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It is well built and reliable. Even as it approaches the 200,000 mile mark, I feel confident driving it.

I love this car. The all wheel drive option is difficult to find in a vehicle this small and it has done very well in situations that require AWD. It is a little compact for my family to travel any distance comfortably, but it is very comfortable for driving everyday. It gets decent gas mileage, particularly for an AWD vehicle. At almost 200,000 miles, I have done regular maintenance and put a new starter on it. This is really all that has been required to keep it reliably on the road. Overall, I highly recommend this vehicle.

- dia b

The Toyota Matrix is cute, reliable & fun to drive!

I love my Toyota Matrix. It's small but very roomy. It has adequate leg room for taller people. It's a compact car but has plenty of room if you are hauling things. The back seats lay down flat to extend the hatch area. The hatch is really nice, you can open the entire back or just raise the rear window to gain access to the back of the car, like you would a station wagon. I have not had any problems with my Toyota Matrix. I highly recommend this car!

- Samantha S

My car is still going strong even though it has over 200,000 miles and it's a 2003.

I really love my Toyota Matrix. It runs great. I've not really had many problems with my Toyota. I do need to take it in to have the recalled airbag replaced. I did have to have the steering column replaced. I don't remember when, but I do know it had a lot of miles on it and it was out of warranty. I know my car currently has over 200,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

- Shirley M

I love that it is small, I can move the car even with no power to the car at all.

When I got it, there was some issues and I couldn't find where it was coming from without the manual. For example finding the fuse boxes on the car was really hard and getting to the one inside the car is still hard. Placing them where everyone can get to it would make things easier. Also the manual wasn't easy to read as well. Maybe if the print was bigger it would be easier.

- Nadia S

104,00 miles and still going strong

I have used my car for work, and leisure travel, and have always felt confident in its performance. I am the original owner and with routine maintenance my car has kept me on the road for the last 16 years. Besides regular wear and tear there have not been any major issues. It has had issues with the oxygen sensor in cold weather but that resolved with cleaning.

- Russ B

Love that it has a hatch back as well as material seats for the summer time.

Long lasting car for the past 15 years, have not had any major issues with it besides routine maintenance. Has almost 200,000 miles on it and still running strong. One issue I have found that there are small cracks on the plastic headlight encasing so it makes the light not shine through so bright which is something that needs to be replaced soon.

- Tiffany K

I love the small size of the car. You can park in compact spaces without trouble, yet it is roomy enough for 4 adults.

I love the reliability. I love that I have never had to change the timing belt because it has a chain. I love that it is roomy enough for my family. I hate that it is loud when it runs. I hate the driver side window mechanism because we needed to get it fixed when it wouldn't go up or down and it still doesn't work properly.

- Alicia P

Perfect for a college or high school student to get from a to b.

My Toyota matrix is comfortable and easy to drive, although it does not do too well in the snow due to how low it sits to the ground. The seats are pretty comfortable and the car itself is very spacious compared to how it might appear from the outside. The matrix gets ideal gas mileage and has a good kick to it.

- Lauren M

My vehicle has had some modifications it has a louder muffler a different engine.

I love my matrix!! It is the first car I purchased myself! It is the car I learned to drive manual on! It's a nice easy drive, works well! Does not have many problems! It has great gas mileage! On the highway and long drives it gets about 32 miles per gallon, and even on everyday drive it gets decent mileage!

- Emily A

Be careful of this used model. The only interesting thing is that it is running.

It makes engine noises. It has a body leak. The gas door broke. I think it is a poor choice used. I bought this vehicle at adventure sales in Chattanooga. It immediately had issues needing more repairs. I discovered that the cruise control does not work. The stripping on top comes up after an auto car wash.

- Barbara V

It has hauled a lot of dogs and gets good gas mileage.

It is small enough to get in to the tightest parking place, but large enough to haul things like a pickup. It's a 2003; so it is unencumbered by a lot of gadgetry. However, the transmission bearings had to be replaced just after warranty ended. Love my Matrix. Can't believe they discontinued it.

- Carole Y

Small sensible car perfect for a single family car.

Bought the car from a friend significant others about 5 months ago. I've been hesitant to take it too far away and on a long trip. Had some maintenance issues but it was expected since it is a 15 years old car. I love the color and size is perfect for me. It’s good on gas and plenty of room.

- Monica B

Great little all in one car/crossover/utility vehicle/ wagon!

My car is light blue, runs great, quick on acceleration, has adjustable seats and they all fold down for hauling large items etc. . . Hatchback convenience. Great sounding stereo with CD and am FM radio. Auto windows, doors, and locks. It is great on gas mileage and very low maintenance needed.

- Gena E

The Toyota Matrix is an extremely practical and functional vehicle.

