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2004 Toyota Highlander, a reliable SUV.

I do not like the gas mileage, it is about 22 miles to the gallon. It is a real gas hog. However, l enjoy driving it in the winter. I travel a lot during the winter on highways, and it is solid in icy and snowy conditions. I have had one recall which was easy to fix. This car has been very reliable, no major problems. It is a foreign car, so l knew it would be reliable. It has a CD player and a tape deck in it. There is a lot of room for storage because you can put down the back seat. There is a third row of seats which one fits two small people. I have only used it once. The car is silver with gray interior. It does not have a backup monitor system because of the age of the car. It also has tinted back windows and a partition in the truck so a person would not see packages in the truck.

- Patricia M

Toyota highlander comfort review.

The car is great. The driver and passenger have plenty of room and is extremely comfortable. The second row seating also a lot of room. The vehicle has great gas mileage for a full sized SUV. I currently get 20 to 22 highway miles and 17 to 19 in the city. The third row seating has a enough room for smaller children. The second and third row fold down very easily. With a pull of a lever. The second row can be switched in to captain's seats. By making the center seat collapses and slides into the base of the center console. The cold weather package is very expensive. It has heating pads that are places all throughout the cars engine bay. The cold weather package is activated by a plug that can be plugged into a wall by using a extension cord.

- James W

Toyota highlander runs smooth long life perfect performance and space.

I purchased this vehicle second hand from a person who took pretty good care of it. When I received the vehicle it had 200, 000 miles on it. I was informed that the engine was redone at 160, 000 miles there for we had a 40, 000 mile engine. Performance is very well. Space for my family is perfect. Not to much maintenance needed. Very sturdy and easy to fix this year and make on your own instead of taking it to a shop to pay triple the price in repairs and parts. No complaints being this is a second hand car I assumed and was prepared for a worse experience and ended up being amazed by the life on the vehicle there is still left on it.

- Lindsey K

Why I like the Toyota highlander.

I love the size of the Toyota highlander; it is big enough that I feel safe, yet not so big that it is too bulky or unwieldy to drive/park. I have found the Toyota SUV to be extremely reliable; beyond routine maintenance (including brake pads, oil changes, etc. ), the only item that had to be repaired/replaced was the gas cap. I have a bad back, and the seats are extremely comfortable and support my lower back. The SUV is very roomy, and the back seats fold down easily so that larger items can be stored. There is also a screen that stretches over the back "trunk" area of the vehicle, obscuring its contents to the outside passerby.

- Heather S

I like the large windows so I can see out all around really well.

I got this used car for a very good price. The gas mileage is not great but good on long driving trips. My mechanic has a good supply of stock parts so he does not have to wait and order them. My mechanic does a great job in maintenance and upkeep and repair, at a good cost. What I like the most is being able to see well out of the big windows without the car obstructing the view. Not good is the heater knob and heater going out x 2 since I have had the car, then I needed a new heater, not cheap. I like the way it handles.

- Mary L


Nice large windows to see surrounding traffic. Roomy. Lost of cup holders 6 in second row. 2 in third row. Has actual radio and a/c control. Lends itself to easy of use and no need to take eye off the road. Handy controls in steering wheel. Window up/down works with key from the outside, would even better if it did the same for passenger window. Could use separate a/c control for second row. Could be more quieter on the road. o/d gear ratio is useful.

- David K

The doors will not lock and an alarm will go off unless they are all closed.

The car is a 2004 model, so it is a bit old. I do not like how the radio is incredibly old; I have been thinking about getting a different radio soon. The tires a flat and need air all the time, but that is not due to the car. The ac goes in and out, and the heat sometimes goes out too. however, the most important part, is that the engine is wonderful and it runs perfectly. I like how it runs and I feel safe when I drive it.

- Catherine H

It's best to get bigger issues like a timing belt or bigger maintenance at the dealership

I absolutely love my Toyota Highlander. We bought our 2004 Highlander in December of 2009. I owned a Toyota Camry before we traded it in to get a bigger car. Toyota is the best low maintenance car. They drive for over 200,000 miles and all you have to do is take in for regularly scheduled maintenance. Keep the oil changed every 7500 miles and whatever else the manual suggests you do. You will have the car forever!

- Valerie C

Perfect design for a busy family.

My Toyota highlander has had no problems, it has performed well, being used by me, my husband and 2 children throughout the years. It is very comfortable with adjustable electric seat and an arm rest. I especially like that it rides higher than a car, holds many items when we travel and we have in the past used the third seat for carrying extra school children when I carpool.

