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I'm a Corolla-er for LIFE!!!

If anyone should write a review for this car, it's me. I started off with a '98 corolla. And I fell in love with it. The thing was A TANK. Unfortunately, a rare thing happened and a bolt got stuck in the engine. So I had to give her up. But that's what led me to purchase the 2010 Corolla. I drive more than anyone. I'm talking driving is not only a PART of my life... it's my passion. I racked on 220,000 kms in the 5 years I've had it.The car has been flawless. Other than general upkeep and maintenance... NOTHING has gone wrong with this car. I've literally only had the brakes replaced twice, and the sensor system fixed because all the dashboard warning lights came on. Turns out it was a sensor issue (after 3 years of intense driving). My friends are blown away by the amount I drive this car and it still runs like a gem. I don't even do regular oil changes.. I'll burn the oil low and top it up. I just took it in to get safetied and was told the only things that didnt pass were the front struts and the front brakes. So the brakes will be the 2nd time I've had to replace them. I love this car. I'd recommend it to anyone! It's great on gas, sexy exterior, comfy leather interior, love the interior storage compartments. The heated seats have been my favourite feature (and all my passengers favourite!). Literally the ONLY complaint I'd have about this car: the switch for the interior lights is a pain in the ass. And the headlights are TOO GOOD. I regularly get flashed by oncoming traffic signaling my high beams are on.. but they arent. I never have to use my high beams, because the regular lights are that good!!! I really do love this car. The only reason I am getting rid of it, is because of the high mileage I'm racking up on it. It currently has 300,000 kms and showing no signs of its end days.The exterior is in great shape and It sits out in the hot sun quite often, not to mention the winter elements Manitoba gets. No rust what so ever has started. I figure it makes sense to sell it now while I can to get a little money for it. And I am upgrading my ride... to a 2017 Corolla XSE!!! Corolla has been real good to me, and the reliability is like a rock. I'll be a Corolla owner for life! I should be a Corolla Spokesperson... cause NOBODY aimlessly drives for entertainment like I do, and Corolla has been there for me 100÷ with no hiccups! Keep it up Toyota!!!!

- Kym

Toyota corolla reliable and dependable.

I have not experienced any problems with my car. It is very reliable, requires a few maintenance trips, the parts and fluids are affordable, the vehicle is spacious yet compact. Lol I have not experienced any problems with my car. It is very reliable, requires a few maintenance trips, the parts and fluids are affordable, the vehicle is spacious yet compact. . The engine size is not large, but it maintains significant power and accelerate so well. Many of the functions on the dashboard are within comfortable reach for my short arms. The trunk space is comfortable, and the back seats lay down for longer items to be stored easily. . I intend to purchase another Toyota in the future. I think I will choose another sedan. I may upgrade to an all wheel drive vehicle. I am very happy with my Toyota corolla.

- Rita W

I love my car and it is valuable to me.

My car is great on gas and mileage but lacks in style and comfort. The seats are very uncomfortable and hurt my back. Overtime it has worn on my back and I work doing construction so the seat does not help it just makes the pain worse. I love the gas mileage on the car though, it is simply fantastic. Depending on the price of gas occasionally 20$ worth of gas can last my car 4-7 days until empty. I love that my car was affordable and is convenient for me to get from work to school and home. Definitely a convenient and reliable car and a great help to my wallet on maintenance because the expenses are more consumer friendly. But as far as comfort and style the car lacks in that category.

- Alex S

Happy Toyota corolla owner.

When I first purchased my car, it was brand new, and had many engine problems. Following a complete engine replacement, it has been very reliable. I have not had any engine troubles for over 5 years. The gas mileage is about 35 mpg, which I feel is excellent. It is a standard transmission, which I prefer, and I feel that it is an easy standard to use. The windows and locks are also manual, which can be annoying, but I am not concerned with mechanical failure do to lace of electric parts. The car is pretty spacious, it fits 2 car seats well in the back. The drive is smooth and quiet. I hope to keep this car for many more years. I even hope it will last to hand down to my children.

- Alyssa D

It is standard and good for first time buyer; does not go through gas quickly.

My car is rusting a bit on top I am assuming because of sun damage. It would be helpful for car dealers to recommend on getting car waxing like every month just to ensure that the car does not rust. My cars engine is in good shape and continues to run pretty well. The seats are comfortable and even though it is pretty standard it is good for a first time buyer car. The car runs smooth still and I have never had any problem with engine failure, however make sure that lights are off just because one time I didn't realize my lights were still on and it dried out the battery. Overall the car is still in good condition and continues to take me to my every destination.

- Kass H

Favorite car I have driven and wouldn't trade it.

The first thing I noticed getting into the car was the comfort of the seats. Taking it on the road it handled quite nicely, the steering was responsive and it accelerated quickly. I have personally taken the car through snow in an unexpected without snow chains and was shocked that I was able to go through 2 in of snow without sliding (one of those times was with fairly worn tires). The anti skid feature was an absolute plus. The sound system in it was also more than I was expecting, clear and crisp. My only complaint which is minor was the joystick function, felt a little off but over time you become used to it.

- Greg J

As the temperature continues to rise this summer.

He 2010 Toyota Corolla small economy sedan is available in five trim levels -- base, le, s, xle and xrs. Base Corollas come standard with 15-inch steel wheels, air-conditioning, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, power mirrors and an mp3/wma-compatible CD stereo with an auxiliary Audio jack. The le gains power windows and locks, along with body-color exterior mirrors. If you select the Corolla s, the lee's equipment upgrades become extra-cost options, but you get 16-inch steel wheels, underbody spoilers, fog lights, sport seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and an extra pair of stereo speakers.

- Joe D

Handles well in snow and gets good gas mileage.

The biggest problem was the driver's air bag didn't work from the beginning when I bought it used. The car dealership lied to me about this. The car drives very well in the snow here in Wisconsin, gets good gas mileage even with many miles I have on the car. I would like to see more comfortable seats especially for back support because I do travel a long distance every two weeks and my back becomes painful. The steering is good also. I do not know if the windshield is a problem or not because it was replaced once and already easily got a chip in it. Overall I think it is a good car.

- Laura R

Wonderful vehicle. Everything a Toyota should be.

I absolutely love my Corolla. I bought it used in 2012, and have had no major problems. The gas mileage is great as well. It is very comfortable, and provides a smooth ride, so much so that I've found myself speeding a bit without realizing it! It has the usual power windows, locks, and keyless entry that is pretty standard these days. It also comes with a CD player, as well as a jack to plug in another music device, such as phone or MP3 player. Overall, this is a great car, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a 4 door sedan.

- Jennifer C

Great everyday driver, but check for recalls.

The 2010 Toyota corolla le is an excellent everyday driver. Excellent fuel economy; I average about 31 mpg in suburban driving. For the most part it is only required normal maintenance and has been relatively trouble free (I have 72k miles on the odometer). My only caution to a potential buyer of this year and model is that you check that it was brought in for all required recalls, which were numerous. Recalls included air bag replacement and several associated with unanticipated, non-driver initiated acceleration.

- Tom K

Despite the electrical issues that I have had with my car, it runs really well.

The issues that I have experienced are mostly electrical. Like for example some of my dashboard indicator lights (cruise control) was not working. After, I had my mechanic to check / change my fuses, the indicator lights begin working. Next, my cell phone charging ports does not work in the central console or inside the armrest. Last but not least, the radio LCD display screen will be blank, it will not allow me to change from FM to CD or vice versa, and the fonts on the LCD screen will display as square blocks.

- Jacqueline G

Good car for smaller people like me and the color is nice.

It is a 2010 Toyota gold-colored Corolla. It is a very nice car and I like it. It is comfortable and drives very smooth. The interior of the car is nice. Corolla's are my favorite car because they are small for a short person like me and it is very comfortable to drive in. I like it a lot and I would recommend many people to have a car like this. It is reliable. I drive this car to school and work. I haven't had this car very long but it does well and I plan on keeping it for as long as it runs.

- Madison H

Toyota Corolla best car I have driven.

My Toyota Corolla runs really well I bought her used and have never had a problem with her at all. The back seats flatten out for more storage which has come in handy on numerous occasions. She is compact and can fit into most parking spaces. She has really great gas mileage and it does not cost much to fill her up. The ac and heater work really well which is nice especially in the hot Texas summers and it does not take long to heat up or cool down. I don't really have any complaints about her.

- Savannah C

The car is resilient. I do not think it will ever die.

I have received at least a dozen paper mail correspondence from the car company that there is something wrong with the car, a part that is faulty, etc. This does not give me a lot of confidence in the vehicle I am driving! I appreciate the correspondence of the issues, but I'd feel a lot better if there weren't so many issues to begin with. I have had a lot of problems with the trunk. I can only open it if I put pressure on the hood and unlock it with the key at the same time.

- Kayla Y

It is a very fuel efficient vehicle.

The Toyota Corolla is a wonderful and reliable vehicle. I have owned it for 8 years and haven't had a single issue with it until about two months ago when the air conditioner went out, and the radio would shut off every now and then on Its own. The oil required for the engine is a little more expensive, but the engine runs great. It is a very fuel efficient vehicle as well, which puts a little more money in your pocket every month. I highly recommend the Toyota Corolla.

- Catherine S

It is really compact but it is reliable. It could use updates with technology.

My car is really reliable which it the great thing about it. I only have to have it maintenance about once or twice a year. However, my car is not a safe car to travel with, I got into an accident and I saw the front bumper of my car crumble up like plastic. Also, my car is not very spacious. It is very compact and I think it could use some updates as far as technology goes. I wish it included a touchscreen with a backup camera and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Roy Y

Best all around automobile.

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car for all seasons. It handles well around corners and on the highway. I have not had many problems with it at all. I bring it in when a recall gets posted and oil changes on the regular schedule. It has a great heater and air conditioning. Loads of trunk space for a small move to a camping trip. The rear seats fold down also in case you need extra room for long purchases. It's a great small car that gets great mileage!

- Gab P

No significant problems but I feel like it is time for something new.

The reliability is good and performance is fine. In general, I do not have any problems. It is relatively comfortable but would be nice to have something more comfortable. The car does not have any special features. It would be great if I could use Bluetooth in it or have a backup camera. The radio does not work sometimes, so that is frustrating. Overall the car works fine. However, my car feels old and gross. I am ready for something new.

- Erin L

Toyota Corolla’s are a great first car for any teenagers and is very affordable.

The 2010 Toyota Corolla car is one of the best cars in regards to gas mileage, smooth driving and miles on the car all together. The make of the Corolla cars tend to last forever. My car has almost 200, 000 miles on it and still runs like a queen. Very little maintenance is required on this car besides the occasional oil check up and a few other things. It is spacious enough for 5 people and rides very smoothly and is super easy to drive.

- Lauren S

Don't buy a car if you feel the slightest thing wrong. My steering brakes, battery, windshield wipers, the electrical and the front end are not o.k. and they weren't o.k. when I purchased the car new off the lot.

