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It is a workhorse. That gets you point to point economically.

Great gas mileage, maintenance reasonable. I think the suspension could be better and the vehicle noise in the car cabin less for highway driving. Seats are not the most comfortable. But the ce is the base model. I have 75000 miles on the car and the paint on the top of the car is showing significant wear. I do live in the south and get direct sunlight and the car is not stored in a garage. It is also 13 years old. So some of this is simply age of the vehicle. This year my air conditioning has died on the car. Again, this is the most common repair on cars the age of mine as my mechanic tells me. My regular maintenance is tune ups, alignment and brake care. I know that I'll need to do the cv joints in the near future. Again, a function of age and mileage. I am a low mileage driver and newer cars are made to handle higher mileage per year. In general a very good car. Handles well, easy to drive. My complaints are not that the mechanics of the car do not work well. They'd be because I have the base model and I'd recommend you get the le version or another upgraded version to have better comfort seats, quieter car cabin.

- Ann P

Highly dependable and comfortable corolla.

I have had my car for about 5 years now and I have had minimal problems. It runs well and is extremely comfortable. It is a perfect size for a sedan, it is not too small and not too big. . It has been incredibly reliable. I have never been stranded or even worried about being stranded. It does fine in any kind of weather. . It has about 222,000 miles and still going strong. I did have to replace the catalytic converter due to the check engine light, but was able to get that done very reasonably at an exhaust shop, so the car is again good as new. . It has automatic windows, CD player, good radio. The only features it does not have that I wish it did would be a remote for the locks as I have to use a key still and cruise control, but those things are minimal compared to how dependable the car has been.

- Kate K

This car can show you a whole new world.

My Corolla is pretty great! I bought it used and have been driving it everyday since. I love to go on road trips and it is always reliable. I have gone coast to coast twice now and I take frequent trips to Boise, which is 8 hours away. We all know a safe a reliable car is what we really want. It's perfect for families and smooth on the road. I love the trunk space!! I got three suitcases in there when I need to. The engine still purrs as if I bought it yesterday. I have taken it in to have the oil checked regularly and it runs cleaner than any car I have driven. I love my Corolla and will keep it for a long time. With great gas mileage and a comfy interior why would I get anything else?

- Shane L

The car is very comfortable, sturdy, and reliable.

The car is very comfortable and reliable. The car has lasted for quite a while through the ups and downs of any typical vehicle. It is not a very sensitive car as it has survived a couple bumps and scratches that were easily repaired looking good as new. There aren't really any special features, but the seats are fairly comfortable and soft. It is good for a single person, or even a few family members or friends. The car performs well and has very limited problems when cared for. The only problem would be the brakes; after quite a few years, the brakes have easily worn out. Other than that, the car has lasted for a long time and is very reliable for any type of driver.

- Mikayla C

Worth the buy, drive, and price!

My vehicle has provided me transportation to and from school which is two and half hours away from home for about two and a half years. It has always been a great vehicle to travel in, cruise, and just take out for a spin. The interior is very easy to clean up and the seats are comfortable. As far as my paint job on my vehicle it is starting to turn from red to orange which is not a great feature about my car. Although it is something I could always get redone, the car in itself has had no problems whatsoever. And I have had the vehicle for 6 years this past June. So this car has been really good to me.

- Rachel S

It is extremely reliable!

I have owned my Toyota Corolla for some time now and I have to say it has been a dependable little car. As long as I have taken care of the basics, such as oil changes and tune ups my vehicle has never let me down. It is features are basic, regular am/FM stereo, power doors & locks, and air conditioning, but I am perfectly happy without my car being fancy! It has a nice smooth ride on the highway and is great on gas, something we all can agree on as a positive feature. I've owner both this Corolla and a Toyota Camry and I have found both to be dependable economical vehicles. I am a happy Toyota driver!

- Amanda O

Best used car I've ever owned

I've primarily driven older used cars, and this one (which I also got used, but much newer than my former vehicles) has been great in comparison. It drives well, is responsive, and has a good amount of space for my needs (we take a fair amount of weekend trips and do various DIY projects). It's small, but we can fit two people, a dog, and weekend luggage and projects in pretty easily. The tire pressure indicator light is a bit overly sensitive and will come on if one tire is like 0.5 psi off from the desired value, but that's not even really annoying. Overall, it's a good, reliable car.

- Jessica S

It is a car that will last you as long as you take care of it.

I have a problem with how easily the car paint has faded and chipped. I notice the same thing in all of the Toyota Corollas that I see, it is not just a problem with mine. I like that it has lasted thirteen years and does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon. I like the comfort of the seats, but the stereo area is outdated and when I bought a new system to install, I was told that I cannot even do that because of the way the car was put together, so I am very disappointed in that. Now I just feel like I am driving man old, faded, car with no way to listen to good new music.

- Meghan G

Sweet little car that's great to drive if you're under 5'5' or have hamster legs

My car has been really reliable thus far. Most maintenance needed on it so far has been on the lower end of the cost spectrum. It's very basic car though now fancy computer stuff for the most part. It performs well. However it's doesn't have much trunk space which is kind of a bummer sometimes. The car doesn't fit me very well either. I'm a 5'6' 200 pound female and the car is small. The steering wheel practically touches my thighs and even with seat all the way back my legs feel very cramped. This car is definitely for a smaller or at the very least shorter person.

- Stephanie E

Toyota Corolla is a very solid vehicle.

2005 Toyota Corolla with two hundred fifty thousand miles. Runs near perfect. Well maintained it is a very solid car. Extremely easy to work on. The parts for maintenance are easy to access. The only problem I have thus far is the radio clock does not work all the time. Not sure if it is a fuse issue or a connection on the unit. The radio still works and sounds great. Here is a testament to how good this vehicle is, it has power windows and they still go up and down at the same time. If you work on your own stuff you will understand how amazing that is.

- Matt H

Surprisingly Roomy and Comfortable

I love the size of the car and the handling. I'm not a fan of the sports trim because it's easy to bump obstacles because it sits so low to the ground. The interior is very roomy and the trunk is huge for a car this size. The only problems I've had with this car is that the wire housing for the headlights overheated and melted the wires, so they had to be rewired with a high heat-rated wire. Also, the tail light wiring shorted out and caused me to blow a fuse every time I put the car into reverse, so that was another wiring expense.

- Christie C

Great ac but sometimes the wipers turn on by themselves when it is cold.

It is a used vehicle with 155000 miles. It has great gas mileage with a average of 36 mpg on freeway and 29 in the city. It is comfortable with fully functioning ac, cruise control, and wipers. It is a 5 speed manual with front 2wd. It is has a great sound system with an aftermarket bluetooth stereo system. It's cons I would say is it has some electrical issues, and it is wiper fluid reservoir is cracked (but soon to be replaced). The exterior paint is worn and the clutch tends to slip sometimes. But other than that I love it!

- Jonathan G

Excellent commute car, very reliable.

Excellent commute vehicle. Have kept up maintenance on it over 14 years and it has had little other problems. It is acceleration is decent and for driving 5 miles a day I need to refill gas about once a month. It is a very reliable car, comfortable inside seating, 4 door with plenty of room, and a nice size trunk. My model is 2005 and therefore does not have a USB port for audio. If you want an updated version of the car radio you need to have a new one installed. I love my car and will feel sad when I trade it in some day.

- Lauren B

2005 four door Toyota Corolla.

I love my 2005 Toyota Corolla! It is the perfect car for a college student. I spend a lot of time on the road driving to and from school. The Corolla provides pretty decent gas mileage. I typically spend between $22 and $28 to fill up my tank and can drive on that one table for about two weeks! The interior of the Corolla is fabricated grey seats. The radio system, air conditioning, and other dash controls are all easy access and work very well. I have hand crank windows and automatic locks on each of the four doors.

- Aspen J

Corollas- amazing vehicles.

I have had my car since I was 17 and I am now 23. I have never had any problems with it. The previous owner also drove it in high school and a little in college. For being over 10 years old it still runs amazing and is super reliable. I take my car to get serviced regularly and keep the oil changed. It has over 150,000 miles and the engine still runs great. I have never worried about it not starting. I will drive this car until it completely falls apart. I think I can get another 10+ years out of my corolla.

- Rae R

Toyota Corolla Still Got It

Vehicle is really reliable and runs very well like any other car. Can go very far with paying for minimum amount of gas. Can also drive very fast and fit in small spots. Seats are very comfortable, even though it's seated low. Car is very spacious and can hold a lot of things (I.e. furniture for moving). Do not really have a lot of problems with car, except for when it's windy on road. Overall, this car is very useful for teenager's first car and mainly anybody! This car is lasting a very long time!

- Denise F

Amazing car always reliable

I do not personally have any problems with this vehicle. Seats five comfortably. This car has a very large trunk space. The car runs great. I have the standard model of this vehicle. We have taken the car out of town and never have to worry about being stuck somewhere. This car has ice cold AC which is perfect because of my son who is only one. I have always owned Toyotas and am a big fan of how reliable and well built they are. I imagine that this vehicle is going to last me longer than any other.

- Tiffany M

My car is "ole reliable. ".

I have had my car since I was 10 years, and I have never had a problem with it. My car has always been reliable, I have never had to worry if it will start. My car has gotten me all across the state and back again without any issues. My car is always comfortable to drive and to ride in. With 10 years of driving my car only has a mere 160,000 miles and I drive it almost daily. Sadly with my model, I still have to manually crank down the windows which can be irritating, but that is my only complaint!

- Rachel S

2005 Toyota Corolla review, affordable and has good gas mileage.

My vehicle is a 2005 Toyota Corolla. It has very good gas mileage, good reliability, fairly low maintenance, moderate performance, front wheel drive, a 1. 6 liter 4 cylinder engine, manual transmission, 100, 000 miles so far, comfortable bucket seats, an am/FM radio, maximum speed of about 85 miles per hour, good braking, rack and pinion steering, quick turning, easy parking, and four doors. Some problems are the clutch is wearing out and I had to replace the alternator and distributor.

- Charles G

Toyotas are reliable and require little maintenance if well cared for.

This vehicle performs well considering its age, 2005. I have had issues only with general wear and tear. This is my 2nd Toyota. I consider Toyotas to be durable, when parts are needed they are easy to find. One major problem was the airbag. Toyota had a recall and replaced it free of charge. Comfort wise this vehicle is very small, we do need more leg room. Overall a good car. A good first car for a young person. Buy this car, take good care and it should last you over 14 years.

- First Name M

Great vehicle to drive has a 5 speed manual transmission.

