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My Toyota Corolla is the most reliable, cost efficient car I have ever owned

I am the original owner of this Corolla, so I have driven it for 11 years now and I have never had it in the shop for anything other than maintenance and a floor mat recall. The only repairs I had to have were to a window, to replace the glass, due to a break-in. This is the most trouble-free vehicle I have ever owned. I am still getting 27 miles to the gallon, mostly town/2-lane highway driving. I drive 12m highway and 6 miles In town, daily to work. I make monthly trips to the nearest city 100 miles away. The car rides comfortably and has good pick up when I need it for passing. The original factory installed tires handled great on wet roads. I replaced them with aftermarkets as necessary and will probably have to upgrade to a better tire to get the same great performance. The only complaint I have is road noise. It's not well insulated for highway driving so I may add some hush mount for a quieter drive. I'm short (5'3'), so I have plenty of legroom, but my 6'4' boyfriend and son aren't as comfortable. Getting in and out is easy enough, but legroom isn't optimum for them. The factory radio quit working after 8-9 years, but the car is still reliable. Maintenance is not unreasonable, every 5000 miles. Parts are not hard to get, and it's not costly to maintain or insure. That's why I bought it.

- Rosa D

Great car for commuting to and from work or school and an everyday driving car.

The car is perfect for commuting everyday, works beautifully on the freeway because it is quick enough to keep up with traffic and small enough to merge with ease. One problem that I come across with the car is that since it is such a light car you can tell when you have a car full of people or when you are trying to haul stuff in the trunk, it is not much of a problem, but when you go to accelerate it takes a little bit to get going, especially when there are people or when your trunk is full. So the main thing I take away from it is that it is great for getting to work and around the city, but if you are planning on moving things in your car just keep in mind that there is not much space on the inside and the trunk does not hold much, unless you are a good tetris player.

- Joshua C

All in all, the cost and age of the car has been good. No major problems.

The size is just right for parking, long trips for suitcases, and seating comfortably. There are well placed cup holders. Gas mileage is quite good. The radio and CD player work well. The brakes need replacing a little more than I expected butt not too expensive. Tires are reasonable in price. Changing oil is typical. Not too often since mileage is good. The air conditioning cools the hot summer air quickly and the heater warms up quickly on cold days. I do not like how warm the interior gets from sitting in the sun. The upholstery is still in good shape and cleans up well. The headlights covers dull easy so nighttime driving can be difficult. I got that fixed once 2 years ago and should do it again. Seat belts don't retract well so they at times get caught in the door.

- Sharon W

Toyota Corolla 2008 a worthwhile long-term relationship.

I have had two Toyota Corollas during my driving life (the only two cars I have had actually). They've been reliable because I have barely ever had mechanical issues. Also, they have been fuel cost effective because I driven considerable miles before fueling. The car fits five people comfortably and I categorized it as smart purchase from the beginning. I thought: this car can serve me, a responsible college student with friends and family. I also thought this car can serve my future husband and two children just fine. I was in for the long haul with my Toyota because honestly it was just a dream come true in all my senses. Though I did change my mind about the color, I have yet to turn away displeased with my fully paid Toyota.

- Kat G

Great, reliable car for those who want a cheap all-around vehicle.

I love this car. I have the stick shift model and possibly because of that it has amazing gas mileage, though I would bet it does even in the automatic model. I have had it for something like 3 or 4 years and haven't had to take it into the shop except for oil changes or after a fender bender. Currently mine has something like 130,000 miles on it and I expect to be driving it for another 100,000 miles. This past weekend I just took it camping and I fit two big coolers, equipment for three people, two Dutch ovens, enough firewood for three days, tents, tarps, etc. Along with three people and we were all comfortable. I never worry about traveling in my corolla.

- DJ B

Being leather causes it to be hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

Toyotas are completely reliable cars. I have always owned Toyotas and they last 150, 000 miles - 200, 000 miles. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The interior is comfortable and clean. The speaker system is adjustable from the bass to the volume. The seat warmers work fast in the winter time which always makes for a more comfortable ride. Any passengers in my Toyota report having tons of room and space. I take my Toyota on long distance trips and always have the peace of mind knowing that my car will get me where I need to go without any mechanical issues. Any replacement parts are cheap and oil changes are also inexpensive. Overall 10/10 car.

- Bella L

Size of my vehicle is perfect

When I first saw my vehicle, I really liked it. Since I bought it, I found out that the people who owned it before only took it on long trips, hence it having over 60,000 miles when I purchased it. I also found out that whoever painted the car didn't do a very good job. I say this because when I went to a car wash location and ran the car through, I found it had splotchy marks on the hood meaning to me, that the car did not get proper painting etiquette. Sometime soon, I am going to need to have the car repainted because of the hood and the roof of the car literally needing a new paint job. Other than that, I really love my car.

- Darrel S

Old, rusted, and busted but reliable. Good car for first time drivers/students.

My car is extremely worn out and has suffered various issues including the battery dying, tires needing to be replaced, engine problems, and rust. Furthermore the car has old model hand crank windows and does not lock by keys (you must lock/unlock doors by hand). I like the gas mileage and easy parking size of the car, despite the not aesthetic interior/exterior of the vehicle. The best features of the car, in my opinion, is the fast cool down/heat up air conditioning and the comfortable seating. It is a good car to get you to where you need to go, but certainly isn't classy or aesthetically pleasing.

- Harrison L

Great car, but audio features left to be desired

Very reliable car. It's been a part of our family for over 10 years now. The steering wheel has begun to peel from the heat and not being thoroughly protected, but otherwise quality and longevity of the features in this car are great. I have the model with basic features, and this model was created before the time of Bluetooth and mp3s and digital audio. There's a CD player, but so far the only way to play devices through the sound system is by replacing the stereo, or by using an FM radio adapter that connects to your headphone jack or via Bluetooth.

- Kim A

Car is extremely reliable & easy to fix.

The size of the car is perfect, not too big and still small enough to fit in compact areas (great for finding parking). It feels safe to drive. The handling is great overall. The amount of gas that is needed for the car is great for saving lots of money. Super reliable, I haven't had any major problems with the car mechanically. Interior wise it is spacious. Only thing is there is no spot for an AUX cable, you an use CD’s, but it is not the same. The air conditioning works great. Overall, it is a great car for any first buyer out there.

- Jeanette G

It may be an uphill battle but at least there�s good gas mileage along the way.

My car offers a very comfortable driving experience. The turning radius is quite nice. The breaks are not choppy. I haven't run into any problems in the last four years of having this vehicle. The only thing I am not fond of is it takes a bit to get it up a hill. It does not enjoy the climb. Otherwise I get great gas mileage for road trips. It is not bad in the city either but you really notice how much you save on gas the further you travel. My car is the go to for any out of town trips my friends and I take. The trunk is also massive.

- Brittany P

Toyotas are reliable. You know when you buy one you'll have a car that will last a long time and have minimal problems.

My car is exactly what I expected it to be. I've always owned a Toyota due to their reliability, and this vehicle hasn't changed my mind about that. I LIKE that it has minimal features, with NO electric locks or power windows, and NO "screen." I like that the oil filter makes the oil easy to change. I like that it is easy to handle and fun to drive around. It's had a couple of typical repairs, due to its age. I don't like its color, since I didn't get to choose what I wanted.

- Rebecca G

Great, dependable, and easy to drive vehicle!

The only issue I have with my car is the fact that it's older and has 220,000 on it and now it's having small mechanical issues but it's still running like a dream! I am so thankful for the great gas mileage, easy driving in town and on the highway. It's has also been a reliable and consistent vehicle for the past 12 years. I feel as though I've gotten my money's worth and then some! I would definitely purchase another Corolla if my family hasn't outgrown its space limits.

- May L

A trustworthy and long lasting vehicle, you will get your moneys worth with this car!

I love my toyota corolla, i bought it used, but it was in wonderful condition when i got it. I was always told toyotas keep their value and they sure do, i have had very little maintenance issues and the only thing i disliked about it was the stereo, but i bought a new one and installed it. The A/C is powerful and it surprisingly holds a lot of room for being such a tiny car. It drives beautifully and i would recommend a corolla to anyone looking for a good car

- Aubrey R

Great mileage and can never go wrong buying Toyota.

I love the mileage I get on my vehicle. It's the right size for me because most of the time I drive alone. But when I have passengers they tell me it's very comfortable. The one thing I love the most is that it's a Toyota my family mostly will buy Toyota brand because of its resale value. It's also a very dependable car has many great reviews online. It looks very modern and I love the dark gray upholstery over all I would buy Toyota for my next vehicle.

- Cristina D

You Cannot Go Wrong with a Toyota Corolla

This car has nearly 220000 miles on it. I bought it brand new in 2008 and have never had a single major mechanical issue. It still runs great, the body is holding up well, and has been an excellent vehicle since day 1. It's a comfortable car, however it is not meant for a tall or larger person to drive. I have had the ability and opportunity to trade my Toyota in for a new or newer car and I fear not purchasing another vehicle as reliable as this car.

