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Comfortable for everyone!

I enjoy driving this car. I have had it for about 6 or 7 years now and have never had to do any major maintenance on the car. I can maintain it simply through oil change and occasional tire rotations. The car has more than enough room for the family, with a three seater middle row and 2 seater back row. This extra room allows for about 7 people total to be in the car at any given time. My only complaint is that once the final row is up, there is no room left for luggage. However, I can understand the car is not intended for several passengers and luggage. The car continues to have very good responses. Braking is quick and does not require much power and neither does acceleration, compared to other, older, cars. The car is very enjoyable to drive in and offers comfort for everybody.

- Luna M

The third-row SUV I was looking for.

My highlander has not had as much as a hiccup since I bought it. I am sitting at 65, 000 miles now and I am so incredibly pleased to have chosen to get a highlander. My one complaint is the gas mileage is killing me. It is marketed as 18 mpg city and I think 24 mpg highway? Anyway, I drive mostly highway on my commute, so I do hit traffic, but on average I get 20-21 mpg, closer to 20. If I could have afforded a hybrid highlander I would have gotten one of those instead. I really love the space in the third row of seating. Average sized adults fit comfortably, but my 6'3 husband hits his head on the ceiling. Just something to mention.

- Rachel S

Versatile, stylish people mover!

I really love the Toyota Highlander because of the seating versatility. There is a third row that seats two people that can be folded down for plenty of cargo space. The second row also can be two 'captain' seats with a) a 'walk through' space between them or b) a cup holder/storage insert between them or if you need more seating there is a 'bench' insert for the second row. The second row can be folded down as well for more cargo space. This vehicle can be a 2-7 passenger car. We use it mostly as a 3 person and we carry our 88 pound Labrador in his large travel kennel.

- Cassie W

My highlander came with heated seats that I love.

I love my Toyota! I have been driving a Toyota for 17 years and will continue as long as I am able. I love that my highlander is a smooth ride. Being on a Camry setting makes the drive smooth and comfortable. I feel very safe in my vehicle with the airbags and safety ratings. Toyotas drive for many miles and I feel as if I will be safe for many years to come with my highlander. I also love the backup camera detail as well as hands free Bluetooth connection to my phone. This is a game changer since I live in California and cannot use a hand held device.

- Sara B

Perfectly sized 'sports car' SUV.

I love my highlander! It is never given me any mechanical problems. There is plenty of room inside without feeling like I am driving a tank down the street. The steering is smooth and the car reacts wonderfully. The 'pep' from the engine makes me feel like I am driving a sports car SUV. The seats are reasonably comfortable. My child likes that he has his own temperature control in the back. There's plenty of space in the glove compartments and lots of drink holders. I live in a cold-weather winter environment, and I like how the car warms up quickly.

- Jennifer M

The Toyota Highlander is a great car.

I have loved this car since I got it. It's 8 years old now. It is comfortable. I have a large family and needed to seat six. This Highlander held us all. There is a luggage rack. You can put both sets of back seats down if you don't have many passengers or need to move something large. It has been very dependable. The only thing I'm not a fan of is there are cup holders everywhere! I wish they had just added extra storage. It's a great car and I plan on driving it until it gives out but I don't expect that for several more years.

- Melissa S

Everything is in reach and easier to access and allow focus to driving safely.

I love that seats adjust to up and down forward and back since I am short. It has many buttons for heating or air conditioners to adjust front and back. It has a CD player. Only part I miss having is the part where you can hook the phone into car to play music using a cord. The Bluetooth for music to link to my iPhone is confusing and cannot seem to figure it out. Love that I can answer phone calls directly from dash of car and have map view already in car. Could use extra trunk room for vacation traveling or carpooling.

- Nicole S

This vehicle is big enough for a family and road trips and is reliable!

This car drives very smoothly and is absolutely reliable. It has had very few problems in the 7 years I have owned it. The only issue I have had is that the tire pressure light is broken so it is just always on. I love the v6 engine and how quick the pep is for a big car. I have two kids and love how much storage I have with two car seats and strollers! It has a good backup camera although I am sure the newer ones have better ones. I love this car and would buy another one.

