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Perfect for the whole family and your pocket book!

It is over 10 years old and it is never had a problem. If you keep it serviced it runs wonderful, and takes you where you need to go. It has deep leg areas so you do not feel like you are sitting on the ground. I can comfortably take my grandmother around town and she does not have problems getting in or out of the vehicle. The air conditioning is placed in the front only but there is so much room inside the vehicle heat and ac reach the back passengers in a short amount of time. It being a Toyota, parts are super easy to replace and if something goes wrong it is cost efficient to replace. I got a new belt and it was super cheap the mechanic also fixed my routers in the same day.

- Candice S

My silver chariot and me - life of a retired woman, making the most of my life.

Very dependable! This car has never let me down. I like the size for either turning into narrow places or laying down the seats to haul things. It holds so much! My mechanic tells me what a great car it is every time I take it in for routine maintenance. It never fails to start, which I am so thankful for. I am a widow and I really feel secure having a dependable car. It has over 200, 000 miles on it now and is still as dependable as ever. I like to camp with just me and my dog and my matrix holds all the supplies I need to take with me. Oh yes, my car has a name! The silver chariot!

- Kathy H

It is simple to drive. The only thing that can cause issues is the touchy gas.

It is not a bad car. Overall it very reliable and we've had it for a long time. The gas is kind of touchy but that is my only complaint really. It is a pretty standard car, and it does what you need it to do. I think that the only reason I do not think it is great is that I have driven a nice BMW from time to time to that kind of puts this car to shame. But that does not change my opinion of the car. I still think it is a good car especially for a first car, as Toyotas are very reliable and last a long time.

- Daniel B

Happy I have a Toyota Matrix on my grid--pure functionality.

It's functional with the hatchback and seats that can be put down to create more space. Two car seats fit comfortably in the back with a small additional space in between. Mine is an older vehicle, but with the amount of mileage, I would say this is a truly reliable car and has much more life to get out of it. I don't need to worry about clean-up with the kiddos either because it's easy to clean and has a nice amount of space compartments. I, also, love the sunroof and tilt capability.

- Melissa R

It's big enough for almost anything you need to do but small enough to be convenient and economical.

My vehicle is great for what I do. I enjoy the outdoors, have a child, and a dog, so the Matrix fits our needs perfectly. It's cargo area is large enough for sports or camping equipment but it's small enough to park in the garage and it's still economical. It's in great condition, I don't owe any money on it, and the insurance payment is low because it's an older car.

- Lindsey E

Even though it is a smaller and an older car, it's initial take off from being parked is faster than expected.

I actually drive a Pontiac Vibe, but that wasn't an option on the drop down menu and the Toyota Matrix has the same chasse. I like the size of the vehicle, and I like that even though it's a hatchback the backseat isn't super cramped so I can fit friends or my 70 pound dog back there comfortably. I wish it got better gas mileage and accelerated more quickly.

- Caroline K

Toyota matrix is a solid vehicle.

Although Toyota does not make the matrix any longer if you find a pre-owned vehicle you will be getting a superb car. The matrix xr is very reliable. Has great gas mileage. Very comfortable. Needed a wide door opening as a result of a hip replacement. I am very comfortable driving. The storage room is ideal. Very fortunate to have found this matrix.

- Richard H

After all the years and miles, it's still running without a hitch.

Love the compact size and hatchback - it's very conducive to my on-the-go lifestyle. Despite its age and distance travelled it is still running very well and hasn't required extensive repair. I feel confident driving my car to work and on vacation. It's tough and I don't feel like I need to treat it with kid gloves to get the best out of it.

- alanna m

Easy riding during all weather conditions.

My car drives very smoothly. It is fantastic to drive during mud season, high enough off the ground so I do not get stuck in the mud. I had an all wheel drive car so the four wheel drive took awhile to get used to. I have had minimal issues with this car and have only needed a wheel bearing done in the past two years that I have owned it.

- Sarah L

She's still going after 13 years and over 200, 000 miles.

