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Safe, comfortable, safe family vehicle

I love my Highlander. When it eventually dies, I plan to buy another one. It is a perfect size for my family at its current size (2 adults, 2 kids in car seats), through the middle seat between the 2 car seats will only fit a small person. It has the clips for the car seats to make installation a breeze. It is a 2005, so it could use some technology updates that are offered with newer versions, but perfectly functional as is. It has a 1-disc CD player and a tape deck. We use a converter to connect tape deck to our smartphones. The front bucket seats and the main row are very comfortable. The fold-in 3rd row is quite tight, but we have fit 2 adults in seat belts back there for a drive across town a couple times. With the 3rd row down (more typical for us), there is plenty of space for luggage or groceries or hauling everyday things. My only complaints are fairly minor. One is that the AC belt wears out every 2-3 years and needs to be replaced. My vehicle stability control light will not go away for more than 5 minutes despite it being shut off by a couple mechanics. My Highlander is at 298,500 miles and still running strong. I highly recommend to anyone who asks.

- Kristen P

I would recommend a Toyota highlander to anyone looking to buy a SUV.

Very reliable and only small repairs have been needed. It has 210000 miles and it still has a lot of pep and is nice to drive. I really like the third row option that my highlander has. I drive it every day and it has been a great car overall. I would definitely buy another one. The only thing I would change is the plain interior design and get leather seats. Of all the vehicles I've owned over the years this one has needed less work and maintenance overall. My passenger side window motor quit working and the middle seat belt needs replaced, it does have a small oil leak but as long as the regular maintenance is kept up I believe a highlander is a good car.

- Angela L

Older car still runs great- good value vehicle.

My car is over 10 years old and it is doing great. Of course there has been some wear and tear here and there, nothing major though. I did regular maintenance on the car, tire rotations and replacement, oil changes, breaks, etc. And it is still running great. One down side of the car, mostly because it is older, is it does not have an AUX port to plug your phone in and is not Bluetooth capable. Newer versions do have that feature. I have cloth seats which are very comfortable and they do not get too hot or cold. It is pretty spacious, and the hatchback is great! I live in an area that gets a good amount of snow and it handles well in the snow.

- Kelly M

Why I love my Highlander!

Very reliable, low maintenance, & good mileage. There is plenty space for outdoor equipment, such as camping gear. & rack on top for luggage or hauling kayaks. There an extra row of seating. So 7 passengers can fit. Great family vehicle. It is also All wheel drive for off road driving & drives well in snow & all weather conditions. It is V6 engine great power to pull trailer too. The back seats fold down for more space if needed. Easy to clean cloth interior. Cruise control. No problems with vehicle, runs smooth & great for vacation road trips.

- Wendy K

Good and reliable Toyota Highlander with an engine still on fire.

My Toyota Highlander is about 14 years old. I must say aircon works really well. It takes me to places. And it's able to handle far and long drives. Everything is in good shape. Oil change and safety check is up to date. It's nice and roomy car. Able to fit at least 10 people in your car. Really comfortable drive and space. Easy to manage and drive. But the engine is getting old. She needs to be replaced and ASAP. Engine starting to smell like it's burning. Sometimes you can smell it through your car. But over all performance wise is on point and still strong.

- Kenneth O

Reliable and comfortable Toyota Highlander

My 2005 Toyota Highlander is a great car. I believe it is very reliable, I've never had a flat tire or any serious maintenance issues. Being an older male, I have had a few issues with the wheel locking while trying to turn my key into the ignition, but it is an easy fix. I do go through gas fairly quickly if I'm driving on highways or interstates. Heated seats and four wheel drive really helps in winters! I strongly believe Toyota Highlanders are very comfortable and reliable cars, I have had mine for 5 years and I have no plans on finding a new vehicle

- Olivia P

Very good brakes, some button problems, but overall a very spacious car.

My car has really good brakes and accelerator. A problem I have with this car is the power steering fluid leaks. Every once in a while I have to refill the power steering fluid under that hood, but it is not too difficult. Also, over time, some of the radio buttons do not work. However, I can still control the radio from the steering wheel buttons, which is really convenient while you are driving with your hands on the wheel. Something I really enjoy about this car is that it has a lot of room. There are a total of 8 seats and 3 rows of seats.

- Bailie G

Great Quality... Good Price.

Good riding car, no real problems in the car, the cloths seat make for easy comfort and the trunk base allows for multiple carrying options. The base model has everything that we need and enough electronics to keep you busy and not expensive if they break. Since we have had the car, the only thing we had to replace was wipers and tires. Soon will be breaks but has good gas mileage for mid size SUV. Back seat has plenty of room for both kids and some. Don't have to worry about them kicking the seat when someone seats up front.

