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I like the hatchback (5th door) and that the rear seats fold down.

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The only repairs undertaken were the replacement of a serpentine belt and a new starter motor. Other things have just been standard wear and tear like tires and battery. While it is not the speediest vehicle on the road, it can easily do 75 mph without too much effort. The fuel consumption is not as good as newer cars, but I do get 30-33 miles to the gallon on the highway and about 26 miles in traffic.

- Renee J

2004 Toyota matrix great car.

I love Toyota matrix so much that when my first was stolen I bought another one! It has a lot of space and is bigger than it looks. I feel like I take good care of my car and the maintenance and any parts are fairly priced. Smaller tires are cheaper too which is nice. I do wish I had a bigger SUV but would drive this any day happily. It gets great gas mileage too.

- Katie H

Love my matrix. Time to sell the gas-guzzling bmw and keep the matrix!

I have driven the 2004 matrix for almost four years, as I co-own with my 93 year old mother, who no longer drives. She loved it, had bought it (pre owned) from a Toyota dealership. I continue to have the car serviced - which has been oil changes only, new brake pads, and a battery - and love the way it drives and conserves gas!

- Dona S

Smooth ride with decent lasting power.

I have had it for a while so it has a few issues with the doors and windows falling apart. The seats are very comfortable and I like how it drives, but it is older so it is starting to have engine issues. I like the size and interior cabin space and it used to have a good stereo, but the speakers are starting to go out.

- Audrey V

Love my cute, sporty, reliable Toyota matrix.

From the day I purchased this vehicle it is been great. I get excellent gas mileage, it is sporty looking, never had any major mechanical problems. Just normal routine maintenance. The back seats fold down and since they are hard plastic it makes it super convenient when you need extra space to carry things.

- Val S

It is dependable, gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

My Toyota matrix has been a very dependable vehicle. I have enjoyed the design with seats that fold flat, creating lots of room for cargo. It has several outlets for phones and/or laptops. I have only had one major repair in the last 14 years: the clutch had to be replaced. I would recommend Toyota.

- Scottie B

It is a great fuel efficient vehicle.

It is a very good fuel efficient car. I brought used, but it has given me no problems, just the basic wear and tear of having a vehicle. Toyota makes sturdy long lasting cars. I had the vehicle for fives and I will get the title in march. If you buy a Toyota, you'll be happy you bought it.

- Preston C

The great thing about the matrix is that it is gas efficient and has much space.

I really like the Toyota matrix it is roomy and has a lot of space for my projects. Groceries, crafts, gardening, everything seems to fit in the matrix. The thing I do not like is that it requires frequent oil changes, it seems like I need to constantly change my oil every 3 months.

- alexis R

The Toyota matrix is a great family car.

I love how much space is in the matrix. It also drives wonderfully, my car now has 200,000 miles and still drives like new. I have had this car for about 2 years and also like the silver color. Does great in the snow as well. The matrix is a great family car small but efficient.

- Jenna L

The matrix - 2004 edition.

The matrix has good space to fit a lot of items. It is a very simple and basic car which allows everyone in the household to understand and know how to use it. Acceleration is not the best but the engine provides good fuel economy. The quality of the ride is fairly comfortable.

- Jacqueline C

It is a small car but has plenty of room and trunk space.

I love my car because it is very dependable. It drives well. I have not had any serious problems with it at all. Only had to change the battery in it, in all the years that I've had it. I would surely recommend a Toyota to anyone. It basically has good gas mileage as well.

- Marilyn G

The best car buddie I ever have.

Everything is good and fine no problems, good looking car. Good air-conditioning. Lights breaks, tire wheel inside and outside is still cool, running condition is pretty good that's why I still have this more than a decade car of mine. Good sound system,s very spacious.

- A M

I think I can, I think I can

I really love this vehicle even though it is getting up there in age/miles. The hatchback is perfect for the dog. The biggest issue I have is that it is only a 4 cylinder and chugs along when I go up hills so going to the beach or long trips is a bit slow.

- Desiree N

Car has great gas mileage.

