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My 2018 Toyota Corolla is the best vehicle I have ever owned!

I love all the automated features. The lane assist works great when you have grandchildren in the back causing a distraction. On the highway the cruise control is automated so I no longer have to tap the breaks, then speed back up and reset my speed because the sensors allow the car to do it for me when I approach vehicles at a lower rate of speed so when I pass them and there is open road in front again it returns to my set speed all on its own! I love having the climate control as well. I never have to freeze or be too hot again on a road trip! It is roomy and very comfortable. It also has very high safety ratings in all its classes which is extremely important to me. It also automatically senses and switches the transmission to drive in eco or sport mode so I don't have to remember to anymore. I also like that you now have a my Toyota account which keeps a connection to my service team and monitors the health of my vehicle. The backup camera has a great picture which I can change the quality if I choose. It also has a great sound system. I like that although the system allows messages and email, it only allows certain functions to be performed while the car is in motion which is a great safety feature that allows me to stay as connected as I want. Another great safety feature is being able to use auto settings on the running and headlamps so I never worry about forgetting to turn them on or off which is comforting at night when I am alone. I can lock it up and walk to my door and it gives me light to walk up, unlock my house door and get inside safely before the lights ever turn off! The best part though is that it is a Toyota! And as a Toyota it is less expensive to purchase and maintain and holds its value very well when maintained properly. All in all, it is an awesome car!!

- Kelli B

2018 Toyota Corolla accident prevention technology.

I bought a 2018 Toyota Corolla and what's cool about the new cars is that they have a lot of technological functions that prevent accidents. For example, when I am driving in a lane and my car swerves a little a light will come on and my steering wheel will turn slightly. These newer cars help you drive more cautiously. The interior is extremely comfortable and high quality. It is spacious in the back seats with plenty of legroom. The windows are tinted and there's access to all windows and doors per one switch. When you are backing up, there is a little camera in the front of your vehicle where you can see behind you. So you do not need to always turn your head when you are about to back up; those it is probably safer to do so. As you backup, the car beeps and let's you know your proximity to a vehicle behind you, or a sign, curb etc. One problem with the car, is that since it is a limited series kind of car, certain car parts are hard to purchase unless I go to the dealership itself. If you have like a regular 2004 Toyota you can find standard brake lights and a new engine, but for this car specifically, you need a newer engine model that most dealerships do not have. To end on a high note, the performance is really smooth ensuring a safe and relaxing ride. The pedals are sensitive and move quickly even with a tap of your foot so be careful. All in all, these newer cars are amazing and are the future.

- Kate T

Substandard Build Quality

I purchased a 2018 Corolla SE 15 months ago and at 16,000 km the driver's door check started cracking. The local dealer told me it's wear and tear and that I should be careful how I use the door. I told him I use the door by opening and closing it for entry/exit purposes, as I've done with every car I've owned for the past 35 years. Not covered by warranty and therefore $242 later it was fixed at my own cost. I've owned cars up to 15 years at a time and never had a door check go. Now I notice the windshield washer reservoir is leaking. When I fill the reservoir to full, it empties to 1/2 or 1/3 on its own without any use. I'll skip the dealer this time, and go straight to a bodyshop as no doubt the dealer will question the methodology in which I use the windshield washer. I've owned numerous Toyotas since 1984, but this will be my last one. Garbage product which dealer does not stand behind.

- Alvin L

The Toyota Corolla sport is dependable to a point.

The Toyota Corolla is their “sport” version, and I do like the sporty look. It does not have great pick up though, considering it is a sports car. It is very easy to maneuver through, like in parallel parking. My husband and I are not fans of how tall the headrests are. There are many times where they block our view. I love the rear camera and how it aids in safely backing up, but cannot rely solely on it of course, and having high headrests does not help matters. The sound system is nice. The clarity is a big plus. I do not like the dashboard lighting. It does not always light up to the appropriate level and is a bit erratic. We've owned various Toyota models for many years, but not totally pleased with this particular one. Would love to trade it in for another. Model.

- Gloria M

The automatic safety features are amazing.

My 2018 Corolla is wonderful. Smooth ride, very comfortable seats, spacious even with two kids seats in back. Plenty of legroom. Great trunk space. Love all the features such as keyless entry and hands free calling. However, my only complaints are that you have to be sitting in the driver's seat to start car. Which is difficult in extreme weather to get the heat/air going first if you have children who need buckled in. You cannot just reach in and start in. You literally have to be sitting in the driver's seat with you foot on the break. Also, this model does not have navigation, rather a navigation app (scout) through your phone and it is horrible. Other than those two things. . . I love my Corolla!!

- Trisha D

Fun and sporty low- budget car.

I love my corolla I am. I chose this vehicle to lease for it is low price initially, but I am extremely impressed with it overall. The standard trim package is sharp, and the hatchback design makes it look attractive and sporty. For a small woman, this car is idea in terms of comfortability. I love the center screen, it is intuitive and sleek. The weather mats help maintain its look, and are perfect for camping trips, outdoor activities, and kids, as they are easily cleaned. I have no complaints about this vehicle, though some may not appreciate its slow pick- up speed.

- Brooke M

Toyota corolla I am is a great little hatchback.

Overall our corolla I am is a great car for it is price point. The seats fold down almost flat creating a nice space for us to put our two medium dogs on road trips, buy larger items and even fit up to an 8 ft. Piece of lumber. It drives well and gets pretty good gas mileage. Slight downfalls are the pump system to move the seat up and down is slow and not great. Whenever my husband and I switch driving it takes a little while to adjust the seat. The back seat is a little short so it is not great to put tall friends/family in the back. Really wish it had heated seats.

- Emily H

Call your friends without touching your phone!

My vehicle is a 2018 Toyota Corolla. Although I have only had it for about a week, I really enjoy driving it overall. I haven't experienced any problems yet. It is extremely reliable, and the mileage on it is great. I do not fill my gas tank up as much as I did with my previous Corolla. It is comfortable although it is a bit smaller than my previous Corolla (2010). The features on it are great, because they are very modern. It has a personal assistant and hands free navigation. Overall, I love the car and if you are thinking of buying one then you should.

- Eva H

Toyota is one of the best vehicles, here’s why I purchased my Corolla.

I love this car because it offers reliability and comfort for an affordable price. It has all the bells and whistles that other high end vehicles have, without breaking the bank. I love the lane assist, large screen, and backup camera. I was especially impressed with the features as a base model. The only reason I would consider a different car is because of the backseat space. It is not suitable for two car seats and also when the kids get a little older into toddler age, their feet can reach the front seats which makes for an uncomfortable ride.

- Emilie O

Economical, reliable, and comfortable. This car holds its value

My Toyota is one of the best vehicles i owned. Its super smooth. Extremely economical on gas, and I have not had any problems with the car as of yet. I don't think I won't have any problems any time soon either. Before I bought my car I did extensive research on all types of vehicles, and I found that the Toyota is one of the most reliable cars in the market, the lifespan on the car is great and I don't regret my purchase at all. I am very happy with my Corolla. I will always go back to Toyota for future purchase and highly recommend the brand

- Cindy C

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

The Toyota corolla is a very reliable vehicle. It is good on gas, makes me feel safe, and the look of it is nice. I like the dark gray color that I selected and it is a 4 door vehicle. There are some nice extra features. I have Bluetooth and can control the radio from my steering wheel. The interior color is very nice and the space is comforting also. There are not really any blind spots when driving and I am able to adjust my seat to my liking. I have had the car for a little less than a year and it still has a nice 'new car' smell to it!

- Teresa L

The 2018 Toyota corolla is a very fast, compact, commuter car.

Personally, I love the my Toyota. I've had it for a little less than a year, it's affordable, I am currently leasing it. Nice leather seats, the a/c blasts very well, the seat adjusts easily and has a great back up camera. Plenty of legroom for the passengers in the back seat. Performance is great and picks up speed very well, also has a sport and manual control option when wanting to take full control of the car. Very reliable, never had any issues with this vehicle. Would definitely recommend as a great commuter car!

- Manny Q

It is biggest perk is how great it is on gas.

Likes: the Toyota Corolla is amazing on gas. I drive a lot and only fill up maybe every 10 days or so. Its extremely reliable as well. I have owned a Corolla for 4 years now and have had not one issue. I also love that the interior blue lining matches the blue on the dash. Dislikes: I do not care for the blind spots. It took a lot of getting used to. My only other complaint would be that the exterior scratches easily and I always leave accidental scratches near the door handle area from having things in my hands.

- Summer S

I LOVE my Toyota Corolla!!!

I've loved my car from day one. It was my very first brand new car and I didn't plan to buy a brand new car but the benefits way outweighed the cost. It drives like a dream, the gas mileage it gets still shocks both my husband and myself, the automatic off and back on bright lights (who knew these existed?!) are an unexpected perk, I LOVE how the cruise control works and I'm not sure I could put it into words but suffice to say it is user friendly and super safety minded! I will stick with Toyota forever!

- Beth C

Never have I had engine problems and I have had it for over 2 years.

My vehicle honestly has given me no problems. I went in for service only because it was due but other than that the car itself is fine. The comfort is great, the features in the care I absolutely love. The car lets you know to break if it senses you are about to crash and it is saved me a couple of times. It drives smooth which I love. I rented a Chevy for a weekend and absolutely hated it, I missed my Toyota the entire time. The Chevy was extremely uncomfortable and boxy compared to my Toyota.

- Christina G

It is safe and fun to drive.

There is so many great things I could say. It has lane departure, if you put it on cruise control it will stay a safe distance away from the car in front of you without you doing anything, it has automatic headlights and high beams, it breaks for you if a car slams on its breaks or someone walks out in front of you, and it beeps if you do not break going forward and backwards, it is so smooth over railroad tracks, it has Bluetooth, and much more. It is the perfect car.