It is an incredibly reliable vehicle. Over the last decade, I've only had 1 or 2 major repairs done with the rest being routine maintenance. It's practical, good on fuel economy, and comfortable. My only complaint is the lack of engine power as it can be pretty slow to accelerate on freeways.

- Tim G

Well built car with good gas mileage.

It's like a mini station wagon with the fold down back seats. Starts 100% of the time. Good gas mileage. The only time it broke down and would not start is when on thanksgiving day I woke up to a dead battery. But I guess you are supposed to replace your car battery every 2 to 3 years.

- Charles R

I would love to be more economical on gas.

Is a very reliable car. Strong engine and very roomy. It has a lot of space. Even though is a small car is not that small like cars now a days. I wish Toyota had it discontinue this model. I really love this model. Very nice performance. I wish it could save more on gas.

- Maria C

Robust engine. Low maintenance vehicle.

Quality of the far is very good. The interior is made a bit cheaper but my car has taken a beating with college moves. It bugs me the headlights never turn off. Very good car and not to bad to work on for maintenance. The gas and oil cost is reasonable as well.

- Miranda L

Still trendy...silver bullet

An extremely reliable, durable and trendy vehicle. Due to its age gas mileage hovers around 28 in the city but still performs at about 33 on freeway. Because of its age and the fact it's a hatchback it has become a little noise, but we can live with that!

- Jan D

This car is nimble and easy to park!

The car has lasted 15 years without any major problems and the parts are easily to get. Recommend Toyota brand to everyone. I have only had to change oil, tires and brakes. There is plenty of room in the vehicle and small enough to part in the city.

- Terri V

It's a Toyota, which means it will go for a long time and it has an engine which does not have a timing belt.

I like that it's reliable, easy to fix, has great gas mileage and is a very pretty car that has a lot of room inside. The things I don't like is that it currently has an oil leak and is an older model with a lot of mileage on it.

- Isaiah L

I love the face you can move it if there is no power to it.

It small so it is easy to get into small places. There is enough space for my whole family plus my dog for when we go in trips. And the fact that if there is no power to the car and you can still love it make it a good car.

- Nadia S

it does not let you down, starts every time and that's important for a single person

it gives me great gas mileage, does not require a lot of maintenance just regular oil change and tire rotation. it has plenty of cargo space, great for all though unexpected stuff we end up bringing home. i just love it.

- nancy e

Gas mileage is great, which is helpful for my commuter car.

Many recall issues but easily fixed through the dealership. Very easy car to learn to drive manual on. Great gas mileage is helpful as it is my commuter car. The storage space is surprisingly large and extremely helpful.

- Christine W

It gets great mileage - 30 miles per gallon on the highway and 25 miles per gallon on the city.

I love my Toyota Matrix! It gets great mileage. It fits in compact parking spaces. It drives smoothly and turns gracefully. It has very few blind spots. The cargo area expands when I lay down the back seats.

- Patricia L

It only requires basic maintenance. It has performed so well and we have never had to spend a large amount on repairs.

This car has been the easiest model/make to maintain. It has high miles from our use of it, and is still going strong. It is the perfect sports vehicle to hold our stroller, gear and groceries in the trunk.

- Ashley S

It is reliable and comfortable, gets good gas mileage too.

My Toyota matrix is light blue with 4 doors and a hatchback door, all seats fold down to haul big items or to use as tables or even to sleep in. My car is in good running shape and has never let me down.

- Gena E

It has excellent durability and comfort. It is a great vehicle for a small family.

It is reliable. I've had it for almost 9 years. I've never had any major issues with it. I've only had regular maintenance done and a starter went punt once. It's great! It has great gas mileage!

- Cari K

The lights are always on.

It is older, but still runs pretty well! It has intermittent issues like a/c or brakes, things that can be fixed easily. It is never broken down on me. I do wish I had gotten a different color.

- Daniel S

Since it is a hatchback, there is a lot of storage space, which is great for travel or moving.

Overall, I really love my car. It has some problems (broken sunroof, misfiring fuel injectors, small oil leak) but for having 240k miles on it, and buying it at 235k miles, it is a great car.

- Sarah B

I love my little buggie that I call it. I can shlep lots of stuff around as the cargo space has lots of room. The only complaint I have right now is that I need a new compressor for the air conditioner. It's been a difficult summer not having air conditioning.

It's a great little car but they no longer make them. You would have to purchase an older one. I don't remember the last year they made them. I do want another one just like it.

- Donna S

Excellent Designed Interior

Drives great and excellent designed interior. Fuel efficiency is a huge bonus with the manual transmission. Great handling and power for a 4 cylinder. All in excellent vehicle.

- Jesille B

It is durable and cost-efficient.

My favorite thing about it is its size- it is not too tall or long. It also has good mileage. Finally, in the years it is been in my family, it has rarely had any major issues.

- Iva M

It is reliable. It is built solid And is safe. I would not hesitate to buy another one.

