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Comfy, fuel efficient, and safe ride.

I love my ride! Because it is a lease situation, I was able to afford owning a brand new vehicle for 18 months. The monthly payments are affordable. More details of the car itself, it does exactly what I need it to do which is primarily keep my family safe. The all wheel drive for the weather conditions works perfectly for the region I am in. It has a large enough capacity to seat everyone. Gas mileage is decent for the size vehicle, making it extremely affordable. No mechanical issues in the last year, making it reliable. As far as looks, it's all black with some sleek alloy trimming and wheels. The lights are luminous, lighting the road clearly at night. The ride itself is smooth. The acceleration is good enough whereas if I needed to gas it a little bit, I would be able to make evasive maneuvers. The height is great to be able to see better ahead of other, smaller vehicles which may lay ahead of me on the road. Inside has comfy seating with a decent sound system and easy to use console. I like how easily it is to connect my cell phone via Bluetooth for when playing music or audio books for a hands free ability. I am able to also answer incoming calls without taking my eyes off the road. The weight of the vehicle for its size seems very balanced and nibble. I have made multiple trips to and from ct to NYC with a comfortable ride, everytime. I really have nothing bad to say about my vehicle. Again, it does everything I need it to do. Gets me from point a to b, both comfortably and safety with more than enough room for my family as well as personal effects. Oh, forgot to mention, the seats fold down which allows a large capacity of space to move personal effects...

- Richard O

No more Toyota's for us.

After having owned six Toyota vehicles, we are done with the thought of ever purchasing another one. Our experience through the years started with great satisfaction in Toyota. But with each new model we didn't get the same quality and certainly the reliability from them. Our latest episode is with our 2018 Highlander Limited Platinum that we purchased in May 2018. It developed a small oil leak at about 1000 miles. It was so minor at first I didn't think it was the new car leaking. But with time it became worse and I was able to verify that it was the car that was leaking. Now I find out that due to a manufacturing defect in an engine casting they are going to have to remove the engine to fix it. The car is lightly used, only 2000 miles and now I am expected to accept the car back after having had the engine removed and who knows what done to it. I will try contacting Toyota but I don't have very high expectations on what they will do. In view of the downward trend of value and reliability in our last several Toyota Camry's and Highlanders, I don't plan on ever buying another one.

- John Pizzulo

Great Vehicle with HORRIBLE entertainment software

I’ve had my 2018 Platinum Limited Toyota Highlander for 1.5 years now. I purchased it new and I love almost everything about it. This vehicle offers a comfortable ride, Toyota’s legendary reliability and it handles very well in poor weather conditions. It’s the best vehicle I have ever own, with one BIG exception.. Toyota’s Etune Software is amongst the worst in the industry. I have called Toyota customer service on number of occasions to seek a solution to the numerous issues I have encountered. I have had issues with Bluetooth pairing, system crashes and everything in between with this software. Toyota customer service representatives aknowledge that “the software is less than desirable” and “have experienced a number of complaints”. Despite all of this, they offer no remedy or support for these issues. For me this is going to a point where I regret having purchased this vehicle. If you are looking to spend a considerable amount of money on a vehicle that doesn’t even have a functioning radio. Step right up, the 2018 Platinum Limited Highlander is for you!!

- Ryan Drebing

The Toyota highlander is the highlight of my life!

We, (my husband and I) have a 13 year old Toyota Tacoma that is still in excellent condition and is super reliable. So when we decided to get another vehicle to accommodate our growing family, that is why we again chose Toyota for our second vehicle. The Toyota highlander we chose is very spacious and can comfortably seat eight people, which will make it ideal for my family and especially any lengthy trips we take. There is also ample room for suitcases. I was a little hesitant at first to purchase an SUV because I am used to driving a much smaller vehicle, but I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it is to navigate my new highlander. (I especially like the "backup" feature that allows me to better visualize what is behind me. The hands free synchronization Bluetooth with my cell phone is great also. Added features, such as auto dimming of my high beams (when an oncoming car approaches), automatic braking if I get too close to a car in front of me are fantastic also. Overall, I would highly recommend the highlander or any Toyota vehicle.

- Kate S

You can trust the Toyota dependability.

My Toyota highlander limited AWD is fun and easy to drive. I love the limited trim look, ventilated seats, interior lights and large console storage. It has a shifter still instead of a transmission dial. I prefer the feel of the shifter. The second row is extremely roomy when you slide the seats back into the third row. There is plenty of cargo space too when the third row seats are down. This car boosts many safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, driver's lane assist and cross-traffic monitoring. I my opinion, Toyota has the best blind-spot indicator because it is built right into the side mirrors and is larger than other car manufacturers. Changes or features I'd like to see: a capless gas cap, indicator of switch tire is low and a better remote start feature that does not turn off when you open the car door. The stereo sound needs some tweaking as too much sounds emits out of the dashboard speakers rather than the nice JBL speakers in the door.

- Wendy J

Comfort, safety, reliability and style.

My Toyota highlander limited edition is comfortable and an enjoyable drive with easy steering and driver safety features that include blind spot monitoring, backup camera with cross traffic indication and lane assist. Heated and ventilated seats add to the comfort. Blue interior mood lighting and puddle ground projection lights are nice features. The automatic lift-gate is rather slow to open and close and if a tire low pressure light comes on, the vehicle does not indicate which tire is low. Automatic start is disappointing as the range is short, the start is delayed about 5 seconds and the vehicle turns off once you open the door. Keyless entry and start are convenient. Sound system is good quality with jbl speakers. There is ample trunk space especially if you lay the third row seats down. Center console storage is very roomy. This is my third Toyota vehicle. They are reliable and provide peace of mind when owning one.

- Wendy C

Toyota highlander why settle for less.

It is a safe and dependable vehicle. Stylish yet affordable. I have a smile on my face every time I drive it. The way it handles on the road is effortless. I especially like the lights at night, as it really lights up and makes driving so much better. It literally gives you a full 180 degree viewing. This is a top notch vehicle with auto setting which basically does everything with the push of a button, the wipers front and back are very quiet. All the controls are within reach on steering wheel. I do not think there is a better ride out there then the one I have. The second best feature is the 360 degree camera which is great for parking spaces and for safety making sure you are able to look around vehicle before you shut it off and exit vehicle. The options of second row bucket seating and the heat and air control seating is a nice feature along with sunroof and moonroof and heated steering wheel.

- Julie A

Driving a family vehicle for the everyday woman.

I really love my vehicle. It drives well and has a lot of room for my family of five. It is good on gas. Even though I have a v6 engine it drives so smooth and great gas mileage. The features of hands free talking are included in the highlander. The price we paid was so reasonable and the vehicle was worth it. I really love the backup camera. The only downer is if it rains it is hard to see through the camera from the rear. We have black interior which is nice but it show every lint and stain you bring in. But the vehicle is easy to clean and I absolutely love my new highlander. I feel like I drive a luxury vehicle.

- Florence T

The joy of driving a luxurious SUV.

This car is so wonderful. I have not found any problems. It has been a bit confusing because of all the bells and whistles, but we have learned about them all slowly but surely. The ride is quiet, and comfortable. Love the heated seats. Thoroughly enjoyed having the third row seat when our grandchildren visited. The kiddos spread out and everyone enjoyed the ride. We love the car so much that we have only had it for five months and are very close to 10, 000 miles. Everyone looking to buy a new car owes it to themselves to test drive this one. Totally awesome.

