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17 mpg, no roll-down windows in back, bad blind spots

I love how my FJ Cruiser looks, and I really love that it is paid for, but it now has about 225,000 miles and has some body work, and doesn't drive/handle like it used to. My neighbor's pine tree fell on it about 9 months after I got it. I was also in a side impact accident, so between those 2, it just isn't quite the same. Also, it gets very bad mpg, and I have to fill up constantly. The windows in the back seat do not roll down, there are terrible blind spots, and I've had to replace the windshield almost every year (it's flat, so cracks easily/often). It has suicide doors, which are kind of cool, but I can't drive Uber, and it's a pain for people to get in the back sometimes. I wish it had a moonroof and leather interior also..I do love how it looks, and that it is paid for, and apparently, they keep a good resale value because not many were made.

- kelly s

Awesome utility SUV, that is bad on gas.

The performance of the vehicle is great. It runs well. I have had one major issue when replacing the exhaust, the 02 sensor on both banks went out, causing me to replace both. Also, the rear window matching motor went out making it so I couldn't lock the back window. This car does require premium gas, and really the mpg is terrible. . The interior is great, if anything spills the floor is easy to clean. The fj has great trunk space, and even more space if you lay down the back seats. It does great off-roading if that is something you are into! The factory skid plate is awesome.

- Megan Y

Reliable four-wheel drive.

The truck is very spacious, it feels like a boat when you sit on the passenger's side. The gas mileage lasts a long distance, and I am able to cross stateliness on a budget. It is reliable in the desert and has four-wheel drive for off-road adventures. A potential con of the car is that my sister swears up and down that it makes her feel sick whenever she rides in my back seat. It may be due to the fact that the wheels move right under the body of the truck, but who knows? She's the only one to comment about it, though.

- Jess M

Go anywhere do anything looking and feeling cool without breaking the bank.

Never one problem. At ten years old I finally had to replace the factory battery. This was after years of abuse in Minnesota winter's including leaving it parked for up to 2 weeks in -40 weather during BWCA winter trips. Only downside was the original battery could not be purchased to replace. 215,000 miles strong and everything else except fluids plugs ect is still original. Just amazing vehicle. Only real negative is the angle of the windshield. Is prone to chips or cracks.

- Ryan R

Best straight factory made off road rig

first off what a great off road vehicle. This thing will get you anywhere you want to go. I've owned mine for about five years now and love it, hoping it last a long time. It has 220,000 miles on it now and is running great, I've done minor repairs and replacements through the years and just stay on top of preventative maintenance and it will be reliable. I've also have this thing all over the US and it doe great on all terrains.

- Chris M

Mess resistant interior for moms who like large SUVs.

I purchased used 2 years ago with 66000. Second owner, no abnormal problems since putting on over 34000 miles. Some of my favorite features are the 6 speed manual trans, electronic rear differential lock, 6 disc CD changer with auxiliary input, and the mud/water resistant interior. Factory water resistant seats and carpet free flooring makes for easy cleaning when you have pets (1 dog) and a 10 month old!

- Stephanie B

Toyota's FJ Cruiser... Just plain cool!

My FJ Cruiser is the best car I've ever owned! Not only is it stylish and unique, but it is comfortable to drive, even long distances. It's only drawback is the windows are small, so it has limited visibility. You really have to rely on your mirrors and be more careful pulling out of parking space. Small price to pay for the performance and reliability of a Toyota, and the cool factor of the FJ!

- Kim A

A Practical Jeep that is great on the highway.

Likely the best car I have ever owned. Only issue Alternator went out at 160,00 miles. I think of this as a practical jeep, lots of room for cargo and reasonable highway gas mileage. The interior is very analog but I like it, I don't like auto settings. Vinyl throughout with no carpet, another huge plus because it means less to clean. The seats are cloth and are very comfortable on long hauls.

- John W

Toyota fj-cruiser (the greatest SUV on the market).

Great vehicle, no issues (other than replacing brake pads) and reliable. Highly recommend the 6-speed for the fact that I have already gotten almost 200k miles on it and not had to replace the clutch. The only bad thing about them is the lights in the mirrors because they are extremely hard to replace, other than that, I will not get another vehicle till this one completely dies on me.

- Lauren B

Amazing control and 4 wheel drive

I have not had any problems with my car. It is great for traveling and for everyday use. I travel a bit to my parent's home, during which I use the 4 wheel drive through the mountains. My car accelerates quite quickly, but also has great control. The only downfalls would be the amount of gas it takes and some blind spots, but once you are used to them it is not any problem.

- Sierra H

Great all-around vehicle!