- Debbie A

Good, reliable all-around vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Regular oil change maintenance required but not much else. Has over 200k miles and runs well. Cabin is spacious in both front and middle seats. Trunk has almost more than enough room. Replaced ac system one time and tends to have minor recurring issues with temperature control, especially heat. Most of the temperature control dial is cold.

- Er C

It is a very reliable car and fun to drive.

I really like that it is four wheel drive, has a good amount of trunk space, and is way roomier than our civic! The only thing that I dislike is that the two seats that can pop up in the back can only accommodate small children or a very short adult. But what I like most is that it is mostly mine (instead of sharing the car with my husband)!.

- Chelsea B

Love my highlander for too many reasons to count!

Top of the line vehicle when it was new. Has held up super well. Living in northwest pa is not easy on any vehicle but this has zero rust and absolutely no mechanical issues at all. Change the oil regularly but new tires every couple of years and you are all set! 166, 000 miles and still a dream to drive! I love this SUV!

- Dianne M

I am so happy with my Toyota highlander I would purchase another if necessary.

The performance of my Toyota highlander is consistently reliable and exceptionally comfortable. While I hand to replace the air conditioner in the early years, I have only had to complete normal maintenance in the attempt. One problem I have since purchase is the transmission; it has a mild jerk during bad weather.

- Kimberly M

V6 Engine design challenging for Spark Plug changes

This vehicle has been very reliable and held up well. It is currently starting to give a few minor issues, but it has over 300K miles and is 14 years old. It is a very dependable vehicle. Changing spark plugs is a chore since Toyota designed the V6 with three cylinders hidden away under the intake manifold.

- Dane B

Consumer 2004 Toyota highlander review.

It is not good on gas, ; however, it takes regular gas. It is good in the winter and has a button you can push if the road conditions are poor. The seats are comfortable as we have been on many road trips. It has a big back seats which can been folded down so you can buy big things and bring them home.

- Pat S

Truck space is extremely limited once the third row is up.

It is a good for terrain, reliability, and comfort. It's good on space when the third row is down but once you put the third row up you completely lose out on truck space which is hard as a family of 6. It can fit 5 car seats comfortably as well however it does not have top tethers in the third row

- Satava o

It is a great vehicle for the winter and in general.

The Toyota highlander is a very reliable and safe car. It is best during the winter months as the tires are great for the snow. It does slide easily due to it not being a very heavy vehicle. It also has a large cabin to haul stuff around and gets decent gas mileage. It is a comfortable car as well.

- Hannah F

Toyota highlander is a very good and reliable vehicle.

I have not had any major issues with my vehicle. I have mostly had the normal maintenance. I have a window in which the motor is going out for the power window. I have had to replace a few things but nothing major. I keep up with regular maintenance so she has held up for a very long time.

- Tracy C

My favorite and best ride.

4 cylinder SUV, great gas efficiency with great space. Maintenance is cheap due to low cost parts. Bought at 119k miles and now at 194k and still drives like new. This is the car I used to work 53 miles from home. Maneuvering on the interstate roads explains how sturdy the car is built.

- Emma D

The silver color makes it easy to find in a crowded area.

The car has comfortable seats to relax in during long drives across the towns and states. While it can drive a good mileage, it is not trustworthy for longer drives. The radio also has good reception in most areas, however, it starts to receive static when driving on the highway.

- Howie Y

Reliable highlander that is easy to maintain.

My highlander is extremely reliable. I only take it for oil changes and smog checks. My car runs smoothly and great, I rarely have an issue with performance. I really love my car because it is so easy to maintain and it is dependable and reliable to get me safely around town.

- A P

We really like this car. Everything we need.

I love that it is compact and quick, yet big enough for storage and 3rd row seats. Sometimes I wish it was slightly bigger or the back window could roll down. Better 4wd controls would be nice as well. Overall it runs amazing and is very reliable. It has everything we need!

- Scott L

Toyota is an excellent car brand.

Toyota has always been a reliable car brand. Besides the usual wear & tear, never had a problem with the car. Always made sure to take car in when the maintenance was due. The only problem so far with the highlander, is that the driver's side window sometimes get stuck.

- Diana C

Just that it has been a great vehicle with very little problems.

Really haven't had much with this vehicle. Love it. It drives good and I've put a lot of miles on it since I bought it brand new. The only thing is new tires, rotating them. Frequent oil changes and all and one new heater to replace. But all in all best vehicle ever.

- Becky W

Fourteen and going strong!

So far I have had no major repair issues with my 2004 Toyota highlander. I have had a few minor issues which is not unreasonable due to the age of this vehicle. For an SUV the ride is very comfortable and it gets fairly good gas mileage in city and on highway.

