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Happiness is my 2019 Corolla

This 2019 model is an updated model. The dashboard features are attractive and easy to use. The factory installed mats are a superior quality. The shift while a regular shift is modeled after an old fashioned stick shift and creates a fun experience. This car is peppy and has a good pickup when needed. Gas mileage is another positive feature for this car. My previous car was a 2008 Corolla and I was never quite pleased with the way the defrost worked... this issue is not happening in this new updated model. There is a lane change alert which makes me feel safe! The color is a metallic gray which really sparkles in the sun. I just love this car!


My 2019 Toyota Corolla is the best vehicle of the year!!

My vehicle is very reliable and I save a lot on gas. I also get good highway miles when traveling. My vehicle is very comfortable and roomy for the size of the car. I have the sports edition so it is very nice especially with being able to control if you want to use the vehicle in Sport or just regular at just a press of a button. I wouldn't trade my vehicle for anything. I haven't had any issues with my vehicle and I'm almost at 10,000 miles. The biggest problem I have had was having to put air in my tire. I also received a very great warranty on my vehicle that will help with the making sure you continue to receive the best quality vehicle.

- Diva C

Dependable and Long-Lasting

I am a part of a family that relies on Toyota Corollas to get us where we need to go all my life. So, when it came time for me to make my own first car purchase, I knew exactly the car to buy. My Corolla is this year's model, and it runs great (as expected for a new car). But, I love my car mostly because I know that it will continue to run great for many years to come. The longevity of Corollas is unmatched in my opinion, and I plan on driving mine until the apocalypse arrives or the engine finally dies when I'm well into my mid-life crisis in 15-20 years, or so (whichever comes first). Corolla's for the win!

- Alyssa M

Corolla recommended for safety, comfort, and value.

My Toyota is the most reliable and cost efficient car I have ever driven. It gets 32 mpg, and each fill up gets me around 400 miles worth of driving! My iPhone easily interacts with the car's entertainment system, helping me play playlists, make hands free calls, and reading texts to me through the speaker system. My corolla has never broken down and left me stranded, and provides additional safety features such as keeping me between the lines on the highway, providing a rear view camera for help backing up, and automatically stopping the car to avert a crash. Additionally, the ride is smooth and quiet.

- Lisa M

Style, comfort, and reliable.

This is my second corolla so I know is a good car. This car is very comfortable to drive and to be on. Have a lot of room in the front and plenty of room for the kids in de back. Nice design inside and out. Has touch screen display. Love the way the radio works great am/FM. Has Bluetooth technology and that I never have to turn on or off the headlights. This car also give me very good miles per gallon. Very spacious trunk and backseat with middle cushion cup holders. Extra cup holders in the doors too. The backup camera is great and the sport button. Toyota reliability and quality a factor in choice.

- Lorena W

A family outlook of the 2019 Toyota corolla.

This 2019 Toyota corolla is a great car, especially for a small family. There is a lot of space in the car and the trunk is a very good size. For traveling. The seats are very comfortable. They are not motorized seats but are still easy to adjust. There is a back up camera feature that is very clear and reliable. It also has a touch screen radio that is very easy to work. There are a lot of other helpful features that this car has. It drives very smoothly and sits higher up than most sedans. I would recommend the 2019 Toyota corolla to any driver; new, experienced, young, and old.

- Stephanie R

Safe, reliable and affordable car- nothing fancy, but gets the job done!

Minimal features included in the car (ex: no spot to store glasses overhead). Overall, a reliable car though. I've put 13,000 miles on it in less than a year and the only real issue I've had is getting a flat tire within a month of leasing the car. Definitely not a luxury ride, but again, it has been reliable for my 50+ miles/day driving. It also gets great gas mileage. The radio system is easy to program. I do hate that my phone automatically connects to the system, despite my trying to 'forget device' on my phone- not sure if that's an issue with my phone or the car though.