- Carrie B

Toyota Corolla: the reliable roadster.

I purchased my Toyota Corolla in 2007, though it is a 2008 model. The vehicle is just shy of 200, 000 miles, and the car has always cranked on the first try and has never been in the shop for anything beyond standard care such as new tires, new brakes, and oil changes. From my north Carolina home, I have driven the car to Florida, new Mexico, Michigan (twice), Texas, and Canada, most of those trips made after hitting the 100, 000-mile mark.

- Brian F

How I feel about my 2008 Toyota Corolla.

I have no problems with the vehicle other than the size it is too small for long drives not enough sound absorbing material when you are driving on trips but overall the car is very good gas wise mileage maintenance upkeep and handles well for a small car it was reasonably price and it is cheap to upkeep it gets great gas mileage over 30 miles a gallon and it gives you options as far as you want to drive on long trips.

- James W

I believe that the one most important thing others should know about a Toyota corolla is that it is a great started car for young adults.

I like that it is a reliable car that has gotten me through college and work through the last almost 8 years that I have personally owned it. I like that the cost of gas is reasonable and the tank size is decent. I don't like how simple it is and how many features my car lacks, but I can't complain for the price I have paid for everything. I know that I can make upgrades to my car at any time if I want to.

- Jenna S

WOW this is what you need to know!

Love it. If I take care of the maintenance the car is a dream. It is a sure piece of transportation and has served me very reliably. I am fairly certain that I will purchase my next vehicle from Toyota. I find that upkeep cost is very reasonable and long lasting. This was my first import and has shown me that Toyota is quality! I tell all to make sure to take a Toyota out for a test drive.

- Susan J

My vehicle is very useful.

My vehicle does not have a lot of problems. It is a little sensitive when turning. The seats are very comfortable and do not heat up during the summer. The vehicle has a CD player and an AUX outlet that I prefer to have. There is enough room in the trunk for me to store all my luggage when I need to move in and out of my college room. My vehicle can travel far without burning too much gas.

- Rebecca S

Dependable, good mileage, best in fair weather conditions.

I love that my car is dependable and reliable. Short of basic maintenance, I have not had to fix much on my vehicle. It gets wonderful gas mileage and is easy to park. One challenge has been that it is not great in snow-- tires make a huge difference. The vehicle is pretty low to the ground. Since I live around snowy weather, I've had a hard time when the snow is deep or there is ice.

- Ruth J

My vehicle is in great condition most of the time.

So the vehicle has the right size for five people to get in. The performance in speed wise is very good, as well as the steering is on point throughout the past. There really wasn't any problems found in the car and it's being taken with very good care. However one simple complaint I do have is that the fronts lights don't shine very bright at times when it is very dark outside.

- Jason L

Wonderful, good looking vehicle! Perfect for a family of four.

I have had no major problems; have replaced the battery twice, tires once and have kept up with the maintenance schedule. As for comfort, it is so-so. Since I have back issues, the driver’s seat needs something more and the seat hits a pressure point at my knees. These issues are problems only on long trips. Outside paint has held up well. I would buy this car again.

- Catherine C

Gray Toyota Corolla year 2008.

It is a good car, reliable. I had to fix window on passenger side because it was stuck. I have had all tires replaced within last 2 years. Overall a very good vehicle. But it is on the small side. I have two car seats in the back seat so not very much leg room. One gallon of gas will last 2 weeks. The interior has cloth lining, can get stained especially with children.

- Kelly M

Solid car for commuting or long distance trips

I have really enjoyed the car since purchasing it 3 years ago. The gas mileage is very solid and the it handles well. It does not drive too well in the snow though. In terms of reliability, I have added about 40k miles in the past 3 years or so and it has only required the standard level of maintenance. It really is a very solid car and I would recommend it to others.

- Kyle S

Reliable, dependable, and long lasting.

Reliable, bought the car with 45 thousand miles, up to 92 thousand and there's no difference. Simply Oil Change, and new tires since I've had it. Fits 4 adults comfortably, 5 might push it. Good trunk space for helping friends move. Only minor issue is there is a leak sometimes in the back seat, which I understand comes in some corollas. Great car would recommend

- Kieran M

2008 Toyota Corolla - Great compact car

Very reliable and great on gas mileage. The seats are super comfortable. Overall, the vehicle is surprisingly roomy for a compact car. The trunk has plenty of space and fits plenty of groceries! The best feature, I feel, is the high gas mileage. We get about 35 miles per gallon. I drive back get an hour to work every day and it only costs me about $8 round trip.

- Emily J

This car is great on gas and it handles well in the rain it is.

The performance is great and I get great gas mileage. My car is dependable and it is great on gas handles well when it rains. It is comfortable for driving long distance and short distance I have enjoyed owning this car for the past 9 years I would recommend a Toyota Corolla to anyone who wants a cuff comfortable affordable and a gas saving automobile.

- Karen V

Reliable, compact, affordable car.

Very reliable. I do routine maintenance and my car has never broken down or not started. It does not have any fancy accessories that you see in newer cars but that is ok with me. I love it is compact size. I can make any tight turn and fit in small parking spaces. Do wish sometimes there was a little more room in the trunk though. Good gas mileage too.

- Samantha A

My car has been up and down the California coast and seen all types of weather.

I have had my car for 10 years, it is the first car I have ever owned and the fact that it is still running 10 years later says a lot about the reliability of the car. It may not have all the bells and whistles that today's cars have, but it is comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and most importantly gets me to my destination safely.

- Michelle C

Driver-friendly car, was budgetable

I've had this car for a very long time. (8 years), maybe it's just due to how long I've had the car but over the past years, the start up engine sound is really loud, there's constant check engines, and the A/C is really weak. The car, as a student, is still manageable and gets me to where I want to go so I'm fine with it for now.

- Jayly V

Good choice for someone who wants a car.

It's a great reliable car with a few perks. The body kit is a bit dorky, but I didn't have much of a choice as my last car died and needed something right away. It accelerates just fine especially if I am the only one in the car. If it gets weighed down it is more sluggish. I love the manual transmission and option for cc.

- Keeley S

Corollas: the everyman car.

This car is sturdy and can make it through rain or snow- can sit outside in the cold Midwest winter and still start up in the morning. It is reliable, comfortable and repairs/gas are affordable. I have seen them run upwards of 300, 000 miles and I readily expect mine to do the same. I’d recommend a Corolla to anyone!

- Julia B

That as a Toyota it will keep in running as long as you take care of it. All mine has required has been regular maintenance

My car is getting old and is ready to find a new home but it has been a terrific car. I only wish I had gotten a Camry because I need a little extra room than what the Corolla has. I love Toyotas and will only buy those since the early 1990's. Mine still runs good but it needs a paint job in the worst kind of way.

- Barbra P

For a 4-cylinder car it actually has a nice kick to it and goes fast.

For my car to be 11 years old I personally have not had a problem with it. My car has worked exactly like it should and has not had a problem running. I feel as if it has plenty of room for others. I have had my car since 2017 and it has been great for me. It provides room for my brothers and sisters plenty of room.

- Julia F

Great, reliable car that will not let you down

This vehicle is highly reliable for daily commute. It drives super smooth and has great gas mileage. It comfortably seats 4 people. The cargo area is also nice and spacious. The seats could be more comfortable. The look both inside and outside the car is very nice. On the freeway, the driving is as smooth as butter.

- Ashlee R

This is a very reliably-built vehicle.

The only main problem I have with the vehicle is that it is a gas guzzler. I can drive on the highway on a full tank, and about an hour or two of driving I'm already down to half a tank. I really don't like the fuel economy of this vehicle. I hope this review helps others make informed decisions on buying vehicles.

- Joshua L

Very good reliable car. Easy to maintain.

Toyota is a very good car. This car will last a very long time. Car is very comfortable to ride in. This car is very easy to drive. This car is small enough to get into small parking spaces. This car is easy to drive due to its size being small. The paint on these cars are is very good and will last forever.

- Barbara H

Highlight and interesting detail about Toyota Corolla is the gas per mileage.

Due to the year, needs an upgrade with the exterior and interior. The radio is pretty much old and can also use an upgrade. What I love about my vehicle is the quality of gas saving. $10 will put you exactly on half a tank of gas. The size of the vehicle is perfect. Although a sun roof would be nice added touch.

- Lindsay D

Summary of the vehicle that I have.

I like that my car has been able to last me this long but I did had to put money into it for it to continue to run. I like that it is comfortable and it is small but not too small. It also helps me save money on gas so that is a big plus. Overall, I have really enjoyed this car and it would be hard to let it go.

- Bryan B

Stella, my 08 Toyota Corolla ce.

My car is amazing. It was my first car, and has proven to be extremely reliable. I have only ever had one issue, with my driver’s side window. The track was broken. However, it was a super easy and affordable fix. Toyota is definitely a brand I can recommend. I will more than likely always invest in Toyotas.

- Olivia S

The Corolla is a reliable and reasonably priced car.

