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Luxury car with great features.

Owning this highlander feels like we drive a luxury vehicle for sure! We absolutely love the comfort of the seats and it is nice to be able to change the height and lumbar support in addition to the angle of the seat back and the forward or backward position. We appreciate the general smoothness of the ride compared to other cars where we could feel every bump in the road. It is fairly quiet as far as noise from outside the vehicle when it is running or going down the highway. Not the most quiet car we've ever been in, but we're satisfied. We've had zero problems with reliability and we've owned the car for over 3 years now. The air conditioning is powerful, and we enjoy being able to sync all the different areas of the car or let the backseat or driver or passenger adjust their own temperature and fan levels. It is harder to change the oil yourself because of the position of the fuel filter. But that is been pretty much the only complaint from my husband! We love this vehicle and cannot imagine not driving a highlander now that we have one!

- Mea J

Happy Toyota highlander review.

There have been a few glitches in the electrical system like interior lights staying on when they weren't set to. I also had issues setting the radio stations once where they kept jumping to the next button and not setting until we stopped the car. There have been no performance problems. It is a very reliable vehicle. The only time it didn't start is when I left the lights on. You have to be careful with how the switch works. The seats are a bit uncomfortable for me because I am thin and small and they seem to hit my bones in all the wrong places. I love the all wheel drive during snow storms. All in all it is been a good vehicle. I'd buy another.

- Kathy P

This is an incredibly reliable vehicle with good looks and price.

This car has been a great value to our family. It has been safe, reliable and cost effective. It drives nicely. Has great space for passengers and luggage. Comfortable on long trips. Handles relatively well in bad weather and has good gas mileage for an SUV. We now have over 115, 000 miles and she is still driving well. Handles both city and highway driving. It has great pick up. Can hold Its spread on the highway and keep up with traffic all situations. We have only had a few mechanical issues with it in all the years but we change the oil every 3-5, 000 miles and get the fluids topped off regularly. The Toyota brand has been very good to us.

- Deb S

Toyota highlander fantastic vehicle.

I highly recommend the Toyota highlander. I have never had any major problems with my vehicle. It is a very reliable car and is extremely comfortable, even in the 3rd row. The seats are easy to put down for extra cargo space. The heated seats are a great feature and the dual climate control. The rear seats also have there own controls. It has automatic seats and a lumbar support. The air condition is very powerful and cools off the car quickly. The heat works just as well. Overall the Toyota highlander is an excellent car that I highly recommend. I would definitely purchase another one in the future!

- Debra M

My favorite car in the world.

It is a light blue color. It is interior is a light beige leather interior. It has a rear view camera. It allows the use of the aux cord. It is a pretty reliable car and my family has had it for 10 years now. It still looks pretty new and is in very good shape. It rarely causes problems and has good fuel consumption. It is a pretty fast car and makes sport car sounds when you step on the accelerator. The handling is pretty easy and makes it very comfortable to drive the car. It is an automatic car and is a 7 seater.

- Stephanie F

All Around Great Family Vehicle

Its very comfortable and fits the needs of our growing family. It can carry as many as 8 passengers with the 3rd row seating. There is plenty of legroom for us over 6 feet people and car seats in the back. It has dual controls up front for passenger and driver air/heat and heated seats. I can also control the kids air in the back from the front. It has tons of cup holders and storage space as well. The only thing that I don't like is how little room you have in the 'trunk' when the 3rd row is up.

- Liz P

Great features, great fuel economy while still being All Wheel Drive, and even has a third row in a mid-size SUV

I really love the size and features of my highlander. It is a hybrid vehicle so the fuel efficiency is better than many other SUVs. It has features that I love and it drives more "like a car" than other, larger SUVs I've had. The only "problem" I've had is with the tire pressure monitoring system as I cannot simply turn it off myself after I've inflated tires or changed tires seasonally. It is pretty annoying that I don't have that ability at home and it must be "serviced by a dealership".

- Holly W

Fantastic gas mileage; when not using the rear seat love the large cargo area.