- Kelly W

who is tall

I only got this car a couple weeks ago so I haven't been driving it for long. One feature it has that I hate is lane correct. It tries to keep you in your lane but I hate it because it caused me to lose control of the car on the highway and hit another car on my first time driving it. I lost a hubcap and now have to buy another one. But I finally figured out how to turn it off. Another thing is that it does not show me my speed on the dash in digits like my Camry did. And it is much smaller than the Camry which I like because I am small but my partner

- Lee G

All about my Toyota corolla

I love my Toyota corolla. It's definitely a gas saver. My car is not too small and not too big so I feel the size is perfect for me. The screen for the radio makes it feel very fancy and upgraded for it just being a Toyota. I don't seem to find a problem with my car. Although I don't seem to have a issue with it, I do wish that it had more features in it for it being a 2019. For example sometimes I wish it had the start/off button or to detect or let me know the tire pressure but it's just small things. Overall I am very content with my car.

- Leticia V

Pros and cons Great on gas

It's compact great on gas and mileage very easy to clean they have lots of colors it's very comfortable to drive long distance in nice radio system with call features you have Cruise control heat and air The things I miss or don't have is electronic seat control air conditioning is not all that great especially when it's 80 and above does not have car starter and not a lot of options for your panel like how fast your going just the normal speed gauge not a lot of inside compartments

- Colleen J

The Toyota corolla 2019 is a comfortable smooth ride unlike any other car.

the performance of my car is very good in my opinion. I was looking for a car from Toyota because I have never had any problems with the brand in the past and have known many people to own a Toyota corolla who loved it. The comfort is great, its spacious and can room 7 which is great for a compact car. The reliability is there and have had no problems with the car driving it yet. The performance is top notch and exceeded my expectations when I was buying the car as well.

- Nick L

2019 Toyota corolla le is just so amazing!

Performance is at peak, runs like a champ and has not given me any problems or concerns whatsoever. It is a great starter car whether it is for a teenager driving around or a family getting around the town. Very spacious car, comfortable seats and great ac. Controls on steering wheel for access to radio and volume come in handy. Bluetooth compatible, ability to read messages out loud while you are driving is perfect to avoid reading while driving. Love this car.

- Andrea T

MY Toyota Corolla is a lifesaver

I absolutely love my car! I always thought I wanted a big SUV but with gas prices going up, I looked at something else. I don't regret getting the Corolla at all. It's small enough to fit into tighter spaces (live in a big city so parallel parking) but could still fit people into it. The backup camera is a lifesaver, plus it has cool features like Bluetooth syncing, phone connection in the car and aux cord connection. Love it and would recommend it to anyone.

- Becky H

The rear and front cameras are so wonderful.

This vehicle is beautiful. It functions perfect! The only disadvantage is space. It is designed for petite people. The back seat is very comfortable, but again, if you have long legs, it can be uncomfortable. Fitting a baby car seat in the back is a real struggle. The technology integrated is lovely. It helps you get to your destinations fast, safe, and happy if you use the radio, GPS, air and all the other features. Back camera is wonderful!

- Cristina G

This car is a safe and affordable car that gets great gas mileage.

I love that my car is leather and it has backup camera and lane assist so it makes me a better driver. Love when I get on the highway and I put my cruise control and the car detects other cars in front of it. I also like when my friends are in the car it will tell me if the back seat passengers are not wearing a seatbelt so everyone has to wear one. I also like that when I push the open trunk button it opens all the way.

- Molly R

Dependable, no frills ride.

So far since it is new the car performs well. The only thing I would say I don't care for is the interior of the car. Some of the finishes seems cheap and plastic. I don't care for the headrests in the rear since it does not adjust up and down. The center console compartment in the front half of the car is very small. And the glove compartment of the car opens up too low where the passenger gets hit.

- Marsha J

The color is fantastic and fun.

It's a reliable car. I'd like it if it was a hybrid to save on gas. I absolutely love the color, it's dark aquamarine, and it shimmers in the sunlight. It has all the safety features, needed in a car and cruise control. The trunk is surprisingly large for this little car. I like that I get oil changes and checks on the car at the expense of Toyota for a couple of years. I can always rely on my Toyota.

- Lara H

My car has just the right about of space and it has high technology!

I don't have any problems with my car! It's fantastic! The gas does not run out too fast and it's very comfortable! And light to drive ! It has enough space to! The car drives around smoothly and it has a touch screen! And warns you when you are getting out of the lane or when you are too close to a car! It also warns you when someone doesn't have their seat belt on and when the door is opened !

- Emily G

The 2019 corolla is an amazing buy.

