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The safety and comfort of the Toyota fj cruiser.

This vehicle has been excellent and reliable. Off-road capability is really what I was looking for along with comfort and safety as well. This vehicle was purchased as a safe way navigate in adverse conditions of winter weather with easy to understand controls for the four wheel drive. Comfort of the fj Cruiser is excellent and the interior is simple and easy to clean. The engine power of the fj is excellent as it easily accelerates in traffic to safely navigate hazards. With the handling of this vehicle feeling more car like than truck it is also a pleasure to drive.

- Curry V

It is great for off roading or just driving in general. Quiet enjoyable ride!

Awesome car love the look and the way it drives! Only con is that it is hard to see at night with the lights but I also have a slight lift on my car so that might be part of the reason why. I have asked other fj owners about this and they have similar problems one guy told me he put in a light bar but it didn't make much of a difference. But with the brights on you can see everything!

- Emily B

The fj has a rugged look but does not drive like a truck but a SUV.

The fj is a great car. It is reliable, safe and fun to drive. It gas power in snow and mountain terrain. The fj has blind spots on the sides so you must be cautious when you change lanes. It offers features you can buy to meet your lifestyle. Such as racks, lights, tires and racks for bikes, skies and small boats. It gas a lot of power and can pull a trailer and bug boat or camper.

- Mary D

Incredibly Reliable Vehicle

My FJ-Cruiser is incredibly reliable and comfortable. I have had zero issues in the 6 years of owning and I could not be happier. It is everything I could ever want. I love how large it is because it makes me feel incredibly safe on the road while giving me plenty of room for storage. I also love that it can easily drive off-road so that I am never nervous about different terrain.

- Brooke G

Driving an FJ cruiser is like owning your very own Tonga truck

I love my FJ cruiser. I bought it from a reliable manufacturer and it has driven without problems in rain, snow,ice, high wind, and sunny conditions. The only drawback is that the angle of the windshield makes it prone to cracking and I have had to replace it once. It is a very comfortable interior as well and I can haul all my gardening supplies fairly easily inside

- Michael H

The field of view is limited so you have to really use the mirrors and the backup camera if it comes with one.

It is a Toyota and very reliable. We only have had to perform routine maintenance. It is more of an off-road type SUV but despite that it is very comfortable. You have to get use to the limited vision but we have a backup camera which helps. Gas mileage of course isn't great but we knew that before we purchased.

- Nicole B

The Toyota FJ Cruiser makes Driving fun again!!

This is a very fun vehicle to drive. I have never gotten bored with it and don't plan on ever selling. It has a retro vibe that I really enjoy. The engine, drivetrain and transmission are excellent. As long as you keep the maintenance up, you should be able to drive this vehicle for years with no issues.

- Dana C

It�s a real treat to drive!

This is the most fun, reliable and comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Taking it out everyday is a real treat! I did have to get used to a few of the blind spots at first but that was easy to get over. I HIGHLY recommend the FJ cruiser for anyone- single people, families, grandparents, whatever!

- Zara M

Extremely reliable. Can be driven in any terrain in any conditions.

Several design flaws: poor visibility, too many blind spots. Windshield positioned too perpendicular to the road causing frequent cracked windshields when hit by rocks. Poor instrument lighting. In bright daylight you cannot read the time, compass, radio because of the backlighting.

- Dennis L

It is a good investment for the durability, life of the car, including a feeling of uniqueness when driving it and safety.

I like the added safety rating of my SUV, and the fact it has height to see traffic above the road and back up cameras and sensors. Also the comfort on long trips and turning radius. It does have blind spots and you have to learn to drive and park it due to Its size front bumper.

- Bonnie W

Love my 4 wheel drive. Fj cruiser.

I have had no problems with my vehicle, there is some limited visibility but not so bad I want to get rid of it, I love four wheeling in my fj it handles any situation I have put it in. I love the fj cruiser great SUV. It is too bad that have discontinued it.

- Elizabeth L

Very reliable car and made in japan.

Not family friendly car. But the cruiser car is very good at bad conditions road and weather. I can carry a lots of stuff so we can save money for moving.

- Tea T

It is a great car because it has all of the amenities you could ask for.

I like the comfortable ride. The seats fold down for extra storage. The rear and side visibility could be better.

- Mia M