Only complaint we have about the highlander is if we utilize all 8 seats, we have no cargo space. We have also had issues with the radio since it was initially purchased brand new in 2009. After much online research it appears this is a very common problem. Toyota has not done anything about it. We actually had the radio replaced a few short months after the purchase and now 9 years later need a new one.

- Tanya P

I�d buy it again in a heartbeat!

Love the Highlander Hybrid Limited because of the comfortable leather heated seats, the great sound system, the cold air conditioned comfort and the quick response of the heater. It drives like a gem and gets great gas mileage too. Even though I own a 2009 most people think it's brand new. The beautiful pearl white exterior goes so well with the tan interior. The ride is smooth and so very quiet also.

- Cindy W

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a luxurious car for an SUV.

My Toyota Highlander is a Hybrid which means it bets better gas mileage than a regular Highlander. It is a great family car with a Dvd system which keeps the young ones happy. Has great pickup for those long trips to the South. Dvd system is great but would rather have had it located somewhere else besides the center in the middle of the car. Cost to upgrade the Navigation disk is cost prohibitive.

- gary c

Excellent Family/Cargo Vehicle

Best SUV we have owned. Easy to drive, seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Third row seating is a bonus. Handles very well in snow and slush. Tow capability is outstanding. Fold down rear seats increase cargo capability. This is the 4th Toyota we have owned (2 Prius, 1 Tacoma) and the 6th (2 Rav4) in our family. Will definitely stay with the brand when it is time to replace this vehicle.

- John O

Reliable and spacious car, great for pets!

My 2009 Toyota Highlander has been one of the most reliable cars we've ever owned. It is very sturdy, does well on bumpy dirt roads with huge potholes, and has enough space to fit two 140 pound dogs! There was a recall on the vehicles after they came out, but after those were fixed, it has been great to drive. It gets about 20/21 miles per gallon, and up to 24 on long highway stretches.

- CJ C

This is a great car for families.

This car has been wonderful so far, it is a perfect third row seating vehicle for my family of six. There is a lot of legroom. However, there is not a lot of trunk space. The vehicle runs great. It drives very smoothly and has great control. The stereo system has some really good speakers and bass system. This has been a great car for us as a family for commuting and for traveling.

- Amber M

It is a quality vehicle that I feel has many more miles in it.

It has the features I like and want including Nav, sunroof and leather. The 6 cylinder engine provides great acceleration and performance for an SUV. I has been a great vehicle for traveling in and moving items. I do wish it had Bluetooth for music. The included Bluetooth only works for the phone. With over 120,000 miles, it continues to run well stands up nicely in bad weather.

- John M

Overall Very Fond and would buy again

Air conditioning is somewhat weak. The size is perfect for 5-6 people and it's a very reliable and dependable car. I find myself very comfortable in the seating but would say that my back tends to hurt when driving for extended periods of time. I like the adjustable seating in the back and the cup holder and middle console additions. I overall really like the car.

- Elijah H

Toyota vehicles as reliable as America.

My Toyota highlander has been a very reliable vehicle. I currently have 56, 000 miles on the odometer, and have not had any major problems with my highlander. I am pleased that Toyota products remain very solid in every way. a lot of vehicles will start leaking fluids in various underneath locations, but Toyota’s remain solid and pleasing to drive and ride in.

- David B

2009 grey Toyota highlander review.

I have had only a few vehicle problems related to my tire pressure light staying on all the time and the gauge not accurately working on all tires. It has proven to be durable and comfortable. The one design feature I would change is the size of the trunk when the third row seat is up. There is barely any room in the trunk when that is the case.

- Sharon L

Toyota highlander highly recommend.

I have never had any problems with my Toyota highlander. Commute 75 miles a day and drives perfect, have almost 170,000 miles. The highlander drives great on the highway. It is very spacious and the back seat folds up or down for more storage. Even though it is ten years old it is still holding its value. I will definitely buy another Toyota.