- Stephanie W

Good vehicle for 18 years old.

I have issues with my temperature gauge. The blower will not continuously blow out hot/cold air. The air temperature changes when the dial is not moved. When I have the dial on heat it will randomly start blowing out cold air and vice versa. I have had the issue fixed before but the fix only lasts for a period of time. The vehicle is comfortable to ride in and I have not had any major performance issues. I have just had normal parts to replace like tires and brakes other than the temperature gauge.

- Stephanie A

2005 Toyota highlander, very dependable vehicle.

Very reliable car, minimum problems. Still looks great except the tire rims are rusted. Tire sensor has been since very early on even though the tires are inflated correctly, I was told its a bad sensor. Paint job looks great. Starting to get chips in the hood due to rocks hitting hood while driving. Burns a lot of oil, but does not leak oil. Interior material is holding up good. The heat knob is a little sensitive as to where it will blow heat.

- Mary Z

Reliable SUV and family vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

My Toyota highlander is great on gas. It is a very spacious vehicle. It is a very safe and reliable vehicle. I have no mechanical problems with my vehicle. The trunk space is very spacious. The seats are very comfortable and overall the car is very spacious and good for families. It is a good vehicle for long distance drives. This vehicle gives me no problems. The repairs on the vehicle come at a very good price range. Overall great vehicle.

- Chantal T

This car is an ideal car anyone.

This is the best car. It is extremely safe and also very reliable. I have counted on this car for over 10 years and it is still kicking. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a spacious vehicle that has the ability to not only travel long distance but has the ability to travel long distance in hazardous weather conditions. This car includes a weather safety button that allows for better traction in conditions such as ice and snow.

- Kate F

Great car but terrible visibility.

It drives great and has room for everything, even in the trunk. However, the visibility on it is TERRIBLE. You can't see when backing out because the sides near the back window are too bulky. A lot of the tech in it also breaks easily but the actual car is great for anyone: a single person, someone with a family, male or female. Mine is also older, it is a 2005 so I'm sure Toyota has improved the tech since then.

- Bridget R

Toyotas are reliable, great family cars.

I always feel safe when I drive Toyota’s. They are comfortable and reliable. My highlander is easy to navigate and easy to park. The fix engine light and tire pressure lights are constantly on even though there are no issues. My air conditioning went out which was expensive to repair. I love the one push automatic window so I do not have to hold it down. I will definitely purchase Toyota for my next car.

- Lauren S

It is very reliable and holds Its resale value for a long time.

I like that even though it is old, it still works very well and holds Its value. I don't like that it doesn't have an auxiliary input or Bluetooth, but I think it was manufactured a couple years before those things became standard. I like that It's roomy enough for the whole family and all our gear, and it tells me approximately how many miles remain on each tank of gas.

- Lauren H

Great SUV for us. In addition to previous remarks we can haul things around.

It sits on a Lexus frame. It rides like a dream. Very low maintenance costs as long as we take back to the dealer as scheduled. We can hall our tracker boat around with no problem. Seating is very comfortable. We take the grandkids and/or the dogs around with no problems. Only negative is we would like some of the more up-to-date features that come with the 2019 model.

- Ken W

It's a excellent mid size car. It is roomy, yet not so large that you will have difficulty driving it

My vehicle is the perfect size for me. I like that it's not a smaller car that is lower to the ground, those make me uncomfortable. It's very spacious, but also not too large, it's never difficult to park or drive in. I really just need a car for the most basic features of getting me from point A to point B so I'm happy the car runs well, I haven't had issues with it.

- Alex G

My 2005 highlander, (Fiona) has some years on her but drives like brand new!

No problems except for a slight transmission issue occasionally, but I bought used with no other issues. Performance is great and I can count on it being very reliable. I do like the comfort a lot but on long trips the driver seat can get a little hard. The features are pretty good although I do miss having a USB port, but this is due to the year of my vehicle.

- Pamela N

Toyota Highlander 2005 still doing its job

The highlander is a good vehicle. We got it used but it runs well and was well taken care of. I love the leather seats that are heated in the winter and the sunroof for the summer. Having a JBL sound system and a tape deck are an added plus! We had to recently replace the rear brakes but it was easy and not too expensive. Easy car to maintain and fun to drive.

- Allison J

I would recommend Toyota highlander to anyone looking for a reliable car.