I really like my new 2019 Toyota corolla. It has great gas mileage, it rides smoothly, and it was very inexpensive. It is touch screen head unit is very easy to use and gives you plenty of options. The car also has lane assist which proves very helpful on the highway and other roads. If you get too close to a white or yellow line, the car will notify you and turn the steering wheel for you.

- Andrew S

2019 Toyota corolla, advanced and updated technology!

This vehicle is very reliable, gets very good gas mileage, and is very comfortable. There is a lot of legroom in the back seat. The technology in this car is very advanced and the safety features are very updated. The drive is very smooth and there has not been any problems with the car. The auto headlights and lane safety are two very nice features. The braking safety also comes in handy.

- Amanda A

Having my smart phone connects to my car where it reads my text, makes calls.

I really like my car. It is safe, reliable and it is sound system and smart network really helps with making calls while driving and it connects to my Bluetooth music. Love it! If your in need of a reliable sedan that affordable and drives well, the corolla is the car for you! Drives smooth, and good on gas. I fill up my tank every two weeks! Great car and Toyota is a great car company.

- Naomi G

Toyota Corolla: Stylish but yet economical.

I love my Corolla. It is very fuel efficient and has more than enough power for my preference. I love the auto high beam headlights - this comes in handy in the morning when I may not be as alert as the afternoon hours. Toyota has always been reputable for being a company that has high quality standards, and the engineering that was involved with designing my car is very apparent.

- Megan W

Toyota Corolla review. I cover inside, outside and Drivability.

Good driving car, great response when you hit the throttle. Very comfortable, no squeaks or rattles when you hit a bump. Nice outside finish, nice looking car. I've had two Corollas and have been very pleased with both of them. J live in Maine where we get a fair amount of snow and this car handles beautifully in snow. Front wheel drive means excellent traction in the snow.

- Robert J

Corolla- reliability at it is best!!

My 2019 Toyota Corolla is a great car. It is very fuel efficient, reliable. It's the 5th Toyota I have owned and the second Corolla. It is surprisingly comfortable! I am 6'5" and have plenty of room. Its many features include a backup camera, lane control warning, abs, digital display, radio, CD, Bluetooth. The Corolla is the 4th of this body style my family has bought.

- Ned B

Well made car that is safe but also fun to drive.

This car is awesome! It runs incredibly smooth, quiet and starts with the push of a button. It has a ton of safety features such as a backup camera, lane departure alert, headlights that adjust if another car is coming, sensors to tell you to brake if you get too close to the car in front of you. This trim level has heated leather seats and a moonroof.

- Kimberly Y

The Toyota Corolla se pros and cons.

Corolla sports edition (se). Pros: very smooth automated transition system, electronic steering, excellent cruise control with auto braking, great headlights system, tinted windows, crisp dashboard, solid driving, economy fuel, good speaker sounds, good trunk space, fast cooling a/c, usb, Bluetooth. Cons: no power seats, no heated seats.

- Emilie E

I really enjoy zipping around in this car!

I really enjoy driving my Corolla! The all wheel drive is fantastic. It feels like you're locked to the ground. Also, it has a huge display screen that comes with Apple play! Just plug-n-play. The interior is very well thought out and easy to figure out. Seats are wonderful! The seats also have tall seat backs. Perfect for me( I'm 6'5')!

- William H

Perfect first car- spacious and luxurious!

Incredibly reliable. Even with the base model the features make the car feel expensive. There's tons of legroom and trunk space, and you can lay down the back seats to fit larger items. I love the touchscreen display and how easy it is to operate your phone through Bluetooth. Overall it is comfortable, drives smooth, and feels luxurious.

- Megan D

If you are swerving in other lanes in traffic, it will notify you.

The 2019 Toyota corolla se is a sporty looking car. It has a luxurious interior with leather seats and blue trim accents along the seats. It has a beautiful glass display and touch screen. It is extremely reliable and safe car. I trust it with my life and would recommend any of my friends or family members to drive the same vehicle.

- A G

My dream car is the Toyota luxury edition corolla.

I love my vehicle. It is sleek with all the bells and whistles. Get great gas mileage and roomy. It came with backup cameras when reversing. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, anti-theft alarm system. Sit 5 people comfortably. I am able to listen to Pandora, AM & FM, hand free phone system. Front wheel drive and I think it is the best car ever.