I really love the overall use of my FJ! It has never been to the mechanic with any major issues, just regular upkeep. I only have a few small complaints, which would be the plastic trim faded extremely quick, and the maintenance light won't turn off. I have tried to turn it off after an oil change many times following the instruction manual, but it never works.

- Amanda H

How well it handles in the snow and mud. I live in the snowy midwest on a gravel road and this car is a trooper through even the thickest drifts.

I absolutely LOVE my FJ Cruiser because it handles incredibly well and is super comfy. IT's wide stance and heavy weight makes it FANTASTIC for driving in the midwest winters. I hope to keep this truck FOREVER. My ONLY complaint is that I cannot roll the rear window down - it pops out but since I have the ladder on the back my window cannot open at all.

- Kat V

Fun off road vehicle with easy maintenance.

As long as I keep the oil changed and do the regular maintenance I have had no issues and this is my second fj cruiser. I only got rid of my first one because I thought I wanted a car and better gas mileage, but I work from home, so that is not really an issue. The only downfall is no ability to open a window in the back seat due to the suicide doors.

- Angela S

This is the best auto that we own.

Very nice reliable sport car, nice drive, good off-road transportation, gas saver. Good for road trips, very comfortable when on the road, the truck sticks to the road, the tires will not squeeze on the pavement, very easy to get in and out off the car, and I love the back seat folds down to use as a bed wen we go camping.

- Julio A

This car is just reliable.

This is the best car I have ever had, my dad bought it brand new in 2007 and all its needed is, new tires, oil changes and spark plugs. It will do anything you need it to do and you can always count on it in any kind of weather or conditions. Also the look of the car is very unique and I always get compliments on it.

- Morgan H

I love my Toyota fj cruiser!

I absolutely love my Toyota! It has over 200,000 miles and is still going strong! I have no intention of trading it in anytime soon. This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. Not only is it dependable but it is very beautiful to look at and I get compliments on it and questions about it everywhere I go.

- Debra S

SUV that is amazing, stays cool.

Durable, kid friendly, easy to drive. Can go off-road if needed, get up and go is quick. I enjoy the backup sono device. I enjoy the four wheel drive and the inside features. The air conditioner is amazing and cools down fast but also does not get hot during the summer due to the design of the windshield.

- Cory K

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it runs more like a truck than an SUV.

I like that even though it has over 180000 miles on it, it still runs better than my last vehicle that had a lower mileage. I dislike how hard it is to make a sharp turn in it, it is like a brick in that aspect. I like the air conditioning in the car it works the best out of all of my family's vehicles.

- McKenzie M

Toyota FJ Cruiser is a beautiful reliable vehicle for the adventurous.

No problems noted. Reliability is excellent. I love the space available for storage and it's towing capability. I have driven it in all types of weather and terrain and never had a problem or got stuck. Even driving in the Alaskan snow and ice, it's driving features prevented and slipping or mishaps.

- James D

Blind spots and gas mileage, also small gas tank.

My car gets pretty terrible gas mileage, about 17mpg, and has very bad blind spots. It used to ride/handle very smoothly, but does not anymore. The back windows do not roll down/open, and it has suicide doors, which are kind of difficult to get in/out, and I cannot drive for Uber because of this.

- Kelly S

FJ is My Dream Vehicle, Wish they Still Made Them

It rides a little rough due to the large- lug tires, but not really a problem- I love this vehicle- hence have it so long... The seats could use an extra lumbar adjustment lever but are still pretty comfortable. It does not get very good mileage- which is why we don't drive it on long trips.

- Victoria D

Great off-road vehicle at an affordable price for the everyday man.

Alternator went out. Weak front hubs. Do not like the white roof. Wish it was matched with other paint. Fuel mileage is not the best. Needs more power from a v8. Exhaust sounds good. Need more AUX switches built in for easy plug and play instead of having to drill and add switches myself.

- Parker P

Light blue with the roof rack 2WD

It's like driving a tank. Everybody loves it. Many people want it in Lubbock, Texas and is a staple of who I am to many people. Not because I speak about it but because it is such an iconic and recognizable car. No problems, bad gas mileage, super comfy, mine had a subwoofer in the back

- Noah M

Outdoorsy, with class and fun.

Alignment problems. Gas guzzler. Blind spots. Plastic interior. Overall a decent vehicle if one were to use for off road and travel. Everyday use I feel is wear and tear. Maintenance light keeps coming on even after oil change and reset. Tire cover is hard to get off. No other issues.

- Gina S

That gas can be very expensive.

I love my Toyota fj cruiser! I have had it since I was in high school and it is been a very great, reliable car. The only thing I have had to fix is an alternator in 11 years. The only downfall is the blind spots but you get used to them pretty quickly! Great car! Highly recommended!