- Roma R

This car is very reliable and is great in the winter.

My car is very reliable for the in all weather especially in the snow. A set back would be it is fairly lightweight so it will slide on ice fairly easy. There is a lot of space to transport stuff and is good if you have kids. It is a very low maintenance car.

- Hannah F

Reliable for years, basic model.

Very reliable, had almost 200, 000 miles and still going strong with normal maintenance. Cloth seats are difficult to keep clean. It is comfortable and fits 2 car seats easily. It has basic features - automatic locks, manual seat adjustments, cruise control.

- Alexa H

Family friendly vehicle that has made its way across the country and still running with almost 200,000 miles on it. Perfect for traveling, moving, activities etc

I have almost 200,000 miles on my vehicle and I am just now experiencing issues with needing a new battery. I have not had any horrible issues ever since getting the car in January 2005. It has also been taken care of very well so this has prevented issues.

- anna k

Toyota as your first time buyers car.

The car is very reliable and have had no problems. As long as you keep getting the required maintenance done, you will have no problems. My first Toyota car lasted me 13 years and over 334, 000 miles. Highly recommend Toyota as a first time buyer's care.

- Diana C

It has been driven nearly 200,000 miles!

I like the car because I've driven it for 14 years and nearly 200,000 miles. It has never needed a major repair. It has driven me through countless snow storms and it has never gotten stuck. I hope my next Highlander is just as dependable.

- Rob O

That it is extremely durable, that no matter how poorly I take care of it, it runs very well.

It is durable, and has lasted over 14 years with me. Never stalled, never gave me issues. I use it on the freeway, surface streets, rough terrain - you name it, it's been on it. There's enough room for everyone as well as luggage and whatnot.

- Lissa a

It is a spacious and reliable vehicle that will hold up extremely well over the years.

We have owned my vehicle for around 8 years. It has held up extremely well given how old it is. Because I live in a cold climate, I like how reliable it is in the snow. I like how big it is; I always have room for everything I need.

- Macy M

Reliable Highlander Can be fun to Drive

It performs reasonably well even during icy or snowy conditions. It is fairly economical for gas usage. Rarely needed repairs, perhaps just one major repair every 2 years since the owner has it regularly inspected and maintained.

- Chinyere A

Toyota Highlander is one of the car out there.

Toyota Highlander is very good. It doesn't give you lots of issues. As long as you do maintenance on it when it's required. You are good to go. It's very spacious. Even the 2004 doesn't have a lot of technology, I still love it.

- Rose F

It is an excellent family car. A great alternative to the usual mini-van.

It's a very versatile car, which is the main reason I love it. It's big enough to transport larger items and to comfortably fit multiple passengers, but small enough that it's easy to drive and doesn't require a ton of gas.

- Mary H

Toyota Highlanders are reliable, attractive, useful vehicles!!

I love that my highlander is just 2 rows of seating. i bought it used because I wanted a somewhat larger vehicle but with only 2 rows of seating. It has served me well. I haven't had to do a lot of repair work on it.

- Jackie E

It runs well but it has electrical problems that seem to follow it from year to year. This is the second one I have owned with almost the exact same problems.

I love the size and that it fits my family well. I don't like that the windows no longer work well. I don't like that the sunroof broke and is very expensive to fix. I like having a third row seat.

- Anna C

Good car that is reliable and efficient.

I like that I could afford to purchase it with no huge loan. I am short, so I like being able to see well from the vehicle. The only dislike is I wish there were more hidden storage available.

- Lori R

Dependability. It has never broken down, I travel to the mountains often and am not concerned when I have gone off road 10-15 miles

I like the Highlander. It has never broken down. Repairs have been minimal for a 14 year old car. I don't like the fact that seatbelts do not retract fully at times and get caught in the door

- Jon K

It has been very reliable for me.

Though more than 10 years old I still enjoy driving my car. I enjoy the handling and sound system. My only regret is that I didn't get the AWD model which would be better for towing my boat.

- Charles m

Toyota highlander, great vehicle.

No problems. Very reliable. Ac, rear defrost, rear wiper, rear spoiler which adds to the great look(, some do not have it)tinted windows, chrome spoke wheels. A truly beautiful vehicle.

- Michael H

It has stood the test of time and various elements of the interior's design feature things that you can't always find in other vehicles.

The Toyota Highlander is a comfortable and sturdy vehicle with plenty of seating and storage space. It can handle tough winter weather and is also an aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

- Andrea L

It has plenty of space to store items, without being to large of a vehicle.