- Sharon B

2018 Toyota highlander has great interior features.

My Toyota highlander is a really great car. It has lots of room which made moving into college easier, and it has so many great accommodations and features as well. The rear passenger seats have seat warmers, there is car-wide climate control, automatic headlights, and so much more. The car also drives very smoothly, which makes driving it fun. However, the steering wheel sometimes automatically turns and adjusts by itself which is nerve wracking, and the navigation app can be very confusing with how little detail it gives in the route guidance.

- Caitlin C

Love my new SUV...More Road Trips Please

My Highlander is a fabulous SUV, it is so comfortable whether your just using it for errands and trips around town. It is so quiet on the inside making it great for road trips. It is very roomy and spacious inside. Bucket seats in the second row makes it a breeze to get to the three row. And still lots of room in the back for luggage or shopping items. It is so luxurious inside that you can't believe your driving an SUV. So many features heated seats, air conditioned seats just a great automobile.

- Paula K

Highlander is a great third row SUV!

The highlander is a great vehicle for those who need a reliable, long lasting, third row seat vehicle. I have only had it for about four months and I haven't had any issues. The Toyota dealership we went through was great and went above and beyond what they needed to when getting us a great deal. I had a Ford Explorer previously that had all the bells and whistles so I am a little disappointed by the speed and extras my highlander does not have but if I went a model up I am sure I would rank it 5/5.

- Dee H

Roomy, comfortable and has every feature necessary for a family of four.

I haven't had any problems with my highlander. The performance is smooth, easy and adjusts well to multiple conditions, to include snow/sleet/ice/rain and gravel. I find my car super reliable and because my spouse leased this car, I ended up buying one. The seats are super comfortable as is the heated element of them. My favorite feature is the sliding second row seats. You cannot beat giving the kids more room and that they cannot touch each other with the two seats instead of a bench.

- Rea B

It is a safe, reliable family vehicle. Great on gas.

It is a great, reliable car. The third row seating option is very convenient as we travel a lot and have a lot of family and friends. It is very good in gas for a larger SUV. Toyota is great with getting great features on even standard models. Lane assist is great for long trips especially if driving late at night. The kids have so much room in the back seat and love that the middle seat moves up so when the third row is in use there is more leg room for those in the back.

- Nikiah V

Toyota highlander- wish I knew this before I bought it.

We love the bucket seat option in the second row. We love that there are three seats in the third row as compared to two seats like the Ford Explorer. The highlander gets good gas mileage for a full size SUV. The interior is pretty cheap. It scratches very easily. For being a full size SUV the third row is pretty cramped once you get in there, or have a car seat. The storage compartment in the back is very small. Although, the seats lay down very nicely to make more room.

- Ashton R

Grandparents perfect commuter.

We love our Toyota! It handles well on snow and ice. It has powerful acceleration when needed in heavy traffic. The safety features included in our XLE model are noticeable and we feel comfortable in all driving conditions. We regularly travel with our grandchildren, and their car seats fit well. We have not used the third row seating due to space limitations of the car seats, but appreciate having the capacity should we need it.

- Sharon N

Perfect for individual or family.

The Toyota highlander has many options. The se version is a little more sporty which is why I chose it. The wheels caught my attention and I was sold. The v6 engine is perfect. The safety features of blind spot monitoring and lane diversion warning are great for traveling long distances. There is plenty of room for passengers in the back and it also has a 3rd row for more passengers. Storage space is ideal for trips or moving.

- Lara J

Comfort, style and safety all rolled into 1.

I really like the safety features of this car. The backup camera has been a lifesaver for me. Being able to see cars coming before I can see them has saved me a few times. I really like the blind spot monitoring. I always looks before I merge but this helps me be 100% sure there is no one next to me. Mine has heated seats which I love. Helps in the freezing cold winter days. So far I haven't had any issues with my vehicle.

- Sara P

Smooth car smooth car ride.

The highlander has a really nice smooth ride to it. Love the backup camera and the heated seats. It does overall well in the winter time here. There is also sensors on the sides of the mirrors to let you know when someone is on your side. The only thing I do not like about it, is it has an energy saver for the car. It will shut off to save on gas and I have to push the button to shut it off every time I get in the car.

- Heather P

Lots of safety features that can be customized based on your preferences.

I love the size of my vehicle especially the extra sweat option in the back. Lots of amazing safety features such as blind spot detection for side and rear view. GPS navigation build in and Bluetooth enabled. Sometimes the safety assistance will beep starting going out of the lines when you're not but you are easily able to turn this feature off. Very safe and reliable car that I recommend especially for a family.

- Mary B

It is spacious inside (for up to 7) without being too large and still gets good gas mileage.

I haven't come across any issues with my Highlander since it is new. It drives well is very quiet and smooth. The seats are comfortable and it has available second row captains chairs. This makes it feel as spacious as a minivan but it's more attractive on the outside. They have a hybrid option as well, which makes it even better as an economic option for those with large families considering a van.

- Ivana B

Surprising fast for the size.

I love the connectivity to my cell phone. I love the way it drives and rides. I love that it has good power for the size of the vehicle. I love the blind spot lights in the side mirrors. The only thing I do not like is that there is not a way to completely disable the auto shut off when the vehicle stopped at a light. You have to press the button each time you get in the vehicle.

- Connie A

It has AWD and super toasty heated seats.

It is still very new, I just leased it a little over six months ago, but I love and it has been fantastic, especially in the snow this winter (it has a little button labeled 'snow' so that you can put it into a special mode so the vehicle knows it is driving in snow and/or icy conditions). It also automatically shuts off the engine while broken at a stop light to conserve fuel.

- Amanda S

Pros and cons of a highlander.

The highlander is a good vehicle. I do not prefer the blue paint, because scratches are easily seen. I do sometimes wonder if the electronics are working effectively. I do like that when you are stopped, the car saves gas by using battery only most times. Although, if someone is charging their phone, the car will not be able to run on battery alone when stopped at a light.

- Ang G

This car is a smooth car that is affordable compared with other fancier cars but has many safety and comfort features.

I like that it sits higher and I can see. I like that the seat has multiple settings for comfort and safety. I like the newer safety features like lane assist and especially the lights on the side mirrors which tell me a car is in that lane. I dislike the gas mileage. It's not like I didn't know but it would be nice to get a little better. It's a great car overall.

- Carla Z

The Toyota highlander is an awesome car.

The Toyota highlander is a great car. I love the comfort, heated seats, captain's chairs in the middle row and that it has 3 rows total. Drives super smooth and quiet. I would love it more if it had 2 driver mode for the seat settings and directional signals on the mirror for north, east, south and west. But overall it is a great vehicle and we are very happy with it.

- Anna S

Family road trip vehicle.

The vehicle is very comfortable and it has a ton of space. This is helpful since we do a lot of road trips with our kid. Our drives are very smooth during our road trips. I didn't like the lane and blind spot assist. It was always make a loud noise when I exit the freeway. However, it has been helpful a handful of times when I didn't notice a car in my blind spot.

- Liz F

Overall comfortable and roomy. Smooth ride. I love riding in style with this car.

The highlander has been reliable and very comfortable. It has everything our family needs in a vehicle. We wish the Entune system was better however. And gas mileage could be better. Transmission could better made to the engine or different engine put in it. It's comfortable and roomy. Gets around good in the snow. Oh and my favorite is the heated seats in front.

- Amanda B

Review of the 2018 Toyota highlander LE SUV with leather seating.

No problems, love car, dual ac control, heated leather seats, auto stop if too close, cameras, side warning if too close to car over the line, warning if seat belts not fastened, reminder if do not use turn signals, electric lift tailgate, very comfortable seats, great leg room in front middle & backseat also folds down to give more room in back cargo area.