I have had nothing but problems with this car since I purchased it new. I took it in multiple times during the warranty period and it was not fixed. This car was unsafe when it was sold to me and I was told it was the way I drive...now there are some recalls showing up about what I complained about but not all of the issues are in recall and it's costing me a lot of money to keep on the road. I love the gas mileage and the size.

- liz p

Family car with few downsides.

I love my car. It is practical for family but not to big. The gas mileage is great in town and even better on highway. Tires a cheap and affordable as well as maintenance is a easy upkeep. It is roomy yet still compact and has great truck space. The only cons are I wish it had a better factory stereo and navigation system and the I have had issues with the cabin air filter cover falling off and the window motors getting stuck.

- Jennifer H

Its handling characteristics is the most important thing to be aware of when driving any vehicle.

I purchased this vehicle new in 2009 it has and is serving me very well I have not experienced any mechanical problems with the vehicle . It still has the original battery. The only issue I have is the alloy wheels are horrible looking the so called alloy is peeling off the rims they look horrible. This defect could have been easily remedied by Toyota if they used better alloys. The vehicle has approx 68k miles.

- Robert L

2010 Toyota Corolla very quiet, comfortable and dependable.

2010 Toyota Corolla has been a very dependable vehicle for us. Performance is peak and have never had any performance issues. It is a very comfortable, quiet car. I have never had any problems with it, but do all required maintenance as stated in the manual. It features a CD player which is something brand new cars no longer have. I love this car and use it every day for both short shopping trips and longer road trips.

- Angela C

A lovable, 2010 Toyota Corolla.

It is not a very old car but I have had issues with it starting up in the winter and tire pressure being a bit of an issue. This was easily solved by just getting a new set of tires (which were much needed anyway) and getting a new battery. Sometimes the AUX cord and radio glitch out a bit. They function but the visual on the display panel sometimes shows weird symbols. Once the car is restarted though, it goes away.

- Diana A

Great summer ride, iffy winter ride.

My Toyota Corolla is very reliable. It has excellent gas mileage. I do not think it is the greatest winter vehicle, as I live in an area that gets lots of snow and ice. My car struggles to make it up icy and snowy hills, and slides easily. It is great for the summer, I can fill my tank for about $25 and it can easily last all week. I love the sunroof. The car does not have much room in back seat for adult passengers.

- Dana G

Love my Corolla, except the color!

I really enjoy my car because while it is small and compact (good for a city), it is spacious enough to comfortably have 5 people in the car. I like this feature because, also living in a city, not everyone has cars and I like to help people out by getting them around. My car has had little problems, except that I wish I would have chosen a different color as the black paint shows every single scratch and ding.

- Meredith C

Great commuter and family car!

My car gets upwards of 33 mpg! With such great mileage, it has become my commuter vehicle. Unfortunately for the car, my commute is primarily windy, country roads and I have been pretty rough on the car. What's great? The only work I have had done to it is replacing brake pads and rotors! I have put over 100, 000 miles on this car in the last five years. I will drive this car until she's done. Never selling!

- Brooke H

2010 Toyota corolla. Under 100,000 miles.

I enjoy driving the car. It rides smoothly. It is very touchy to start the ignition, does not take much of a turn of the key. The air pressure light comes on often even when the tires have plenty of air. It is slightly annoying. There is a recall on the passenger airbag which I recently received a notice about. The dealership is on backorder so it has not been fixed yet. Overall, I am happy with the vehicle.

- Kate O

One thing I love about my vehicle is how easy it will connect my Bluetooth.

I have a Toyota Corolla, 2010. It is up to date with Bluetooth connection and has a AUX input to listen to all your latest music with easy connection. This car features a touch screen pad, a sunroof and a lot more! This is a very reliable car for any type of transportation. For example uber or just commenting to school and work. It is very good on gas and can be filled with only $20. Its very eco friendly.

- Joy B

It will not fit most furniture pieces in the trunk/cab. It does have a recall on the lining of the trunk. It is low to the ground.

I like the size of my car, it allows me to go into smaller parking spaces, parking garages and smaller streets. It gets average gas mileage but I would prefer to have a higher gas mileage. I like that my car is reliable and has a very low amount of recalls. the style is nice but eventually I will want a newer body style. also the lining of the trunk is always coming off when we open or close the trunk.

- Courtney D

The best thing about this car is that it does not age that fast.

I really love how it helps you save gas and it really lasts for a long time and this cars do not really age. I know that these car might not be the best looking however I have to say that sometimes looks go to a second level. I like that these cars are very comfortable and really comfortable. The windows and style of the vehicle is also really nice and it does not envy other car's style and components.

- Diego G

My favorite parts of my car is that it has automatic lights and breaks easily.

It is small and easy to drive. I wish it had a camera to help with back in parking. The battery it came with last for 7 years. It starts quickly and the break works quickly as well. This car would not be great for people that love to travel because the trunk is on the small side. This car has automatic lights which I really like having because it is one less thing to worry about when I go to drive.

- Sage M

2010 Toyota Corolla sport.

My car is a 2010; very reliable and have never had to get repairs besides oil changes and things like new brake pads. I do hate how easily the plastic body pieces brake like the front and back bumper. The body pieces also come apart and need to be snapped back together. I do love the sunroof and it has a 6 disk CD player, but I do not listen to CDs. I like how it's kind of cute and sporty too.

- Cassie B

A good car for college kids and other students.

It is small, but it does exactly what I need it to. It is reliable, I haven't had to get any work done on it since buying it. It is not a fancy car, but it also will not cost an arm and a leg in repairs. It does have a sunroof, which is cool. It seems to be the car that most college students drive. It is a stick shift, which makes it a ton of fun to drive. The seats are super comfortable.

- Claire K

The material just seem cheap.

Well that is gas mileage is great about 30 mpg. It to me is a compact, I do like it, but I wish I had looked more. You get wind sounds thru all 4 windows. It close to the ground front drags on everything. Front seat adjustment has messed up 3 well 4 now it is just stuck. Trunk lever in car will not pop trunk. But I do like Toyotas and I usually do not complain. I am grateful to have it.

- Judy H

The car that just keeps going.

This car just keeps running. At 150,000 miles it keeps going. I have kept up on maintenance and haven't had any issues aside from general age related wear and tear. It is not the best in the snow, coming from an SUV, but it still gets around. Also the mileage is great per gallon, especially coming from an SUV. Overall it may be a no frills car, but it gets you where you need to go.

- Pete K

Affordable small reliable car.

It's not the pretty car to drive but it is reliable. Its grey 4 door car. It is good on gas. I haven't had to spend any major on it at all. I find it good for traveling for everyday commutes for work or if you have to travel far. I now have one kid so I feel like we've outgrown it. So it is not the best as far as leg room and space are concerned especially dealing with car seats.

- Hart H

Good, solid, reliable car.

My Corolla is a nice, reliable car. I have had the car for 8 years and it has needed very few repairs. It has a classic look and a solid feel to it. This is my third Corolla in a row. They last forever. When the times comes to buy another car which should not be for a while I plan on buying another Corolla. The new hatchback looks interesting. My first Corolla was a hatchback.

- Beth B

It is safe and reliable! My last Toyota Corolla lasted me until it hit 350, 000.

I love the fuel economy and how my car drives. The seats are comfortable and all mirrors are adjustable. I have heated side mirrors and back windshield which is super convenient for the winter. It drives well in snow. It has an auxiliary plug and is the perfect first car for a first time buyer. I will always buy a Toyota Corolla. I love my sunroof, mpg, and body style.

- Me D

Fast. , roomy, great on oil and gas.

I love my car its fast I can carry four passengers then myself, it's great on mileage. I pretty much keep up with the maintenance on my car when light comes on I get oil. Easy. The radio and speakers are awesome. You've got AUX cord you can hook up a CD player and when you get in the car the stereo has a place. Very reliable car. Would definitely buy another on.

- Sheila H

A dependable vehicle, even at 93,000 miles.

My vehicle runs smoothly and dependably. The only problem I have with it is that sometimes something I do turns the lights on. At night this is no problem because I see the lights are on and I turn them off. In daytime, however, I do not see that the lights are on, if they are. The result is a dead battery that has to be recharged when I next try to use the car.

- Richard G

Perks of a Toyota! New and old!

I have had my car for almost 10 years now, I have had no major issues with it. For the first 3 years of having it I drove 2 hours a day in it, with no issues. I have made several long distance trips with no issues, and the gas mileage on it is great! It has never broken down on me. I have never had to buy any major parts for it. New tires and breaks is all.

- Alexis S

It is the most reliable car you could buy.

It is very reliable, it gets good gas mileage, it is fairly comfortable but it does not have a lot of features. It was not expensive to but, so it is good for someone on a budget. It was a decent amount of trunk space and the back seat is not super small so it is good for passengers. I have never had any problems with it and I have had it for three years.

- Devon T

Ideal sized car for a city living girl!

I love my car! It is the perfect size for city living/parking. You get great gas mileage and it is be extremely reliable on multiple road trips (12 hour drives). Trunk space is decent and the back seat is comfortable as well for passengers. It is small enough to fit into compact parking spaces but big enough to fit all your shopping bags on a rainy day!

- Danielle C

Toyota corolla: overall, a dependable vehicle.

My corolla has been dependable since purchase. I have not needed much work done on it aside from routine oil changes/inspections; however, there has been a large number of recalls with Toyota. One of the biggest issues I have with my corolla is in cold weather, it does not always start on initial try. Overall, I feel like Toyota is a dependable make.

- Ann M

I wouldn't buy anything but a Toyota. It is the most dependable car on the road!

I love my Toyota Corolla! It is easy to drive and gets very good gas mileage. The only problems I have is that when it gets cold the low air pressure light comes on for the tires, and the radio station buttons stick. I can only get one station no matter what button I push. Also, sometimes when I try to change station the radio goes off completely.

- Angela E

Great reliable car that is not too expensive, stylish through the ages.

I have had issues with the tire pressure gauge not working, gas tank cover not opening, losing clips from the undercarriage, also had to replace front bumper grill due to road damage. It performs very well, it is a reliable car which got me across the country twice, very comfortable for a smaller sedan, can fit four normal sized people just fine.

- Tamara L

Do all scheduled maintenance and this car will go 300, 000.

I have had this car 8 years and it is been very reliable only had to do knew alternator was biggest job in past 8 years has almost 200, 000 miles on it and the brakes and oil are the only maintenance I have had to take care of other then the alternator been a great car and I highly recommend if your looking for a gas saving non electric vehicle.

- Salem O

Gas mileage: one of the top features.

I absolutely love my Toyota Corolla. I have never had any issues with this car, and am the only owner on it to date. The ride is very smooth, and one of the best features is the great gas mileage. Standard I get at least 28 miles per gallon, and this increases to 32 on the highway. The interior of the car is extremely spacious, as is the trunk.

- Allison H

I love my 2010 Toyota corolla! It didn't have a lot of miles on it when I bought it and I have taken pretty good care of it so I haven't had too many problems. It is super reliable and parts are not too pricey if and when something does go wrong. It is comfy and compact which makes finding small parking spots easy. Will always have a Toyota!