At 200, 00 miles had to replace the front struts. The car currently has 276, 000 miles. Have the oil changed every 3, 500 miles and the tires rotated every 7, 500 miles have owned this car for 9 years the performance has been excellent as the car has aged the road noise has become more apparent as the door seals have shrunk over time. The interior is cloth with a sunroof that retracts into a moonroof which gives great views also has all the basic interior features.

- Dale M

The reliability of a Toyota corolla.

With good maintenance, this car has lasted for fourteen years without need for any major repairs. It has a small tank, but good gas mileage. In fourteen years, it has never broken down a single time, and is highly reliable for long trips. Because it is such an old model, it does not have high-tech features like most current models do, but it is a good choice for someone not looking for the ability to use their phone or Bluetooth too often while in their vehicle.

- Brooklyn W

Reliable & Long-Lasting 2005 Toyota Corolla

I have not had any major problems with my Toyota Corolla other than basic maintenance, such as new tires, muffler, brakes, etc. It is comfortable and a reliable vehicle with fairly good gas mileage. As it is the most basic trim of its kind, it does not have features such as an auxiliary port or Bluetooth (partially due to its age as well), but does have ample storage space and other advantages like 2 car jack ports and a CD player with preset radio stations.

- Brenda K

Best car ever, especially if you have kids!

I love my 2005 Toyota Corolla! There has been 1 recall on it for the airbags but it was so easy to get taken care of. I feel as long as I keep up on the maintenance (oil changes, tune ups etc.) my car will last forever. Also the fabric that is used for the seats is very durable. I do not have kids but I have lots of nieces and a couple nephews and everything cleans off so easily and is not showing any signs of wear, especially with where the car seats sit.

- Jennifer H

Comfortable and long lasting car.

I have never had problems with this car. I always make sure to take it for service like oil changes and it continues to run very smoothly. It also saves a lot of gas especially right now that the gas prices are so high. The seats are very comfortable and now that I have a child it is very easy to accommodate him in the back seat. Overall I like this car a lot and I know it will be long lasting as long as I continue to take it for its regular service.

- Jasmin C

Excellent quality car - highly recommend.

My horn does not work any more but the car drives like a brand new car. It is hard to believe it is 14 years old. The paint looks new. The seats hold up nice and I have had very few or no problems with it. Toyota makes a great car and I would definitely buy this make and model again. Toyota has a record of making excellent quality cars. I have always bought new cars (Toyotas) but would have no worry whatsoever if I were to buy a used car.

- Virginia H

Reliable, comfortable, and dependable.

I love my vehicle it is roomy and very comfortable inside but at the same time outside it is does not take much space. This is my second time owning a Toyota vehicle and one thing I can vouch for is they are reliable and if you take care of them by making sure you do your oil changed as per manufacturer's specifications, you'll have no issues they last forever. And of course the best part is the gas mileage is very economical.

- Alicia B

Reliable up to 300, 000 miles and very easy to repair.

It is a base model which means the only luxuries are a defroster and heating/ac systems. It is a manual transmission and greats 25 in city and 30 on highway for gas mileage. Hand roll windows and spacious trunk/back seats. For all those auto workers it has plenty of room to work under the hood and all interior finish is secure with easy pop offs if your not afraid of tough love to access the ecm and other electronic systems.

- Spencer C

My Toyota. Reliable but cheaply made. Low maintenance

It's noisy but drives and is reliable. The paint job needed to be redone, as well as the Air conditioner. The interior trim is falling apart. With that said the car has never had major issues. The vehicle has over 100,000 miles and does good on gas. If I keep up on maintenance I never have problems. I do feel Toyota is a good car, I don't know if I would buy another one, only because the paint and interior trim is so cheap.

- David L

2005 Corolla is a Must Have

I like my Corolla. I bought it second hand off of Craigslist. Have had to replace a lot of things in it - full brakes, tire rods, a whole lot of things. Wish it had leather interior. As a whole it drives well and it's a Toyota so it'll never die. I think I've put close to 50,000 miles on it and it drives the same way it did when I bought it. Hoping to upgrade soon but it's a nice car for anyone who wants reliability.

- Rachel B

Solid and loyal white desert car

My vehicle is 13 years old. I got it when I graduated college and have had it ever since. I thought I'd replace it after 5 years but I enjoyed not having a payment. I have it's maintenance serviced at the dealership every 5k miles. It has 100,000 miles. The CD player quit working right away and is too expensive to fix. The seatbelt light went on once and cost $500 to fix. The back bumper is too expensive to fix.

- Erin F

Better than a duracell battery. Keeps going and going and going.

I love my corolla. After all these years it still runs like new. I have had no major issues. I have the car serviced every 3 to 4 months. I plan to drive my corolla for another 5 years. The performance is so good, I do not need a new car. I think Toyota manufactures a very reliable car. It is 14 years old. Can your car last that long. All it needs is a good paint job. You would never know it was a 2005 corolla.

- Margaret C

Toyota Corolla Very Reliable Car

Very reliable, very costs fees to keep it healthy, amazing on gas if you keep it in good condition. I've driven it 500 miles or more without any issues, multiple times. Sitting at 101 thousand miles I would feel extremely safe doing so again. With winter tires and careful cautious driving, winter isn't much of an issue for these. I was very happy with what I got and am still continuing to get out of this car.

- Christian D

The Corolla is a comfortable, reliable car. It is good for a young person or family looking to get basic needs met.

My Corolla is comfortable and reliable. It is a basic model, no bells and whistles. The fold-down backseat is useful for holding yard tools or small furniture. It gets good gas mileage, usually in the mid- to upper-twenties for city driving. I did have an issue early on with loose motor mounts, and a couple of other age-associated minor things like needing the front brakes replaced. Overall, a satisfactory car.

- Erin E

Old, but going strong with no end in sight!

My Corolla is pushing 300k miles and still runs better than most cars on the road. It is dependable, cheap to fix when something does go wrong, and the gas mileage is absolutely insane. My model is fairly no frills; I have manual windows and just a standard am/FM radio & CD setup, but it gets me where I need to go. When I finally choose to get something newer, I will definitely go with another Toyota.

- Cameron B

275, 000 miles and still running smooth and strong.

My Toyota Corolla has been a excellent reliable car. I have over 275000 miles on it and it stills runs smooth. Other than normal maintenance, this car has been. Maintenance free. This is my third Toyota and I have never experienced any problems or issues with any of these cars. In fact I passed down my last Toyota Corolla to my nephew and despite his abuse of that vehicle it still running strong.

- Martin G

Good vehicle that runs well.

The vehicle runs well has issues with the light that tells the time. Had for almost 6 years and have had no mechanical issues but accidently broke the side mirror hitting a pole. Don't have to force the pedals down it's easy to drive and maintain. Handles well on long trips plenty of room inside as well as in the trunk. Great on gas and great for families. Has plenty of room for a few car seats.

- Cassandra L

2005 Toyota Corolla special version.

I love the 2005 xrs. I heard there were only 2500 made of this xrs version.. I love how it looks like a regular Corolla but has the extra power. I have 242000 miles on it and it is still going. It does have a slight air intake issue, but my car was also wrecked before I bought it. I wish Toyota would come out with something like this again. I heard the newer xrs cars are not as good.

- Katie W

2005 Corolla is good for the long haul

My Toyota Corolla has been a comfortable and reliable vehicle. Currently it has over 180,000 miles on it, I bought it with 60,000. Still runs very well, no issues other than general maintenance (oil, tires...). It has the basic radio/CD player, unfortunate it was made before Bluetooth and auxiliary plugs became standard. There engine is easy to work on for changing belts and plugs.

- Hans D

gas mileage is very great

When speeding it kills a lot of gas but the car has great mileage. It is not a luxury car at all which is also why I dislike it. But it is very comfortable. The car will take you to many places without having to refill the tank. But once you start to use the car more you will get to know the car a lot. I believe this is the type of car that you would use to go far or for business.

- Emily B

The Little Trooper that could.

I love my little car, I keep regular maintenance on it and it runs smoothly and gets me where I need to go. Just this last week it reached 300k miles and is still keeping on like a little trooper. Yeah it may be a little ugly from some dings and dents but it is reliable and easy to take care of. Most everything is the car is easy to replace yourself and it gets great gas mileage.

- Brady H

Toyota corolla review The corella is an excellent car.

The corella is a dependable and comfortable car especially for an older person as the car is not slow slung. I had my car for more than ten years and it is a low maintenance. We use it for mostly for running around town but have driven it long distances. The car is fuel efficient. It has had two recalls for its airbags. Both times Toyota has replaced them promptly.

- J S

My car gets me where I need to be.

It is a very reliable car. It definitely gets me to where I need to go, and the mileage is fairly decent. The gas and brakes are extremely easy to manage, not to sensitive. I purchased my car already used. The dirt really sticks to the interior and is impossible to clean out. I own two large dogs that shed a lot. It is obvious to tell when they have been in my car.

- Sean H

The most reliable thing in my life.

My vehicle is reliable, it is over 10 years old and it still runs pretty well. I feel this vehicle is safe, cost effective, and low maintenance. I thought my son how to drive, with my car and will probably past it down to him within the next year. I would recommend this car to anybody but especially to working parents who need something affordable and reliable.

- Sarah M

Made in the USA dependable and reliable

Dependable, easy maintenance, customer service is excellent, made in America, long lasting vehicle. Comfortable interior, have had few mechanical issues, take regular maintenance only have had two replacement issues. Parts in stock and replacement was a breeze. Researched where car manufactured in USA, only one recall for airbags and was handled by company

- Karen L

This is a great family car. Even on long road trips it is comfortable.

My 2005 Toyota Corolla is a real workhorse! I have never had to pay for a major repair. I have always been careful to get routine maintenance done (oil changes, etc. ) And the car has treated me well in return. My only issue with this car is that is has a very noisy ride; the noise from the tires on the road is really prominent. Otherwise, I love this car!

- Rebecca S

Reliable transportation. It can easily haul cargo with the fold-down back seats.

My Corolla has been a reliable car for over 11 years when I purchased it. The gas mileage has been over 35 mpg. Only negative is the air compressor needs replaced. But my car has over 226, 000 miles. So I have driven my other car this summer/fall in the hot weather. . The heater still works etc. I love the size of my Corolla as it makes it easier to park.

- Laura M

Dependable and great gas mileage.

The gas mileage is awesome, maintenance is low and tires and parts are inexpensive in comparison to other cars. The trunk is sizable and the back seats lie flat to extend the trunk space even further. My car is dependable and easy to park, even in parallel parking spots. It has great pick up even on inclines and does not slide around when the road is wet.