Just things like the brakes and tires. I really don't expect or tolerate cars that require repairs. It's a little noisier than I'd like. The Camry is a quieter car but cost more. Like most cars now there's a lot of plastic. I really dislike having plastic under the engine. It's too susceptible to damage.

- Bob V

Why I love my Toyota corolla.

I have never had any problems with the car. It is great on gas. It rides smooth and is quite roomy to be such a small vehicle. I plan on driving it until it dies and another one just like it will probably be my next choice of vehicle. I highly recommend this vehicle if you want a great car for your money.

- Erica B

Toyota Corolla and my lifelong journey with it

I like Toyotas, they are reliable, easy to maintain, and not overly expensive to repair. I got the car that I drive now as used but it works well, and is an improvement from my 20 plus old car that I had before it, which was also a Toyota. I like the compact size of the car and the ease of driving it.

- Isabelle D

Yay! For Toyota Corolla!!

My Toyota Corolla is awesome! It is very clean and nice inside, considering I got it used. It drives very smoothly, but has a strong engine. The only problems are that it does not have antilock brakes or cruise control, and there is somewhat of a blind spot for the driver near the right front of the car.

- Tammy B

Compact 4 door sedan with a luxury car feel.

I bought a pre-certified used 2008 Toyota Corolla with low mileage. It is the perfect size for me, and it runs really well. I had another Toyota Corolla previously for 20 years and loved it. I think this one is going to be another keeper. I recommend the quality and drivability of the Toyota Corollas.

- Vicki W

Toyota Corolla Review and Summary

This is a great car. I have over 200,000 miles on it and I have only had a couple major maintenance repairs. I have only had to change the alternator, battery, and a couple spark plugs. It is very comfortable, and has good vision on the road. It has Bluetooth a good stock radio and is smooth to drive.

- Holden H

Summarize of my vehicle and my personal opinion.

Well I like that I do not spend a lot of money on gas which saves me some money, it is a nice size car and it can take me from point A to point B. The one thing I do not like is that I have to put a lot of money into getting it fixed, but I guess that happens when you have a car for quite some time.

- Bryan B

The modern tank: a car that could do me no wrong.

This car is my parents' car. They have owned it since 2007, and we have never had any major problems with it. There is more than 100, 000 miles on the car, and yet it runs like it is still brand new. I am sure that we will have that car until it breaks down and no longer works, in the next 10 years.

- Maya K

Nothing special for me needed a car.

Reliability rates at a 5 out of 10. . Performance the same. Problems are sensors for lights, they come on automatically when I turn car on and stay on as long as car is running even if I try to turn them off. Space inside of car is not enough leg room for front and back seat passengers at same time.

- Linda M

Black Toyota Corolla, great for commuters.

The vehicle is older so it does not have the technology upgrades that I would like to have and utilize on my commute to and from work. The gas mileage is good and I only have to fill up 1 per week with our multiple round trips in one day. The smaller size helps with parking in smaller work garages.

- Denise S

Definitely worth the money.

I have no problems with my Toyota. It is a safe and reliable vehicle. It has lasted me for ten years. And I have had zero problems from this vehicle. I would definitely recommend a Toyota vehicle to friends or family or anyone looking to find a vehicle that they're going to get their money's worth.

- Chandler P

Great car that will last you forever

Not fancy by any means, but my car is reliable, and gets good gas mileage. Seems to last forever as long as you take proper care of it. Great car for a college student. This car is cheap and does not give me any problems. Most I have ever had to do was get some new tires and the regular oil change

- Sierra H

Toyota Corolla best small car for the money!

Great low gas mileage. Smooth ride. Roomy inside for smaller vehicle. Low maintenance means less money for repairs. Nice car for the value. Trunk space is big enough because back seat folds down. Great to bring home large tv. Very nice cool air conditioner. Cabin space is good and seats are comfy.

- Amy S

The vehicle is super comfy and nice and

I love my car very much! I have had next to no problems with it and have been running it for years. Occasionally have had to have my brake pads re done but that's about the most work it has had in 10 years. Cheap for gas and a reliable car. I would definitely buy again and plan to when I have to

- Brooke S

What I like and dislike about my car.

Gets good gas mileage. Rides comfortably well. Insurance is less because it is an older car. Everything works except the speedometer. The paint is peeling off on side and the top. The headlights get foggy and have to buff them. The floor mats have a hole in them, but they are the original mats.

- Lorraine H

Toyota Corolla four door sedan

The car gets good gas mileage.its a sedan.we have no problems with the car. O like to drive to the pool and down the street from the house.it's a very fast car.I love it a lot.it's a decent one to use here every day for me.the car is called Corolla and it's tiny and quick and comfy inside it.

- Shanna B

Silky silver Toyota Corolla.

I love my Corolla, even though it is a 2008 it gets me where I need to go, has a smooth ride. The radio & air conditioning work perfectly and I am always comfortable in my car. The only downside is that I do not have an AUX port but I make it work with Bluetooth to listen to my favorite songs.

- Andrea G

Toyota reliability: as long as you do oil changes long lasting car

No problems, has been a reliable vehicle, No bells and whistles except cruise control which I use on long trips a lot. Comfort is medium not ultra plush but comfortable enough, I've been in 2 accidents with it and no serious injuries because I feel the car is well built and took the hits well

- Connie A

My wonderful, dependable Corolla.

I love that my car starts every time. It has a lot of pep. The car handles really well. It has a tight not mushy feel. The brakes stop quickly. It has a radio, CD player heat and air-conditioning. The seats recline. It gets decent gas mileage. I get timely oil changes and regular maintenance.

- Joan W

Basic car, but quality feel.

I have only done regular maintenance as that is the most I have needed. Very reliable car, but nothing special about it. Very good car for commuting. Gas mileage is great regardless of driving condition. Car is comfortable for long trips. I have thoroughly enjoyed driving and owning my car.

- James C

My vehicle is a small bade base model Sudan.

My car had been reliable throughout the years and has lasted longer than other cars of people I know (over 10 years). It is very good on gas, but as it gets older I have noticed more small issues with it that add up. Since it is a light car, I sometimes feel on unsteady on a windy highway.

- Gina S

This car offers great fuel efficiency and a smooth ride.

This car was bought to handle commuting between VA and North Carolina. I wanted a comfortable ride and fuel efficiency. The vehicle exceeded my expectations. The ride was great, and the sound system helped make the ride go faster. I have not needed to have any major work done on the car.

- Paul M

Red car Toyota Corolla is awesome.

Reliable. It its starting to get older and things are starting to not work so well so that is annoying. This requires so much text it is ridiculous. My car is red and the paint is chipped on one side. And it has been for a very long time. Buy that's what you get when you have an old car.

- Jj J

Great car! Great investment.

This is a very reliable car. Repairs are fairly cheap and it gets great gas mileage. It is compact, but still plenty of room for a single family. The trunk is very roomy, you can fit plenty of items for a road trip. I've had this car for over 8 years and have had minimal repairs needed.

- nikki H

The car is just small enough if your looking for get around car.

I love the pick up it has and cannot get around easily. It does not really do all that well in the snow unless you are going slow. It is very comfortable. It is not to big or to small for compact car. I do like how it drives and how it handles the turns and the pick up when needing to.

- Heather S

2008 Toyota Corolla. Good condition.

I wish it was a little bigger. Also it does not have automatic windows or door locks. I do like the gas mileage it gets. And have had no maintenance problems. There is a slow leak on the tire. But other than that, I enjoy driving my little car. I also wish it had a better radio system.

- Amy L

It is very reliable and also very dependable. They cost less than other cars

Toyota's are great cars, they save gas are very reliable and dependable, the price is almost unbeatable. The performance is almost the best, when you are missing a part it is easy to find spare parts. Toyota's always have great styles and looks for the average price of expensive cars.

- Mario M

Great car small compact easy to drive, great gas mileage good for city driving.

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats and love size of the car. Runs smooth and little upkeep very reliable vehicle. Toyota is a great manufacturer. Works great in the snow and all weather conditions. Wish it had upgraded music system only CD player no USB port or Bluetooth capability.

- Marcy V

Over 250000 miles and still running like a champ.

My vehicle has over 250000 miles and still runs like a champ and air conditioner still blows frosty cold air. You just have to maintain your fluids and check for issues frequently. Struts could use replacing which is fairly expensive otherwise I would be fixed that already as well.

- Emily O

Corolla S; sporty and (too) spacious.

Fast little Car. Great mileage. Lots of road noise and some buttons are hard to reach such as the radio. I'm 6'4' and must lean forward to reach volume dial. Other than that it's been very dependable. Replacing radiator is only non routinEly replaced item we've had to buy for it

- Corey C

Quality car that suits everyone.

I have never had any problems with this car. The car drives smooth and is gas efficient. I would not recommend this car for winter weather. The inside is spacious and so is the trunk. The interior is modern and very stylish. This is a great car for young and inexperienced drivers.

- Morgan P

Toyota: the brand name speaks for itself.

As with all Toyota cars, I am happy with the car. It has good mileage. Low maintenance and good performance. The sound system is good and the interior is comfortable. Perfect for me and a family. I have driven it for almost 11 years and runs good, even after 100 thousand miles.