- Kylie M

Bluetooth in my vehicle is awesome, along with the amazing gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage I get from my car. I drove close to 200 miles on a half a tank of gas. I love the bluetooth connectivity. I'm able to use my phone hands free in the car because of the blue tooth. Also, I can stream music from my phone into the car as well. The car is comfortable for me and my two small children. I suspect as they get older I'll probably have to upgrade to a Camry for more leg room. But for now, this car is perfect for my small family.

- Misty R

What I like about my Toyota Corolla I am.

I chose my Toyota Corolla I am because of it is price and dependable rating. I like that it has a bit of a sporty look to it. Even though it is a small car, I am able to put the seats down in the back and get bigger items in through the hatch back. Some other great features is the automatic high beams and the lane departure warning, screen touch Audio and back up camera. I wish they would have more accessories like rain guards for all 4 windows.

- Venus C

Very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

My vehicle has great gas mileage and I enjoy the safety features such as the Bluetooth phone operation and backup camera. It was important to me that my car has a great safety rating. Corollas are very reliable cars. I purchased another Corolla as I owned my last one for 9. 5 years and it was 15 years old with 177,000 miles on it when it needed to be replaced. I enjoy knowing that it is a car I will be able to have for a while.

- Laura L

Our car is a nice family car, also helps you get away without breaking the bank.

We love the interior. It is dark and has an almost leather look. There is no problem cleaning it or keeping it clean. It could have a little more pep when you accelerate but. Once you are going the gas mileage on it is amazing. We drove from phoenix to Vegas on one tank and still has gas left when we got there. The ac works great but, I would like a better sound system stock in the car. My wife loves the backup camera too.

- Merrill T

It starts with research. You cannot walk into a dealership with the kelly.

As somebody who makes a living running a profitable car business, I argue it is not always a good idea to grind car dealers into a bare-minimum, below-invoice price on your next new car. Yes, I know most of you disagree. That said, I have seen every type of negotiator walk through my showroom doors over the last 15 years. I know what it takes for someone to walk out with a smoking deal and get the best deal on a new car.

- Paula P

Sleek, stylish and sporty...this Corolla is just what the doctor ordered, that is, if you love a smooth ride and unlimited powertrain deal. I love my car.

I like the rearview camera. I hate there is no built in Nav system I like the lane warning and the fact that it slows down when you get close to another vehicle on cruise. I hate it can't stop completely. I love the fact that the windows cut the majority of the glare, day or night. I hate the way it revs up when you go down hill in cruise. I love the halogen headlights. I hate when halogen lights are aimed at me...

- Money J

Safety and comfort of a Toyota.

The Toyota Corolla is comfortable, and it sits a bit higher than most American cars. It is extremely safe with indicator lights that turn on if anyone in the vehicle does not have a seat belt on. Also, any lights will appear if there is anything wrong with the car. Finally, there is a mirror that appears while going in reverse and an indicator light and beep will appear if you start to cross outside of your lane.

- Carol K

That it is very safe, and has a high safety rating.

I have a brand new 2018 Toyota Corolla le. Black on black in color. I enjoy my vehicle it has lane assist, brake assist, backup camera, and fuel economy chart. This vehicle comes equipped well with everything you need. The higher trim levels have paddle shifters, sunroof, leather seats w/heat, push to start, and a sport mode. I like the Bluetooth, sound output, and the tint that came standard with the vehicle.

- Hayden D

Small but comfortable. Very spacious. I like the safety features.

I purchased a basic car and it comes with so much! It has safety features backup camera alarm it helps prevent car crashes. It is very reliable. I recently went on a almost cross country road trip and every 200 miles or so it would display a message on the screen recommending that I stopped to rest. I found that to be very incredible. It even tells me when I should be getting my next scheduled maintenance.

- Milady C

Corolla se equals great value.

Car performs very well. It has all that one truly needs in an automobile: a/c, moonroof, custom wheels, all new road technology, great Audio system and more. It is fuel efficient, it rides smoothly, the seats are very comfortable. The wheelbase is 4 inches longer than recent older models (before 2014) for a more sedan-like ride. The Corolla has a great reliability history as well as a strong resale value.

- Frank C

The safety features that are installed in the car. Having the blind spot detector is very nice and can save someone from getting into an accident.

It comes equipped with all of the latest safety features, such as backup camera, blind spot detector, and it even has an emergency brake system if you are following too close to another vehicle. It's very roomy and has a clean, sleek look to the inside. Also, it averages around 35 MPG highway and 30 MPG city and only costs around $25 to fill up from empty. Definitely my favorite car that I've ever owned!

- Jason R

Good features with a reliable car.

Car is really reliable as well as all the touch screen futures, steer assist, miles per gallon remaining helps you estimate how much you can go before refilling. Toyota car warranty and extra care keeps peace of mind for 6 years of all maintenance work, especially when you drive a lot. All the seats are very comfortable, as well as a large trunk space to be able to hold with whatever it is that you need.

- Kyle B

Toyota Corolla is great for a new driver! Highly recommend!

My white Toyota Corolla is great on gas. It is a good car for a new driver. I am a new driver myself and it was very easy to learn on. The radio system is great. I love the Bluetooth features. The air conditioning works well. I live in south Florida so it gets pretty hot and that is a great feature for that! It is a great reliable car and I would recommend it to any new driver trying to save some money.

- Lauren G

Good value for the money if you cannot afford one of the more "luxury" type SUVs.

When my job was eliminated and I had to take a 50% pay cut, I had to cut back in many areas. One of them was the car I was driving. I used to drive the Toyota rav4 but could no longer afford that, so I chose the Toyota Corolla I am. I am a pet owner, so I still wanted the features of an SUV without the high price tag, so the hatchback works well for me. It handles well but the pickup is not terrific.

- Ellen T

My car has a very nice color I like the color and the shape.

Nice car I have been driving this car almost a year now and I have not had any problems so far it's got great performance, I can depend on making long drives without thinking that it might break on the road its very reliable on long drives and does not waste gas makes very good mileage on the long drive and city drive. It's also very comfort the seats are nice and comfort. The ac is nice and cold.

- Dennis S

Overall my silver Toyota Corolla is an awesome car for me.

I really like my 2018 silver Toyota Corolla se now. I owned a Toyota Corolla in the past as well. It is a good all around compact car. It is a gas saver for sure. I like the interior dark fabric for the comfortable seats it has. The interior blue trim is nice along with it is features. It is an overall good looking car with great performance and reliability. I really enjoy driving around in it.

- Glenda C

Amazing Toyota Corolla with cool feature everyone can enjoy!

I love the features of our Toyota has. I am so glad we have leather seats in this car, it is such an improvement from last car. My favorite feature is the tinted windows. They really help deflect the Florida sun. My family has always done well by driving Toyota vehicles. I am hoping to be able to make this car last for a. Very long time. We do not plan on getting another car in the near future.

- Carole B

Great safety features on the vehicle.

My vehicle is compact but reliable. One feature that I love is the backup camera although when it is dark or rainy it is unreliable because the picture is not that great. The lane assist is also a great feature because it lets you know when you are going over your line with a beeping and faintly pushes you back in your lane, unless your blinker is on. Very spacious for a compact vehicle.

- Kaitlyn D

Corolla has great features.

I absolutely love the Corolla. It gets great mileage. It is reliable. It has all the features that I need. I particularly love Bluetooth and the ability to listen to audio books. And it has a CD player in case I want it. But the best part is that it does not have built in navigation. We have that on our RAV4 and it is awful. Although I wish I had the keyless option on the Corolla.

- Jo M

I love how safe my vehicle is and how cozy it is.

The car is ok however, I don't like that I have to unlock car with key... Cause it's not automatic locks.. Performance it drives well; although it is hard to get up hills and is reliable I have not had any repair problems or breakdowns and the seats are comfortable due to me driving home a lot I cannot complain about the comfortable seats and I also love that the interior is dark.

- Cleo E

Plenty of foot room and trunk room.

So far have had no real problems, it runs very well and is quiet, the adjustable seats make it most comfortable for short people such as myself, plenty of room in the trunk for everything I may need to carry, would like to have two glove compartments to keep papers and small items separate (such as maps and phone/keys, etc.) Seats are very comfortable when sitting on long trips.

- Edna N

One of the best cars you can get.

This is one of the best and reliable car of the market. It saves me a lot of gas and now I think that you can get a standard car that comes with a lot of good features without paying a lot of money. It is a comfort car for a family and for me it is the perfect sedan. Until now, I haven't got any problems with this car and I would recommend it to everyone who wants a first car.

- Mauricio D

Love my Corolla except for one detail.

I love my Toyota Corolla the features like lane swerve alert, radar monitoring, and gas mileage. Only thing I do not like is when you step on the gas sometimes in it take a few seconds for it to pick up speed. For instance a car cuts in front of you and brakes you try to serve to the other lane it take a few seconds to accelerate quickly, you can feel the power is weak.

- Kashmir P

Toyota's reliability and features are unmatched.

A Toyota is the most reliable car you could own. They are typically very long lasting especially with good care and maintenance. If any repairs are needed, parts are very affordable. The newer models are very sleek. Their features are unmatched in my opinion. I enjoy the driving detection and display. Also the digital connection options. Not to mention the smooth ride.

- India C

It is an all around great vehicle! Toyota is such a great company!

I have a 2018 Toyota Corolla. It is one of the best vehicles that I have ever owned. It drives really smooth. The interior is really nice. It has a touch screen that controls the radio and many other functions. It has a back up camera which is really great especially at night time. You can sync your mobile device to the car and it will read your text messages for you.

- Ally T

I really love my Corolla 2018 se.

This Corolla is one of the best ever vehicle I never have. This car is 4 cylinder, and also very economical car. Even though my Corolla is a small car, but very comfortable for my family of 5 people. What I like the most in my car if for some reason you get distracted and your car is getting too close to another car, do not worry it will stop before hitting the car.

- Esther Jean E

Safe, affordable and smooth. Bluetooth features and safety features.