- Chelsea D

Toyota fj cruiser great family car.

This is a great SUV. Toyota is reliable and easy to maintain. The service at the dealership is wonderful and affordable. This SUV has a lot of room for all of our large dogs. Fits 5 comfortably and is a trusted car company. I would recommend a Toyota truck SUV to friends and family.

- Heath M

Best vehicle on the market.

The color, performance, best vehicle I have ever owned. Great gas mileage. Easy to clean, fun to drive, lots of storage, trustworthy, eye catching colors, inside is comfortable and roomie head room. . . Downfall is the blind spots and windshield seems to catch every gravel.

- Jonathan S

Great vehicle for the highway or the mountain.

The fj cruiser is very roomy, easy to clean and keep clean. Durable, easy to drive and maintain. Comfortable ride, camp out in the back, great in the mountains or on the highway. Mine is a 4WD and I have taken it everywhere. I will drive this one until the wheels fall off.

- Shawn L

It's just a good all around SUV. Good pickup and fun to drive

It has too many blind spots. Other than that it's a great truck I've had it for three years I've never driven it from Texas to California from California to Oklahoma never had any problems all I've done is change the oil in a couple of times happy as hell thank you Toyota

- Chris G

My car is made for camping and off-road fun and adventure.

I like that my car has four wheel drive, it makes a big difference when I am driving off-road. The only thing that I don't like about it is the fuel economy isn't that great. I like the size of the vehicle a lot. It is like a small truck with an enclosed truck bed.

- Ron V

Great outdoor vehicle for a family.

Waterproof interior, 4x4, great for a family great for off-roading, and enough leg room, DVD player, too many wipers, comfortable, needs better speakers, great storage, good gas miles, too many family vacations, great on sand, fun to drive, great on the highway.

- Jennifer C

Great overall vehicle for everyday use

Great vehicle very reliable makes you feel safe no problems so far very comfortable and smooth ride. Compass and outside temperature feature comes in handy on a daily basis. The only downfall is the gas mileage but most SUVs don't get great gas mileage

- Danielle F

An amazing tank, rough on gas.

I love it, it's big like a tank and has lasted pretty well over the years we've had to replace the front window and the breaks Ave needed work too but overall it is quite reliable and is very aesthetically pleasing, it is a bit of a gas guzzler though.

- Mika P

It can handle pretty much handle any driving conditions you can encounter.

I love my Toyota FJ Cruiser because it is so tough and sturdy. I drive on several miles of dirt roads to get to my house in the woods. Those roads tore up every vehicle I had before this one. Love the voodoo blue color too!

- Rochelle W

It is very reliable and great gas mileage.

I love my fj cruiser it is been really reliable it is completely the best SUV I have ever owned it rides like a car but performs like it should it is very strong in any condition I have put it in it is top notch.

- Charles M

It is still going strong after 11 years with no major problems (fingers crossed!)

I love my FJ. It is perfect in size, in power (can two things), and in function. My only complaint is that there is a blind spot on each side where there is a panel. Otherwise I would not have any problems.

- Marta R

My vehicle is amazing and I would not ever change it out for any other car.

I love this car. It performs excellent eleven years after having it since 2007. The seats are very comfortable and I love all the extra features in the car such as the compass and the three windshield wipers.

- Weston F

FJ Cruiser is stylish and very dependable

I love my voodoo blue 2007 FJ Cruiser which has the roof rack and towing package. It's never needed major repairs, only routine maintenance. No complaints other than I wish it had better gas mileage.

- John S

It is a Toyota and has the reliability factor and prestige that goes along with it.

I have put a 3 inch lift kit on it with oversized tires and have lost only few mpg. It rides well and goes well in the weather. Have had some issues with "boots" but highly recommend this vehicle.

- Mike I

It has an amazing ability to handle the road. It is for city and off road (pot hole dodgers) enthusiast alike.

I love it all terrain abilities. It handles very well in snow, rain, and dirt terrain. Even though it is a truck, the gas mileage is low and driver comfortably is amazing. I have no complaints

- Rick R

It's as reliable as they come. It's never required anything besides brakes and typical vehicle maintenance.

I've had "Beast" for almost 10 years, and 150,000 miles. Still drives like the day I bought it. Large inside, but compact outside make traveling and driving a breeze. Never had any trouble.

- Michelle D

It is rugged and cool, great for outdoors people

The car is really great. It is rugged, yet it doesn't burn too much gas. I fill my tank for $35 bucks. It is easy to go off road, to the beach and mountains. Easy to tow a boat and a trailer

- Marlin N

They should know about the blind spots the the vehicle has.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive, it's not too big, the color is great, it's easy to maintain and it has been a good transportation vehicle. I don't like the blind spots the the vehicle has.

