas, low maintenance costs.

It is good on gas and for commuting to work. It is small to use when needing to travel any length of distance.

- Kristen L

Toyota Corolla goes for the long haul.

Reliable vehicle with regular care and maintenance. Over 200k miles and still going. Great gas mileage as well.

- Laurie W

The reliable but peppy Toyota Corolla

my corolla is very reliable. It has good fuel efficiency but decent horsepower. The car is pretty comfortable

- edward w

Love our Toyota. It has been a great car. We will buy a Toyota again!

Our car is 15 years old and has been a very reliable car. We haven't had any major problems. Great gas mileage!

- Rebecca W

My car is an excellent option.

I do not have complains with my car. It has an excellent performance on the road and it is really comfortable.

- marie r

It's a dependable vehicle and trusted brand that I highly recommend

I like the good gas mileage The cars last a long time Will buy another car like this one I have no complaints

- Martha B

It does really well on gas.

It is reliable. It is durable. It is consistent. One thing I do not like is that it is not good in the snow.

- Andrew B

It is the most reliable car out there.

It is reliable. It has carried me across the country and has never failed me. It is compact yet holds a lot.

- Meg O

Reliability and cost of operation.

Great gas mileage. Low maintenance costs. Drives well. It is just a little too small for me on the inside.

- Robert B

Small yet comfortable for large man

More room than expected but I am a large person . It is still too small getting in and out of the vehicle.

- Robert S

Great gas mileage. Easy and affordable maintenance.

Great car with good gas mileage. Fits me well since I am under 5 foot tall. Not a good family car though.

- Jessica T

That it is a car that is worth the money.

I like that my car is a gas saver, it has nice design and its reliable. I have no complaints whatsoever.

- Janet G

Temp control in the car is no good.

I do not like that there are no air vents to the backseat. When heating the car it can be uncomfortable.

- Megan K

This car lasts forever. It will last forever. I will hardly ever need to get anything about the car fixed.

It's gonna last me forever. Gas mileage could be better. But, it gets me anywhere I need to go and back.

- Taylor P

Reliable, great in mileage, comfortable car I don't have any complains, love my little car

Great in gas, repairs are not very expensive. Only had one major problem but other than that it's great

- Laura A

Its well made and great on gas. I've had it for almost 16 years and have not had any major problems with it.

It's the right size for me and is good on gas. I have a couple fender benders and it still runs great.

- Stephanie A

It is very dependable and reliable. You are buying a car that will last.

It is reliable and has requires little maintenance for a car this age. Good gas mileage. Sharp design.

- Jason K

It is lasted for a long time.

It's always been reliable, fun, trustworthy, enjoyable, durable, low maintenance, lots of cargo room.

- Cathy G

Great vehicle! Great on gas!

No problems so far. Very good vehicle. Awesome gas mileage. Would love to have a bigger trunk though.

- Betsy S

There is no AC in the back & does not go over 80 mph

Ac is not strong enough and does not have vents in. The back. No Bluetooth or way to connect phone

- Gracie G

Good on gas and it runs smooth

I like that it is good on gas. The trunk and backseat are too small. I wish it had an aux outlet.

- K J

Its getting old and slowing down but I will keep it till it stops

I have had my car for years and love it. I have slept in it, traveled and made lots of memories.

- Melissa M

Reliable with very good gas mileage

Love this car. Runs great with very little maintenance required. I may buy another just like it.

- Peter t

A very gas efficient and reliable car. It's great for college students.

I like that it has great gas mileage. The vehicle is also a low maintenance car. Very reliable.

- Liz Y

toyota beats all others when it comes to reliability, hands down

good on gas, very reliable, parts are not too expensive. i like the toyota brand, no complaints

- harley p

Toyota ,they last forever, my car only has 100,000 miles on it and it's a 2003

I love my Toyota, it's the only car I would buy, My car is 14 years old and still going strong

- Janet L

good gas mileage.It handles good

I love my vehichle.It handles nice.It has good gas mileage.I love everything about my vehicle.

- john g

reliable and the gas mileage is good

it's an affordable vehicle that has not had many maintenance issues and get me to work on time

- rick w

It is a very reliable car. Gets great gas mileage. It's a comfortable car.

The car is great and reliable. It gets good gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Jessica M

It lasts for years with the proper care.

I love the longevity of my car and gas mileage. I don't like how it drives on the highway.

- Laura M

It's low maintenance. My mechanic, is a good one, so it keeps my vehicle running smoothly.