I absolutely love this car! It is comfortable, affordable and rides smoothly. I love the safety features that come with this car such as letting you know if you begin to drift or beeping when you come close to a car in front of you. This car has many safety performance tests that provides for a safe ride. The size is perfect and is a four door with huge trunk space.

- Emily S

The best thing about my car is that I do not have to pay for any maintenance.

I enjoy that the safety features come with it and you do not have to pay extra for them. They include a backup camera, lane departure and since it's a newer model all of my maintenance comes free. It also comes with ecoboost and lets you know if you get too close to another car, the autopilot feature is also a bonus for longer drives and it helps save gas.

- Ronald R

Overall it is an amazing car. And I would buy it again.

The safety features the car offers are amazing. It makes you pay attention to your driving more with the lane departure and brake feature. The cruise control is also nice and it will slow down when it knows there is a car getting closer in front of you. Down side of the cruise control if someone gets in front of you unexpectedly it can brake kind of hard.

- Ashley E

My Corolla is gas efficient, safe and the perfect size for me.

I love my car. It has great safety feature that add to my peace of mind. It the car senses that I am not breaking in time to avoid a collision it will auto break. If I veer of the road it will auto steer back between the lines. The car is spacious but not too big to whip into parking spots. I love my backup camera and how much gas I save driving my car.

- Kristina S

Great car at a great price!

I have had my car 3 months and no problems so far. The a/c is unbelievable. The gas mileage is terrific. There are defrosters on the side mirrors, which will be very helpful in the winter months. It is Bluetooth equipped. You can set it up so your phone calls come over the radio so there is no need to be holding a cell phone in your hand while driving.

- Joyce Z

Gas saver, also low cost maintenance.

Very reliable nothing bad, very satisfying and keep on it is low cost, keep up on all maintenance got from Toyota and our salesmen was wonderful we love it performance is great has back up camera and also self drive as in sends alerts when go over middle line self directs back in lane everything is automatic and lights are wonderful and gas saver.

- Nicole F

The thing I like about my car is when the lights automatically dim and brighten.

My car is good on gas, and it drives smoothly. My car has leather seats that are easy to clean. You can make phone calls without picking up your phone, you can also change the radio station with the sound of your voice. My car stops automatically when it gets too close to a car or other object, and it automatically dims and brightens the lights.

- Renee G

First-time corolla owner, loving it!

This is my first Toyota and I am so happy. Gas mileage on long trips is very good, in town travel is good on gas and very comfortable, I like the modern features, and the price is very affordable. Based on the performance and price of my current vehicle, when I am shopping again for an SUV, I will most likely be staying with the Toyota brand.

- Jessica J

Toyota Corolla makes it through the roughest.

I owned a 2017 model before this vehicle and got into a very bad accident in which I had no health issues and was safe and sound since my little Carolla did not budge. It does not give me any problems and it is the perfect size for me. It is one of the best vehicles on gas and has an eco button/ sports button as a bonus on saving gas money.

- Abigail C

I feel as though the back up camera is a distraction more than it is an aid.

It is a small reliable vehicle. I think that I would feel more comfortable in a truck. The vehicle is very low to the ground and I wish that it had higher ground clearance. It has good gas mileage. All the features on the inside are nice and up to date. All in all a good vehicle for a car person. I just feel as though I am not a car person.

- Jacob C

The Toyota corolla I am: the most bang for your buck.

The Toyota corolla I am has a lot of 'get up and go'; I am often the first person to move once the light turns green. The hatchback and folding back row seats create ample trunk space, while also allowing great leg room. Toyotas are historically reliable, and the I am is no exception, as well as its added bonus of an amazing sound system.

- Lisa W

She's beautiful, comfortable, and reliable. Everything I expected in a new car.

The car is brand new so no problems yet, but I love the gas mileage it gets, it drives smooth, and its all around a great vehicle for me. Comfortable, absolutely gorgeous to look at inside and out. I've always loved the vehicles Toyota makes and this one is not at all a disappointment. It's everything I wanted and expected.

- Robert T

Why I love a simple safe and realizable car.

Incredibly reliable, fun and easy to drive. I feel very confident and safe while also comfortable driving this car. Great size for myself, or diving friends. Compact but big enough to host others in your car without having to worry about their comfort or safety. Great amount of space in trunk for road trips and groceries.

- Sabrina R

It goes everywhere and does everything I ask it to do.

I work as a home health ran, driving to patient's homes in both country and city locations. This car has room for all my wound dressing supplies and paperwork, and lunch box, etc. It gets in and out of country roads, is easy to park in the city, and I find it very comfortable even after days driving upwards of 150 miles.

- Joan R

Summarize your vehicle or highlight an interesting detail.

My 2018 Toyota Corolla is extremely reliable and spacious. I was hesitant about getting a Toyota because we previously had a Camry and it gave us mechanical problems. However, I love this car because for a compact car there is a lot of space, and the built in navigation and Bluetooth has been wonderful for driving.

- Gabrielle V

Great efficient, reliable and sharp looking car.

Overall great car! This car has been one of the most reliable and efficient cars I have owned. Looks presentable and stands out. Would recommend for anyone who needs a car more for reliability than luxury. I will be in the marketing for another one of these or might end up buying the one I am currently leasing.

- John K

The perks of the Toyota corolla.

It has a lot of safety features. Backup camera. Auto dim lights, auto lane correct, auto braking system if you get too close to something. Side curtain airbags. It is a Toyota so it is very dependable. It runs great. So far so good! It has a sporty look but the feel of a compact vehicle with plenty of room.

- Dawn M

Great car to drive you should give it a try.

Easy access car.. Easy to drive it is automatic and has a good feature on the front.. The look is cool as well. There's a window you can open on top and it has an infrared feature. No keys. Just fab. Push button to start. It has Bluetooth installed to connect your phone and a touch screen monitor in front.

- Grace L

Quality car for reasonable price.

It gets great gas mileage and the dealership service is excellent. The feature that warns you of going over the line or off the side is such a good safety feature. The color is unusual and we love the way it drives. For a small car, it has a very smooth ride. Settings are more than usual in a economy car.

- Cheryl B

The brake assist is an interesting detail.

I don't have any problems. The lane assist is a great safety feature. The brake assist is different if you are not used to that feature. I like the display that tells me how many miles to empty on gas. I like the smooth design for the radio display. I like the customization options for the screen display.

- Jennifer S

It is a wonderful family Car.

It is a good car. We have had no problems at all with our car. It is wonderful and has a good ride. It is comfortable and nice to drive. It is a nice color and a comfortable interior. The car is reliable and trustworthy and safe; safe enough for my children. I have no complaints about the car as a whole.

- Laura J

Lane departure alert. Designed for safety. Roadside assistance.

Nothing problems have my car and I like very much my car... All Toyota models & schedule your test drive today & save! With extensive inventory, apr & lease deals, we're sure to have the right Toyota for you! Award winning safety lane departure alert. Designed for safety. Roadside assistance.

- Natasha N

Pick up is awesome and great mileage.

No problem awesome vehicle good pick up and mileage is great many number of new advanced features. And there are so many colors of varieties the new upgraded features giving more comfort to me and the brand of my car is very familiar to me and at out side also there is good name and publicity at outside.

- Sai S

Reasonably price reliable and comfortable.

I love the Corolla for its fuel mileage and maneuverability, I feel like I am in a 30 thousand dollar car even though its a cheap entry level compact. I do wish the seat had more adjustment to it but I can live with it, my three kids all enjoy the car and how much space it offers to them for road trips.

- Cameron D

Loving the look and safety of my Toyota.

I really love my Toyota because I am confident of its reliability. I really love the interior because it is beige and so is the dashboard. Toyota also has a safety package that includes a backup camera and the car beeps to alert you if you cross the lane. It is a very comfortable car and a smooth drive.

- Jennifer V

It is fuel efficient which can save you money as gas prices increase.

I like the fuel efficiency. I like the back up camera and Bluetooth capability. I do not like the up/down push buttons for the heater and air conditioner- seems like they will be easy to break as time goes by. I do not like how low to the ground it is, especially when you have to drive through puddles.

- Elaine O

Ok for economical car with minimal dollar.

Rough ride car is not as comfortable as expected and prefer something much more comfortable. It does get good gas mileage and that is very good. Safety functions are a little tiresome and radio function could be better. Ties are so low to ground that every bump becomes an issue larger tires needed.

- Diane B

Toyota Corolla review for a college student and the problems.

I do not like how little amount of miles I get when the tank is full and the other mileage. Also the color options via exterior + interior. Also leasing a car is stressful when you do the minor thing to your car and now your deal is not as sweet. Also the price per month is a lot for the type of car.

- Taylor V

Great vehicle at a great price.

It drives smoothly. The interior is really spacious and looks luxurious without spending too much money. The exterior is sleek. Great gas mileage. It has a rear back up camera which is a great safety feature. It is really comfortable. It syncs with your mobile device and reads text messages for you.

- Al T

The Toyota corolla is a great car.

I love the new corolla overall. The only two aspects I do not like are the following: It is quite low for me to get in and out of. The regular beam headlights have a seemingly demarcation line where halfway down the windshield it is very dark. I am always ducking to see if I can see further ahead.

- Tracy J

They should know that It's features make it worth the money.

I really like the vehicle because it has a lot of features. I have a lane departure setting that alerts me if I am veering. I also like that the car has Bluetooth built in for me to listen to my own music rather than the radio. I also love that it has a back camera. I cannot think of any dislikes.

- Shontay S

I love the eco feature in this car.

I have never experienced any issues with my corolla! I love all the features including the sunroof, heated seats and eco abilities! I switched from Tacoma to save on gas during commutes to work and I do not regret my decision. This car is amazing, it is comfortable, affordable and eco friendly.

- Heather V

Vehicle has amazing room in the backseat.

I love my 2018 Toyota Corolla. It has amazing gas mileage and is super comfortable to drive. I have long legs and I have plenty of room in both the front and back of the vehicle. The cruise control is the best part about the car because I have a speeding problem so it definitely helps me out.