- Valerie T

My corolla hatchback gives the best safety with the automatic parking brake.

My Toyota is very nice looking, small, very easy to park and nice to drive. It has been very reliable even in the winter with ice and snow. The corolla hatchback is a very small car but has been comfortable to drive and ride, even in the back seat. It is so nice when you cross the line, it beeps to warn you of crossing the line.

- Judy A

2019 Toyota corolla 4-door.

Great car. I bought it new. 4-door. Rides really well. Equipped with sunroof but no navigation system which I really wanted. Has great gas mileage. Did not have the color I wanted, but I have grown to love the slate gray/blue color. Seats are leather and while I live in Texas t does have heated seats which I really do not need.

- Sharon J

It has amazing sensors built in.

It's a great ride. Really smooth and easy to handle. It's great on gas and is worth the money. The seats are comfortable, with great built in safety measures. There's a sensor that beeps when the seatbelts are unbuckled and it can sense if there is weight on the seat. There is also a sensor if you go over the line when driving.

- Sky B

Toyota where your car is reliable and luxurious

My Vehicle is great on gas, very efficient and comfortable. I love that it's not big or too small. It gets great mileage and always gets me where I need to go with absolutely no problems. Toyota is always a car you can rely on with no problems. I really enjoy my car and it's features are up to date the performance is great!

- Stephanie G

A Corolla with Style and Class!

This car is absolutely amazing in every aspect from it's upgraded technology to the safety features now available. The gas mileage is fantastic and even with gas prices fluctuating, it would not take more than $25-$30 to fill up the tank! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone currently looking to purchase a new vehicle!

- Ashley C

The braking system, beeps when are close to another car reminds you to brake.

The 2019 Corolla is very comfortable, it is very spacious and roomie for myself and my two kids. The Bluetooth radio is amazing for car trips because I can have hands-free calls and it also reads text messages aloud when needed. There is also the brake alerting system, when you get on close to other vehicles on the road.

- Alexandria C

My little car. It take me wherever I need to go, without any problem. It I

It small. Has great gas mileage. Has lots of room in the trunk. It's a nice luxurious car. It has lot of room in the inside also. It has two radios. One on the steering wheel and one where the radio usually goes. It has a backup camera. It's also has a lot of light in the inside of the car. It has push button start up.

- Mary D

Good commute car and comfortable for daily driving

I have not had any problems so far and I purchased this vehicle 7 months ago. Very comfortable, nice sound system but could be better. Good safety features, automatic high beams that turn on and off with oncoming cars, you can tap the blinker and it will do a quick 3 blink without having to turn off. Average mpg is 30

- Stacey J

2019 corolla... For every kind of driver...(do not steal my copy ok!).

The car is spacious and comfortable. The technology used for driving, cruising and just maneuvering in general are of the best quality and really helpful. Love the cruise control and the 'lane helper'. It has the 'eco' feature and it really is economic with gas. Brakes are excellent. It is a good simple car.

- Jos� O

A cute little red car that keeps me feeling safe and stylish

The car is extremely comfortable, I love all of the amazing extra added features like back up camera, emergency auto braking, and lane detection. Makes me feel safe. Good gas mileage, too. The gas tank is a good size, but it never takes more than 40 dollars to fill it. Overall very happy with my little car!

- Alyssa C

It�s an affordable car with enough space for a family of 4 and a nice trunk.

It doesn't have as much pick up as I want in a car. I love that it has a sunroof and the seats are very comfortable. I love the body style and it has more room then the older corollas. I love the back up camera and the new safety features like automatic high beams, lane departure, and smart stop technology.

- Nicole S

This is such a great car.

It is a very comfortable car and easy to drive. I feel very safe and secure in my vehicle. There are very little blind spots. The gas mileage is great. The trunk space is plenty. The sound system is loud and clear. The touch screen as well as the ability to change stations on the steering wheel is a plus.

- Erin D

It Gets Me From Point A to Z Without a Huge Headache.

Being that we are a family of 3, there is not much space at all. I am also having a hard time adjusting to the 4 cylinder engine after driving an Audi turbo for a while. Merging into traffic off of an exit can be downright terrifying! I also think the body style could be a lot sleeker than what it is.