- Carol W

Finally Caught up with Luxury

Vehicles have come a long way. This is the first new vehicle i have purchased, and i bought it fully loaded with most of the available add ons such as the towing package, the expanded entertainment features, and the fully integrated navigation system, including the amazing all angle camera view. I can't believe how well these advanced features work.

- Ben B

Highlander high expectations high performance.

Performance is reliable and excellent so far. Great suspension smooth ride. Very roomy and seats up to eight passengers no problems experienced. Has safety features on its side mirrors, safety lanes and all wheel drive. Toyota care for two years free oil change and inspection. Dealer reminds you it is time for check up and easy to make appointments.

- Elizabeth C

Affordable family vehicle.

The 2018 Toyota highlander is the perfect family vehicle. My children love the captain chairs with the foldable cup holder. The third row seats are easy to fold up and down. It has moderate leg room for the third row seats also. It has many advanced technology features without compromising the price. It definitely is an affordable family vehicle.

- Tiffany W

I love my beautiful jade green Toyota highlander.

The highlander is comfortable, high tech and reliable. I especially love the third row seats. My favorite features are the keyless entry, push start, automatic Bluetooth phone accessibility. I ordered the jade green color and I have gotten so many compliments. I trust that my Toyota brand will give me years of quality service in my highlander.

- Anita G

from past experience have found Toyota's to hold their value, last a long time, be very dependable and trouble free.

has three rows of seats....7 seats total which I need and use frequently. It has the technology - GPS, sensors, mirror indicators for blind spot. handles well, lots of room for storage and for hauling large items with the seats folded down. great mileage.......it's a hybrid. all wheel drive so great for all weather and variety of conditions

- Joy M

Awesome features on my highlander.

Absolutely love the panoramic sunroof that lets in beautiful rays of sunshine! The safety features are priceless and easy to use. My highlander is also very nice to look at and rides great with good gas mileage. We were able to customize it with roof racks that have helped carry loads from home depot. The limited platinum package is awesome!

- Corey I

It is great for families and it has a camera in the back to simplify things.

My vehicle is very reliable, we have more than one year with it and it does not show any problems so far. It feels very smooth when driven and it has the latest technology. The bad thing is that the gas could last more and when the brakes are pushed the car stops for a system of gas saving, but overall it is a great car and amazing quality.

- Valerie N

Comfortable! Very smooth drive! Safe!!

Extremely comfortable, makes traveling with my family very enjoyable! The charges in the backseat help charge devices to keep children entertained. Living in Louisiana the backseat ac is a must and the fact that my daughter can set her own temp in the back is a huge plus! The only negative is that I wish that the highlander had apple play!

- Christen M

I really like that is comfortable for all passengers.

What I really love about my car is that I can automatically open the car trunk. I love that it detects when I am going off the road. Also it will let me know if all passengers are wearing their seat belts. I also like the cameras, it makes it easier to park on reverse. I really like that it saves me money on gasoline that is important.

- Karla M

I have had repeated success with TOYOTA quality great product

I really like this truck. It rides like a luxury car. Great safety features which include blind spot monitoring lane departure automatic braking The only dislike is the maps for the navigation system at times gives different routes that don't make sense especially when you know where you're going without using the navigation system

- Laurence L

A highlander of the highest quality.

I have yet to have any problems with how my car drives. I love the features on the inside as well. The radio with built in navigation and apps is a real time saver. The only complaint I have is with the beeping that happens when you cross over lines on the road because it gets super annoying. I'd definitely turn that feature off.

- Bailee F

Great family car. You will not be disappointed.

Great vehicle. I have had this car for 4 months but have taken many trips already. Good gas mileage and economy features. Looking forward to trying it out in the snow. Good features, smooth ride, radio sounds great. Safety features are helpful. Plenty of room for those in the back. Toyota care offers support and peace of mind.

- Melanie S

Best car I have ever driven.

I love this car. It is a smooth ride and I feel very safe while driving it. I have 3 growing kids and there is plenty of room for us all. I love the way it looks and the standard model comes with so many great features. I love being able to connect my phone to the car system and can control it from the steering wheel.

- Lisa L

Comfortable ride and love the large bucket middle seats

I chose this SUV based on ride comfort and dealership nearby. I like the new dash design and the comfortable ride. The color is great also! The compartment between the driver and passenger seat is big enough for me to hold my biggest purse and keep out of sight. The air conditioner works great which is very important.

- Rachel M

Luxurious space with new advances.

There are no problems with my highlander, it is a smooth ride and the seats heat up comfortably. I enjoy the experience and love the space it provides. The light blueish gray color is beautiful and the interior is fancy and provides me with nice features when backing out of a driveway so I can see all my blind spots.

- Fiona A

It's a hybrid, so its AWD and also gets great gas mileage.

I love the vehicle. It is spacious and can take 8 passengers. The only things that I don't like are the new features that they add to newer vehicles. Particularly the automatic headlights. They automatically dim/brighten when there are headlights coming. However, they are not consistent and dont work appropriately.

- Jean P

Moved to an updated highlander and miss the good ol days!

Preferred body style of my older highlander. This one feels more minivan-sequel. Like having captains chairs but thought the convertible captains chairs to bench (available in older models) is better and more practical for most families. Rear sound system is horrible, but user interface is great. Love the console!

- Katie F

Toyota highlander is the car for you!

We do not have any problems with our car. We bought the Toyota for the conveniences of the vehicle. We wanted a car that was easy to get in & out for disability. We did not want a bulky car & this Toyota is not. We like the way it shows us about our tires need air, we also like where we can charge our phones, too.

- Carolyn N

My car is like a capsule of safety! Panoramic view is great!

I love how it rides! The start of the engine sounds like a cat purring. It is roomy too! The wipers come on as I need them. I absolutely love how I can view around my surroundings prior to getting out. I feel safe. My moon roof is beautiful! My family and I love how the wind is diverted due to small screen.

- Maria W

Highlander is a great choice.

First time buying a Highlander and I do not think I will ever buy another model. It is a smooth ride. Comfort is exceptional. Features are great. Gas mileage could be better. Not a noisy ride at all. The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is there are so many features I do not know what all. Of them do.

- Shelly R

Amazing family car with lots of space for everyone.

Amazing family car. Provides a lot of space for family trips. Easy accessible trunk space with an extra back row seat that folds down in case you do not use it. Drives extremely comfortable. Camera alerts you when you are backing up if you are to close and also if you haven't broken it will break for you.

- Maria C

So pleased with the performance and streamlined look of my highlander.

I have experienced no problems with my vehicle. Smooth ride, great safety features, and spacious for my growing family! Gas mileage is wonderful for the size of the vehicle, I have been told multiple time how comfortable it is, even in the back seat. The third row completely folds down for more storage!

- Hannah D

Love this car but need to engage the extra power at times.

I love the car but it lacks power when going uphill. That is my only complaint. It has an option for extra power which I appreciate but I rarely use it because it takes extra time and I have to manually add it, which can be distracting, but when I do initiate the extra power it performs great up hills.

- Tanya P

Great affordable luxury car with amazing gas mileage.

Its new and I have had no issues at all with this vehicle, this vehicle provides a very good ride and for people in the back there is ample legroom. There is also great cargo space and the gas mileage is amazing. This vehicle gets better gas mileage then my 4-seater Volkswagen got me. It is amazing!

- Denise L

My amazing Toyota minivan.

I love my Toyota. I have a large family with four kids and I know that we will not only all fit comfortably but we will arrive to our destination safely. The technology makes driving easy and convenient. The make is slick and beautiful. The sun roof is also an added bonus along with the large trunk.

- Ashley C

Automatic cruise control feature

I love my Highlander! The feature I love best is the automatic cruise control, I set the speed I want to go and how many car lengths I want between me and the car in front and set it. The car automatically speeds up and slows down even when cars cut in front of me. Also love the auto brake feature.

