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The Toyota echo; a very comfortable and small car.

My vehicle is very old therefore it has the normal problems that come with old cars. Unfortunately, this specific car also has problems with the plastic underneath and the alignment. While driving on the highway, this car seems very unreliable because the steering wheel will jerk you from left to right. One time I was jerked so bad that I had to pull over. This was when we found out that the plastic underneath had been dragging and had caught the wheel. By getting caught on the wheel, the wheel burnt a hole through the plastic and it is been very hard to fix ever since. Although this car has problems, I love the fact that it is a stick shift car. The seats are comfy and overall it is a great starting out car. I wouldn't recommend this to someone with a family because it seats five, but the inside is very small. No 6 foot person would want to ride shotgun in this car.

- Mason G

Old and keeps forming new problems.

It is old so there's a new problem every month. First the oil change light was defective so I was driving on fumes. Then the tail pipe rusted out and was dragging on the street. Sometimes the locks on the doors get stuck and will not unlock. My gas tank is also defective making the gas pump think it is full and click off while I am fueling. The check engine light will not turn off. The cheap, plastic detail on the sides are falling off. Sometimes the needle on the speedometer gets stuck and I do not know how fast I am going.

- Tea K

Toyota Echo: More than a reliable. More than a gas saver. A car for living life.

This car has been amazing. It now has over 370,000 miles and is still going strong. To this day it still gets great gas mileage, better than any new car I could purchase. I've done minimal repair and every major component is still its original equipment. It has never left me stranded and I've never had to be towed. This thing is a tank! It takes a beating and keeps on going. It's tiny enough I can fit it just about anywhere, yet roomy enough on the inside to carry a passenger and 2 large dogs in the back. I love this car.

- Erin W

Compact car, great gas mileage!

I love my Toyota echo, its a compact car. My 6'4 brother can sit in there good!! Great on gas and excellent on gas for freeway driving. I've had my car since 2001, and it has 190k miles all by me. I've driven to new Mexico, Oregon from California with no problems. The only thing I have a problem with is the clear coat on the car has come off and it looks terrible, but I am sure that is my fault for not getting it waxed. But for a old car it runs great with regular maintenance.

- Andrea G

Its is a cool antique. I say this cause its a 2001 model.

Its is a 2001 echo. For a car that is old it runs alright. I can't say much because I barely got it. What I can say though is that it runs good doesn't make any loud noise it goes fast when it needs too. First things first it paint is old and it's fading. The car does get hot but the good thing that I like about it that it cools off easy. It has Ac but I don't think it works because I haven't tried using I just roll down my window to let the air in and cool down.

- Luis Vazquez M

Oldie, but a goodie, hoping for an echo comeback!

My car doesn't have auto locks or windows. Since it's a little older echo, it has an issue with the exhaust pipe rattling when I am sitting at a light. The seats are comfortable, but the belt slot on the drivers side bumps into by hip a little bit. Otherwise, echo has quite a bit of speed when gas is pressed. Excels really quickly. As long as all liquids are regularly checked, its perfect.

- Dee C

Love the bug look, without the small size! The collegiate crawler car.

Runs great, have lived through a lot and has not failed me yet. Decent mpg, and relatively low-cost to fix. A lot of manual features, but high-tech enough to enjoy the ride. Personally love the safety features and size- it is roomy and has a lot of trunk space, making it perfect for road trips with close friends. Does not hold a lot of gas, only 9 gallons, so refills are pretty frequent.

- Lily F

What you'll go through with an Echo.

Not a family car or for large people. The gas is great. It is a reliable car the front seats are comfortable and I like where the speedometer is. My trunk button is lock so I have to use the key. It still has a cassette player no CD player. It is not easy because it is a two seater to get in the back.

- Heather G

I can depend on it, and it doesn't break down.

I like it is because it is very reliable. I've had very few problems with it in the 11 years I've owned it. Nothing major has ever gone wrong with it. My only complaint would be that it has two doors which sometimes makes it awkward if there are a few people in the car. No complaints.

- Mary c

Great on gas, reliable, comfortable.

I have had the car for 15 years, the clear coat on the car is peeling, the dealership didn't properly install the carpet back in after repairing the recall. It has been a very reliable car, after 15 years the check engine light just came on. So maintenance is key to a good running car.

- Andrea G

My car is almost as old as me and still functions with all the original parts

Given my cars age it is in very good shape. It runs well (accelerates well, handles speed, break aren't too sensitive or not sensitive enough) and has good gas mileage, but due to its age has minor problems like a broken A/C and malfunctioning windshield fluid sprayers.

- Brittany W

My car is sturdy and reliable, and while it vibrates like crazy, it gets me and my family where we need to be.

My car is older than dirt, but it's such a sturdy, practical car. There's more room inside than you would think, and I can safely put two carseats in the back seat. The only complaints I have involve the car simply being old now. I wish they continued making the Echo.

- K G

There is a lot of storage space and the trunk holds a lot. You can take it on a road trip and the gas mileage is fantastic.

It's the little car that could. The echo is a small car with a large amount of space inside and I'm the trunk. I love that the speedometer is in the center of the dashboard. Only downside is that it's tiny and light so driving on expressways aren't always preferred.