- Phyllis W

Very good in saving gas, very good

It runs smooth, not expensive on gas, very practicable for Business.I already do 33 mpg because how do I drive.I haven't had any mechanical problems but corollas are really good, I think I'm going to keep it to pass it to my future children. I love Toyota brand because they only makes car masterpieces

- Adrian A

Things you should know about a 2019 Toyota a corolla

It is an economic vehicle, it is relatively low maintenance. I only have to get it serviced every 6 months, and it has yet to break down. It is very reliable, and is a smooth ride. I also find it comfortable, and it has a lot of visibility to see oncoming traffic. The back seat is also comfortable.

- Julia S

Toyota corolla le- very reliable.

My car is very reliable, comfortable, and very pretty. Not really updated on technology but other than that it has been great! I love the cruise control mode. I really dislike the carpet though. I take my dog to the park and leaves all his hair. It is really hard to get them out with the vacuum.

- Tiara G

Smooth, reliable and comfortable

Reliable fast and comfortable. I lease so I don't have any repairs or maintenance to do on my car. The car is good on gas. I did have to put air in my tires twice low pressure although it was not a flat. The air conditioning works really well and all the locks and Windows are working.

- Cheryl M

I like that when you get to a certain amount of miles.

This car is very reliable. There is a backup camera, allows you to connect via Bluetooth so all calls, text messages etc will appear. Also, you can play music through your car, change the volume with the controls on your steering wheel. I would highly recommend this car to anyone in the future.

- nicole B

My Corolla looks great and is very spacious on the inside.

My Toyota Corolla is a great car. I enjoy that I get great gas mileage, the interior aesthetic, and it feels roomy on the inside for being a small car. I have never had a single problem with my car. I have had my car almost a year now and I haven't looked back since purchasing my Toyota Corolla

- Nicholas P

White corolla with a lot of black trim.

I like my Toyota. Gas mileage is good but not great. I like the car but not the black trim in the front. Too much black. Would rather have white trim to match the car. The interior is nice. Two tone gray. Headlights work great. Do not like the high tech instruments to play iPod. Too confusing.

- Lisa B

My Experience with 2019 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a great vehicle when I first got it felt like I've been driving it for years. It runs really smoothly and I've had no problems with this car yet. It has a great sound system for being a Toyota, has really great bass. This is the best vehicle I've driven in my lifetime.

- Eric R

The car has excellent safety features and I would recommend this car to everyone

The corolla has excellent safety features. It's great on gas! It lets me you know when your tire pressure is low, when the car leaves it's Lane. It has automatic lights that turn off your bright lights when it detects a car near you. It has a backup camera that allows you to safely back up.

- Cathy D

The Many Pros of the Toyota Corolla LE

very comfortable seats. Bluetooth enabled system touchscreen backup camera has radar enabled on the front end for objects in the road you may not be able to see. Also has lane assist but only if you are going above 35 miles an hour. Also has automatic daylight lights and automatic brights

- Nicolas M

The sport mode is awesome when I want to whip in and out of traffic.

I love the corolla for several reasons, it is compact and efficient. The gas mileage is amazing and it is a safe vehicle. Toyota's are built to last and rarely give trouble engine wise or recall wise. They also last easily 200k or more if they are maintained. They are moderately priced.

- Amber S

I love the new 2019 corolla.

I love this car, it handles so easily and I like the lane change sensors. So much legroom. Big trunk. Handles great. Love the color. Plenty of room for the kids to be comfortable. Love the backup camera. Plenty of cup holders. For a car this size, it surprising has a lot of room inside.

- Michelle C

Great car! Has some awesome features.

Good for everything I've ever needed it for. I really enjoy driving it, much more than most cars, I enjoy many of the features it has, especially the adaptive cruise control, that especially makes highway driving relaxing. Only complaint is that it's slightly smaller than I would like.

- Hendrik M

All About Toyota Corolla.

Problems: Airbag recall. Has a rough blind spot and a long hood (front of car). Seat belt notification goes off a lot. Performance: Drives smooth Reliability: Pretty reliable have not gave me to much issues. Comfort: Very comfortable Features: Speakers are loud and clear, low gas

- Candace C

Comfortable and reliable.