- Scott J

Great Family Car, safe and spacious

I love this car so much. When we moved to Texas, I felt like I was going to be run off the road by everyone in their big trucks. I felt very unsafe, especially when driving with my child. So we got a larger car. I was worried that it would feel too cumbersome, but it's actually very easy to drive. And it has plenty of room for road trips.

- Lauren G

Great car! Love driving it.

I love my car! There's a ton of space and the ability to have third row seating. There's enough power to get me up steep hills around the area I live and it is a super smooth ride. The only downside to this car is that the gas mileage is not great. I do not drive a ton, and I still have to fill up my tank every week and a half or so.

- Symphony R

Reliable vehicles with 7 seats.

My vehicle has been very reliable since purchase. It does hesitate and jump when cranking sometime but that has never stopped performing. The battery has been replaced and the navigation is out of date I could not figure out how to update. . It is great on gas. The motor on the driver side window went out and needs to be replaced.

- Natasha D

One of the best SUVs with the ease of space, comfort and style.

I had a Toyota Camry before I owned my Toyota Highlander. I had a wreck and needed a new car. I was very skeptical getting a SUV since I have always had a small car. I fell in love right away. I love being up high, the third row seating, big trunk space and the smoothness of the ride. I will probably always have a Highlander.

- Caitlin K

My Toyota highlander is 4 wheel drive, third row seating, great gas mileage.

My Toyota highlander is a great SUV. It has plenty of room for my family. The gas mileage is great and all of the other features are very handy. I absolutely love the third row seating. When the back seats are down there is plenty of room for hauling things. I haven't have any problems with my Toyota highlander.

- Chelsea B

You cannot go wrong with a Toyota highlander!

This vehicle is terrific - the comfort of the ride, the interior features, the versatility of the seats/storage, and the reliability are very good. The maintenance has been minimal, with no major repairs needed on this 10 year old vehicle. It feels sturdy on the road but easy to drive in town and traffic.

- Jan W

The car that keeps on going

I have over 200k miles on my car. With consistent oil changes and keeping up with issues the car is still running smoothly. I was told Toyota's can go for 300k or more. I've driven cross country with this car and use if for work every day. Toyota has a great reputation for reliability and durability.

- nancy W

Spacious Toyota that runs forever.

Not many problems, know many people that run these things for 200k miles. Have to change the tires a decent amount as well as aligning the wheels. Interior is very spacious and has very new features for a 2009. Overall, great car for a small family can hold a lot of things and can hold 9 at maximum.

- Michael Y

Great and reliable vehicle.

I have over 130k miles and have had no issues with the vehicle. I bring it in for the regular and scheduled maintenance. I have owned it for just over six years and put over 15k miles on the vehicle per year. I would recommend this to purchase, but do not know if the hybrid is worth the extra money.

- Matthew J

It won't last more than 60,000 miles, before you will have to replace a very expensive hybrid battery or you will get nothing if you want to sell or trade it in.

It's a hybrid and I am not impressed with the gas mileage, doesn't have a lot of power. Now the hybrid battery is dying on it and it is very expensive to replace. You can't keep this toyota forever like other we have had. There is always something breaking on it. Costs a lot to upkeep it.

- Kris C

Love my Toyota highlander!

This car is super reliable- lasted almost 90k miles before even having to replace the battery. Gas mileage could be better, so I would go with the hybrid if it is more fuel efficient. Only problem I have had is a short in the sound system that causes the radio to shut off when it is hot.

- Sarah F

Great vehicle for driving in city and transporting children.

Drives well, easy to navigate in the city. 3rd row provides extra seating when needed, however works best for children or shorter adults. The trim packaging looks more expensive than you would expect. Middle row has a seat that you can remove, which makes getting into the 3rd row easier.

- Erin B

Perfectly reliable family vehicle.

My Toyota highlander sport has dual air controls for front and back seats. The third row seat is perfect for when we need room for more passengers. The sunroof is an added bonus and the size and reliability is perfect for my family of four. We love it so much, we have two highlanders!

