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This vehicle is a great family car and I would highly recommend it.

The Toyota Highlander is a great family car! I love how much space there is, especially since we have two children in car seats. I also love that there is an additional row of seating that can be used for two more people or simply left down for more cargo space. We have not used the navigation system that comes with the car so I can't comment on how well it works. It does have a CD player that holds 4 CDs which is great as well. There is a DVD player in the back that we have used on a few occasions. The one thing I don't like about the DVD player is that when it is opened it can make backing up or even looking out the back window more difficult. (That is not the reason we don't use it thought. We want our kids to be able to entertain themselves and not rely on DVDs to be entertained.) Overall, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a family car.

- Jennifer J

Why the seat warmers in my Highlander are the best.

I've had my Highlander since 2012 and I love it. It's extremely comfortable. The seat warmers are fantastic. Especially on cold days. That is one of my favorite features. It's easy to drive and roomy for me and my two active children. Love the third row but have the seats down most of the time to use the space in the back. There is A LOT that can be fit in my car, which makes it great on road trips. And knowing I have that third row if I want it is a nice option. Regular maintenance is important to keeping it running smoothly. The look of my Highlander is sporty and sleek. . Even though it's a 2012 it still looks fantastic. It's one of my favorite models. I love my Highlander and I plan to drive it for another 7 years.

- Molly T

Toyota Highlander Get Yours Today As You Will Love Every Minute That You Are In It!

I really like my Highlander as it is very comfortable on long trips. The front and the back seats are very roomy. I never feel like I am crammed in my seat. One of my concerns is that you are only able to unlock the Highlander on the driver's side. So if you are a passenger waiting for the driver to get to the vehicle you have to wait until the driver gets to the car. I always found that quite odd and didn't even notice it until we accidentally locked the keys in the car. The other thing that concerns me is the paint job has the hazing over it and makes it look really unkempt. Good gas mileage and a comfortable vehicle to own

- Jane W

Love to drive my highlander.

My Toyota highlander is a very comfortable car to drive. It is a keyless entry kind of car. The car seats up to seven people. The seventh seat is tucked away in the middle console. You can also open and close the back automatically with the keyless remote. The front two seats have seat warmers that you can operate individually to different temperatures. It is also has individual temperature controls for the driver and passenger in the front area. And the back area also has its own controls for the temperature. The highlander is an SUV it is not big or too small. I think it is the perfect size.

- Veronica T

It is a dependable vehicle. I've had my highlander since 2012 and we've only had to do a few minor repairs on it.

Generally speaking, I love my Highlander. I like that it can fit my entire family comfortably in the car. I love the way it drives, and the gas mileage it gets. There are only a few things that I don't like about my car. I don't like that there is no storage; I either have to have a roof rack or tail gate to travel. I don't like that there is no temperature gage for the outside temperature. The thing that bothers me the most about my highlander is that I can't control the rear temperature in the car. If I turn off the rear temperature gage it just turns the air off in the back.

- J R

Spacious vehicle with three rows of seating

My car has about 280,000 miles on it but it is in great condition. It has been on several trips to and from California to Georgia with zero issues. It has three rows of seating and the seats are able to be laid down for extra trunk space. I love the back of the car because the trunk space is very spacious and can fit all of our luggage on trips. It is a pretty good size car and it drives really well. The only issue would be the passenger side window which needs a little help to be pushed back up. But other than that, it is a great car with zero performance issues.

- Courtney W

I have a 2012 Toyota highlander with a GPS system. My car seats 7 passengers.

I absolutely love my car, the only two things I would change is in the second row the middle seat does not go in and out very easily so it makes it difficult to get to the third row if there is passengers in the outer seats. Secondly, would be that if you have all seven seats up and occupied you have very limited room in the back of the car. I personally have five children and it is almost impossible to transport groceries home with all my kids in the car due to the room available. Other than those issues I love the way it drives and just how comfortable it is.

- Kristin H

Love it hate it relationship.

Bought used. Comfortable car with ample room for first row and second row, third not for people with long legs, no storage room if third row is up. Third row seats are easy to pull up and down. Recall on the back tailgate because of motor issue with door, replaced and working now. Door lock issues with driver door, remote key does not work and have to use valet key. Navigation is outdated. Car has been reliable on multiple long distance road trips and has hauled a small U-Haul unit. Have not been able to connect by Bluetooth between car and phone.

- Jennifer W

Mostly Good/A Couple of Pet Peeves

We love our Highlander for the most part. It is reliable and drives well. The main thing we do not like about it are the locks and the hands-free features. The car doors automatically lock when you shift out of park, and they automatically unlock when you put it in park again. That is unnecessary and annoying. We also have a difficult time setting up our phones with the hands-free feature. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it stops working and just displays 'error.' It would be nice if everything worked simply and properly.

- Lindsay O

Great family vehicle, affordable and reliable

Extremely reliable and have had very few problems. A great vehicle to have if you need space and yet do not want to drive a monster of an SUV. I would prefer if it had a little more power but what it lacks there it makes up in handling. As it is a base model, it has just the basics, a simple radio and CD player. It would be nicer if the system was of better quality but at the time that I bought the vehicle, that was not the most important thing for me. I was looking for something affordable, reliable and enough space for the family.

- Brian O

My highlander experience!

I appreciate the back up camera and navigation system; however, I do not like having to pay a yearly fee for a map update. I love the way it drives, can turn on a dime, and is really good on gas mileage. I keep the back row seats down and use it for a trunk area, but occasionally put the seats up when all the grandchildren are around. First vehicle that had seat warmers ad I also use them as a heating pad when driving long trips!

- Faye I

Toyota highlander are the best cars!