- Tiffany N

The gas mileage is great! I only fill up my car about twice a week.

Before getting my Toyota Corolla, I had a Nissan Altima. I have found that the reliability and quality of the Toyota far exceeds the Nissan. With my Altima, I had so many issues and fixes that I was putting most of my check into repairs every month. My Corolla has not given me any issues and I truly believe I will have this car for a while.

- Toi B

Fantastic reliability, some issues with cosmetic details.

The 2010 Corolla is very reliable and still runs great at 147, 000 miles with regular maintenance. It is needed minimal repairs in 7 years. The interface on the radio/cd player sometimes does not work, but it is random and rare. Cosmetic pieces of the plastic interior have randomly come loose and fallen off and cannot easily be reattached.

- Monica P

Offers a comfortable and smooth ride.

Ride is very smooth. Great radio system. Comfortable chairs. Legroom for passengers. Great truck space. Good car for long road trips. Great little car with nice features inside and out. Seats in the back are spacious and comfortable. Seat belts work fine. Glove compartment is spacious. And again the ride is very smooth and comfortable.

- Mary D

Little sedan with a sunroof.

My little Corolla is a trooper. She’s been across the country, we've had a few hiccups but I love it. Gas mileage is great as well 32-39 per gallon depending but the tank is very small. There was an airbag safety recall this year as well but Toyota is offering to fix for free & even provide a rental car. She runs well, has a sunroof.

- Juliana B

2010 base Toyota Corolla review.

It is overall a really great car, very reliable. It is a little hard to accelerate. The manual locks and windows are probably the worst part. It also gets really great gas mileage on the interstate. I drove for 3 hours and it only used up half a tank! Buying gas for this car is also very cheap. I spent $25 every time I had to fill up!

- Jesse B

Toyota Corolla: perfection.

My Corolla is very reliable. I have had it for 8 years, there are 130k miles. I have only done basic maintenance. It is inexpensive for parts. It is easy enough to change filters yourself. It is an older version, but has all the basics needed. The seats are cushiony and comfy for long drives. I drive a lot for work, so it is amazing.

- Cristina S

That the gas mileage is the selling point of this car.

I have adored this car for as long as I have had it, the only issues I have had with the car is the battery has given me problems and a couple times I have had to manually charge the battery outside of the car with an outside generator. Beyond that the car has given me little issues, even with the two accidents I have had with it.

- Trinity B

Toyota keeps on going and going and going, and going.

I love my Toyota. It is reliable, comfortable, and is approaching 90, 000 miles with no major malfunctions other than oil changes, new tires, and other routine maintenance. I have been in a major accident with it and it still has no problems. Enough trunk space for trips. Good on mileage. Safe due to airbags. Would purchase again.

- Lisa R

Toyota Corolla Very reliable

The Corolla has been a very reliable vehicle. I travel 40+ miles per day to/from work and this car had good gas mileage. No major problems with this car. I have a family of 4 and when the kids were smaller it was a perfect size. Now that my kids are older, it can get a little cramped when the whole family is driving together.

- Nikki M

It is a reliable horse for a decent price.

It is very reliable and comfortable but I wish it had automatic locks and an alarm and automatic windows instead of cranking them. Toyota is a great company to work with and I hope to continue to buy Toyota cars. The car does not have a leather interior which I also really like but the seat colors are light so stains show more.

- Emily J

Toyota Corolla made for miles.

It is really good on gas mileage. Sometimes it seems like it has not a hard time turning over when it is cold outside. This car has been very reliable. Love that it has a moon and sun roof awesome. I do like how comfortable it is to drive but for a larger person it seems like it is swishy up front because of the center console.

- Kimberly M

Spider-man? Red or blue: a study in card.

It is a good car; had a few issues but nothing too serious, super reliable and cute and small. I like to drive it around town and on the highway and my only real dislike is that it is a stick shift, but to each their own. For example, some people like red cars and some like blue. It doesn't really matter except to those people.

- Emily A

Super cute very fast and lots of room for a smaller vehicle.

I love the fact that my car carries five people yet it's still such a small vehicle. Its fast efficient and reliable. I've driven lots of cars in my life and at first I was not super happy but I have made numerous trips in it and enjoyed the long car rides. Plus its pretty comfortable to sleep in. The stereo system is awesome.

- Sheila H

The car will run forever if you keep up on maintenance.

Very reliable, haven't had any glaring issues with the car. Just be sure to keep up on the maintenance. The car itself is fairly comfortable just wish my model year had hands free capability stock. Other than that it is a sold car and fairly fun to drive, not too powerful but it can get up and go it is just all about finesse.

- Bob K

The outside mirrors fold in.

I wish the car had less plastic inside. It rides pretty well on the highway for being a small car and the take off is pretty smooth. For being a small car the inside is pretty roomy. I have not had to do any major car repairs. Have had 2 minor recalls on the car. My Toyota dealership took care of the repairs with no problems.

- Deborah R

Comfortable Corolla with good mileage.

It is a comfortable car. It drives smoothly. And it has not had any major problems. It is a reliable car that gets good gas mileage. I have not had any transmission issues. My brakes squeak a little, but I am due soon for brake fluid so I do not see that as an issue with the car itself. It is a safe car with basic features.

- Beth O

Why I love my corolla sport.

Love my car! Very reliable, great gas mileage, just a fun car to drive. Has a ton of safety features. Roomy enough for a small family but sleek enough for a night out. Great gas mileage when travelling and just on day to day errands. . Very affordable when purchased. Also rated as a sedan so insurance isn't very expensive.

- Beverly C

2010 Toyota corolla averages 32 mpg

The car averages 32 miles per gallon. I have had no problems with the car, and drive it 200 miles per week. I have had problems with the radio. It sometimes takes a while before it will play and won't change stations when it first comes on. The only other issue is the roof paint has oxidized and is starting to rust.

- Robert T

The benefits of owning a Toyota corolla.

My Toyota corolla is a reliable car, does well on mpg, is really easy to take care of and in times of repairs the parts and labor are at fairly reasonable price. Over all I am glad I got a Toyota as my daily commute, although it's a bit basic when it comes to the interior, but it serves its purpose on a day to day basis.

- Marco A

It is very reliable and cost effective to drive. Maintenance cost are reasonable.

It drives great, gas mileage is great. Wish it was a little bigger. Love that the back seats fold down. Not had problems with it other than regular maintenance. It is reliable, has a good heater and air conditioner. The windshield shows the glare from lights and sunshine too much, wish there was a way to tone that down.

- Jeanne M

The most comfortable vehicle is Toyota car.

My vehicle is Toyota in corolla model which very comfortable to use not very expensive, its engine is super capable dynamic transport, quiet easy to drive, simple in look nice color,long time service provider, flexible sit, safe for long journey, free from all pollution like sound and air, a small amount of fuel needed.

- Michael L

White, 4 door Toyota Corolla. Family car.

Problems: tire flat indicator stays on all the time. If the car stays in the heat, the dash lights and display will not work until parked in shade or out of sun. Performance: no issues. Very reliable. I drive back and forth to work everyday in it. Comfortable for driver but horrible for passenger. 6 disc CD player.

- Tara N

Toyota Corolla 2010: comforting but problematic.

The performance and comfort of the vehicle are very nice. The only issues the car has is that the rims always fall off(even other people I have seen on the road) and there can be a lot of internal problems such as issues with the engine etc. The biggest gripe about this vehicle is the consistency of internal problems.

- Jose G

Great reliable dependable junk.

Right now the car goes through new tires every year or so due to a previous wreck which damaged the front bumper and threw the alignment out of whack. I haven't had time to get it fixed. That is literally the only thing wrong with it. Other than that it is a perfect running car great on gas. Dependable and reliable.

- Jessica M

Great car for a great price.

I love my Toyota Corolla. The model I own has a faster engine and is the top of kind in the Corolla series. The stick shift wears out, I think more so than most vehicles. Otherwise great car for a great price. Ample room for kids. We love the sunroof and automatic windows. Child lock on the door is a good thing too.

- Vicky R

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best cars around, I feel. It's simple, but very reliable.

I appreciate the compactness of my car, allowing me to park almost anywhere. It's practical, safe, and also low-maintenance. I guess my only complaint, even though it's not really a complaint, is that because my Corolla is an older model it doesn't have Bluetooth capability, which I miss now that I have an iPhone.

- Kathryn L

Rides well and very comfy.

Love the car! Rides goods haven't run into to many problems with it so far. The only problem was I put bad gas in it and the car got messed up so make sure the gas is good. Comfortable on the inside and has lasted me for a while. Always gets me from place to place no problem. Not to many cool features but enough.

- Olivia S

Reliable, affordable, safe, comfy and you get what you paid for!

There are no major problems. The car is very reliable, I am the only owner so I have taken care of it. I have changed the oil regularly, basic car tune up has been kept up. I get really good gas mileage, 35 on the interstate and 29 on the streets. It is comfy, I am 5'4 so for someone shorter it works really well.

- Michael G

The Corolla has longevity- high mileage with minimal repairs.

I like the Corolla because it gets decent gas mileage. It also has few problems even though it has well over 100, 000 miles on it. I haven't had to take it to the mechanic except for regular maintenance. It does not have much technology, but that may because it is the base model. A lumbar support is very useful.

- Jeanette R

Comforting and spacious and lovely.

Drives smoothly The 2 year old has plenty of leg space in the backseat to play and stretch The air conditioner works wonderfully and quietly Lots of trunk room for food and baby stuff The seats are comfortable for long or short rides Radio is easy to control without taking your eyes off the road for no reason.

- Crystal B

Suitable vehicle especially for a woman.

For everyday commuting, I think Corolla is a great choice because it takes less gas compared to other car. Not too compact, not too big. However, it is my opinion that it is not that suitable for long distance travel. For example, I felt insecure when I drive to Yosemite which is 4 hour- distance from my home.

- Stephanie K

The brakes never worry me.

The car runs really well. The a/c features are excellent. I love how comfortable the car is. It is perfect for convenience. The brakes are perfect and work really well. This car is very reliable. I haven't had one problem with it yet. The speakers work. The trunk space is nice. I get great gas mileage as well.

- Hannah S

Toyota 2010 Corolla review.

A very reliable sedan that gets good gas mileage and is good family car. It scores well in federal highway safety test and is safe. Have never had any major expense with this vehicle. The Toyota brand is very reliable and this car maintains its value as well. If you want a good car the Corolla is a top choice.

- Robert W

Toyota Corolla is reliable

My Toyota Corolla has been a great vehicle. I haven't had any major issues except those you would expect due to normal wear and tear over time. Biggest issue I had was all the safety recalls do the airbag issues that took months to resolve, but the car runs great and is almost at 100,000 miles after 8 years.

- Stephanie R

Small green Toyota Corolla at 105000 miles.

Problems: computer is very sensitive and only syncs to omen parts. Performance: decent. Good turn radius. Reliability: excellent. Comfort: moderate. Larger trunk space that you can extend through the seat would be nice. Smallish amount of legroom in backseat. Features: passive anti-theft, power steering.