My vehicle is trustworthy. It has been in my family for 10+ years and has gotten us to many destinations. It is getting older and has had more maintenance problems in recent years.

- Megan K

It's dependable and great on fuel mileage. It's comfortable to drive and ride

I love the style, color and ease of driving my Highlander. It's great on gas and has plenty of room. I don't like that it doesn't have navi, backup camera and a temperature gauge.

- Susan H

DEPENDABILITY is key but beware of the things which fall about quickly.

Dependability is first like. Dislike is the amount of things which have broken quickly within the first year and the horrible service given at the Toyota dealerships in Arizona.

- Daniel F

Reliable, good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. Radiator blew and had to be replaced. Reliable besides routine maintenance. Almost 200, 000 miles and still going strong. Cloth seats do not come clean easily.

- Alexa H

Its a vehicle you can really on and drives well.

It's a very comfortable and reliable, gas performance could be better but overall I am satisfied with the SUV. Great in the snow the traction control keeps the vehicle stable.

- Tammy M

Built to last. Good combination of price performance and reliability.

I like the quality, reliability and performance. It was not very expensive to purchase and has been easy to maintain. I wish it got better gas mileage, it gets about 19 mpg.

- Bill V

Versatile all around vehicle

I have never had a problem with this car. It's big enough to carry a load but small enough to navigate easily in traffic. It performs very well in hazardous road conditions.

- Margaret H

That it is smooth and is a great drive.

I like how smooth of a ride it is. I like that I have a ton of space in the trunk or flip up seats to accommodate more people. I dislike that there are no automatic locks.

- Hannah C

It's extremely reliable and the perfect middle ground for every need.

I love everything about it. It would be nice to have more room, the luxury model with nicer interior, or the ability to manually switch to 4WD. Otherwise it's great.

- Scott G

This vehicle is so reliable and durable, it has plenty of room for a family of 5. I've use the 3rd row for traveling around town with extra family members.

I love my vehicle haven't really had any mechanical issues with my SUV and when the mileage is too high on his one or if it just dies I will purchase another one.

- Sandy V

The amazing Toyota highlander

It has 200,000 miles on it and still works perfectly. It's the perfect size to load a lot of things in it yet not be to big. I'll be so sad the day it dies.

- Sophia P

Exceptionally good on gas with usual mileage.

Highlander is great on gas. Have no problems, wiper blades replaced once every 2-3 years from usual wear and maintenance always performed by Toyota dealers.

- Diana C

Reliable with low maintenance costs. Handles well for a larger vehicle.

Reliable and serviceable. Easy to maintain. The gas mileage isn't great and it's older. I like it enough to consider a newer model of the same vehicle.

- Sarah S

They should know that my truck comes with a emergency assistance active kit.

I like that my Toyota Highlander is a 4WD. I also like the fact that It's not to bad on gas,being a 6 cylinder. I don't like that I don't have a sunroof .

- Natasha C

Most reliable and best performance SUV on the market.

The Toyota brand is by far the most reliable brand of cars. I have never had any major issues with my car. After 14 years it still looks and runs great.

- diana w

I have loved owning this car and would recommend this car to anyone looking.

Safe and reliable car that comfortably fits four adults with tons of extra room. The car also has great safety features that help during winter weather.

- Meghan L

High dependability for the price.

Smooth ride, great safety and all wheel drive with sporty performance. Very low maintenance and excellent value. Seats 7 people with decent gas mileage.

- April D

Provides a lot of space with fold down back seats and ample cargo room.

The highlander provides a comfortable ride with great handling. The inside space is quite sufficient with fold down back seats and a roomy cargo area.

- Tiffany N

Dependable and always looks good.

Highlander is wonderful. It has only needed regular maintenance no problems. Always ready to go lots of room for cargo and people. Love it so much

- Linda m

It is great that the third row can go down for more space in the back or seat can go up to hold more people.

I love how I can put up or down my third row seating. It takes a lot of gas not that great on mileage. It is very spacious it can hold 8 people!

- Amanda F

It holds a lot of stuff and it is easy to drive to places.

I like my car because it is dependable. It has a great turn radius for a small SUV. It was affordably priced when we bought it used in 2010.

- Becca C

I like the Dependability of it. I have regular service by the dealership and have never had a problem with it.

It is very dependable and comfortable to get in and out of. I like being a little higher in a vehicle. It easy for me to get it serviced.

- Jo L

The Highlander is very spacious.

The Highlander is a great vehicle. The 3.3L engine has enough power to get you where you need to go. The interior is comfortable as well.