- John R

Cargo space is not as great as you might think.

It is been great overall if I had any complaints it would be with the weather stripping coming off and the paint tends to chip easily but I consider these minor issues and love my fj.

- Jared G

Expensive to fix if something does go wrong.

Smooth ride, can switch in an out of four wheel drive pending terrain. Just feels like a safe durable vehicle on the road. Gas mileage is subpar but average for size.

- Hannah B

Toyota's Best Off Road Vehicle

The most reliable car I've owned. At 150,000 still going strong. Great off road vehicle and easily customizable. Easy to clean and find replacement parts.

- thom h

It's a really fun car to drive.

It's awesome. Whatever obstacle comes in the way my car can handle it. I've gone through the snow to floods in my Fj and couldn't be more happy with it.

- Taylor C

The hard floors make it very convenient for when a mess is made.

My FJ-Cruiser is very dependable. I have never had any problems in the 7+ years I have had it. I will continue to drive this car for years to come.

- Bailey L

The gas mileage is outstanding.

Drives great. The driver's seat adjustment does not keep the seat up. The windshield is to straight up and down bugs do not fly over it at speed.

- Randall W

F-J Cruiser; A vehicle of comfort and style.

The F-J Cruiser is a great car; it has a nice look, can go through water, and a great interior. I love it because of its truck and car style.

- Jaz C

There's no carpet in it. .

I can take turns quicker and easier than most cars and I get decent gas mileage. It is easy to clean my car because there's no carpet in it.

- Tim D

Easy to keep interior clean.

I love that the seats are neoprene, and no carpet. My kids hated not having their own door in the back seats. They always hit their heads.

- Amy Z

They don't make them anymore.

I love how solid it feels. I also like how it has enough room for me to haul stuff around. It is great for driving in the mountains.

- Pamela C

It's not a Jeep. It's a six cylinder, and it gets decent gas mileage

I like the color, how it feels on the road, and the speakers. It's a little hard to see out of the back and has a decent gas mileage.

- Thomas D

It is a great vehicle it will go anywhere.

I don't have any complaints I love it and I have drove it for a long time it is great I have not had to put it in four wheel drive.

- Linda H

It is really reliable and has 4 wheel drive so you can take it off road.

I love my vehicle. I've never had any problems out of my vehicle. It's really comfortable to drive for bbn work or travel.

- Debbie T

TOYOTA FJ CRUISER, A vehicle for all seasons.

I enjoy this vehicle. It's been reliable and has gotten me through a LOT of bad weather. It has held its resale value.

- Ray H

Uses up a bit of gas, but great power behind it.

The FJ Cruiser has great power. I love the height and room in the vehicle. Only dislike is miles per gallon.

- Juan w

It is my car and they can not have it only dream about it.

I love the size and comfort. I enjoy the safety features. It holds its value. I like the room in the back.

- Corey K

Reliable, lasts for a long time without having any problems

I had my car for over 5 years and i love everything about it. It is very safe and a family friendly car.

- Nadya S

It's not for everyone. It's not easy to see around you.

I like It's utility most. I like that it can go anywhere. I like It's reliability. No complaints at all.

- Mike P

Toyota is the best brand for longevity of a vehicle

my dream car. It still drives fantastic even since I bought it in 2009. minimal extensive work put in

- stephanie Z

Easy to drive in snow. 4 Wheel drive very easy to engage.

Like: No problems with the truck. Looks sharp. Dislike: average gas mileage. No complaints

- julie h

It's fun to drive and makes me feel sporty.

Like everything except the dash pad. I can't see when someone is signaling to change lanes.

- Debbie P

Great for a tall person, and good power to haul a trailer.

Roomie car, and good for a tall person. Power behind the car. Dislike, gas that it uses.

- Juan A

they don't make it anymore because we love it and they need to make it again

no one thing we love the car dan wish they would still make them as we love it

- Debbie H

That it's good in snow It drives smooth it's roomy.

I love my vehicle because it drives great and the color is pretty

- Kecia R

It does not have fancy electronic gadgets like many current cars.

It is a simple vehicle. It is sturdy. It can operate anywhere.

- Carl E

It is a tough, good in weather vehicle.

it is large. It has several blind spots. I do feel safe in it.

- christine J

It's a great vehicle. It's safe, it's comfortable to drive. Absolutely love it.

It's safe. It's reliable. It's an absolutely amazing car.

- Iana S

It's safe, and good for small family. I don't have any problems, you just need to change the oil and brakes

I don't have any problems with this car. I love it

- Joanna J