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Toyota has way too many recalls on their vehicles.

About the nicest thing I can say about it is that it performs well on the road, otherwise, it has many problems. One thing I really hate is that when you put the car into park, the doors automatically unlock. I don't want my doors unlocking if there are any odd characters lurking near. Also, there are many blind spots, and I sometimes miss seeing cars coming . It is very hard to look toward the rear on the driver's side to see oncoming traffic. I didn't have the car very long before the trunk wouldn't open from the inside. There's not much room between your head and the ceiling; I can't even tilt my head up to finish off a drink, I have to turn a bit sideways. It did not come with back windshield wipers, which I did not notice. In Louisiana, where it rains quite often, it's really good to have back windshield wipers. There have been numerous recalls on it, and I had to take time to take it in and get everything fixed; even had to leave it overnight. The dealership was very nice, though, and I didn't have to pay anything. They even did an all points checkup for me.

- Bonnie T

This is a vehicle that will last a long time with little to no issues.

My Corolla is a reliable, well-performing vehicle and a good value for its market price. The gas mileage is unbeatable - I average 35 miles to the gallon. The ride is smooth, although a little louder than newer models. While the car is small, it is spacious for its vehicle class. Four people can comfortably travel in the vehicle. It can navigate tight parking spaces and narrow city streets, but you are lower to the ground. As far as mechanical issues go, I haven't had any in the 9 years I have owned the vehicle. This was one of the Toyota models that had several recalls in its early years of production, but Toyota has always done an excellent job of providing a remedy at no cost. Overall, this is the perfect vehicle for someone who drives a lot, like a college student or someone with a long commute. The only reason I will not buy this car again is because I want something a little bigger.

- Laura H

Reliable, but looking for something different in the future.

I really liked this vehicle when I purchased it. I have since ‘outgrown’ it in the sense that I would like something with more space for hauling bigger items (i.e.: yard waste, small furniture pieces). I also have moved into the city in a state (MN) with harsh winters and the roads are not as upkeep as they are in the suburbs. Because of this I would now prefer something a little bigger, that feels safer. Before this vehicle, I had a Honda Accord. I much preferred the visibility in that vehicle to the Corolla, something I didn't pay enough attention to as I was test driving. The Corolla seems to have some fairly substantial blind spots that I do not like. I used the Corolla pretty extensively for long drives when I was in college and it was very uncomfortable on extended trips. I have had the vehicle for about 8 years now and have had no major issues. It has held up well.

- Sara P

The car isn't that great in the snow, but is a decent car with good gas mileage.

I'm the original owner of my corolla and there were just too many recalls. This is suppose to be a reliable car and with recalls of accelerator issues, constant airbag recalls, issues with the electronics in the window catching on fire, etc, it doesn't give off that image of safety and reliability. Otherwise it's a ok car overall, looks pretty decent in condition after 10 yrs. It has just reached 140,000 miles so the engine certainly lasts. The biggest complaint is that it goes through brakes like crazy. I really wished it was better driving in the snow, and would probably get an AWD vehicle next time. For an sedan it has a lot of truck room considering its not a hatchback. I just wished that it didn't have this box in the upper part trunk which makes it difficult to put larger items in the truck with the seats down. I would more likely consider a hatchback next time.


Corolla: a dependable first car.

Admittedly, I'll be the first to say that I do not know much about cars. However, I know my car, and I know what makes it good or bad. Really, there's only one bad part about my car. The battery on my Corolla tends to drain fast? In the sense that it will refuse to take a charge. I have had the car for nearly 5 years and I have had to replace the battery more than 5 times due to how many times it is died. No matter what shop we bring it to, no one can figure out why it does this. Maybe it is just my car. Otherwise, it works perfectly in every other situation. It drives smoothly, and I couldn't have asked for a better first car. The mileage is decent, and it does not take much to fill the tank. It is nearly a decade old, and still runs like new. Toyota makes a quality car.

- Grace D

Saves you tons of gas for long distance. Spacious. Very reliable.

The Toyota Corolla S is a pretty reliable car, it has a spacious trunk to fit most of your needs, the backseat is quite spacious for its small size vehicle. The front area is just a perfect size amount, gas wise is the best decision made. Saves you ton of gas if your traveling far, overall this car and its brand is so reliable that I trust it more than I do other brand cars. Only issue is the airbag notification, already did my annual check up and it still pops up. Car is pretty reliable, holds its own thru distance. The car could use a little more comfort and a little more features like a built in navigation, better cup holder, more charger adaptation and fans for the back passengers could improve but not to much complaints!

- joy T

It is a smooth ride. It is comfy on the inside (fabric), and has decent space!

My Corolla overall is a pretty amazing car! It is reliable, and 2009 has all the basics. Auxiliary cord hookup, airbags, decent size trunk, I do not have too many complaints. The small, but significant to me anyway things I wish I had were: a mirror light. You know when you flip down the visor and there’s the makeup mirror? There’s no light with it and that would be useful a lot! A direction of travel. I would so love to look up in my rear view mirror and see a direction of travel. Dang! Not possible to set military time - not the end of the world, but wish it had it for sure. Overall, I love this car. It rides smoothly, it has taken me on road trips that were 1000+ miles, it is a good car and I would recommend!

- Joy A

Runs like the energizer bunny.

While purchased used with approx 75k miles on it, my vehicle has been quite reliable for me. It is a decade old so it does not have all of the fancy new things like navigation, backup camera, or hands free/Bluetooth tech, but the bare bones run well. I have had some issues with squeaky brakes but every shop tells me they are functional and not need of replacement. I have had no major issues, one thing that happened was a filter for my a/c got clogged and flooded my front passenger floorboard but it was an inexpensive fix that don't require a mechanic. Everyone encouraged me to buy a corolla at my time of purchase due to the longevity of the vehicle and so far they have been correct.

- Alyssa H

Toyotas run forever! Just don't push it and you're on the road!

This is the first car I've ever bought on my own that did not come from my parents. Its small but big enough for me! Plus it's a four door! I love it and it's reliable. However, it is an older vehicle, not made for long distance traveling or heavy loads. It will drive slower on steep hills. But once you get it going, it's a smooth ride. If you keep up basic repairs then it runs smooth always. Its true when people say Toyotas will run forever! I know this because I do the bare min. As far as upkeep and it just keeps on going. I drive it pretty much daily and it gets me to and from without a hitch! I for sure would love an upgraded version of this exact same car!

- Mia T

Be careful where you buy your car.

Within the first 3 months of me purchasing my car I had to replace 2 ignition coils, 2 breaks, the battery and a coolant coupler. This cost approximately $1,600. This was very frustrating. I purchased my car at a used car lot and they said nothing was wrong with it. The name of the lot is KC used car emporium and I will never go back there. I am on a 5 year payment plan to pay the car off. So far now my car runs ok and the interior of the car is decent except for a couple stains. My car is a black 2009 Toyota corolla with no dents on it and only a few scratches. It gets good gas mileage and is pretty reliable now that all the repairs are done.

- Jennifer W

My Dependable 2009 Corolla

My 2009 Toyota Corolla is a very reliable vehicle. I bought this car in 2012 and it is still running like new. I have used this car to Travel from San Francisco to North Carolina without any issues. I've driven it in all kind of weathers and it holds up well in all of them. I have two kids and they fit comfortably in the back seat with enough space for another grown child in the middle. Aside from the routine preventive maintenance that is required for the vehicle, I have not had to do any major repairs as of yet. This brings me to believe that this car is best for anyone looking for a trusted and reliable vehicle that will last them a while.

- I J

It requires low maintenance. It is built to last and great on gas. Very easy on the pocketbook and still a great looking car.

I love that I have had this car for almost 10 years and have not had a single problem with it. Other than regular maintenance, new tires and brakes this car runs beautifully. As for appearance the car still looks new. I feel I can easily get another 100,000 miles out of this car. I was afraid this car was possibly going to be too small when I first purchased it but as happy to say it fits all my needs. Ample trunk space and front interior. The back seat is a little short on leg room for people (teens) 5 foot 8 and taller but I can make due for short trips. Also this car is great on gas, I love this car!

- Janice t

Great gas mileage User-friendly infotainment system High predicted reliability rating

The Toyota Corolla is an OK car, but it doesn't really stand out in any areas compared to other highly competitive compact cars. Its cabin is teeming with hard plastics, which exude a low-rent feeling. Additionally, the Corolla has dull handling and lackluster engine power. Conversely, the Corolla is a top seller every year. That's because it excels in delivering much of what people look for in daily driver. Toyota's predicted reliability is top-notch, and the Corolla is great on gas. Infotainment features are easy to use. Also, the seats are roomy and comfortable.

- Alyse N

I have 99 problems, but my Corolla is not 1.

The 2009 Toyota Corolla comes equipped with power locks and windows, am/FM CD stereo with auxiliary input. This car is reliable and fuel efficient. In the nearly ten years I have had the car I have only regularly changed the oil and had a minor tune-up. With only the above mentioned maintenance the car has run great and is currently at 160, 000 miles. It seats five adults comfortably. At my best estimate, my Toyota Corolla averages around 20 - 25 miles per gallon. I would and have recommended this car to my family and friends. My mother drives a 2010 Corolla.

- Jessica S

Lives long, but looks like new!

I love Toyota vehicles! Have owned two. Very reliable. Great gas mileage and comfortable. They hold up well. Easily repaired. Most places can service them. Toyota is great about fixing recall problems promptly. Put 264, 000 on my first Camry, have over 151, 000 on my Corolla and it drives like it did the day I bought it. My family all drive Toyota’s. They are easy to sell when you are ready to get a new one. The interior has stayed like new! Things are not cheaply made. I feel safe on the road on long trips in my Corolla.

- Judy M

It�s a very slick looking car and I often get compliments that it looks new.

I love my Toyota Corolla! However, it came out just before all the cars starting coming with cool features. It doesn't even have heated seats, let alone all the new screens cars have nowadays to help park and what not. Toyota is really good about recalls on the car though. There has been two times I received an email notifying me that I needed to have my car come in for a recall or update. I'll definitely be looking to buy another Toyota once this car no longer suits me. For now, however, it runs just fine.

- Mary R

All things considered, it is an awesome vehicle and I am super happy with it.

I love my Toyota Corolla, it has held up very well in the 5 years that I have owned it. Besides basic upkeep, I have not had many problems with it at all. I have had to replace the alternator and the rotors and some other things that wear out with time and mileage but generally speaking, it has been a very reliable vehicle that has gotten me all of the places I need to go. It is pretty comfortable as well which is very beneficial on those long road trips. All in all, I am very happy with my vehicle.

- Dylan E

Catch Me in a Toyota Corolla

I bought my Toyota Corolla back in 2010, and it has not had any major issues in the eight years I have had it! Aside from purchasing a new battery, there have been no noticeable issues with my car. As far as reliability is concerned, Toyota brand cars are an excellent way to go. I have fabric interior and it cleans well and is relatively comfortable.The car has basic features except for no cruise control, but it is not enough of an asset I would not consider purchasing this car again.

- Crystal B

Enjoy good quality, reliable vehicle and save money!