I have very little problems with this car. It is old and the only problems have been age-related i.e. catalytic converter wore out, new battery, alignment, etc. The car always starts in cold weather, gets good gas mileage, and is easy to drive. I have taken it on long trips and used it for city driving. I always make sure to get oil changes every 4000 miles.

- Ann W

She gets me where I need to go

I bought my car used when it was 11 years old. I've had it for 2 years now and it really is a trooper. I'm over 200k miles and it still runs nicely. I've had to replace the power steering hose and the paint chips a little but I still love it. It gets me where I need to go and I don't worry about anything. As long as I take care of her, she takes care of me.

- Caity H

reliable investment, secure for when a spouse drives, no worries

My vehicle was purchased from a friend, obtained at 13K miles, currently have 165K miles, no major problems, maintain regular maintenance, first 8 years through dealership, later going through a private, garage, do lots of proactive work, usual maintenance consistent. mechanic, easily have 50K miles, car in reliable excellent shape

- clifford y

Great Smooth Riding & Reliable Vehicle

My Highlander is reliable and great in the winter. Have no problems navigating through snow and has great traction on ice. However, I have had quite a bit of electrical issues w/it. Had to replace, 2 window regulators and locks. Had CD player, sunroof, and wiper arm repaired. My heat and radio control knobs also need repairing.

- Tanya C

Love my Toyota highlander.

I love my car everything about it. The only problem I have with it is when the front windows are rolled up if you crack the back windows it creates this awful suctions booming noise. Otherwise I love my Toyota. It's a comfortable ride for the whole family. We all enjoy it and my 3 kids fit comfortably in the back seat as well.

- Abbey B

Reliable and dependable for a long time if the car is also taken care of.

My Highlander has been dependable and reliable. It's more than 13 years old and still runs great. Only the air conditioning dial has problems now where twiddling with it may cause the A/C to turn to heat and vice versa, but turning it reverts it back to the proper settings. But, otherwise, everything else is great.

- Mindrey S

The perfect family vehicle.

I love my Highlander. It's perfect for a family of 4. The back seats fold down so you can also haul things. The front seats are very comfortable and long distance driving is made easy with the comfort of this vehicle This car also comes with a roof rack, if you need extra room for travel you can also use the roof.

- Amanda S

I live how dependable and comfortable my car is.

It is dependable with no major repairs it has great sidelines and is very comfortable. It has a third seat which I used often when my children were school age and now I use the extra back area for hauling my groceries and other supplies. I have used it to camp and on many vacations because it is very roomy.

- Deb A

I like the back seat room and the space behind it.

My highlander is a comfortable driving car, however, I think I would prefer a little more pep which I suppose is due to the v6 since I had a v8 for 10 years but it was a Jeep Cherokee. I also would prefer a 4 wheel drive which it does not have. But overall it is a good car and better on gas without the v8.

- Mary D

highlight of the car is you can turn the heat on for the people in the back

My car is reliable and comfort great for a family. My car performance is awesome I haven't had any problems since I bought it 4 years ago. This is an amazing car you should go get you one. The comfort of the car is amazing I thought SUV were to big at first but I feel safe in my car while I am driving.

- Victoria F

It is a very dependable vehicle and runs and drives great.

I like my Toyota Highlander because it drives and rides great and is very dependable. I also love the sunroof. I only wish I had a newer model so that I would have more up to date extras and accessories, such as media chargers, bluetooth, etc. Overall I love my Highlander and would highly recommend.

- Susie L

A boring however strong car

The car inside is so basic. There aren't any special about the design. The heating and cooling control is manual. The chairs are made from fabric. The only good thing about my car is that it has third row seat which I can set it up when I want. The engine of my Toyota highlander is prey strong.

- Hanh N

Best car I have ever owned.

No problems so far. Does not have all the bells a n d whistles, however, this vehicle starts every time, is extremely comfortable. It has plenty of storage, gets decent gas mileage. This is a very safe vehicle. Small enough to be able to maneuver but large enough to seat five people comfortable.

- Joan S

2005 V6 Toyota Highlander Runs Forever!

The 2005 V6 3.3L Toyota Highlander is a very reliable vehicle. Have had very few issues over the 12 years I have owned it. It has over 190k miles and still runs fine. Only problem that needs repair is a leaking A/C line. If you do regular oil changes and maintenance Toyota's will last forever!

- Matthew I

An oldie but a goodie... keeps on ticking!

This vehicle has every bell and whistle that was available on it at the time of purchase in 2005. Everything still works perfectly. It's a an attractive, very comfortable car that I thoroughly enjoy driving. The gas mileage is excellent. It handles beautifully, I prefer it to the newer car.