- Martha D

Reliability, comfort, maneuverability, value and safety of my vehicle.

My priority in a vehicle is reliability. My card has required very little maintenance and thus has saved me a lot of money over the years. It is very comfortable and provides a comfortable ride. It is a bit noisy but its performance, comfort and reliability trumps that. It is highly maneuverable and nimble which has contributed to our safety many times.

- Richard R

Toyota Corolla excellent vehicle - durable, reliable, efficient

It is very capable, once going up a mountain only to become stuck in snow on the return trip - the wheels were elevated so as to not touch the ground! When it was unstuck, the people helping were surprised that it could have gotten that far up the mountain. The gas mileage is also excellent, and overall it is enjoyable to drive and a very good car.

- Morgan V

I bought it new in 2004 and I hope it runs for 10 more years.

It had a cracked engine block with 75,000 miles on it but my warranty covered the whole cost. Other than that just normal wear and tear. No major repairs. There is not a lot of features which is fine less things to break. As for comfort it is probably in the lower end, my seat is comfortable but it is not leather and they are not heated or cooled.

- Danielle S

2005 Toyota Corolla Le still thriving after 200,000 miles

I love the mileage and it has over 200,000 miles on it and is still driving very well! I have had it for 3 years and it was my first car. I purchased it used and have had very minimal problems. If you take care of it and get regular oil changes and such it holds its own very well. I have only had to replace the air conditioning and brakes on it.

- Anne C

Toyota�s will grow with you

Maintenance is affordable. Since it is a 2005 I feel as though it is a great car on reliability it still runs like a regular car. Never have had any issues with this vehicle. It's a four door so it is spacious. This car I would recommend to first Rome drivers and/or people with little to no experience on the road. This car is easy to maneuver.

- Jada H

Overall the Toyota Corolla is a pretty good car

My car gets great gas mileage. There is quite a bit of space in the car. One downside is the odometer stops working at 299,999 miles, the good thing is Toyota was willing to fix it free of charge. Maintenance is easy and there is space in the engine compartment making maintenance under the hood easier if your a do it yourself kind of person

- Megan B

My car is cute and sporty but also reliable and easy with maintenance

When I bought the car, it was stylish and sporty but also very realizable. 10 years later, it still looks great and has never broken down on me. It is very rummy and spacious but easy to park in any sized spot. It holds a lot of objects like groceries or moving furniture. It is also easy to drive and handle. Maintenance is easy and cheap.

- Ariana S

Reliable and Tough - Survived Chicago Winters and Arizona summers!

The corolla has been my only car so far. I've had it for 14 years and it has been a reliable vehicle. The maintenance has been low and it's travelled cross country twice. It has survived Chicago winters and Arizona summers without much wear and tear. At this point, I am looking for a new vehicle but am glad this one has lasted so long !

- Jacki T

It has excellent gas mileage.

I love the fuel economy of my Corolla. The internal upholstery has held up well over the years. I am not happy with the quality of the paint job, but this may be due to primarily parking under oak trees at both home and work. I hope it will last another 10 to 15 years and I will continue to recommend Corolla's to my friends and family.

- Lisa F

You might only have five bucks for gas but you will get where you are going.

Other than a lot if interior noise I have no complaints. It is fuel efficient and I've taken it places truck owners are afraid to go. These little cars will always have your back. They handle well, they're spacious too, but small enough to turn on a dime so maneuvering into a parking space or a sharply angled driveway is not a problem.

- Shannon M

I love how reliable my car is.

Love my car! So easy and comfortable to drive and be in. Feels reliable and safe. Great size - plenty of room but still able to fit in compact spots. Takes a little time to get going when going up a hill to merge onto the freeway - probably one of the only drawbacks. And no Bluetooth because it is older. Really do love my car so much!

- Kelly C

Do not let the size fool you!

My car is very well thought out. Everything is within reach. It is extremely reliable, I haven't replaced the battery yet at 135, 000 miles. Great gas mileage, handles well. Plenty of legroom and holds five adults comfortably. The trunk is a great size for those long shopping days. The back seat folds down for large or long purchases.

- Lois M

The Toyota corolla is a dependable and powerful vehicle.

This vehicle is wonderful on gas mileage. It is very reliable and has not given me any problems since I acquired it. I have had this vehicle for about 5 months. It has plenty of room to seat 4 passengers. The trunk has plenty of space for groceries and other items. This vehicle has plenty of engine power and makes it up hills easily.

- Rosalie C

I enjoy having this car as it is perfect for driving me from place to place.

I really like having this car as it has always reliable and that it has never stopped or caused me big troubles. It has needed changes of different parts, but I would say that it is normal as the car is an older model. The changes of the car have been spread out so it is not like you are spending a lot to get the car fix all at once.

- Leticia C

Modernized Classic 05 Corolla

2005 Silver Toyota Corolla CE, in great condition, no dents or scratches. Interior is comfortable, very clean with no rips or tears, comes with a Bluetooth sound system and Viper Car Alarm system. Up to date on tags, oil change, and passing SMOG test. I've driven very far with this car and never had any problems it's super reliable!

- Chelsea C

Reliable and gas friendly.

I have been driving my Toyota for ten years with zero issues. Comfortable and affordable super reliable vehicle runs forever with one tank of gas. Perfect starter car that has lasted and I have enjoyed for thirteen years and planning on it running with over three hundred thousand miles on it so far and still in excellent condition.

- Laura H

Thirteen Years, Three Drivers, Still Driving

I am the third owner of this car, and have had it for many years, and it still runs great. The roof of the car has rusted pretty quickly, but it has not affected performance at all. I had some trouble with the battery last year and have had to have a few things replaced, but over all the performance is as good as the day I got it.

- Jesse M

Japanese cars vs. American cars.

Toyota corolla saves gas and a very small economical car I bought it used have had it for 10 years have had no problems except have to put brakes on and new tires easy to handle on highway I recommend Toyota corolla to anyone most people think Japanese cars are not as good as American cars but the performance of a Toyota is great.

- Donna P

The car is fast and does most of my road trips without hitches. Easy to maintain

Problems: if car is not serviced as at when due it could run down the engine in a few years. Reliability: the car is economical, uses less fuel than the average cars. Comfort: Extremely comfortable and roomy for a family of 4. Could easily fit 2 car seats behind. I love the sound of the engine when its on. Not noisy at all.

- Ama N

Ole reliable- (13 years old). Keeps on driving well.

Corolla is a great car for gas mileage and very reliable as long as you keep up with regular maintenance. Only downside was paint peeled off years ago. 150, 000 plus miles and going strong. Not recommended for family. It is challenging to deal with baby car seat in and out. Not ideal for family vacations as space is a premium.

- Rudolph C

That it has manual windows which is great since I can roll them down without the engine on. I love them.

I like that my car has been very reliable, and that it carries everything I need (like a double stroller and two car seats). I love that it has manual roll down windows. I do wish it had more modern safety features like back up control and help with parallel parking, but these features came along well after my car was made.

- Christine G

Very great on gas and doesn't require a lot of maintenance

I have had my car very almost 5 years now and it is amazing. I don't have many problems with my vehicle..I just have to keep up with the maintenance. My car is very great on gas and doesn't cost much to fill it up. It is very reliable. It drives very smooth. No engine issues..probably the one of the best cars I have ever had.

- Shelby R

Inexpensive to operate and highly durable.

My Corolla has 230, 000 miles on it and has no major repairs. It gets 35 miles to the gallon and is inexpensive to operate. Reliability is quite good and problems are few. It rides well. The interior is well preserved for an older vehicle. The only problem is the paint is peeling on the hood and there is no primer underneath.

- Alan K

Great long distance car but not so terrific in snow

Great for long distance drives, have taken it cross country several times without serious problems, but it has problems shifting gears going uphill sometimes. It's comfortable and roomy and has the most basic features. One other thing is it is terrible in snow and slides all over the place. For snow, I'd pass and get a Subaru

- Chris P

The one important thing others should know about my Toyota Corolla is that it feels like a luxury car but gets such great mileage - it's the perfect car for a young couple or parent of a small child in terms of cost effectiveness.

I love everything about the vehicle. It gets fantastic mileage, everything works well for a comfortable ride, and it has lasted a while and is easy to maintain. My only complaint is that when I got it used (not from the company), the formerly-totaled condition was not made known to me, but in spite of that it works very well.

- Elspeth S

Toyota best car for me and hopefully for you all.

My Corolla Toyota is the best. . I have had it since 2005. . Not too much trouble, just little minor things like putting new brakes, and doing new oil changes, I hope it stays that way. I also already have over one hundred thousand miles on it, and still runs pretty great. . If anyone wants a car Toyota is the right one!!

- Grace O

Toyota Corolla, affordable, comfort, low cost

Great vehicle if you want a long and lasting car. Family of 4, perfect sizing. Low maintenance/maintenance cost. Gas is cheap, need to fill up every 9 days which is perfect. Although a small car, have used it several times for trips. Suitcase were able to fit nice, as well as when going camping things fit just right.

- Valeria D

Reliable, Very Few Issues

The gas mileage is excellent! It holds up really well, and I have had very few issues with it. In the last eight years - and over 100,000 miles, all I have had to do is replace the starter and maybe a headlight or two. Repairs are fairly easy as there is enough room under the hood to get your hands where you need them.

- Seth T

Small compact durable car.

It is not reliable in terms of air conditioning or proper heating and the bass seems to shake the entire car but it runs smoothly and the transmission is fine. I like the color even though it is an old model. The seats are comfortable with comfortable back support and it is not flashy but I like the space in the trunk.

- Fiona A

Money saver. Great family vehicle.

I love this car, I bought this car about a month ago, it is a manual transmission and I could not have been any happier, this car is really reliable and amazing on gas ! I suggest people looking into cars to buy to add this car to their list of interested because I have zero regrets of buying my 2005 Toyota Corolla S

- Edgar V

The car that will last forever.

My wife and I use the care daily. We like the gas mileage. It does excel really well for a family car. It has really low maintenance and will always look for cars that are similar. This car is built to last. We plan on driving it until we hit 250k miles. I'm not a huge car guy so I am not sure what else I can add.

- David R

Very reliable car, I am very pleased with it.

The car is very reliable. It has good gas mileage. It is comfortable, and spacious. I recommend this car to anyone. I thankfully have not had any issues with the car, I always make sure to give it the proper maintenance to keep it from having issues in the long run. I had the car since 2004 and it still runs great.