- Sara D

It is a 2009 Toyota highlander.

It is very good for smooth travel. When you get to bumpier roads it can be a problem. The seats are comfortable. Steering is easy and car runs smooth for being a 2009. I would like to upgrade soon as the car is a bit outdated. It does not have Bluetooth and the radio is not very good.

- Cole N

Toyota highlander 2009 great car

The car works pretty good for driving through dirt , I like how you could also take out the seats in the very back of the car and put them back in it can be very useful for vacations, camping, trips, etc. If you are like me and have a big family this car will come of great use to you

- Bella S

Great started car for a family! Lots of room and good safety features.

I like that it's large enough for a family vehicle but not so large it makes it hard to drive and park. It has a lot of safety bag features which is perfect for a family. 3 row seating. I dislike that it seems airflow from ac or heating doesn't seem to hit the back seats as well.

- Sam C

Third row seating without all the bells and whistles.

We just bought this vehicle and have not experienced any issues. Our mechanic said we will need to replace the struts soon. However the dealer put new tires on It so we don't know how bad the struts are. I also had to replace the wipers, but that is regular maintenance.

- Angie B

Sports SUV Highlander 2009

Toyota is a reliable dealership. Don't have any problems with the vehicle yet. Still runs smooth. Fits about 8 people comfortably. Interior is nice. Has snow, and sports mode. Good gas mileage. Spacious in the inside. Black leather interior. White on the outside color

- Emily A

that's It's 4 wheel drive and has decent gas mileage for a V6.

I like that it's v6 and 4 wheel drive. I get around good in the snow where I live. My vehicle has good handling and safety features. What I dislike is that it doesn't have a rear view camera or blind spot detection. My vehicle is very roomy for a midsize suv.

- Derek Z

I love Toyota. They make some of the most reliable cars.

I love my car. It is the perfect size for our family. I have a limited and really enjoy the extra features it has like Bluetooth and leather seats. I like the gray interior since it keeps it cool. Also my car drives so smoothly unlike other makes I have driven.

- Elizabeth W

The most spacious vehicle ever!

The highlander is a really reliable vehicle. I've had it for a while with minimal problems. There is so much space in the vehicle I can fit all my friends and our dogs and go to the river. I also use it for my kayak and it is a perfect car for river people.

- Sarah S

The reverse camera may be my favorite part. It is extremely convenient.

This Toyota highlander was my first car and I have fallen in love with it. I like that it is big and roomy but does not feel like a big SUV when driving or parking it. Mine also has the feature of the backup camera and that is probably my favorite part.

- Kayla A

It is comfortable with great space inside with extra hidden seats in the back.

Love this vehicle. Only a few problems. The sun visor rubbers the side and ruins the material and the space between the front seats is to big. I drop my keys or phone and it always falls down on the floor. Very frustrating to get it back.

- Pamela E

The Highlander is a great vehicle for work or play.

I use my Highlander for work and I am able to keep all my locksmith tools in the ample space in the back. When I use it for the weekend, it transforms into the perfect vehicle to take the family away for the weekend.

- Nil S

Sporty SUV that does the job!

I love my Toyota highlander.....it's been a really reliable car. I haven't had any major problems with it. I love that it has the 3rd row seats that fold. Good trunk space, drives smooth. I would but again.

- Angela H

It holds 6 quarts of oil, so I remember to inform my oil change place of that.

I love my highlander. I am 6'5" and I find it easy to get into and out of if. It is very comfortable to drive. I do not have any trouble with it. I change the oil on a regular basis and it runs great.

- Bruce C

Good gets good gas mileage for a midsize SUV. But it also depends on how one drives it.

It is a SUV and I find it very comfortable. The vehicle enables me to sit higher than many vehicles and that helps with better seeing my surroundings. It is also a hybrid and it gets good gas mileage.

- Ken L

My car is reliable, comfortable, and a lot of fun to drive

I love the versatility. It is a truck, 7-passenger SUV, and it rides like a sedan. The gas mileage is decent for the V6 engine, and there is plenty of room for me to drive comfortably (I am tall).