We love Toyota vehicle since it has good quality, reliable and comfortable. In additional, the advantage of Toyota vehicle is that saves more gas. Totally, we have had 4 vehicles since 1997, and all of them were from Toyota. We have this Corolla since 2009, it does not have too much problems until last year. It was running 220k miles and we have to change its engine last year. Right now, we still use it. Meanwhile, we are going to purchase another vehicle from Toyota too.

- Jane C

Small, yet comfortable. Great car for the everyday user.

I have honestly had no problems with this vehicle in the 8 years I've driven it, other than the AUX port lasting about 2 months before it broke. Placing the input right next to the stick shift was a bad call design wise. It gets great gas mileage. Going mainly from my house to the office, I only have to tank up once every other week on average. The gas and brake pedals are quite sensitive compared to other cars I've driven, though I've come to favor this.

- Channing L

Pros and cons of a Toyota Corolla

The vehicle is reliable and fuel efficient. The vehicle is a good car to perform quick errands around town and also to drive to the train station for commuting purposes. Some issues are that the air conditioner doesn't work. Another issue is that the auxiliary cable does not work and I cannot connect to my smartphone. Another issue is that if you are at least six foot tall, the vehicle can be uncomfortable especially when driving over long distances.

- Forrest L

It will last forever! It's so reliable. You just get in an go!

I love how reliable it is. We know that we can get in and it will take us where we need to go even though it has over 300k miles on it. We like that it gets decent/good gas mileage (34-36). Although it's not a luxury car, it's still fairly nice. One thing we dislike is the electric (wire) steering... you always have to make small corrections as you drive down the road... this has been an issue since we purchased the car new...

- Anne R

The car that I have relied on for half my life.

So far the only problem was with an airbag recall that left me without a car for two months. Besides that, my car has always be reliable and comfy! It comes with good features, especially for the 2009 era before Bluetooth was a big deal and has an AUX port with a good radio. I love being able to set the back seats down in order to make more room from the trunk. I get good gas mileage, and it is a nice size for a smaller car!

- Natalie C

I really like my Corolla a lot.

I love all Toyota’s and always have. It is my second favorite make. It gets great gas mileage. That is it is best feature. But it is also roomy, and comfortable on the inside. My family fits comfortably every time we go places. The air is very cold, and the heat warms the car quickly and efficiently. Corollas are a great car to have! Especially for a family. They're dependable, comfortable and cheap on gas and insurance!

- Lindsey D

Dependable and great car for everyday driving.

This car has been very reliable over the last 9 years. The inside holds up better than the outside, but I have taken great care of it. Gas mileage is great, lots of space. The only reason why I rated this as 3 is that it needs body work due to roadwork issues where I live which caused a lot of paint chipped areas on the front end. I have just recently had to replace plugs and coils but all in all it has been a great car.

- Haley S

My vehicle is a 2009 gray Toyota Corolla that my parents bought it for me.

The seats are extremely comfortable and can easily be adjusted if you have shorter or longer legs. However, the car needs better defrosters due to the fact that I have to blast the ac in the cold weather in order for the fog on the front shield to go away. The car drives smoothly, but there are few issues with the brakes such as it halts and the brakes almost stutter when I have to slam on them for certain reasons.

- Victoria M

Reliable and good gas mileage.

I purchased this car because it is very reliable and good gas mileage. I fully expect it to last over 225k miles. I was also surprised at how roomy it was in the driver seat compared to similar cars. I am about 6 feet tall. I average 32 mpg in my daily driving. I replaced the radio because I wanted Bluetooth connectivity and it is an older model so it didn't have it. Replacing the factory radio just very simple.

- Adam W

Sunroof and Trunk will have problems with the seal but it's fixable.

Toyota Corolla Sport 2009 has been the best car I bought. I got this car in 2017 it only had 40 thousand miles on it. Drives great but could be better on gas. As long as you do oil changes and use fuel injection cleaner once a month it will drive perfect. This car doesn't have much power but it's safe with nice interior and radio. There had been a lot of recalls but Toyota fixes for free. Very reliable car

- Ashley G

Driving on empty... love how far you can go on fumes in this thing.

I love my Corolla. It drives smooth, gas mileage is amazing. I rarely have issues with it but when I do it usually involves a recall. I have had recalls on gas pedal and passenger airbag. This has been a bit of a pain, wish they would have made everything correctly the first time around. But convenience is not as important as safety so as frustrating as it is at least they bother to recall these issues.

- Jeremy P

Best car I have ever had. Most reliable I have ever had.

I really do not have any serious problems with my car. My little car will go almost anywhere. She runs great and gets me where I need to go. The car is easy to maintain and is one of the most reliable cars I have ever had. The car has very few bells and whistles. I have put lots of miles on it since I got it. She keeps plugging along and when I have had to fix it that parts for is are easily available.

- Rachael S

Very economical on gas and a reasonably comfortable ride.

So far I haven't had zero problems so it is very reliable for the size of the vehicle it is also very comfortable, it is equipped with just the basic features power windows airbags it is just basic but I am very satisfied with it. I would definitely if I was in the market for another car I would consider another Toyota Corolla, for the amount of money you spend on the vehicle it is definitely worth it.

- Ralph B

Great things about my car is the reliability.

Performance is great! I have not had any problems with the car as I take care of it often. I get my oils checked on a regular basis. The gas mileage is great, but for it only having 10 gallons is a disadvantage as it runs up pretty fast as you drive it. 35 mpg on the freeway, as I take freeways to work everyday. I haven't had any problems with this car, it has 140k miles on it and it runs like a champ.

- Dave N

My 2009 Toyota Corolla is an all around reliable and comfortable vehicle.

Only issue I have had so far is the plastic protective shield on the bottom of the car falling off and when I hit a bump in the road my radio cuts out for a second. It has not had performance issues and is very reliable. The comfort is not terrible I just wish that the seat had more padding around the headrest as it is a little too hard for my liking, I have fixed this by purchasing a neck pillow.

- Devon M

It's very reliable vehicle I love it and take great care of it.

I love this Toyota, its the first time I've purchased one and it's the best car I've ever owned, I feel very safe in it and has not given my any problems, as long as you keep up with maintenance it will definitely last a long time, my parents passed this car down to me because I was without a car and I am so thankful for that because I love this car. Toyota will definitely be my next car also.

- Jessica T

Beautiful bright blue Toyota Corolla s.

I love my Corolla, it is been a very dependable vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing. My only concern with my vehicle is the clearcoat/paint on the roof, hood and top of trunk is wearing off. I have noticed this on other Corollas as well. My car is a bright blue, however next purchase will probably be a more neutral color. I love the comfortable ride. I would definitely purchase another Toyota.

- Tawny F

Great car with low cost of ownership

No issues for this car except for camshaft gear defect that was part of a general recall on the vehicle. Ownership costs have been minimal and the perks include drive chain, not belt, unleaded regular gas, cheap tire replacement size and cheap auto parts. The model itself has minimal perks and electronics so tends to last for a while and has minimal chance of expensive computer chip failures.

- Srinivas V

Toyota Corolla: the reliable short circuit

It has gotten great gas mileage throughout my ownership. That has changed recently. It turns out I need to change the fuel injectors at 207k miles because at least one is stuck open. The electronics on the stock stereo are going out. They work most of the time, but there are times when I can't change the volume, radio station, or input. Just as well, the display on the radio comes and goes.

- Garrett M

A great deal for the price - fuel efficient.

I like that my vehicle has several features my last car did not. For example, it can tell me my average MPG and a pretty accurate estimate of how many miles I can drive before needing to fill my gas tank. It also has an audio jack and the defrosters also work on my side mirrors. I disliked that I recently had to spend 90 minutes getting the airbag replaced, though the warranty covered it.

- D.J. M

Red is a loyal and dependable family member

My Corolla has been everywhere with me. We have made several trips out West and to the beach in Florida. She (Red) drives beautifully. Red, because she is red in color, feels like a family member. She is very dependable. It does not take a lot of money to fill up her tank. On the interstate, we can get up to speeds of 90 if I am not careful. You would not even realize the speed.

- Tina M

It's immortal. It will last a lifetime, my mileage is up to 250K and still going strong!

I barely have to spend money on anything other than oil changes and tires. It has 250,000 miles on it, all put on by me, and Toyota's can last forever. The car I had before this was a 1995 Toyota Tercel with 375k miles on it! The only thing that stopped that car was someone stealing it and crashing it... it was a tank! The corolla was the closest thing I could find to that amazing car.

- Laura L

2009 Toyota Corolla S Barcelona red dream car turned into Recall after Recall

Recall after recall after recall. I love how the Corolla looks like a miniature Camry. I have 5 speed which has nice pickup speed for a 4 cylinder. Great gas mileage. Recall on the brake pedal, gas pedals, auto window control panel drivers side, seat belts. Interior has held up well. As a sport model I feel it should have included a sunroof that would of made the car perfect.

- Cindy B

Although not for audiophiles, this car is a great choice for those looking for an efficient car.

The MPG on the vehicle is great and I feel as if it saves me money compared to other vehicles. It runs smoothly and is easy to maintain. The car is designed well and looks premium compared to other choices in the price range. I do not like the stock speakers however, they sound very bad compared to the competition. However, the car has no issues once the speakers are replaced.

- Dylan D

Others should know that if you want a safe and reliable car that has great gas mileage, the Toyota Corolla should be their pick.

I like that it feels bigger than most compact cars. The standard radio system is loud and the bass is nice. Repairs on the car are on the cheaper side. It also gets great gas mileage and I like the style. It has the latch system for car seats as well. Only complaint is that the air conditioner doesn't get very hot and my radio port broke and it's expensive to fix so I haven't.

- Stephanie W

It�s is a small compact black corolla. The color shines in the sun all features

My car gets up to good speed starting from 0 up to 30 in less than a min. Sometimes now going up hills it does feel as if my car is having trouble. I like the fact is has an aux cord feature. My trunk is spacious. My backseat is small though not a lot of people go back there. I have a two part glove compartment. My a/c works great for now. I have a clicker to open the doors

- Kira N

Great mileage since I travel for work.

Toyota Corolla has been a good car great mileage dependable and a great daily commute vehicle. Handles great on highway easy to park and comfortable ride. With the flexibility of the back seats laying down I am able to haul large and long items from the hardware store. When I travel able to pack quite a few items in trunk and back seat. Very handy since I travel for work.

- Dana E

My car is very dependable.

I really like my car, dependable, takes me where I need to go. My car is maintained daily. I keep my car maintained and it provides me with dependability. I drive my car daily, take it to the dealership for regular maintenance. If I had to make a choice of car, I would choose the same make of car. My car has fuse problems and that is the most problem I have with my car.

- Linda H

I love my gold car for my golden life!

I love my car. I am thankful that I have not had any major problems. I am however upset that I do not have a keyless option. Gas mileage is good. Wish also I had the sunroof. My car has good take off speed, comfortable space. I like the automatic door locks. Also that it is a compact car for parking. My car is great, it has been very reliable and I do love it is color.

- Brenda H

I feel safe in the car. I worried about driving a smaller car but the few times I have been hit by others this car has held up.

I like that I have almost 200,000 miles on it and it has needed very few repairs. Other than changing the oil, tires, and normal parts that need to be changed within a mile range this car has cost me little out of pocket expense. Gas mileage is great for all I travel. I do wish the seats were more comfortable for all my travel though. In all though, the car is great.