- Carli F

Beautiful ride, nice sound system. Overall greatness.

I got my vehicle in January 2018, I have had no problems no complaints. Best choice I ever made when it came to this car. Nice color, nice interior, body shape great. Nice ride thru and thru. Toyota drive great, the system sounds great. Smooth ride. Great purchase. Totally just a great car.

- Yvonne S

The brakes worked really well to stop you from its safety.

It has a sporty look. It has a sports transmission gear. A great interior. It has very good mile per gallon I get. It has great hearing speakers. A great Sirius radio with Bluetooth and can answer phone calls through your radio the radio has a clear sound. It is easy to hear. A great sound.

- Clarence K

The perfect car for any type of person.

Very comfortable and good to drive no problem with the car and is very safety love all the features is very sporty style and adjustable seat on drive side perfect for a short person like me the radio is the best sound perfect and the messages go straight on your car are fabulously amazing.

- Erica Gonzalez E

Nice to drive during in town traffic.

Beautiful black new Toyota Corolla is compact and great for in town driving. It is amazing on gas, very fuel efficient. The price is extremely competitive with other compact vehicles. Toyota has the longest lasting cars on the road. I plan on giving this car to my child 15 years from now.

- Ava W

My first Toyota Corolla and my first brand spanking new car ever!

Love my car! Has a lot of features that I'm still figuring out. Drives well and smooth. I do seem to get a lot of door dings, seems like it doesn't take much of a bump to get a ding. I don't know if it's the quality or structure of the doors or what. Otherwise I love everything about it!

- Kathi C

I love my car. Toyota is the best car maker ever.

Absolutely a lovely vehicle. Great gas mileage. Handles beautifully. Love this car. My car is white with black interior. The interior is cloth. It has a touch screen music and Bluetooth center. Steering wheel is telescoping. Has a built in backup camera. Defrosters for the side mirrors.

- Hannah B

White sporty Toyota Corolla.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. I love it. Best purchase & we got it for a good price. It is great with miles & the interior is sporty looking. The only thing I wish it had would be push start instead of keys. I tend to lose keys a lot. Navigation system would be nice too.

- Bianca R

I have a white Toyota Corolla, the year is 2018, the interior is black.

This car has been one of he better cars that I have leased. It is reliable, safe, and easy o drive. Great for teenage drivers because it is super easy to learn and not very large. The inside feels luxurious with leather interior while also having updated features such as a touchscreen.

- Bree C

Never having to take my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road.

I love my 2018 Toyota corolla. It has just enough comfort for both local and all day driving. The drink console in the back seat is convenient for my kids and help keep the car from getting spills all over. The trunk is plenty roomy enough for groceries or luggage for those road trips.

- Danica V

A good choice with only a few flaws.

Overall the new 2018 Toyota Corolla seems to be a decent and reliable car, and I would recommend it as a buying choice. It looks good. There are two (minor) faults: the computer display controls can take a while to learn, and when rapidly accelerating, you may hear some engine whine.

- Corinna L

2018 Camry le has enhanced safety features like lane departure & braking alerts.

New safety features are great (i.e. lane departure alert). 2018 Corollas drive much smoother than they used to, but after previously having a Camry, the smaller engine is definitely noticeable. Very happy with my choice overall, however. Feel confident in the reliability of Toyotas.

- Maria G

Saving in fuel and better Bluetooth system.

I would like this care be more fuel economical. I hope in the future all the cars will be electric. Expending less money in fuel is one of my main goals. I would like to try a car with autopilot. Maybe most comfortable seats. Better Bluetooth system, this last feature would be nice.

- Luis C

Toyota corolla: nice enough.

I purchased this car 5 weeks ago. It is not a very good car for driving in the snow. It may benefit from newer or specific snow tires. The Bluetooth compatibility is much better than our Subaru Impreza. The heating system seems responsive. Trunk is large. Good value for the price.

- Kirsten A

Why I like my 2018 corolla!

I love my car. It has great gas mileage and it handles really well, the ride is smooth but I get a lot of road noise. That is the one thing that I do not like about it. My car has a backup camera and a lot of good tech. I have a lot of space in the trunk too more than I expected.

- Allie C

Safe, roomy, and comfortable.

This car is very reliable. It has tons of safety features such as lane departure, backup camera, and it will automatically stop if there is something in front of you and you do not hit the brakes. It is very roomy and comfortable and has tons of trunk space. No problems so far.

- April M

2018 Toyota Corolla - great family car!

No current or prior problems. Performs great so far and very reliable. Have owned for just about a year. Bought brand new. Engine power seems weak on hills and accelerates slowly. Seats are comfortable and easy to clean. All regular features with the option of premium features.

- Lydia B

Alarm system, leather seat.

It is really good and is really save to drive. It is the one like drive most. This is the new car which is having some important and unique characteristic which make your driving save. It have leather seats and have an alarm which indicates that your car is out or on the line.

- Maryam B

Toyota Corolla Continues to be Most Reliable Compact Car. The Toyota Corolla has been synonymous with reliability and dependability for nearly 50 years. It's no wonder the compact sedan is the best selling nameplate worldwide, with more than 1 million Corollas sold each year.

Toyota Corolla Continues to be Most Reliable Compact Car. The Toyota Corolla has been synonymous with reliability and dependability for nearly 50 years. It's no wonder the compact sedan is the best selling nameplate worldwide, with more than 1 million Corollas sold each year.

- Aakshita S

It has great features like lane assist and brake assist that help keep you in the lines and alert you if you're swerving or about to hit something.

The Toyota Corolla is a great reliable car, I've had 3! They get great gas mileage and are reliable. I have never had any major issues. The seats are comfortable making my long commute more bearable. The extras like lane assist and brake assist help keep me safe on the road!

- Samantha J

The Corolla is the best choice I made in a vehicle.

The Toyota corolla not only is economical but it is fun to drive. It is smooth and steady especially for long trips which do not make it a drag when you do drive. Especially since I am driving around everywhere it is nice to finally have a car that can help me save gasoline.

- Alejandro N

Great performance. Love the safety features. Very reliable vehicle.

Toyota Corolla is great on gas, requires very low maintenance, I love pre-collision system and lane assist. I wish it had power seats. New Toyota comes with 2 years complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance. Seats are very comfortable, has a lot of legroom in a back.

- Victoria P

Cute color, cannot stop looking at it!

It is a cute car with a really brilliant color. The interior seating is comfortable and has room in the back for passengers. The back seats fold down and with the hatchback, you can pack it full of so much stuff! The handling is similar to the last car I drove, a Volkswagen.

- Kate S

The car is very reliable and awesome I love it.

I have my Toyota Corolla for about six months now. It is a 2018. It is very reliable. And it drives great. It is been a great gas saver also. Stay in the eco mark and gas will be nothing. The only complaint is that the car is a bit low. Watch out for curbs and tree roots.

- ReminGTon M

It's a reliable, compact fun little car that gets me where I need to go.

I love my car. It's compact but feels spacious. It has bluetooth and keyless entry which are convenient. I love the safety features like lane assist. It seems to sometimes have some glitches with my ipod, but otherwise, I enjoy driving it and it also gets good gas mileage.

- Emily L

My Corolla has a wonderful radio and back navigation camera.

Corolla I have has a great air conditioner and has great gas mileage, has a great navigation camera and is easy to drive. Also has a great radio system. The only thing I hate about it is it has cloth seats which is hard to keep clean especially when you have kids around.

- Tammy R

This car has excellent gas mileage!

Great car. Drives great and is great on gas mileage. Roomy for a small car and decent size trunk. Bluetooth connectivity and hands free talk features are great features on this car. This car has taken us on many road trips with no issues and has been a pleasure to drive.

- Linda X

Toyota Corolla’s excellent safety features make it a standout among sedans.

Great on gas, awesome safety features. The backup camera really helps me because I haven't driven consistently in years. It has a cute, sporty look for such a dependable vehicle. My favorite aspect of the car is definitely the safety features and hands free phone usage.

- Elena S

4 star Toyota Corolla review.

Gas mileage is amazing. For looking small on the outside there’s actually a lot of room inside. The trunk is huge. There’s little to no blind spots. The Corolla is definitely a car that stays clean easily. It is also easy to clean, inside and out. I love my Corolla.

- Casey E

Yes it is a great vehicle that I would not trade.

I love my vehicle it is great I hope it lasts for a long time. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable I would do it all over again. The price was good too. They are reliable and trustworthy. I try to stay with Toyota class. I use to like ford but now it is Toyota.

- Michael R

This vehicle is great performance wise. It is sleek in design.

This vehicle is very reliable. It drives smoothly and is a pretty quiet car. It has a backup camera which is great especially at night time. It is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever been in. The outside is sleek and looks very nice. Toyota is a great company!

- Ally T

Toyota corolla I am 2018 with backup camera, power windows and locks, Bluetooth.

Very dependable, great gas mileage, a little small for family car, love the features especially Bluetooth capability and backup camera. Performance is great a little slow on take offs but picks up speed fast. Easy to drive and rides very smoothly. All in all great car.

- Carri R

Some pros and cons of Toyota Corolla.

The back up camera visibility could be better, the Bluetooth connectivity could be much better. The seats are comfortable. The stereo has a nice sound. It takes way too long for air or heat to reach a comfortable level. It also is slow getting the car rolling on hills.

- Bruce G

Smooth Ride ��� But will the new Toyota models live up to the reputation of their predecessors? Only Time Will Tell

I love the aqua galactic color and newness of the car. I also like that it is spacious. I often reflect on my sales experience and wish it went differently. I bought an XLE when I thought I was getting an XSE. I also don't like the new transmission/computerized system.

- Christine E

Toyota Corolla a great beginner car.

This is my first car and I love that it is very secure and reliable. It indicates if I swerve or when I need to brake. Gas mileage is good. Trunk is spacious as well. The only thing I would change is a bit more storage compartments and the pick up speed is a bit slow.