I have a 2012 highlander and I love it. I had an Altima before but the highlander is amazing. It drives so smooth and not rough riding. I love the leather seats and also have heated seats! I also have a sunroof and perfect for the summer months. It also has 3 row seats and its great if you have 2 or more kids. :). You have a ton of room to haul stuff. It is an amazing vehicle and do not think I will ever drive anything else.

- Jennifer C

Toyota Highlanders are built well and lasts for a long time.

I like the feel of the Highlander Hybrid in that it feels solid. I also like that it has three seats to fit all the grandchildren! I like that the hybrid is good for the air but don't like that it only gets optimum mileage if moderate temperatures. If it is very cold or very hot it doesn't get good gas mileage and Utah has both extremes in weather so I only get great gas mileage in the Spring and the Fall!

- Teresa s

Great experience with the highlander.

Great vehicle, reliable, very comfortable to drive. Also great mileage when traveling. Leather seating is very comfortable, especially on long trips. Instrumentation on the dashboard are easy to read and reach. The radio and phone is at your fingertips on the steering wheel. Also with three outlets in the vehicle to charge your phone, or iPad or laptop. Overall the highlander is a great vehicle.

- Nick C

Highlander trunk won�t open automatically.

I absolutely love my highlander. I really have not had many problems with it. The only thing I've had to replace was the battery. Everything else I've had to do was standard maintenance such as oil change, plugs, tires, and brakes. There was a time I thought my automatic trunk system had died. However, there is a button in the glove box that can be easily hit and will turn the truck off.

- Leslie C

The gas mileage is not fantastic, but it is very roomy and comfortable to drive!

I like the ability to have multiple passengers in the car or fold down the third row for extra storage space. The car has plenty of space for my family and I, it is my "mom car" and I love it. If there were one thing I had to dislike about my highlander, it would be that, at the time we purchased it, they were not selling any highlanders in the Arizona/southwest region without a sunroof.

- Catherine G

The Toyota highlander: a great family vehicle!

The 2012 Toyota highlander is an amazing vehicle. The leather seating is comfortable and cleans up easily. The ride is smooth, without sacrificing power or acceleration. There are plenty of cup holders for all passengers (for once)! The only marginal complaint is a relative lack of nooks and crannies to place things (receipts, pens, coins, etc.) For easy reach.

- Jed T

The Toyota highlander is very reliable.

Problems have been that the door locks will go out and you will get rattles in the dash. Performance is awesome it has some get up and go when needed during passing. Reliability is great as well, I have never had any major mechanical issues with my SUV. Comfort and features it has the latest and greatest features you would need and the comfort is great as well.

- India D

Very dependable and reliable.

I love my car. It is very reliable and as a single woman that is important. The only problem I have had is with one of the wheels had some sort of problem and it took them 3 tries to find it. After that it is no problem. I chose a bright blue. No losing it in a parking lot. I have 3 grandchildren and feel very safe with all three in the car.

- Deborah W

Toyota highlander limited AWD.

We have loved the Toyota highlander. It is the perfect size for our family of 5. With captain chairs in the center, a walk through, and a third row in the back, we have plenty of room. We bought this car used which has given us some issues, but the highlander itself with an added hitch and AWD is perfect for our lake trips with the sea doo.

- Sarah D

Comfortable SUV with 3rd row seating but drives like a car.

Very reliable, bought it new and no issues. Love the automatic back door opener feature. Backup camera is hard to see in the bright sunlight and at night, wish it had backup lines. 3rd row seats are easy to put up and store away. Wish there was more of a trunk space to hide away laptop or other valuables and groceries fall over in the back.

- Melissa D

Toyota highlander - reliable.

My highlander has plenty of room, and little to no problems. My only complaint is that when it gets very cold, my tire pressure light engages and will not shut off until reset by a mechanic. Otherwise, my car is very reliable. I like the snow function in the winter. Recently, I avoided an accident by using this feature during an ice storm.

- Amber J

Great gas mileage and lots of room.

My Toyota Highlander hybrid gets great gas mileage. I travel out of state and it averages 25 mpg. It rides nice and has a lot of room. I can take my 2 big dogs and for a lot of stuff in the back too. I moved my daughter's stuff for college and managed to get everything in it. The only drawback is it is not fast due to it being a hybrid.

- Chris B

Safe and reliable car of the year

I have not had any issues with my highlander. I had an accident a few years back, and realized even more, why I love this car. It is super safe and reliable. If I had to buy another car, I would most likely get another highlander. This is an amazing car. I have recommended it to many people who have purchased then. They love it too!

- Evelyn D

The most important thing about my car is that it is extremely reliable.

I have 6 people in my family so I like that it seats 7. We previously had a Ford Expedition that seated 8 but was much larger and this vehicle fits better in the garage and elsewhere. I do wish that I had a model with more extra features like automatic seats. I enjoy that the rear area has separate temperature controls.

- Raven H

An interesting detail about the highlander is that they have power heated seats

The Toyota Highlander is great for towing, traveling, and hauling things. It has 3rd row seating and two bucket seats, the seats also have power heating. This model has a backup camera as well. The seats are super comfortable and can come in leather or cloth. I recommend buying this vehicle if you have a bigger family.

- kelsey R

Tons of bells and whistles.

This vehicle has so many bells and whistles. There are so many bonus features. I love that in the front I have four cup holders! The side mirrors on the visors, extra cubbies here and there, ability to make the middle seat a pass through to the third row and an additional insert. My vehicle drives and steers amazingly.