- Tammy B

Great work car that a little gas saver.

Corolla is my work car. My wife or myself drives it everyday. It is a 2009, with 125,000. Air and heat still works well. Gets around 31 miles a gallon. No real major problems. I do have a muffler plate that needs to be fixed. Sounds like a tank going down the road. Vehicle handles really well. Hard for me to get out of. When the kids was little we had enough space.

- Jeff A

Nice, reliable car with few minor faults.

This is a very nice, reliable car, but since hitting 140, 000 we have had some issues with maintenance. Nothing too bad, but the maintenance seems to be more and more each time and the costs add up. As performance goes, this car can get up and go for a tiny car. When riding in the cabin, you can hear road noises and it is not a very quiet ride when the radio is off.

- Danielle C

My car is very dependable.

I bought it used and have had it for about 7 years. It has 158, 000 miles on it but still runs great. Recently had an issue with one of the coil packs but once a new one was put in it ran great. With studded tires it drives great in the winter for being a front wheel drive car. The best part is it is great on gas mileage, I get around 26-30 miles to the gallon.

- Emily W

The guy is a real Trooper.

Simple. It's from 2009, so it's pretty 'basic' to today's standards. Which is exactly what I love about it! Reliable. This little guy has been going strong for well over 130,000 miles. Such a good one. Quick. It has quite the get up and go, which I totally didn't expect, it's great. Safe. It's small, but feels SO much safer than other vehicles that are much bigger.

- Megan W

Great on gas mileage ! Overall great vehicle.

My 2009 Toyota Corolla has very great gas mileage. The issues I've had with it most recently has been misfires with it the ignition coils I've had three of four ignition coils replaced within three months. Also there is a Takata Air bag recall on my vehicle. When I first got the car the steering wheel locked up on me but other than that this is a great vehicle !

- Marcell W

Perfect family friendly sedan with excellent power engine.

Fuel efficient vehicle. . . Family friendly sedan. . . High turbulent engine. He Civic delivers a large, Versatile cabin for both people and their things, with good rear legroom and clever storage solutions. The easy-to-use interior control layout is marred by terrible touch-sensitive audio volume and tuning controls and a poorly optimized touchscreen interface.

- Adit G

Corollas are a great and reliable compact car.

Corollas are great cars. Super reliable and gets great gas mileage. The ceiling of the car is a little on the short side so it may be uncomfortable for someone who is over 6ft or has really long legs. But as far as compact cars go, it is fantastic. I have had Corollas in the past and they all lasted for over 300k miles without any major work needing to be done.

- Elise N

My Corolla is considered a medium sized car but feels like a small car.

My 2010 Toyota Corolla is electric blue. I love the color! I have never had any problems with the engine. I have only changed the battery once. The only problems that I have has is that when it gets cold the low air light for the tires comes on and the radio station buttons do not work, gets stuck on one station. It is easy to drive and gets good gas mileage.

- Angela E

Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car.

The car is very reliable, even after 3 previous owners and 2 accidents, it runs great. I have had to only replace and repair a few parts since owning it, but the car will last for a very long as long as basic maintenance is performed. While not the most feature packed, the radio works, the ac blows cold and the heat hot, and the seats are fairly comfortable.

- Theodore T

My car is made for me. The right color, the right power and I love it.

I love the color of my car, gold for a golden person. It is reliable and dependable. I wish the radio had more power and the alarm system worked. I also wish I had a keyless entry. I love my car, do not plan on getting rid of it ever. It has enough power for me and as long as I keep the filters changed along with the fluids, I pray it will last me forever.

- Brenda S

This vehicle is a four door sedan. It has an auxiliary jack, and cruise control.

This car is great for anybody, but especially first-time car buyers. It is roomy and comfortable for taller people. It is extremely reliable and hardly ever has major problems. It has an auxiliary jack so you can listen to any music that you would like. It also has cruise control to make highway driving easier. Other than that, it is a very basic vehicle.

- Alexis W

It is an affordable car with easy drivability.

My vehicle runs well with little maintenance over the years. It does not have a lot of extra features and I had to have sunroof installed which is not as good as manufactured and installed so it is frustrating. Overall the seats are comfortable. Sometimes the drive is noisy due to outside noise. Some of the inside molding has come undone around the door.

- Michelle C

It is a great car and I love all the cute features.

My favorite car! It drives great. Really smooth. I love all the little places built in to put stuff like my sunglasses, chapstick, ect. It is really great on gas. The seats are very comfortable. I feel very safe driving this car. The size is perfect for me. It also has that aux option so I can hook my phone up to the radio to play music. I love this car!

- Kayla G

The Corolla is a very reliable car!

The only problem I have had with my 2009 Toyota Corolla is in 2017 the alternator and starter went out on me at the same time. While I did not have it fixed at the dealership, I was able to get it fixed for about $350 at a local mechanic. I have had no problems with it since. I truly love my car and have no intentions of getting rid of it any time soon.

- Gretchen A

Car summary. The fog lights and charcoal color gives it a sporty look.

I have had my car for 10 yrs. and I have had no mechanical issues. Gas mileage is really good on this car. And very comfortable and roomy in the backseat the trunk is also spacious. Great 1st car purchase. I would definitely recommend this car to someone who’s buying a car for their child as a first time car. This car is also good for the city drive.

- Tiffany P

Personal information about a 2, 009 Toyota Corolla.

My vehicle is in great shape. It has never been in an accident. The oil and filter is changed every 3, 000 miles. It get four brand new tires after 5, 000 miles. The car gets a total tune up done every year. It's only had one owner since it came off the lot at the Toyota dealership. There has only been 2 drivers in the car. Myself the owner and my son.

- David A

2009 w/ 200, 000 miles still runs like a champ!

It is almost 10 years old with over 200, 000 miles and still runs great. Averages about 30-32 mpg. Still has all the performance it had upon purchase. Only problems have been general wear and tear. Would still not hesitate to take this car across the country. The recalls have been handled quickly and professionally. Would buy again in a heartbeat.

- John G

Run extremely well for being a 10 year old car. It�s reliable gas wise.

Strong durability. The seats could be more comfortable. The airbag got recalled which was an inconvenience. Lots of issues with lights on the dashboard staying On even after fixing the problem. At times the vehicle computer system will dry on and won't allow me to lock my car. As soon as I push the lock button the car locks and unlocks instantly.

- Christy M

2009 Toyota Corolla at 153, 000 and still is very reliable!

I have had my Corolla for about 10 years and it has been very reliable! I have been having typical maintenance issues with the car but have had no significant issues. I drive a lot and am about 153, 000 miles in and it still is doing great! Any time I needed some kind of repair, it has been easy to find parts and professionals to fix the problem.

- Kathy J

Corolla review from a first time college student driver.

It's a good car very sustainable and easy to drive would recommend for a first time driver and the mpg is affordable the trunk is big and because its foreign and Toyota does not mess around fantastic compact car. Drives awful in snow and rain and only would buy if you live in Florida or Cali in the northeast it is not the best vehicle to have.

- Erica M

Toyota corolla negatives.

Lacks pick up speed. I wish it were a faster 4 cylinder. It has some visibility issues due to side curtain airbags. The front support beams along windshield are wider than I am used to. Sound system lacks good base sound. Wish it was higher quality sound. Time display is not in a food spot for passengers. I do not like orange color of display.

- Rebecca J

Reliable or unreliable? Is it worth buying and investing on this vehicle?

I love that I save $ on gas. But I have done an alignment and it still felt like it would be shifting or swerving from time to time. Not sure if that year and model were a bit defective. 2009 Toyota corolla.Also, when I purchased the car I kept getting letters in the mail about getting my airbag fixed, apparently the airbags were defective.

- Clara C

Review of Toyota Corolla 2009

I have NEVER had any problems with my vehicle. It has over 140,000 miles on it and is still going strong! It is dependable and reliable. I feel very safe driving and allowing my teenagers to drive this car. Everything is still original as far as items under the hood. I have never had anything break or fall apart on the interior of the car.

- Ashley S

The corella is a great car to use getting around town and holds up to the value.

The corella has been one of my favorite vehicles. Keeping up with the recommended maintains by Toyota my vehicle has almost 200,000 miles with no major problems. I have lives in both cold and hot areas of the country and the vehicle can handle all weather. It is a very comfortable car with all the features that someone would want in a car.

- Stephanie T

It runs. No matter what. It runs.

I have had to replace the entire exhaust system (it still rattles), a battery, and there is an unknown squealing noise that no mechanic can fix. However, it has never stranded me, nor have I ever not been able to rely on it driving me an hour every other day. It is beautiful on gas mileage as well. It comfy for 4 passengers and can fit 5.

- Emily D

I love my 2 Toyota Corolla and Yaris.

It is reliable, warm in winter, good air conditioning in hot summer. It drives very straight on the road. I like it closer to the ground. The seat is easy to adjust. It has good legroom but is not made for a person over 6 ft. Short head clearance. The gas mileage could be better and it has a small tank and gets 300 miles to a tank of gas.

- Renee S

Great commuter car with great gas mileage. Comfy and smooth ride for everyone.

Gas mileage is great, no problems so far with the car. Smooth ride. Compact car but not tiny. Great trunk space. Spacious backseat with seats that fold down for more trunk space. Automatic windows and locks with alarm system. Key fob for easy locking and unlocking capabilities. Body stands up to impact. Decent in the snow, ice, and rain.

- Abby B

I love the paint on the car very nice and the windows.

it drives great, good on gas, it's very reliable it gets me everywhere I need to be. It's like a compact car kind of crowded with 2 small children and a car seat very hard to fit 3 car seats in backseat but 3 people fits perfectly in backseat. I did get a recall for airbags, and also trunk has broken haven't been able to get into trunk

- crystal L

Reliable vehicle that saves your gas/money!

We drive this vehicle for over 9 years, and it still has a good condition. Comparing with others, it saves a lot of gas, about 40 miles/gallon. It is very convenient and comfortable to go local shopping or work, but not long distance travelling. The only problem is the original foot pads, which are unstable, and they are easy to slip.

- Jane C

It's good on either the highway or street driving.

It's a good size so that I don't feel overwhelmed while driving but can zip around and fit into most parking spaces. It's easy to parallel park and it gets fairly good gas mileage. Parts don't seem to wear out any more than usual. The windshield wipers need additional speeds - currently there are only 3. Otherwise, I love my car.

- Meg F

Great car for teens and last a long time with no car trouble

My Corolla has honestly been the best car ever. We have had it for over 6 years and had never had any major car problems. It runs pretty good and we have really never had problems with it. One feature I really like is that it has aux and allows me to play whatever music I want. It's a really great car to drive in the snow too.

- Ana L

Compact, Reliable, and gas efficient

It's great on gas. It's went over 120,000 miles without any huge repairs needed. So it's pretty reliable too. Some disadvantages are not fast or great on acceleration and there's no cruise control. The paint job seems to have peeled along with the windows plastic/rubber frames have came off. All the doors do not remote lock.

- Robert L

I love my tinted windows.

If you are looking for a fast car, this is not it. But if you are looking for a reliable vehicle with enough space to fit 4 people and the driver, this car is perfect. It was not my first choice, but soon came to realize Toyota's are durable. I have had a few issues, only because the mileage is high, but it still runs great!