- Bee M

2008 Toyota Corolla le, very reliable.

The Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car, I have had no major issues or repairs, just normal wear components replaced. I have been very pleased with this car. I would recommend a Toyota for anyone looking for a car, and if it has been used, make sure it has been taken care of.

- Brent S

Great quality for a reasonable price.

Very reliable and solid vehicle. Gets great gas mileage; 34 hwy; 30 town. If car is maintained the cost of repairs is minimal. Because of its size, the ride is not as smooth as a larger car, but it is comfortable enough. Can comfortably seat four and with five it is a squeeze.

- Mark D

A very practical and reliable vehicle.

My car is very reliable and comfortable to drive, sit in, etc. It is not fancy and loaded with a ton of cool features, but it has the radio, CD player, electronic lock and windows to make it useful for driving around town. I take care of it and it always performs well for me.

- Cathy T

Dependable Toyota Corolla

My 2008 Toyota Corolla has been awesome since I got it used two years ago. It has over 150,000 miles on it and the only issue I've had so far is the neutral safety switch. Easily replaced. It handles well, it's good on gas, it is a very dependable car. I'm very happy with it!

- Debbie D

It being fuel efficient was the most important factor when I was shopping for a car previously.

My car is fuel efficient and a smooth ride. I like that it has 4 doors, compact but has enough room for me and my friends. I dislike that it's getting a little old and starting to have more problems than usual. I also dislike that it doesn't have an aux option on the stereo.

- Bryan A

Reliable and user friendly.

I do not mind my Toyota Corolla. It gets me to point A to point B. It performs as well as I need it to. It is always reliable. I have never been uncomfortable driving and the standard features are easy to use. I would purchase a Toyota Corolla again if given the opportunity.

- Meredith S

Toyota Corolla, a reliable car.

At this moment, our Toyota Corolla has not had any problems, it economic and reliable. Parts are easy to find and affordable. Comfortable for a small family, if you have a big family I would recommend a SUV. Trunks is spacious for lot of holiday shopping, and breaks easily.

- Toyota F

Decent miles per gallon, probably about 30 highway.

My car has been super reliable. No major problems yet. I just do not like the exterior design. And now with it getting older, the interior is not as modern, and the exterior is even starting to rust. So, other than looks I don't really have complaints. Also decent on MPGs.

- Christina D

It is definitely eco friendly and again good on gas.

The gas pedal sometimes feels like you're going slower than you are. Also its light and can easily swerve sometimes. Other than that its great and eco friendly. This model will last you a long time and is really good on gas and can go for miles. Everyone should try it out.

- Paula A

My car is small and comfortable for long trips or short trips to the market.

It is small, and great on gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive, and my whole family can fit in it. It drives very smooth and I haven't had any problems with it since I got it. I can see all my blind spots easily. The trunk is also just the perfect size for storage.

- Lori M

Red 2008 Toyota corolla sedan.

It has almost 100,000 miles on it and is a very smooth ride. Never seriously broken down either. I really only have to get new brakes and tires at inspections. It has a decent sized tank of gas as well, and decent acceleration. All in all I am very satisfied with the car.

- Isaac C

This model is a good and reliable car, economy, and good on gas.

I bought my vehicle in 2008 and up into now in runs like a new car, I have not have any problems with it, it is a reliable and saves on gas, it's comfortable and it is basic, but if you like more new features it is up to what you would like, overall I recommend it highly.

- Dolores A

Very reliable Vehicle. Good on gas

Good vehicle no mechanical problems, but the clear coat paint comes off pretty easily and it has been a problem with many who have had this vehicle. However, mechanically the vehicle has been amazing. If I had an option to purchase again I would purchase the same vehicle.

- Andre C

It is very dependable and safe.

I love that my Toyota is dependable, and has had a long life. It is safe, has decent gas mileage, and has not had major issues. I also like that it is standard shift. I do not like the fact that it is now too small to fit my whole family (4 kids). It is also quite basic.

- K P

The best mix of reliability and functionality

The Toyota corolla is a great vehicle for those that want a good mix of functionality and quality. The price is very reasonable for the quality. The trunk space is large enough to carry many things and the rear seats have enough leg room for adults. Overall, a great car.

- Rachel W

It is reliable and we feel safe as a family when we are driving or a passenger.

I like that it is generally good on gas mileage and that it gets us around. It is a safe vehicle for myself and my family. I am glad it is a reliable car and has been running well for so long already. I dislike the color of it but do not want to bother with a paint job.

- Kate M

Love n My Toyota Corolla!!

I bought my Toyota Corolla new. I have not had any problems whatsoever with it. I have driven it back and forth from Florida to Texas and Texas to North Carolina. Other than everyday maintenance this car just keeps going. I only have 85000 miles on it at this time.

- Kathy M

Reliable car, easy to maintain.

Smooth drive, reliable, feels lightweight when there's not a lot of gas in it. Good gas mileage. Have had a few problems with the engine running consistently--problems with the spark plugs, etc. But easily fixed. Wish it had a backup camera and the aux port is broken.

- Audrey W

a decade car I can depend on

my Toyota corolla 2008 ce, has no problem good performance, less fuel consumption, reliable in the road and very comfortable spacious interior, excellent fuel, economy, good interior quality, illustrious reliability record. Fuel efficiency decades of good reliability

- Maria P

The windshield wipers spread more than wipe off dirt

I love how reliable it is, I have driven to Mexico and back and through several long trips. I wish it was bigger so I could fit more stuff and sleep in it better. I just got a flat in it too today so if I could get some more durable tires against screws I'd be stoked

- Hanno R

Toyota makes dependable vehicles. I would recommend them.

Noises that have not been rectified after several returns for repair. Otherwise this is a very reliable vehicle. It is still in good condition after 10 years. I plan on having it for many more years. I found taking it to the dealership for repairs was very expensive.

- Margaret C

Does not handle well in snow. Needs new tires probably.

It is pretty reliable and gets decent gas mileage. Since it is an older car starting to show wear and tear and doesn't have all of the fancy new features like a newer car would. Specifically, built in navigation, backup camera, bluetooth for phone, heated seats, etc.

- Mitzi S

A great car to fit a working person's daily needs.

The only problem I have ever had with this car was the ac compressor went out. It gets super gas mileage. It is a simple car without a lot of technology which is what I wanted. I have driven it to work for around 6 years and no problems! It serves my needs very well!

- Alicia A

I like how it is small enough to park in tight spots easily.

It is very comfortable and reliable. Its is a car I would recommend to other car buyers. I love the interior of the car and the sound system is wonderful quality. The car drives so smoothly and I have not had to do anything more than get the brakes and oil changed.

- Emily S

Few problem but it get me where I need to go.

I got my vehicle from my uncle. The horn stopped working and the blinkers have to be manually turned off. The radio was taken out but it rides really well and very smoothly. I am planning to get a new one soon. It has a few problems but gets me where I need to go.

- Alicia Q

Very good and great on gas.

Never bad a maintenance issue. Comfy liable and nice looking. Affordable great on gas. . . Would highly recommend to friends and family. Nice looking car love the color. Would buy another Toyota in a minute. Toyota service people are outstanding and knowledgeable.

- Linda A

Most Dependable Car like a timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I have had no real problems, other than Routine Maintenance: Brakes, Battery, Alternator, Bulbs in headlights/tail lights. I have had this car since June 2014, used, I drive 100-150 a day 6 days a week. It is Very Dependable. I will get another one, when needed.

- Cindy O

Reliable and durable vehicle great in all conditions.

Great reliable vehicle. Durable. Handles very well in all-weather. I have had no problems with the vehicle in over ten years of ownership. Very comfortable to drive especially for long distances. Other than routine maintenance I have spent very little on repairs.

- Nadine P

Best car to own. Low maintenance and good gas mileage

It's the best car ever. I absolutely adore my car. Its trustworthy and reliable. It is gas efficient and has great gas mileage. I will never get a different make or model. I never have any issues. It's small but it does its job. I highly recommend buying this car

- Caroline H

Seats are very soft and easy to clean.

Good smooth riding car have never had any trouble it fits 5 people and gets great gas mileage. 30$ in Abilene TX will fill the tank and last a few days taking kids where they need to be at games and get 2 adults to work and is a perfect cheap family vacation car.

- Danielle S

Best vehicle ever will only but Toyota.

It is been really good since I bought it no issues at all. I keep up on the maintenance and opinion changes. No major issues. It runs good. Only one recall on the before and had it fixed and corrected. Since then nothing. Will only but Toyota cars from not on.

- Leslie C

Very reliable, good dependable car

My car is very reliable I have plenty of leg room very spacious so I would consider it to be comfortable. I have automatic doors and windows a CD radio. The air conditioning works good and so does the heating system I haven't had any problems so far so good

- Cindy W

Toyota corollas are the way to go!

I absolutely love my Toyota Corolla. It gets wonderful gas mileage, super reliable, and looks great. This car will last you forever! I cannot say enough good things about it. The seats are super comfy. The trunk is nice and spacious. It's simple and compact.