- Alyssa Z

Toyota highlander top ranked by consumer reports.

I bought the vehicle a year old and drive it daily to work and back. It handles freeways and mountain roads beautifully. The engine has enough power to not bind down. The third row of seats work wonderful for extra passengers. Driving this car is a dream with larger side mirrors and no blocked views. I have had no major fixes down on the vehicle which is important when buying. We have taken the vehicle on several road trips and are very satisfied with the vehicle.

- Kathy M

2011 Toyota highlander car.

The car was fine the first few years of driving it. But about seven years later we've been having all sorts of problems with it. Starting with both the visors breaking then also having to replace the transmission. The air conditioning in the car has broke several times and the car when it is running does not always sound too good. We've had no problems with the car the first few years of buying it, but as of this year, a lot of things have gone wrong with it.

- Sarah P

Good roomy car but mpg could be better.

My highlander has performed very well over the 8 years I have owned it. I have had the usual wear and tear issues like tires, brakes, belts. Last year, after having it on a moving van from new jersey to oregon, the air conditioner stopped working. It was quite costly to repair. Unfortunately, there was no way to prove if the movers caused any damage. We have taken the car on many road trips over the years and it was always very comfortable and roomy.

- Lora C

Love it all the way around.

I love my Toyota highlander. I use it from day to day and for long trips. I also use it for hauling. The cargo area is a lot larger than I originally expected. I have been able to move debris from hurricane, a 9 drawer dresser, 8 ft ladder and large items. Always been reliable. Very comfortable (long drive 17+ hours) and I love the movement of the seats, especially being able to reach the pedals since I am only 5'1".

- Laura P

Love my highlander, great vehicle.

I love my highlander. It is very reliable and has been a dependable vehicle. It has lots of room plus is good on gas. It drives good around town and also on the interstate. So far I have not had any problems other then standard maintenance. It only has 105, 000 miles and I am hoping to get at least 300, 000 miles as long as I keep it serviced and taken care. Overall I love my vehicle and am very happy with it.

- Laura S

Great SUV for a family of 6.

It is a great vehicle with enough power to easily climb hills and I am planning on taking it on a cross country road trip and have no concerns about its reliability. I have four kids and they are comfortable in the car although the third row is a bit tight. I wish I had purchased a higher level of trim for the features, but it is fine and works well for me. For a big SUV, the gas mileage is not bad.

- Sara L

2011 Toyota Highlander Comfortable seats, handy switches and dials

All the buttons and dials for the radio and air conditioner are easily accessible. Drivers seat raises and lowers electronically. The second row has ample leg room. Two can fit comfortably, but three can fit if small or if a little smooshed. Third row can fit two children comfortably or small adults. Not very much legroom in third row. It would be nice if the second row seating folded flat.

- Ana G

2011 Toyota Highlander Limited

I have a 2011 Toyota Highlander limited edition. It came with built in navigation, Bluetooth, Sirius, and back up mirror. The performance of this vehicle is outstanding. The 4 wheel drive is great during bad road conditions. It's spacious on the inside considering it has 3 rows. The middle can be made into 2 or 3 seats. The only problem for me is that there isn't any trunk space at all.

- Angelica J

Gas efficient, safe and reliable, and smooth drive.

I really like that my car is gas efficient and very reliable. I bought it certified used from a Toyota dealer. It has a backup camera that I love. The navigation system is okay, but I prefer the one on my phone as it gives me the current traffic situation. The other thing that I don't like about it is that the third row is quite compact. However, other than that it is a great car.

- Blanca H

8 years and still going strong!

I love my Highlander! It is big enough for my 3 kids plus their friends. I can haul bigger things easily by putting down the seats. I love the leather interior and I have had nothing needing to be serviced besides normal wear and tear (oil, brakes, tires, etc) I have 144,000 miles on it so far and I feel like it is going to last me many more years to come!