Car gets great gas mileage, never had any problems with it, stick shift car, easy to learn, easy to drive, reliable, good radio, comfortable to drive in for short and long time, all features are still working, was previously owned, good safety features.

- Erica S

Reliable and lasts and lasts.

Fun to drive. Reliable. Everything fits in it. I am very sad that they stopped making this model. I have always had my Toyotas last a long time and feel like I have always gotten my monies worth. Love this car as it is still doing great at 180k miles.

- Jen A

2004 Toyota Matrix -- Great family car

My 2004 Toyota Matrix is great. It has held up really well and is very comfortable. It's a great car for road trips and for picking up and dropping off kids at school and their activities. It has great trunk space and has been very reliable and safe.

- Virginia S

Dependability of a Corolla with a roomier interior

My Matrix has over 190,000 miles on it and is still dependable and in good shape. It gets decent gas mileage, which I like, and I like the amount of room I have. It has had a few recalls, which are inconvenient and sometimes frustrating.

- Becky C

Toyotas go and go and go and are worth paying extra for because they are dependable!

I like that it is dependable. I like that it is a Toyota so it will be able to go for a long while. I like that we got a good deal on it and even after hitting a deer it is going strong with over 200,000 miles :D

- Amber S

Since it is a slightly older car you have to be gentle with it when it comes to driving or just pulling on the door handles.

It is a reliable vehicle that I think will last me a few more years. It is a well built car with good bones. Only complaint would be the plastic pieces of the car because they tend to need more work to maintain.

- Tamlyn K

Car for everyone , for family , friends,for outing and everywhere

I like this car because its very spacious.it s my first car.i love this car the way it looks like low maintenance and low gas consumption. I don't have any dislike it seems that everything is so perfect to me

- Avelino M

Even though it's getting older, that's just the outside, Toyota's are really gems!

I love my little vehicle! I wish they still made them. I have had no major maintenance issues, good gas mileage and the hatchback style has been really versatile over the years. I really love my car.

- Bri N

Toyota matrix: very reliable and fuel efficient!

My matrix is very reliable and I have never had any problems with it! I like that it is a smaller car but it also is roomy inside. The gas mileage is great for me since I run around town so much.

- Maddie M

If you treat it right, you should be able to get 40 mpg. I think the estimates top out at about 35 highway, but if you drive like a civilized human, 40 isn't out of the question.

While it's overall pretty good, I've been having consistent issues with the clutch safety switch. I've had it replaced a couple times before, but now I'm thinking about just bypassing it.

- Jeremy H

Do not press on the pedal too hard and underestimate the acceleration.

The Toyota matrix has great legroom and the placement of the steering wheel is comfortable for both big and small individuals. The blind spot is smaller than most cars as well.

- David W

The car handles well. It takes curves well.

Handles well with good gas mileage. Very cold air! Takes too long to fill gas tank. Something not right in filler tube. Fuel backs up in the neck and causes pump to click off.

- Alison D

She's a great car for a single person or a young family.

I love my little matrix. She has great space inside for such a small car. She does not have great acceleration but she goes fast enough and gets me where i'm going.

- pam R

If there's a problem with the transmission then you need to make sure you have 4000 dollars in handy.

I like that I don't have a car note on it. It doesn't take much to fill up for gas. I don't like that it feels like a really old car that needs a makeover.

- Olivia J

It is a great first car to new people.

It is small, convenient, easy to "do it yourself" repairs and annual monthly repair. Plenty of leg space for 4 people and the hatch back is very nice.

- You V

Smaller car with All Wheel Drive - it's great to have!

I love that my vehicle is small, but has lots of space. It is reliable and dependable. I wish it got better gas mileage in stop and go traffic.

- Dana F

That toyota's are a long lasting vehicle. They are well designed and built to last.

I like the fact that it has gone 300,000 miles and is still running strong. It might be a little slow in the hills, but it will get you there.

- Fred Z

It's been my partner for a long time.

Everything is perfect and I love it so much.It has a sentimental value to me.Its been my life. I have no complaint about my matrix ever since.