- Sam M

It is an extremely reliable vehicle for a woman to drive and travel in.

Love the ride, it is smooth and easy. The quality of the car is excellent! Love the reliability gives me peace to travel alone. Love the gas mileage it is great especially with today’s prices.

- Sandy T

Sturdy and you save money on gas.

My vehicle is an SUV that can fit 7-9 people in the car. It is spacious and has a good gas savage. The one thing that I do not like is the leg space in the last row in the back of my car.

- Keylin N

Toyota user for life and loving it.

Had one major problem with my 1999 Camry solara engine. Toyota corrected it in a very quick and accurate way. I love both my Toyota’s and I am probably a Toyota user for life.

- David E

It's very safe, reliable, and fun to drive! I love it.

I love how it drives, and it always feels safe. It is reliable and rarely needs service. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have captain seats in the middle row.

- Sarah B




That is has 4 wheel drive.

I like the space that the car has. We were able to move 3 separate times with that car. I like that it is a smooth drive and we have had no major problems with the car.

- Alexis G

Manual or automatic driving feature.

It is perfect for families has 3 rows of seating and nice classic interior it is also average on gas it also has a feature were you can drive manually or in automatic.

- Kayla H

The ability to transport large item in the cargo area.

The car is comfortable and nice to drive. The only problem I had was the transmission went out at about 165,000 miles. I decided to have the transmission rebuilt.

- Robert F

It drives well and gets great gas mileage for an SUV.

I like the gas mileage it gets for an SUV. I like that it is reliable and no issues. I don't like that having my kids in the car so much as messed up the interior.

- Amber S

The gas mileage is great for a full sized suv that can fit 7 passengers.

It's a silver highlander hybrid with about 50k miles. It gets great gas mileage and hasn't had any major problems. It has a smooth ride and plenty of storage.

- Corey T

This vehicle is top-rated for safety and I would recommend others buying this model.

I love the amount of room and number of people it holds. It has a lot of power and is quite safe. The radio goes out when the temperature drops below freezing.

- Casey R

It offers decent mileage and it is perfect for both day-to-day trips and long family vacations.

Its air conditioning system works great. It is a bit too wide though, which can make parking difficult. Sometimes the air (both recycled and new) smells weird.

- Amanda C

The reliability of my hybrid Toyota is wonderful !!!

I like everything about my car. The reliability,size and fun to drive. It is a hybrid so the gas mileage is great. The color is my favorite shade of blue!

- Kathy W

It is very dependable and has lots of space does decent on gas mileage.

I like the room it provides and lay down seats for extra storage do not like the basic features wish it had a navigation system and Bluetooth capability.

- Elizabeth B

It is reliable and has very few maintenance issues other than normal wear.

It is a very reliable vehicle and I do not have to worry about breaking down on me. I get good gas mileage. It is built well and has very few problems.

- Garrett W

It is not flashy or fancy, but it is reliable and practical.

I like that is reliable. I dislike the poor gas mileage. I also dislike the fact that when using the third row, there is almost no room for storage.

- Paul S

The vehicle is easy to maintain and the gas is reliable.

No problems. Easy to maintain. Reliable and comfortable. Gas performance is great. The features I have is a sunroof and automatic windows.

- Melissa P

My car has to be comfortable and family friendly, that is most important.

The nose on the vehicle is a little long. I would also like to upgrade the inside, leather seats. Lastly it would be the radio, upgrade.


The transmission issues when they drive it.

The best SUV hands down. The durability, the ride and comfort is the best. 2009 and has never been in shop for anything but oil changes.

- Aaron B

It has been a reliable car and is still going strong with over 114,000 miles.

I like that the car has been very reliable. The aux port is nice. I wish there was more storage space when all the seats are being used.

- Jerry G

It is a solid vehicle. We were rear ended by a Mercedes and had barely any damage. The Mercedes, not so much. Safe family car.