- Heather S

Highlights of My 2011 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander rides very well, no major mechanical issues. Maintenance on the truck has been well kept. Minor repairs have been wheel bearing, and alignment. One current issue with the truck is the AC will only blow cold air, no heat. Toyota has navigation system, keyless entry, Bluetooth capable, sunroof, 3rd roll seating, and headrest TV's

- Joy F

2011 Toyota Highlander - recommend!

Bought used at 80,000 miles, one owner, good condition. Has a lot of great features like temp control for both front and back of car separately, fold down 3rd row seating, and 4 wheel drive. I only had one issue since I bought it with the steering column, which I was told was very common with this model and was covered under the warranty.

- Cat B

It is worth every penny, I highly recommend Toyota.

I love my highlander. It drives smooth and quietly and makes long car rides enjoyable. The sound system is amazing, you can have your own little concert on the drive to work. The third row seating is even spacious. The hybrid option was amazing. It is so quiet and really made a huge difference on gas even from our RAV4.

- Taylor L

Use Mobil oil filter cartridges they have a metal inner support and are strong.

It is been very reliable over the years with minimal need for repairs. My main complaint is the center console lid cracked within a year of buying it. I had to put an aftermarket cover on it. Being AWD it does not get the absolute best gas mileage. I hover around 20-21 with a 50/50 road/freeway commute to work.

- Brian S

I love my Highlander!

I love my Highlander! It has everything I could want, sunroof, Sirius, controls on steering wheel, back up camera and great gas mileage. Smooth ride and 4 x 4. Just love it!! Long trips are a smooth a n d comfortable ride. Highlander has a lot of space to transport items without having to fold down seats.

- Kathy C

Great gas mileage and super smooth.

Toyota highlander is amazing. It seats 7 which is good for our big family. Gets really good gas mileage and drives smoothly. Love that it is AWD so handles good in all weather. Only downside is when u have the 3rd row up u lose a lot of trunk room however we added a roof rack to put more stuff on top.

- Amy C

Perfect SUV for a road trip!

The car drives great. It's very comfortable, seating for 8. Heated seats ac controls in the back. We have 150,000 miles and runs like it has 20,000. Such a great SUV. Leather seats, great sound system, DVD player 3 row that still has plenty of room for bags. The ride is smooth not bumpy or jerky.

- Pam P

Leather seats, heat warmers, back up camera.

I love my Toyota highlander! I feel safe and comfortable, without paying astronomical amounts for gas. I have 3 rows of seats so I can fit lots of people, or I can lay them down to haul large items. Not to mention Toyota is so reliable. Plus my highlander is before the body change to. The van style.

- Sarah B

Gas mileage and sleekness.

Its comfortable. Has all the options. Heated everything. Its a limited edition. Toyotas have always been reliable and I've seen them last well over 300k miles. The all around look of this model is sleek and attractive. The only issue I have is its gas mileage. I normally get around 20 mpg in town.

- Jaime A

Good family car. This car is a good family car that is reliable.

The performance and reliability has been great so far. No major repairs just basic maintenance, it fits 6 adults comfortably and able to fit 3 toddler seats in the second row of seats. Since this is an older car 2 things could be better; a larger reverse viewing screen and brighter backup lights.

- Eddie T

Lot of room for passengers as well as groceries.

I really like my highlander. I like all of the room and that you are not on the ground when driving. I do wish that mine had heated seats. Maybe next time. It drives well and we have not had any problems. I like that there is plenty of room for extra passengers. The storage is also plentiful.

- Gina C

Excellent vehicle, will buy this vehicle again

This is a comfortable SUV suitable for up to 5 passengers and the optional 3rd row seating. It has always been extremely reliable and it's only ever required routine maintenance such as brakes and tires. The cargo space is very large and the back seats lay down to make more room for cargo.

- Patricia M

Wonderful Toyota highlander.