- Amanda D

Toyota Corolla- bugs, perks, mpg, nice compact car.

It runs great, good on gas, easy to drive, sucks in snow, doesn't require lots of oil changes, I bring it every 5000 miles, nice features on the inside, good size compact car, would buy again in future, does poorly in the rain, it skids everywhere and I wouldn't recommend for someone who gets nervous driving in bad weather.

- Erik L

Good reliable car with a few hiccups.

Great safety, reliability, has run well and should as Toyotas are known to. I live in a cold weather climate and the salt on the roads has recently been causing corrosion to build up on my wheel rims, requiring them to be sanded down every few months that has been a bit of a headache. This car gets really good gas mileage.

- Heather C

Toyota Corolla-The Best Running Car

I haven't had any serious problems with it. It's a good running car. The car was passed down to me so I'm the third person to drive it. As long as you take care of it, you should not have any serious problems. I've only had a problem with the axles. The car has been in the family for 11 years and it's still running strong.

- Andrea F

In love with my Toyota Corolla!

I love my Corolla. It is the perfect car to get around in a busy city. I take the interstate every morning for work, and love how easy my car is to drive. It is comfortable, not too big but still has enough room for all my equipment I need to haul around. I have honestly never had an issue with it. My favorite car so far!

- Taylor C

Overall solid performance.

My Toyota Corolla has been very reliable, no problems at all with minimal maintenance. Good on gas. Not the most comfortable to drive long distance. . . Wish the seats offered better adjustment. There have been several recalls on my model, but they were all addressed expeditiously. Overall it has been a solid performer.

- Sharon G

Toyota Corolla s white car.

I really like my car. The size of it is perfect and is a good car for one person to drive. I like the interior of the car as well. It is all black. The exterior is white with tinted black windows. It rides very well and it has lasted for the last three years that I have had it and I have had no big issues from the car.

- Shannon S

A nice, simple, and reliable car.

This is a very simple car with very few bells and whistles. However, it is a good car and has not really given me many if any issues. It gets decent gas mileage and has the minimum needed amount of media ports in addition to having enough space for my needs and being able to adjust to my preferred seating arrangement.

- Nick C

My vehicle is reliable and durable.

Only problem I have with the car that the key does not have a unlock and lock button. The car is great with mileage and gas. It is a durable car for first time drivers. It is compact, but surprisingly spacious inside. Unfortunately, there is a recall on my airbag that I need to set up an appointment with a dealership.

- Amanda D

Go Toyota! You will go for a long time.

My Toyota is my buddy. It has pick up and go power that I need, traveling interstate hwys often. I love the power of my manual transmission and would probably be bored in an automatic. It has never let me down. With almost 130,000 miles, that is a pretty good testimony by itself. Wouldn't trade it in for a Cadillac.

- Deborah C

Most reliable car I have ever owned.

Most reliable car I have ever owned. In all the years I have owned it I have never had any major repair bills!! I love the way it drives. The legroom and trunk space make it an ideal family vehicle. I have put many miles on this car and it still performs admirably. My next vehicle will definitely be another Toyota.

- Teresa G

It is very reliable (ie: does not break down very often), has great gas mileage and finding a mechanic that knows Corollas is very easy.

My car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is an affordable car to get fixed as it's a Toyota and very common. The front wheel drive helped me get through ice covered roads one winter, and the durable glass of the windshield held up during an awful hailstorm a few years ago. I would buy this car again!

- Amy H

2009 silver Toyota corolla.

I have had my silver Corella for almost 10 years now. It has been very reliable and still performs well despite major amount of usage. I have had no problems or complaints! The only thing I wish I would change is my seat selection. I wish I would have gotten leather as the seats have stained throughout the years.

- Melissa F

When it becomes dark the car will automatically cut on

Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car had it for almost 10 years. I would definitely get another one up to date One. Is very comfortable and ride smoothly. I still have a low mileage only 52,000 had the car for almost 10 years and love it I would definitely recommend Toyota if you looking for a reliable vehicle .

- Shannon N

Toyota Corolla — dependable and robust for the everyday consumer.

I have not babied nor necessarily taken particularly proper care of this car. I have been late on oil changes, for example. But three years into owning it, and I haven't had a single problem! It has really held up with use. I also used this to deliver food when I worked for domino’s. It is a very reliable car.

- Nicole V

Blind spots but excellent handling

My car has some pronounced blind spot because of the beams between front and rear sections of the car, but otherwise is a dream to drive. Quiet, fuel-efficient, and makes an excellent U-turn if need be! Additionally, it is a popular enough model to not look out of place, but also look classy enough to stand out.

- Ann A

My favorite part about my car is the color. Is greenish blue.

My car does not have a clock in the middle are where the radio is like most cars. The options on my car for air condition is very limiting because there are only four options. My car also takes a longer time to accelerate and can be very annoying. My car does run properly and gets me from place to place safely.

- Anne Gabrielle B

Great first car for anyone

The performance is great. I've no major issues with the car. I have the LE model which is decent you get your basics. Lots of storage compartments. The only thing it is a little more room. It's quite difficult to get a car seat in and out without have to scoot either the passenger or driver seat up all the way.

- Monica M

My ride or die - Toyota Corolla.

My Corolla has been through a lot with me over the years and still runs great. I haven't had many issues with it. I have had to replace the tires and brakes and rotors only once. It is a super reliable car that does not require a lot of maintenance. While it does not have many newer features, I still love it.

- Cristina M

I absolutely love my Toyota!!

My Toyota is very reliable! I have had little to no problems out of it I have had it for 4 years now and I am not the best driver. It is great on gas, I have a 12 gallon tank in it and I get a little over 300 miles to a full tank of gas. They are appealing to look at, have a good bit of room and a big trunk!

- Grace K

one of the best car that I ever bought so far.

as far as I am concerned my car don't have much problems since I bought it in 2009 aside from any recall parts. But all in all it's all good and I love it and I drive it anywhere here in the US and still in a very good condition. I love my Toyota Corolla and giving a chance I will still buy the same brand.

- Mira H

Car is a second owner and new with complete new everything no issues and get.

I have nothing bad to say about the dealership everything is done properly in a matter of time with good results. Great people skills and they complete work in a timely matter and very good at completely doing the task. The warranty on the vehicle is always good to have on it and schedule is good as well.

- Dina S

It is very spacious inside.

I like the stereo, great sound. The look and the smooth drive are why I also chose this car, trim is cool, as well. I do want to get tinted windows, so that is a dislike. I also dislike the 4 cylinder without some major horsepower or turbo, perhaps. Finally, I would like an upgrade in the Bluetooth realm.

- Brian C

2009 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr sedan

This car is very reliable, and while it isn't big, it is still able to seat 5 comfortably. There aren't many fancy features, but I like the simplicity of it. My car has 140,000 miles on it and I have never had to get anything done on it other than regular maintenance. This car also gets great gas mileage!

- Brittany F

The real deal about the Toyota Corolla 09.

The 2009 Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car. It will last you a lifetime! Performance is good. Real comfortable unless you are tall, like 6ft, you might be uncomfortable. The Corolla is also very fuel efficient. The car is not the best looking car out there but it is takes you from point A to B safely.

- Ariana S

Reliable but minor issues.

I like my car. It is good on gas. The paint did not last long. And the rubber trim peeled off very fast. This costs me a lot of money. The seats are very comfortable and I like the Bluetooth feature that came with the car. I wish the car had Bluetooth connection for car music. My aux port is also broken.

- Kelly Y

My Corolla was a gift from my parents. I still use it today and it works great.

I'm very satisfied with my 2009 corolla. 10 years later and it still works wonderfully. I never had mechanical issues and it is very reliable. I use it to go to work, do errands, take my daughter to school, and travel out of town when I have to. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for reliability.

- Monica C

Toyota Corolla: a solid, dependable car.

Very dependable car with few repair issues. It is ten years old now and still drives smoothly and has very few quirks. It still gets good gas mileage: around 30 in town and about 35 highway. Seats are comfortable but not necessarily cushy. CD player works well. AUX jack is becoming somewhat unreliable.

- Rebecca M

This is a great car if you have kids

Has bad air pressure in the tires even though they're new. Other than that it runs great, love how it rises, great on gas, small but roomy. Not many blind spots. Easy to use and comfortable for all. It's a good car if you have kids. I haven't had any major issues with it even though it's ten years old.

- Melanie G

Toyota corolla sport band and rear window issue.

The only issue that I have had with my vehicle has been the car band from the engine. Every 3,000-5,000 thousand miles I would replace the band. That is the only issue I have faced so far. One small problem also is the rear windows. They have started to squeak when I put down but it's not a big issue.

- Gabriel B

Once upon a time, I bought a Toyota

Other than everyday wear and tear; as well as some recalls, I have never had issues. My first couple of cars were Chevrolet but this is my 3rd Toyota and I couldn't be happier. The comfort, easy maintenance and gas mileage make it worth the costs. I don't know that I will ever turn away from the brand

- Megan D

Corolla- great under the hood. Rest of the vehicle was 'phoned in'.

Very dependable when it comes to motor and transmission. It gets amazing gas mileage. However, interior isnt comfy at all. What's the point of good gas mileage if you are uncomfy. The body isn't sturdy at all. The slightest knock from another car or something and the car gets squashed like a coke can.

- Kelly W

Great gas mileage and very dependable car.

Easy to operate, very dependable. Have had only the normal wear and tear issues including tires brakes and battery.. takes a specific oil filter that cost a little more than most when having the oil change done at a oil change provider. Overall a great dependable vehicle with excellent gas mileage.

- Keith B

Beautiful car for a woman.

I have not had problems with my car. I take in for normal work, oil change, tires, new battery. It is very reliable and it is very comfortable especially on long trips. Radio, ac and heat is great. Features in my car are pretty basic. My car also performs to move and stop when need to in a hurry.

- Marie V

It is a basic and reliable car.

I have had no issues in the three months I have owned it. I have had no service done besides oil changes and fluid checks. It has been very reliable. I get about 32 miles per gallon. It does not have many extra features. It does not have heated or leather seats. It does not have rear wiper blades.

- Karen S

Reliable and inexpensive to maintain - my Toyota gets me there.

This car has proven to be reliable and inexpensive to maintain. Over the years, completing the regularly scheduled maintenance has kept it running well. It gets fairly good gas mileage even for an older car, and I do not experience any 'rattling' or noise that can be a part of owning an older car.

- Martha K

Great car for short, long and cross country trips.

My car has been reliable since I got it in 2008. The maintenance is easy, and the car appears to be operating well even over 100, 000 miles. The only issue at times is the drive belt. Other than that, this car has been amazing for me. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- David M

Peppy no frills reliable car

The definition of reliability. Drives stiff and can be quite noisy but it's safe, economical and always starts! This is a no frills car. The AC is cold in this hot Arizona heat. This car gets me wherever I need to go without any stress. It has a great pick up and go acceleration for a little car.

- Anna H

Awesome car, smooth brakes.

My Corolla has fantastic control and handling, and the foot pedals for gas and stopping work smoothly. I switched over from a Honda whose brake pedal was a bit too efficient, so even though it was a bit of a change, it is nice to have a car that comes to a stop smoothly instead of jerking to it.

- Kaitlyn S

It was the best first car very reliable and very safe and trusting.