- A M

Very versatile. Once rear seats are folded, there is tons of cargo space.

It is a great car. Very fuel efficient and roomy. Four passengers fit comfortably. The car has been discontinued; matrix is no longer made.

- Gerard A

It is reliable it lasted 8 to 10 years so it is also hatchback good space.

It is not mine so it makes it hard to write a review about it when I do not even drive the vehicle so ask me again when I have my own car.

- Corey B

Pontiac and Toyota produced a joint venture.

Love having a hatchback to be able to carry/move stuff, It's fuel economy, sister car Pontiac Vibe. Not a luxury ride but no complaints.

- Patricia R

0 to 60 in 4 seconds, I can fill the tank up and I still have gas left over.

I really like the performance of my car. It is very fuel efficient even in the city. It goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, I love the car.

- Andrea R

14-Year-Old Matrix, Still Going Strong

14 years old and still going strong. Only regular maintenance. None of the modern computerized perks on the new cars, but SO reliable.


basic medium sized car. I think it would be considered a hatchback.

great vehicle, very dependable. it has 190,000 and still runs great. This is my first car and it has far exceeded my expectations.

- Bailey F

Reliable and lasts over 150,000 miles

I like the size of my car and how much room is in the trunk. It has lasted for a long time and that is very good. Easy maintenance

- Glenn F

The Car from Coolsville, You Dig?

Roomy, functional, reliable. Gets me where I need to go without busting down every other day. Holds all my stuff. Nice styling.

- None N

It can haul a lot of stuff. I've been moving with it and it's really helpful

I like the car. It's fun to drive. I bought it used for 1500 dollars and it has lasted two years already. I'm really blessed.

- Melissa B

Best long lasting car for you

Everything is awesome and long lasting I don't ever have problems I've had one in like ten years which is very impressive

- Claudia M

Great car for a great price.

The vehicle all in all is a good vehicle. Sometimes it may make a noise here and there but for the year it runs great.

- Amanda P

If you take good care of it, it will last you a long time.

It's a very good car. I haven't had any problems with it. The door handles keep breaking and it's my only problem.

- Maria L

It is reliable and easy to maintain.

I have no complaints. It has been an excellent vehicle. Easy to maintain. Good in snow and ice. Wish it had gps.

- Melanie G

2004 Toyota matrix running like brand new.

My car is 14 years old and runs like new. No major repaid, just standard maintenance. Looks good inside and out.

- Joni E

It is reliable, great on gas, & fun to drive.

Sporty looking hatchback great fuel mileage. Easy to drive, low maintenance. Love the body kit and the sunroof.

- Valerie S

This is a good vehicle, but it's given me plenty of issues too. Just this weekend I had to replace the blower motor relay, because the blowers were staying on after I turned the car off and took the keys out of the ignition.

It's a nice little SUV/wagon. I wouldn't take it too offroad, but it can handle a rough gravel road just fine.

- William O

This car is spacious and simple and it gets the job done.

It is the color yellow. It 4xd so it works well in all weather conditions. After so many years it works well.

- Bryan C

It works very well and has held up internally well.

It is older and worn out. No aux outlet. Natural wear and tear on the physical aspect. Has cloth seats.

- Jo D

Great on gas, it can get you far and out on a full tank.

None, great car that is great on gas. It is the perfect first car for a new driver, small yet reliable.

- Ebony G

If basic maintenance is kept up it will last forever

no complaints about my car. I love the hatchback and it is a very reliable, affordable car

- rachel t

Handles very well in all driving conditions

Dives well, good handling and gas mileage.It lacks a rear windshield wiper Great car

- Rolf K

it hardly uses any gas and its very durable the best car i ever own

i like that i don't spend a lot on gas and that in never gives me any problem

- pito c




its roomy boot, very spacious for luggages.

i love the structure, and its engine. nothing to dislike.

- lizzie o

The car runs well and i have been able to take it everywhere.

The vehicle runs well and has yet to let me down.

- Kathryn M