Have owned this highlander for 7 years. Bought it new. Have never had any problems with it. Only money I have spent on it is just for upkeep and general maintenance. I highly recommend Toyota highlander. I also own a newer Toyota highlander that my wife drives and it has been good also.

- Royce A

Mom of 3, I love my highlander so much!

Love my highlander so much! We are expecting our third child and I feel confident it will work great. It would be nice if the 3rd row had the car seat 'clips' but it should still work fine with a booster or all three seats in the 2nd row. This car is so reliable and drives perfectly.

- Elizabeth H

Reliable, spacious, great value.

Has been a very reliable vehicle requiring minimum maintenance over the years. It is very roomy inside, lots of drink holders for the kids. Considering lots of wear and tear it is still in pretty good shape. , Car has great gas mileage as well and I would definitely buy another pilot.

- Kelly G

The most comfortable and reliable vehicle I've ever purchased

I use this vehicle practically all the time for traveling to work and vacation. This vehicle is big enough to accommodate my family of five and is not too big to handle on a busy highway. It is extremely comfortable and reliable, thus far. I hope it gives me five more years of use.

- Jackson M

Highlander for families. Cargo space not adequate when all seats in use.

Some issues that I think should be recalled. Steering column clunking noise. When all seats are in use there is no trunk space for groceries or cargo. Recall on back door. Fixed but now back window has same issue. Won't stay open on it's own. Wish Toyota was faster to recall things.

- Jay B

Highlander is a very dependable vehicle.

It has some power steering issues in the winter. And I had to get the pump replaced. I also had to replace the drive shaft as well. Otherwise it's a really good car. Pretty safe to drive and has a space in the back if you go somewhere. You can even take all the seats out with ease.

- Sarah B

Equipped with power doors, seats, mirrors, and has a sunroof which I rarely use.

Reliable, comfortable and lots of room. Has third row seating, all though when using the third row, not much room for cargo. When third row is not in use, there is plenty of room for cargo. This car fits my family of four very well. Plenty of room for my four and sixteen year olds.

- Erin S

My favorite thing is that it is reliable.

I love the size, optional third-row seating, sunroof, backup camera, and gas mileage. I dislike the way the oil filter is set up, in that it takes special tools to remove and replace it. The Bluetooth is fine, but does not always connect. Overall, it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Matt B

2011 Toyota Highlander with beautiful tan leather interior!

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It is a 2011 and seems brand new! Toyota are the most reliable cars. This SUV does not seem to eat gas up as other do either! Absolutely love my Highlander! They are quite expensive (even older models), but well worth the investment!

- Tiffany D

Gold color family vehicle, with all the essentials for adults and kids.

It is got a lot of room for my family and great for long trips. It drives smooth and has a lot of power when needed. I love the upgrades like leather seats and sunroof. I've had a great experience with Toyota so I would recommend this vehicle to all my friends and family.

- Julian B

Stylish vehicle that is suitable for a family

My Highlander is roomy enough for a family without me having to have a minivan. It looks stylish and is comfortable. The low profile tires are a little more pricey to replace than regular tires. Toyota is a name I trust for making a vehicle that will run for many years.

- Lisa C

I love my Toyota highlander.

Favorite car I have driven so far! So much space for comfort. Great car for a family because the kids will have plenty of room in the back and there is a whole lot of packing room! Ride is incredibly smooth and has been running well for the two years I have had mine!

- Laura Z

Works great with little maintenance.

Have driven this vehicle for 8 years. Except for normal maintenance I have not spent any money to keep it running. It has a very smooth and comfortable ride in both the city and highway. I have used it for city driving but have taken several trips in it.

- Royce T

Love my highlander, I think you will too!

Reliable, perfect size, like there is seating for seven, good gas mileage, I like that it keeps good value over time. Has good pick up speed. Feels safe going over the mountain passes. Comfortable seating, even the back two seats have pretty good room.

- Diane B

. I was rear ended and only had a small dent. The other car was totaled.