- Sarah P

2018 Highlander Good Vehicle

The 2018 Highlander XLE AWD is a great car. For the price point though, it would have been best to have a backup camera where the viewing angle changes and the car should have parking assistance. The seats are comfortable, it is easy to access the third row especially if you have captains chairs.


Vehicle options that I would change.

Vehicle is comfortable for four people. I do not like having to turn off the efficiency button every time I get in the car. It should have the option to turn it on if I choose to use it. I also wish it had more interior color options. It is very difficult to keep the black carpet neat and clean.

- Cindy W

Toyota highlander-pros and cons.

Wish the 3rd row seating was a little more spacious, really like the car but did not like the price or sales person I dealt with. Car is comparable to Acadia but Acadia is more spacious. Gets great highway mileage. I don't like the material the carpet is made of. A little hard to keep clean.

- Lucy N

Great car: great buy. Good mileage.

I have only had it a few months but no problems yet, the mileage is good, convenient storage and enough room for passengers. The audio system is excellent, with easy coordination with my phone and iPad. Comfortable ride and nice look. I will definitely look for a Toyota again in the future.

- Deborah B

The highlander is a safe and reliable car.

I absolutely love my car. It is a good family car. It is reliable and safe. It uses more gas than my previous car, but that is understandable. I like that it has an optional third row and captain seats. There is a sunroof, leather seats, and heated seats. I would highly recommend my car.

- Anna M

It is a luxurious family vehicle that is extremely reliable.

My wife and I absolutely love our highlander. We love all of the added features such as lane departure alert, adaptable cruise control, and heated leather seats. There isn't anything I dislike however I wish we had a moonroof for the kids. It was an option but too much more expensive

- Andrew C

Great family vehicle with adequate cabin room for the entire family.

The highlander is a perfect vehicle for families. We have 3 children under 5 and the XLE highlander model has captain's chairs, allowing the children to access the 3rd row easily. Adding a bike hitch to the back and a storage box to the top gives adequate storage for most any family.

- Alissa R


The inside is really comfortable and well equipped for taking trips and sightseeing. The only weird thing is the brown trim on the dashboard with an otherwise black interior. I also wish the passenger could use the navigation system while the car is running. It has plenty of room.

- Victoria K

It has a 5 star safety rating. We bought it because we now have kids and we wanted to be safe on the road. I have never felt safer in any other vehicle I have driven!

My highlander drives so smooth and takes bumps so well. It is almost all hands free for my radio, phone, and navigation. I feel safe in it! The only thing I don't enjoy is that if I am on my cruise and someone slows down in front of me it slams on my brakes even if I am not close.

- Camilla R

Highlanders are the only car you should drive.

My car is amazing. I drove my last highlander for 10 plus years and will do the same with this one. I never have to worry about it. Very reliable and I know my Toyota service people will take the best care of my car. I drive 464 miles to NJ and back and know I am safe in this car.

- Jessica O

My vehicle has lane departure warning and let's the driver know if they are starting to drift into another lane. It also has a cruise control feature that doesn't allow the driver to get too close to the car in front of them.

I purchased my Toyota Highlander in April of 2018. The car was purchased new from a local Toyota dealership. This is a great car with 3rd row seating. There is plenty of room for everyone to ride when we need to use the 3rd row. The car drives smooth and gets great gas mileage.

- Patricia H

Comfortable, roomy and good looking. I'm always happy to take it places.

I liked the test drive, the car had most of the features I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. The only thing I can think about that would be helpful is the noise making warning sensors for when you are backing up. The camera in back is great, but I'd still like the beepers.

- Charlie D

Toyota highlander 2018 xle review.

The Toyota highlander is a smooth, comfortable ride. Have had no issues with it. Seats are easy for the kids to move to get in and out. Good amount of space for car pools. Plenty of features including seat warmers, Bluetooth, good sound systems. The features are easy to navigate.

- Christina C

Why we love our highlander.

The seats are comfortable, it gets good gas mileage. It can hold 7 people, the back seats adjust really easy. It has a smooth ride, great sound system. It is easy to get it into small spaces. The back seats lay down to make cargo room. We haven't had any problems at all with it.

- Susie T

Vehicle runs great and is a great family car. I recommend for anyone.

My vehicle works great, we have had no problems with our car and we have owned it for a year. Great family car. The car is very reliable for a family, and seats a family of four comfortably. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody who has a family and wants to be comfortable.

- Larry S

Highlander mishap but overall a pleasant experience.

This vehicle is extremely comfortable and smooth. The AWD has been extremely dependable. The only issue is that about everyone out of four times the gas tank bubbles and fuel spills when filling up the tank. Two service centers have attempted to fix the vehicle and have failed.

- Anne C

It is the coolest car on the market. It is great for the environment and safe for families.

I love everything about my highlander. I love the safety features like lane departure, automatic lights, push start, automatic windshield wipers, birds eye view and backup camera. The only thing it doesn't have is remote start. It would be nice to have but is not a necessity.

- Bobbie S

SUV rides like a luxury car.

Rides like a car not a truck has great safety features blind spot monitoring lane departure alerts cruise control adjusts speed based on distance of car in front of you can automatically stop vehicle good gas mileage up to 25 mpg on road comfortable seating includes 3rd row.

- Larry L

Summarize my Toyota highlander 2018.

My SUV is so easy to drive. It is smooth and more space. It have all the essentials I didn't have in my last SUV. I drive more than ever. It is bigger more spaces it is awesome. I am still learning how to work all the different things. I pray this is my last SUV to purchase.

- Jean D

Highlander, family friendly without the bulk.

Very spacious even when 3 row is being used. Can fit 5 adults and 2 children that is including a car seat very comfortably. The fact that they have a separate control system and vents for the back seat passengers keeps everyone cool without having to wait for the front air.

- Chelsea N

I love the safety features.

I have no problems whatsoever. I absolutely love this vehicle! It is roomy, comfortable and I love all of the safety features as well. There are so many features that my previous car (Chevrolet Equinox) did not have. I am so glad we decided to go with the Toyota highlander.

- Kristen W

The high beams come on automatically and if a car is too close it beeps.

This vehicle is great and very good for children. Feels safe and it is very comfortable. Lots of space. I feel this was a very great purchase for my family and we have not had any problems. Not bad on gas for the size of it. I would highly recommend this car for families.

- Gab V

Black Toyota highlander- great buy!

The Toyota highlander is a wonderful car. It has a sleek look and enough room for the whole family. It has incredible safety features, even with the base package, which my husband and I love! The technology is also top notch. Everyone who rides in my highlander loves it.

- Tiffany M

Luxurious and reliable car from Toyota.

The limited has amazing safety and comfort features. The leather interior is great. The captains chairs for the back seat are really nice. No reliability issues, though it is a new car. We bought Toyota because we have a history of getting good reliability out of them.

- Brian B

After shopping for a while we found the perfect SUV.

No problems- great features, love the interior design. The exterior is nice as well. This is my second highlander and I really like the improvements over my previous model. Also appreciate the standard safety features- to add them to competitors was at least $5k more.

- Nicole N

Great technology and design!

The technology is great! I love how it looks sporty but it still has room to fit my twins! The folding 3rd row option is nice and the roof rack is great for extra storage! The overall design and functionality of the car is wonderful; you really couldn't ask for more!

- Robert R

My Highlander, makes me feel secure.

I love the Highlander for the truck base it has. You feel as though you are sitting above most of the other cars on the road and you feel as though you are secure and protected inside the vehicle. And it is also very comfortable and beautiful. And I love to drive it.