- Lou S

That it is still dependable even after being 13 years old!

I believe that my vehicle is dependable. I like it because it can seat seven people giving me plenty of room for my children and their friends. It is also very easy for me to put the back two rows of seats down making extra room when I need to transport large items, or go grocery shopping.

- Kari M

It is very spacious and the back seats can be folded down for lots of storage.

I love the interior of my highlander. It has really nice leather seats and a great stereo system. I think the 2005 model is one of the most attractive models of the highlander and mine is a really nice dark red. I have been driving her since I was 16 and it is a really great starter car.

- Meagan H

Toyota highlander is a great car.

It is a great car that can run for miles and miles. Rarely have problems with it. Interior is nice and big. Great with high mileage as long as you take care of it. One problem is the ac has been making loud noise for awhile and not sure the cause or reason but works majority of the time.

- Noah S

My highlander is dependable and holds memories of multiple family adventures.

Current problem is when Highlander is idling the engine stutters. The battery has been replaced and is in good condition. The ride is smooth. Highlander is reliable for my 35 minute drive to and from work. Would like to get a newer version but do not like the style of the current style.

- Amanda R

Old but reliable Toyota vehicle.

It is old so has some issues, some cosmetic damages too. Otherwise very dependable. Never does not start, though the battery logo turns on more often now. Makes some loud noises that I do not like but I like the car itself. Defrost on the car is a life-saver. Wish the car was black.

- Caroline E

Very reliable car with plenty of space

Handles well, very reliable. doesn't have iPhone connection but can use cigarette lighter for adapter. Can pull very heavy loads, and fits a lot inside as well. Could be more comfortable, long drives can be difficult but are definitely doable. I wish it were a bit more gas efficient

- Chloe B

Great family vehicle for smooth ride and travel.

Love my highlander rides smooth, has room for 7 people, has room to carry boxes or suitcases, sits up high so I can see the road well, gas efficient, stylish body and needs little maintenance, I get free oil changes and great on tires, my family can all ride comfortably and safely.

- Mary M

The shape of the car and the fabric seats.

The car runs okay. Sometimes the vehicle shakes when it goes above 80 miles per hour. It has had a lot of problems with the breaks always giving out when stopping suddenly. We've had to fix/replace the breaks twice because of it. This car does not need support weight well either.

- Abigail R

One of the best purchases I have ever made.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable. It is also very comfortable and roomy. Other than it is expensive to service my Highlander at the dealership, I have no complaints. I am very pleased with it and plan to keep even if I buy another vehicle. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Toni G

Very reliable and comfortable vehicle

My cars AC does not work and sometimes the steering wheel shakes when I brake. Very comfortable ride with good acceleration and gas mileage. Not too big but definitely not too small with lots of storage and cargo space. Currently has almost 200k miles and still drives great

- Alexandra F

Toyota highlander is a real workhorse!

This vehicle is roomy and easy to drive. It is really a workhorse, and, with 160,000 miles in it, has been super dependable. We do not use the third row seating very often but it comes in handy now and then. Gas mileage (about 23 mpg) is good for the size of the vehicle.

- Mary L

Comfortable, reliable, Toyota Highlander

Great gas mileage for an SUV. 3 row seats are a lifesaver. I did have to replace the motor at 180k miles. Handles well. I was able to pull a pontoon boat behind it for many years. Its comfortable roomie, except in the 3rd row seat. Only small people will not back there.

- Cass B

Like that is it is like an SUV. Big enough to feel safe and small enough to park.

I feel safe driving this car. No major issues. Toyota holds their value pretty well. Would recommend getting a Toyota. Even being 14 years old there has not been any major repairs that had to be performed. Just basic oil changes, brakes, tires and just maintenance items.

- Kim F

Reliable and have a longevity to them. Have lasted well over 10 years.

It's been a very reliable car. When I am ready to buy will definitely look at a Highlander again. It's roomy without being too big inside. Seating is very comfortable. Toyota's really have a longevity as I have owned two of them and they have lasted well over 10 years.

- Emily E

I love my Highlander.it's a great car!

I love my Highlander. It has a third row that folds up when needed. The back holds all our supplies and groceries etc. it's comfortable and has a smooth ride. The only thing I don't like about it is the upholstery on the seats (light beige) shows stains really easily.

- Maggie M

I find it really fun to drive

My vehicle has not had any real big problems aside from my starter going out and the light in the dashboard is not working for whatever reason. I finally got it going; however, just like any vehicle it is going to have problems regardless of how you care for them.

