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Such a fun vehicle to drive!

I love this vehicle so much that it's the second one we've owned. We were in a rollover accident and this little tank was amazing! So we bought another one because we felt (still do) very safe. It's extremely reliable if you take proper maintenance (oil, air filter, tires, etc.). It's been completely comfortable for long (across states) road trips and a lot of fun off-roading! Love the simple, intuitive features. The inside seat material and rubber flooring are amazing for quick and easy cleaning! Spacious enough for two 100 lbs dogs. The back doors can be a bit frustrating if you have kids that need to be in a carry that you'll pull in and out just because of the angle that they open, but that's about the only negative thing.

- Lisa D

My dream car, is not your typical SUV, is different. I like a luxury car for me.

This vehicle is a dream if you are into SUV. I love it, is comfortable, reliable, and the best car I ever had. Also is a conversation maker. Everyone you meet is asking question about my car because is also beautiful. I have never had a problem with that car for the two years that I own it. The only time I have seen the mechanic is for oil change or to place an automatic remote start.

- Neves N

Visibility when driving the fj cruiser.

The only thing I do not like about the fj is the poor visibility. The side mirrors create a large blind spot & there is not great visibility out the back window or side passenger windows. The poor visibility takes a little getting used to - you certainly have to be more cautious, double check with turns (especially left turns), but once you are used to it, it is not a problem.

- Angela C

It is not sold brand new anymore. Toyota discontinued fj cruisers.

I love the size of this vehicle. I love the feeling of driving a large car while not actually feeling like you are in one. The downsides about this car are the blind spots that occur off the side of the front windows, and that the back seat windows don't roll down. I feel really safe in this car, and I like that the temperature and compass are easily accessible to the eye.

- Veronica K

Best SUV I have ever owned - must have!

I purchased it new - regular oil changes, one change/purchase new tires, new brakes -normal maintenance - great gas mileage. The best vehicle I have ever owned. Only one large repair - still normal maintenance - the single belt system - flush radiator and ac unit maintenance. It currently has 140, 000 miles and maintains approximately 25 miles to the gallon the highway.

- Ruby E

My car is customized and it is blue.

It reliable on different terrains and has a lot room for putting things in. Also it is quite easy to use. The only problem is that it is not great on gas mileage but otherwise I really love it. The seats are very comfy and it is very easy to clean inside because of the flooring it has. For anyone is considering to go on a off road trip this a very good car to buy.

- Clare M

FJ cruisers are reliable and built like a tank.

I love my FJ, I got into a pretty severe accident this last winter that involved me colliding into the side of a mountain. My car only received cosmetic damage and it runs perfect still. It is built like a tank. That being said, it is also a gas guzzler, so it does hurt the wallet a bit. But for security and safety I wouldn't trade it ever.

- Piper E

Great handling, poor visibility

The visibility is absolutely terrible. The size of the windows are so small compared to the rest of the car. The giant tire in the middle of the back window also obstructs views. Also goes through quite a bit of gas. However, the car handles very well. Great for off roading, icy conditions, getting other vehicles unstuck.

- Kate B

Fj cruiser is a must have for explorative families.

This car is a gem! It runs well, drives smooth, and is very safe. It is very reliable. It has never broken down and drives perfectly at over 200,000 miles. It is very comfortable for long trips and has good gas mileage. The suicide doors are automatically childproof, which is great for a family who loves to go exploring.

- Sydney G

FJ Cruiser - Good buy. Best transport, storage, and reliability.

Overall, our FJ Cruiser has made for a very reliable vehicle selection for our outings. Excellent space and drivability in the outdoors. We go kayaking at least every other month and it is a reliable, sturdy choice for storage and transport. Would definitely recommend and consider getting another in the future.

- Ariel S

Toyota FJ Cruiser is definitely the car you want.

Constantly have to fill up with gas. The blind sports are awful and are very hard to see out of. I got a screen put in my car that has a backup camera which helps a lot. I also got a base system put in my car which makes the stereo sound great. Without the base system, the sound system still sounds great.

- Megan L

Fun to drive in the mountains and driving in the 4 wheel drive mode.