- Carolyn R

very high reliability factor

it is powerful, roomy, lots of high tech features, fun to drive. In the beginning, compared to the 10 year old highlander I traded in, it seemed bigger than I liked but that is not longer an issue. the front seats are not as comfortable as the 10 year old version.

- Joy H

You'll love seating 8 comfortably!

Seats 8. Very convenient when picking up family from airport. Plenty of room for luggage. Gas mileage not so good but feel safe when in vehicle. Also lots of room for groceries and large purchases. Would miss it if had to replace this vehicle! Would purchase again!

- Maureen O

Toyota highlander 2018 review.

It is very spacious and comfortable. I love the adaptive cruise control feature. It makes road trips much easier. The extra row of seats is very convenient when traveling with large groups. Toyota's are very reliable which was very important when choosing this car.

- Robert N

The back up camera is very helpful.

My Toyota highlander is a great family car. It has plenty of room for 7 people. I use the cargo space in the back for quite a few things. It has bucket seats and easy to get to the back. It has a very smooth ride and easy to park. I love all the technology as well.

- Leslie R

Very satisfied with my ride.

The only complaint I have about this vehicle is the fuel shutoff to conserve gas every time I stop. Makes pulling out in traffic tricky. The ride is smooth and the fuel economy is great. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. One of the better crs I have owned.

- Raul M

Features of highlander limited.

I love highlander. It is very roomy for our kids and us. It drives great and has a lot of great features such as heated seats and steering wheel, backup camera, Bluetooth and much more. I feel very safe and comfortable driving and riding in this vehicle.

- Melissa N

Amazing safety features and stylish look.

Love this vehicle. There's so many safety features that is really helpful and also AWD makes it great in the winter time. Traction control, snow and ice control. It is a family vehicle without making you feel like your always driving a �mom mobile�.

- Angela S

Highlander drives well, comfortable ride, good gas mileage

Vehicle drives nicely, handles well. Do not like panoramic sunroof-would rather a reg sunroof and roof rack and it makes the car too hot with all the sun, but selection at dealership limited. Wish 3rd row seat windows tilted open like on my Sienna.

- Mary K

Safest Car I have ever owned My highlander is a smooth ride with tons of safety features. I feel extremely safe with my kids in the car.

I love my car. It has tons of safety features. Love the beeping when you go over the lines. Love that it pulls you back into a lane if you swerve out. Love that it will beep and stop you car if you come too close to a car with brake lights on.

- Tracy L

The Toyota Highlander is extremely comfortable

The Toyota highlander is a very good family car. It runs smoothly. The fact that this car has so many electrical advances makes it so much better. However, in the middle row there's only two seats. For a family of eight this car wouldn't work.

- Sayi M

I would say about all the safety features that are in it.

I love it for all the safety features like the screen to show me what is behind me, the mirrors that light up if something is in next lane close to my car. I love it for the roominess and being comfortable. Also is a great car for traveling

- Victoria W

Toyota is the best vehicle on the market. The service is the best I have ever had,

Love the safety features such as driving assistance. Extremely comfortable and smooth ride. Love the 2 year maintenance free. Seats 7 comfortably, lots of room for storage. Extremely reliable vehicle. Love the tinted windows and navigation.

- Shelley C

The perfect family vehicle for a traveling, or family trips.

The 2018 Toyota highlander is perfect for my family. Its roomy, comfortable, it drives smooth, and it has amazing safety features. I would recommend it to any family. Its reliable, get spectacular gas mileage, and so much fun to drive.

- Katherine W

It is a great car for a family.

Like that it rides smoothly and quietly; comfortable for family; optional third row seats. Dislike that there is not a lot of cargo space, front window hard to see out of to right side ~ view blocked when I try to turn out of work.

- Sarah B

It is super fun to drive! You should get one if it fits your needs!

I love driving my Highlander. It is super fun and easy to drive. I dislike that the seats are not very plush and I don't feel like they support my shoulders. I also seem to hear a lot of road noise compared to my previous vehicle.

- Kristin G

Feel like it drives itself!

I have had my Highlander for about a month. I love how smoothly it drives, and I love the amazing features. If the driver veers toward the solid line, the car beeps and slightly steers you back. Plus it as that new car smell!

- Lesli T

Big and comfortable highlander.

It is a really big vehicle. Sometimes I have problem to find a parking spot. Comfort of driving is on the top. Love it! The engine works so quietly. I find hands free phone very helpful. I like a line alert very useful as well.

- Anna Maria G

It is comfortable, safe and spacious.

Its brand new, large and fits my family and visitors. Drives smooth, has nice features. I feel that it is reliable and very safe. I know I haven't even learned all the features on it yet. Very happy to be driving this vehicle.

- Casey V

We got a good deal on the car.

Bigger and more luxurious than my 2011 CRV. Great smooth quiet ride for long trips. Lane control, backup camera, audio systems are hard to get used to. Car is too big for my 89 yr old mother to comfortably enter and exit.

- Kim M

Safety features come standard with the car. It would have been a lot more expensive to include all these features under another brand

Like that the safety features come standard with any Toyota vehicles. The Highlander is spacious and like the option of 3rd row for our dogs or any family member. I wish the car has Apple carplay and better backup camera

- Stephanie C

Great ride and roomy interior.

I have only had it for three months, but nothing wrong with it so far! It has a smooth ride and has lots of storage room. The radio, etc. works great. The seats are comfortable and there's plenty of room for passengers.

- Deb B

That it is probably the safest vehicle to be on the road because it has the Blind Spot Mirrors, cruise control distance behind other vehicles, lane departure assist, just to name a few.

I love the Platinum edition because it has all the extra luxuries that matter (i.e., heated steering wheel, heated back seats), not to mention all the safety feature that Toyota has put into place with the 2018 model.

- Karen S

The safety features make this car so much better than older highlanders.

The highlander has amazing safety features. It beeps if you go over a line and tells you to brake if it thinks you are too close to a car. It also has auto lights. It goes from the bright to normal automatically.

- Sharon A

The safety features are great.

I love Toyota because they are reliable, dependable and comfortable..My 2018 highlander. The one issue, so far, is... When backing up there is no 'rear center sensor', like I had in the 2015 highlander limited..

- Robert M

It is great on gas for the size of the car.

I love that my car has three rows of seats and fits my whole family. Also the look of it is sporty and stylish. I dislike that the back does not have a ton of space to put things unless you put the seats down.

- Crystal R

It has a lifetime warranty.

I love that its ride is smooth and quiet. I do not like the third row seating - it is for toddler size people. An adult cannot sit back there - it is a waste. It would be nice to have more car seat latches!

- Sheryl R

Great gas mileage and roomy enough to live in or keep the kids from fighting

I love how well Toyota has worked to make the cabin area quieter. It has great gas mileage and really roomy. The passenger area is comfy and not cramped. I love the 3rd row seating and it's all wheel drive.

- Jennifer S

It is safe and reliable. Includes rear view cam.

It is a safe car for transporting my family. It has a lot of space for storing our baby stroller, big packages, and other miscellaneous things. However, I do not like that it does not save us on gas.

- Carmen M

Problems with safety features.

The safety crash system sometimes has errors. When I use the cruise control, I sometimes get a notification about the blind spot detection. Also, the start and stop option is not always available.

- Angela L

The Highlander is sharp looking and smooth driving vehicle

Drives very smooth. I like how I am not low to the ground in it. No blind spots. Great gas mileage, heat and air conditioning work great. I like how you can control the temperature for each seat.

- Jeri R

This offers just as much as those high priced vehicles.