I have not had any problems with my car. When I purchased the car I also bought an 8 year policy that is for any major issue with my car. I have not used it in the 7 years that I have had the car. I have been extremely happy I the my Toyota highlander.

- Lynne A

It is a dependable vehicle.

I love my highlander! It drives similar to a car unlike many SUV’s. The interior is spacious and easy to clean, especially with kids. I have had my highlander for 7 years without any major issues. I don't plan to give it up!

- Heather W

This brand is very reliable and has high resale value. Toyota is a premium brand.

I like that the Highlander rides like a car but has the room of an SUV. I like that it does well on gas mileage. I like that it has very high end features like leather seats and moonroof for the price. No complaints.

- Shunette L

The highlander is great in all weather conditions.

My highlander has a smooth ride. . . Very roomy. . . And fits our family and dogs. It is great for all of our camping items and long trips for vacation or just family adventures. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Carol S

This vehicle handles well and gets decent gas mileage.

All leather for easy cleaning, dual heated seats, cools quickly, like having back vents for heating and cooling. Nice to have 3rd row when it is needs. Also. Like the option of console/3rd seat for middle row.

- Angie M

It's a dependable vehicle with plenty of room

I love the three rows. It fits my family of three plus our extended family or out of town guests. I enjoy the touch screen navigation and radio. I makes changes the stations and making choice easier.

- Kayte M

Silver color reflects heat. Important in Texas. Easy ride. Great suspension.

I love my mpg, roomy, works hard for me. Love the maintenance screen that tells when to change the oil. Good sound system. No complaints about this one. Will always buy Toyota.

- sue i

I like it to be clean because it shows how a person cares for oneself.

I love Toyota because they hold up beautifully. I've had it for 6 years and have had minimal work done to it. They last a long time. There really isn't anything I don't like.

- Amy F

Drives like a high-end vehicle

Drives very smoothly and we have had minimal issues with this car. Most SUV's I dive feel rough and truck like but the Highlander drives like an upscale sedan. We love it

- Janice M

No major maintenance in 100K miles.

It has been reliable, has decent gas mileage for Its size and is a comfortable ride. What I dislike is the tech is outdated. I would definitely look at getting a new one.

- ben L

Comfortable and reliable highlander.

My highlander is very comfortable and reliable. I really like the back up camera and all the extras. The GPS is not the best. Many times it says roads will not available.

- Lies T

It's a good car as far as the mechanics and definitely has lots of safety features for a family.

I love how it drives. I don't feel like I'm in a huge vehicle. I has plenty of cargo room in back for my family. I do wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Mel C

It is reliable, easy maintenance.

Drives like a dream, is very comfortable and reliable. Also a good looking auto. I can seat 6-7 people comfortably. I can transport big things in the back.

- Janice S

It has been very reliable. There is plenty of room for people and storage for luggage.

The reliability has been great. I haven't had any major and very few minor problems. The only work I have had performed has been normal maintenance.

- john m

You can carry up to 7 passengers, although the back row does not have a lot of legroom.

Space for passengers. Handles easily, rides comfortably. Drawback is gas mileage. Also, you have to choose between using back row or carrying cargo.

- Colin B

Safe, Reliable, Family Vehicle

My car is awesome. It gets great gas mileage & has provided my family a great safe vehicle for a long time. It gets great gas mileage as well.

- Annette C

My Toyota highlander is spacious and comfortable.

It is very roomy. Great cargo space room. Can tow a lot of heavy items. Fuel efficient. It also has a tire pressure monitor system. And latch.

- Melissa K

An SUV that feels like a car and works like a truck!

The highlander is surprisingly comfortable! It handles like a car, but works like a truck. I have no trouble using it in any kind of weather!

- Allison m

We use it regularly on road trips with the family and it has great gas mileage

I love the space I love the rearview camera I love the satellite radio. One thing I don't like is the tires seem to wear out rather quickly.

- Marshall B

It handles well in all types of weather including snow!