- Emma G

This is a dependable car that is spacious enough for adults and kids.

It is a reliable car and I haven't had any problems at all. The seats are soft and comfortable. It has basic features (cd player, etc. ) The back seat is a little small for an infant car seat, and requires that the front seats be moved up a lot. For this reason I will be looking to trade this in for an SUV.

- Katie J

Magnet grey in color. So beautiful.

It is the perfect compact city car. Great gas mileage and comfortable interior. If you take care of the car regularly, it is very reliable and never breaks down. The le is a basic feature car. It has a CD player and an aux cord. The best part is the trunk. It is big and can easily transport goods or moving.

- Riley P

2010 Toyota Corolla review.

Vehicle is low maintenance and not expensive when it needs repairs. I like that it is good on gas and reliable. I wish it were a four wheel drive vehicle so it would perform better in the snow. I find the car comfortable. I am short and do not have any trouble seeing and feel like I have plenty of space.

- Dana P

My vehicle is nothing fancy but it gets me where I need to be.

My vehicle has no problems it is reliable and am able to save money on gas. It is a four cylinder so does not waste much consider I am in traffic for about two hours coming to work and going home. It is very reliable no mechanical issues it is comfortable and has a good sound system no alteration needed.,

- Maria L

Do not settle for base model.

There have been so many recalls and base model does not have cruise control. Great on gas but I've replaced 4 sets of both front and back breaks in 9 years and have gone thru 2 complete sets of tires. Very basic and not worth price. Many of repair costs were due to some recalls that is weren't addressed.

- Janet P

Gas mileage! You just can't beat having a full size car with great gas mileage. I only fill up the tank twice a month.

I think this is a perfect vehicle for a small family or single person. It is small but definitely has plenty of room to fit a lot of things. I love the gas mileage, it is awesome! I cannot say that there is anything that I dislike about this car. It is a perfect fit for me, my husband and our large dog.

- Christyna W

The greatest economy car gives us general needs.

Corolla is the one of the best Toyota car. Cost performance, reliability and easiness of drive are outstanding. Compared to Camry, a little smaller, so feeling of cockpit may be not fancy. But it can be driven good enough and safely. My car has been driven over 130,000 but I have not had any big issue.

- Makoto Y

Great car for everyday use.

My corolla has been extremely reliable. It is 9 years old and I have yet to have any major problems. It is not anything fancy but is a great choice for anyone looking for a solid car for everyday use. It has a good amount of storage for the overall size of the car. It also gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Andrea R

Great on gas mileage saves me money every month.

My vehicle is very reliable it has never broken down on me I have driven it cross country with no problems and was very comfortable the whole trip. It is great on gas mileage which saves me money every month which is very important to me. I would definitely recommend a Corolla to my friends and family.

- Courtney M

Perfect fit for a commuter car.

No problems at all, just basic maintenance will keep this car running ship shape. Good gas mileage and easy to get in and out and run errands and commute to work. Great little car. Not roomy enough for long trips with a large family, but great for short trips or longer trips with just a couple people.

- Rachel S

Toyota Corolla: the most reliable car on the market.

I love my Toyota Corolla! It is very reliable, compact, and has great gas mileage. I was once in a bad car accident, but my Toyota kept me and my girlfriend safe. It has great ac, keeps outside noise relatively low, and is very comfortable. It is super reliable. I haven't had any problems with my car.

- Carlos R

2010 Toyota Corolla is a reliable vehicle.

Problems- sensor keeps malfunctioning and causes lights on dash. Performance- great gas mileage, easy to drive and fix. Reliability- good. I have had my car for 8 years and have not had any major problems. Comfort- good for me and kids, uncomfortable for my 6 foot 2 husband. Features- cruise control.

- Catherine G

It is so good on gas. Total money saver.

This car rides so smoothly. It is a perfect little cruiser for commuting to a college in a small town. It is very good on gas, not to small (safe), and also it is so adorable! I love my little Corolla and I highly recommend this for college students because they're reasonably priced due to their age.

- Kelly M

Great car for me with enough leg room for my grandchildren in the back seat.

Great gas mileage and power. Comfortable, electric locks and windows. Rear window defrost and wiper delay. Radio and CD-player could be better. When it is hot, the radio buttons do not work properly. It will shut off when I try to change the channel. I did have the airbag changed out due to a recall.

- Jackie K

My Toyota Carolla_S is a great car for dependability. It is good on gas mileage and I keep it maintained by Toyota.

Toyota lasts a long time, dependable, long lasting car that is good on gas mileage. They run 400,000 miles as long as it is maintained and kept up properly. Toyota also offers a great warranty and extended coverage. A strong car that can take the stress and not break down constantly like other cars.

- johnny f

Our wonderful Toyota Corolla.

We are very happy with the Corolla reliability and low maintenance over the years. Not particularly comfortable and more road noise than we would like. It can be difficult to navigate when parking. We get good gas mileage. We have stayed with the Toyota family for a long time and intend to continue.

- Frances G

Fuel-efficient, reliable and fun.

I rarely have problems with my car unless you count having to maintenance it and or, other people hitting it with their car. I love it. Even if it is gotten a little less sound-resistant to road noise after it is 8th years, I still love it. It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage and handles well.

- Amy J

It gets me places, with cheap gas mileage.

This car has never broken down on me. I share it with my dad and it works perfectly for us. It is a comfortable car with great gas mileage. It is the dark grey color and shiny. Never gives any trouble. Would recommend. It is spacious and great good for children. Fits five people and has four doors.

- Jennifer O

Toyota Corolla's are great, economical cars.

My car is great. There is hardly any maintenance, just changing oil at regular intervals. It is comfortable and very good on gas. It still runs like new. We have taken long distance trips with no problems whatsoever. . Toyota's are great cars. We plan on keeping ours for another ten years at least.

- Sonya K

Reliable and economical describes the Toyota Corolla.

My car had been extremely reliable. I purchased the car new eight years ago. It has never broken down or had any problems. This Toyota Corolla has been the best car that I have owned. Very economical as well, great gas mileage. Inexpensive to own and operate. I would recommend a Corolla to anyone.

- Avery K

2010 Corolla: reliability, affordability, and nice features!

The 2010 Corolla S is a reliable vehicle. I put nearly 20000 miles on it annually, and have never had to have any major work done to the vehicle. It is a nice car with some advanced features which make for an enjoyable driving experience. There have been several recalls on this particular car.

- Gary H

Dependable reliable Corolla

My Toyota Corolla is super dependable and fun to drive. It is great on gas and very comfortable. I haven't had a single issue with my car in the 8 years I've owned it. The only visits to the shop we have are routine maintenance. I can easily see myself driving this car for at least 15 more years.

- Katie B

It is very good on gas! I love it.

I love that it is very reliable. This car is also extremely good on gas. I have never had any problem with it, except for the recalls, but they were all taken care of by Toyota. They only thing I dislike is that I have notice that in my Corollas the front bumper seems to get loose after a while.

- Mara G

The car is great despite problems with it

I love my car especially because it is my first. I do have some technical problems like my car thinking that I am skidding and shutting down on me. Or putting my car in drive and it reversing. But when I turn it off and start it again it works fine. Overall like the car but it does have problems

- Alyssa O

I would highly recommend this dependable make and model.

Very dependable. Holds road well. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance. Very comfortable ride. Accessory are easy to use. Prefer if locks on door would not open automatically when placed in park. Emergency brake is difficult to disengage. Seats are easy to adjust, and so are the side view mirrors.

- J S

Excellent value for a decent price.

I love how reliable my car is. It has great gas mileage. I drive a lot but it keeps on going! The only thing I do not like is that the tire sensor goes out and I hate that the light telling me to change the oil is hard to turn off. The seats are comfortable and everything still runs fabulously!

- Marilee H

The greatness of owning a Toyota.

I haven't had any real problems with my vehicle. It is extremely reliable in its performance. The car gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive. The only maintenance I have had to do with my vehicle is what I would call routine, for example oil changes, basic tune-ups, and one set of tires.

- Greg B

Performance for the money.

Great mileage and gas per gallon, nice and comfortable, adjustable seats etc, great performance for a long term driving. Easy to maintain and get serviced, fast and reliable, inexpensive parts and lots of certified car dealerships nationwide. Good size trunk. Great first car or student car.

- Anna M

It has a lot of problems and seems cheaply made.

This base model is very inconvenient. Power locks and windows add a lot to the value of a car. Without them it is a big irritation. This car has had multiple recalls and still has a loud knocking sound on a cold start up. The only good thing about this card is it is excellent gas mileage.

- Jo H

Great on gas and very reliable.

I love my car! It is probably the most reliable car I have ever owned! It is great on gas I can go a while without having to fill my tank it is amazing. It has gotten me to every place I have needed to be with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I really recommend this car it is amazing l!

- Natalie V

Reliable, long lasting vehicle.

I have been very pleased with the performance and reliability of my car. The features are limited. I do not have power windows or locks, so that can be annoying. I have recently had issues with my tire sensors and it costs far to much to replace them. Other than that, I am very satisfied.

- Mike D

My car is a small compact car but it can easily seat 5 people and still be roomy.

My car does not have any problems at all. It is very reliable. It is a perfect car for me. The comfort level is all there. The only thing I wish my car had is an USB port, but it has an AUX port. The 2010 Corolla is an amazing car for a college going girl like myself. It is great on gas.

- Cheyenne A

The Toyota Corolla s is a fantastic car for a college student.

The sunroof in my car makes it extremely cool. The seats are comfortable, and the stick shift makes it fun to drive. I have driven it for a year now and with regular oil changes I haven't had to have any work done on it. My Corolla is fantastic, a great car for a college student like me.

- Claire K

2010 Toyota corolla, 1 owner and serviced regularly. Has only 87000 miles.

My car is great for me in size. It runs great and has good gas mileage. It is 4 cylinder, 4 door and has CD player and aux port. It is silver in color with black floor mats with working air conditioner, heater, defoggers and electric windows. Recently added four new tires with alignment.

- Clementine A

Affordable quality and reliability.

I have purchased cars twice in my life, and both have been the same make and model. I love that my car is reliable and low maintenance. I also like the gas mileage. I also like that my car is spacious, and has a large trunk for a sedan. My car is a sports model, and I love how it drives.

- Monica T

Great and reliable car a must have for a great first car.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. Drives super easy and is reliable. It fits easily in small spaces. I have not had any issues driving wise but I have had 2 recalls on the vehicle already. One for the airbags and one for the power windows. It has a great size trunk and roomy front seat.

- Kaitlyn H

Decent and reliable small family car.

Great gas mileage, 33-34 highway, has good pick up on speed for a 4 cylinder engine. No rust developing, engine has not had any problems. Trunk has decent size for grocery shopping. I have had 2 episodes of the rear tail light burning out. Decent leg room when sitting in the back seat.

- Shelly C

My Toyota Corolla is awesome!