- Angie G

2012 Toyota highlander review.

No service issues, it runs great and with 95,000 miles it still has lots of life left. My only issue is the technology is lagging. Other makes and models have better and more user friendly technology such as GPS and navigation. I had to go online to figure out how to change the clock as the owner's manual was unclear.

- Christina D

It's got great safety ratings

I just got my Highlander in June of this year and i love how it handles. I feel more secure in a bigger car like an SUV and it's also nice for transporting the kids and their friends. It also has a lot of nice features like a nav system, bluetooth, backup camera, leather seats, moonroof, and a hitch for a bike rack

- Andrea A

Automatic starter is great both in the winter and summer. I like it best.

The Toyota highlander rides very well, it is a very smooth ride. The highlanders are actually good on gas the car is very spacious, seating seven adults very comfortably. Regular maintenance is required but other than that very reliable. It is equipped with air conditioning, 4 wheel drive and has automatic starter.

- Mary O

It's always reliable and no unexpected expenses for repairs. I know we'll get close to 200,000 miles on this Toyota just like we did on our Camry.

I love my Highlander because of the extra seating which allows me to take 5 of my Grandchildren for outings to our cabin. I also enjoy the height of the vehicle which makes it easier to get in and out of. In the 5 years we have owned the vehicle we have had no extra expense for repairs, just routine maintenance.

- Melanie R

Roomy and able to handle numerous people and or pets.

I purchased the 2012 Highlander after my 2005 Highlander was totaled. I love the space in my car and it came in handy with moving from one chime to another. It has also been great with travelling with pets. It is larger than my previous Highlander. I would probably go to a smaller car with my next purchase.

- Bonnie G

Foldable seats in the back.

It has a delay in the breaks and makes some weird squeaking sounds when I turn. Overall it is a good car though. It has a very big trunk and a nice sunroof. I like that I can fold down the seats to make an even bigger trunk. I have it in a nice navy color as well. The car is also a good height from the ground.

- Sarah L

It is Very Reliable. You can count on it to take you where you need to drive to or the places you need to go.

It is a great car. It is comfortable to ride in for any distance. My complaint is that the seat belts in the back seats tighten up so tight that you cannot move. It is like we need an extension on our seat belts in the back row seats. We have two back row seats. We have not used our back row seats yet.

- John C

A comfortable and reliable family car.

This is technically my mom's car, but I love it. The drive is smooth and the car is easy to control. The 7 seats are really great for driving friends around and packing our family of 5 up for vacation. The seats are comfortable and the AUX cord is great! You can have multiple CDs in the player at once.

- Catalina C

Happy with highlander as a family car.

The car drives very well, has a terrific turning radius for its size, and has good visibility from the driver's seat. The interior is easy to maintain. The car drives very well in the snow and heavy rain, and the gas mileage is adequate for a car of its size. The entertainment system is good quality.

- Jessica B

I love my Toyota highlander!

The highlander is completely reliable, never had any real issues, only standard maintenance. It fits our family of four plus the dog perfectly. It handles extremely well in the mn winters. I love the look and the way the car drives. The limited package has the leather seats and sunroof, which I love.

- Meg A

It gets a great number of miles per gallon.

I love Toyotas, they are by far the most reliable car brand I have ever owned (followed closely by Hondas). I don't look for much in a car other than how reliable it is, anything else is a plus. Secondly, the mpg is super important to keep gas costs low, which my car has pretty good mpg I would say.

- Dustin F

No thank you I already did.

Reliable, low maintenance and comfortable for travel. I would highly recommend to anyone. It is a great family car as well, although cargo space could be a tad more spacious. Toyota is a great brand. The 2012 highlander model is also better looking than the current version and has a timeless look.

- Lara K

It's fairly fuel efficient, which I like. It's also good looking!

I like the fact it's an SUV, which puts me a little higher above the road. I enjoy the extra space inside for hauling items that require protection from the elements. At times I dislike it, due to when I'm hauling recycle to the local facility, it doesn't always fit (mainly cardboard items).

- Joe W

My Toyota highlander is visually appealing, sleek and easy to drive.

I have never been happier than I have been with my Toyota highlander. I love that the height of the vehicle gives me a perfect 360 degree view of the highway and cars in front and back of me. I have had no major issues with my vehicle other than routine care and maintenance in the pat 5 years.

- Ellie P

Great SUV for a small family

I've own this vehicle for almost one year now. It's been perfectly reliable in every way. It's a great SUV for a small family. It offers plenty of room in all areas of the vehicle. Gas mileage seems pretty good for the size of the SUV which is a plus and one of the main reasons I purchased it.

- Josh L

Worth the price you pay in gas!

I am the second owner of my vehicle and I love it. I haven't had any issues (knock on wood) to date. I keep up regular maintenance so gas mileage has been consistent over the years. It fits my family of four well. The options are standard but seem to be high quality. I’d buy this SUV again!

- Camille E

It is a great family car that you can seat 7 people or less.

I live in Texas so in the winter it gets icy here and it runs great on the ice. I love that it has a 3rd row that I can have put up. I only have 2 kids so I do not need it all the time. So the extra storage space is wonderful. We have never had a problem with our SUV since we purchased it.

- Anita T

Third row seating with Bluetooth technology and ease of use.

Lots of room, front and rear air conditioning, third row, several cup holders, smooth ride under 80, once you hit anything above 80 car does tend to shake. Car can be either used for automatic or manual drive. You are able to text while driving and comes equipped with Bluetooth technology.

- Abi A

Drive a Highlander, drive on a cloud.

This car drives so smooth and Toyota vehicles provide easy maintenance. High end/upgrade options are available without breaking the bank. This model has a spacious interior and the back row seating folds down, allowing for large items in trunk. Driver & passenger seat s have back pockets.