- Susan S

Corolla 2018, a reliable car.

I love my new Corolla 2018 that I purchased few months ago. It is economical, easy to control, and safe. The cruise control to keep same speed as the car in front of me is a nice design to have. The gasoline mileage performance has always been Toyota’s strong suit!

- Liang-yu W

Toyota Corolla is my favorite car!

This car has great comfortable seating, ac, good gas mileage and handles well on turns and braking. I like feeling safer with the eco feature which will drive the car, slow down and brake for you. It brings me a smile when I get behind the wheel of a Toyota Corolla.

- Lois A

I like that 2018 Corolla. The bright lights automatically turn off and on.

I like the 2018 Corolla. If you get the sports version, the seats are like bucket seats. The bright lights automatically turn off and on for you when passing another vehicle. The only thing that I do not like is that it does not get up as fast as I thought it would.

- Madison L

The new Toyota safety features make all the difference. I had a 2015 Corolla prior to this vehicle that did not have the radar cruise control or lane departure alert or the collision alert and assistance and these features make me love this corolla so much more.

The only thing I could really complain about is that I wish it were slightly larger and it would be nice if it had navigation and maybe push to start. However, it is totally worth what I am paying for it and I feel like finding fault with it is kind of nit picking.

- Morgan H

The new & improved Toyota Camry.

I love my car. I had a problem with the transmission skipping at first. The dealership reset the computer and I haven't had any problems with my carry since then. If you are looking for a family car that has a sporty side, I would highly recommend the 2018 Camry.

- Lauren F

Great gas mileage. Average 41 mpg.

I bought the car brand new. It only had 24 miles on it. The gas mileage wasn't great until I hit the 6k mile marker. Now I am getting around 42 mpg. Love the features and safety features. Trunk space is nice. It is not as big as the Camry but still roomy enough.

- A N

Great reliable vehicle and great performance.

I have absolutely no problems with my Toyota. The performance is awesome, has the system on it where it corrects me if I am going off the road or crossing the centerline, reliability of the vehicle is great. Very comfortable seating and has great features on it.

- Dianne C

I love my Toyota corolla.

Very comfortable. Good trunk space. 6 cup holders. Only issue would be the auto drive feature it can be disabled but when it is not it breaks for you speeds up and slows down the car which can be dangerous. Great gas mileage. Huge back seat. No other complaints.

- Shelley J

I love that my Toyota Corolla iM has great gas mileage, approximately 27 around town.

I have the Corolla iM which is a hatchback. I like that I have the features of an SUV without the size. My seats can fold down so larger items can fit easily. My trunk is also private (unlike in an suv where you can peer into the trunk via rear or side windows).

- Rebecca Y

Toyota Corolla: 2015 vs. 2018.

I had a 2015 Corolla before this 2018. And, while it does what I need it to, it does not get as good of gas mileage or have the same kind of pickup as the '15. It also has less trunk space. But, hey, at least there's more passenger space, and it looks sportier.

- Dari D

Ranked best in reliability.

Ranked most reliable car for 2018. Also ranked lowest amount of money spent on maintenance. I also like the safety ranking and fun to drive. I have Sirius radio which provides me with a lot of choices in music across all genres and generations. Happy with it,

- Ash F

Lane assistant and hands free calling are your best friend.

I love that I have hands free features when it comes to calling someone. The seats are comfy and the car is roomy for someone short and has no children. The lane assistant is the best, have it turned on and it lets you know when you've over into another lane.

- Tiffany M

Toyota Corolla almost too smart for its own good.

Car is amazing. Sometimes almost a little too smart though. It does lane correction and it beeps really loud when it believes you are about to hit someone. Can be very distracting when driving in a city setting. Also automatic braking which you can turn off.

- Najee J

A comfortable any season ride with a good fuel efficiency.

The Vehicle runs smooth and has a good pickup from a smaller vehicle. The shape is sportier than a traditional Corolla and both is more comfortable and has a hatchback for easier and better storage. The power option is also a help in the snowy winter months.

- Howard F

Toyota makes another good vehicle!

This vehicle has a comfortable ride, handles well with either the basic or sport technology, gets acceptable gas mileage, interior is easy to clean and comfortable to sit in seats. We are pleased with this car as we have been with our other Toyota products.

- Sarah L

New safety features. Good on gas.

Has great safety features. I just love it all. I always wanted a hatchback. I love the color, style, that it is a 4 cylinder and great on gas. I don't know why people buy SUVs because the gas price is so high and hard to park. I have always had a small car.

- Donna K

Toyota corolla ride forever and ever.

I love my Toyota corolla. It goes good in the snow for now being AWD. I love that back up camera its a awesome feature. Lane assist is very helpful when I am tired in the morning before work. Beeps and keeps you on the road. I get pretty good highway miles.

- Tiffany M

It is great on gas I love it. Great for a first car.

Car works awesome. Great on gas. Has enough room in the back and trunk. Great for a first car. Love the price. Takes me where I need to be. The car is great overall. Have not have any issues with it yet. My favorite thing is that the gas mileage is awesome.

- Lily C

Toyota's are known for lasting a long time, so if you want to buy a car and own it for a long time with minimal issues, you should get a Toyota vehicle.

I really like how small it is, how durable and stable it feels, and the overall price. I do wish I had heated seats, but I didn't want to pay more for it. I like the mileage too, I get great highway mileage, and it costs only around $25 to fill up my tank.

- Shannon W

Excellent small car in performance, space and safety features.

I love the performance of my Corolla, has no issues with the engine, etc.. Excellent gas mileage. It does have a great sized trunk for the size of the car, although with two kids sometimes I do run into a little trouble with space. But overall a great car.

- Stacy D

Very reliable. Good gas mileage.

This car is very reliable and it has great gas mileage. The only thing I wish was different was the room in the backseat. If you have a child, with a car seat there is no room for another person to sit beside it. But other than that, it is a fantastic car!

- Amanda V

Economical car good for its bucks.

The car is great even though it is a 4 cilindro it still can have a jump when you take off if you need to make a fast turn. Also if you do a fast turn and drift you can control it with ease. Very economical waits gas with twenty bucks your set for a week.

- Willie S

2018 Toyota Corolla the perfect car.

Great gas mileage, a lot of trunk space. Safety features include auto lane correct. My car beeps if close contact to another object. Bluetooth phone, power windows and locks. a lot of space inside also. Easy access on steering wheel for phone, and radio.

- Tina O

Love the sound system and the Bluetooth.

I have no vehicle problems. Air-conditioner works great sound system works great Bluetooth works great CD player is awesome house entire sound system is good. We got the cheaper models so we do not have a remote for the car but that is my only complaint.

- Carol S

Reliable and affordable and great on gas mileage.

Good on gas, nice style, affordable and reliable. The car has a lot of space and is very comfortable. The car would be great for a young person just starting out in driving. The car is easy to maneuver and has get up and go. It is very stylish and cute.

- Kim D

Comfortable corolla makes great for city.

My new corolla has worked out very well for me. The inside is comfortable and roomy. The Bluetooth and audio system works well and is handy. The car drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage. Only issue I have had is the smaller trunk for longer trips.

- David B

Toyota corolla economic and easy to drive.

Ideal car for the family, good displacement, comfortable, safe, economical in terms of gasoline consumption. The maintenance in the concesionario is economic and the after sales service is not very good. I recommend it for the brand and small family.

- Marcos F

Beautiful/ affordable /sexy ride!

Things I love about my vehicle are as follows: the color( blue), the interior (blue and black), the part leather part cloth seats, the touch screen, it gets great mileage, it's easy to drive. It also has features like lane control and cruise control.

- Elizabeth Y

I like the body design the dash lay out the backseat is also very comfortable and roomy it gets great gas mileage and the night view from the headlights is very accommodating for people with poor site

This vehicle has been very reliable and I've had success with toyota as in the past plus the gas mileage is good and it looks very nice the seating it's comfortable and I really like the dashboard layout it also has a lot of extras that are included

- Burt O

Fun car for all ages and gender and career.

There has been very little problems. It drives well and I enjoy driving it. It's a good car for a first time driver as well as an older person. It can go fast at times but in sport mode which makes it more fun and enjoyable. It's a pretty good car.

- Griffin B

Is perfect to me. Especially the colors offered by the brand.

My vehicle is perfect. It makes me feel in the clouds every time I handle it. Besides that I am very in agreement with the prices, they are correct in relation that they offer in the vehicles. Their models, colors, their accessories, everything.

- Christopher D

That is very stable in the street.

The Toyota Corolla 2018 is great it had a comforter chair and I can see when am parking in reverse because it has a camera in the back. It will mark the street lanes and if you get to closer to another car it will tell you with a beeping noise.

- Maria R

Great Gas Mileage, seats 5 people, has backup window to back out of a parking space, free oil changes, tire rotations and other maintenance for 2 yrs

I have zero problems with my car, it is comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver. It has cruise control and back up window to help me pull out of my parking spot. It also has 2 yrs of free maintenance on it, I love my Toyota Corolla LE...

- Linda B

Smooth and fuel-efficient.

It's a huge upgrade from my 2000 Toyota Camry. I like that is has new features I've never owned before like the ability to connect to Bluetooth. I wish it has a few more amenities, but I also could upgrade to include some with more money.

- John W

It fits me perfectly! I absolutely love it!

I love the size of my car. It's easy to maneuver & navigate, especially into small places. Love the back up camera & hands free phone connection. I have no complaints. However, i wish it was equipped with the rear view compass mirror.

- Debra L

The car is a great value and is built to run for several hundred thousand miles.

The car itself runs wonderfully. My sole complaint would have to be with the rear view camera that is meant to be used as an aid for backing up and parallel parking but is so inaccurate that you're best off using your rear view mirrors.

- William C

The steering wheel buttons are extremely helpful to navigate between radio or bluetooth songs in a safe way without touching my phone or pressing buttons to switch on the touch screen pad.