I have a Toyota corolla it was my first ever car so from there I will always love this car and remember it. The only things I don't like for the past year the engine keeps turning off by itself for no reason and that delays me going to work. I think Toyota is the best car and the most reliable.

- Samantha J

Best shaded sedan car in the world.

The car is very user friendly. I have literally faced less problems. The performance is good. The handling is good. We all can rely on Toyota surely. I have been using it for 10 years already but the car condition is still perfect. I haven't faced any engine problem in my entire car experience.

- Robert M

Old reliable and still great!

Great car, that will last you years to come! Cost for maintenance and repairs is low compared to other vehicles. This car will easily last for over 200, 000 miles. It is a very safe car for younger drivers that are still learning. I highly recommend this as a first car or your old reliable car.

- Brittany C

Great car for an old lady!

Runs great, no issues and not a gas guzzler. The interior is holding up fine and the body is ageing well - no paint problems. I am very short and this car is easy for me to drive and maneuver. No problems seeing out the front window. No problems in any kind of weather - hot, cold, rain or snow.

- Nancy K

Toyota Corolla 2009- great car.

I currently have a 2009 Toyota Corolla. I have had it since it was brand new. I do a lot of driving and this car has been extremely reliable. My car gets great gas mileage as well. It is comfortable for long drives and very spacious. I have had no problems with my vehicle since purchasing it.

- Amanda S

I hate American made cars. I am stylish and I like luxury!!

I don't like American cars especially ford products. I prefer luxury brand cars. American made cars aren't stylish enough for me. Right now the brakes need to be changed. I haven't had any major problems out of my car which is a good thing. The next car I am going to purchase will be a Lexus.

- Joanne K

My Toyota, my best friend.

Good on gas. Easy to drive and handles great. Have not needed to have any major repairs since I purchased it. I have gone long distances eighth it and it proved to be comfortable. Love the car and color. I have 70, 000 miles on it and will be driving it until it has over 100 000 miles on it.

- Sandra B

It's getting old and still running great and has low maintenance costs.

I like that it has good mileage. The maintenance is low. It's small but not too small. I dislike that it seems to be made more cheaply than some of the other Toyotas that I have had such as the Camry. I don't really have any complaints because it is almost 10 yrs old and still runs well.

- Michelle C

Mechanical problems with low mileage

I recently had a check engine light come on. Had to do with the ignition coil. They are telling me it's a known issue and want to charge some ridiculous amount, 1700 after they already charged 900 for spark plugs. I don't even have 100K, so dissatisfied and not sure I would buy Toyota again.

- Susan N

My car drives great and is low maintenance!

My Toyota corolla is a great basic car. It is easy to maintain and drive. It definitely needs snow tires because it is light, but the mileage is good. There's not a lot of fancy features but there's a radio and CD player and an auxiliary cord for playing music from a phone or other device.

- Evan K

Comfortable dependable easy running handling good looking car.

My car is very dependable in any kind of weather. I do not like driving in the snow but the car will handle well. Good stopping even when stopping short. Comfortable ride enough room for five people not comfortable. Also very good to bring children with two to three cars seats in the back.

- Lynn G

No major issues for an almost 10 year old car.

It always seems to develop a rattling noise and when I take it for repairs I am told they do not hear a noise. Recalls. Auxiliary cord broke early in purchase. Poor sound quality on Bluetooth. Drives nice. Does not use too much gas. Seats are comfortable. Lots of legroom in the back seat.

- Marissa A

Great mileage low cost vehicle.

I really love the gas mileage on this car. Lasts forever as long as you do routine check ups. Sometimes it is hard to turn over it is a pretty comfortable ride even for a larger person. There are not too many features on my model but wish it had a Charger port that connected to the radio.

- Kimberly M

It is a very convenient car.

My Toyota Corolla has been a very reliable vehicle. It has enough seats to fit the whole family and a big trunk to fit all of our stuff. It drives smoothly and has not had any issues. It gets great gas mileage and it also has a sporty look. It is a great family car and for a young driver.

- Chantelle C

2009 Toyota corolla XLE is reliable, dependable, and overall a great car!

I've followed and kept routine maintenance on schedule. This vehicle has been super reliable and has great gas mileage, with no major issues or costly expenses. I've lived in areas from extreme dry heat to much snow and this car never had a problem. Over 100k miles and still going strong.

- Tim R

My car is an amazing car and if I had to upgrade it I would get another Corolla.

It does not have problems it has been used in my household for almost 10 years and it still works perfectly. It is really comfortable and since it is not a big car it gives me so many parking options and makes me love my car even more. I love the color of it and everything about this car.

- Ana P

My vehicle is extremely dependable. I never have to wonder when I go outside in the morning whether or not it will start.

My vehicle is very reliable and hardly ever requires service beyond routine maintenance. I love how it's stylish yet still get great gas mileage. I do wish my car had more space which is the ultimate reason for us looking to purchase a new vehicle that comes equipped with 3rd row seating.

- Jennilynn M

Amazing design. Incredibly reliable. Would recommend this car.

Very happy with my Corolla. Drives incredibly well. Extremely reliable. No issues to date. The only complaint I have is there is no cruise control. All of the controls are easy to use. Seats are comfortable and many ways to adjust to make it comfortable for myself or my husband to drive.

- Amie G

very good for everyday use

My corolla is extremely reliable. I rarely have problems with it, and when I do they are very easy to fix. it's kind of small if you have a lot of people in the car, but it's very good on gas and easy to drive. It rides very smooth. it's easy to park everywhere BC if it's smaller build.

- Peyton F

My Toyota is a stick shift and gets amazing gas mileage.

I bought my car brand new and have had 0 problems with it I keep up on regular maintenance and it always runs great. It is my second Corolla and my next purchase will be a Toyota truck. Toyotas last forever! I have seen many with 300, 000 miles on them and they are still running strong.

- Phoebe M

Toyota Corolla 2009. It is. . . Fine.

There are several features I do like: the steering is nice- I like how it tightens when you are going faster and loosens when you are going slower. I also enjoy the comfort of the vehicle. I do not enjoy the Corolla because I prefer a hatchback. The truck is extremely limited for space.

- Rebecca R

My experience with 2009 Toyota corolla s.

2009 Toyota corolla s is good, but it is annoying that there was an airbag recall a few months prior but that is now fixed. It is good with gas, very good with fuel economy, at 25 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. It comes with an FM/am radio, two keys, and comfortable seats.

- Melanie J

Its runs fairly good. Also dependable.

Its comfortable and spacious it is easy to maintenance yourself, except for this particular year the oil filter is a paper filter and you need a special tool to be able to take it off so I do not like that, everything else basically I do like it gets good gas mileage it is a safe car.

- Tanya A

Toyota Corolla 2009, the most efficient car I ever owned!

I love my 2009 Toyota Corolla, it gets great mileage and is very reliable. Besides replacing tires and brakes I think I only put in about 2K in repairs over the last ten years. Can't beat that! My car has 120 thousand miles and I expect to drive it to at least 200 thousand miles.

- Natalia B

My car is a sharp blue. Also a sunroof and drives great.

I love my car, great gas mileage. Held up great. Only problem is the paint is fading. My Corolla is a s which means it is got a 3 gear- extra. Gives it a great speed and power. It really becomes a sports car in 3 not drive. I have had it 9 years love it as much now as did first day.

- Kim J

Small but reliable Corolla.

The Toyota corolla is small, poor design, not comfortable, but is reliable and requires little upkeep. The performance is lacking in its acceleration and has little features. The motors for the door locks do not always work. The trunk could be larger and the back seat is also small.

- Josh L

Amazing feature of Toyota Corolla S

My car has awesome gas per mileage. $20 gets me a full tank. And my car can zoom around in small areas. My emergency brake works wonders for me. And I love my moonroof. It's great for summer nights. Plus my speaker system is amazing! And having an AUX and multi CD player is awesome!

- Jasmine P

My little grey is struggling.

It has a difficult time going up inclines and it overheats. I do not like how long it takes for the car to build up speed and the breaks tend to wear out easier. It is somewhat reliable but I wish that I had a different car sometimes because of how old it is and how slow it can run.

- Jessica G

Reliable older corolla sedan.

The car is older so it is missing some of the nicer features like back up camera and a USB plug. The size of the interior and the trunk is spacious for a smaller sedan. I have things like a CD player that I do not use anymore. The car has been very reliable for the last nine years.

- Amy S

Great, reliable car for new drivers.

It is very reliable. I would rather have a sports car since I couldn't choose this car. It is very comfortable but plain. It would make a good beginner car. Nice size car as well. Easy to park and navigate. Easy drive. Great steering. Love the AUX cord function. Great trunk space.

- Ashley R

An interesting detail is the outside appeal.

The vehicle is super reliable, I️ love the color. It is super comfortable. It has cloth seats so it is not. Too hot in the summer or too cold I am the winter. I️ like the fact it has Bluetooth because of the new iPhone. I️ would like a more update interior and a GPS system.

- Kami H

Great mpg but horrific in rain/snow.

Good mpg, easy to drive, bad in the snow, good first compact car but not having 4 wheel drive hurts. Trunk is good size. Would buy this car again if I didn't live in the northeast. My next car will be a mid size SUV and i'll stick with Toyota because I am very loyal to that brand.

- Erika L

Very reliable and gas efficient!

The performance is great. Its reliable. I commute to and from work everyday for 2 hours. It is rather small though now that I have 2 kids. I would highly recommend getting the windows tinted for the car to stay cooler longer. I wish it had a USB Charger installed with Bluetooth.

- Jennifer M

Stylish, reliable, roomy compact car.

I have had my car for 8 years. It is very reliable and I have never once had a mechanical issue with this car. Surprising pep in the pick up. This car is fantastic on gas. The car is stylish and sort of sporty. Plenty of leg space in driver side. Passenger side is roomy as well.

- Ann O

Dependable yet sporty Corolla.

My Toyota Corolla s has been a very reliable vehicle and I have had hardly any problems. It gets great gas mileage and it is a really good family car. It does good driving in all different kinds of weather and even with all of these good things, it still has a sporty look to it.

- Chantelle G

Small outside, big inside.

It is small to park easily. But there is enough room inside. Sometimes I feel it is kind of weak to drive fast enough. But overall it is okay. I hope there are sensors for when somethings are too close near the car. Because I am not good at parking. But I know it is an old car.

- Mason K

Clunk clunk but not quite junk

Not a bad starter vehicle. Has problems with the tires constantly losing air, the engine making strange noises, and the sunroof leaking to the point where I had to glue it shut. Other than that, mileage is good and it does last a long time. Has great storage and backseat space.

- Katie V

Fuel Efficient, Safe, and Reliable Red Toyota Corolla

I have driven my vehicle for almost 8 years now and love it. It is super fuel efficient, has over 150,000 miles on it and still reliable. I am a small person and have slept in it a few times. This car is also automatic so headlights turn on and off depending on the time of day.

- Nancy Z

Toyota Corolla sport edition.

Car is great on gas, very comfortable and reliable. Has a v4 engine, but still has power. Has features such as CD player, AUX connector, and radio. Car itself is on the smaller side. Has convenient button on driver's side of the car near floor for the trunk and for the gas cap.

- Ashlyn N

Great reliable basic car for going back and forth to work.