- Valerie C

Unsurprising, predictability is its greatest quality.

I bought this vehicle brand new. It has 130,000 miles. I have purchased tires and replaced brakes. Just the low maintenance that I need as a single mom with kids and dogs all the time. I feel safe driving no matter the weather conditions. This is my 7th Toyota. I'll never drive another.

- Monica C

The Toyota Highlander is the perfect size for a family of five!

The Toyota Highlander is a great SUV for a family of five! It can hold up to 7 passengers. In the middle row, the console folds down and it makes it easy for someone to climb into the third row without having to move any seats. It's also great for traveling and provides plenty of space.

- Michelle J

Great handling on both highway and off-road

My car is very reliable. I have over 160000 miles and only needed to replace brakes and a few headlights. The interior had no issues-all extras still performing as well as when new. Handles like a car with good pick-up for passing and merging. Would buy another one in the future.

- Stephanie M

The Toyota Highlander is a very nice and smooth ride with plenty of room for everyone.

I mostly really like my Highlander. It has a smooth ride and plenty of seating and windows. I wish there was a little bit more storage room available and I wish I had gotten a better sound system because this one isn't too great. All in all though, I have been very happy with my SUV.

- Susan B

It is a nice ride and roomy car. The most important thing about the car is that I love the roominess.

I love my Highlander. It has a nice ride and is roomy for the family. When we travel, this is nice to have. There are a couple of things I wish was different with it. One is that fact that the stereo system gets "hot" to the touch. The other is the fact that it is somewhat a gas hog.

- Sau Ying S

Toyota Highlander. Enjoyable and Reliable!!

Very reliable. Only oil changes. I have not done any other maintenance. I really enjoy driving to and from work. It is the best car that I have ever driven. Driving around town has been fast and fun. Great times!! Hopefully will be able to drive this vehicle for years to come

- Joshua M

It is sturdy and had 100% held up maintenance and cross country trips.

I like that is it large enough for our family of 4. It has made 2 cross country trips since we purchased and we've had no major issues with it at all. Only complaint is something on the dash rattles and we can't figure out what it is. We have a Camry as well and it does the same.

- Kimmers C

Perfect vehicle for road trips.

The car runs great and I trust Toyota however the mileage you get on it is not all great but I would consider getting a different model of Toyota. Never had any major problems other than monthly maintenance. The features still work great and has plenty of room to store any items.

- Emily G

It has a lot of great space!

I love the space it provides when using the first two rows. When adding the third row there is very limited trunk space. As for performance it has been great. Gas mileage is roughly around 18 mile per gallon. Wish it would be a four wheel drive option rather than all wheel drive.

- Teal N

Toyota highlander - the best vehicle for any family.

Enjoy the highlander very much. SUVs are easy to pack for a trip or great to carry my 2 dogs. Gas mileage is about 19 mpg, and I drive about 13 miles to work every week day. It also has the third row seating, which is great for 3 more passengers, making it a 8 passenger vehicle.

- Ruth M

I love my Toyota highlander SUV.

Love the 3 rows of seating! It drives very comfortably, and smoothly. Stereo is great as is the Bluetooth phone system. It has a sleek design and the tear I purchased (2012) has what I believe to be the best body shape for the highlander. I'd definitely purchase another one.

- Victoria S

Tell one tell all! To have what we want!

Nothing is wrong with my vehicle. We like it have from day one. What more do you want. When you get a good car SUV you hang on to it for many years. Makes it good for travel, kids, shopping, all around a good car. Tell others about it all the time. So tell all your friends.

- Christopher K

Reliable and safe Toyota Highlander.

I love the interior and perks of having the limites version. I live in a snowy climate and the snow button really helps me from sliding out at corners. This vehicle is almost impossible to fishtail. I feel safe and secure when I'm driving long distances over varied terrain.

- Justina L

Gray 2012 Toyota Highlander, spacious and safe SUV

The highlander drives smoothly, has a spacious interior that seats 7, and is very comfortable. It also comes in many colors. What some may consider a con is the 15 gallon tank and that the car is not super fuel-efficient, but this shouldn't be a surprise when purchasing.

- Stacie C

Comfy seats and trunk space.

Good gas mileage, good leg space in the back seats. Lots of trunk space when you put the third row of seats down. However, very little leg space in the third row of seats and almost no trunk space when third row is up. Seats are very comfy but they do not recline enough.

- Jasmine G

Great family vehicle for trips

Highlander is very good quality. Built to last. No major engine issues or transmission issues yet. Toyota has done a great job with this body style. Sleek design and functional storage. We use the third row seating often to haul our kids and their friends to practice.

- Mark N

Awesome SUV if your looking for reliably car.

SUV is awesome only had a few problems battery drain and radio volume issues other than that the car runs really well low maintenance low cost never had anything serious happen with it knock on wood would of like to get a 4x4 but wasn't thinking of that when purchased.

- Jeremy A

Achieve great heights with a highlander. Spacious comfortable, luxurious.

The most comfortable SUV on the market. Handles like a car but roomier. 3 row seating extends capacity to 6 and yes the 3rd row is spacious. It is very reliable. Dashboard sensors direct the driver to immediate problems that can be resolved at the Toyota dealership.

- Mark B

It is reliable and comfortable. The four wheel drive knows exactly when to engage and I don't have to worry so much about rain, snow or sleet on the road.

I have an automatic 4 wheel drive Highlander. I never used to drive in the snow, but with this vehicle I have driven in snow that was 12 feet deep and never had a problem keeping control of my vehicle on icy or snow covered roads. I highly recommend this vehicle!!

- frances S

Dog- loving,,traveling couple: fits our life perfectly!