I have a 4 cylinder Highlander. I like it because I modified it. I don't like it because it is slow. It is a reliable good looking car.

- Jonathan Y

It is extremely cost effective when it comes to its maintenance costs.

It is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage for a 4000 pound vehicle. It is comfortable and roomy and has good pickup on the highway.

- john g

It is reliable and durable.

The ride is smooth. Gas mileage is adequate. The vehicle is reliable, but I prefer smaller cars. My wife of course wanted this one.

- Anthony N

My car is a hybrid and we save a lot on gas.

My car is a black highlander. I like that it is a hybrid. I like that it has a 3rd row of seats. I like that it has a lot of room.

- Shelby B

Quality of this vehicle is top notch.... the best in the industry.

I have no complaints. My vehicle is quality made. I feel completely safe in my vehicle. It haS VERY GOOD GAS MILEAGE FOR A 6 CYL.

- Wilfred L

Very good and comfortable car.

I do not have any problem with my car, in fact I do not want to change, the only thing I need is more technology like connector.

- Luz J

Very little maintenance. .

Great SUV, good gas mileage. And is comfortable. Passenger seats need to as comfortable and as functionable as the driver seat.

- Kelly R

It is a quality built vehicle with little or no issues.

I like the size and driving experience. For an SUV it rides and handles great. It has been great to own when moving households.

- Jack M

History of toyotas in this family. All have still been running excellent when traded in at 10 years of age.

Have never had any problems with this Toyota, and have owned it for 8 years. Only regular maintenance service has been done.

- Joan S

They should know that the car is reliable and long lasting.

Like: reliability, longevity, capacity Dislike: no back up camera, newer safety equipment (airbags, keep in lanes, etc.)

- Ann g

It is a reliable vehicle that will last a long time if you take care of it.

Toyota is a great car. I love the reliability of the vehicle. It is comfortable to travel in short or long distances.

- Yvette F

Runs like a top. No repair costs to speak of. Middle seat leaves a lot to.

No major problems in 9 years. I have base model 4 cylinder. Great acceleration but gas mileage is right at 19 mpg.

- Jennifer F

It is extremely reliable.

My vehicle is extremely reliable, there is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. Wish I had got the 3rd seat option.

- Lynn D

That it is great quality compared to others.

I love that my car is still good working condition. It runs well and holds up well. I don't like the blind spots.

- yvette h

Quality is excellent and I haven't had to purchase a lot of parts so far.

It has been a really good car. It has seven seats. There's not enough room to move around in between the seats.

- Barb M

Because never broke, and it is fancy.

I love my car because it is perfect for my family and I, we don't have any problem, always works and I likes.

- Gabriela O

I haven't had any major problems

I do not have any complaints it is easy to drive and handle it is pretty good on gas it is very roomy inside

- ronnie D

The Highs of the Highlander

It's very durable-doesn't feel like a tin can. I love the sports rack on top. Great for taking my kayak out.

- faith p

My highlander is comfortable for long trips and has plenty of room and storage space

My highlander is super reliable and feels really safe which is very important to me with 2 small children.

- Laura H

Very dependable family oriented car that is fun to drive

It is roomy and dependable. I like to drive the vehicle. The vehicle is large so parking is an issue.

- Victor V

It requires very little maintenance and is dependable.

The seats are very comfortable. It is very good on gas. Love the backup camera.

- Frances S

Comfortable seating, the navigation system, the stereo system, the moon roof, the power, the room inside the cabin, the power lift back door. I love my car!

It is a comfortable, safe reliable car and I love the toyota service I receive.

- Amy H

Highlanders are great. Very good looking SUV that's roomy and drives well.

Great all around SUV. Very reliable and nice to drive. Would get one again.

- Roy U

It runs great, and requires very little maintenance.

My AC just recently needed repair, but overall it's a very dependable car.

- Steven L

It has consistently received high safety ratings in testing.

It is very comfortable. It has ample cargo room. It is very safe

- M S

the most important of my car is the care

I like my car because it's very safe and save gas

- yolanda h