I like the room this vehicle has and the 3rd row seating. I also like the extra options that come with it. I dislike how the engine turns off when stopped at a light and you press the break down.

- Christine G

A Lacrosse Mom's Dream Car

I LOVE my Highlander! It is perfect size SUV. Fits all my son's lacrosse equipment, has helped me move my daughter into her college dorms and is super comfy. Looks tough but sophisticated.

- Dawn M

It's a great family car. We just took a road trip that was about 5 hours and we were all very comfortable.

It is very roomy for an SUV. It has built in navigation, seat warmers, sunroof and a lot more "extras". It is a great family car! It also has a high safety rating and drives very smoothly.

- Michelle L

It is very reliable and has the best of ratings from different sources.

Great mid-size SUV. It handles well, performance is good, very comfortable to sit in and drive. Gas mileage is very good and the vehicle is safe with all the features I could ask for.

- Wade I

Despite the Toyota name, it's made in the USA. It's well worth the money.

I like the safety features first and foremost. I also love the exterior design and color. It's roomy inside, enough for my whole family including pets. I love that it's a hybrid.

- Daniela G

cruise control on this vehicle is awesome

this car performs really well. I especially love the cruise control. you can set it for a certain distance for slowing itself down when it comes too close behind another vehicle.

- mary l

It is a larger vehicle but it drives and controls like a car.

I love the cruise control, how it slows down and adjusts for traffic in front of you. The ride is smooth and quiet. The 3rd room seats lay flat great for moving items and a dog.

- Elisa S

It's a family car, so don't buy it if you don't have kids.

Well, it's very compatible. The driving is smooth. It might be me, but I hate the new car smell. I also like the fact that you have extra seats in the back that are retractable

- Jacob N

An SUV that drives just like a car...better than any other SUV I have test drove

I love my highlander! This is my third one and I am hooked. It drives smooth like a car, has so much room and the third row option is life saving. I don't want any other SUV.

- Tina M

For a car of its size it gets great gas mileage.

No complaints! Car has the right features and room for my family of 6. My previous car was a 2010 highlander and this model has more cargo space when all seats are in use.

- Taylor M

The integrated radar helps keep you safe.

I love the radar feature and how it is integrated into the driving systems. It has crash detection, lane assist and controls your speed for you while using cruise control.

- Andrew B

It's less expensive than other cars which typically come in cheaper, Ford Explorer, etc.

I like the modern conveniences and features of the vehicle, namely the sunroof, bluetooth connection to make calls through the car handsfree and the radio with satellite.

- Jennifer E

Love my SUV but miss the trunk space of a minivan.

My only complaint about the Toyota Highlander is the amount of trunk space that I have compared to my previous car which was a minivan. I do miss having a larger trunk.

- Elise B

Lots of safety features, definitely a good family car.

I love how spacious it is. It is super comfortable for everyone. I do not like how the side mirrors can be in the way and block the view when tuning or switching lanes.

- Claudia R

It is very comfortable to ride in.

It is an suv with third row seating, it has all the gizmos and gadgets. It has leather seating with heated seats. The best part of the vehicle is it has navigation.

- Douglas K

It drives better than any vehicle I have ever driven.

Drives well. Has features that I like - leather heated seats, navigation, backup camera, captains chairs in the second row. Great for a our family of tall people.

- Kristen S

My Highlander has all the toughness of a truck yet rides like a car.

I love my Highlander. The interior has plenty of room and sits high like a truck yet rides like a car. The storage is unbelievable and built liner is easy to clean.

- Justin W

Toyota is the best car out there. It's a good quality car.

I love the smooth ride. I love the fact that I know I have a good quality vehicle that will get me to where I need to be safely. I don't hate anything about my car

- Tina C

It is a very roomy vehicle.

My vehicle is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable. It looks very stylish. No complaints. It does not get as good of mileage as the camry I had.

- Lynda t

practical for a family of 4 that are active in sports

i like that it drives like a car but has the size of an suv. my one complaint is that I wish the 3rd row seating has a bit more leg room and width for adults

- michelle g

Pleasure to cruise around with the family.

My Toyota highlander is new. I love how smooth the ride is. It has a sleek look inside and out. It is a very comfortable family vehicle and very stylish too.

- Holly H

Safety is a must.Also navigation system is nice.

I like the smooth driving.It has blind spot monitoring.Auto hatch.Seats 6 people. Automatic beam lights.Lots of cargo space.No complaints. My favorite color.

- Dawn S

Safety and comfort driving.

I love the comfort while driving, lane departure feature. I have trouble with the lights, really I have no idea how to set them up for appropriate weather.

- A G

It's an SUV but the drive and feel is like that of a car.

I love the way it looks and drives. I also like that it has three rows of seats so we all fit comfortably. The space doesn't take storage room away either.

- Eimy G

It's the "mom-mobile" but can still move! It has plenty of power and is fun to drive, yet safe and reliable.

It's great for getting my kids where they need to be but still fun to drive. It is safe and reliable. I feel comfortable driving my family around in it.

- staci l

The car is very reliable. Perfect size for my family of 5 to ride in comfort. Plenty of trunk space and has a 3rd row that folds down

The car is very comfortable, it's a smooth ride. The space is great. The car is extremely reliable which is the biggest reason why I chose it over others.

- Heather A

Best ever! With navigation you can drive anywhere with no problems.

No problems. Rides very well as any added features which makes it a dream to drive. With lane departure it let's helps you keep an eye on your driving.

- Warren N

the highlander is very responsive in heavy traffic.

I love that it is so roomy. it handles great on the road in the rain and heavy traffic. the highlander is pretty good on gas for being a larger vehicle.

- rose p

it is a nice car i like most things about it it has nice features

like it so far the only thing i don't like is something my old car had radio and window controls worked after key was off until you opened drivers door

- Sandy M

It is a great, safe, reliable car, I love the car! I think that it is good.

It is good, it has good power, it is safe, I like how it sits up high, I think though that the cars are very expensive. It also has decent gas mileage.

- Emily W

Toyota Highlander 2018 is The Car of my Dreams!

The seats are extremely comfortable, it is very high in performance especially when I travel long distances, I am very happy having the car as my own.

- Amandia D

Perfect car for the family on the go

Love heated and cooling seats. Pilot seats make it easy to access the third row. Lane swerve notification is nice for long trips or times when tired.

- Kastle L

It is extremely comfortable to drive and ride in. The leather and heated seats make it so enjoyable.

We love the third row seats. Also the navigation and innovative technology is so nice to have. Our only wish is that it would get better gas mileage.

- Ashley S

Reliability and easy to drive.

Reliability is good and good build quality. Ride is not exciting is soft. Warranty could be longer and the info system is not easy and no apple play.

- Lou K

My new Highlander will be dependable and maintenance free.

It handles extremely well. It has good on gas mileage for an SUV. It has a comfortable, smooth ride. It is a very good value for the money paid.

- john l

It fits eight people comfortably.

I love the mid size. I love all the safety features that came standard. I wish the backseats founded and slid forward electronically not manually.

- Jennifer D

Why I love my black Toyota highlander.

Great in the snow. Big SUV for kids- making it great for families. Rides smooth. Love the touch screen and heated seats. Convenient push to start.

- Lisa D

It's really comfortable and smooth.

I love everything about the car, except for one thing. The only thing I dislike is the fact that you cannot control the radio from the back seats.

- Alejandro P

The safety that the manufacturer provides for the car is great. Makes me feel safe that my family will be safe in case we are in an accident.

The car run very smooth it has great safety features. Is very roomy and has great storage space. Love the power of the engine and is good on gas.

- Maricela Z

It is reliable. It has good resale value. It drives well.