Good car had it for years little maintenance, great gas mileage, drive about 50 miles a day, had to change oil pressure valve and distribution plug recently. 125, 000 miles on the engine. Base model, no power windows, doors or seats, does not have cruise control, has CD radio.

- Dan B

Reliably Beautiful. Easily Maintained

Extremely Reliable, the car has lasted about 10 years without any major work, just routine oil changes and a few batteries. The interior is luxurious full leather seating, nice feature rich stereo including a multi disc CD switcher and Auxiliary port and Bluetooth connectivity

- Bradley S

It's a good car, reliable, safe for my grandchildren, good gas mileage.

This is my 3rd. Corolla! I love the quiet ride, easy handling, color (her name is Sassy!) It is very comfortable to drive, radio and CD player work well. Keeping the oil changed and fixing simple upkeep are really about all it requires, other than getting recall work done.


Car safety car reliable easy.

Safe reliable good driving. Bluetooth. Radio. CD player. Easy for car seats. Lots of space. X-ray zoo easy maintenance. Easy drive in all weather. Airbags. Seatbelts. Good on gas. Good wipers. Comfy seats. Trunk is big. Good tires. Safe. White lights brakes easy turn wheel.

- Michelle W

Highly recommend 2009 corolla.

I have been fairly happy with my 2009 Toyota corolla. I purchased it used in 2012, and it has been very reliable. I have taken it on multiple road trips of 250+ miles, and never been concerned for my safety. Basic maintenance is not cost-prohibitive. No catastrophic issues.

- Katie A

A Great Car for Anyone to Drive

I've never had any major problems with my vehicle, the Toyota Corolla. The car is a 2009. I've had to replace the fuel pump once, and a few other small repairs have been needed over the past decade. As long as the oil and tires are maintained, it's a great vehicle to drive.

- Erin G

MLK Personal 2009 Toyota Corolla S Review

Very reliable, great gas mileage, great pick me up in speed body has worn in terms of exterior parts becoming fragmented but has not impacted overall performance, specifically the front bumper clips have worn making it appear disjointed, features are good given model year.

- Monica K

I like my Toyota it is a good car it is like my third Toyota.

It gets really good gas mileage at the ac has never been very cold though and it is a funny noise sometimes when it starts that is a good reliable car I haven't had too many problems with it gets me where I am going they say Toyotas last forever I have had several of them.

- Sherry L

The best feature of this car is it's awesome gas mileage.

This has been a very reliable vehicle and has required very low maintenance. My favorite feature of this car is it's great gas mileage. The worst feature of this car is it's small back seat. We recently had a baby and we could not properly install his rear facing car seat.

- Nicholas L

My Toyota allows me to be worry free about transportation issues.

I like my Corolla because it is just about maintenance free. I only take it in for regular check ups and when major things were out it is way past the expected time frame. The car is very reliable, drives well, has all the important features and is aesthetically pleasing.

- Susan H

The most important feature about my car is Its reliability.

Besides a little bit of shakiness it is a great and reliable vehicle. It is sturdy and barely got a scratched when I rear ended someone not to long ago. I had it for almost 5 years now and works like brand new. It also fits people very comfortable and has plenty of space.

- Rachael B

My car is a Toyota, so it is a great, dependable car.

My Corolla is a good, dependable car. I have had it for 10 years and have had no issues until this year when I have had to get the brake pads and wheel bearings replaced - which is normal wear and tear. It is easy to handle and good for traveling; the trunk is very roomy.

- Meghan L

Overall a great dependable car!

It has been a great car overall. However it isn't a car I would take on a long trip. The seats aren't so comfy after an hour. It's also a little cramped. The only trouble mechanically I've had it with the front tire assembly, and all the lights kept having to be changed.

- Stephanie L

It small, spacious, and comfortable.

The engine light is a hassle to turn off, the car drives smoothly like it is brand new, brakes last practically a year, oil last about five months, has great sound quality through the speakers from radio and phone, has space despite the small car just put the seats down.

- Michele W

Pretty okay: comfortable, safe, radio complications.

Acceleration is very slow, however gas mileage is fair. It is a very sturdy car in terms of impact and I consider it to be very safe based on the wreck I was in with the car. The stereo experiences issues when the car gets too hot and the seats hold smells very strongly.

- Ivy B

The corolla reliable and ready.

Most reliable efficient car owned and barely rust. My chevys were constantly breaking down. This one is fuel and go. It get great mileage and looks nice. Comfortable ride. I would consider buying only Toyota for now on. Especially corolla. Take my advice by only Toyota.

- Peter M

I would recommend Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Corolla is a very smart decision. The car lasts long and is very reliable. I have owned Toyota cars before as well as my family. I recommend this car to family and friends. There is a lot of space including the trunk. It has multiple cup holders which is helpful.

- Melissa B

Love my Toyota - Great for small families

My model is a manual which I love. The gas mileage is great on average 32-36 mpg. It's a great model for a small family but the back seat is not the most spacious for adults. One of the best features is the back seats fold down so you can pack more things in the truck.

- Samantha G

Get a corolla for great gas mileage and reliability.

The corolla is really reliable. I've driven it all over the United States and haven't had many problems. Mostly just battery and tire replacement. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I plan on my next car being a corolla. I wish i'd taken better care of the exterior.

- Rebecca H

Vehicle is 10 yrs old but with maintenance it can run another 10 plus years.

My alternator recently went, and my engine coolant hose broke off which led to the entire radiator being replaced. My Ac needs freon every once in awhile. Since I have moved from northern NJ to Florida, my paint is chipping pretty bad but nothing that can't be fixed.

- Benny A

It is a very dependable car.

There is no storage space for my purse nor my personal items I carry with me daily. Performance is good enough and I have driven over 100, 000 miles with no repair cost. The console is in need of redesign also cup holders must change for water bottles ( not plastic).

- Sandra P

Toyota Corolla 2009 review

The only con about this car that It has small room and can't fit a big family other that it's best overall in-terms of gas saving, reliability, repair cost. The way this car operates and the engine size makes it really desirable car for folks has high daily mileage.

- Sam A

Engine, noise, looks, speed.

Fast, reliable, easy to get in and out of tight spots, Engine runs clean, easy to clean messes and spills inside vehicle, not a whole lot of wind noise, air conditioner and heater work well and quiet, color stays bright, headlights are blue, well lit bright lights.

- Sarah J

Quality and reliability low maintenance.

My vehicle is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage very low maintenance except for having to replace cylinders and it had a recall for airbags it has been wonderful. I will probably buy another when it is time. It takes me where I need to go with out any issues.

- Kevin H

My Toyota Corolla is very easy and smooth to drive.

The car is very comfortable and reliable. It is very small so if you have a larger family I wouldn't consider this car. There are many hidden compartments which is very nice to keep things in my car. The car itself drive really nicely and smoothly. Gas is good too.

- Addison P

I do not know what your talking about.

It's not worth money you put in it. From day one I spent way over the amount that the car is worth. I think the car is not worth it and it stinks in the snow too. The car also has to many recalls on it. The only good thing about the car the seats are comfortable.

- Sandra P

It is working really good and smooth.

I love my car it is really smooth and it does not waste much gas. I usually have to put once in 2-3 weeks. I bought it like 4 years ago and it is still works nice it was about $9000. It was expensive for a 2009 but it works good so I guess it was worth the price.

- priya K

Toyota cars not worth the money.

I have had a lot of issues with phantom noises appearing and then disappearing. I have had to replace the alternator, my brakes, and few others things. My airbags was found to have particles that is will fly at you if deployed. Not worth the amount I paid for it.

- Natalie O

Great for first time buyers

This car is so good!! I love how fast this car is and how it's old but new at the same time. This was what I learned to drive in so I recommend this as a good first car. I can connect to Bluetooth and hear music which I love. The seats are so comfortable as well.

- Leticia M

The car is very reliable, and the things that have gone wrong with it have been minor, not effecting how it drives.

It's been a good car and it runs well. My only complaint in the time that I've had it is that there are panels on the bottom of the vehicle that have worked loose and fallen off. It has also had a few recalls, and getting it in for those repairs is inconvenient.

- Emily S

Long life is taken care of.

The Toyota has a great engine. As long as you do your oil changes when due this car will last you a lifetime. It is very efficient on gas. I replaced the suspension just for driving preference but the only problem that I have had is that the ac relay burns out.

- Alex R

My car is perfect for a first car because it�s very affordable

My car has no problems the gas mileage is good at 30 mpg the maintenance is easy and affordable. The car comes with a sunroof, alpine speakers, a spoiler, hands free talking for phone, 4 cup holders, a trunk with a lot of space, and it's perfect for a first car

- Ben W

Fun smooth efficient reliable vehicle.

I enjoy my Toyota. Good on gas dependable. Smooth ride nice stereo. Efficient. Fun to drive. It is the second Toyota I have owned and operated don't think I'll change anytime soon. Ac blows hard and very cold. The car is gold sleek and stylish. Did I say FUN

- Melissa W

Dependable Car For Small Families

So far this vehicle has been very dependable, low maintenance, good gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive and to ride in. My one concern is that the paint seems to be rusting on the roof and the trunk. I'm hoping I won't have to get a new paint job.

- Kelli K

I get to the destinations in one piece.

The mileage is terrible and very old to my taste. It does not have a nice design or good interior. The windows are not powered and needs to be improved. It's not as reliable as it's supposed to be. The engine show be better and must not consume too much gas.

- Eugene M

Cheap reliable car. Gets you from A to B.

Good over all value but the ignition coils keep failing. Other than that it is relatively cheap and reliable. I like that it has an AUX input and the gas mileage. It also came with a plastic filter cap which meant it worse out faster and I had to replace it.

- Tj S

The Corolla gets great gas mileage, is dependable and safe.

I have had my car for 9 years. I am this time I have not had a single problem with it. My vehicle gets great gas mileage and is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is nothing fancy, but still looks good and will always get me where I need to go.

- Joshua J

Reliable and low-maintenance.

My 2009 Toyota Corolla has had no major issues in the nine years that I have driven it every day. It performs just as well today as when I first purchased the car. The Toyota Corolla is long-lasting and performs at high standard over a long period of time.

- Nathan S

My car is a very good car that has held up well.

I like my car. It runs well, is a pretty color and has held up fairly well for it's age. This is only my second car. My first was also a Toyota Corolla and that car held up well too so it's why I bought another Toyota. I am very impressed with Toyotas.

- Diane K

Toyota's are worth buying.

I have had a Toyota corolla for 9 years, and bought it after someone else had it. I have had no problems with it and expect it to last be for a few more years before I have to buy a new one. I would recommend a Toyota to anyone interested in buying a car.

- Nancy H

Great car with great mpg.

I love my car. It has great gas mileage. It has low maintenance cost. It rides well and has been a reliable vehicle for many years. It is not fancy, but does all that I need it to do every day. It is easy to park and I feel safe with it on the highways.

- Maggie R

Great Car For a small family or Single Person

The Toyota Corolla 2009 is a wonderful car for a small family or couple that don't need a lot of room in a vehicle. No problems and it is comfortable reliable car. The car has great mileage and will take you far if you move or travel from state to state.

- Brittany B

Best brand I have ever owned.

It has a sleek exterior, drives smooth. The interior is roomy (it easily fits daughter's car seat). It holds value and is adorable. It gets good gas mileage. The maintenance is pretty easy and not too expensive, and Toyota dealership was super friendly.