I love this car! I have had no problems with it. I bought it used and it has been the best purchase. It is comfortable for my dog and I and I can still take passengers. The back is perfect for a dog to stand/ lay down! This was the perfect car for my needs.

- Heather S

I love the snow feature. One button press to help navigate snow.

It is reliable. I have about 120,000 miles and just have had to do regular maintenance like oil and brakes but no serious issues. If I were to trade in my vehicle I would refinery buy the same one again. I would highly recommend buying a Toyota highlander.

- Monica K

Trustworthiness and reliability! Super spacious without being a bulky SUV

I love the space without it being a huge SUV. I love the ability to open the back hatch with my keyless remote. I like the push button start. I love the ease of driving it. I love the ALL wheel drive. I enjoy the navigation system, even tho it's outdated.

- ashley j

Disappointing Issues With a 2012 Highlander

Leather seats have not worn well compared to previous vehicles owned. 3 of the 4 door locks have failed which has never happened to any other car we have owned. I expect better quality from Toyota. The rear hatch has been repaired twice, again a surprise.

- Theresa M

It has third row seating to fit 7 people.

The vehicle drives great. Not a lot of road noise. Good gas mileage. Has a third row so it fits 7 people comfortably. The middle seat folds down if you need more room for hauling. It also has a hitch on the back if you ever needed to hook a trailer to it.

- Allison W

A good vehicle to have for vacations and drive around town.

My car, Toyota, is a real good riding vehicle, always a smooth trip. We enjoy taking trips and going on vacation. We have plenty of room in our Toyota and we also carry our grandkids with us sometimes. This is the third Toyota vehicle that we have owned.

- Mildred F

My car is good fit for a family of four, but feels big enough to give everyone their own space.

I appreciate that the car is not to big and not too small. I like that it has a camera at the back to help with parallel parking. I don't like that it is a little wasteful when it come to gas consumption,so I usually pay more for gas than other cars.

- Khue N

It is a wide car, a least in my opinion. Somewhat deceptively so.

Most of the only issues I have had with the cars are due to poor maintaining of it by a previous owner. Other than the issues they made with the car, it runs fine, is comfortable and comfy, and has enough space for almost anything I can think of.

- Carter M

Extremely spacious vehicle with a reliable engine

Vehicle has been very reliable, clean and comfortable. It is a little outdated and has a small back camera that I would make big. But other than that small detail is a good vehicle that is worth its value. Has yet to give us any major issues

- Dilan H

Runs amazing on snow and ice.

Great driving in snow and ice. Plenty of room with two kids. No mechanical issues and runs well. Paint has chipped in a few places and antenna came off in car wash. Currently has 110, 000 miles and should go to 200, 000 easily.

- Meghan S

Everyday vehicle that feels like an adventure everyday.

Great ride, very comfortable, very spacious, very reliable and dependable. There is a third row that allows for more people and cargo, as well as the middle seat of the middle row comes out to make it 2 captains chairs.

- Jonathan T

When the third row is up there is very little room in the trunk.

I love the option for the third row. I dislike how the first row back seat has a fold down armrest as the middle seat because I am unable to put a carseat there. I like the room in the trunk when the third row is dow .

- Nicole S

Toyota highlander, a great car that is spacious.

My car is spacious. I love the size, the additional seats and the comfort. I would like additional ports for charging in the back seats. I would also like to change the blind spots. Overall, I would recommend this SUV.

- Susan N

Drives more like a car than a truck.

The cars interior could have been constructed with better material. For example, the dashboard looks very cheap, like plastic. One of the radio adjust buttons has come off. And the drivers visor pops off at times.

- Joanna S

It is a very solid, reliable vehicle though it is an older model.

The car feels solid. It runs smooth and has lots of power. It has deluxe features. It has been in 2 major deer accidents, was repaired and runs like a charm. Sometimes there are rattle-type noises that are annoying.

- Claudia R

It's very reliable. Being a 6 cylinder, don't expect to get more the 20 MPG on average.

I bought it used 1.5 yrs ago. It is a Limited trim line and has a lot of nice features. I like the heated seats the best. The infotainment system is not too good but may have been nice at the time of the model year.

- Mark T

This vehicle has great safety features.

I like being able to get in and out of it. I like the way it handles on the road. And I like that it is able to tow my r pod.. I do not like that I cannot get an upgrade for the navigation system to work in alaska.

- Joni H

Very universal. I am very outdoorsy and bike/ kayak. It has been great for that.

Super comfy, loaded. The ride is incredibly smooth and I have used the 3 row seats twice since buying it a month ago. It is been great for long road trips and has enough tech to keep me entertained on every drive.

- Chris D

Very Reliable family vehicle

The Highlander is a very reliable vehicle. We were pleasantly surprised how well it ran. Great pick up and drive. We bought a very basic model, our next one will have more bells and whistles for even more comfort.

- Sue D

The Highlander is versatile to meet a family's needs.

I really like the flexibility with the 3rd row and it's cargo capacity. The roof rack and hitch also provide many options for cargo, especially road trip family vacations. My only dislike is poor gas mileage.

- Terri M

Looking for a great family car? A highlander, it is!

Our family has really enjoyed the Highlander because of the space and versatility with the 3rd row option. It has great gas mileage and has not had many maintenance issues in the 3 years we have owned it.

- Sarah P

It's not that small and great on gas.

I have no problems with my vehicle. so far everything works just great with the truck. We all know Toyota's are a great brand and will last for a very long time, you just have to keep the maintenance up.