It's in great shape, very economical, not very expensive maintenance, and I just love it!

- Mary N

It has its quirks, but has been very reliable and required very few repairs.

Great car, with almost 300, 000 miles. Not a lot of horsepower, but has run like a champ.

- Dean H

It has had several recalls for the airbags and seatbelts

I like that it's small and it locks on It's own. I dislike that it doesn't have a sunroof

- Ashley O

I love the gas mileage and the ease of handling. I now need something with more storage space and the possibility of AWD.

I have been driving the same car for 16 years with moderate maintenance with no issues.

- Suzy G




It's a good car from one of the better car company Toyota.

Actually this is my friends vehicle who lives with me. And in a way I use his car.

- Jay S

I really don't have anything special about it that I can point out

I like the gas mileage I get. I don't like that it sits low looking to getting SUV

- Vanessa s

low maintenance built well is perfect for running around

it is fun to drive good on gas and the lowest maintenance vehicle i've ever owned

- michael e

Others should know how comfortable it is and how reliable it is.

I love my toyota corolla. I like everything about it. I love how reliable it is.

- Anna D

Toyota makes reliable, safe, efficient cars that will last for many years.

It is extremely reliable and low-maintenance. It's easy to drive and efficient.

- Stephanie M

It's reliable. It's comfortable. I'm short so the small size is perfect.

It's reliable. It does not break down often and only requires maintenance.

- Diane S

It is a very reliable trustworthy brand.

I love the size and gas mileage. It is a very good car, built for travel.


Good for commuting in traffic in big cities or rush hour.

The car is good on gas and quick to move in traffic. Nothing to dislike

- Patricia B

toyota's always work. they have very low maintenance. a joy to own

i love my toyota corolla. very low maintenance. it always starts

- Carol M

It is a great buy and was affordable.

It is sporty. It is good on gas. It has caused me no problems so far.

- Danielle A

I have had no problems with the car other than routine maintenance. It has been very reliable. It is not a speedy car, but to get you from point a to point b, it works.

It get very good gas mileage. A tank of gas will last quite a while.

- john p

As long as you keep up with the maintenance schedule you will not have a problem.

I love everything about my car! I have never had a problem with it.

- Jenifer D

That it's a great value for the price and it will last if you take care of it

Love the car wish it would give more gas mileage and have more speed

- Amanda M

Toyota is reliable. when you drive the car, u feel the difference.

I drove honda, Nissan and Toyota. I recommend Toyota to everyone.

- trunal s

Toyota makes quality cars that last.

getting old but it is a great, dependable car with good mileage.

- tom c

It's a piece of crap that is barely holding together

I like the gas mileage. I dislike how cheaply the car is built.

- Bill C

It is very nice and it looks beaten up but it runs very fast

I like my car a lot It's very good and I used it for everything

- Omar O

Gas mileage is the best! this is my third corolla - love them and won't ever have anything else!

Corollas hold their value. Corollas have the best gas mileage!

- ross l

it is easy to maintain and good handling on the highway, in the city.

it is reliable. It has very good gas mileage. It is good size.

- chau h

It gets great gas mileage can go for days without a fill up.

Great gas mileage. Decent looking car. Plenty of trunk space.

- Jason H

The 2003 Toyota Corolla I bought about 6 months ago has never let me down. I've owned 3 Corollas now, all with a standard transmission, each one has ran strong, the Japanese really know how to make a motor, and the transmission isn't to bad either. I would say one thing I would change is the headlights. They just don't look appealing to me.

The Toyota Corolla is a dependable, long lasting investment.

- Michele P

Better cup holders. Bigger inside. Little more up update

It gets good gas mileage. Easy to drive. Affordable. Good ac

- Taylor L

I do love my car. She has 203301 miles on her and still runs great. She needs some either shocks or struts right now. The A/C still works. Oh she's a 2003 Toyota Corolla.

With as many miles as it has on it, I it's still reliable.

- Guyanne G

It is very economic. Very cheap. Does not waste too much gas.

Everything is very good. Nothing bad yet. I really like it

- Karely R

It's reliable a great car, great on gasoline, easy to use.

It's a reliable vehicle Great on gas mileage Looks nice

- Ivette S

It is reliable and works well.

Very few repairs needed. Comfortable seating. Reliable.

- Susan B

It is very económic & comfy

It's simple, comfortable, cheap & easy to get use to.

- Angely R

My car is very light and economic

It is very good. I really like it. It's very economic

- Sandra S