I love my car, it gets really good gas mileage (34 mpg) and comfortably fits 4. The back seat lays down so you have extra room for luggage or what not. It did have a few recalls but the dealership fixed them right away. I would recommend this car for in town use or for long road trips.

- L J

I am a very satisfied owner.

My Toyota Corolla is a great vehicle with very few maintenance issues. It is very reliable. It has an ample trunk and it is very roomy inside as well. I bought it as a used vehicle and am very impressed with it and the gas mileage is great. I would not hesitate to buy another Toyota.

- Lynn C

Great looking and comfortable reliable car.

It is a very reliable car. Also very comfortable to drive. I haven't had any major problems just the usual things that need to be done on the car. Every time I brought it in for service Toyota dealers have been very helpful and haven't tried to sell me more than I needed for the car.

- Sherry P

My Corolla is great! Dependable! Comfortable! Great gas mileage!

I absolutely love my Corolla. It has been comfortable and reliable. My entire family fits in it including the youngest ones' car seats. The only negative thing that I could say about it is that there have been several recalls on parts on it. Other than that it's been a wonderful car.

- Jennifer B

Always excellent reliability!

Our Toyota has been a great car. Excellent reliability and performance. My only complaints are the comfort of the seats and the road noise. The gas mileage is very good. We have always changed the oil as suggested and feel that this has helped our car run so well after so many miles.

- Fran G

Great car for a great price.

Great mileage, long lasting workmanship. They honor all warranty work. The car wasn't made for a tall person and back seat is not overly roomy. Great trunk space. Toyota cars are always made with great care and workmanship. I would buy this car again for how long it has last for me.

- Donald S

My durable and dependable Toyota Corolla 2010.

I love my car. It is been dependable since day 1. I especially love how spacious the trunk is, it fits all my work equipment without any problems. It is a comfortable car. I love the dark material on the interior it is been very durable especially when I have taken my dogs on trips.

- Erica T

Good miles and long lasting.

This vehicle is fantastic very reliable. If you want safe car that will get you to and from work. Get this car. Transmission is great. Smooth drive. Easy to fix(if you don't want to go to the dealership) and good for a first kid car! Please consider this car if you want a first car.

- Joseph C

Toyota Corolla affordable compact car.

Vehicle is pretty reliable. Does not give me any issues. The normal wear and tear is basically the only replacements that I needed to do. It is very good on gas and is very compact. Great car in general. I would definitely recommend this vehicle for anyone in need of a compact car.

- Jen K

The reliable, affordable gas saver.

Very easy to handle with great gas mileage about 23 miles per gallon. Anti-lock brakes and power windows. Automatic transmission, heating, and air conditioning. Am, FM radio with CD player. Small inside but really comfortable. Passenger airbags, power locks, and anti-theft system.

- Nicole R

Its is amazing card and you people can buy it.

My car is very nice and perfect for me, there is no problem, I used it and you guys can try it because it is easy to use and easy to buy because it is cheap for American people, there is no problem, the performance is awesome and reliability is also good, it is comfortable to use.

- Chris L

Long haul, the 2010 corolla is a great choice.

My favorite thing about the Toyota corolla I own is the excellent gas mileage. 2010 Toyota corolla ride is a little bumpy, and road noise loud when on the highway. Mechanical issues are evident. I enjoy the sound system of the vehicle, but it definitely has a couple sensor issues.

- Erin W

Reliable, efficient vehicle.

I honestly do not have many complaints. My Corolla drives well and is reliable. There have been some safety recalls on the airbags though. The only other issue I have had has been with the tire pressure gauge. It is broken. A few different mechanics have not been able to fix it.

- Nikki H

It great on miles and last a long time on the oil changes.

There is no problems and it great on gas specially for long distance. I would recommend this car to friends and family and any one looking for a reliable car. I love it but the parts even little one are pricey. Like the trunk latch it hard to find and is very expensive to find.

- Danielle S

Review of 2010 Toyota Corolla.

I like the gas mileage on my Corolla. I wish it had more features. I absolutely hate the seats. There is very little padding and I also have trouble adjusting the seat. This car is very reliable. I have only had one problem with the car - the a/c - heater blower knob is broken.

- Faith K

Toyota Corolla review: the most reliable car with easy maintenance.

Problems; airbag recall. Very good performance for the high mileage I currently have on the car. It is extremely reliable. Only typical maintenance is needed. The features are a little outdated with no USB port, no Bluetooth, and no syncing of devices. The ride is comfortable.

- Kara C

I like the dependability of Toyotas.

It's not as well constructed as other Toyotas that I have driven. It is a cheaper model then say a Camry. It's been dependable lime Toyotas are though. My other car is a Camry, I like the size and style better. I will certainly purchase a Toyota again when needing another car.

- Regina E

It is a white 2010 Toyota corolla. It is a reliable and dependable car.

I bought this car used, about two-three years ago and it has worked like a dream. I have had very little problems with it and other than oil changes have had no mechanical issues with it whatsoever. I would highly recommend this car. It has been the best car I have ever owned.

- Michael K

Love my 2010 Toyota Corolla!

My 2010 Toyota Corolla is amazing! I had a 2001 model before I got this one, and they both stand the test of time! The 2010 had everything a college student would want, from 35+mpg to a AUX input and plenty of room! I truly love it, and if I could afford a newer model I would!

- Madison P

Toyota corolla- a real keeper.

The air conditioner in my car is sufficiently cold. However it does not blow with as much power as the newer models of the corolla. Other than that I have no complaints. Excellent gas mileage, easy maintenance and quite roomy large trunk space also would definitely recommend.

- Sue S

It is a white 2010 Toyota Corolla sport.

I do not have any serious issues with my car, its good on gas, easy for me to drive, the perfect sized car for me, and runs well. It looks nice and is reliable. It has cloth seats, which I love having because they never get super cold or hot like leather. It is easy to clean.

- Jenna D

Low on mileage and great on gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. It runs well and I have had no major problems with it. Its rides well as I have traveled long distance in it with no complaints. I only wish I could afford to update to a newer model but just cannot afford to do that. It's a great car so will keep driving.

- Ann R

Toyota Corollas are the best!!

Love that it does not take much to fill up my tank, I hate that fact that hubcaps keep falling off and there were several recalls (which I got fixed for free), Toyota’s are very reliable and I will purchase another soon for my husband because his Nissan has several issues.

- Stephanie T

Its perfect size and reliable good on gas I just love my car.

I love my car, it is reliable, great on gas, easy to control, I am a first time driver so it was very good for me, size is great as well, it fit me perfectly, I am thinking about a more up to date version, but for now its very good and reliable for me, I love the color too.

- Sha-asia W

I love the size of my car and it has been reliable for me through all seasons.

My car started getting rust spots early without damage to cause it. I had to have the rotors replaced once and think I need to again soon, when I brake while going over bumps my car shakes/grind, and the electronics in the radio/cd player glitch where the screen goes blank.

- Raquel K

My Toyota is the bomb. Com everybody should drive a Toyota.

I have had very little problems with my car. In the last 5 years I have only had to purchase a new alternator. It is great on gas mileage. As long as you keep up with oil changes and tire maintenance this car will last. I will always drive a Toyota. Toyotas are great cars.

- Toni R

It's a nice car that I enjoy.

It has no problems its comfortable and drives easy and is easy steering and has good engine and good parts on the car it's a really good drivable car and very relax able to be in its smooth and has a good radio and air conditioner in it its great I enjoy it it's wonderful.

- Paula A

On the Corolla for a 2010, the bumpers are not good. Need to be stronger.

Well, we all know Toyota’s go forever. The paint jobs on Toyota’s do not last. 6 years period. Unless not in sun and rarely out in the elements. A higher grade of carpet would be nice. They need to go for over 300, 000 miles for sure. The sensors go out quickly.

- Rhonda C

Fantastic car for commuters.

So far I have no problems with my vehicle. I've owned my car for 5 years. It's great on gas and handles well in all weather conditions. I commute so that is really important to me. I would like for it to be slightly larger, but for now it's just fine for my family of two.

- Karen D

Surprise. Handles well in rain and snow.

Does not drive well on freeway. Car feels like wind gets under body and weaves back-and-forth. Difficult to judge parameters when parking in space or parallel parking. Uses a lot of gas. Trunk is too small. Body paint is cheap -does not look good and I park in a carport.

- Christine G

My car has given me no problems - it always starts and gets me where I'm going. It is very dependable.

My car is comfortable to drive and just the right amount of space for me. Even though it is starting to get a little old, it has always been dependable. I have had no mechanical problems with it up until now. The mileage is decent and it rides nice and smooth and quiet.

- Joyce D

Toyota Corolla: where you feel like a VIP.

The driving is good. There were less problems. Very good on gas. Comfortable ride. You feel like a VIP. You have portable outlet where you can plug your phone. Big trunk spaces. The body of the car is always shiny despite the exposure of different weathers it can be in.

- Christian L

Best car on the market. You won't regret your choice

I love toyota cars, it is been on the family for several years by now. There is no better car than toyotas, very reliable and and trusted plus the gas mileage and the response to any kind of weather are the best, do yourself a favor and get a toyota for all your needs

- Xoc M

Toyota are known to be a good car. But this one was a problem for me.

The vehicle was given to me and I have only had the car a short time and it started running very sluggish and overheating and currently it is needing a new engine due to a cracked gasket and it is not starting at the moment. Prior to this the vehicle was running fine.

- Kelly S

Perfect car for my family.

I love my car. It gives an amazing average with less consumption of gas. It is very spacious and perfect for long family trips. The rear seats are comfortable too. My grandparents feel comfortable too in this car and it runs very smoothly. I am a satisfied customer.

- Emma M

Reliable Car, Average Performance

My car is comfortable, and reliable. It includes a Traction Control System (TCS), power windows, radio, cruise control, AC, and heating. It is roomy as well. The only problem is I'd like better performance, it can take a while to accelerate to the speed that I want.

- Stephanie G

My bestie is my heart and I do not know where I would be without her.

My vehicle has no problems it stills performs at its best today the reliability is great because it gets me to and from any destination wherever I want to go. It has no issues and it has no special features. It gets good gas mileage and only has about 70, 000 miles.

- Eugene W

I love Toyota. It gets great gas mileage.

It is reliable, great gas mileage and not a lot of maintenance in the beginning. I got it brand new for a great price and have been happy with it ever since. There have been a lot of recalls but those were taken care of quickly and at my convenience. I trust Toyota.

- Heather P

Corolla - the family car!

My car is a great commuter car. It saves more gas than big SUVs. Inside it is very quiet and comfortable. It has good sound system to relax in the long drives. The color variety is good to choose from. A good family car. It has good trunk space for grocery shopping.

- Ivette C

A good reliable and easy to maintain vehicle.

Constantly needs oil changes more so than others. Comfortable. Has aux and CD player on base. Big backseat for kids. Family friendly. Gas is amazing for that vehicles. Maintenance is rather cheap. Body seems weak and easy to damage. Engine is pretty small and weak.

- Justin L

It is a reliable model and make.