- Bruce B

If you get a chance to buy a Toyota Highlander and you're in the market for a car, do it!

I love that my vehicle is an older model and very reliable. I bought it used three years ago and have had no problems with it at all!

- amanda m

That it is a Toyota and that it is a nice vehicle to drive.

I like the way it handles, it drives nice, it is solid, and reliable. Complaints, windows do not work except for driver side.

- Elaine E

Its dependable easy to drive small SUV 7 passenger vehicle good on gas.

None love the vehicle drives nice gas mileage great convenient. Toyota is a good make of car dependable does good in all weather.

- Helen L

It is a great family vehicle that is reliable and roomy.

I love the size. I however don't like how shaky the car is when I drive it (like the axles) and the gas mileage isn't the best.

- Mckenzie V

It is a very reliable car and has not had any trouble.

We've had our car for 14 years and it has been very reliable, it is a comfortable car and rides well and has no major repairs.

- Judy C

Reliable Car after all these years

It is an older car but has had no problems and runs well. The knob to the thermostat doesn't work very well anymore though.

- Shelly C

Its luxurious and very safe it seems like compared to others

I love my Toyota Highlander! It drives smoothly and sits high. Its fully loaded and has leather seats and 3 rows of seats.

- Jasmine S

Smooth ride and reliable. Lots of pep.

Very reliable & comfortable. Very few mechanical issues. Very smooth ride with a lot of extra seating and storage space.

- Michele P

Toyota Highlander a great all encompassing vehicle

Reliable, all wheel drive great in snow. Comfortable. Easy to drive. Can fit 7 passengers. Great for camping, skiing.

- Ray J

It's reliable and if it need routine maintenance or repairs, finding an authorized repair center is really easy.

It's a old but reliable vehicle. It needs routine maintenance like any other car, but its a vehicle I can depend on.

- Isabel L

It has medium gas mileage which may be a negative to some.

I love the Toyota Highlander. It has a smooth drive, low maintenance and in general a safe driving automobile.

- Jackie T

That is it reliable! My car currently has 240,000 miles on it!

I love my Toyota Highlander for the space it has, the dependability to offers, and the ride of the vehicle.

- Theresa J

The car feels really safe, it handles well. It is very comfortable.

I do not like the cloth seats. I love the size. The way it handles. I wish that my SUV got better mileage.

- Renee C

Stereo is good, no heat or air in back seats.

I love the size of the SUV. I love how it rides. I do not like seat warmers. I do not like the sunroof.

- Jessica M

Not fancy but perfect for me.

Drives soundly. Comfortable. Lots of room for trips and towing or moving. Decent on gas. Easy to park.

- Amy T

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have had it for about 14 years and have put 265k miles on it

Maintain it and it will run forever. I have had my periodical maintenance but avoided other problems.

- Clyde C

The Highlander is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle.

This car is very reliable and I have rarely had problems when it comes to performance and durability.

- Walter C

That it is very good on gas.

I love that it has enough room. It is very good on gas. It is the color I wanted and it has style.

- Tylee D

Very reliable, trustworthy, safety, good cargo space

Incredible reliability. Feel safe in car. Jut routine maintenance and normAL ROUTINE UPKEEP.

- Janice P

I love my toyota. Its has been the best car I have ever owned. No dislikes

It is dependable and reliable. I have never had to do anything but regular maintenance.

- Lynn h

There has been a history of oil drying up inside the oil pan on these models.

It clean, no engine problems, and has low mileage. However it has poor gas mileage.

- Mark L

engine rebuilt new gaskets in it and only has a 132,000 miles on it

It is very roomy comfortable to drive good on gas mileage just getting old

- Amin M

Good on gas and safe. Great driving miles. I am able to fit the whole family.

Runs good good on gas. Fits the whole family. I would recommend to friends.

- Steve D

this car is very easy on gas

roomy and easy on gas easy to park, easy to load my groceries in back.

- LaVonne S

It gets pretty good gas mileage. Not bad at all I would recommend it

I like everything about Toyota. It is a great SUV .i love Iit

- misty b

The car is very reliable and is a great car that will last you for a very long time

Very reliable, roomy, and great for commuting. No complaints

- Shane C

It's a reliable car. It has good gas mileage and low mileage. It's roomy for 4.

It's reliable. Rarely have I had a problem with my car.

- Annette E

it is roomy and run smooth

i have no comment and complaints about my current car

- mai d

Very reliable and comfortable. Drives very smooth and easily. Great performance and perfect size. Feels very safe.

Perfect size, drives great, very smooth and easily.

- Katherine M