- Jenny G

It is a Toyota Corolla that is gray.

The car drives very well and has a great interior. It is slightly old and has had some functioning issues because of the years of driving. The car is comfortable, spacious enough for a sedan. It has lasted many years and is very reliable. It has some dents and has been worn over the years but still works very well.

- Elizabeth X

A point A to point B car.

It runs! It is not clean inside but there's no tears or rips anywhere. The outside needs a paint job, (it is black) some parts are missing paint and have started to rust. I have no idea what's going on with the drive train or the engine. I had to replace a starter a few months ago though. Oh and it needs new tires.

- Tina O

Reliable first new car, excellent service

Very reliable, have never had other issues besides maintenance. Bought the car new for its efficiency and it was worth it. I had a sunroof installed and it made the car nice in the summer, even compared to other cars. The Toyota dealership always takes care of the maintenance and they're also great at what they do.

- J G

That is somewhat reliable and has lasted me for a long time, although it is because I don't drive far distances as many people, but because materials may be cheaply made in another country, parts from my car are deteriorating. Like the hubcap, after annual tire rotating, each hubcap after driving easily comes off and I end up losing the hubcap, now only have 1 original hubcap on my car.

I like it that it is small and yet big enough to carry all my shopping needs (do about 95% shopping of groceries). Since it is 13 yrs. old, paint is fading, and didn't paid extras such as automatic window (back then I would have to pay $400 extra).It is ok for basic needs. Maybe I wish it can self parallel park....

- Mary W

Great gas saver for family !

Dependable; fits 5 people; great on gas especially on the highway; the only downside is it's hard to turn off automatic lights on the vehicle so anytime your car is running, the lights are on. Otherwise, this car is great for a family or for a first car for a teenager. Its reliable and easy to fix if ever needed.

- Tia S

Great car for a great value.

My Toyota is a great little car. It runs remarkably well, and I have never had any major issues with it. For the price I payed for it, it is a fantastic car that I expect will work for me for a long time. It also has fantastic gas mileage, which is a huge plus if you are on a budget or environmentally-conscious.

- Olive B

Best car ever, silver Toyota Corolla.

Best car I have ever driven or owned. Always reliable, great gas mileage, peppy, roomy interior and truck, stylish, very nice silver color. I have not wanted to upgrade to a new model because I like this one so much, newer models do not even compare with respect to look, gas mileage, and adequate interior room.

- Carrie S

It's reliable--easy to repair and fix. I can count on it to work.

It gets me where I want to be without any fuss. It's little, so it's easy to park. It handles well in the snow. I wish it had Bluetooth or an AUX cable. I was commuting 91 miles one way for a while and wish I could have done more voice activation with my phone. But it's small and cheap (paid off!) and reliable!

- Sara D

My reliable Toyota corolla.

After having a lemon for my first car, I wanted something reliable when I got my 2nd car. I have had it ever since. My corolla has never given me any issues and I have only ever done regular maintenance on it. If you are looking for a long lasting car you can always count on, you cannot go wrong with a corolla.

- Daryl E

Reliable and roomy with great mpg.

Very reliable. Have had no mechanical issues ever. It has got me to work and back and even a few trips. I wish it has an auxiliary port but it does not. It does have a nice sound system stock. Trunk room has also been much more than meets the eye. A little rusting on the wheel wells, but common in the Midwest.

- Jon G

Great Cars So Far!! Recalls Not So??!! Toyota!!

This car has been a low cost maintenance vehicle, still rides and runs well. Previous was a Toyota corolla only reason gave up on that one is it was hit and totaled. Recalls from Toyota corp they are terrible said they would notify me when parts were in and able to repair ( still waiting) year or longer!!!

- Harry A

The car is very economical and gets very good gas mileage.

I'm short and my car is small so I don't have to strain to reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. I like the little storage spaces for my sunglasses, meter change etc. The trunk is very roomy. Requires very little maintenance. There is nothing I dislike about the car. I have no complaints.

- Arlene S

Toyota, corolla, one of the most dependable cars on the market.

Toyotas are overall good cars and they are very dependable. I have over 180k miles on my car and it's still going strong. I drive 100 miles round trip to work 4 times a week and have never encountered any problems with my car. I do my part by making sure preventive maintenance is done, which also helps.

- Willie P

Long-lasting, comfortable, good quality!

The 2005 Corolla that I own does not have cruise control (not all 2005 Corollas were made with it) and I bought it from someone else, so of course it has its issues. However, it is a very reliable car, highly durable, and super comfortable. I have over 215, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong.

- Peyton C

4 door automatic transmission power windows has a CD player/radio player.

It runs great has lots of trunk room and have been using it as a everyday travel vehicle for years. Great gas mileage (30) miles to a gallon. The color of the car is red has cloth seats and automatic transmission along with powered windows and child lock doors. It is a 4 door car great family vehicle.

- Chas C

Toyota corolla is the most underrated car

Very reliable, had it for over 10 years now and the only thing that's needed changes is the oil and tires. Has enough horsepower to speed up when getting on freeways so you don't have to worry about pulling out in front of anyone. Plenty of backseat legroom, and a decent amount of trunk space as well

- Jackson B

It is reliable and has always been a haven of freedom for me to get out and do things. I love Toyota's cars.

I have a blue Toyota Corolla that was handed down from my father to me. I love it because it speeds up quickly, is small and fits into tight spaces, and has kept me safe. Toyota corollas are a part of my family and have kept us safe over the years. No complaints, my next car will be a Toyota Corolla.

- Kristi O

it's a reliable car if you do regular maintenance. the things I have replaced I would consider normal wear and tear.

at about 175,000 miles I had to replace alternator, ignition, engine runs great still. I have issues with starting sometimes. new battery. I was told it was a part that connects to the alternator called a regulator. if I disconnect the battery and reconnect it and wait 5 minutes it starts right up.

- karin s

Toyota, Corolla. . Dependable, has great pickup and all systems work well,

The car is dependable, little to no maintenance, have had no problems with the car since a bought it and I got it and it was pre-owned. It is comfortable to drive and it is the right height. It still performs beautifully. All systems work i. E. Air conditioner, cruise. Roomy trunk. Very dependable.

- Alice O

I plan on keeping my Toyota Corolla until it stops working beyond repair!

Toyota is one of the best type of cars that you can purchase. I have had mine since 2005 and it is still running! Every now and then I have to get things looked at and take it in to get repaired (i. E, the breaks, oil changes, etc.) I have a 4-door sedan and it is just enough room/space for me.

- Sydney L

One thing people should know about my car is that, any Toyota is very reliable.

I really like my car. My Toyota Corolla is a very dependable car, and it lasts for a long time. I've had a couple of minor issues, nothing major, but they were fixed in no time and I haven't had a problem since. You just have to keep up with the oil changes and tires and you will be good to go.

- Ashley A

The Toyota Corolla provides years of trouble free service.

This car is a real workhorse. It's served me for 13 years without any major repairs required. It's reliable and comfortable. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is definitely not a quiet ride. The road noise can be irritating until you get used to it. Otherwise, it's a great car!

- Rebecca S

It is my first car and I feel separated from it when I don't drive for a couple of days. I have had it for 2 years.

My vehicle is efficient. It works and takes me where I need to go. It is reliable but it is not beautiful. Some of the issues I have have to do with the age of the vehicle. It includes the radio system, and gas usage. The air conditioner has issues and is difficult to circulate around the car.

- Chichi O

Corolla, comfortable to drive and reliable

I have owned my Corolla for 13 years. It has been a very reliable car. It handles well, especially when driving in winter weather. I also took many 600 mile round trips to visit family; it was comfortable to drive on the highway. The truck space is generous. I really enjoy driving my Corolla.

- Gail U

Reliable, fun and easy- Toyota corolla.

Easy to drive, lasts when mileage is high, easy to keep updated with oil changes and replacing tires. Sits 4 comfortably for longer drives. Air conditioner works great during the summer. Heater works great in the winter. Defrosts pretty quickly. Great trunk space. Can surprisingly fits a lot.

- Amanda W

Toyota Black Corolla 'Great look'

It is a very reliable vehicle that gets very good gas mileage. The car has a comfortable interior with just enough gadgets that does not make the car too tekkie. I would recommend a Toyota corolla to all of my friends and family, great value. I have always had Toyota's throughout my life.

- Robert G

really love about this car is it will beep at you if you don't have a seat belt.

my husband and I bought it used and it works great. It's pretty old so we have some problems. They are easy fixes though. The worst problem we had was getting the hose for the engine fixed, it was very expensive. We have had it for almost four years and it works great for our little family.

- Abby H

It is not the best looking car anymore, but it is fun and reliable.

It has been very reliable. There were several body damage issues when I bought it, but it has needed minimal repairs, and is pretty fun to drive. It gets decent gas mileage, there is plenty of power for times that I need it, my family can all fit in it when necessary, and it is comfortable.

- Mac C

Owning a 2005 Toyota corolla.

Pros. 35 miles to the gallon is the average gas mileage, good trunk space with 60/40 split, 6 disc changer, quality construction. . Cons. Interior wind noise can be heard when driving at high speeds and windy conditions. Blinds spots and the back seat is a bit small for three adults.

- Sheila W

It�s still runs surprisingly

The car still runs smooth just the A/C only works when you push on the gas. The seats are like a carpet like and when you get in it doesn't feel hot or burn you when you sit down. The outside of the car is a little messy but not too bad. Some of the paint is chipped and missing a hubcap.

- Andrea C

Great reliable car for the money.

Great gas mileage easy you operate. Great extras. Not much I keep. Comfortable riding and seating. Sits way low to the ground. Hard for me to see over steering wheel. Have to use a pillow. Hard for someone my age to get in and out of. Other than that I love everything else about my car.

- Patti K

Speed good on gas and runs amazingly

The car runs good, quiet, good on gas, the sunroof is a plus. It's fast. The knob gets stuck sometimes but it's not a complaint. Automatic windows are a plus. Brakes well. Very efficient. Color is nice. Doesn't rust bad. Sensors are a little broken but it was a used car when I got it

- deva nee S

Dependable and fuel efficient.

Since purchase I have always relied on this vehicle to come through for me. It is a highly dependable vehicle and great on gas, especially with gasoline prices today. Love my car, though it has developed a fuel injection, fuel pump problem that no one is capable of identifying to fix.

- Sarah A

It seems to be very durable since it has lasted as long as it has. The car is over 10 years old and still is getting decent gas mileage.