- Candace M

Stylish little compact car. A real gas and money saver!

I love my car, its small but great on gas and very reliable! No problems with it so far, just routine maintenance and normal wear and tear. The Toyota Corolla is a well made little car that saves me a ton of money in gas! I wish it was a little roomier.

- Julie G

Got new parts in it and holds up well for it age which is nice.

I like that it holds up well for being almost 10 years old. It did have some defects though as some of the bigger parts went when I put 50000 miles on it the alternator went. Great car performs well and gets me from point a to b in a reasonable manner.

- Neil Y

The overall quality of the car is really good.

The gas is really good, lasts a while. Up to date always with maintenance. AC is also really considering the age of the car, also room space inside is really good. Overall it is a good car if you take care it, and always be up to date with maintenance.

- Samantha P

Toyota Corolla 2009 sport.

I love my car. It is the perfect size for me and has Bluetooth for my phone. I have never had any issues that would make me want to change vehicles. Has an amazing turn radius too. Toyota is a great make and I wouldn't ever want anything other vehicle.

- Lauren N

Good economy car with low maintenance.

I like my car I wish that was bigger and it had automatic windows and cruise control it gets good gas mileage and is ok in the snow I would recommend this to a teenager or a single person. Have not required to has any maintenance except an oil change.

- Amy B

There really is nothing that stands out, other than it's reliability and I don't need a pillow to see thru the windshield. And the gas mileage for not being a hybrid.

Quite reliable, except for my tires, which have always been a problem for some reason. I don't like the absence of a permanent clock. Or the lack of attached pockets at the back of the seats. That's been a drawback since my first Corolla in 1985.

- Rosemary C

This car is basic but practical and reliable.

I bought my car used from a 3rd party. I have not experienced any major complications with this car. It does not have modern accessories such as Bluetooth or rear view cameras but I do not need those things. The car works perfectly for traveling.

- Sam K

Style and size fits me perfectly (Like) no complaints

Safety is very important to me! I like the smaller size and it is easy to drive it! Reliability is very important and affordability is crucial. It needs the ability to have wheelchair lift added to the roof which it does a Braun Chair Topper!

- Susan D

Great economic car for commuting, especially in California traffic.

The car has not had major engine problems since I follow the manufacturer's maintenance guide at the dealership and third parties. Though I plan to keep the car for a while, I believe the interior plastic will continue to fade and fall apart.

- Jose E

It's done a good job of getting me to and from college and work.

It's a small white car. I got it with about 85,000 miles on it, and now it has around 200,000. The car has had its issues and needed a few things replaced, but it's gotten the job done and I should still have it for a good long while to come.

- Cheyenne S

Poor service department/lots of recalls.

Multiple recalls, poor quality weather striping but runs well. Toyota service department ignores my requests to fix things saying 'nothing wrong' only later for it to end up being a major mechanical problem and/or something on a recall list.

- Jess A

It's reliable, comfortable, and fuel efficient. No complaints.

It's very reliable. In the 10 years that I've owned it, I've only had to do routine maintenance. I recently got snow tires and now it's much better for winter driving. The one complaint I have is the speed control of the windshield wipers.

- Katherine A

Great gas mileage. Very dependable.

I love the gas mileage I get in my Corolla. I bought this car because of this and also the safety features. Front, rear and side airbags. I have heard about people getting over 300, 000 miles in these cars and that is what I am hoping for.

- Renee A

the most important thing about my car is that it gets me and my family where we need to be, safe.

The things I like about this car are the great gas mileage and the reliability of this car. mainly just have to do oil changes only to keep up with this car. the dislikes are how small it is even though it's supposed to be a small car ha.

- Kevin c

My car is durable and will run as long as you take good care of it.

I truly like that fact that my car is fuel efficient, it is small in size and auto parts are more affordable compared to other makes. I do not like that my car is several years old with a lot of mileage however it does a fantastic job.

- Georgia P

My grey ghost because it is silver. It looks like every other car on the road. .

I bought the car used but haven't had any problems with it. It is a little powerless on steep hills but eventually gets the job done. The driver seat is kind of low making it hard to judge when parking and doing other tight maneuvers.

- Beverly G

My car is very reliable considering it is almost ten years old.

I like my Toyota Corolla because it is reliable. My car also saves on gas. I have only had to make minor repairs since I have owned my car. The complaint I have is my car does not have fast enough acceleration to my satisfaction.

- Kathy G

It is a great car, it runs good, no problems, and it is great on gas.

Like how confine it is, like how saves gas, love that it is mine. Do not like that can brake easy like if I hit something or god for bit crash. Do not like the material inside the car wit time goes bad. But in general I love my car.

- Karla M

It's a keeper and easy to operate.

It is reliable. Hardly any maintenance problems. Easy to handle. Good gas mileage. Withstand a beating from hurricane weather, deer collision and my hitting it with other vehicles without any major inside repairs just body work.

- Rosia S

If you are looking for a reliable car that will be great for several years this is the car for you.

I love that my car is a simple car. It gets good gas economy so I do not have to overspend on gas each week. It also is very reliable so I don't worry to much about repair bills. It does not handle the best in Minnesota winters.

- Jon S

It's very reliable and doesn't seem to every have any mechanical issues.

Generally, I love my car. I do not like that it's just the basic model so no remote entry or cruise control or fancy features. I love that it's super reliable and I've not had any issues with it and that it gets good gas mileage.

- Katrina C

4 door perfect sized car. Can't stop my car, she just keeps on ticking.

I bought my car new 9 years ago. With 160,000 miles, she still runs amazing. She has been in 6 car accidents, some worse than others, but she still runs and looks (with body work fixing the wrecks) amazing. Corollas are troopers.

- Jessica P

My Toyota gives me the freedom to life life to the fullest, on a limited budget! Whether you're just starting out, or retired, like me, this car fits all lifestyles!

My Toyota first give me excellent gas mileage, handles like a dream, and is just the right size for my lifestyle! No kids, but very active friends! Wr play golf, hike even transport our bicycles to a nearby city and ride home!

- Leon G

My car is running very well. I have not had to put too much work or money into it.

I love my car because it is truly reliable. I would have rated it higher if it had more modern features - which it would have if it weren't a 2009 model. The engine is holding up much better than the body of the car, however.

- Sarah B

there is no highlight an interesting detail about this car. I hate it

well the since the first time we got the car its been a money pit. we took it home 1 week after we got it need breaks. to this day now we rebuild the front end of the car. it's not worth it the money and time for this car.

- Sandra P

It is a very reliable car.

I love the gas mileage, compact, but spacious. I love that it has lasted for so many years. I also love the look of it. The only things I don't like are the recalls on the vehicle and the clear layer of paint is chipping.

- Vanessa A

Toyota has had a lot of recalls on this model which does require time to address properly.

My vehicle is generally reliable and has not require much maintenance. I get pretty decent gas mileage. The car has very loud breaks which I don't enjoy and it tends to have glitches in the tire pressure warning system.

- Deborah G

That you will likely get 200,000 miles out of it.

I like that this vehicle is dependable, and can go a fairly long stretch without incurring a major repair. I also like that it has a track record for lasting a long time. I dislike Its performance in wintry conditions.

- Dan M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

My car is very reliable even with a good amount of mileage on the vehicle. I haven't kept up with tune-ups and maintenance but it still runs like a champ and would definitely recommend this vehicle to new car buyers.

- Frank D

It's got decent gas mileage and extremely reliable.

I enjoy every aspect of my current vehicle, this is by far the best car I've ever owned. The maintenance of the car is more difficult to deal with since its newer but it's not something I would consider a downside.

- Emily H

It's a compact car with not a lot of power.

I don't have a fancy car but it's reliable. I have owned it for 10 years now and have not had problems. I bought it originally for the mileage which is what I like about it. Dislike is there isn't much horsepower.

- chanda M

It is a reliable and Long lasting vehicle.

I like that it is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It handles well and feels nice to drive. It's a common enough car that getting repair parts is simple. I don't think I have anything negative to say about it.

- Catelyn a

The brakes pads will fail without warning

I had a failed water pump at thirty eight months right after the warranty expired, I had a failed timing bearing at forty eight month. The mileage is exceptional at approximately 34 miles to the gallon on average

- Rick P

It's a Toyota; what else is there to know? It's a super vehicle.

I like that it's dependable and safe. It's super economical, and an attractive vehicle. My only complaint is that it's hard to see out of the passenger side window from the driver's seat, no matter who's driving.

- Steve G

My car is a reliable, gas efficient, user friendly vehicle.

I love that I have had my car for 8 years and have had minimal issues with it. My car is great on gas mileage. My only complaint is the recalls(even though they are paid for), they just take to much extra time.

- Samantha H

The most important thing that others should know is it gets amazing gas mileage!

I love that my car is still running well, ten years after buying it. The gas mileage is great, a little more than 30 mpg. With a growing family, I wish the vehicle was a little bigger and had more horsepower.

- Emm S

Toyota Carolla's last forever if you maintain them, stay on top of oil changes, and all of the necessary checks and changes. /they also hold their value!

I love my Toyota, Corolla, it is economical, easy to maintain. I get great gas mileage. It is a smooth ride. My only complaint is the paint on the top of the car in front of the sunroof has nearly faded away.

- Nancy S

It runs fantastic and gets wonderful gas mileage (35 mph) when we travel.

I love the ride, very smooth and the excellent gas mileage when we are traveling. I do not like the quality of the paint job and the window insulation. Both of them are breaking down and need to be replaced.

- Mary K

It is extremely dependable and needs minimal maintenance!

I love that it is reliable, economical, and gets good gas mileage and has needed minimal repairs. My mechanic tells me at 200,000 miles it is just broken in. It is long paid for, so I almost drive for free.

- Richard W

The Toyota Corolla: a good and dependable car.

I have already answered this survey in regards to the positives and negatives of my car. The positives greatly outweigh the negatives, in this case. It is by far the most reliable car I have ever driven.

- Grace D

Extremely fuel efficient and reliable.

This car has been extremely reliable since I purchased it in 2008. I rarely have issues with it. I have noticed now that it's getting older, it takes longer to pick up speed but otherwise no complaints.

- April M

I love the gas mileage on my 2009 Toyota Corolla.

This car is very economical to drive. I usually get about 35 miles per gallon. The car is comfortable to ride in, easy to handle on the road, and easy to park. I would definitely buy another Toyota car.

- donna s

Reliable, sturdy, dependable. Good cargo space back seat room, newer versions have better upgrades but my car isn't that bad

I like that it is a small gas fuel tank so that it does not take much to fill up. It is a reliable car so I am able to get from point a to point b. It was not my first choice in cars but it was a gift.

- Kamri P

My car has some sun damage on the roof that occurred from always being out.

The vehicle is really meant for people who are shorter than 6 foot. Also over time the car can really run down. The maintenance is fairly simple to do yourself. Overall the car is a great starter car.

- Harris S

corolla small car for getting around

The toyota corolla is a very comfortable car. It is not the biggest car but i have never had a problem with trunk space. For taller people though there can be too little space to fully fit their legs.

- sam k

The Toyota Corolla is a great and reliable car that I can trust and enjoy driving.