- Jen P

Great car. Good mileage. Not much more to say.

I have never had any problems with my car. It has served me well. Never thought of getting a new car because my car is in good shape. Of all the cards I have had in the past this is the best. Not much more to say. I do not have a lot of mileage on the car.

- Jackie O

Corolla le. Small four door with college in mind. Will get you where you need to.

As a 6' man, I still seat relatively comfortable in the seats. One upside to the car is the gas mileage, with 31 mpg highway, around 26 in town. Car is minimalist in interior design. Very little added luxuries; small cup holders, tiny center console, etc.

- Michael W

Great car to have for long road trips.

The Toyota Corolla is a very reliable vehicle. I have driven it across the country 3 times with no issues. I love the size of the vehicle. The car is extremely roomy for being a sedan. The trunk is also very spacious to hold plenty things for road trips.

- Sonia B

An interesting detail about my card would have to be the seats in the back it has enough room but not to the point where it feels like you're in a van

What I love about my car is that when I brake it does not break so hard as other cars that I have driven. Also when driving the car it is very smooth on dirt and streets. I live in a area where sometimes you have to take dirt streets so it's very smooth!

- Esmeralda S

It is my rally car. The color is black. . .

Transmission leak. Great performance I like driving on the road when no one else is around. My favorite part of day to drive is the early morning. Occasionally at night I run my errands like, gas and groceries. I really like my sunroof and stereo system.

- Ronnie S

Perfect trouble free car!

My husband was a new car dealer & in automobile business for over 30 years, so we have driven many different makes & models of cars & we like this car the best of all. Trouble free, comfortable, still looks like new after 10 years. A perfect car for us.

- Beverly R

The air conditioning is insanely powerful, stronger than any other car I've been in.

It runs well and doesn't require too much gas, and has amazing air conditioning. It's not super new though, so it doesn't have a more advanced radio or phone compatibility, but it wasn't too expensive. It's a dark color so it can get hot in the summer.

- Nora M

Good reliable transportation.

Reliable transportation vehicle. Minimum maintenance issues. Coating has deteriorated so appearance is poor but performs well. Good around town and small trips. Do not ask for more and continues to perform well. Gives good marks to Toyota production.

- Stan T

its reliable and good for the long haul

I bought the vehicle because of its durability and repair records but i was disappointed on the workmanship cause the little stuff like all the wheel covers fell off the stripe on the sides fell off and was recalled like 3 times for different stuff

- sindi b

Black exterior, gray interior. Cd player. Great gas mileage. Lots of room. Spare tire in trunk.

The Toyota Corolla is an absolutely wonderful car to drive. It is reliable and drives smoothly. The appearance is also pleasant inside and out. Repairs, if necessary, are not costly. I love Toyota Corollas and I will always drive this car. Always.

- Ashley W

Toyota Corolla: Affordable and comfortable

Great on gas mileage, I hardly ever have to refuel. I can fill my tank for about $25, and that will last me for at least one week's worth of commute to and from work. It's very comfortable inside and out. Extremely reliable and cheap to maintain.

- Robert W

My car runs well and that's what matters. It has been reliable for the past year and I hope to continue driving it for a long time.

I like how smoothly my corolla runs. It is also pretty quiet compared to the truck I used to drive before, and it has good fuel efficiency. My only complaint is that the gas gauge is broken, so sometimes I am unaware of just how much gas I have.

- Diego F

If your looking to buy a corolla they are great on gas.not to fancy but get you from A to B and are reliable

It's great on gas. It's still in great condition even though its 10 yrs old. I dislike that there is no radio control built into the steering wheel which even previous car from 2001 had.but that could be a feature in a more expensive mode, idk

- Jamie V

It's extremely dependable and it gets amazing highway gas mileage.

I love how dependable my car has been over the years. In the past, I was not always the best when it came to regular maintenance, but my car kept going regardless. It's not the flashiest car on the lot by any means, but I sincerely enjoy it.

- Keith A

It is mine. It has a good amount of features even if it does not have them all.

It is reliable. It is run for at least 10 years. There are still more miles on it. It would still require more maintenance now that it is old. I wouldn't be able to take it on a road trip any time soon, but so far it is running smoothly.

- Sarah H

A great little car that is been nicknamed Pepe by my family and I.

My Corolla is a great car. It handles very well and accelerates quickly. Those are two of my favorites qualities that it has. It also gets good gas mileage. I only have to fill it up about once a week. It also has a good sound system.

- Mario S

It is quite a good and smooth car considering the 200, 000 miles it has on it.

My car is small and compact, it is gray and I feel like it is an amazing car. It has over 200, 000 miles on it but still runs amazing and smoothly. It cannot really handle bumpy roads though. It is comfortable to drive in as well.

- Ann D

It is safe and saves you money on gas! It gets great gas mileage.

My car is old but reliable. I have taken it into the mountains of Colorado and the deserts in Arizona. It has climbed hills in San Francisco and drove through the forests in Idaho. It is safe, good on gas, and a brand I trust.

- Charissa R

It's my baby and should be respected as such.

I love my vehicle because it is the closest to new that I have ever had. It drives great and is very easy to maneuver. It is just the right size for me and it is has been considered a safe vehicle according to Consumer Reports.

- Patsy S

Great reliable vehicle - maintenance only, no major repairs in five years.

I have owned my car for 5 years and all I have had to do is buy tires, a battery and have the oil changed every 3000 miles. I love my very reliable car. The only issue with it is that the paint is rusting off in multiple places.

- Andrea S

It is perfectly safe to be in.

It is reliable and takes me where I need to go. I just have had small maintenance issues with it that I am sure does not happen with every car. I tend to need to replace the brake pads often as well as repair broken sensors.

- Kimberly R

The gas mileage is awesome.

I love the gas mileage that the Toyota Corolla gets. It is the perfect size car for a small, single person such as myself. I do not like how the radio does not have a place for an AUX cord and the lack of Bluetooth.

- Britain B

It's a black compact sedan very reliable good actor and power windows no electrical problems all in all a very sensible and reliable vehicle

I love my toyota corolla!! It's extremely reliable, with proper maintenance it has lasted me a decade of heavy use currently coming up on 200,000 miles! So excited to see it turn over. Toyota owners for life!

- Manuel F

The Toyota Corolla is a survivor.

I bought my Toyota as a secondhand salvaged car. However, it functions with little to no problems whatsoever. It is fantastic money saver, with the insane mileage it can get with just a single tank of gas.

- Victor I

Dependability and doesn't break down - Economical for gas.

It is small enough to use around town. It saves on gas prices to use around town. It is not good for any long trip (too small). For quick trips fine - long trips can't be comfortable like a luxury car.

- sharon k

It is very reliable in spite of its age and mileage

Very reliable regarding repairs, decent gas mileage, comfortable are the things that I like best. I really can't think of anything that I dislike. I might prefer a larger trunk when i go on a road trip.

- Jacqueline B

It's a very reliable vehicle that will continue to be of use no matter age or how many miles

The Toyota Corolla has been a very reliable car. It's very inexpensive with it's repairs and also very easy to maintain. It runs great and even though it has almost 200 miles on it, it still runs great!

- Kailea L

Dependable, Efficient Car.

Solid car that has lasted for over 100,000 miles to date with almost no real problems. Reliable and gas efficient. Only complaint is it sometimes makes some noise when it rains, but it goes away fast.

- David L

It is reliable, was inexpensive and easy to maintain.

It is reliable, has been easy to maintain and hasn't had any breakdowns that weren't easily fixed. It is comfortable for me, gets decent gas mileage and I hope to keep driving it for another 10 years.

- Kat H

It is a good buy if you live in a state where it will not snow that much at all.

It works well on most road surfaces. Has big enough gas tank for a week. No traction on ice and snow though tires wise. It gets pushed around by high winds. Cruise control and a/c are nice features.

- Jane S

It's extremely economical, both in fuel efficiency and maintenance costs.

The car is very fuel efficient. It's compact but doesn't feel like it on the inside. Has a decent amount of power. Handles very well in the snow for a two wheel drive car. No real complaints.

- Sam N

The vehicle is older and with that, has less features than I would like. The interior is a light beige and gets dirty easily. The vehicle is in good condition and has been a reliable car with no major maintenance requirements.

The vehicle is older so it doesn't have many of the updated features and it is a base model of its time. Because of its age, the HVAC system doesn't work as well as it did when I first bought it.

- Anna B

It is reliable as can be, Toyota’s last.

I love it is reliability and that it is paid off, it is not that fast but all that matters is that it gets me from point A to point B. It keeps going as long as I keep doing regular maintenance.

- Angie P

It is hard to start when the engine is hot but not on a hot day the engine must be started and stopped after a few minutes for it to have a hard time starting.

What I like about my toyota is that is has a good air conditioner. But what I dislike is that it has hard time starting up when the engine is hot. I love the fact that it has never stranded me.

- Adam B

It will last you a long time but it is not going to impress anyone.