- Quantesha L

Toyota Highlander is very dependable and family friendly, including the third row seating for friends

Love the third row of seats! Very comfortable and family friendly! Runs smoothly and hope to purchase another one when this one dies. Haven't had to put much work into it after having it over 6 years

- Valerie F

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is a nice looking vehicle. Having navigation system is awesome.

I really like the navigation system. I enjoy how many passengers I can fit. I do not like that I can't update my maps for my navigation system. Silly but I like having cup holders in the very back.

- Angie M

It is a quality vehicle the best I have ever owned and will not switch from Toyota .

It is quality vehicle that has a ride that most people who ride with me comment on how smooth ride it is. It all so has a great appearance inside and out and very versatile with great gas mileage.

- David P

Love the heated seats and the radio. Excellent.

No problems. I get great gas mileage. The back seats are very comfortable for passengers. The only thing I would like to have is a larger third row seating. Otherwise the vehicle is perfect!!

- Debbie B

People should know my car is low maintenance.

Minimal maintenance needed, smooth ride, comfortable.... I love the body style of the car and the interior.... Toyota changed the highlander and it does not look as nice as my 2012 model.

- Andrea M

2012 Toyota Highlander Limited

Spacious and comfortable interior with room for 7. Smooth, quiet ride. The only negative is the gas mileage, around 17 mpg for city driving, which seems typical for SUV's of this size.

- Tiffany T

It's great for busy families. Can easily transport kids and their friends to practice. Has lots of room for road trips.

My highlander is very family friendly. The second row middle seat can be switched to a center console for road trips when it's just us 4. The third row folds down with one easy button.

- Jennifer W

Reliable and built by a company that takes care of their customers.

I like the size and the amount of cargo space. My dislike is that it gets about 19 MPH and when you have the rear windows down, there is a thundering noise due to the window dynamics.

- Norm S

I think that people should know that the Highlander I a great quality car for a reasonable price.

My Highlander rides really good. I love that it has a backup camera. It has a luxury car feel for a great price. I think that the Highlander has good gas mileage for an SUV.

- Dedria M

Toyota Highlander: you'll love it from first drive!

I love my Highlander. The ride is comfortable, gas mileage us decent, and in 6 years have had zero problems-- routine maintenance only. Nothing to dislike: I am VERY pleased!

- Dennis W

We're buying another Highlander!

We have owned our Highlander for 6 years and have never had any problems with it. And we love it so much we are getting ready to buy a new Highlander in the next few months.

- Renae h

It is very reliable, and handles easily. It is very comfortable.

It is feature rich. I have never had a serious issue with it. It fits my family. I wish it was a little bigger not much but a little. It drives great and moves easily.

- Jennifer L

It's a reliable vehicle. Lot of space in the back to hold a lot of stuff

Best vehicle we've ever had. Haven't had any issues or problems with it. It holds a lot in the back. Bought it because I needed the length in the back to hold a 70" harp

- Janean M

It is old but will get you where you want to go.

I like the roominess of the interior layout. I do not like the position of the driver's sideview mirror, it is too high and blocks my line of sight when turning left.

- Linda C

This is a very well made vehicle, perfect for those with a bigger family.

It is spacious and drives and handles well. It has a lot of addons that make it even better. The engine shuts off on its own when you come to a complete stop though.

- Chris M

The traction on my vehicle is better than any other vehicles.

Good in snow. Roof racks dislike. Good reliable. I like my car because it is a really good vehicle for the needs that I need it for and the driving that I do daily.

- Justin M

Great all around vehicle.

Highlander is very roomy and comfortable. Has been extremely reliable to date. We traded a Cadillac when we bought it and my wife likes the Highlander better!

- Henry C

People should know about my car is that it is reliable.

This is the best car I have ever owned. It is comfortable, it is easy to drive, and it has great accessories to make driving long distance driving quite nice.

- Donna S

Great vehicle! Big enough for any family, but drives like a smaller car.

Very spacious SUV, but drives like a car. It has plenty of room for family, hauling smaller items (furniture, etc.), but doesn't feel like a big, bulky SUV.

- Alicia L

It drives like a car, but you have so much more space.

I love that I sit up high when I drive. It drives well and is a comfortable ride. The one complaint I have is that the back up lights are not very bright.

- Amy S

The highlander is a reliable family vehicle

I love that the middle row can be made as a bench or into two captains seats. Perfect size for a family of 4. Not too expensive for maintenance or repairs

- Heather E

Pretty pearl white Highlander

Overall I love my SUV. It runs great and have not had a problem with performance. The one negative thing is the navigation system and electronic console.

- LeeAnn M

That the Highlander dependable.

Toyotas is my favorite brand. The Highlander has enough room for my family. It's been dependable. Only complaint is the blind spot when you are driving.

- Darnell F

IT's great and it has over 100,000 miles on it. I like to take it many places.

The only complaints I have are that there is a very small trunk space when all three rows are up. I also feel my car isn't as smooth as it could be.

- Alyson T

Smooth ride and great sound system.

Outside is too big and could have better gas mileage. Not enough usb ports. Cannot play music on the one port. Love the ride, sound system, leather.

- Tee L

The highlander is a very reliable car.

The highlander is a very comfortable car. My passengers say that the back seat is very roomy. I really have no complaints with the car. I love it.

- Laraine A

Great SUV, except for the electrical issues

The SUV runs fine, and the only issues I have experienced have been the vehicle locks don't always work and the charging ports don't work anymore.

- Steven F

It runs really smooth and is classy looking

I like the gas mileage. It's very roomie It has air-conditioned back seat I don't like that you can only access the vehicle on the driver's side.

- Jane S

This car is very reliable, comfortable and great for long trips.