My only problem is that the car seems to waste gas very quickly. Not sure if this is a problem with all 2019 Corollas or with just my car specifically. Other than that I love how comfortable and reliable it has been for me. In addition to, the Toyota Safety Sense that is included.

- Isabelle G

Complete package: corolla.

I have a black Toyota corolla car. Model is 2019. My car is perfect. I do not face any problem with it since I buy it. For safety air bag feature, apple carplay, integrated backup camera are main features that I love in my car. Corolla is a smart buy without straining your wallet.

- Amit C

2019 Corolla is superior to older model

We have a black on black 2019 Toyota Corolla LE. We previously had a 2017 Corolla. The new version is slightly superior. Sleek, more sporty. Good on gas and very quiet. Backup camera is very clear. Wish it had a sunroof! Spacious, we have two car seats and it doesn't seem crammed.

- Jill P

Not as good as the older Camry 2014.

The car actually goes to slow. I am used to a faster car like my Avalon I had. T lock and unlock button is in the wrong spot. This model does not have navigation or XM/Sirius in it. The side cubby holes in the car are way to small. There is no lumbar support as I have a bad back.

- Craig S

Awesome car! Buy one today!

I didn't expect it to have all the fancy things much more expensive cars have. It has Apple play, lane departure alert along with the cruise control that pretty much drives the car for you. Pretty crazy! It looks at the lines of the road and turns the steering wheel around them

- Amanda K

Wow! What a great value! Corolla is the best!

The value for this car is amazing and honestly, quite unmatchable. The gas mileage you get is amazing and the ride is so smooth as well as the handling. I love my corolla so much and intend to drive it until it's very last mile. This is a great family or single person vehicle.

- Vanessa K

I love the Toyota Corolla!!

I love the 2019 Toyota Corolla it has been so far the best car I have owned. It has all the right features without it being overwhelming. It has the right amount of room for me and my family. It is a very comfy car. It is also my very first brand new car my husband bought me.

- Jessica C

Good and cheap option to drive in the USA and also in Colombia

no problems, it is a new car so it is very soft, no sounds, good sound system, very easy to park, and less low gas consumption, I like to travel with it because it is very safe, enough space for a family and bags. I think is a good option to use it for the city or long trips

- A C

A Reliable and Sleek Vehicle

Love the design, no problems at all. Reliable and drives great. It does not include GPS, but it has lane departure and pre-collision safety system, emergency braking system. USB connection, speakers, rear view camera, heated mirrors, driver side one touch power window

- Wanda M

my vehicle is a petite black sedan. Seats are black cloth

doesn't have great lumbar support. Great driving. Some blind spots in windshield. Overall great. Holds up well for durability. Only needs its oil changed every 10,000 miles, comes with a great warranty, sizable trunk space. Backseat is great as long as you're not too tall

- shelby H

New 2019 corolla- many safety features.

Not the best in the snow. Smooth drive. A lot of safety feature, but they mess up sometimes and are annoying because of that. New car smell-love. There is surprisingly a lot of room for it being a small car. Very good visibility. I love the touch screen and air controls.

- Mikayla S

My car is a great car to have.

My car is very comfortable, reliable, it runs very good, its drive good, it does not cost a lot of gas, it's easy to maintain, I can always depend on it, so fat I never had any issues with this car, I do not drive a lot so I fill up my car every 3 weeks or once a month.

- Susan M

White Toyota Corolla! Great family car.

Great on gas! Room for a total of people. Trunk space. You are able to fit a full size stroller in the trunk. Air conditioning is great. 7 inch screen for radio and GPS. Black interior. Tinted windows. Fits a car seat in the back. Love the car. You should buy a Toyota.

- Leanne V

My beautiful little red Corolla

This vehicle gets great gas mileage, and is beautiful. There is also plenty of room in the trunk, to be able to take it on a road trip. I love the feature where it beeps when you get out of your lane. This car is ideal for any age driver. It is also very easy to drive.

- Sandra H

Overall it's a great economical car.

I don't like that a lot of the outside is made of plastic, easier to damage. I like the sound system, it's roomy, the seats are comfortable enough. I wish both front windows were automatic. I like that the mats are rubber and not carpet, makes it a lot easier to clean.