It is easy to drive and the front touch screen is nice to use between music and car performance. It could be better if the sound padding was better to keep the rumbling noise blocked from the road on highways and driving faster speeds.

- Catalina L

Ride. Very comfortable ride. Plenty of room.

No issues. Very comfortable. Leather package is great. Sun roof allows plenty of air in. Plenty of legroom in the back for passengers. Truck space is plenty. I previously drove a Camry. Very pleased with comfort and space in Corolla.

- Ann L

I would think the most important thing to know about my car is that it's good on gas

I like that I can control the radio from the steering wheel and that I can answer my phone calls through it as well. There's nothing really that I can say I dislike about it. It's just a basic get me to where I need to go car.

- Shanna H

Good and durable with very efficient flue.

My car has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which is very nice sunroof speakers the drive is very nice and comfortable it has a lot of room it is very spacious and makes me feel very comfortable in it when I drive it has motion detector.

- Destiny B

It's a safe, fun, enjoyable car to drive anywhere.

I love its ride, smoothness, durability, safety features, and almost everything. The two drawbacks are the amount of usable space to pack in the trunk as well as not having the current speed as an option in the center dash.

- Brent R

It will not break down on me.

I like that my car looks very new and works well. It has a good audio system. It gets me from point A to B. I do not like how slow it is, I might sound loud like I am going fast but in reality I am going 35 miles per hour.

- Lena L

Toyota Corolla Loyal for over 8 years.

I'm very happy with my car. It does well on gas, has many modern features and is very reliable. I've received my compliments on the look of the car and I agree that it looks like a more expensive car than it actually is.

- Samantha M

My Toyota has it all beauty reliability and comfort.

It is a beautiful car. It gets good gas mileage and runs very well. We drove it on vacation and it was very comfortable. I love that it has decent sized windows some newer cars have small ones which make it hard to see.

- Gail A

The good gas mileage. I wouldn't recommend it to others.

It has good gas mileage and i like the being able to talk on the phone through the speakers. The seats aren't comfortable and the engine doesn't have much power. The cruise control is terrible, it can't stay regulated.

- Jenna M

Toyota Corollas drive very smooth and no road noise

No problems love how the vehicle drives and it is very quiet. The navigation system is awesome you can use the back up camera to help you see things. Also, the safety feature lane assistance is amazing and saves lives.

- Mickey M

That it assist in helping you to park your car without looking over your shoulder.

I like all the automatic things that they have the car for instance assistance in parking, letting you know when you are too close to a car and telling you when you need gas or how far you can go before filling up.

- Shiminege A

Easy to drive and easy to care for.

My Corolla feels like home to me. It's comfortable to drive. I feel like the overall size of the car and depth fits me well so I can adequately gauge everything around me. I wish there was better phone integration.

- Samantha h

It has a lot of power. It's easy to drive and it can handle a curve.

I like my vehicle because it is small and I enjoy how it has a sport mode. I also like how it is a hatchback and that I can pull the seats down. One thing I do not like is that I can't figure out the navigation.

- Brandy L

People should know what a great value the car is. I love how expensive it feels despite being such a low price.

I love the simplicity and compact nature of the car. It looks sporty and is spacious inside. I don't like how the gas tank is so small or how the mpg seems to be lower than advertised. Everything else is great.

- Cynthia H

This type of car is the newest model and therefore this one is the most advanced.

My vehicle is a 2018 Toyota Corolla in Aqua Mira. Since it is a new model, it has more upgraded features on it. Among those are a rear view camera for backing up in tight spaces, keyless entry, and Bluetooth.

- Shayla S

The car is extremely beautiful inside and it drives awesome.

The car drives awesome. I love how comfortable it is and how well the music sounds. It saves me a lot of gas weekly. The rear camera has become my favorite feature. I would not buy any other brand than Toyota.

- Karla P

There are a number of safety features that were included with the car that weren't extra.

The steering wheel is comfortable and turns easily. The safety features on the car, like alerting you when you are too close to an object and need to break, are really good. I also like the way it handles.

- Heather J

Great basic car for everyday use!

Love my Corolla- it is small enough but not ridiculously small like smart car. It is a perfect basic car with the few bells and whistles I like to have like Bluetooth, front/back cameras and lane assist.

- Lee C

It is wonderful and friendly.

It has front and back cameras, can sense when your close to a car it will beep, and when you been on the road for a long period of time it will tell you to take a break that is what I love about my car.

- Stephanie L

My vehicle is safe and reliable.

I like the good safety features, reliability, and the included warranty and maintenance. The price is good. I do not like the lack of horsepower, but this is partially compensated by good fuel economy.

- Daniel B

Great car with helpful features

I like my car, it works great! My favorite feature is that it beeps loudly when I'm about to rear end someone. I wish it had built in navigation but it cost too much extra. Everything else is perfect.

- Lauren W

It is a sports edition so it has a weird shoes steering wheel and small seats.

I love my car it has Bluetooth. It is very comfortable and relaxing to drive. The air and heat is on all the time and it feels so good I love it so much. The echo area helps me on gas mileage so much.

- Rachel H

It has great safety features.

I don't like the color or the interior, I wish I had bought a car with a better space for my dog like a model with a hatchback. I also would have liked a hybrid model or a model with all wheel drive.

- Marie M

It is updated and modern yet still affordable for the average consumer.

My vehicle is modern, yet still affordable for a college student. It's updated with safety features and I feel very safe when driving. I don't like the sensitivity of the screen, but that's about it.

- Katie B

This is a high quality vehicle for what it costs. It has all the features to promote safety and enjoyment in driving.

This vehicle has all the modern technology that improves safety and top performance. I love the sporty look and the fact that it is made with high quality materials. It has excellent fuel economy.

- Ingrid B

It's a wonderful vehicle to have.

No complaints. This vehicle handles very well, good mileage. There is adequate room for passengers and for storage in the trunk. Wish the interior was a darker color and/or was easier to cleaner.

- John M

It is easy to zip around town, park and gets great gas mileage.

I love my Corolla because it gets great gas mileage and is safe. I can zip around town in it and it is easy to park. I love the size and the upgrades from the 2007 Corolla I had are wonderful.

- Sue M

Reliability! This car starts up with ease and drives with comfort. I am never worried when I get it my Corolla

I love my new corolla! It is extremely reliable and comfortable with excelled MPG's. The trunk is very large for a sedan. My only complaint is it lacks some power. It revs pretty high a hills.

- Jennifer K

Others should know that it's a safe car to drive and that the acceleration feels very smooth. Sometimes it doesn't feel like you're driving really fast when in reality you are.

I like that it's a new car. It's a safe car that includes lane assist, good fuel mileage and its small for city driving. I haven't found anything that I dislike yet, as the car is fairly new.

- Katherine L

The gas saving really sells it for me. It obviously saves me on gas but I feel good knowing that my car is conserving gas.

Amazing on gas! It is a large sedan style and accommodates for 2 carseats and enough room to have someone sit in the back! Plenty of space for my family! Only dislike, I would love a sunroof.

- Jenn P

The car is very good on gas.

The car is really good on mileage. Very comfortable to ride in, and drive. The worst part of the vehicle, is how small it is. Comfortably, 4 people is the best way to go, but it does fit 5.

- Luis R

Safety is a major priority of Toyota, though it does take adjusting if your previous car was old.

The car is new, so I am still adjusting. I like the size and the safety add-ons. The trunk and windows are controlled on the driver's side, which is new to me and takes time to adjust to.

- Dina B

I love the mileage per gallon it gets. Super cheap to fill up my tank.

My car is great on gas. I love how the miles per gallon makes it so easy to fill up with $20. Super easy to clean since it is not a really big car. Drives really good out in the open road.

- Luz G

It's very compact if you are taller that 5"5 it is not for you.

I like the touch screen radio. I like that it is compact but it is definitely not for a tall or big person and very uncomfortable for my husband. I like the back up camera and gas mileage.

- Shantae H

Happy with my choice for our family car.

Love my corolla, sleek inside, touch audio with outlets for usb and earphones. Car has Bluetooth speaker with read-aloud/talk text for texting. Great mpg, comfortable for me and my 2 kids

- Mallorie S

Technological improvements made to the standard safety features

Like the reliability, innovation and price of the vehicle along with the gas mileage and safety rating. Dislike the amount of interior space and acceleration when trying to enter traffic.

- John D

Gets amazing gas mileage easy smooth ride great stereo

I love my card it has rear view access voice control stereo with built-in GPS and anti theft system and everything is easily accessible all buttons are also located on the steering wheel

- Jolene J

That the car is economic.

Like the auto stop and slow down feature when using cruise control. Like the auto backup camera so you can see how close you get. Like the pedestrian warning sound. Like the gas mileage.

- Libby W

It's extremely good value for the money.

I love the price I got a brand new car for, I love the color, I love the options, how it drives, the size of the vehicle, and I love how easy it is to drive. Great visibility all around

- Christina F

All around greatness. Sleek and elegant.

Never have had a problem with this car. Safe, fast, reliable transportation. The gas mileage is phenomenal for what it does. I cannot express how much I truly appreciate this vehicle.

- Zachary S

You can't carry on a conversation while driving on the freeway. My son and I have to literally yell at each other from front to back seat to talk. The car is not nearly big enough for this to be necessary.

The car is cute, and gets good gas mileage. However, the ride is SO loud in the cabin, and it doesn't have the features I thought it had when I bought it. I wouldn't buy one again.

- Robyn F

Too small to haul. I wish it were bigger so I wouldn't have to borrow a truck.

Excellent gas mileage, comfortable. The only thing I do not like is I can't transport or pick up large items, lumbar, furniture, bikes, etc.. I am used to driving something larger.

- Debi A

Toyota Corolla is the best car for the money by far.

I love my little Corolla, it is roomy, economical and reliable. My only wish is that the factory tint on the windows was darker, more geared for skin protection. It's a great car.

- Heather C

This car gets great gas mileage. The best that i know of around in this size car.