Dependable, good size, not too big not too small, has a sporty look. Good traction. Good storage space in the back. Has a handy 3rd row seat

- Michelle H

An awesome vehicle for a compact and stable drive

Mileage could be better but it's rock solid and very reliable. For an SUV it's compact but spacious inside and has great overall efficiency.

- Erik O

It is a great family car. You can put 5 people in there comfortable.

We are a one car family. The Highlander is very reliable. We have taken this car on many road trips. It is a perfect car for our family.

- Misty C

Reliable, family friendly and durable.

Like the how spacious it is, third row option, lots of cup holders, and storage space. The thing I do not love about it is the gas mileage.

- Lauren L

It is safe, reliable & the maintenance is easy.

The car drives very smooth, the price is affordable, it is a reliable car and easy maintenance. Felt safe riding in & driving since day 1.

- Valerie N

Good sized SUV and gets great mileage.

This vehicle is the right size for me. Seats 6 people which is perfect. I haven't had any problems with it and it runs great. No issues.

- Lynne M

The most important things folks should know about my vehicle are: (1) that is mine. 2, It's practical. 3, It is reliable.

I have no complaints. My vehicle gets me to where I want to go. It's easy to drive and has room for who or what I want to take with me.

- Franchot L

My Toyota highlander is very dependable. It has never left me on the road.

I like my Toyota highlander. It has not given me any trouble. I just need to follow up with my routine servicing and I am good to go.

- Bryon G

The car has great features and is good on gas mileage.

I like the third row allowing 7 passengers to ride at once. I do not like that when the third row is up there is no trunk space.

- Heather B

Toyotas are very reliable and lasts a long while before it gives up.

I love everything about it. But I do dislike how it doesn't have enough room to put things in the back when all seats are used.

- Nikki K

this is a safe and reliable car.

great interior space and it also drives really well in the harsh new england weather. I dislike that it gets poor gas mileage

- j F

It is extremely reliable and so comfortable. Plus it has a lot of room.

Drives great, is comfortable, has a lot of room, has been very reliable. Would like it if it got a little better gas mileage.

- Diane P

Reliable and performance, never had any problems with this car and bought it new.

Performance, gas mileage, reliability.. Love the way it handles.. Love how smooth it rides.. Easy rides.. Plenty of room.

- Francis H

It's very reasonably priced, safe and comfortable, especially for a family!

Our car is very comfortable and safe - we love especially using it for longer car rides and trips! I highly recommend it!

- Tracy K

It is great for anyone with a family because it has third row seating and great on gas mileage.

I love how much room I have in my vehicle. I wish the back up camera was better. I love the gas mileage for the vehicle.

- Ashley S

Smooth ride get a Toyota.

I have experienced no problems with this car since it was purchased. It drives very smooth and the maintenance is easy.

- Val N

Great on gas to be a SUV.

I like the room. I like the make of car. Is reliable for my 4 kids. I do not have any complaints yet about the vehicle.

- Amber T

it is good in all weathers and driving conditions

it is always dependable. it is a beautiful reach imperial blue , which makes it stand out, iit is roomy and comfortable

- Stephen S

It is a 4-door SUV. It drives like a car.

It is very reliable. I have no problems with it. It handles really well and although it's an SUV, it drives like a car.

- Carrie H

The highlander's third row seating is great for transporting the soccer team.

I love that it has a lot of space. I would like some additional USB ports. The blind spots could use some improvement.

- Susan N

It works well and it is comfortable to drive. It also has good space to fit everything you need.

It has been working very well for the last couple of years but the only issue I have is that it takes up a lot of gas.

- Emily G

Very reliable brand and model.

Horrible blind spots. Males in family say it rides better than minivan. I miss sliding doors that open with a button.

- sheila c

It is safe, family friendly, and great for long distance travel

I like that it has rear A/C and heat, it has a third row, safety features, and second row captain seats, large trunk.

- J P

Toyota highlander- a nice family car

My toyota is very reliable. It provides a smooth ride. I feel it is safe for my family. I think it has nice features.

- Kate M

Horrible blind spots if you are short which affects how you see out of your vehicle.

It has horrible blind spots. My old minivan had better space. My family says it rides much better than the minivan.

- sheila b

It rides great and is roomy. Great for families and for carrying around lots of stuff.

It's a great car. It fits my family of 4 comfortably. It is comfortable for long trips and holds all of our stuff.

- Mon F

My Highlander is good quality and highly reliable. I rarely have any mechanical issues with my vehicle.

My past three vehicles have been Toyota Highlanders. High quality, few mechanical problems, good size for my needs

- Joy L

My car is great on fuel mileage.

I love the third row seating. I dislike that the back up camera is small. I wish it had coolness my seats as well.

- Ashley S

The suv is very dependable and can handle any rough drive.

I like that my suv is very reliable. It saves gas. It is dependable. I don't like that it is not stylish looking.

- Hong Y

It is very small. I keep it nice and clean.

Trunk not push button, do not have wireless, no special radio, do not like my Bluetooth.. Everything else I love.

- Jean D

It is really spacious. We can travel comfortably with this vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It runs really well. It didn't give me any problem. I've been driving this car for four years.

- Mary Aquino O

My car is very reliable, comfortable, and performs pretty well.

My car is reliable. It holds value very well. Dislike that it is just a car, it is not that appealing to me.

- Gail W

It's very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It drives very well and it's very comfortable, reliable and sporty. I think the navigation could be better.

- Nancy S

2012 Toyota highlander as family vehicle

Love all the extras and space in the vehicle. Would prefer a bigger engine, but overall great family vehicle

- Mary H

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle. It is also very low maintenance.

It is a very safe and dependable sport utility vehicle. It is very comfortable. It holds its resale value.