I like how it gets pretty decent gas mileage and how it has almost 200,000 miles on it and still runs pretty well. I don't really have any complaints about the car. The paint is starting to chip off, but that is because I live in Florida where the sun is beating down on it all day.

- Dan H

The best part of my vehicle is his reliable it is and how comfortable it is

Great gas mileage for a compact car. Excellent trunk room as well as backseat room. I don't have many issues or barely any issues with my car other than the normal issues that need attention. I like how smooth the ride is and how it still runs brand new even though it's 14 years old

- Bailey K

Quick to go but hard to adjust steering wheel and seat

My car is quick to get up and go when getting on the highway. It is great on gas and can go many miles without a fill up. The only complaint I have is the distance from steering wheel seems close in comparison to legs. When your legs are good your arms are too close and vice versa.

- Hannah D

Best vehicle in terms of long term performance.

My car has been a blessing in the past 12 years. It is low maintenance and it does well on gas. The oil change is cheap to do. It took 10 years for the car to really start having any mechanical problems. I always have to change to new tires because I am always taking it on trips.

- Blanca E

I was in an accident 8 yrs ago & every safety feature kept me from injury.

Like the gas mileage, comfort, and safety of the vehicle. If I had to pick something I do not like is being a sedan it is lower to the ground and difficult to get in and out of parking spaces when larger vehicles are parked nearby. That will not keep me from purchasing one again.

- Deb V

It is a Toyota and it has lasted long past it's warranty and my last car payment. You may spend a little or a lot depending on the model of the Toyota but it has saved me money keeping this car and doing regular maintenance on it.

I have had it since 2005 and it has held up, with regular maintenance and repair in between. It has around 222,000 miles on it and I got it when it has just 18 miles! It runs well and I love my Toyota!!! Will definitely but another Toyota when I'm in the market for a new car.

- Rachelle P

Close 300,000 miles and I am still loving my car. Takes about $23 to fill and can drive a week on one tank. It is compact but roomy and has a large trunk so you can fit more than you think. I have had it since 2007 and no garage parking so it is fading a bit but I still love it!

- Java J

Corolla: A nice, reliable car to start with.

I enjoy my Corolla. It handles well, and the drive is usually silent. Parts of the car rarely break or work improperly. Good gas mileage. Lots of legroom in the backseat. Amazing trunk space for the size of the car. This year does not have built-in Bluetooth nor cruise control.

- Elaine T

Reliable, low maintenance, and affordable.

It is a great car to have. In general, I believe anything made by Toyota always holds up well. There are very little issues with it when it comes to maintenance. It is a great car to drive around town or go on vacation with due to it is reliability and general lack of problems.

- Zoe C

Toyota Corolla 2005 - good buy new or used.

Performance and reliability are great. At over 150000 miles I've had no major problems and my fast mileage is at least 30. I am sure my car will make it to 200, 000 with no problem. I feel very safe in this car. My only regret is I've lost my horn and its too expensive to fix.

- Ginny H

2005 Toyota Corolla. Bought used, runs great.

Vehicle was bought used and with 150k miles on it. Vehicle runs as if it was brand new. Vehicle drives smoothly and has fantastic gas mileage. This vehicle is definitely a wise investment for a vehicle that will last forever if taken care of and is fantastic on gas mileage.

- George J

The highlights, it rides very smoothly to be older car.

It does have any problems. Just the regular maintenance of the car. Keeping the oil change and keeping up with check up on the car. The car performs very well that's why I still have. It's very reliable car and comfort and features you get are awesome. It runs like a champ.

- Cortina I

the multi CD player, best feature by far.

It's a very reliable car and is so comfy and compact. I feel safe driving my family around. Toyota cars last forever which is great. It has this multi CD player where you can load 6 CDs in. I love this feature. Also, the lights come on automatically when it's dark outside.

- Magenta K

Very reliable and simple car that gets you from point A to B.

Its an older car so the technology isn't advanced (only CD and radio), but it runs very well and proven to be reliable. It is great on gas mileage and is a good car overall. It was my very first car and helped me become extremely confident in driving. It's just a nice car.

- Claire Z

Overall great make and model! Thanks Toyota!

It's easy to drive and service. Overall a very reliable vehicle, unfortunately no aux cord port. I've personally never had any problems with it as long as the oil is changed on time, any problems have come from my own incompetence. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Katie S

Looks do not matter. Performance does.

Bought new in 2005. No major repairs needed. Just routine maintenance. Always starts, even in below zero temps in Minnesota. Plan to keep it until it reaches 200,000 miles. Nothing fancy. Still gets over 30 mpg. Hopefully the next I purchase will do as well as my corolla.

- Paul M

Fantastic compact car outline.

For a small car this car is incredibly comfortable for a tall person, the reliability and economy is also incredible. While the 127 horsepower engine does not seem to have a lot of power, it is sufficient for highway driving at 80-85 mph all day, while getting 30-32 mpg.

- Bill J

Great gas mileage, and pretty roomy!

This car would be a great car, except I may have bought it with some problems. Some minor things are falling apart. But overall I think this car is a good, long lasting vehicle. I drive quite a bit for work, and this car has held up pretty well! Gets great gas mileage!

- Alison S

Toyotas are highly rated, as well as a good bang for your buck. I like how low maintenance my car is in terms of having to take it into a shop, as most of the things my dad is able to fix for me, as I am no good with cars.

I like my car, as it is a reliable as well as easy to maintain. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on my car, but the parts are easy to obtain. It is a 13 year old car with close to 200,000 miles, so it is old and well-used, but it does what I need it to do!

- Julie M

Corolla, fun and cheap to maintain.

Love my Toyota Corolla. It saves on gas, get about 34 miles to the gallon. It looks small but is quite roomy. It has a nice style to it and the service is easy to perform yourself. Cheap to maintain and easy to park. Good for first time drivers and student drivers.

- John F

Smooth, stylish, and comfortable ride.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It is very spacious, comfortable, and is a smooth ride. The truck space is very ample and the back seats are room. The material of the seats is very soft and comfortable. Glove compartment and middle console has enough room to store items.

- Susan S

This is definitely an awesome little car.

It is a good little car, it is great on gas. It might be a bit old but that is my baby. I own it and have no payments on it. She drives so smooth and is quiet. The CD player is a multi disc player. The radio has good bass. Heat and air work awesome. Very pleased:).

- Lily R

Four door and compact nice riding

Very reliable good gas mileage best work car ever had. Just plan car most reliable I ever had. Thought I wouldn't like small car but used to it. Would buy another one. Four door very nice plenty of trunk space. Use it for work and pleasure. Overall really good car

- Jerry M

Our corolla has almost 300,000 miles and still drives like the day we bought it!

My car has almost 300,000 miles. This is a very safe, reliable vehicle. Very spacious and very comfortable ride. Would recommend this to anyone with a family! Also great on gas.. 40 miles to the gallon. Trunk has a lot of space and hardly had to do any work to it

- Alicia T

Great reliability and a smooth ride that I've had since high school

This car has been very reliable. I've had no major issues or breakdowns. With regular maintenance I expect it to continue to run well, even with what is now over 120,000 miles. It has moved across two states, and survived the awful road conditions of Atlanta, GA.

- Dillon W

It's a safe and reliable vehicle with great mileage.

My favorite part is that with the standard transmission, I get great gas mileage. It also has 4 doors so it is great for my family. The only thing I can think of that I don't like is that it is getting higher miles so I will have to start changing out parts soon.

- Matthew F

It�s a 2005a bright red Toyota Corolla with nice control. Excellent speed.

The only thing I don't like about it is often there is a signal flash when nothing is wrong. Like we all have our seat belts on but it keeps saying we don't. It will keep flashing like crazy in a loud signal. Other wise it drives very well, no car issues really.

- Gary J

Bought the car for a good deal

I bought the car from a coworker for 2,000 and it had not been used as it only had 40,000 miles on it so it was a good deal. I've had it for 4 years without any problems but it is just now experienced some problems with the engine so I had to take to my mechanic

- Victor C

Reliability. I have never had any engine trouble or malfunction.

The car is reliable in that I feel safe and I never have any problems mechanically. I have put many miles on it but it continues to run like a brand new car. It is older so the Audio system and heat system is a little slow or inconvenient. The space is standard.

- Kayla C

Gets great gas mileage. Also requires minimum maintenance.

Smooth easy handling. You can make maneuvers easily and getting in and out of tight parking spaces easily. Do not let size fool you. Comfortably seats 5 people and the trunk is very roomy. You can also put the backseat down to extend the trunk space. Easy done.

- Lois M

This baby is still rolling strong.

I love my Corolla as long as I keep the oil changed and she will roll. I recently replaced all 4 struts overhauled the brakes and a replaced a sway bar link but at over 200k I can not complain at all. Will not be getting rid of my old beater any time soon. Lol.

- Chris M

Toyota cars and their reliability and ability to hold up over time.

Its an older car, over 240,00 miles on it. It runs loud and has catalytic converter issues. It is great on gas still looks nice . I chose it because Toyota cars are known for their reliability. I've owned it for 4 months now and I believe it is very reliable.

- Chasity J

It has amazing gas mileage. I have been getting 27 miles in the city, 30 in the country.

My used Corolla is a very reliable car with great gas mileage. I love it's relatively small size for parking. It will likely last me for a few more years since Toyota corollas are usually still working at 300000 miles. I only wish it was a hybrid or electric.

- Shell M

Very good on gas and economically.

Great on gas but small cannot carry much in it. Is low maintenance do not have to do anything but a tune up every so often. Interior is still I gray condition so very comfortable and still big enough of a car to not be dangerous if in accident. I love the car.

- Steven C

Good economical Japanese car I recommend Toyota to anyone.

Good gas mileage and economical, comfortable driving, seats 4, have not had no problems with this car since I bought it years ago, just now having to replace the brakes and get new tires, have traveled many miles to dr offices out of town, took long vacations.

- Dona P

Extremely reliable car that's great on gas mileage

Awesome vehicle, great on gas. Very reliable. Have not had any issues with it. Only maintenance that I've had to do is oil changes and tires. Seats are comfortable for longer trips. Over 280,000 miles and still running great. Only downside is manual windows.

- Holly A

Great gas mileage and performance.

I've had my car for about 5 years and it runs great still. Its a manual shifter 5 speed. And it works, decent on gas and gas mileage. I put about 20 dollars in the tank and it last me about 2 weeks going on the freeway at 65 mph for about 10 minutes each way.

- Sean G

I like my car and would buy another Toyota car in the future.