My car is very good on gas mileage and runs well. I like the fact that their is plenty of headroom, as we have a very tall family. I bought the car used and it has not given me any trouble other than the brakes need adjustment, but I have not taken to the shop yet.

- Lila B

Awesome car that makes you feel great.

No problems, the performance and smoothness is great, the car is extremely reliable, it is very comfortable, and the body has nice stylish features. It also is awesome in the snow. With snow tires the car rides like it has four wheel drive and does not slip at all.

- Brian B

Easy to drive & park, fuel efficient, comfortable, iPhone accessory, reliable.

Too small, interior plastic is falling apart, runs great, reliable, very fuel efficient, low maintenance, has lots of stickers on it, paid for, comfortable seats, easy to drive, great for parking, good sound system, aux cable port for apple music, a/c works great.

- Erik P

The Corolla is affordable, reliable and well built!

I own a blue Toyota Corolla. I have had it since 2012. It is very good on gas and very dependable. We have only had one issue, which was the water pump this past year. However, it did not cost a lot to replace and it has ran great the entire time we have owned it!

- Ingamar C

No wrecks. I have had all the recalls taken care of.

The car has been in my care for 3 years and it has never had a problem with the motor or the battery. I have kept the oil changed every time the notification light comes on and I get 33 miles to the gallon mileage. It is comfortable to ride in and I love this car.

- Lou W

My Toyota Corolla is great.

Performance of the Toyota Corolla is excellent, good driving car. Never had any issues but when I am trying to excel going up a hill quickly, or speeding up a lot on the freeway it can give a little kick or a jerk in the car. Other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Naomi P

My Corolla. It is a very dependable vehicle.

It is a great, reliable car. Minimal expense to operate. Safe and it gets good mileage. It is fairly comfortable and I have only replaced certain parts very infrequently. It has had a few recalls and they were done and car is running fine. Overall great small car.

- Scott B

This vehicle is a reliable drive.

My vehicle is a very good fit for me. It is small and energy efficient. The trunk is surprisingly large for the size car I have. Being a Toyota, it has had no major mechanical issues. I keep up the required maintenance and get good performance from this vehicle.

- Ann W

Great gas mileage and plenty of room inside, yet compact enough to park anywhere. It is the most reliable vehicle we've owned in quite some time.

The Corolla is very reliable. I get great gas mileage. It has a very roomy trunk, yet is compact enough to fit in tight spaces. The only drawback is the situation with the airbag recall that I have to get taken care of soon. I would definitely buy one again.

- Mary S

Good basic Toyota Corolla vehicle.

Tire pressure always gets low. Performance of vehicle is good and reliable. Comfort is good however seats are not leather or heated. No special features to this car such as backup camera or navigation. AUX cord plug is available as well as two charger locations.

- Sarah J

Nice, cozy, compact, sporty car.

My 2010 Corolla is sporty. I love how everything is within reach. All of my radio buttons are in the steering wheel. I have remote entry. My car color is black with black interior. I have my windows tinted so it does not get hot in the summer. Nice compact ride.

- Ann R

A great buy for a great price. Love this vehicle.

My Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car. It is a four door so there is ample room in the front and the back seat. I have the top of the line model. Love the automatic windows sunroof and kid safety lock. Only problem have had to change the clutch a few times.

- Vicky R

I like that my vehicle is consistently reliable.

This is a basic vehicle that is consistently reliable and meets my needs. Since purchasing it (used), I have not had any problems with it outside of the need for regular maintenance (including, but not limited to: oil changes, tire rotation, etc. ). I like it.

- Maggie R

Consistently reliable, basic vehicle.

The Toyota Corolla is a consistently reliable vehicle and I have had no maintenance issues with it over the years. I take it in for regular oil changes and have had the tires changed, otherwise, I have had no major expenses associated with owning this vehicle.

- Marjorie R

Easy to drive and easy on gas.

I bought it used and I haven't had any problems with the care. It is reliable and easy on gas. It is easy to handle and to drive. I am satisfy with the car and enjoy driving it. When I am in the market to buy another car I would be will to buy another Toyota.

- Mary T

My vehicle is a dream. I My first car was a 1988 Corolla which I loved for its reliability, Toyota is still delivering trustworthy cars

I love my Toyota Corolla! This car handles great and provides a smooth ride every time My vehicle got a 5 star rating on crash testing, fortunately I haven't tested this rating myself. I haven't had any serious issues thus far just needed general maintenance.

- Melody B

Great gas mileage and great on the road.

Dependable, smooth ride to it, keep it maintained and it will last a long time. I would recommend anyone to purchase this vehicle. It's a great starter car for a teenager going off to college. A tad bit small to use as a family car but it will work if needed.

- Tiffany H

Affordable and easy to use.

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Practical and easy to use. Affordable. Everything is as seen and parts are cheap and easy to find. Not a lot of the same car everywhere. Kind of unique. Could use a little more modern parts. Like newer version of materials.

- Veronica B

My car is a very reliable car.

Reliable. Efficient. Long lasting always comfortable. Cheaper replacements. Smoothing riding. Not scared to take on long trips. Trust this car move than most. Would buy again. Easy affordable replacements. Great customer service at dealership. #1 in America.

- Margaret M

My amazing car Toyota Corolla 2010.

My vehicle does not have any problem right now, and complete happy with all the features of he, I am going to add an camera and a DVD player in the back to enjoy large trips with my family and friends. That is all that I want to say to you. Have a great day.

- Lisbeth V

Toyota Corolla best buy for anyone.

Great reliable car. Good gas mileage and easy to maneuver- small spaces. But large enough for personal items and passengers. It is very basic not a lot of extra techno driving additions but great car with low expenses. Toyota stands by its name - good car.

- Sue C

Toyota Corolla: a practical investment.

With preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled oil and fluid changes, my Corolla has gotten me a glorious 175, 000 sans major issues. It may not be a luxury brand but the piece of mind of it rarely needing surprise service is worth its weight in gold.

- Marie E

All - inclusive family car.

Interior is spacious, good size car-not big or small, while on the road the outside noise is very minimal, gas saver, great commute car, variety of colors to choose from, Toyota is a reliable company, always had luck with my cars, I have only owned Toyotas.

- Francisco M

Reliable car, good on gas.

The car is very reliable. I have had it for 7-8 years and it still runs great. It is good on gas. There have a couple recalls on the windows, but the dealership has called me up each time to schedule a repair which is free of cost. Over all a very good car.

- Claudia P

The benefits of the corolla.

The 2010 Toyota corolla is very gas efficient, comfortable for passengers and reliable to get where you need to be. It is also compact but stylish for all ages to drive in. The sports edition gives it a more edgy look and can give you a great speed quality.

- Crystal M

Toyota Corolla 2010 red, le.

Very reliable, fuel efficient, economical, affordable, sporty, easy to drive, easy to maintain, had no problems with my car, own the title, low car payments, great color, very easy to clean, seats four comfortably, costs less than thirty dollars to gas up.

- Katherine S

Love my Corolla would purchases another one.

Love the 2010 Corolla. I have never had any major issues with it, the only complaint is that it has had a lot of recalls. The dealer always handles them asap. I would purchased another Corolla, I will also drive this car till the wheels fall off. Love it.

- Sonya R

Toyota Corolla - dependable for life.

It is a very dependable car. Easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. It does not have a lot of "extras" really just a good, dependable car. Easy to drive and park in tight spots. It has good pick up and again, really dependable and easy to take care of.

- Susan C

It is incredibly reliable.

I like the stability and price, reliability of the car. It is done well for me. It also has an AUX cord. The thing I do not like about it is minor issues with the air conditioner, and some of the structural weaknesses with the bumpers and wheel wells.

- Connor F

Great car for a college student.

It is the best car. It is so reliable and is absolutely amazing for a college student who drives to school and work every day. It gets pretty good gas mileage (30 miles/gallon) and it has lots of room inside. It has amazing bass in the speakers as well.

- Allegra E

My car is my passion they are really great.

My car service is very good for me. It is like my friend but there I face some problem in recent. There is few damage in my car. Also there is many advantage give it to me. I think that Toyota brand is really great for me. I love all of my car. Thanks.

- Smith D

Alloy wheels, faster than most.

100 percent reliable vehicle would buy again. Great mileage, safe feeling and easy to maintain. Only needed to have airbags replaced per recall. Never had anything else. Just an all around good vehicle in my opinion I would have anyone buy one anywhere.

- Jennifer M

Looks, reliability, room, mileage.

Reliability is 1st on my list of importance. Corolla is a very reliable car. It has great gas mileage. You can get on with lots of extras or none of the extras. Plenty of room for 4 people. I feel completely safe in my car. The trunk has plenty of room.

- Ann L

Over 100, 000 miles (actually I thing over 120, 000 miles) and still running great.

I really love my car. It seems to be the perfect size, not to big and not to small. Really have not had any mechanical issues and I have over 100, 000 miles on it. I do a lot of driving and I find it very comfortable. The truck is nice and big as well.

- Tammy F

It has been great take off.

The car is great for running errands town. Plus it saves a lot gas. I also enjoy the ride. It has a very durable motor. I suggest many should buy Toyota. The car has a lot of room in the trunk. It also uses synthetic oil. Which is great for the motor.

- Maria S

It is very dependable. It has always started and gotten me where I need to go on any given day. Just make sure you have good snow tires in the winter.

My Corolla is reliable and affordable. It has great gas mileage and, over the last nine years, has needed very few repairs. I do not like that my car is only front wheel drive because I live in a snowy area, which makes winter driving a challenge.

- Rachel S

The Toyota is very reliable and gets great gas mileage

I love my car, it performs well, it is reliable and is very comfortable. I especially like it cause it has good gas mileage and is pleasant to look at. My daughter liked it so well, when she was in the market for a car she bought one like it!

- Becki B

Safety! It has curtain airbags and front airbags. Also has a nice big trunk

It's nice and roomy but still looks sporty. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Has been very reliable for my family and I. We were in an accident and my children and I remained unharmed. It has some electrical issue i believe but that can be fixed.

- Angie S

Toyota's in general and the Corolla in particular gets really good gas mileage and is reliable.

Vehicle was purchased used with very low mileage. There have been no issues at all with performance. Would prefer more headroom as all of my family members are tall, but otherwise this car has been dependable and a perfect fit for our family.

- Lynette K

It is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, pleasant to look at, and handles well.

It is a Toyota, which means it has an excellent reputation for reliability. It drives nice and provides comfort. Understand that the Corolla is not a luxury vehicle, so it does not provide many of the things that luxury vehicles do provide.

- Doug M

It is cheap and a reliable car.

I like that it is a nice size. Not too big and not too small. It is a nice color. It is a sand black car therefore not super black. Chair cushion is little thin. Can be uncomfortable on long drives, but cheaper cars do not have much cushion.

- Vicky L

Traction control is very good, good gas miles. Great air conditioner.

Love the air conditioner, sunroof, great on gas, fits almost any parking spot, love the color blue,.. Hate that there is not a hatch option, but it is 8 yrs old so maybe one year they will make one because I am ready for a hatch crossover..