I bought this vehicle because of the great gas mileage. I had an older dakota truck that was horrible on gas. The toyota corolla i got was an leeco that gets about 38 mpg for me.

- brad c

It has a safety package that is very useful. The back up picture and the noise when you veer over the line are particularly helpful.

IT's a pretty car, nice color, good size for me, and it has a safety package. Though it is a safety concern, it takes getting used to to remember to open the trunk from inside.

- Dina R

Simple gas saving car. Lots of room too.

I have no problems with my car, it saves me gas and I can travel longer distances without worrying on putting gas. It also has a lot of space especially in the back. I love it.

- Lucy M

Reliable, economical and fuel-efficient transportation

It is reliable. It is fuel efficient. Performs well on the highway despite having a small engine. It is relatively stylish. And it is comfortable, even for a few hours driving.

- Arthur H

Well priced and roomy. Great features.

There are no problems. It is roomy and very nice inside and the price is right. There is a maintenance plan and other than oil changes I do not think I will have any problems.

- Ellie E

Safety features and backup cameras

Multiple safety features like lane change alerts and approaching another vehicle too closely. Backup camera has become a very useful tool I didnt think Id use as much as I do

- Elaine J

It could turn around really easy.

The outside of the car is not my favorite style. I like Nissan's styles better. The inside features of the car is great. But the dashboard could have not been so box looking.

- Ariel S

It is great on freeways. Good gas saver.

My Corolla has excellent gas mileage, it is very reliable. I love the features like the lane swerve, the backup camera. The hands free calling. It is small but comfortable.

- Cash P

This vehicle, on top of the safety features, has wonderful warranty policy.

It is an amazing car to have. There are so many safety features. They have sensors that make sure you stay in between the lines and to make sure you don't run into anybody.

- Ben B

I had a system that lets you know if you are going over the dividing line on the freeway or highway. It's a very outstanding car for the price.

I loved the price first of all. I have always had Corollas and this is actually my fourth one. I love the color white and the way my car looks. I feel good driving it.

- Diane W

It's not the fanciest car out there, but it is good quality

The vehicle was inexpensive. I like that the car is small enough to fit in parking spaces but isn't cramped. The only thing I don't like is the steering wheel is awkward

- Rachel A

That it is very fuel efficient, both city and highway.

The Corolla is a very comfortable and fuel efficient vehicle. It also comes with touch screen display and driver assistance. Also the Toyota tier system is a great idea.

- Sloan G

Safety features if radar when using cruise controls.

Like safety features. Like the radar. When use cruise control. Like beeping if u go over single white line. Wish the inside came with more features . Feels a bit bland.

- Barrie F

Great gas mileage and has a backup camera also the warning signals.

No complaints, it is a real good car. Needs to hold more than it does. It gets good gas mileage. I like the backup camera. It also lets you know when you are too close.

- Edna S

The car has the safety features of lane departure.

It is a smooth ride, good on gas & I like the safety features such as lane departure and if you are too close to the vehicle in front of you. I also like the moonroof.

- Sylvia R

That it has great safety features.

I like how reliable it is, the really like the color, the kids enjoy how much space it has, and features on it are amazing. The Bluetooth connectivity is really handy.

- Ebony T

My vehicle is great for small families and it has so many features I love

I love my car. It has a sport setting which allows my car to catch speed quickly. It is very spacious and has power everything. It also came with a great warranty!

- Amber E

It gets great gas mileage and is a really comfortable ride.

I like that it is a sports addition. I like the back up camera, lane departure signals, and safety features. I dislike nothing about it. I am glad we chose this car.

- Kelsey W

It has a sports feature like none other. The interior is really nice.

My car is very sufficient and has gotten me through a terrible accident. It is small enough to fit into most places and parking spots without any trouble. I love it.

- Crystal G

The car is safe and has good visibility. Easy to park since it is smaller

The corolla rides well and has a lot of safety features. It also has good visibility. The pickup is on the slower side compared to a 6 cylinder but otherwise fine.


Dark blue Toyota Corolla 2018

It's a pretty sturdy car. It's very reliable and it has a decent amount of space. There's bluetooth inside to connect to. The trunk is spacious and it drives well

- Aujamia P

Toyota Corolla 2018 - Beautiful Interior

My Toyota Corolla is a really great car! The car runs really smoothly. The design inside the car is very nice. There is a touch screen radio system and a sunroof.

- Amanda P

bluetooth, leather seats, are amazing, also the surround sound is also good, not to hot in the car and not to cold, the cup holders are nice theres alot of it and also A LOT A LOT of charging places

its grate on gas mileage and also the leather seats is wonderful because it's not all leather and the bluetooth matches up with the netflix youtube videos to a t

- Anna B

Toyota Corollas: Perfect For Anyone Who Needs To Go From Point A To Point B.

My car is reliable with a good reputation for longevity. It keeps its value. It's boring and not especially fun to drive and the technology is fairly average.

- Edward T

It is fun to drive and I would recommend to anyone

I haven't had a new car in seventeen years, so it is wonderful.It smell great and is awesome ride. It has good gas mileage. And I paid cash so it is paid for.

- Kim B

It is very economic powerful when needed.

Toyota Corolla is a nice car the car is very economic easy to drive with a lot off features! Against the could come with start button instead to use the key!

- Marcelo C

Sluggish when getting started especially on hills

Good compact vehicle with back up mirrors and cruise control. Drives well and it is very comfortable. The only downside for me is it needs more horsepower

- Bruce D

It does not have enough horsepower

I like that it has a backup camera. I dislike that it does not have much horsepower. I also dislike that it does not stay connected to my phone very well

- Bruce c

It has amazing gas mileage.

I have absolutely no complaints about the vehicle. The mileage is wonderful, the warranty on it is phenomenal. It is honestly the best car I have ever had.

- Jack R

It gets great gc as mileage.

I've only had my vehicle for a month but I love it. It has a lot of extra features. But my favorites are sirius radio, navigation, lock on door handles.

- Darla S

The car's safety systems & reliability.

I like the style of the car. It has great safety features such as lane changing & obstruction alerts. I also like the automatic emergency braking system.

- Roland C

Nice ride, good updates, touchscreen for music and navigation is nice.

It is kind of small and uncomfortable, but I do love the color and shape of the body. I like the options on the touchscreen for the music and Bluetooth.

- Alissa S

Car is very safe and gets good gas mileage. Also car has a lot of room

Car is very safe. It has Lane departure and automatic high beams. It is also very roomy with a big spacious trunk. Car also has a very good sound system

- Mike F

Great safety features! Reliable! Fun to Drive! Holds its Value!

It is new, a reliable brand, fun to drive. My only complaint is it doesn't have good integrations to a smartphone. Love the standard safety features.

- Tim H

Great on gas! Very reliable & is spacious.

Everything is great! It had great features such as Bluetooth phone, activated voice text, easy drive. I would have liked to have a navigation system.

- Mary A

It is a very reliable car. I turn the key. And it starts - every time.

My last 3 cars have been Corollas, purchased in 1996, 2007 and 2018. Great vehicles, all of them. No problems a all which is why I keep buying them.

- Karen C

It is a quality vehicle at a somewhat affordable price.

I like that it gets very good gas mileage. It has a smooth ride and climate control with a very cold air conditioner. I also like the backup camera.

- Tony H

that it is a very safe car. lots of times it has kept me on the road in heavy winds. i don't like the ability to follow people though.

the car does not cool down as well as other cars. for some reason it also does not idle well. there is only okay gas mileage. but it does look nice.

- Mal G

it is great on gas mileage and it's very comfortable

I love the smooth ride and the interior is nice, roomy and comfortable. good features, good on gas mileage but I do wish it had built in navigation

- belinda p

It is #2 on the safest car list.

I absolutely love my car. It rides smooth and has all kinds of nice features. The only thing I don't like is that it does not have a keyless entry.

- Erica L

Great gas mileage, affordable, comfortable car, has all you could want.

I like it a lot. It has enough space and it drives well. It is comfortable. The climate controls are NOT intuitive. I like the cruise control.

- Margaret B

It is reliable and an enjoyable ride.

I like the brand. Toyota is known for quality and longevity. I also can't complain about the price i got it for. I would always recommend Toyota

- Shaina R

It saves gas and have lot of room for transporting goods.

Overall feeling for the car is alright except is a little bit underpowered. Quality of the interior can be improve as there are so many plastic.

- Jimmy N

it is fun to drive in the curves

no navigation..should have... more comfortable seats would be nice,.. fun to drive in the curves.. more information on size items need to be...

- kristi n

The most important thing about this car is safety.

I really love and enjoy this car. I love all the safety features and the miles per gallon I get in and out of town. Best purchase I ever made.

- Carolyn C

I love it and expect it to be the last car I buy.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage, has a nice sporty look and hopefully will last me years. It has many great features at a low price.

- Garey C

My car is very reliable, I know I'll be able to drive it for a long time

My Toyota Corolla is very reliable, and safe. It comes with many safety features like lane change alert, many airbags, and front end alert.

- Robert S

It has a nice sound system.

I love how it saves on gas. It's a hatchback, but it's kind of a small car. There's still plenty of room in it. I like the way it looks too.

- Keoni G

I Toyota is said to make a really nice, long-lasting, reliable vehicle.

The new Corolla is super nice. I have leather seats, sunroof, etc. The interior is awesome. So many great features. And it is great on gas.

- Emily V

Safety, good gas mileage, and comfortable.

It is just the right size for me. It has a backup camera. It drives smooth. The interior is nice a luxurious. And it is really easy in gas.

- Vanessa R

The most important thing others should know about it is are it's safety features.

I just love my new car. There's not much to hate about it. It's a very dependable car. Toyota will be the only vehicle I'll ever buy again.

- Christopher L

My car is as basic as it gets, but it is practical. It makes a great commute care.

My vehicle is okay. It certainly isn't flashy, but it gets me from point A to point B. Mu favorite thing about it is the gas mileage I get.