- Ken H

It is not aus for and has 7 seats

It is reliable. It is comfortable but getting old. Doesn't get good gas mileage. Like that it's black

- Betty B

Highlanders are the best ever

I love my vehicle. I haven't had any problems. It really is the best vehicle ever. Toyotas are the best.

- Amanda T

My Toyota Highlander is made to keep me and my family safe.

I like the comfortable ride. I dislike what it costs to put tires on it! It is spacious inside and safe.

- Joanne C

The inner space--it can fit as much stuff into it as a much larger SUV.

Love foreign cars because there are usually minimal repairs. I've only had to do oil changes and tires.

- Heather N

They are very dependable vehicles. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a spacious vehicle.

I love that it is a SUV. I also love the third row seat. I wished it was 4 wheel drive but its not.

- Rebecca S

It is hybrid which means it is environmentally friendly and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car! It is a hybrid so it gets good gas mileage. It also has all the bells and whistles.

- Susan K

It is a luxury type vehicle. Very comfortable and roomy, great for traveling

The Toyota Highlander limited is a mid size suv that feels like your driving a car best. We love it

- Heather W

This care has the space and comfort you need.

It has a very smooth ride. There is plenty of run from hauling items. It is fairly fuel efficient.

- David M

Safe to drive. Car weighs 6000 pounds. Able to sit comfortably.

Car weight helps me feel safe on road. Excellent mileage. Great acceleration. Fit comfortably.

- John A

keep routine maintenance schedule then you will be fine.

Sturdy in most condition. No break down and it has reached 112K for now. Engine runs smoothly.

- Chris F

I have never had anything go wrong with my Toyota ever.

I like that I sit up high. It rides smooth for being 6 years old. I can seat all my grandkids.

- Alice P

Safety but expensive to repair. Easy to drive handles the road well.

I like the size and safety factors of a large vehicle. I think there is too much cabin noise.

- Richard S

It drives really smooth, very reliable car a reasonable price

I love the way it drives, the gps,the 3 rows of seats, sunroof, backup camera, very nice SUV

- jill e

It's great on gas, in town or highway.

I wish it had internal GPS. I would prefer the multi disc player. I wish it were newer.

- Care K

Very dependable and very comfortable riding car.You should get one too

no breakdowns; comfortable to ride in; roomy; sit up high, I do not like blind spots.

- mary s

It is fun to drive and practically maintenance free.

It is very roomy and comfortable. It has good pickup. I really have no complaints.

- Susan S

It is reliable and a safe vehicle.

It is comfortable and reliable. I feel it keeps me safe while driving it as well.

- Nancy n

It handles really well and is quiet. Also the gas mileage.

I like the way it handles. I like it being trouble free. I like the gas mileage.

- Francis M

that is one of the best brands of cars with lots of safety features

i love the toyota because is a family friendly vehicle and i got no complaints

- vic f

It is a safe car. The ratings as well as the sturdy construction have been one of the best features.

It is very roomy! It has a decent technology package. Fuel economy rocks!

- Ron S

It is smooth riding don't feel all the bumps in the road

No complains love everything about it . Great size, quiet, very comfortable

- Debra C

very dependable !comfortable and a joy to drive .Highly rated by friends and family.

I love my Highlander because It's roomy, drives well, and very comfortable

- ingle S

None why they need to know something about my car.

I like it because is reliable and comfortable. Toyota is a great company.

- Adri G

Comfortable ride for long trips and a lot of cup holders

Smooth drive, comfortable seats, legroom in driving side could be longer

- Stephanie S

Plenty of space for car seats and carpooling. We have had zero troubles with the highlander.

Love the highlander! Perfect for carpool. Much cheaper than the Sequoia.

- Jenn H

The 2012 is a better size than the newer Highlanders

Easy to drive and holds a lot, comfortable, fits lots of college clutter

- Mary A

I like the size. I like the dependability. The features are great. Wish I had newer navigation system.

The Highlander is dependable and low maintenance with good gas mileage.

- Nina W

It is relatively safe, and does not require a lot of maintenance

Too large & big blind spots Like the ride and headroom Like the quality

- Keri E

Safety it is something that I like about my car since it is very smart

It's reliable and very good on gas I like the color and how it runs

- Carmen R

It drives very well. It has almost 100,000 miles and has only needed routine maintenance. The rearview mirrors cause a bit of a blind spot when turning but that is my only negative.

It is super reliable and dependable with a great resale value.

- Minnette s

It runs fine as long as you keep it well maintained.

Good gas mileage. Smooth ride. Not too expensive to maintain.

- T. J. S

It is reliable car. It is stylish with plenty of room to carry a lot of people.

It is spacious and reliable. I love the style and how it runs.

- Kirk G

Toyota's are a very safe car. My child is safe in the car.

I love the size of the car. I also love the safety features.

- Meredith R

reliable looks quiet smooth ride very comfortable third row of seats

RIDE LOOKS LOTS OF SPACE 3rd Row of seats smooth ride quiet


It has third row seating. It's a hybrid, so I get really good gas mileage despite the fact that it is an SUV

I love the auto liftgate. I love the captains chairs.

- Melissa S

Smooth ride that fits up to 7 people. I love everything about it! My only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage.

It offers a 3rd row for additional seating if needed.

- Tiffany P

Hybrid vehicles are good for the environment!

Hybrid so it saves on fuel! Wish it had a tow hitch.

- Juanita B

It's a great car with plenty of room for families.

It drives smoothly but does not get very good mileage

- Jen G

Reliable and fun to drive

No comment, haven't been a problem with it

- Don Y

Still runs like it is brand new!

- Madison M