The crevice were the roof of the car meets the front passenger window leaks. The car feels small. It is a utilitarian car, it is not built for comfort or joy, it is just a means to get around.

- Lisa K

It has great gas mileage too.

Gas mileage is great for driving around.. Small spaces fit everything.. Compact vehicle for everything around town can drive to friends with low gas prices and fast for traveling places too.

- Caitlin S

Toyotas may be the most reliable cars on the market.

I drove 86 miles round trip to work for several years. Routine maintenance only except replaced 2 water pumps. 235000 miles plus. No complaints. Very reliable and fairly fuel efficient.

- Larry D

Reliable. Great car. When I bought it promo was get every other oil change free.

My Corolla has over 200, 000 miles on it. I do all maintenance that the dealership recommends and they take good care of my car. I had a 98 Corolla that had 189, 000 when I traded it in.

- Robin P

It is reliable and purchasing it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in life!

I love the gas mileage I get. I also love that Maintenance is very low and easy to manage. It has over 400,000 miles and still runs wonderfully! I have nothing negative to say about it!

- Ashley F

Reliable Toyota Corolla S

I have really liked our toyota corolla. We have had a few problems with the front of the car. The bumper doesn't like to stay on and our grill fell off. It's been a reliable car though.

- Andrea F

Silver 2008 Toyota Corolla LE

I have never had a problem with this vehicle. It has over 220k miles on it and nothing has gone wrong with it aside from normal wear, even having been in an accident four years ago.

- Kevin B

Does it work well, and when was the last time that the owner had it checked?

My current car is very reliable, and works great. The gas miles is high from previous owner, which I don't really like. One thing I really dislike, is that my car is very light.

- Sayali B

Dependable, reliable, cheap transportation. Good for the long haul.

Incredibly reliable. Seat could use lumbar support. More road noise than I would like. Has 190,000 and still running like it was the day I got it. Good value for the money!

- Lynn M

A small car, 4 door & white. The vehicle has cloth seats & seats a total of 5. It is great when traveling and does not cost much on gas.

It is a great vehicle. It is comfortable a smooth ride & is great on gas. I enjoy how reliable the vehicle is & how much I don't need to maintenance it. Well worth its value.

- Alexis H

The reliability - not having to worry about a money-pit situation where there are continuous repairs required.

It has very good gas mileage. Very reliable - I should be able to get at least 150,000 miles before I need to trade it in. Nice looking car and a great price for the value.

- Daniel O

Toyota Corolla: An ergonomists' dreamcar

The most reliable car I have ever owned. 180k miles going and still no major issues that have cropped up. Good fuel mileage, gets the job done. Exceedingly cost efficient.

- Bert C

It is reliable and I enjoy driving it.

It has great pickup for when I need to pass someone. It has only had one big problem in the 10 years I have owned it and it has more than enough space inside the car for me.

- ken J

how reliable & safe it is if you take care of it properly

it is a great compact & gets good mileage, & since I maintain it I have needed little done to it. I love the dealership I have dealt with over the years with my last 2 cars

- marilyn f

It is reliable. It's dependable. It's great.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. Besides regular maintenance, I've not had to sink any money into my car. It has over 100,000 miles and still going strong. I love it.

- Michelle P

The Corolla is a very dependable and well built car.

I liked the price when I bought it. The look of the car was also appealing. I like the ease of changing the oil. I don't like how some of the door seals are coming loose.

- Jonathan T

It is extremely reliable and has not had a major issues in 7 years of ownership.

My car is extremely reliable. The fuel economy is great. It is comfortable for longer drives. The cons are that the sound system is weak, and it can feel small at times.

- Andrew S

It's reliable for short trips

Reliable for short distances but would be worried to take it on a long road trip because of past maintenance issues. Brakes, battery, and engine have all be troublesome

- Amanda C

Toyota Corolla experience

My Corolla had been very useful this past couple of years. It's parts are easy and economically viable to purchase and last very long. Though replacements are annoying.

- John S

Economical car that will take you long distances with less gas.

I love my vehicle because it is very economical. I only spend 25 dollars at the gas tank! I also like it because it is not European and does not cost much money to fix.

- Joann S

The Gas mileage, dependability. It will never break down on you.

My car is the best car you can get. It is the most reliable car i have ever had. It has lasted me over 5 years and has 200,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

- Chance V

You can rely on it for many, many miles.

I like the quality of it, the gas mileage it gets, and the comfortable ride. I like that I don't need to do constant maintenance on the vehicle. It's a good vehicle.

- Nathan B

It is dependable, reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like it because Toyota has a good reputation for reliability. It also has good gas mileage. I got it for a good price and Toyota's usually have good resale value.

- David C

It is definitely economic and easy to use and maneuver.

I wish it had a back up screen to show how far I am backing out and also more compartments. I also wish the air flow would be a bit better and gas was more efficient.

- Paula A

Good gas mileage on the road.

I love the Toyota brand, and this is my second Corolla. These cars are made well, and they last for a long time. I feel like I am driving a car that is designed well.

- Vicki W

The most important is that the Lord help me to buy it without good credit although I had a co-signer.

I really like my Corolla because it's reliable. It also does not burn a lot of gas like other vehicles. The Lord help me to buy it years ago and helps it running on.

- Adrienne J

It's reliable and it is really good on gas. It can fit a family of 5 comfortably.

This car has been very reliable and gas efficient over the past 10 years. It fits my family nicely. The only thing I disliked is that it doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

- Erin M

It is a reliable car with great gas mileage that will fulfill all your daily driving needs

It's a very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage but it's really nothing fancy. I'd prefer a car with more speed or one with a more visually appealing look to it.

- Barrett B

it's very peppy, can accelerate very fast.

It's a very basic model, silver, manual locks and windows. It is very reliable and requires little maintenance. It's compact but also has lots of trunk space.

- Lauren D

Corolla are great, reliable investments. you won't be disappointed if you buy one

I love the reliability of my Corolla, it has had no issues in 10 years I wish that my Corolla's trunk could open with a key fob. I wish my Corolla was larger

- LaTonia J

It is a very reliable car.

I like everything about my car. The only problem is it is starting to rust. And it starts beeping if you do not have a seatbelt on while the car is in drive.

- Taylor A

It is an amazingly reliable car. Great on gas also.

I have had great success with this car. Regular maintenance is all that I do. The only thing that could be better is the seats they are a bit uncomfortable.

- Tyler M

It has great gas mileage, and the maintenance is low compared to other vehicles.

It is great on gas mileage, performs very well, and has a spacious trunk. The interior is spacious for the size of the car, and it is on low maintenance.

- Patricia C

It runs really well for it's age.

I bought it used from a former boss. It was in great condition. I maintained it reasonably well. But now it's getting too old and it's time for a New Car.

- Ed G

It is been through a lot and come out on top.

The best on gas mileage. Very durable as long as it is taken care of. Not very much leg room inside for taller people. Enough for a short person like me.

- Lisa M

My 2008 Toyota Corolla is a pleasure to drive and has held up well.

It's easy to drive. I do not like the continued recalls. There have been 2 that I am aware of. This is the only car I've ever owned that has had recalls.

- Rose S

The most important thing others should know is that its nickname is Pepe.

I like that it accelerates very quickly and it handles well. I don't like that its small size allows it to be rocked about in high winds and it's older.

- Mario S

My car gets good gas mileage and is a good family car.

My car has good gas mileage and a smooth ride. I like the size and that it's easy to park. The only thing I would like to see is a navigation system.

- Lindsay C

Dependable and worry free.

I love that is very dependable. You never have to worry about it leaving you stranded somewhere. The car is easy to handle and all controls make sense.

- Gene O

It is pretty reliable, not much to really say outside of that.

I like that it gets me to and from where I am trying to go. I like that it has a cd player. I like that it has air conditioning that can reach my feet.

- mia b

Reliable vehicle...as has been every Toyota we have owned. And real good MPG!

Performance wise...it has been great. No major repairs and getting 30+ to the gallon. A little bit bigger vehicle (Camry?) might bench but I'm happy.

- Greg W

It has been discontinued and can no longer by one.

It's great on gas, no rust. Runs great. Not many problems. Cheap and easy to fix if there are problems. Husband is a Toyota tech and can work on them.

- Heather A

Comfort, safety & free of repairs. Still looks new after 11 years.

I love this care for it's look & comfort but also for the fact it is so worry free in regard to repairs. No major repairs & 1 miner one in 11 years.

- Beverlee R

It's very practical, and I enjoy owning it

I like the size of the vehicle. It runs very smoothly and I rarely have issues with it. The gas mileage is great. It's perfect for what i need it for

- Cassie m

There's a reason there are so many Corolla's on the road. It's a great car and I love mine!

The Corolla is reliable, dependable, simple to drive,and economical to maintain and operate. I have no complaints. It's roomy and has great utility.

- Keith G

Reliable car and will last more than 20 years

The car is comfortable; however, the seats get dirty pretty quickly. Everything still works even 10 years later such A/C and heat so it is reliable.