- Daniel D

Car needs a lot of work it is a 2005 car when it a car from that year that.

I do not now what are the problems of the things I have to fix the only thing that I now it that it make a lot of noise in the bottom of the car and the radio is not good the car is good but there is a lot to be done it is a older car it always need work to be done.

- Nancy E

An interesting detail is the extra space in the back of the car.

I bought the car used but I have owned it for 3 years now. The only problem I have with the car is the passenger side of the car having electrical problems in the windows. The windows hesitate to go up and down. Sometimes they go down and do not want to go back up.

- Brittany A

Runs good but does not always look good.

The paint job on this particular year model must have been a little weak because mine and many of the ones I have seen all peal off by the side mirrors. The area is about the size of my hand on both sides. The car runs good but it does look a little bad from a far.

- Steven L

Toyota highlander: great car overall.

The highlander is great! I bought because of Toyota dependability. It is easy to drive. The third row seat is a good size with ample leg room. The only negative (because I am in the southwest) is that there are no air conditioning vents in the second and third row.

- Sandra M

Nice family size car. Over 200,000 miles & it still runs like its new.

I've had nothing go wrong, other than normal wear & tear. Such as tires, breaks, rotors etc. We have a family of 5, so like all the extra room the kids have. My only suggestion is more room in the rear. When the 3rd row seat is up, you lose a the trunk space.

- Amy S

Very reliable comfortable car.

This has been a very reliable vehicle with very few repairs. It has 140, 000 miles on it and is still running like a champ. It gets great gas mileage and is very spacious and comfortable without being too big. The back seats fold down for great hauling space.

- Amber S

Highlander's rock for hiking.

I am very pleased with my highlander. It has plenty of room for my hiking and photography gear and still have room for my passengers. They do not feel cramped and have plenty of legroom in the back seat. It has the third row seat which is awesome up or down.

- Linda C

It is very roomy and yet not too large of a vehicle.

The only problems I have had with my highlander is an internal oil and faulty alarm. I do wish it had some of the newer technology like rear view cameras and sensors to alert you. Maintenance is very costly, otherwise I been very pleased with my highlander.

- Michele G

It is reliable and cost effective and drives smoothly.

I love my vehicle because it's low to no maintenance. I take it in every 5,000 miles for oil change etc. and so far after 105,000 miles still no problems. It still rides smooth and gets great gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike and I have no complaints.

- Sharon V

I love my Toyota highlander.

My vehicle has over 250, 000 miles, so it has been extremely reliable. I would purchase this make and model again and recommend it to others. I have has no major problems with it. I like how spacious it is; lots of room for everything I would need it for.

- Kate B

Silver highlander fantastic Toyota.

Great car. Would love a new one with all the whistles. Reliable roomy looks great. Only problem was paint on hood has worn some. Gray upholstery next vehicle would prefer leather. Not stain as easy. Nice sound system. Easy to haul just about anything.

- Sharon Q

2005 Toyota highlander is a fantastic and reliable vehicle.

The performance and reliability are fantastic. I have the 4WD version which get about 17mpg which is not great but not bad either. Other than normal maintenance I have had no issues which the key to that is regular oil change and servicing.

- John A

People should know that is a very secure car to be driven by any person and in any type of roads.

I really like my vehicle because it gives me more mileage per gasoline. It has good stability in any type of road. It is spacious and comfortable in the inside. Even though it's more than 10 years old, it still has a good resale value.

- Elena H

This is a low maintenance dependable vehicle.

I like riding higher in an SUV than a sedan for visibility. This is the best most reliable vehicle I think I have ever owned. Only dislike is now that it is older there is a leak around the sunroof and some interior damage.

- Sibyl L

Light sensor won't go off. I can't detect where it comes from.

One of the maintenance light is always on and I've took to the mechanic they couldn't figure it out. The SUV run very smooth and quiet. It has an extra seat in the back. Lots of space in the back . Overall I love my suv.

- Kristy B

It's fast. A lot of people think just because it's old, they can race me but my car usually wins.

I drive a black highlander, I love how fast it goes since it's a v-6. I also love how high my seat goes up so I can see pretty much see everything. One thing I dislike is that it's older so it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Kayla S

This Highlander has an extra row of seats, which makes it great to load more people in!

Just recently purchased this vehicle. It has a lot of room, which is just what I was looking for! I opted for an older model I could afford, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done!

- Amanda G

The drivers side window does not roll up if you put to toofar down.

The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage. The ride is good. I have it 9 months and the only thing besides regular oil changes that I have had to do is back brake pads windshield wiper blades and a gas cap.