- Rachel P

Toyota Corolla 2018 horsepower.

I do not like sedans, I like SUVs. The Corolla does not have enough horsepower so it is annoying when trying to accelerate fast at first.

- Maria S

Is low economy fuel and which is new then I can enjoy the good gas mileage.

is brand new sort has good tires is bought with low interest of sort. Has good on everything low fu economy. Is best out there period.

- chris r

It is by far the safest car on the market especially for compact cars!

Love how it handles, great acceleration and tires. Sometimes the bluetooth is off or takes a few seconds to catch up causing it to glitch.

- Rachel S

It has really good safety features

The only thing I wish I could change about the vehicle is the sound system. I like the feel of it. I also really like the safety features.

- Caroline B

It has an extremely high safety rating.

I have no complaints, my fiancé does not love the silhouette of the car but we love the interior, safety features, and the way it drives.

- Delaney V

Great safety features with the car!

I like the stability and comfort of the vehicle. I do not like the poor power that it has because of the type of transmission that it has.

- Daniel Q

One of the most important think about my car it is really economic.

Toyota is very comfortable also is very economical too and probably one of the best deals in use! And I think this is a beautiful car too.

- Marcelo F

Toyotas are dependable and run forever.

I like the safety features. I love the design of the car, it looks great. The angle of the driver's seat is a little hard on the butt.

- Carolyn S

My vehicle is very practical. It has a nice interior. It is modern.

The car is good except for the liner of the bumper. The liner broke just from towing and it broke even more after driving on the highway.

- Gabriela G

My car gets fantastic gas mileage, I get almost 40 miles to the gallon.

It is a very reliable car. It gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive on long trips. I use it to and from work every day.

- Dale D

Roomy and it drives well.

Likes- sunroof, keyless entry and keyless start, drives extremely smooth and very quiet and good on gas.. Dislikes- car is a small sedan.

- Stephanie S

My Toyota Corolla is Fun, Economical and Easy to Drive

I absolutely love my car - I just got it brand new in May 2018 and it handles beautifully on my country roads and gets great gas mileage!

- Laurie M

I love that the technology creates the ultimate hands free driving experience.

Love this car. I am sold on the reliable Toyota brand and great maintenance options. Very reliable and dependable car, and great on gas.

- Maya H

That the Toyota has many new features.

I like that my Toyota is brand new and it has touchscreen radio. It also has a backup camera. I love the color and interior, very nice!

- Janet R

The hands-free features make talking on the phone and changing music and radio easy and safe.

This car is amazing. The style is attractive, the hands-free features are useful, handling is great, and it gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Hannah M

It has many different safety and comfort features that make long trips very enjoyable.

I am very satisfied with the fuel economy of my toyota corolla. the drive assist is amazing as well. drives smooth and very comfortable

- jeremy a

Amazing buying experience.

It's great on gas on the highway and within city limits. Toyota is a wonderful dealership to work with and the buying process was fast.

- Brittany W

Its durability is the best.

It's wonderful, it's like it's flying. In addition to all the functions and accessories, the colors offered by the brand are beautiful.

- Sergio P

It is very comfortable and has a lot of features you never knew you needed

I like how easy it is to drive. I like all the technology that it comes with. I like the rear access camera makes it easier to back up

- Marcela S

It is very safe and reliable.

It is very comfortable. Drives great and does great on gas. It is also very reliable and has a lot of safety features like lane asset.

- Melissa W

This is a great looking car whose gas tank lasts you for a long time.

I like my Corolla 2018. It is a very compact but spacious car. It does not spend much gas. The design is modern and sporty looking.

- Ramiro P

Very affordable price great customer reviews very comfortable and appealing.

My only dislike is I wish the steering wheel would extend higher. It get great gas mileage. Very user friendly and a new sporty look.

- Raymond M

The handling of the car is exceptionally good.

I like it has good handle, stylish, and good mileage. However, I dislike the power from the engine. But so far there is no complaint.

- Jeff C

Acceleration going into highway.

I like that it has a sport button were you can accelerate getting on the highway. It is comfortable and enough room for what I need.

- Regina J

Awesome car 2018 Toyota Corolla.

Love it l, comfortable, reliable vehicle. Safe to drive, spacious. Gas saver about 36 mpg freeway, great sound system and additions.

- Mari H

That it has a rear backup camera.

I love the rear back up camera and the sunroof. My car also has great gas mileage. I love that it is 4 doors and the radio is great.

- Chelsea O

It has most of the newest technology and has good gas mileage

It has good gas mileage and I can keep track of it easily. Has good indicators of when there is an issue. It's a little too small.

- Haley B

The interior design reminds you of luxurious riding

Great clean car, I wish it had more power though! Some nooks and crannies hard to clean but thats with any car. Lots of cup holders

- Christian R

It is a safe car, especially with my teenager learning to drive.

I like it is a safe car. Don't like it is too low. I love all the safety features the car offers, the color and the sport looking.

- Ana T

Nothing, should test drive for themselves.

It is safe pretty reliable and what I always wanted I love Toyota also is fire engine red at my age I finally got a brand new car.

- Diane C

It is dependable to drive and has an economy feature to help with gas mileage.

Like the economy driving feature. The Corollas have been good vehicles. Dislike no Sirius XM and gas mileage might be a bit low.

- Donald F

With regular scheduled maintenance, edge reliability exceeds my expectations..

It is a brand new I love it is easy to drive and it is has a lot of room. Great on gas mileage. Get up and go power. It is safe.

- Candice P

The safety and clean look.

Car is fast and safe. I love the features for cruise control and airbags. The Toyota care included is helpful and I feel secure.

- Marissa B

This car has great gas mileage.

I do not have any problems as of yet that I know of. I have not noticed any problems. This is my first time driving a Toyota. 0.

- Lindsey M

My Toyota Corolla is the best!

My vehicle drives smoothly. All the features are great for a safe driving experience. I also like that it has great gas mileage.

- Vivian E

It has absolutely no issues and runs like putting butter on hot bread.

Extremely comfortable, Easy to use, Very durable, and works like a charm. I never have to worry about it running appropriately.

- Tami H

The gas mileage is great, perfect car for small family.

Like the way it drives, back camera, sound system is great too. Also the dash is pretty, trunk space is big enough for a sedan.

- Marlene C

The most important thing about my car is mileage.

Awesome pick up, great mileage, great condition, good engine and the brand is awesome, and finally the vehicle is in my budget.

- Pavan K

It's very economical on gas. Fill her up with 40 a week

Great car. Really reliable. Gas saver very quiet. Very compact. Bust car purchase I've made when making the decision to buy it

- Jordan H

Toyota's cars are dependable and the Corolla leads the way.

It is reliable with little repairs needed. It has safety features like a back up camera. It relatively low cost to purchase.

- Robert A

I try to keep it clean as much as possible.

I like the interior color and design. I like the smoothness of how it drives on the road. I dislike the automatic lane helper.

- Jessica B

it has a great parking assist

i like that my car has a good bluetooth system and a backup camera. what i don't like is that it doesn't have satellite radio

- jess p

The safety features i had an incident where the smart brake help me avoid an accident

It has great performance the safety feature work very well great style and very sporty looking. It also get great gas mileage

- Ryan C

It is a very dependable vehicle.

Beautiful.. Drives smoothly.. Great on gas.. Automatic windows.. Great sound system and touch screen radio.. Reverse camera.

- Natalia V

If you want car that is reliable this is it.

I really do love this car. Perfect on gas and is reliable. This is my second lease on the same exact vehicle but newer year.

- Page G

That is a 2018 Toyota car.

It drives smooth. It is nice. I like the touchscreen but I do not like the fact that it does not have the navigator system.

- Frida A

I think it is an extremely great value for the money. It's the highest rated car in its class, and the price is great.

I love it. It's new. Comfortable. Handles well. Really love the seats. The display screens and center screens are great.

- Jim R

Toyota keeps delivering!!

Toyota's safety and performance keep me coming back. It was my very first car back in the Stone Age and I'll always return.

- Kate C

My Toyota it is a very safe, reliable, automobile.

I love the gas mileage it gets... Its a smaller vehicle which I love It has all the important safety features Its reliable

- Becky H

This car is a fabulous purchase! It is well worth the money.

Love the color, gas mileage, and peppy engine . Fun to drive! Easy to transport my musician gear because seats fold down.

- Cat S

The most important thing people should know and my car is it gets good mileage.

It gets good mileage. It handles well. It has good safety features. The only thing I’ m not thrilled with is the color.

- Bonnie F

I love all of the feathers like the Bluetooth and driver alert system.

This car runs really smooth, it drives nice and I haven't had any problems so far. Great mpg and it is super comfortable.

- Ris S

I really enjoy the lane assist and the back up camera. They help with the driving.

This car is very reliable. Great on gas. It's comfortable and great for the family. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Tanya G

Auto high beams are a lifesaver

I love the automatic high beams. Drives very smooth but has a really bad blind spot and wish it had blind spot detection

- Katelynn D

It's really good on gas, its smooth, its comfortable.

I love my corolla. It's really good on gas, and Its super smooth. I was surprised by the amount of trunk space there is.

- Rudy P

Family car that wants to be a sports car.

Great vehicle for the price. Good gas mileage.Very reliable and comfortable for all passengers. The trunk is very roomy.

- Natalya m

It gets 30 miles per gallon for gas mileage on city roads.

I love the great gas mileage. I also like the sleek look of the car. I wish there was air conditioning in the back seat.

- Madison M

Fast, reliable, responsive.

Love the reliability- great car! Service great, Toyota of Woburn absolutely fantastic! Always thinking customer first.

- Emma B

It has safety features on them.

I like my car my car is nice is smells good it drives smooth it is fast. It saves gas money. Nice radio and speakers.

- Alexis M

The Corolla is dependable and easy to drive!

No complaints. Basically just change the oil in the Corolla and it is good to go. Have driven a Corolla for 15 years.

- Mark F