- Francine L

All around d a very good car SUV I would buy another one if I could.

I love how reliable my car is. It's a small and compact yet I can fit 5 people in my car. The gas mileage is great and I have to fill up every 2 weeks. The look of my car is sporty, so even though its a cheaper car it still looks stylish.

- Kimberly V

Toyota Corollas are well made and long lasting

For an almost 9 year old car, my Toyota Corolla is pretty great. I've had minimal work done on it to maintain. My only issues with it are that it has lasted to long and runs so well, I can't justify even thinking about buying another car.

- Lisa N

It is affordable and you do not really spend a lot of money on gas.

I like that is it very reliable and good on gas mileage. Also that I can play my own music using an aux cord and that it is spacious and fits almost everything. One thing I wish it had was Bluetooth connection and a screen for the radio.

- Camila V

Great mileage, great appearance, comfortable.

Never had any issues with this car. Gas mileage is great only need to fill my tank once a week. The car also looks very nice which is a plus. Seats are comfortable. Had this car for 6 years and still runs just as good as when I got it.

- Victoria R

Never broken, saving gas and very light. The silver color is great if you want to delay the car-wash.

I like It's silver color because it looks always clean and bright. The motor is never broken and it a saver one. I also like that the car go fast and is very light. maybe a modern model has more options but I feel happy with this one.

- JulioAndres B

It's a good small car great on gas I never had any problems I feel very safe.

I love my vehicle its very reliable and great on gas it's nice small and very convenient for me I have had it a few years now and didn't have any major problems its my first car and if I had to buy another I would buy the same brand.

- Sha-asia A

It has been a very reliable car.

It has been great for many years, but starting to die on me. It needs a lot of updating such as new brakes, belt, oil pan. It has a ton of miles on it now, so the car makes a weird noise when starting up but no one can diagnose it.

- Kelly L

It is very reliable. The car will get me where I need to go and it's small enough to park easily.

I like how simple it is and how it always starts and seems very reliable. The engine seems to have enough power. I do miss having a hatchback. The trunk is big, but it's hard to put bulky stuff in the car. I.E. Bike, lawnmower.

- Zack C

It is reliable and fun to drive. It is mine and I will not be happy if you open your doors into mine.

I love the size and styling of it. It is easy to park and maneuver. It has good pick up and is fun to drive. It is getting old so it is starting to be loud, but when it is time to get another one I would consider the same make.

- Barbara R

Reliable. Stylish. Lots of room.

I like that my vehicle is dependable and gets good gas mileage. The paint is starting to chip on the back bumper, but that is normal with the age and amount I drive the car. It has good range, and it has been a great car for me.

- Ben D

This is the most reliable car ever and will last for many years to come.

I absolutely love this car. It has over 125,000 miles and I've had no major problems at all. It's only needed routine maintenance. It is comfortable and reliable. There is plenty of legroom and trunk space. Nothing bad about it!

- Kate F

It is very economical to run. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to drive.

I purchased the vehicle new and have had no complaints with it. It is economical and low maintenance. The only thing I wish it had was intermittent windshield wipers which for some reason did not come standard on this vehicle.

- Seamus W

Has been a very nice car good gas miles.

The car runs good had it serviced regularly until the hundred thou mile warranty rain out. Now there is a popping sound coming from the front tie. Rods. Overall the car has served Its purpose. I would recommend to buy a corolla.

- Randall C

It doesn't have some features you would expect, like adjustments to the speed when the wipers are on intermittent.

It is a very reliable vehicle which runs well. I like the power that it has and some of the features like the moon roof. I'm not a huge fan of the sport model because the spoiler obstructs part of the view out the back window.

- Rachel M

My Toyota is reliable and made to last for a long time.

My vehicle has been very reliable over the past 8 years. It has 160,000 miles and has only needed basic work; ie: tires, rotors, drums, oil changes. It is not a luxury vehicle and lacks some comfort features of newer vehicles.

- nichole t

Toyota's last forever. They run and drive great and are easy to fix if needed.

This is my second vehicle. I bought it used in 2017. Overall no major issues, just small dislikes like the clock is down by the gearshift which is annoying and satellite radio gets fuzzy if you turn on the rear defrost.

- Allison C

It is a very efficient car that won't cause you a lot of headaches.

I like how it has good gas mileage. Also it is easy to steer and I find that makes parallel parking easier. The downsides are no power windows and the overall lack of frills in the car. Also I wish I had leather seats.

- Scott B

My 2010 Toyota Corolla le.

My 2010 Toyota Corolla is very nice. It has tinted windows and tail lights. The gas mileage is very good for a 10 gallon tank and it runs nicely. Seats are hard to clean and tires can be loud. Overall car is very nice.

- Josh S

It gets really good gas mileage.

I have always loved Toyota's because they are very dependable. I have had my car for 9 years and never had any kind of problems with it. I've replaced tires, battery and normal things, but it still drives really good.

- Regina E

Comfy car, big trunk. Durable, dark and reliable.

I love my car. It is comfortable, reliable. I like the dark interior and the material of the seats they are super durable. I love how big the trunk is I carry a lot of work equipment and it accommodates all my stuff.

- Ashley T

My car is very durable and can last a long time if you take good care of it.

I like my vehicle because it's fuel efficient. I love the sound system because it makes my music come alive. I've gone on quite a few adventures in my car and have many memories with it. I don't have any complaints.

- Melissa S

Best car to get best gas mileage.

The vehicle drives good and does not seem to be near the end of it life. Just make sure to change the oil and make sure to keep up its maintenance. The car can last over 200, 000 miles easily if all of this is done.

- Max R

It is pretty much the most reliable car out there; I would buy another one in a heartbeat. It has had a number of recalls, though, but it has not given me any issues.

My Toyota is a very reliable car. It doesn't break down often (I can't remember it ever breaking down, actually). It gets very good gas mileage. It has been inexpensive to maintain, and it fits my 3-person family.

- Lisa D

This has great gas mileage, Needs new GOOD tires, and GOOD windshield wipers, stock are terrible.

This car is amazing! It is fantastic on gas, very stylish, comfortable, gets an oil change every other month,( due to how much I drive) Plenty of cargo space. It also operated really well going up and down hills!

- Carrie S

It has had great gas mileage, and been very low maintenance.

My Corolla is smart, cute, bright red, and gets great gas mileage. I love it. It is fun to drive and very comfortable. It has a power source for my portable oxygen concentrator. It is just the right size for me.

- Patty R

2010 Corolla Is Reliable, Comfortable

The door locks occasionally fail to lock, and although I told them about the issue while it was under warranty, they didn't take care of it and when I asked about it later they were going to charge me to fix it.

- Ella W

It's an efficient and affordable daily driver for most people.

My Toyota Corolla is a reliable sedan that I use to travel to work and for every day activities. Maintenance is easy and doesn't take a lot of money. I haven't had any major issues with it in 7-8 years at all.

- chuan-li f

High quality, reliable vehicle for family and travel.

This car has been really reliable. I have kept the oil and performance checks up to date and have gone on a few 1000+ mile road trips without any problems. Tires are affordable and it is been such a great buy.

- Russell P

The most important thing is that my car is very safe.

It is safe. It does not consume a lot of gas. Additionally, it is comfortable for driving. The car is small, so it is easy to control. It is made front a very good quality materials. Car seats are comfortable.

- Eman A

It is very easy to park! I love it

My blue toyota corolla is a very reliable vehicle. Only issue with it, is the fact that it eats up gas like it is nothing. Gas prices are really high right now in Los Angeles so it isn't worth to keep around.

- Jean C

That it's one of the best cars you can get for the money.

It is extremely reliable. I've had very few problems. The mileage is good, the interior is relatively easy to clean and it rides fairly smooth. My one complaint is that the rear speakers recently blew out.

- Travis F

It is a very dependable car.

My car is a very dependable car. I have only had to do routine maintenance on it. It is good on gas mileage. My only complaint is it doesn't have cruise control. I bought it used so had no choice in options.

- Lois P

I got it at a good price. The reason I have automatic is because I wrecked my manual car and the money I got from my insurance only allowed me to get this car.

It takes me where I need to go, it's my favorite color, it's good on gas. I don't like that it is automatic I like driving manual cars. It's a little old and needs some work but it runs great for what it is.

- Michael l

It is very simple and gets the job done.

I love that the car is small enough to get good gas mileage and also is easy to park and maneuver. I like that it has an AUX cord hookup and multiple disc changer. There is not much I would change about it.

- Mary L

Really like the car! The Toyota people were very easy to work with as well.

This is a Toyota Corolla xle. She has been very responsible and no issues. There was a recall for the emergency bags, but Toyota was very easy to work with. I had a rental car for approximately 6 months.

- Char W

Great, Reliable Everyday Car

I love how reliable my Toyota is -- eight years and it is running like brand new. I find it's a very comfortable ride, small enough to park easily in the city, but also very comfortable for longer trips.

- Elizabeth J

It is a reliable car and the mileage on it is the best!

I've had the vehicle for over 8 years, I have had no issues. It's been liable. It's been with me through thick and thin with just normal wear and tear. I will be buying another in the foreseeable future.

- Brenda R

Love its dependability and gas mileage.

I love my Toyota Corolla most of all because of its dependability. It is good on gas and has had very little maintenance other than oil changes. It is a small car and can get in and out of tight spaces.

- Linda M

Perfectly sized 4 door sedan - you can fit 5 people well and still have a sizable trunk and room to keep everyone comfortable.

My Corolla is a gorgeous dark blue and the perfectly sized 4 door sedan. I wish the pickup were a bit stronger, but it handles nicely. Overall, I am pleased with the car - not too big, not too small.

- lisa w

The car is very reliable.

I like the size of the car and the ease of driving it. I like the good gas mileage the car gets. I mostly love that the car is safe and reliable. I only dislike the lack of a sporty look to the car.

- Nancy L

Traveling long distances burns less gas than driving in town.

This is my 2nd Corolla. I never have any trouble with them and the ride is smooth. Love this car. I do all the updates according to the manual. I have never had any trouble with either of my Carolla's.

- Marilyn W

It is efficient, low maintenance, and reliable.

I like my car because it is reliable, efficient, and safe.It costs little to maintain and gets great gas mileage. It does the job I need it to do, which is to get me from home to work and back safely.

- Joe H

It's reliable & comfortable to use. Even used, I've had no issues!

It fits my needs and I can't complain! I'd certainly like something that has Bluetooth capability like all of the new cars or a backup camera like the current Corolla, but I can't afford it right now.

- Alexandra N

It has great gas mileage and it is a great runner car.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and is a great runner car. I wish it was bigger since my family is growing, but it has always been the perfect size for me and it has been extremely reliable.

- Jenna S

My car runs about 20 miles per gallon. It runs smoothly without any sort of mechanical errors.

There is no navigation system on it. The vehicle interior is pretty primitive there is not automation. I really like the simplicity in it's design it's reliable and can get me to where I need to go.