- Angela M

The comfortable interior and roomy trunk. Plus the sound system is only acceptable

The best thing is the gas mileage. I also like the room inside. The only thing I dislike is that the interior is not as quiet as some other vehicles

- Adam L

Save on gas and handling easy.

Like the car small. Like the car gas efficient. Dislike not power enough. Dislike back trunk door do not have key hole ( only button) to open door.

- Edmond M

It is mine, a very good car and worth keeping. If I ever trade it, it will be a new Carolla.

I like it because it is small and runs extremely well! It always starts and is very low maintenance. I have no complaints on this sweet little car.

- Jack V

Is it a car very economic.

Rapid car, very economic, comfortable. It is a car very easy to park. The radio and CD working very good. The parts to replaces are economics too.

- Ml L

My Toyota is very reliable and a good small family car and gets good gas Mileage

My Toyota has been a relatively comfortable and reliable car. I enjoy having a car I can count on. The one downfall I have is the A/c has gone out

- Kaylee S

My car is very reliable after have it for 10 years.

I love my car. It is easy to park because it is small. Gas mileage is wonderful. In the last 10 years, I have only had to repair my car one time.

- Bonnie H

It is a reliable and affordable car that has many reputable years of service.

I like that this was an affordable and reliable car with easy maintenance. Doesn't have a lot of horsepower when traveling up hills, mountains.

- Rick O

It is very dependable and has lasted a long time.

It is a really great car, minor troubles. Dependable, has lasted a long time. No complaints just wish I could get a newer upgraded version.

- Jessica C

The area under the hood is such that even I can check oil, windshield cleaner.

No problems whatsoever. Have done all oil changes and maintenance as scheduled in the owner's manual. Exterior paint has held up very well.

- Lida C

Very reliable and fast plus front side air bags with leather seats.

I do not have any complaints. It is a smooth drive. It's perfect for me, I love it. I recommend this vehicle to all my friends and family.

- Tammie C

Made to last, and has good gas mileage. I Don't have anything bad to say about it.

The milage is great. It still has good a/c. Its roomy enough for tall people and fits 5 fairly comfortably, It is an all around good car.

- Chris M

Toyota's will last up to very high miles. Very reliable.

The Toyota Corolla is amazing on gas, reliable, and easy to maintain. For my vehicle needs, I just want a reliable car with cheap parts.

- Bethany D

It's been a reliable vehicle no matter what the weather has been.

It's starting to need a lot of work that needs to be done which will be costly. It's been a great car though and has lasted a long time.

- Rachel E

toyota corolla a good dependable car.

the car is very good on gas and looks good. the car handles well and has low operating cost. I never had a major problem with this car.

- Kevin m

It is the right fit for me. It's compact, but not tiny. It's reliable, gets great gas mileage.

I love the size, visibility, reliability and the comfort level of this car. It's just right for me. I dislike that it's getting older.

- Kat D

Good Car but requires maintenance

It's a good car. It's just the fact that it's a little old so every now and then it needs to go into the shop for a repair or tune up.

- Kerly L

It is extremely reliable and well built. Required only basic maintenance over the past 10 years.

I really like my car. It has been great-only requiring basic maintenance. The car is basic as far as features, but a really good buy.

- Lyndee B

It is a very good and trusted brand.

I have no complaints at all really. I love my car's drive and gas mileage. It is perfect for me and I want another one just like it.

- Susanne F

Is very reliable for everyday use.

Very reliable vehicle, easy to maintain. Vehicle is a budget model that lacks luxury. So far no complaints or dislikes with vehicle.

- S L

No major problems with vehicle, A/C still works great!

Very reliable toyota corolla se sedan. Still very clean, & haven't had any major problems with the vehicle yet. Stock 5-disc changer

- Erin H

It has a roomy trunk. I can fit a lot of it into.

I love how reliable my car is. It gives me great gas mileage. I am able to get around the city and out of town well and affordably.

- Char R

Reliable, easy to drive, reasonable to repair, good gas mileage

It does not have power features, which I dislike. It is really good on gas mileage which I do like. Its a basic car, nothing fancy.

- Steven W

Very reliable compact car

It is very reliable, also gets good gas mileage, it drives smoothly, there is plenty of space inside the car as well as the trunk

- Ariana G

It has great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage, it is sturdy and reliable, is the perfect size for parking. The Toyota overall is very reliable.

- Sophie R

It is a good running car, very reliable and maintenance is low.

It is a nice car, it looks nice and drives nice. Maintenance is low. The only thing I dislike is the stereo is hard to replace.

- Sierra K

It is with suitable size for me. Neither too big or too small.

I really enjoyed my car. It is a compacted green car. It runs very smoothly and does very well in my daily life. Easy to drive.

- kewang X

Very reliable car. The engine lasts for years with no problem.

Very reliable. It is used over 100k miles, but it still continue to perform well. Good value. Toyota service is also excellent.

- som d

Others should know that my car is comparable to many american made cars.

What I do like is that I have maintained it. I bought it new and I have maintained it with less mileage. It has a great engine.

- Steve O

That it's reliable & good on gas & mileage, it has comfortable interior

My vehicle is reliable & I love driving it. It's comfortable interior & good on gas & handles very well in all kinds of weather

- Judi C

Good performance and reliability.

Does not have rear view camera to see behind vehicle or crossing in back of vehicle - good Audio system and original equipment.

- Peter R

It is very reliable, i have never had problems with it.

It is comfortable, easy to drive. Great quality, i have never had problems with the engine or anything else. Good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth A

Gas mileage is great! Doesn't cost much to drive to and from work. Love it!

Great gas mileage, low upkeep. CD stereo stop working month after warranty. Price to replace factory CD Stereo ridiculous .

- Amy S

Love my Toyota. It is a sport type. Red

Love how it drives. Love how it takes curves. Very nice car. It's my favorite color. It's Red. It's comfortable And clean.

- Betty L

It's affordable maintenance and great manageability.

I have never had any mechanical problems with it. It is not a gas guzzler. It runs smoothly. Very easy to handle on the road

- Jan E

it's a reliable foreign made car with affordable upkeep

i like it its reliable and safe. the maintenance and upkeep is reasonable. they last a long time. gas mileage is also good.

- Natalie D

when involved in collision where both front and back were crumpled, passenger compartment stayed completely intact

not enough interior space, too low to ground, too easy to damage fenders. Love low general maintenance needs, gas mileage

- connie s

Very affordable and will last a long while!.

I do not have any problems with it. I like it because it takes me wherever I want to go. Never had a problem with the car.

- Claudia V

This car is pretty solid, 4/5

This car has been reliable and trustworthy, but it has had a ton of recalls that I have had to get fixed by the dealership

- Kelly S

No one is allowed to sit or lean on my car at any time.

I love the gas mileage I get and the way it handles. My car gives me the indepence i need. And i like the styling of it.

- Patsy C

My five grandkids love it.

Love the low gas mileage and the little maintenance that has to be done on the car and the easy way that the car handles.

- Kathy H

Very good on good on gas and I have not had to have any repairs done o. It.

I like the car, it is a little small. I wish it had more features and automatic features. Overall I enjoy my little car.

- Amy F

Most maintenance free vehicle

Toyota is the most maintenance free car model for me. This is my third Toyota Corolla. It has good mileage per gallon.

- Diane V

Needs better security. A loud alarm would be better..

Need more space inside but it still gets about 35 mph on a road trip. Good car for the money. Will continue to drive it.

- Lida C

Great Gas Mileage and Its Dependable. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to repair

it gets good gas mileage and it's very dependable. I can get in and out of spaces due to it being small. no complaints

- sylvia w

It is highly reliable..almost no major unexpected repairs at all.

The sight lines could be better. Blu tooth would be nice. I wish the basic package included electric locks and windows.

- Sean S

It is very good on gas and trustworthy.

I love my vehicle!! Easy and smooth to drive. Great on gas. Just lacks luxury, like a better radio and system as well.

- Sebastian M

Runs great and low mileage. The air conditioning works fantastic.

No power anything or keyless entry. It has low mileage which is a plus, runs great. Too small at times, wanted an SUV.

- Tim F

It last as long as you take care of it.

Great ride. Showy car. Good gas mileage. Sporty. Nice ride. Easy maneuvering.. Dislike that they discontinued them..

- Ellen P

Dependable and runs smoothly.

Comfortable.. Reliable.. Easy to drive.. Radio hard to adjust and quality of speakers could be better for back seat.

- Nancy D

It's a compact car great for a student.

It's a tight fit if you have more than four people in it. It's great on gas mileage. I haven't had any major issues

- Chanel W

It works, it runs beyond amazement.

Love how great it runs. It has not had any issues. Sense I have got this car I have been at a up high satisfaction.

- Angelica T

It's a very standard car without any bells and whistles.

We bought it used, so the cleanliness is not great. It drives pretty smoothly, but doesn't have any extra features.

- Kelsey R

Toyota has great, reliable vehicles. I know a lot of people who have them and have been completely happy.

I really have no complaints. Toyotas are extremely reliable vehicles. I've never had any major issues with my car.

