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Amazing functionality of my fj!

I absolutely love my fj! The gas mileage is fantastic and I am get into just about everywhere! I have the ability to haul small trailers and jump a curb or two when needed. It is a stout little vehicle and I have never had any problems with it during the time that I have owned it. I am currently a college student so this vehicle gets me all across Texas throughout the semesters! I always get compliments on it and I am extremely proud I am my little truck! I love the backup camera and the different bells and whistles it is got. I was fascinated by the three front windshield wipers, during rain storms it does it is job efficiently! I refer to my fj as a she, she’s beautiful and powerful. I have taken her to the beach and to the mud fields and she has never gotten stuck or shut off on me. Definitely worth every cent! She’s a 2010 and has about 100, 000 miles on me and still running sound as can be and well do so for a while longer I suspect.

- Amanda M

Fj: fun and exciting, but beware of rats!

It is unique and great looking. It is very safe and reliable and can take me just about anywhere. Outstanding comfort for an off-road type vehicle. 4-wheel drive top of the line for performance and reliability combined with simplicity. Meaning: no frills, but always works properly and efficiently. Features are simple but adequate. (seats do not warm but I have never been cold. ) Cons: have had problems with rats seeking out the wiring in my vehicle only to chew on it. Purchased no-chew rat tape and applied to problem areas, got 2 cats and keep it garaged. No more problem!

- Courtney H

Want the convenience of an SUV with the capability of a truck? Get a Toyota FJ Cruiser! I love my FJ!!

I LOVE my Toyota FJ Cruiser!! It's very versatile, it has all the features of an SUV but has all the capabilities of a truck! I've yet (knock on wood) to have ANY problem or even complaint about my FJ! It's comfortable on the inside and has features i love like 4 wheel drive, stock subwoofer built in the back, and that's only an example of the things i love about it! It's super convenient, has plenty trunk space and is literally my dream car! I couldn't be happier with it.

- Mila K

Fantastic handling in all types of weather conditions.

My only complaint is that they stopped production of this vehicle. I love the way it is able to handle PA winters with ease. Does great in snow, including heavy accumulation. Four wheel drive is outstanding. Comfortable seating. Love the way I sit up high. Ride feels very safe and sturdy.

- Tracy P

Good car overall, but some problems

The car is fantastic to look at, but unrealistic for a family with small kids because of the "suicide" rear doors. The rear Windows do not open at all. Constant headlight replacements. Constant wiper blade replacements. Never breaks down, though! 177k miles and still going strong!

- Holly J

It looks big but it really is not. It is very easy to drive.

I like how it drives in the snow, it is very easy to control. I have to keep on looking at the speed odometer because I do not realize how fast I am going, it feels like you are going slower than you are. No complaints or dislike.

- Shirley S

It's a family car that we specifically purchased for the safety of our family.

I have always wanted a tall, secure SUV because I hate driving in the snow. This car is perfect! It's built for rough terrain so it's very safe. I also love the look of it - it's sleek and sporty!

- Taylor L

Unfortunately they do not make this model anymore.

Love it! Small to medium SUV. Easy handling. Great gas mileage for a truck. Pulls my trailer great. Seats 4 very well. Great for off road, beach and just about anywhere excursions.

- jeff s

Good car for a young single person not a family

Car has a great look and drives great. The inside is really roomy in the front but tight in the back. Inside is also kinda awkward

- Logan H

Minimum repair. A very safe ride for off-road or normal city driving.

Excellent condition. A great ride. Especially long distance. Outside of normal service, has repaired front brakes a and new tires.

- Mel P

3" lift 285/55/20 tires and 20x9 wheels -12mm offset.

Oh man, it is my second one, I love that truck. It drives great and the resale value through the roof. Style is great.

- Matt F

It is very rare and this makes it unique on the road.

It handles great and is a great car. Although it is rare it is a quality vehicle. It is great for windy roads.

- Jim K

It's expensive, but comfortable to drive and ride in.

I like how big it is. I don't like how small the cab is. Love the style

- Allie H