It actually works pretty well. Brakes are squeaky and the engine light turns on and off every now and again but not many problems for an older car. It has a lot of miles on it and it has lasted my family and I over 13 years now. Very dependable car and brand.

- Natalie V

2005 Toyota corolla black on black.

I love my car it's the perfect size for a petite person like myself. I have had my car since 2010 and I have never had serious problems, I did have to have the gas tank and the muffler replaced recently but considering the age if my car I have no complaints.

- Sarah B

Toyota Corolla is a good little car for the money.

My Toyota rarely needs work. I recently had to spend money getting new tires and having the transmission fluid changed. Then had to replace battery from year of car. Runs great, has only "left" me once. I enjoy the sound system, find it comfortable to drive.

- Leslie S

Cute reliable car for someone who loves to drive.

My four door vehicles is great for long drives to visit family that are over a hundred miles away and is so great on gas. It is such a reliable car, so long as I keep up with all the oil changes. It's a great car and I hope to have it for many more years.

- Renee L

Low maintenance steady vehicle.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It is comfortable, quick to accelerate and easy to manage. So far it is extremely reliable and low maintenance. The features are simple, removing potential expensive repairs. I am hoping to drive it until it will not drive anymore.

- Jennifer S

Corolla in great condition.

No problems. Superb performance for its age. Reliable for local trips and beyond. Comfortable within and throughout. Ac included. Clean interior and CD player. Also comes with antenna and tinted windows with his lights. Great drive and reliable travelling.

- Cyprian K

very great gas mileage and dependable

old, naturally wants to swerve to the right. Beat up. Paint chips. Great gas mileage. Comfy seats. noisy. no leg room. Roll up windows. No auto locks. Manual locks. No lock on gas tank. reliable. dependable. small. Low to the ground. automatic. Small trunk

- Ben T

the face is like a smile and is also really nice color it is a nice yellow.

This car is from 2000 and is a Toyota it will help you in many ways like driving you to many places and any place you really want is close to you. But if you live like in the us and you want to go to Venezuela then you know that is not going to happen.

- Mikayla R

Toyota Corollas are safe and reliable option for families

Toyota makes incredibly reliable cars. My family's Corolla is about 13 years old, but we still consider it reliable and safe. The drive is smooth. We want a new car soon, mainly to take advantage of new safety features and to add GPS and a backup camera.

- Judy C

Low maintenance costs. . . Runs forever.

This is an extremely reliable vehicle. With almost 125, 000 miles the car has had minimal service issues other than oil changes, breaks, new battery and tires. Gas mileage is good. I would highly recommend Toyota to anyone looking to purchase a new car.

- Linda T

Black 4 door Toyota Corolla sport 2005.

I honestly do not have any problems about my Toyota Corolla. It is year 2005 and has not cost me any problems. Reliability is 10. Performance is a 10 for the year and make of the car. Comfort is also a 10 for the year and make of the car. Great on gas!

- Sade M

Comfortable, affordable car.

I love this car! It runs well, has good gas mileage, and is very comfortable. I like the gray carpeted seats. I am only 4'11" but I can adjust the seat to a place where I can easily reach the steering wheel and pedals. I also like the automatic lights.

- Amy R

Great for traveling because of the sizeable trunk and the gas mileage

It is a small compact 4 door family car, it runs smoothly, it has great gas mileage, has a large trunk for traveling,and it has been very reliable for my family for the 5 years we have had it,other than a few flats or a lightbulb needing to be changed.

- Kimberly S

Pros and cons of the Toyota Corolla

Sometimes the lights on the shifter doesn't work and that can be frustrating at night. The clock light has also stopped working, so then I always have to ask someone else what the time is. Other than that, it is a reliable car and I would recommend it.

- Skye V

Gets you to where you're going

I haven't had any problems with the car in the 2 years I've owned it. I've have driven it everywhere; from the city to highways to the mountains and it drives smoothly and is very reliable. I get decent mileage and haven't had to replace anything yet.

- Alicia R

It is very dependable and sturdy.

Overall it's a good vehicle. It is lasted with only minor issues upwards of 170,000 miles. The underside and innards are all in great condition, the body has taken on a little rust, which makes it look ugly but has not had any effect on functionality.

- Brett B

Our Reliable Toyota Corolla

Isn't a very smooth drive but is a reliable car. It's been driven across the East Coast a few times and it did not give us anything to worry about. We did have to replace the battery last week (65,000 miles in). Other than that, the car has run great.

- Mandy H

My Corolla is a fuel saving 4 cylinder assumed slow moving but is powerful!

My Corolla has been a very dependable vehicle. I have no worries when I travel as it is reliable and gets excellent gas mileage. The only negative feature, in my opinion, is the interior is quite compact and small, making for uncomfortable long trips.

- Lynda M

The vehicle is not designed for speed. It is built for durability.

By far one of the most reliable cars I have ever had. I have driven across the country three times using my Corolla and haven't had any major issues. overall I have only had to replace tires, struts, and fuel pump since I purchased my Corolla in 2008.

- Steve K

My perfect little traveling car.

I have always driven this car. It runs perfect. Maintenance every 4000 miles. I change the tires every 60, 000 miles and it still runs like a champ. It is old and I have over 250, 000 miles on it but they are road miles and it performs great everyday.

- Merry S

A Great Car. Perfect for small families and commuting.

This is an extremely reliable vehicle. It is used as a commuter vehicle and the gas mileage is great. The car is not expensive to maintain and has never provided any costly mechanical issues. This car as over 170,000 miles on it and still runs great.

- Samantha M

Toyota Corolla review and recommendation.

Very reliable vehicle. I have only had to do maintenance only. I currently have had to only do oil changes, brakes, windshield wiper replacements, and change the tires. No major repairs have been needed I would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Sharon C

A Great daily driver and family friendly.

It is a Great car. It is very reliable. It fits all three of my children in the back with their boosters and car seat. I would definitely buy another one after this one. They have plenty of legroom and the front seats are very comfortable as well..

- Diane N

2005 Toyota Corolla safe and reliable.

I love the durability and reliability of my 2005 Toyota Corolla. It is great on gas mileage and comfortable in size. My only complaint is that I have to manually roll down the windows, which usually means I have to drive with the air on instead.

- Starr S

It gets really good gas mileage! Seriously I can get over 50 miles per gallon when I am trying to conserve fuel :)

I am a delivery driver so I love that it gets good gas mileage (it has a manual transmission so that helps a bunch) I like that it is a nice looking car. and I love the bright map lights on the mirror for being able to see receipts real easily.

- Raymond P

It's a great car but it does tend to fall apart cosmetically.

I like that it rarely breaks down. I do not like that part of the interior falls apart. The door lock on the drivers side has been pushed down and the radio has been pushed inside the interior, including the clock which doesn't work anymore.

- serena m

Great on gas very few breakdowns has a lot of unique safety features very low maintenance

What I like most about my car is it is super easy to clean up it's also very efficient on gasoline and in addition it just saves me a lot of time and money I'm maintenance every year because of the make and model Toyota Corolla is top-notch

- Stefano A

I bought it used and is in great condition still after almost 4 years. It's a great car.

My vehicle is a four door toyota corolla. I like how small it is. It is good on gas mileage. I have made many trips in it and have not had any problems. The only complaint I have is that it is white and easily stains and is easily dirty.

- Dominique A

Corollas will drive well for a long time.

I like that it is still running well more than a decade after I bought it. I do not like the way it hesitates to start when the weather is cold. I don't like that the clock stopped functioning and so did the lights on the gearshift.

- Kai M

Corolla! Great commuter car! Great for saving money!

My corolla a basic model car that is very comfortable and almost never had any issues. It isn't super fancy but I never have to worry about it breaking down and it always gets me to where I need to go with great gas mileage to boot.

- Benjamin H

Good car great on gas . Big trunk space . It is good running

Great gas mileage few recalls on airbags . Toyota in fort myers is not a good place to take cars to get fixed wait time are very long and last time they said the fixed my tire got car back and drove to work and it was never fixed

- Mary P

The Toyota Corolla is gas efficient and always ready to go!

The vehicle belt is often squeaky. Also, the alternator has gone out at least once and the battery dies quickly if not used. It would be nice if vehicle ports would charge when vehicle is turned off. Otherwise it is a good car.

- Blakely D

Upkeep is minimal and the car drives like a new car.

This is my fourth Toyota Corolla. a 80, 000 miles on the car, it is in great condition and very rarely has problems and only the expected maintenance has to be done. I love my car and hope it keeps going as long as possible.

- Susan B

They Last and are easy to maintain

We have a fleet of cars and now most of them are Toyota Corollas because they last and have few problems. We use them to well over 100,000 and then just keep going. Some have hit 200,000 and still minimal maintenance.

- Karen B

14 years later still runs in good condition

I bought my car in 2004 when I was single. Now with a family it is our smaller car we take for trips to save on gas. With regular maintenance the car still runs in good condition especially with over 120k miles on it.

- Trina B

The best for the heat and for peace of mind.

I have had my Corolla for a year and a half, before that my mom had it for around ten years and it is never given either of us any issues. Best thing living in Florida; the ac still works and blows stronger than ever.

- Hanna B

Again, my Corolla has been very reliable. It's also very economical to drive.

I've had my Corolla for 10 years and I absolutely love it! It's been a very reliable vehicle. I've only had to spend money for maintenance and basic wear and tear. I'm at over 200,000 miles now and still going strong!

- Beth M

It is a very reliable car.

This car is the most reliable car I have ever had. I drive about 66 miles per day, 6 days a week. I now have over 333, 000 miles on my car. I would highly recommend a Toyota Corolla if you would like a reliable car.

- Diane F

This car is very reliable and low maintenance

I like that it is dependable and no maintenance. My car is over 10 years old and I've only had issues with the brakes. I don't feel like it's big enough for my large family. The rims of this car constantly fall off

- Donna L

The car is reliable and has a long life expectancy. I have never been left stranded when I am on the road.

I like the fuel efficiency of my car. I like that the car rarely needs to be fixed or examined by the mechanic. The only thing that I don't like is that the interior fabric of the ceiling peels off due to the sun.

- Jose Q

That the air conditioning is broken so roll down your window,

The air conditioning is broken but then again the car is over 10 years old. Aside from that the brakes are pretty bad but that can easily be fixed at an auto repair place. The gas tank doesn't bleed me dry though.

- Kathy E

The car gets great gas mileage and is a quality car.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage. The backseat is wider than the old RAV4 I also have. I wish the vehicle was higher off the ground because I can not see around bigger vehicle when driving or at a light.