It drives well. Good acoustics. It is hard to see over the hood though. There's not much trunk space. It is really a car pumped up to be a SUV.

- Bunny C

Great vehicle for every use.

We love this it is good on gas, comfortable, rides well. Everyone likes it because it is roomy great features I love the Bluetooth and the GPS.

- Lillian B

Safety features are great!

Love it. Great quality. Safety features are great! Nice leather, Bluetooth is awesome! No complaints at this time except maintenance is pricey.

- Tara H

So many great safety features

The features in this car are great. It tells you if you are veering out of your lane, has blind spot detectors, rear camera, and so much more.

- Bry D

It is very safe and easy to drive. It is a very smooth ride.

I love the size and drive of the car. However, I HATE the navigation system. It takes me the most ridiculous ways to go where I want to go.

- Tamar T

The safety features are amazing on this vehicle!

No complaints. This is the best car ever! I love all of the safety features. I have room for people or can convert the car for larger items.

- Brittany U

The vehicle is stylish pearl white with black trim and rims.

No problems! It is very comfortable and stylish. Hands great, with lots of safety features. Price is very reasonable for the class vehicle.

- Marilyn G

It's a 3 row car so can essentially sit 8

I enjoy many of the features of my vehicle such as the reverse camera and Bluetooth. It is so spacious and fits my big family comfortably.

- Marissa L

It is comfortable. It had the largest trunk space for shopping.

Holds a ton of groceries. Plenty room for grandkids. Easy to drive. Slows done on it is own when you are close to the car on front of you.


Toyota Highlander rides smooth.

The Highlander rides smooth, whether it's in the city or on the highway. It's spacious and comfortable and is a great family vehicle.

- Molly P

Smooth ride and looks great

I've only had the Toyota Highlander for 2 weeks, but I like everything about it so far. Rides smooth and has a lot of safety features.

- Melissa C

I love my 2018 highlander

Love this vehicle. Love everything about it. It is nice and roomy for 8 passengers. Like how the 3rd row folds down for extra storage.

- Kelly P

It's roomy and prestigious to drive. It does not use as much gas as the other cars this size.

I have a hybrid car. However I never get a chance to use electric mode. It is either insufficiently charged or I am driving too fast.

- Anna V

The advanced safety features.

It has plenty of room. It has great safety features. It has excellent performance. It is good on gas. It is loaded with features.

- Stephen H

The vehicle of what dreams are made from

Since having this vehicle in May, I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. The safety features are amazing & it rides smoothly.

- Crystal S

All wheel drive back up camera

Great family vehicle very comfortable handles really good love the all wheel drive, safety features really great family mid size SUV

- Jay B

That it is mine and you can't have it.

I like the smooth ride as well as can features like touch screen and controls on the steering wheel. I do not like the cloth seats.

- Kay F


VERY Reliable & Fun To Drive. Do NOT Enjoy The feature That Cuts Off The Vehicle Every Time You Stop For More Than A Few Seconds.

- Robert F

The new upgraded safety features.

I like the safety features and the built in rubber floor mats and the automatic headlights. I also like the sporty looking tires.

- Kathleen C

It is a great family car. We have two car seats in the the second row and enough space in the back.

I like the 3rd row option. I like the space for people and things. I also like the features to assist the driver while driving.

- Clint S

My vehicle is the Toyota highlander.

I'm a loyal customer of Toyota. I love my highlander and would highly recommend anyone with a small family to consider this suv.

- Kim P

It's reliable and will get places safely. It's enjoyable to ride in. Too bad it doesn't get better gas mileage.

It has a smooth quiet ride and is powerful enough to tow. Tech features are useful. Heated seated for passengers is really nice.

- ro p

It can carry many people which is super helpful for carpools.

My Toyota highlander is amazing and drive so smoothly so far I have had zero problems with it and it is great for the family.

- Helen C

The most important thing about the car that others should know is it drives well.

I like my new highlander because it is roomy, has third row, and has alert to let me know I am off my lane.. No dislike yet..

- Tj O

It drives like a car not a truck even though it's a 8-passenger vehicle

I have no complaints. It's my second Highlander and I love it. It's the perfect size for my family and runs very smoothly.

- lori y

Economical family SUV, provides a very comfortable drive.

The highlander is very roomy, very comfortable and drives smoothly. It is very economical and is the perfect family vehicle.

- Crystal D

It is extremely dependable. Toyota is a very reliable brand.

I love the size. It is roomy. The interior is nice. I do not like the remote start. Whenever you open the door it shuts off.

- Shana M

I primarily consider reliability when I am shopping for a particular brand.

I am quite happy with the highlander. It performs well and has nice features. It is reliable and all seating is comfortable.

- James C

Plenty of seating. It has space for 8 people.

I really like how the Highlander drives, real smooth. It has a great back up camera. Plenty of seats. Very comfortable car.

- Denise M

Carols Review on her Highlander

I Love my highlander, it has so much more room than the regular suvs ! I also like the alarm when you go out of the lane

- Carol P

Comfortable and has a lot of safety features.

I just love it. Dependable. Nice looking. A lot of safety features. Good on gas. Great brand. Comfortable. Easy to drive.

- Dawn T

Great family car - plenty of room for kids, dog and sports equipment!

Great family car! Comfortable drive. . . Love the third row seating! Feels luxurious but is also reliable and practical.

- Rebecca L

Superb highlander best in class

Great style.All the best safety equipment.Very sporty and excellent gas mileage.Comfortable and relaxing for long trips.

- Art W

Highlander, let's go places, safely.

Great fuel mileage and enjoyment from driving a hybrid. Plenty of interior room. Love the exterior cameras and angles.

- Darren W

The power of the car is great. It is a great car with a lot of power.

I think that it is great and good it is tall and it has a lot of power. It is a great car, I love the power of the car.

- Emily T

Great safety features, radar controlled cruise control is great.

Gas mileage is not what I think it should be when driving in town. Highway mileage is ok. . Safety features are great.

- Dennis A

Very spacious, easy for children and busy moms

I love my car, the way it's laid out easy for a family of 5. We travel a lot. It's great on gas. I have no complaints!

- Amber S

has a great safety rating. the backup camera is nice

I love my new highlander. it's really nice lots of cool features. I just need to get used to all the safety features

- nancy g

Safety features are comparable to German luxury cars.

Very safe and comfortable. The platinum model has many added safety features. The car is spacious and drives nicely.

- A L

It seats 6 very very comfortably

I love how it handles & drives. It has tons of extra options. It is very roomy but It's not the best on gas mileage.

- Melissa H

It's comfortable and drives more like a car than an SUV

I love the extra room in the Highlander, especially the third row seating which is easy to fold down when not in use

- Katie K

Has very good power with excellent gas mileage.

Has very smooth ride. Dislike auto shut off when stopped very annoying. Like third row seat. Gets good gas mileage.

- Ralph N




Good mileage, drives well and has an optional third row of seats

I really like the optional third row of seats. It's spacious in the inside but not too big overall. It drives well

- Susan H

Comfortable, dependable, and gas efficient.

Lane deviation safety control. Roomy for my large family. Gas efficient. The vehicle is reliable and dependable.

- Moni O

It has a lot of safety features. Side mirrors, lane crossing, reverse camera

My Toyota Highlander is extremely comfortable on long rides. Decent in gas. A full tank can get a out 300 miles.

- Lisa Y

So comfortable and dependable. Tows like there is nothing there.

Beautiful, dependable and oh so comfortable. I love everything about the car. And we can tow our small camper.

- Kim F

Explain lane departure and what happens if you get close to the center line.

I love all the safety features. I love the third row. I dislike the lack of storage in the back for groceries.