- Blythe T

My reliable green Toyota echo.

My Toyota is very cute! Its reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has two doors and a roomy trunk which is perfect for me. I do not often have problems with my Toyota. It still runs like the day I bought it. It's a very nice green color and is very comfortable.

- Laurie M

Negative qualities of 2001 Toyota echo.

My vehicle is very small. My Toyota echo also does not have air conditioning. My vehicle also does not have power locks or windows. It has a radio but no compact disc player. There is also no AUX jack. My vehicle has a manual transmission. I prefer larger cars.

- Joe T

Made to last and gets great gas mileage.

Love my little Echo. It is 18 years old and still gets almost 40 mpg on the highway. It has a cool dash with cubbies and the odometer is not behind the steering wheel. Only complaint is I can't buy a new one.

- Judy F

Little car with a big spirit! Lots of room for a compact car. Great gas mileage. Perfect for day trips.

Love that my fam had this car for 17 years, I've had it for 10 years and it's still great! Dislike that it's always struggled with hills even when it was new. But hey 17 years and still my primary car! Love it!

- Laura G

It is small, which means that I can easily parallel park in the city.

I like how it is small. Being able to fit in any parking space is amazing, and the interior is just as great! The radio is on the older side, but still plays everything I want. All in all this is a great car!

- Lori M

It gets 40 mpg even in city traffic so saves you a lot of money on gas.

It is very fuel efficient and has great headroom. It is easy to park and has low maintenance costs. It works well for my purposes and is not something that people would try and steal.

- Kevin H

It gets 40 mpg even in city traffic so saves you a lot of money on gas.

It is very fuel efficient and has great headroom. It is easy to park and has low maintenance costs. It works well for my purposes and is not something that people would try and steal.

- Kevin H

I bought it new and plan to run it into the ground.

I like how easy it is to drive and park. I get excellent gas mileage. The trunk and fold-down rear seat mean I can haul objects one might not expect from a compact car.

- Cyn K

Only buy of your a small person

The inside is way to small. Two doors makes it harder for children. The weight limit on the car is so low you can't have three adults or you'll bottom out on a ditch

- Heather G

dash in the middle of the dashboard

I like it because the dash is above the radio in the middle of the dashboard. Not good for trips longer than an hour. Very uncomfortable for long trips

- Kevin S

Go for a long way on one tank of gas. Just don't expect to win any races!

I like how fuel-efficient it is, and how small it is for parking. But the overall look isn't very sporty, and it lacks a lot of oomph to get going fast.

- Nancy J

Good investment the gas mileage was worth the extra cost

This has been a good investment. The gas mileage is why I purchased it in the first place. I have yet to any major issues with the car

- James H

It sucks that we sleep in it.

We have had our car about 4 years. We have given it hell and it still runs. We have driven from las Vegas to Boston and it still goes.

- Michael S

It is old , paid for , runs great !

Great car . very good on gas and maintenance. East to drive and especially park. only complain it that they don't make them any more.

- peter W

cheap and runs great and great for night driving with the dash in center

I like the dash in the center it is great on gas and a great car for in town but I do not like taking it on the hwy for over 2 hrs

- No N

My loud Toyota echo my love

My car is very loud. There's not much else it runs great. It's a good run little car Toyota echo great on gas 200,000 miles

- Morris T

Still 40 mpg after all these years.

Still get 40 mpg. No major repairs. Standard shift still runs smooth. Plenty of room when back seat is down. No dislikes.

- Hud R

the car is very economical and is rarely in the garage. It is easy driving

It has been very reliable, little maintenance needed, good gas mileage. It is easy to drive and has a comfortable seat.

- Harriet J

It's dependable and has never broken down ever on me.

I like my vehicle very much. It's very dependable and has been with me for a long time. I trust it more than a new car.

- Brian N

It is paid for. So no car payment needed. maintenance is very low and cheap.

what i dislike is it is getting too old. What i like it is a great car . Great gas mileage, easy to park anywhere.

- phil k

Great mileage with good size and quality.

Like the size and love the mileage. Only dislike is only being able to unlock the back door from the inside.

- Laura S

Very good on gas and great transportation to and from work good commuting car for family roomy too.

No problems very reliable car and good on gas.when it drives it's smooth no real major issues or complaints

- Casey T

It's got a pretty nice design in my opinion. Like being able to open trunk with a lever.

Gets fantastic gas mileage, comfortable seats, access to trunk through back seats, really quiet vehicle.

- Charles C

It is extremely dependable and reliable. Will always get you where you need to go.

I like that it is very reliable. Rarely have any mechanical issues. I also think it is cute.

- Amanda W

I've had it for 18 years and it hasn't given me any trouble.

It's small but has a good size trunk. Doesn't use much gas. Toyotas last forever.

- Candy D

It a great value for the money

I love my vehicle. It is very dependable. It is very economical.

- Pete L

Good gas mileage and reliable engine It never breaks down

It's good on gas Easy to park Reliable , never breaks down

- Jill B

Great car...keep it maintained and it runs everyday. I have over 120,000...runs like a new car.Plan to keep it forever. Hope it runs for 500,000 miles

No complaints. It is .reliable...I would buy again

- elle k