My Matrix is reliable. It gets great gas mileage and has an solid, smooth ride. There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about. As a matter of fact, this is my third Matrix.

- William L

Very reliable. Runs well and needs very little repair.

Very reliable car, generally requires only routine maintenance and runs very well. Only issue I have had is multiple recalls that are annoying to have to address.

- Joseph V

It is not a good vehicle to travel up mountains because it's a smaller city car.

I love its size that it is not too big nor too small. I love the color and how comfortable it is. I don't like that the antenna does not work properly sometimes.

- Vanessa A

It is great. No complaints.

I love this car. The hatchback has a great amount of space. We moved half of an apartment in there! I have had very little mechanical problems as well.

- Stephanie D

It's a great car! I love it because it's sturdy. It's old so it has some problems, but that's to be expected. And it has a rusted top, but I still love it.

That's lasted a long time. It's literally fifteen years old and runs like a dream. I drove across the country with it and it didn't ever care.

- Becky L

Black, 2003, hatchback with 4 doors.

I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix. It is black and is a four door. It's a hatchback and has lots of room. It runs great and get great gas mileage.

- Katrina L

Reliable, quality features, good for a smaller SUV.

I like the size of my vehicle. It is not to small like new models but not to big either. I love the color. I like that is very spacious too.

- Sandra M

It's a small car which I like. It has done a great job so far.

It's a used toyota matrix that I received for free. It's a bit messy on the inside. It's gray and I tried to keep it clean on the inside.

- Melissa A

It's not meant for a big family, it's hard to fit certain items in it cause it's small

good to get around and travel to places near me . pretty good gas mileage. it has an annoying beeping sound when key isn't in ignition.

- mary m

It lasts: and I haven't had a car payment in years.

cabin is noisy. Gas mileage is not as good as I expected. Love the hatchback. I've driven it for 15 years with no mjr problems.

- Brenda c

Have complete trust that it will continue to get us to our destinations and that it will remain a very reliable car.

The style of the car,The gas mileage I receive with it.Think it is a great family vehicle. Is a brand that our family trust ,

- Brenda S


I Love my Matrix. It has been very dependable and has good gas mileage. I have enough leg and head room as well as storage.

- Kate O

it is a good car with lots of miles. It has served me well and I am pleased with the car.

It is getting old and showing signs of wear. I like the visibility and head room. It could never hold onto hubcaps.

- Robert D

It runs great, engine is very strong and is easy to maintain. Great car.

Very reliable vehicle. Parts are easy to find. Maintenance is easy and convenient. Very spacious. Good family car.

- Alberto F

Hatchback model with silver color ,it gives feel of suv as last t has bigger size then sedan..good to drive

I like the vehicle is hatchback so I can stuff lot of things in it .I don't like is it's seats are not comfortable

- Ankur G

my car has much more space than it looks like from the outside as it is a hatchback and has drop down seats.

i like my vehicles gas mileage and it handles like a dream.my only dislike is the fact it is not a 4 wheel drive.

- merle V

Great gas mileage. I get about 300 miles per fill up.

I like the hatchback & its ability to fold the seats down to sleep when camping. I don't have any dislikes.

- Alexis T

It is a very reliable vehicle and great on gas. Small but roomy.

Small, reliable, convenient and affordable. Great on gas mileage. Can maneuver into the smallest spots.

- Kelly R

It's very good on gas and as a result doesn't cost me too much weekly.

It's good on gas, Toyota is a good name. It's older and shows at times, have to fix it semi regularly.

- Sean K

My car is taken care of every 5 months. It works great & I have only had minor things done. I now have a great mechanic & he keeps track of all that needs to be done. I would recommend my Toyota to anyone that wants to have a good vehicle with low Problems.

That it uses not that much gas, only need to fill up twice a month. It is great to drive.

- Carol P

It drives smoothly and I get 30 miles per gallon on highway driving

The driver's seat needs to be wider. An ashtray needs to be added. I love the mileage.

- Patricia H

I like that you can fit a lot of things in it even though it is small

it is a good car you can get good mileage it's not fancy but it gets me around

- Lori F

It's reliable and a good daily drive, good on gas too

It's a pretty old model and it doesn't have all the features that i would like

- Karen R

Basic features but super reliable. Runs and runs with little more than routine maintenance. Only complaint is there have been a number of recalls over the years that are time consuming to resolve.

Super reliable, can always depend on it to get you where you need to go.

- Frank M

Low maintenance never needs repairs other than general maintenance

It's dependable low maintenance and good on gas and lasted a long time

- Sharon R

It has great gas mileage and has traveled across the country staying consistently durable the whole time.

I love that it has a good durable engine that gets great gas mileage.

- Loy W

convenient and low cost to operate

red hatchback that is small but carries a nice load of horse feed

- william D