- Thomas W

The Toyota Highlander is a great all around car!

I love driving my 2005 Highlander! There are no blind spots is my favorite thing. It also handles well in the snow. It is roomy and easy to drive too. I have no complaints except I'm sad that it is getting old!

- Marilyn T

Great vehicle to fit the family!

It is a great family vehicle. Has a third row, It is able to fit 7 people in it. Third row is small, so really only children fit. But, that row folds down flat allowing for great storage space for traveling.

- Chassidy M

People should know that my car has great gas mileage.

I love the vehicle because its a 4 wheel drive so its very good during the winter and I have a sunroof.. I dislike the vehicle because the engine light comes on a lot and there's nothing wrong with the car..

- Chelsea V

If you want a spacious, affordable, and reliable car, get a Highlander.

I love my car! It looks nice, it's reliable, it's spacious and comfortable. Most, if any, mechanical problems have all been minimal and more maintenance than anything. I'd say it's been a great investment.

- Edith B

It is a reliable vehicle.

I have owned my car for 13 years and it has been a reliable vehicle. It is perfect for my needs--OK gas mileage, good handling and great for carrying things around. It is a comfortable driving car.

- Anita Y

It drives well, get good gas mileage and is comfortable.

I love my highlander, it performs well. I love the versatility of the seating if we have extra passengers. The gas mileage is fair, my one complaint is the driver's seat lumbar support has failed.

- Shannon N

The headspace/foot space ratio is absolutely perfect.

We love both the head space and the foot space as opposed to the 4Runner where your feet and head feel all squished up. Smooth ride. Great size. Great for moving small furniture. Best family car.

- Daniel M

It gets you there in any kind of weather ! Let it snow.

I live in the northwest, and we get winter weather that requires a vehicle that has good traction. The all wheel drive on this vehicle does a great job. I wish it had a bit more cargo space.

- George S

The most important thing is it is great on gas. You can travel a long time without needing to refuel. For an SUV that is a major plus.

I love how it rides even though it is 13 years old. It does not feel like I am driving an SUV because it is so light, I do however wish it had more trunk space when the third row is up.

- Jessica A

I find Toyotas to be reliable long lasting cars

Very reliable and comfortable car. The only problem I have had is with my transmission which it isn't really known what happened. The car has 100,000 miles and is still holding up great

- ryan w

Third Row Seating is a must. All Wheel Drive is definitely a plus in my area.

Car have ran great with minimal issues. Engine is running just as strong as when I got it. Main issues have been part rusting out due to the Midwest climates and salt on the road.

- Vince M

It has a great amount of room for either people or items but it still handles smoothly. I don't feel like I'm driving a big truck.

It is a red 2005 Toyota Highlander. The main reason I love this vehicle is because it sits higher up but still drives like a car. It gets ok gas mileage. It's just fun to drive.

- Parker L

It is very reliable with few repairs needed, even at its age and mileage.

Does not have built in navigation, backup camera or video entertainment system, but you really cannot expect that in a car of this age--I hope to have all three in my next SUV.

- Mark K

Feels safe and secure to drive, very impressed with the engine too.

Rides smooth, newer car with more updated perks than previous car. Smaller space for groceries, but makes for a smoother ride. Looking to upgrade here in a little bit though.

- Tony S

It is a good investment, it will not nickel and dime you and it will hold its value when you decide to resell.

I love the reliability, I live alone and need the reliability. I love that I know it will last a long time and hold it's value, I do wish it got slightly better gas mileage.

- Kathleen R

Reliable and functional and easy to fix/service.

It is sturdy, reliable, and fits all of my family. I can also put lots of stuff in the back, which is important for my family. It has 130,000 miles and is still going fine.

- Michael P

Hardworking old car. Style great needs to be updated.

Love my highlander. Great for family. Like the third row and ability to fit a lot in trunk. Only thing I dislike is it is old with outdated tech and gas mileage sucks now

- Sara M

The Toyota Highlander is an all wheel drive car. I have the benefit of 4 wheel drive without having to switch from 2 to 4 on my own.

I like it because it's an SUV with leather interior, sun roof, a/c and power everything. I dislike the low carriage clearance. I wish it had a higher carriage profile.

- Michele R

The fact that you do not need a brand new vehicle to have a reliable vehicle.

I really love my vehicle because not only does it never break down, but I only do basic maintenance on it. It's got 195,000 miles on it but still runs like brand new.

- Michael F

My car has taken me so many places that I never thought I'd go.