- Karen A

Finally reliable transportation.

The car drives beautifully. The interior is comfortable and the seats are extra cushioned. This car is the most reliable car I have had. The lane change feature is reliable and accurate. This car looks very expensive but had a modest price. I will buy another Toyota.

- Denise W

the safety features are my favorite parts.

this has been a smooth ride, easy functioning vehicle. I'm so glad that I chose the corolla, its a cute and compact car. it's great on gas mileage and fits comfortably on road trips. If you want a cost effective, beautiful and fun vehicle then this is the car for you.

- Taylor M

Great features and customer service

The cruise control is really great automatically slows the car down if someone cuts you off and lane assistance from swerving is nice too. The vehicle is really reliable haven't had any issues whatsoever and Toyota has been there with help for any questions I've had.

- Joshua S

Comfortable car, safe and economic car.

No major problems, it gets good mileage, the sound system is great, the color is nice and the tapestry is pretty. Not enough cups holders, and it should have a USB port on the back. The passenger seat makes a funny sound when it changes position. But it's a great car

- Mary E

Corolla review for 2019 on things that do not work properly in the vehicle.

Only issue I have is space. The car is built small. You also have issue with elbow room. It don't have GPS and cannot review my text on screen. The fresh air button sometimes do not work. To defrost I have to turn on heat. The seat can be too close to steering wheel.

- Inez R

Affordable and reliable for anyone's needs

This car is beyond affordable, reliable and has plenty of space for passengers and items you would need to transport. Good on gas and comfy. Low maintenance needed. Affordable prices for any service needed or required. Great car for any first time buyer or teenager

- Christina S

Awesome, safe, and stylish car!

It runs so smoothly and is very safe! I am not a confident driver but I feel a lot better in this car. It is the base model for 2019 corolla but even when it feels top notch. The rear view camera is crystal clear and it has lane departure security. I love this car!

- Abigail Z

2019 Toyota Corolla LE Gray

I truly enjoy the Bluetooth functions. I can listen to podcasts and answer my phone. The car rides smoothly. It is 100% reliable so far. The gas mileage is good. The seats are comfortable. The car is roomy. The seats recline which is a good function for passengers.

- Ayinde F

My beautiful blue corolla!

It's very sporty and has reverse camera a great stereo and safety features and a beautiful sunroof! The only thing the tires had no warranty and the cup holders are not that good in doors the drinks fall out! I love the color blue and the trim on the dash and seats

- Susan S

My vehicle is fast, smooth and safe.

No problems so far. Good vehicle as soon as I've had it. Great on gas and interior is as good as the exterior. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to others who love speed just as much as I do. Also great with the safety features added on for first time drivers

- Mike N

The back up camera is probably the coolest thing that it has. .

I really love how spacious the car is and how reliable this make is but I would love to have better gas mileage. I used to own a Prius and I loved how economical it was. I would say the seats are comfortable and has way better air conditioning than my previous car.

- Alma M

Toyota Corolla LE is a convenient compact car.

It is really great that it has safety features such as lane warnings and collision prevention. Interior is great and comfortable. On the other hand, steering wheel is plastic which is kind of bad. Low gas mileage is one of the most important aspects. Easy to drive.

- Dean M

New design meet young styles with affordable price.

Overall this vehicle is good no issue yet. New design, interior design is nice, engine is okay for small car, great price for customer who like brand new car. Affordable price. Great for 4 passengers. Back seat can flat make more storage room. Low gas consuming.

- Annie B

The reverse camera works really well.

The car runs smoothly and efficiently. I have been on multiple long trips since March and I have not had a problem since. The quality is good and the guns doesn't run out to quickly. My car is a dark grey. The screen is good and all the other gadgets work great.

- Angelique B

You won't regret buying a Corolla

I love my car. The interior is detailed and looks nice but also sporty. The car is a good size for a compact car. I have not had any problems with this car so far. The Corolla has great gas mileage so I can go a lot of places without spending a fortune on fuel.

- Heather D

A small yet amazing vehicle.

My 2019 Toyota Corolla is very nice. The ride is smooth and quiet. The automatic features like auto dim and detect vehicle ahead is very convenient. The backup camera really makes getting out of tight spots safer. Lastly the miles per gallon is amazing 41. 3.