- Wei L

They are made well and to last

I love the way it drives. If feels very good to drive on a fast paced highway because it keeps up with traffic.I love the way it looks and the fact that it is made to last and has good gas mileage


Economical - repairs and gas mileage make it so and that is good for one's pocketbook and the environment

gets good gas mileage, easy to drive and quite comfortable. Like the fact that the back seats go down for more carrying capacity. Wish it held my bike without having to take the front wheel off.

- Cathy B

I would go with the no-brainer maintenance the car needs, it's really simple for an owner.

I don't like the leg room in my car, I have long legs and feel like my legs are going to break during a wreck. I do like that my car is good on maintenance. I do like that my car is great on gas!

- rachal c

It drives very well and responds perfectly. The car handles exactly as you need it to when you need it to.

It's the perfect vehicle for my commuting needs. I plan on running it to the ground and buying another Corolla when I do. It's a base model so the manual locks and roll down windows are annoying.

- Alex N

It's my car and it's paid for. It gets good mileage, and it's a good little car. I named her Chessy.

I LOVE my Toyota, because it's been the most reliable car I've ever owned. I paid cash for it, and bought it outright. Also, the ac is awesome. My next car will probably be a Toyota, as well.

- KellyLynn G

Trust your Toyota Corolla.

I have really enjoyed driving my Toyota Corolla. It has a smooth ride. It is very reliable and has given me little to no problems. I trust this car to get me to and from places on a daily basis.

- Tabatha O

Reliable, durable and great gas mileage.

This car is very reliable. I say this because the gas mileage on the vehicle ranges from 26-31 mpg depending on if you are on a freeway or going through a city. This car is very durable as well.

- Alicia V

Toyota Corollas are very reliable cars. I know my family is safe.

I like that my car looks classy and sporty at the same time. I like the interior design. I like that it is compact so I can fit in tight spaces. I like that I get compliments on it all the time.

- Nelly L

The Corolla is a very reliable vehicle.

My Corolla has always been reliable. Runs smooth and only requires regular maintenance like oil changes etc. Nice space for a sedan, comfortable, easy to clean. Car drives well in rain and snow.

- Sharon M

They should know that a Toyota corolla is a very reliable car!

I love my vehicle because it's in great condition even after 200,000 miles. I tend to drive it to and from school. What I like about it is that it's small and easy to use. No complaints either.

- Rachael w

A fun car that is sophisticated too.

I love my car! It gets great gas mileage and us a nice size, not too small and not too big. It is easy to drive and park. It is easy to navigate in tight spaces and fun to drive on the road.

- Katherine B

Low cost, high safety rating and reliability like no other.

Toyota is a very dependable and reliable motor vehicle. It does not need extra ordinary maintenance. It however does not stack very well with other vehicle in Its class as it relates to luxury.

- damaine g

It's not the most "sporty" car if you're into appearances.

I like that it is extremely reliable. Toyota has a good reputation, and you often see Toyota still on the road many years later. This was a deciding factor when I went to buy my second Toyota.

- Sharyn F

Most reliable car made by Toyota.

Made very well. Little to no problems. Car runs well does great with fuel. A few little electrical issues with the AUX cord and co2 sensors but all in all is very reliable. Cheap to maintain.

- Jesse J

That it is a good, reliable vehicle. I have never had any major issues with it.

I like the options on my car, but some things are falling apart and need fixed. Like there’s a speaker blown that needs replaced and the heat shield rattles. Other than that I love my car.

- Leann F

It does serve the needs of most senior citizens regarding maintenance and upkeep.

Fits my needs . Good Economical car. The size is appropriate for me and I get good gas mileage on the car. The maintenance costs and insurance are satisfactory. I have no real complaints.

- dennis f

This is a reliable automobile. I plan to keep this one until it wears out.

I have had very low maintenance on this vehicle. I bought a certified, pre-owned automobile. Other than regular maintenance, oil changes, tires, etc. I have had few if any problems with it.

- David B

When t comes to Toyota cars in general, if you keep up in the maintenance, there is a chance they will run forever

I enjoy the way the vehicle handles and I am used to it's quirks when t comes to that. Generally a good car, but wish it was better in the snow and had a Bluetooth connection or hands free

- Bob K

I think that this car is a good car for young drivers that are just learning to drive.

I like the dependability of the vehicle for starters, it feels like a solid vehicle. It gets better than average gas mileage which is a plus. I don't like the small size of the gas tank.

- Rob C

That it is a good quality vehicle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

It is very fuel efficient and requires very little maintenance. It drives smoothly. The seats are comfortable. The trunk has plenty of room. It has been very reliable for the past 8 years.

- Rachel F

It's a high quality, reliable car. This is my third Toyota and I'm very loyal to the brand

I like that I feel safe when I travel alone. It is a reliable car and it puts my mind at ease when I'm traveling alone at night. This is my third Toyota and I'm very loyal to the brand.

- Carol K

Reliable car that is great for business or pleasure

The 2010 Toyota Corolla is one of the best cars on the market. It is extremely reliable and I have only had to had the brake pads replaced and battery replaced within 8 years. Great car!

- Liz J

It's super reliable, so long as you take good care of it.

I love that's its functioned perfectly so far, has most of the amenities I look for. There's nothing I particularly dislike about it, it's just not the car I would've chosen for myself.

- Kyra B

My car loves to drive. An easy transmission and steady handle.

The engine is a solid performer. The car loves to drive. Where it excels in performance, it lacks in the quality of the body. It's really easy to scratch up and do damage to bumpers too

- Athena G

It is not good to drive in the snow.

I like that my vehicle is very easy to drive and accelerated quickly. I do not like that my vehicle is not good for the snow. I also do not like that my vehicle has had so many recalls.

- Elias L

My car is well known for its safety features and reliability.

It's convenient for parking because of its small size. Runs well and smoothly. Comfort for my small stature but can be uncomfortable for taller people especially in the rear of the car.

- Tiffany H

It is a car that is small, compact and affordable.

The Corolla is a very compact and affordable car, which makes it easier to get places that are more narrow. The seats are comfortable, the performance is good and it hasn't let us down.

- Ashley L

Good basic around town vehicle

It's a very basic car, no frills. The backseat is rather cramped when it comes to legroom, but it does the job for short drives around town. Great gas mileage and very low maintenance.

- Susan R

That it gets great gas mileage and is a very reliable car.

It is reliable, gets great gas mileage and I have had no real maintenance issues with it so far. I dislike that it is an older version and does not have the most current electronics.

- Jessica L

Reliable vehicle and great on gas mileage!

This car is great on gas mileage and very reliable. I have had no issues with it since I bought it. I would definitely consider purchasing another Toyota Corolla again in the future.

- Megan C

That it's a trooper and will take almost anything you throw at it

The car is extremely reliable and dependable while still being semi-fashionable. I would by no means call it exciting to drive, but it can still pass and speed with realistic ease.

- Jason R

The one most important thing is just the overall performance of the Corolla. Everything about it is wonderful.

My car has high mileage now and still runs great. I have only had to have it worked on a few times. I feel as though it will last a long time and is very good value for the money.

- Jamie S

My Toyota Corolla provides lots of bang for the buck.

I love my Corolla fuel economy and compact size. For a compact car, the trunk is substantial: my family's skis fit. I wish the little things like cup holders didn't break so easily.

- Ra C

My vehicle has great gas Mileage which really helps save me money on gas

My car is very reliable I drove it cross country and it did just fine. It's great on gas and drives smoothly. It's comfortably fits five people and had a good amount of trunk space

- Courtney M

My Toyota Corolla has had a lot of miles put on it but it keeps on going.

My Toyota Corolla has over 100,000 miles on it and it still runs just as good as new. It is the perfect size for my family and I like that. I have no complaints about the Toyota.

- Abby S

Safe and comfortable. Easy to drive. Airbags were recalled and replaced. There was an accident PRIOR to recall, where it was "totalled" on driver side front end, the airbags did not deploy for the accident.

Love the comfort and quality. No complaints. I have taken it to a Toyota dealer in the past for repairs and they are ALWAYS trying to upsell me on more repairs than I really need.

- Barb W

Older Toyota Corolla - Trusty and Cheap

My Toyota Corolla is reliable and usually easy to care for. I will say that it has had a few recalls over the years, which have caused a few issues, particularly with the brakes.

- Moey F

It's secure and reliable. No major issues so far. And it looks great as the first day a bought it.

I've always love Toyota vehicles. They are reliable, I consider that they offer great value and also they built pretty cars. I've never had a major repair, no complaints so far.

- Emily P

The gas mileage is great.

This vehicle handles well on the road. It accelerates well. Snow, rain, ice, curves and turns, this car handles it all. The seats are comfortable and it gets great gas mileage!!

- Nicole H

Toyota Corollas are dependable, safe and affordable.

My vehicle is reliable with no major issues so far. The ride is smooth. I get excellent gas mileage considering the large amount of driving I do. I feel my car is a safe car.

- Bonnie T

Cost efficient and reliable

My Corolla is compact but still large enough to carry cargo. It also seats 4 -5 people comfortably. It doesn't require a lot of costly maintenance. It does well using gasoline.

- Alicia B

My car is very safe and reliable

I like the fact that it is very easy to drive and has good handling. i also like that fact that it is very low maintenance. i only wish it had some of the new safety features

- Frank Q

My Toyota Corolla, The Most Reliable.

Good performance. Engine still after 110,000 miles. The most I paid for any repair was 500 dollars only for 4 new tires. Very reliable and dependable. No problems with airbags.

- Bobby H

My car gets about 32 miles to the gallon. That's over double what my old car got.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage, but I wish it were better. Also I wish that the stereo worked better. If it were up to me, I would have a hybrid, but I couldn't afford one.

- Alyson B

It is a very reliable vehicle and a great value for the money.

I like that it it drives well, is compact and reliable. It also gets good mileage. My complaints are that there is a blind spot. It also doesn't handle well in bad weather.

- Judi R

That it's an entry-level car and you shouldn't expect much from it.

It's cheap and gets good mileage, plus all spare parts are easily accessible. On the negative side, it's performance is rather lackluster. All-in-all, it's a pretty basic car.

- Boris S

It gives good gas mileage.

I have no complaints with my vehicle. My vehicle is very reliable and get me any and everywhere I need to go. I like the color, the make of the vehicle, and very good on gas.

- Mary B

Long lasting and dependable

My car has been very dependable. The only maintenance I've had to have done on it are standard things, such as getting my brakes done and everyday things such as oil changes.

- Maria A

It is a safe and affordable car.

I like the size, style, and comfort of the vehicle. I also like that it gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is that it does not accelerate as quickly as I would prefer.

- Rachel C

The Toyota Corolla from 2010 is a trouble free car that is economical and was affordable.

My Toyota Corolla has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. It has been trouble free. It gets exceptional gas mileage. If I had to do it again I would buy it again.

- Marlene G

It is very reliable and comfortable.

I have had this car for 8 years and have never had to do more than routine maintenance. It has been reliable and fuel efficient. I hope to have this car for many more years.

- Carolyn P