I have had my vehicle for 13 years. I love it. It is reliable. It sits a little higher than other cars. It gets decent gas mileage. It is big enough, but not too big.

- Megan R

The Highlander Toyota is a reliable vehicle.

I have only had regular maintenance with my Toyota Highlander. The only things I have had to replace or fix are brakes and tires. It is very reliable and runs great.

- Lynn R

It has good mileage and has been extremely reliable.

I like the size and it has good gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. I just dislike that the vehicle is now getting old and has makes some noises from the age.

- Mike W

The Toyota Highlander provides an incredibly quiet ride!

I really love the look of Highlanders, they're very sleek. My car is very comfortable, plenty of space. Great gas mileage! Toyotas are always great. No complaints.

- Jack D

Has a lot of miles but still runs smooth.

Very comfortable, has over 220, 000 miles and still runs perfectly fine. Car has a couple of dings and scratches but it has made some long road trips with ease.

- Regan B

The SUV is very dependable.

Was bought used, volume knob doesn't always work. It has a sunroof and ac. Also has two extra seats that can be folded out or put away for more trunk space.

- Ellie R

Reliable and roomy transportation!

This car is reliable. It is very roomy in the interior. It has plenty of cup holders and storage areas. It rides nicely, but more like a truck than a car.

- Ann H

13 year old car, still running great!

The Highlander is a very reliable car. My highlander is currently 13 years old. It hasn't had any major problems. Very smooth ride. Spacious. Holds value.

- Lauren L

It is very durable and dependable.

It is dependable even at Its age and mileage. Love the room and ability to haul things. Easy to drive and I like the visibility while driving.

- Vicki C

It does not require a lot of maintenance. Very reliable.

In the 13 years that we have owned this vehicle we have not had any complaints. It drives smooth and it handles great, after all these years.

- Jacque N

Censor is little weak. That is problem I have.

The vehicle is good but not excellent. Because mine is old one. But the body strength is good. And not have a lot problems didn't happened.

- Jenny K

A Toyota Highlander is a very reliable vehicle if you take proper care of it.

My vehicle has been great. I have performed routine maintenance over 13 years and I have accumulated over 200,000 miles and counting.

- Andrew M

SPACE. It is roomy and able to transport most items easily.

It is reliable, comfortable and amazing! No complaints regarding maintenance. Only problem has been thermostat which was an easy fix.

- Jean H

It has always been reliable. That is all the characters I need to summarize the one headline.

It is a great size to accommodate carrying children and home project materials. It runs well, even at 13 years old. It is reliable.

- teresa a

lovely leather interior, awesome sunroof/moonroof, great speakers

I have issues with the headlines getting really foggy, but otherwise the car is a dream. It has great features and was a great price

- Rachel Y

It takes my car a while to go fast. Sometimes when I stopped, it takes a minute to get it to a normal speed.

My car is white, and has brown cloth seats. The car still runs amazing, gets me everywhere I need to go. It is really good on gas.

- rhonda M

Why I love my Toyota highlander.

Great car. Runs great even though it is old. I have only had to perform normal maintenance. Would definitely recommend to buyers.

- Heidi N

2005 Toyota Highlander review

Reliable, good for all types of weather, three rows of seating. Recent problems include needing a new alternator after 170k miles

- Emily R

Great miles to the gal, good 4 wheel drive in winter, great space for items.

Need Bluetooth for phone. Love the room. Need spot for bar for truck when 3rd seat needs to be up. Towing pkg have 7 not 4 plug.

- Kathy B

This car is very dependable.

It is high above other vehicles, good on fuel, comfortable, easy to drive. Drawback, 4 drive doesn't have pick up on highways.

- Sheryl M

It drives smoothly and is pretty reliable. Long life

It is comfortable, reliable, drives smoothly. Has held up well over 200000 miles. Has some cosmetics issues as to be expected

- John H

decent enough if you need a dependable ride

its decent enough on gas, it's also pretty tough. does not have much of a tendency to break down if you buy it second hand.

- michael t

My car is reliable. And safe.

I like my car because its perfect size for me, there is plenty of space for groceries and other things, and its reliable.

- Stephanie R

It is reliable with fantastic gas mileage and smooth performance

My vehicle has remained in good shape for almost twenty years now. It has had only minor problems and regular services.

- Jackson T

It lasts a long time without falling apart. I have not had any mechanical problems with it.

I love my Highlander. Have not had any mechanical problems since I bought it new. It still looks good for the model.

- Linda M

Although its an SUV it has the speed of a Audi.