- Joey C

Great little car if you're on a budget

Great gas mileage and only requires cheapest regular gas. Lots of safety features that help lower your insurance and help you out as well. Quiet engine, lots of legroom. Accelerates a little slow. Interior not easy to clean. Not much storage. Very reliable.


all the good things that come with buying Toyota corolla

it runs smooth great gas mileage fully loaded. I love the easy to read gauges and power everything. GPS and Bluetooth capability. Spacious and nice interior. spacious big Trunk. Has remote entry and start. dual airbags, dual control ac with temp setting

- rachel B

2019 Toyota Corolla Reviews

I recently just bought a 2019 Toyota Corolla. For the most part it is a nice car. I would say it's good for a small family. It also comes with a lot of safety features. I would say if you have kids in car seats, this car probably isn't the car for you.

- Kay J

Safety features like brake assist, pedestrian warning, lane departure.

Everything is okay because it is still new,. I heard Toyota cars have great performance and comfort. It means if you drive a lot and put more mileage it will not break down! In my opinion Toyota Camry and Corolla is the best one to buy it.

- Mm I

This car can be driven in sport mode for better pick up on the gas or in eco mode to save gas.

I love that it looks sporty as a hatchback and changes color depending on the light. I like how quiet it is when running. I like that it is new and will not break down on the highway.

- Kerry K

useful and modern car for you

Good performance and reliability. Very comfortable. I have not had any problems with its features or anything. You should buy it because it is a very beautiful

- Michelle M

It is a very sporty looking car while being a very dependable car with a good warranty.

I like the ride and the comfort of the seats. I like the dependability of Toyota cars. I like the gas mileage and the warranty. I have no dislikes.

- Judith W

It is a very sporty looking car while being a very dependable car with a good warranty.

I like the ride and the comfort of the seats. I like the dependability of Toyota cars. I like the gas mileage and the warranty. I have no dislikes.

- Judith W

It is fuel efficient

I love this car because it is brand new. It is comfortable and has just enough features to be useful. It has many safety features and is dependable.

- Gayle B

especially in this economy. I would definitely recommend the 2019 Toyota Corolla to anyone looking to own and or lease a new and great car.

The performance is very excellent. Mileage is great considering I do commute a few miles for work. Saves a lot of money on gas which is great

- Kimberly C

I have leather interior. Its nice

I just bought it this week. I have no problems so far. It runs extremely smooth and is small and compact which is perfect for me

- Amy M

Great color, it sparkles shines, better than any other color I have had.

Car dealership made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The car runs great it is smooth, it smells wonderful. Thank you Toyota.

- Virginia R

The color is really interesting since it changes depending on angle and lighting conditions.

I like the driving features that check for road hazards. I also find the new touch screen to be very helpful.

- Robert G

the corolla hatchback has apple carplay

my car is a new corolla hatchback 2019. it has all the features of a new car that i as a young car owner need

- chad d

My car is completely brand new.

I love the features of my vehicle. I love how great it drives. I love the radio and navigation system.

- Elizabeth A

especially the back up camera.

Smaller vehicle not much leg room in the back. Not enough power small engine. My wife loves it

- James H

it should have been darker to look more edgier based on the color of the exterior. Great headlights but I feel they do not light high enough. Great sound system and the apple car features is awesome for this model.

Needs more horsepower. Great economy vehicle but initially it lags. Interior is white

- Jose F

It's hip

It's the first Toyota Corolla model that comes with CarPlay!

- Jason C

it is very comfortable to drive. I do not like to drive zippy cars and the slower pick up/brake makes for a much more comfortable ride. However

I love the affordability of the car. As a new driver

- Gianna B

comfortable interior with a lot of technological features. I commute 30 miles a day and really appreciate the ride and comfort of this vehicle. I like it more then my BMW.

I love this car. It is fuel efficient

- Jen T

very comfortable to drive. All the features work really well and I have not had any kind of problem with it.

Good performance and reliability

- Michelle M

so I do not know much about it. I like the safety features

I just got this car today

- Maria G

gas consumption and stereo. I don't like the commonality

I like the speed

- Rebekah W

it is just super small and the price for the car is way too much. Other than that there is nothing wrong with it.

No problems

- Jasmine E