- M L

It is a very reliable car that anyone can drive

I have had my 2005 toyota corolla for 13 years now and it has been way more reliable than I could have ever even asked for. In the 13 years i've owned it the only thing that I had to replace was a new belt

- matthew G

It has fabulous gas mileage. Fairly cheap to maintain

My car has great gas mileage. I pay about 20 dollars a week and the tank lasts me all week. Getting it fixed is pretty cheap too. I do wish I could drive it through the mountains and rough terrain though.

- Elisabeth S

cost to maintain, fuel efficient , no problems with manufacture covering repairs or defects

The vehicle was purchased used in 2006 with 26,000 miles and remainder of factory warranty from Hertz, I have had zero problems with it til this day and it has almost 400,000 on it

- Robert B

That it is a handicapped accessible van.

I dislike that the sun visor hits the rearview mirror, a simple design error, and that there is not more console space. My car has also been damaged from use. However, I like the speed and convenience.

- James L

200,000 miles and no major repairs. Routine maintenance items and transmission.

I love the gas mileage, the superior quality. It's comfortable. Very reliable, have had no major problems other than wear and tear. I hate the back window corners - creates a blind spot on both sides.

- Cari C

My car is a great gas saver, has lots of space, and will run for many years without much maintenance needed.

I really like that this vehicle has been able to run for so long. I've had it for many years with minimal repairs needed. It is at over 200,000 miles and still runs great. It is also very good on gas.

- james c

Reliably lets me "go places."

It is reliable, requires little maintenance, and does not give me problems. The gas mileage is okay, but I'd like a more fuel-efficient car. I bought it used -- a good deal, but not a color I love.

- Penny H

It's reliable and has never needed a lot of repairs, just general maintenance.

I love how reliable my car has been. It gets great gas mileage and need minimum maintenance. The only thing I really dislike is how low it is to the ground and the fact that it doesn't have AWD.

- Julie G

Affordable and practical, best car for family and easy to fix.

I like that the mileage is affordable. The car has been in the family and it is still running fine even after the accident. They are usually affordable cars in general and not too expensive to fix

- Jane M

Condition of Toyota Corolla Car runs smoothly and great. Car is 2005 but runs like a 2018

My vehicle was purchased in 005 and since there has been no major issues with my car. My car was in an accident where it was damaged from behind. My car was fixed and since it has had no issues.

- Michelle E

It is a long lived model and is pretty economical overall.

It runs well, but it is nothing to look at. The plastic handles on both sides of the passenger door are broken on the outside. I see a lot of door handles for sale, so I think it may be a flaw.

- Jaja S

That is is dependable. I have not had any issues with it. I have not had to charge the air it stills blows like it is new.

My vehicle is black in color and I brought it new in 2004. I like that it is dependable. I have not had any major issues since I had it. I have only one complaint the roof is starting to rust.

- Shawn T

Reliable, just right for commuting and occasional transport.

Great for commuting, decent mileage and has never broken down on me. Also able to transport mid-range fish tanks and most pet crates. Not bad in snow - I've driven through a couple blizzards.

- Emily C

It runs great and pretty smooth.

So far it still runs great. haven't had any big issues with it. Decent size, fairly small so easy to park and the interior is not to bad for people to sit in the back. Really enjoy the car.

- Ana F

It is almost at 150k miles and very reliable. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you!

I got this car from my parents when I graduated college. They had almost 100k miles on it already and have taken good care of it with keeping all maintenance up to date. It's very reliable.

- Annie E

The car is reliable and road-worthy, responsive and quiet. Low-maintenance.

The stereo is getting a little long in the tooth given its age (no aux. input, etc). The car, however, has been extremely reliable, mechanically. Also, it seems to get decent gas mileage.

- Ethan H

easy to drive and has good gas mileage.

I like that it has good gas mileage, It's easy to drive. I don't like that it is a little cramped on the inside. It's a very light car which means it sometimes slides a little in the rain

- yelitza J

I enjoy driving it. It gets good gas mileage. It does not burn oil.

My Toyota that I am driving now is the best car I have ever driven It runs good. It handles well, is dependable, safe, cute, and doesn't break down. I probably will never part with it.

- Catherine S

A long lasting and reliable car

A Toyota Corolla is a reliable car that will last many years. Although it is a smaller car, it is very safe and comfortable. Very fuel efficient as well. Does not drive well in the snow.

- Holly M

It's very reliable and costs little to maintain

It has been incredibly reliable. I've not had to spend anything on repairs other than routine maintenance. It gets good gas mileage and is inexpensive to insure. It's been a great car./.

- Ed S

It's a great car keep it well maintained and it hasn't needed any major repairs done to it.

Well It's getting old therefore things are starting to show it age. It's been a very good car this far but Im worried that the falling apart every couple of months time period is coming.

- Daniel S

It is sensitive to the driver's commands

It is a bit older, so there are a few things, like the AC, that do not work well. I do like how the car drives, the shape of it, and the sunroof feature. I do not like the bumper design.


The best thing about my car is that even though it is small and quick it feels extremely roomy on the inside.

I love my Corolla it's dependable and handles well! The only thing I dislike is that because it is an older car there are some new technologies it doesn't have and cannot accommodate.

- Lindsey A

It's a 5-passenger car, so it's not the best fit for a big family.

The car is extremely reliable and efficient. Not super pretty, but it's lasted a long time. As long as I take it in for regular maintenance at the Toyota dealership, it works fine.

- Pamela B

That I save money on gas and it is great to drive.

I like my vehicle cause it saves on gas. I like the way it looks and drives and it is not too small or big. I do not like when my car breaks down. Or if it does not start right away.

- Ana S

It's dependable and it just keeps going and going.

I love that it's been really dependable over the more than 10 years I've owned it. It has needed relatively little work done to it and requires little maintenance to stay that way.

- Rachel G

Treat it like your baby you'll have it forever.

It does not use a lot of gas. It is dependable and cute. Has not broken down even though it is old. Love the color, the fact that it has 4 doors. It has a big trunk for a small car.

- Bibi E

For the time that I have had the car, it has been running well.

Vehicle gets decent gas mileage but is a tight fit for car seats. The sunroof is quite noisy, and the horn is not loud enough. Seat is comfortable for short people, which is a plus.

- Cheryl M

It's mechanically very reliable.

I bought my car 3 years ago. Even tho it was over 10 years old at the time, I've had no problems at all with it. It's my first Toyota but it definitely won't be my last. Great car.

- Jane s

Everyone should know that it is also very roomy and spacious inside.

I love my corolla because it is decent on gas mileage. Also, the overall feel of the ride is so smooth and comfortable. The only thing I don't like is the color, I wanted hot pink.

- jackie d

That the car gets me to where I need to go and has lower repair bills

It is a good car needing few repairs. The mileage on the car seems to be much better than larger cars. The trunk has room for a full size spare but only a dummy size was provided

- Jenny K

That the car holds up well for years and the upkeep is minimal to keep it running good.

I love my Toyota because of how well it holds up. I drove my vehicle off the car lot with on 27 miles and now I have over 14000 miles. The maintenance on the vehicle is limited

- Jacquelyn S

This car has sufficient space and is very reliable.

The vehicle is very dependable since it's lasted at least 13 years. It's still going strong and has decent gas mileage. The car is also very spacious giving much needed leg room.

- Alexander P

It has great mileage and the gas consumption.

I like the low gas usage. The gas consumption is little compared to the mileage. The heating and air conditioning is the best. The seats are very comfortable both from and back.

- Alessandra D

It is reliable, comfy, great gas mileage.

I am impressed. It is such a smooth ride for the time it is been working. It does have a little bend on the trunk but overall, it doesn't have any problems and it is very comfy.

- Joanna K

Great on gas! Fun little car. And reliable.

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Affordable Comfortable handles well and great on gas .With over 240,000 miles it's still starts up and text me where I need to go.

- Lauren P

The stereo system is really good.

I have no problems, it runs good sound the ac works windshield wipers work headlights work defrost works and even though the mileage is high, it still runs like any other car.

- Randy M

It is incredibly reliable!

My Corolla has been the most reliable car I have ever driven. The gas mileage is great. It is not the "coolest" looking car out there, but it makes up for that from quality.

- Stephanie K

It does not have a charging port for cell phones.

It has a lot of issues that have come with age. I have spent a good amount of money on repairs. I do like that it is still lasted as long as it has though. It is a trooper.

- Rachel B

This car is awesome lasts forever and keeps going.

I love my car miles are amazing on it. It's reliable for long car trips and the tank is cheap to fill. Not to many repairs on the car. Plus everyone says they last forever.

- Rayna P

my car is great it lasts forever

the car is great but its outdated I really like the performance and how long it has lasted so yea it's a pretty great car can't say much cause I don't really know anything

- macey k

Toyota Corolla gas efficient

Reliable on gas and seems to be running just as strong as when I first got it over two years ago. there is a few problems I have with it but just thankful for a vehicle.

- Jacob T

It gets very good gas mileage is and is very reliable.

Rarely ever needs maintenance besides routine oil changes/tire rotations. The car is very reliable and gets awesome gas mileage. Complaint: hubcaps fall off very easily.

- Jenny B

It is a decent car overall, it's just that it is really old now.

It is starting to peel at the top because of sun exposure, the starter stopped working last year and had to be replaced, and a tire recently popped while on the freeway.

- Maria B

In summary, my vehicle has tinted windows and 20 inch rims.

My vehicle is grey and it is very reliable. The maintenance isn't too bad or expensive. It is great on gas! Performance is great and the interior is very comfortable.

- RayQuan G

Just how great the lifetime expenses have been so little compared to other cars I didn't have half the time.

I can't believe I have a car for 14 years. I have had very little costs for upkeep. Over 100000 miles and showing no signs of dying. Just wish I hadn't bought white.

- don l

Easy to drive great on gas

The car is great on gas so far since I had my car the car has never broke down had lil problems with exhaust pipe front and back but other than that it's a great car

- Caryn B

It is extremely reliable.

I have 250,000 miles on my vehicle, and it is still running just fine. There are a few minor cosmetic issues with the vehicle, but these problems do not bother me.

- Travis A

I love my Toyota Corolla because it gets good gas mileage and I never had a problem with it to this very day

I have had my vehicle for almost 15 years and I have never had anything major go wrong with it. The only thing that I have had to replace on it is tires a muffler

- Alan B

More comfortable and Spacious

I love my car. This is my first car. I bought a used car. It runs well. It's more spacious. Sometimes if it needs any maintenance it costs more than I expected.