- Chelsea M

Looks like an SUV, rides like a car!

I love my car so much. It has amazing safety features, is large but rides like a car, and has a lot of room!

- Monica M

I like that it can seven to eight people as we will have car seats soon

I really love this jeep - its big & roomy, I upgraded from a Scion hatchback so it's a big difference for me!

- Keith S

It has lots and lots of room, but it's not a minivan!

It has three rows, lots of cargo room. The engine is very quiet but the interior makes noises while driving.

- Paula S

Do i really have to write more

It's black, pretty fast. Could be better, comfortable, affordable, performance pretty good. Brand new, too.

- Sarah O

They should know that it cost way to much.

My vehicle is very durable. My vehicle has a lot of features. Toyota in general makes very dependable cars.

- Ashley C

Reliable, affordable and beautiful.

Great gas mileage, plenty of room for passengers, cargo room is a nice size, in dash navigation, XM radio,

- Heather J

Beautiful Car - smooth ride

I came from a Sienna van and it is a little smaller but the ride is smooth. It doesn't feel like a truck

- Lisa O

It is a smooth and comfortable ride.

I have only had my vehicle for about 7 months and so far I love everything about it and all the features.

- Darcy S

Reliable. In the four years that we have had it, there was only one problem- the radio.

This is the second one we have owned. They are very reliable and sharp looking. Love the safety features

- Rachel P

Excellent family vehicle at a good price.

Very smooth and comfortable ride. Good power from a v6 engine. Gas mileage is about 24 miles per gallon.

- Rick R

It has a lot of space - 3 rows of seats!!

I love the smooth ride. I also love all of the features and all the space. It's very safe for my family!

- Marcela U

Toyota Highlander Mirrors

The side mirrors are a little big. Making a left hand turn, the view is a bit obstructed by the mirror.

- Ashley B

Toyota Highlander the best vehicle out there.

I love everything about my vehicle. The seats are comfortable, the A/C is great. No complaints from me.

- Taryn P

So reliable! Great family car that you can have for years and years!.

I love everything except my car doesn't have factory installed remote start and a digital speedometer.

- Kelly F

Toyota highlander is a great car.

Everything about my car is great. Comfortable easy ride. Good gas mileage. Dependable. Great looking.

- Dawn R

It is a great vehicle for the price. it has comfort



Has lots of safety features.

I love my new vehicle. The navigation system. It drives really smooth. Love all the safety features.

- Kris G

If you have something that can be charged like a phone there might not be a enough charging ports

I like the how much space there is. I hate that there is no charger port in the back of the vehicle.

- Aaron S

Toyota's reputation as a quality built car, will provide years of trouble free driving.

I love all the features, power lift, lane departure alert, pre-collision system and backup camera.

- Robert G

It's so comfortable! It's like driving a car yet has lots of room.

I love that it drives like a car. The turning radius is amazing. It's stylish and easy to drive.

- Tara M

The driving system is like a dream its like you are driving on a cloud!

This vehicle drives so good. Great space for all 3 of my children. Great on gas. Look sporty.

- April k

The car has excellent gas mileage. Much better than previous cars I've owned.

The car is comfortable. It has excellent gas mileage. It is the right car for our family.

- Edward H

Comfort and good gas mileage, plus Toyota's good name make this a great, safe vehicle.

Comfortable, roomy, great gas mileage for size of vehicle. Sharp looking. Handles great.

- Kathie V

safety, reliable, handles nicely

space, safety features, reliable, trustworthy, Toyota makes the best vehicles on the road.

- sally p

There is Lots of space even with the third row up.

Love the cruise control with distance assist. Dislike that it doesn't have automatic start

- Lauren G

It has incredible safety features such as a backup camera and warnings when I get too close to something or someone.

It's easy to drive. I love all the features it has. It's comfortable. I feel safe in it.

- Donna T

It gets good miles per gallon and it has a lot of space.

It has a nice amount of space. It also has USB ports that I use often to charge my phone.

- Adam Z

Very smooth ride and road visibility. All wheel drive is important in the snow here in PA.

Very smooth ride. The availability of a third row seat is a plus. Decent gas mileage.

- Richard R

Great features that make driving easy

It is a very comfortable a roomy vehicle. Smooth driving with many safety features

- Jennifer F

It is safe. Can even stop itself or alarm you if you are too close to another vehicle.

It is safe while driving. Love hands free phone calls, lane departure alert.

- Anna G

Comfort and roominess it has

I like the roominess and the features. There is a blind spot I don't like

- Jackie Pruett M

The car is great for families because it provides a lot of inside space.

It runs very smooth and gets good gas mileage. The interior is hard clean

- Michelle H

Fully loaded car with all the bells and whistles at a great price

Great on fuel, super comfortable, has all the safety & comfort features

- Paula F

Great ride. Navigation system is awesome and Bluetooth is very nice

Love navigation. Love Bluetooth phone. I haven't used 3rd row seat yet

- Sara K

Big. Good gas mileage. Fun. Reliable. No complaints.

Very spacious. Back seats fold down very easy for more storage space.

- Kelly B

Love the size and power liftgate. Absolutely love the safety features. Love the color options. Absolutely love the comfort it provides.

Super safe and super comfortable. Great value for such a modern car!

- Nataly M

Quality and Dependability of Toyota brand. Great customer experience.

Like the Safety features, style, comfort and the overall quality.

- Vipul P

The Toyota Highlander is very reliable and very safe

I like the roominess. I like the heated seats. I like the comfort

- Deb P

Love all the safety features. Also the great gas mileage. Wish it had a bigger gas tank.

It's a great family car that's safe and reliable. We love it

- Jordan B

I love the quiet and comfort of my vehicle. I like the style, safety, and reliability. I do wish it had Apple Car Play but it's something I can live without and don't miss because I've never had it.

It has high safety ratings and is comfortable and reliable.


Awesome vehicle!!! love the highlanders! Very smooth ride and lots of room

i love the smooth ride and all the safety features built in

- ken r

Like the size and how much space it has. Love the safety features (lane departure warning, blind spot warning, camera, and adaptive cruise control). Ride very smooth and easy to handle.

A lot of great safety features and a great family vehicle.

- Tawni K

Nice size SUV for a family of 4. Good on gas. Very comfortable. Wish it came with built in DVD player. 3rd row seating is slightly cramped.

It's good on gas for a larger SUV and its a sturdy vehicle

- Chrissy M

Rides like a car, enough room for a family and our stuff

Smooth ride, ample space, reliable Not off road capable.

- Christian B

Great car which I feel very safe in. Styling, gas mileage are also fabulous.

Smooth ride. Ease of operation. Beautiful inside and out.

- Susan K

Great gas mileage, roomy.

Looks great, stylish, dependable, hybrid. No complaints.

- Alissa M

Lane departure assist is great. Keep you in line with out over correcting

Love the color, new gadgets, smooth ride, and roominess

- Janie P

The Toyota has great safety features. It is easy to drive. Good gas mileage. Great looking. Comfortable leather seats. Very easy to drive. Great looking. Easy to read dashboard. Wonderful radio, Great to listen to

It is easy to drive. Very comfortable. Lots of room.

- Pat W

It should last for many years. Gets great gas mileage considering that it is a medium size SUV.

No complaints. Gets create gas mileage. Great ride.

- Julie K

big enough for family and the price is very affordable. like the look too.

it is very fun to drive and reflect your personality

- sabi m

I love the interior, however with Toyota they a bit out of date compared to other vehicles when it comes to the features.

its sporty and they make it feel like a luxury car

- amanda p

it's very safe and comfortable and luxurious

I love my SUV. It's comfortable and convenient.

- Anny V