Super reliable has leather seats. Terrible gas mileage though. It's perfect for my dogs to ride in. I like the way you sit higher than smaller SUVs. It has a sensor on the rear to alert you to objects you may back into. There is a blind spot that is troublesome on the passenger side of the vehicle.

- Sara O

Wonderful cruiser Very smooth drive I love it

The performance is great I love driving it. It drives so smooth and the gas mileage is wonderful. I love my car very much it looks good it drives good and I get a lot of compliments when people drive it. I would definitely recommend buying an FJ cruiser whichever year you decide to get

- constance V

Fun, Quirky, Easy to drive, Easy to love

4 wheel drive is awesome. Three windshield wipers are quirky and fun. Comfortable and reliable. Reverse camera is very helpful. Tire pressure alert even on the spare. Love this vehicle. Going into the mountains is made easy with this vehicle. Slip differential makes rocks no problem.

- Susan M

Rugged, and practical for where I live.

Reliable. Rugged. Great for outdoor activities, and for dealing with snow/icy roads. No complaints, except rear doors can be a small pain especially when kids are small and need help getting in/ out of the car (rear doors are 'suicide' doors, and front doors must be opened first.

- Shannon W

Why I like my Toyota fj cruiser.

I love driving, this car feel safe. Only setback would be blind spots and drives a little loud. Mine is a little outdated and I am sure the newer models have improved on this. I still get compliments on the look of the vehicle on a regular basis. I may have to buy another one.

- Shane F

2008 Toyota fj cruiser trd edition.

I have not had any major problems with this car. My tie rod broke a couple years ago but that has been the only thing I have had to have fixed other then regular maintenance. It is a very nice car and well built. I would recommend it to anyone for their driving pleasure.

- Jan O

If taken care of, this vehicle will run well for a long time and keep you on the road. Toyota engines are great!

Super reliable vehicle, 10 years old and no major problems so far. regular maintenance keeps everything running smoothly. Great for going off road, but seats can get uncomfortable on longer drives. Love the manual 4-wheel drive shifter instead of dial.

- Tyler L

My car is very reliable with lots of power.

This is the best most reliable vehicle I have ever had. Great for off-road driving as well as in town or on the freeway. The backseat and cargo area is very spacious for all your needs. I also love all the different add-ons that are available.

- Jamie P

Its extremely comfortable and there is enough space to fit a small family and their luggage for a camping trip.

It is a very good vehicle, it is comfortable and spacious. My only complaint is that you cannot control the rear passenger windows but it doesn't affect the car's performance at all. It is a very durable and comfortable vehicle.

- John F

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Great for off-roading and getting outdoors. Safe, reliable and the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. Deceivingly spacious. Only issue is with the gas mileage.

- Zachary S

The gas mileage is not the best.

I like that it is reliable and low maintenance. The size is perfect for all my needs. I feel safe while I am in it. I wish it was better on gas mileage. But other than that I love it.

- Victoria A

Multiple air bags for your safety. High ride with an awesome standard sound system.

Large size makes me feel safe. Multiple airbags and I sit up high with tinted windows. For its size and bulk it is a smooth ride. I love my standards Sub whiffer speaker.

- Kimberly A

You will have to get used to the double doors on the vehicle.

I actually enjoy my fj cruiser their are not to many negatives I would say about them. They aren't to bad on gas and are very reliable.

- Christian B

This is My favorite vehicle that I have ever owned

I have not had any major problems. It has been very reliable. It looks great. It is rugged and yet still perfect for driving in town.

- mig b

It's hard to get out of the back seat with a child (baby seat).

It's big and it feels safe. It does have big blind spots in the front though (negative). I love the look.

- AL W

Lots of blind spots. Unless you know what you're doing you can have an accident

Great car. Goes they snow and mud. Drives well on ice. Good for long trips

- Sam W

the segurid and comfort when l traveler

l like this confort and good securid..in my case i don't none disliked

- a G

It has horsepower, and great gas mileage. Plus it's pretty.

It has a good radio with bass. It rides smooth and has plenty of room.

- Santana S

Blind spots. Unless you're aware of this you'll cause an accident

Good car no problems. Goes anywhere in snow or water or desert.

- Sandra G