- renugadevi Z

corolla xrs model. type S body kit with a 2zz-ge motor

Very fast. the 2zz-ge motor has vvti and the lift at 7500 rpm makes you smile from ear to ear. the motor itself is loud but it looks like a sleeper car overall

- Celestino A

It definitely worries me that my light is constantly on.

Has had a history of battery issues, computer issues. overall a great little car but somehow the battery light is always on and we have yet to figure out why.

- Elizabeth L

Great Economical Car! Great Mileage and don't have to worry about expensive labor.

What I love about the car is that it's very cost efficient. The mileage it gives it's great, and it's parts and labor are economical as opposed to other cars.

- Nancy T

It gets me places i need to go. It hasn't given up on me yet and I have not given up on it.

Brake squeaks, broken glove dept, stained seats. Broken Ac. An airbag that can explode and kill me any minute. Honestly it's one of those first car tragedies.

- Breza A

Take care of the transmission, only major problem I have ever had!

I don't really like the outside but it rarely has problems & when it does it comes out cheap most of the time. Runs smooth & can drive miles with no worries.

- Kevin A

It has almost no power. Also, your starter will probably go out around 140k miles.

I'm happy with it. It runs, the price was right, and so far the maintenance was about right as well. Gas mileage is good for that era, and it gets me around.

- John B

It is very safe and small.

It is an amazing car! It is very safe. However, there is no AUX cord so I make CDs for my car. Also, there are crank windows. But other than that I love it.

- Lisa E

the car is getting old so i am in the process of looking for a new car

i like my car because its been reliable for many years. i had no problems with my car. unfortunately it is getting old so i will need to buy a new car soon.

- stacey s

My car is reliable and will not break down on you.

My Corolla has 250,000 miles on it and it is still running strong. I have driven it down many dirt roads with no problems. Toyotas are highly reliable cars!

- Travis A

It is well-built and dependable.

It is a very dependable car. I have had it for over 13 years, and have never had any major problems. It gets fairly good mileage, which is always important.

- Eric G

It is really good on gas. It is also easy to drive and maneuver.

It performs well and has very few problems. The plastic on the sides seems to come off easily. The heater and defroster does not work as well as it should.

- Kayla C

That it is a pleasure to drive that I know when I get in it I am safe.

It is reliable when it's time for a oil change the engine light comes on it has a CD player. It's good on gas and records how many miles till I need gas.

- Rodney A

It gets fantastic gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that there is power steering. I like that it is automatic. I do not like the style. I do not like the color.

- Emma W

They should know about the reliability and dependability.

My Corolla is super reliable. It is approaching 200K miles. There have been no significant problems with the car. I just take it for routine maintenance

- Tom M

Today should know that it's old but that is not a horrible car

If she's a very good reliable car that gives me no trouble. I bought it used but it doesn't give me any trouble. I think I might get another one like it

- Kyle Y

It is a solid reliable vehicle!.

I do not like the color (tan) and it doesn't have a lot of fancy features. It doesn't even have an aux port. But it is really good inn gas and reliable.

- Victoria S

Its reliable and it will get you where you need to go.

I like that its reliable and hasn't had any major problems. I also like it doesn't need a lot of gas. my only complaint is i might want something newer

- Carlos R

It is good on gas and have had no major problems for over 4 years.

Very reliable, but I would like to have more power. Right now it need new tires and maintenance for leaks. Also, is small for traveling long distance.

- Angela D

Its a 2005 with 130000 miles on it and have never had a problem.

My Toyota Corolla is dependable always reliable. Have never had problems with it. Great gas mileage. Its compact and I can easily find parking for it.

- Johanna O

It's old and a little underrated but I love it. It's my reliable friend.

I love how reliable my car is. It is fuel efficient as well but can accelerate nicely. I only wish it had more space. My family has outgrown it a bit.

- Jen A

It is reliable and always starts/ has no history of breaking down.

The car gets nice gas mileage and is reliable but the only issue is it does not ride very smooth. It bumps around with every little crack in the road.

- Morgan H

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it has a six disk CD player in it. I like that it has good gas mileage. I do not like that the seatbelts cut into my neck. No complaints.

- Denise R

Toyota cars are the best, I am proud of it

The car is cool,and easy to drive, it has less problems, and it consumes less fuel that is why I like it,it has cool AC too. It a nice car for family

- Olayinka A




I should know whether there is a malfunction

It is a very reliable vehicle. I've had it for over a decade and I've rarely have to take it to the auto shop. I would definitely buy another Toyota

- Carmello J

very reliable vehicle. basic in nature but will take you to point b from point a with no problem

very reliable vehicle. very, very few problems. not many extras but what do you expect. interior nondescript, just your basic but very reliable car.

- keith k

Corolla Goes Strong: My 2005 Corolla is still going strong and I love it!

It's great. Very reliable and safe. Has made it through a few accidents and is still going strong! I plan to buy another as soon as this one dies.

- Melody D

It is dependable and it is economical.

Very good on gas consumption been totally realizable easy to drive very dependable bought brand new and has been everything I needed in a vehicle.

- Rosemary K

The air conditioning and the heat burn a lot of gas.

The toyota corolla is a very reliable car. Mine has a CD player, AC, and gas efficient. It's a sturdy little car. Very spacious for a small car.

- Regina P

It is well made will last a long time if taken care of.

My Toyota is a very reliable car and easy on the gas. If I get new car it will definitely be Toyota. It is a comfortable car and easy to handle.

- Rea M

While it doesn't have bells and whistles, this car gets you where you need to go.

My corolla is very economic for gas and gets me where I need to go. I like the brake and gas sensitivity. It is a good car for college students.

- Angie L

It has been used for over ten years now.

My car has had some issues with the engine as well as the oxygen sensors. Sometimes it will shut off when I am stopped a red light or stop sign.

- Taylor S

It is reliable and gets extremely good gas mileage.

I love that it is reliable and has great mileage. My only complaints currently is that it is getting on in age and could use more storage space.

- Miguel L

I much prefer the S to the regular Corolla. I really like the car, I just feel like I've outgrown it and need something a little bigger

The interior is quite small for my child. The air conditioning takes forever to cool the car down. Size of car makes it sensitive to heavy winds

- Dusty H

It defines me, that is, it's simple and does the work, and isn't flashy.

It's a smooth ride and is comfortable to drive. I've had several repair jobs to replace parts that were old and worn out, which got expensive.

- Eric B

Great family car! Comfortable, affordable and reliable!

It's been a very reliable vehicle for our family for many years. No major issues with the vehicle other than normal wear and tear, tires, etc.

- Kim H

This car has great gas mileage.

I bought this car a few years ago and love it. I have not had any major problems. It runs smoothly being that it has over 165, 000 miles on it.

- Andrea S

I like my car because it is high quality and classy look.

I love my car! I drive it everyday going to work and it has a good performance. I really enjoy driving it because it makes me feel comfortable.

- Michael D

My car is really nice to drive feels smooth.

The car runs smooth and it has space inside. The only thing that I didn't like was that the airbags were recall because they were not correct.

- Wendy B

Ac does not work properly.

Like - aesthetic, upholstery, color options, simple controls, sunroof, responsiveness to my commands.... Dislike - a bit small for passengers.

- Rachel M

That even though it's old, it's reliable and will get me from here to there just fine. Might not be glamorous, but it's paid off and makes budgeting easy that way.

I love how reliable the car is and how minimal the maintenance is on it. I don't like how old my car is and that the hubcaps have fallen off.


Great Car! Love My Corolla!

I love this car, I've been driving it for many years now. There are no problems that I know of. Runs smooth, ideal car for a beginner driver.

- Lyba K

Very reliable. It seems to get better every day. I keep up with regular maintenance and it keeps going

It is an older car but has only 71,000 miles. Very reliable. Very easy to diagnose problems. I would buy a new Corolla if I could afford it.

- edward y

All around great economy car

No problems, regular maintenance. Very dependable economy car. Great on gas. Love to have 4 doors for additional passengers. Great handling.

- Dawn G

It is a Toyota and it has run for 14 years and has had minimal issues.

I have had very few issues with the car. The car gets good gas mileage. I love my moon roof. It runs pretty well in all weather conditions.

- Valerie F

It is debt free and the insurance bill does not cost an arm and a leg.

I love the look of the corolla, very sporty. I love the gas mileage it gets. It does not have as much room as I need. No other complaints.

- Edward P

It's from a great company. The car drives well and gas mileage is good.

It has great gas mileage and drives well. I wish it did not have crank windows. I also wish it had automatic locks instead of manual locks.

- Christy A

Over 230,000 miles with few repair expenses. The brakes have lasted well and it does not leak.

It has caused be little expense over the years. It gets good gas mileage. The paint job is peeling and bare metal is exposed (no primer).

- Alan V

Reliable, runs smoothly, great starter car.

Very reliable, has yet to let me down and runs perfectly. Pretty comfortable, replaced standard stereo so an AUX cord could be connected.

- Hanna R

Its fuel efficiency and smooth run.

Its comfortable to drive and fuel efficient. I have a compliant that it heats up a lot during summer that makes it really hard to drive.

- Sam H

The most important thing about my car, is if you are looking for a quiet car this is not for you.

My car is very awesome. I really like it and would recommend it to someone else. Maybe if it was a little quieter I would like it more.

- Jonah T

It has good mileage and can run up to 20 miles on empty.

I like that it has run for a long time. I like that it is comfortable to drive/ automatic. I dislike that it does not have an aux jack.

- JJ M

Excellent car for work, teen or elderly person.

Excellent basic reliable car. I can go all week on one tank of gas. Parts are cheap so maintaining and repairing is easily affordable.

- Karen A

That it takes a while to get up to speed.

My car has great gas mileage. It has lasted a long time. The insurance is super cheap. And the gas is super cheap to pay for as well.

- Alexis R

It has high mileage already and old but it is still working very well.

I do not have any complaints about my current vehicle. I love it very much. I have not encountered any major issues about it, so far.

- Ann A

Toyota's will last a long time and run forever.... high mileage is not an issue .

I am the second owner of this car. It is in mint condition willow mileage. I love everything about it. It is the perfect car for me.

- Paula R

the reason i got that car.is because i think small car will save a lot gas

I very like the car shape! the front seat is perfect, but back seat seem little too small. i like the small car. besause save gas!

- amber w

I love my Toyota! I would buy another one when the time comes!

The only thing I would change is that I do not have power windows or power seats. I love the car and the way it rides and handles.

- Cheryl G