My vehicle runs like a charm even with nearly 200k miles. I have only had to keep the oil changed and buy new tires.

- Angela D

If you want a good car you cannot go wrong with Toyota Highlanders.

It is a great vehicle as any other Toyota is. It is spacious and has lasted me years. It has had very few problems.

- stephen W

It provides a good smooth ride.

I like that it is roomy and fits my 90 lb. dog nicely. I like that it has a decent engine. I wish it had a sunroof.

- Katherine Z

How smooth it drives and how much room it has.

No complaints. I love how smooth it drives and how much room it has inside. Great vehicle for taking a road trip.

- Lisa E

It holds its resale value.

My Toyota Highlander is very reliable and it has never given me any problems. It is quiet and cheap to maintain.

- Jeffrey H

It lasts forever, and I would highly recommend to anyone for a future purchase.

Needs repairs to the A/C, transfer case, and electrical systems. Great vehicle other than the listed issues.

- Jennifer H

Dependable and comfortable.

It takes me places but needs maintenance that I cannot afFord. It is paid off which is nice but it eats gas.

- Emily M




It's paid for! It's mechanically at 100% efficiency.

It's reliable. It's roomy. It has all the amenities I require in a vehicle except an onboard nav. System.

- Eddie F

My vehicle is the best one I have ever had.

There is a problem with the temperature control gauge. Otherwise the vehicle is reliable and comfortable.

- Stephanie A

Nice,reliable,durable interesting car.

Nice car.so far I don't have problem in it.it drives smoothly and quietly.long lasting car that I have.

- Lyle R

2005 Toyota Highlander SUV Review

The size of the SUV could be a little more roomy. It rides smooth but it does not get good gas mileage.

- Dana C

It is a very dependable car. It is also in very good condition.

I like the fact that my vehicle is reliable. It can also carry a very large load. It is very spacious

- Andrés S

That it is a very good investment for long term ownership

great value and has lasted a long time. It is also very economical. it has a fairly large capacity

- Robert P

The most interesting detail I found about our vehicle is everything

I love my highlander. It has great comfort for long rides. Good passing gears to pass slower traffic

- Travis A

Toyota rocks, it is worth every penny to invest in one.

This vehicle has been very good to me and I bought it used. It was a rental car previously.

- Nicole A

It's a car full of stuff to do my work. on the road at work sites.

likes work well, has a lot of pep, fits me and my needs. needs some repair. high mileage

- john M

The one thing everyone should know is that it's got great gas mileage for an SUV.

It's getting older so everything is breaking. But I love the size (seats 5) and the color.

- Marianne O

Safety is top notch. Reliability is also top notch.

i Love my vehicle. it's a great family car and gets me everywhere. i feel safe an secure.

- cheryl u

It's perfect for a family.

It's very dependable. It drives nicely. It has enough room for all of us for traveling.

- R O

I'd buy another one in a heartbeat because it's been such a good car.

It rides smooth and is comfortable. It has lots of room and has 4-wheel drive.

- Jessie M

I love my vehicle. It's been great and tons of room for traveling. I have had it for 13 years and still runs like new.

Great as a family car. Lots of room and space. Nice for long distance trips.

- Angie P

Good vehicle that I enjoy driving everyday. It's black. It's an SUV

Reliable and long lasting suv that I plan on driving for the next ten years

- Susant T

It has lasted. It is not great on gas mileage but not horrible either.

It has been very reliable. It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride in.

- Anita F

reliability and virtually problem free

13 years and i still love my car. it is the best i ever owned

- Charles B

easy to maintain and easy to repair

the car is easy to maintain and there is no complaint at all

- omawumi D

Awesome vehicle, runs nicely. My car can fit 7 people inside. There is plenty of room for cargo. Works great in all weather conditions.

It is a mid-size SUV that carries a lot of cargo and people!

- Karyn K

It is safe to drive in all kinds of weather, including snow.

Very comfortable. Safe to drive. Good technology level.

- B V

Overall I am very happy with my vehicle. I've owned many different ones through the years but I always liked Toyota. Mine handles very well, even in the snow.

The car handles very well in all weather conditions.

- Elizabeth S

It is safe but the AC is broken and even if it's fixed it's terrible.

AC is terrible. Dependable car. Not many problems.

- Gill G

Reliable car with many miles, low maintenance which is awesome

Reliable, runs well with so many miles comfortable

- Nic K

it very roomy. great handling

No real complaints or dislikes. very satisfied.

- jose b

it is very dependable, has given me no trouble, has very cold a/c

reliable, good looking, rides good, powerful

- mike E