- Lexi S

It is probably the most reliable car I've ever had.

We've had the Corolla for several years. While ugly, it is cheap to maintain and drive and is incredibly reliable.

- Gary S

It has held up pretty good. With proper maintenance it has lasted a good while.

The style looks good, it is comfortable to drive, great gas mileage! Wish it had a bit more power in the engine!.

- Grant C

They should know that it is really reliable.

I have not had any problems with my car so far. It performs well. It is very reliable. The comfort level is high.

- Nicole R

Affordable, comfortable and dependable. Low maintenance.

It has been an excellent, low maintenance, dependable vehicle. No problems in 135,000 miles. Very comfortable.

- Jane J

the one most important thing others should know about my car is really cheap

This vehicle realy cheap , save gas .,save money .You can run and don't worry everything .part reale cheap too.

- tina l

It is very reliable and great on gas!

I love the size and gas mileage of my car. It is very reliable but I would like to have a built in nav system.

- Kelly C

Gas economy. It very important to me.

I really like it. It is dependable, gas economy. I have my car for long time and I never got a problems at all.

- Liliana P

It gets great mileage per gallon.

My vehicle is very comfortable and handles well. The CD player can hold 6 discs and the sound system is great.

- Jessica B

This car is reliable and rarely gives any problems.

I really enjoy think car and it has held up well over the years. It is reliable, it rarely gives me problems.

- Melissa H

I like how cozy it is. It is very gas efficient and of you take care of it, it lasts a long time.

It is a very durable car that lasts a long time and gets amazing gas mileage which is cost efficient as well.

- Madison M

I like that my car has a simple design in my opinion.

My car gets the job done and takes me where I need to go. Also I do not need a lot of money to refill my gas.

- Phuong T

My car is now and has been a very reliable car.

Gas mileage is great and little maintenance over the years. Still has original parts despite four accidents.

- Erica N

It a great reliable car that will last a long time and is easy to do repairs on.

It's a compact car that looks nice and gets great gas mileage. The car is also easy to do normal repairs on.

- Chris D

Toyota Corolla is a very safe and reliable car to own.

very reliable vehicle. low maintenance. good gas mileage. compact, easy to drive in areas with small spaces.

- chris t

It is very safe. Walked away from my wreck.

The handle of my car. I like the gas miles I get. I like the price I paid for my car.. I disliked nothing..

- Sandra B

It's very fuel efficient and reliable. I've never had any issues with it minus hubcaps not staying on.

I like it because it's small and fuel efficient. I've never had issues with it in the 10 years i've had it.

- j s

Good gas mileage and holds the road well.

I like the way it handles. It has good space for one driver. Gas mileage is good.. Body is a little flimsy.

- Deborah H

It is reliable and efficient. I would buy it again.

The car runs great and I have had minimal mechanical issues with the car. Repairs are simple and not costly

- Keith S

It has great gas mileage and is reliable.

Like gas mileage, comfort and style. Dislike not being able to haul large items like when I had a truck.

- Lindsay R

Great Gas Mileage and Roomy Vehicle

Great gas mileage. Very roomy. Low maintenance. Drives smoothly. Lots of room in the trunk for storage.


Nothing my car is a good car.

Not really have one. No idea. I do not have any. My car runs very smoothly. I haven't had an issue yet.

- Lacy C

Toyota Corolla - Dependable, fuel efficient, and just a pleasure to drive.

No complaints. The car has been dependable, requiring little maintenance, and just a pleasure to drive.

- Timothy A

Very reliable and dependable car with low maintenance

Very reliable, good gas mileage, nice trunk space, good space in backseat for kids, comfortable seats

- Angela A

It has good mileage and low maintenance

I like the low care, good mileage, ease of driving. It is easy to handle. I am happy with durability.

- Sharon S

It has good gas mileage for the price.

Like the gas mileage. Liked that it's paid off. Dislike that it doesn't have updated audio system.

- Not W

Toyota corolla performance

Typical problems from age. Breaks rust from salt during winter. But runs great durable and has room.

- mike m

it needs very few repairs in the last ten years, just regular maintenance

its dependable. I can handle it easily, its gets great gas mileage, I can park it almost anywhere

- eldona m

It is fairly low maintenance and gets good gas mileage, but because it is small it is loud on the freeway.

I like how small it is and easy to drive. It also gets good gas mileage. But it is sometimes loud.

- Ashley H

Great on gas and very few major repairs need to be done.

I love that is good on gas and miles. I dislike the face that my sunroof is now starting to leak.

- Liliane F

My car is gas efficient, red, and pretty spacious for a sedan.

It's great for saving money on gas but it does not have all the hi-tech gear cars have nowadays

- Jessica E

It has 165,000 miles on it and it runs great overall.

I like that it is a manual and it has a moonroof. overall I have no problems with the car.

- Lee H

Other people should know that it has good miles to the gallon.

I like that it runs well. I wish it was a newer vehicle, but overall it is a great car.

- Regina K

Useful. It does it's job and get where I need to go.

Old but runs. Need to get a new one but money can be tight. I've been looking around.

- Jose S

It's a very reliable car that hasn't given me any problems, apart from the occasional flat tire.

It's reliable. It's pretty good on gas mileage. Features are basic. It's getting old.

- Jonathan Z

It is one of the most reliable vehicles out there.

I really like my Corolla. It gets great gas mileage. It could use a little more room.

- John J

It is reliable and dependable. It was built very well.

I am the only owner. My car is almost 11 years old. It just reached over 90k miles.

- Autumn L

its very nice model of the car , comfortable and good

there is no complaint but its very comfortable to ride and drive . i love this car

- hit p

Toyota has few advantages , such as it is durable , Hybrid power

Overall , I like Toyota model cars, because it spend less fuel and is comfortable.

- Zulaikha s

It will last for a long time. It is reliable and good for traveling

It has great mileage but looks outdated. I would just like to upgrade the interior

- Kyle D

It's very reliable. I get great gas mileage which is really nice for road trips.

I like the gas mileage. I like the reliability. I like the style. No complaints.

- Ryan B

I want to drive a reliable car and I know many Toyota cars are reliable.

It's a nice size without being too small. It's a nice color too. It drives well.

- Sarah D

the car is safety orientated

it fits my needs. easy to take care of. the only dislike is the braking system.

- kari O

Its dependable and reliable. Good gas mileage. Paint chips and foggy lights

It is mine and paid for. Inexpensive to maintain. Good quality and trustworthy.

- Robyn M

It is in excellent condition with 120,000 miles. This is the best car I have owned.

I love my '08 Corolla. The car is very good on gas, reliable and comfortable.

- Gregg N

I love it so much because it works for me. I'm Am very comfortable driving it.

It's very good quality and perfect for me. Driving it is very smooth and nice

- Mya i

It is very easy to drive and gives me fun times driving it ...

I love my vehicle it is very fun to drive and i don't have any complaints ...

- linda C

No problem really hard working safe and reliable vehicle. Toyota is the best in its level, not expensive, save gasoline and if you are not reckless, will serve for long time.

That it is secure, reliable and has been safe to drive for all time I had it

- Larisa K

It doesn't do too well when the roads are wet so takeoff slowly from stop lights

Gets me where I need to go safely. Everything works and it's very reliable.

- Destiny A

In demand and resale price is high. Great car for driving in the city because it's easy to park.

Reliable, easy to drive and park. Easy to see surrounding. Good mileage

- Doris C

I have not had any major problems in the five years that I've had this vehicle. Regular maintenance works wonders. It gets me where I need to go; from the store every day and even trips out of state. It's moderately comfortable with basic features, but was also incredibly affordable with superb financing through the dealership.

The Corolla is a very sturdy vehicle. Not finicky or difficult to drive.

- Elizabeth M

The one most important thing to know about my car is that it is dependable.

I like that it is dependable. I also like that it is very fuel efficient.

- Charles C

It's a very dependable car that will last you for many years.

It's very reliable. It is good on gas. I can easily park it anywhere.

- Rosie M

it is a good dependable car

no complaints great gas mileage works well had no [problems with it

- scott C

economical, good gas mileage

great transportation. good mileage. hard on long trips but adequate.

- Stan h

The company has changed parts on newer models which has affected the model negatively

I've had no issues with my car. It's perfect for getting around in.

- Michelle B

Toyota is a reputable company, with reliable cars that get you where you are going safely, comfortably, and affordably.

Reliable, safe, gets great gas mileage, has longevity, love Toyota!

- Amy L

it has been going strong for ten years of heavy use in snowy conditions

it's reliable rarely brakes and is easy to use. 10+ years of use

- Liza P

I have had no issues with this car and have owned it for years, very reliable and fuel economy is pretty good.

It is very reliable and good on gas mileage it handles well too.

- Ryan W

best in class vehicle for the right price and best quality

the best quality vehicle, low maintenance vehicle, less costlier

- krishnakumar t

It is a very reliable machine and gives me the convenience of movement.

Black in color, and I like it because it is not a fuel guzzler.

- Chris O