Love it - drives nice - very roomy inside - handles well in all weather. Definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone interested in a SUV

- Joy B

A lot of room and great on gas!

We have a big family so we love that is has 7 seats and we all plus some friends can go places together! It is also great on gas!

- Diana W

Plenty of space for a family of 4 for long trips and up to 7 on short trips.

I like the size and power of the Highlander. It is large enough for my family and my dogs. I dread the day I have to replace it.

- Tammi M

Great car for the family.

No problems. Car is still running great after 7 years. The car performs well with the standard maintenance of oil changes .

- adam a

Love this car, highly recommend

Comfortable, reliable, easy to drive, gps, back up camera, leather interior, red, fun, would buy again, would recommend

- Hong N

The interior of the car is spacious and comfortable.

Interior is spacious and comfortable. Smooth ride. Rear DVD player is great for kids on long road trips. No complaints

- Daniel A

Fuel economy and the drive assist are the greatest assets.

The safety features are the best and the fuel economy is excellent! Altogether it makes for an enjoyable family car.

- Jeremy A

I’d buy it again because it is dependable and gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

The highlander is very spacious and I have two children. It is an SUV but drives smoothly like a sedan. Beautiful.

- Jennifer P

It is very safe to drive.

I love everything about it. I picked it out new. I wish it had heated seats because I live in MN. Otherwise great.

- Diane C

If you do the maintenance it is very reliable and will last a long time.

My Toyota highlander is very reliable. I do not worry about it breaking down. It is very spacious. It feels safe.

- Tracy F

Plenty of room (for people and/or stuff). Drives well. Love the backup camera, navigation, Bluetooth, etc

Our family likes how much room we have for taking kids to all of their activities with all of their equipment

- Shirley H

It drives well and lasts a long time.

I like the size - I feel like it is big enough without being giant. It drives well and is good in the snow.

- Cara P

Our highlander - reliable and great!

Good, comfortable car, handles people well and is reliable. Rarely has problems and we enjoy very much.

- Judi A

It is a very reliable vehicle that is comfortable to sit in.

I like the safety features. Seating is comfortable. Has large cargo area. Has extra seating available.

- Pam M

Abundance of space without being a full size SUV

I have had no problems with my Highlander. It has provided great performance, reliability and comfort.

- Sherry B

Reliable, safe and dependable. Gets excellent gas mileage as hybrid suv.

Good gas mileage, space and seating, reliability, additional items, safety ratings. No complaints

- Shannon E

Toyota is a good brand I would go for it anytime

The color is black I love my car I love the new designs better so I'm thinking of a new one

- Dara U

Handles great for long trips. Great for Families lots of room for stuff.

Love the design of the car. Lots of cup holders. Great for families with little kids.

- Michelle M

It is an easy car. Seats are easy to fold. Many options for different configurations.

I love my car. Great for a family. Drives like a car but has a lot of space!

- Mindy D

I feel safe in it because it's roomy and very comfortable.

I love the smooth ride and and that it's comfortable and very roomy.

- Kimberley S

Dependable. Gets really good mileage for SUV.

It is dependable. Gets good gas mileage. Has room for all of my gear

- Bill C

How spacious it is, with the 3rd row especially. The trunk is a decent size too

it has a lot of room. Love the 3 rows. It is a very dependable car

- Courtney F

Being a Hybrid I have not had any issues in 8 years.

I like that it is a Hybrid I like the room it has I like size

- Cecelia S

Gas mileage is not good. Lots of room. Comfortable to drive. Gets around good in winter.

gas mileage is not good and could be better but nice to drive

- pat y

this car is the best. the leather seats are so comfortable and heat in the winter and the ride is so smooth

it's the best. it gets great mileage and is so comfortable

- melissa w

Very comfortable to ride in. No major problems with car. Been my favorite car so far!!

No major car problems, very comfortable car to ride in.

- Susan C

Easy to drive and have fun in

It is great and easy to drive to the beach

- Jen C

It is really Reliable for what he use

Everything is good except soft steering.

- Sal C