The Toyota Corolla is a great vehicle that is reliable and drives fantastic. It fits my small family great and is a car I trust. Great trunk space and a front dash panel that has everything I need!

- Chris T

Corolla - the energizer bunny of cars.

The vehicle itself is fine. Not the most exciting to drive, but reliable. The 2009 Corolla le does not have cruise control which is a major turn off as someone who drives frequently on the highway.

- Fern G

Great g's mileage, easy to handle, very well maintained.

The game mileage on a 2009 Toyota Corolla is what made the car most appealing to me. Now that my Corolla is 9 years old, it may not be the best car for gas mileage, but it is still running strong.

- Joe M

It's very cheap to own and operate.

It's very reliable. It's great on gas. The insurance is cheap. One thing I don't like is the quality of the car stereo. I replaced with an aftermarket one because of the issues I have with it.

- Alan D

Very economical to drive.

My Corolla is reliable with low maintenance problems. My only problem was that there were several recalls on this model making me bring car to the dealer several times to have them taken care of.

- James W

Very reliable car without any major damage, clean title

I drive a Toyota Corolla. I like that it lasts a long time without much maintenance, has high gas mileage, and is easy to commute in. I don't like that it's the base model with no add on features

- Katie T

Very spacious, never any problems.

I have rolled this car and in every way it protected me and I was able to drive off with it. It is a long time car, I have it at 179, 000 miles and it is never experienced any issues or problems.

- Savanna S

Great on gas mileage and perfect car for commuting or traveling the states.

I love the size and gas mileage. I enjoy the ease of driving this car. I bought it used and although this particular car has had many issues I believe any other Corolla would have been perfect!

- Kathleen S

Decent mid size car with good gas mileage. Room for improvement but hits the highlights.

I like the size and the gas mileage. There is a decent amount of room. The driver seat is a little awkward for short people and I hate the shifter that you don't have a button, but just move it.

- Kate M

Great car with a great track record

It has lasted a very long time with minimal issues. I have driven it over 150K miles and it is still very smooth. It has great pick-up. Plus the car has a great sound system with a 6 CD changer

- Amber B

The tire pressure light on the dashboard.

The Corolla is very dependable. I do not like the tire pressure light on the dashboard., every time the temperature changes, the light comes on. I have had very good luck with my car so far.

- Helen T

How to do emergency maintenance. If your car ever breaks down or you get a flat, it's good to be able to rely on yourself to get yourself out of a bad situation.

It's old and a little beat up but it gets me where I need to go. I have some comfort of living complaints like the seat adjustments are sticky, but it runs fine and there's no major issues.

- Carter D

It gets 25 miles per gallon.

I have had my vehicle for going on 8 years now. I haven't had but one issue out of it since I have gotten it and it was minor. I dislike that that my car doesn't have the digital dashboard.

- Ashley P

Comfortable, older carolla fits needs of owners well

It's getting older so it's starting to develop some issues. Like the air conditioner recently malfunctioned. However, I love the car. It has tons of space for what we need and drives well.

- Meg V

Toyota Corollas are very reliable cars.

It gets me from point A to point B without any issues. It's running great and feels like it will last a long time. There aren't many things I dislike about the car, except maybe the color.

- Kristina k

It's a manual transmission car that's a dying breed of cars that's out there. Not too many standard cars out there these days. Very fun to drive with lots of power when you need it.

It's a great four door sports sedan with lots of power and great mileage for the gas. It really fun to drive and a very easy car to maintain. I enjoy working and tinkering with my car.

- Galen H

Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car.

The car run great and is very reliable. The only issue I have had with the car is normal wear and tear like battery and alternator problem but that what you expect with a 9 year old car.

- Phillip W

It is got great gas mileage and is staying in the family.

I like that it has great gas mileage. I like that it is easy to take care of. I do not like that it starts to make more little sounds. I do not like that I sometimes want a newer model.

- Antoinette C

That it has a backup camera, good mileage and compatible with iPhone.

I like the size. It is compact and has great gas mileage. However, I hate the color and would have it painted if I could afford it. I have no complaints at all except for the speakers.

- Nicole B

Great on gas and low maintenance

It is really good on gas and does not need a lot of maintenance, so I love that. It was a great price and I have driven it many miles without issue. It is smaller than what I need now.

- Lindsey c

The most important time to know about my car is that it is reliable.

Perfect size for just me. I can transport my two dogs. It is small enough for me to feel comfortable. There is a large amount of space inside the car. I've moved a few times using it.

- Krissi B

This car is super fuel efficient! Filling up the tank is always under $35 and it lasts a good amount of time

I like that it is really fuel efficient and has an aux, but I dislike that there are no air conditioning vents in the back row, and that it does not have parking assistance functions

- China L

It's well-made and reliable. Has over 100K miles with no major issues.

Great size. Not to big, not too small. Good gas mileage. No major issues other than standard maintenance. Wish it would have more luxury features (heated seats, remote start, etc)

- mel l

The brakes are very loud and repair shop said that is just the way they are.

I like the general low maintenance. I don't love the frequent recalls and the squeaky brakes on the car. I have also had some electrical issues with the stereo which come and go.

- Elizabeth G

It is dependable and fuel efficient.

I love that it is fuel efficient. My Corolla is also dependable. It is made very solid. It is a little slow picking up speed but it is only a 4 cylinder so that's to be expected.

- Beth M

It is Reliable and has great gas mileage for this car!

I love the gas mIleage of the car. I love sleek body style. I also love the dark interior. The only thing i dislike is just that it is older and doesn't have current technology.

- Karissa M

It is very reliable and I can always trust it.

I love how reliable it is. It is look still holds up and it does not really look outdated. It has managed to get us through hot summers and brutal winters. Paint held up nicely.

- Akbar Q

It get great gas mileage.

It has a nice body look and it is silver. It gets decent mileage. And it is dependable. Since it is a little older, I do not have to be stressed about it getting a little ding.

- Linda Q

A very dependable motor. Great mileage for gas and it is worth every penny.

It's a very dependable car. Love the size and most of all, the trunk. It feels very comfortable for my size. It was a bit expensive but I know that it will last me a long time.

- Maria G

You can always count on it to keep running no matter what. Very reliable.

The performance is great just a lot of maintenance issues. It is a very comfortable and reliable car. Few problems but are usually very simple to fix! Love my cute little car!!

- Miranda M

The 2009 Toyota Corolla..

The 2009 Toyota Corolla has been the safest and most reliable car I have ever owned. I bought it nearly six years ago. It get great gas mileage and it is comfortable to drive.

- Mia M

Reliable but has a problem with coils

My vehicle has been reliable for the most part besides my coils burning out pretty often. I've had to replace 4 in the past 5 years, and it feels like something else is wrong

- Ashley L

It lasts forever! I haven't had any major issues with my corolla

I love my corolla. My AC is no longer working but it still starts up every morning. The only thing that I would change is how the inside is how strong all of the molding is!

- Chrissy P

Very reliable in all types of weather. Front wheel drive is great.

No problems ever.I only change oil and buy tires. I love my 5-speed and overdrive on the highway and gearing down in town I have always bought Toyotas and will continue to.

- Rebecca K

A Fantastic Car for a Baller on a Budget

This car has lasted me the past 9 years and it's still kicking! The only problems I've had were recalls that were taken care of and a flat tire. I will always buy a Corolla.

- Meg B

I'd say it's that Toyota is a company that, in my opinion, just can't be beat. They're a company that I have been impressed with from the start of using their product and it's a brand that I can't see myself changing from.

I like the size of it and that it has always been reliable. Every Toyota that my family and I has ever owned has always been top of the line in performance and reliability.

- Joe H

Reliable and great gas mileage.

The only problem I have had is the low tire pressure sensor comes on all the time. I don't drive a whole lot. Average 500 miles every 6 months. Great car, comfortable ride.

- Renee L

Dependable good highway car. Great gas mileage.

Old need to update still looks good and runs well. I have been using this car for it is gas mileage. Toyota is very dependable. I have used it from daily commute to travel.

- Dana E

2009 Toyota Corolla is very reliable and has great gas mileage.

My car is really reliable and has great gas mileage. Maintenance upkeep is very easy. Great for everyday use and for road trips. Very comfortable for a small 4 door sedan.

- Kara K

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is dependable and reliable.

I like that the car is dependable. It has over 150,000 miles and shows no signs of breaking other than normal wear and tear. I think it will last at least another 5 years.


Gets the job done with minimal fuss and decent gas mileage

It's a basic car that gets the job done. It would be nice if it had some advanced features like rear view cameras that more modern cars have. But it's fine for my purposes

- Shawn G

It's small and efficient. It's a great car and I like it

I like that my vehicle is easy to drive. I dislike how small it is. Also, I wish I had intermittent windshield wipers, and the car scrapes when I back out of driveways.

- Julie C

It is a reliable car that you will get your moneys worth from.

I like the durability and dependability. Corollas have a good reputation. I dislike that the car doesn't ride as smooth as other cars and doesn't have as many features.

- Kat B

That the vehicle you drive does not always define the person driving it.

I really like my car. It is very economical and since it is smaller it makes it easier to maneuver crowded parking lots. I have had very few problems with my vehicle.

- Marilyn B

It's Fairly reliable for being a use car. Decent gas mileage.

It's a decent little car, it was very obviously used before. There isn't a whole lot of features to it. But it gets me where I need to go in a fairly reliable manner.

- Leah B

This car is a good car if you're gonna use it to travel to work or someplace near your location.

I like the car since it has a slick design. However, I'm a really tall person, so there really isn't that much leg room for me if there is someone sitting behind me.

- Garret P

My car is dependable, reliable, comfortable, gets good gas, mileage and the upkeep of it is reasonable.

It's good all the way around. The reliability is good because I can depend on my vehicle. Performance is superb. Comfort and features are also very good as well.

- Bekah L

It's super reliable and drives amazingly after 10 years.

I love my car. It's been very reliable since I bought it 10 years ago. I love the color (red) and how it drives. Only complaint is a weird noise from the seatbelts.

- Katie M

The efficiency is one of the best ones out there. I can commute to work and only visit gas station once a week, with quite a lot of driving.

The car rattles when accelerating, probably an exhaust problem. The seats are very comfortable and driving inside of it feels safe and secure. It is very efficient.

- Lina K

A car that will run forever

Reliable, not too much problems just regular maintenance such as tires,brakes,oil change,etc. Low gas mileage in traveling. Takes you places in safety and comfort.

- Pia G

It can brake extremely quickly. Any sticky situations that I am in I can quickly get out of.

My car is really cute appearance wise. It's a luxury model with wood paneling and a moonroof, although it does have many engine issues and undercarriage problems.

- Delaney D

It's not super-exciting, but it's decent, comfortable and reliable.

I like fuel economy, price, size, and reliability. It's getting a little old, worn and dirty. It would be nice if the fuel economy was even better, like a hybrid.

- Guido D

It gets great gas mileage. It's small enough inside that the AC cools the whole car really fast.

I love our little "Black Stallion". It's the sports version with the spoiler on the back...I think that is what you call it! It runs great and is easy to drive.

- Karen F

It's reliable--it won't let you down.

It's okay, it's been very reliable. I had it taken in recently and it needs about $1000 worth of work. I'll probably sell it soon and trade up for a newer model.

- Raye T