It has over 200, 000 miles on it, but it still has life in it. I regularly get the oil changed and keep up on auto repairs, and it keeps lasting me longer than I think it will. I may have put more money into the car than it is worth, but I think it is still cheaper than having to get a new car. Decent gas mileage too, about 30 mpg.

- Amber S

This car kept us alive, now own two more!

Economical, fold down rear seats give lots of cargo space, fun to drive. Was victim of hit and run on highway at 70 mph, was hit by 2nd car and slammed into guard rail matrix was totaled, not one side of car was without damage, we only had bruises from seat belt, that's why we now own two. Would buy a brand new one if we could.

- Jean K

That toyotas last forever

I really like having a hatchback, it's easy to get larger items in and I can put the back flat. But it doesn't work as well in my current life with two car seats in the back and not enough room for a 5th passenger. It's a little older but it still gets decent gas mileage and has never had a major repair with 200K+ miles.

- Brianne K

The Vibe is an incredible car that just keeps going and going.

My vehicle is actually the Pontiac Vibe from 2005. You didn't have Pontiac on the list. I have a complaint about that... Anyhow, the Vibe is a Matrix in Pontiac clothing. I love it. It could use a little more power and the body is rusting but the engine is still going strong and it's an awesome car.

- Stan R

It looks a lot smaller than it really is. and even though it is old, I recently replaced both the engine and the breaks. It's kind of like a new car in an old frame.

The vehicle has had some problems because of its age, but I recently had a brand new engine and brakes installed and it has been working great since then. This was my first car and it has a lot of sentimental value to me and I really love it, but it has had issues running and it leaks when it rains.

- Maddison M

Good car, not what I would have chosen.

I am used to a newer, advanced vehicle, but was rear-ended and the money I got for the insurance totaling my previous car wasn't enough to upgrade without a large monthly payment. I had to settle for an older car and color that I wasn't fond of. I plan on buying another vehicle as soon as possible.

- James G

I really enjoy how easy I can put down the second row of seats for more cargo.

We got our matrix from a family member for me to drive to doctors appointments and for errands. Not only does it have a smooth drive its comfortable, has plenty of cargo space, and has good gas mileage. I really enjoy our matrix and would buy another one in the future if we need another vehicle.

- Monica H

Toyota matrix 2005 silver four door airbag systems.

It is a solid car. For some reason mine has a leak in the passenger windshield area that causes leaks when it rains. Mileage is good. Has good room and still has a good size trunk space. Seems reliable for what I need it for. Back and forth through town. I do not put a lot of miles on it.

- Jess D

The gas mileage is the best feature.

Its acceleration is slow, but the gas mileage is fantastic. I recently had the hood plate and the headlights replaced. I am the fourth owner of this car and she only needs maintenance once a year. I like the sunroof. We plan on replacing the radon soon just because it has no AUX adapter.

- Sally D

Toyota matrix: why I love my car!

I really love my Toyota matrix. I really like the brand Toyota because I was in a car accident this summer and my car kept me safe. I really enjoy the matrix because it is a hatchback and I feel like I have a lot room to drive people or items. It is very roomy and I do not feel crammed.

- Haley C

Great on gas economical, compact and reliable.

Reliable but have had wheel hub issues worn tires and starter problems also runs rough and has a noisy ride as well uncomfortable seating and electrical issue with stereo overall though it is been a decent car has 128, 000 miles and still going strong would purchase Toyota again.

- Angie B

Easy to maneuver in the small compact car. Great for parking.

Due to the amount of driving it takes to get around la, this car is not reliable on gas. It costs more to put gas than eventually what it is actually worth. The car is comfortable and compact for small errands. Definitely not your main driving car, but nice for a starter driver.

- Isabella L

Summarized vehicle on previous question.

My car is old and unreliable also has a recall on airbags where shrapnel may fly out on you. Has bad tires also has 2 leaking gaskets and power steering pump is leaking. It also needs new filters in gas tank because it takes about 10 mins just to pump 2 gallons of gas.

- Aja F

Very pleased with its size.

It's a perfect size. Its compact so it's easy to drive around, but it has space enough for 5 people and still plenty of room in the trunk. It is always reliable and is very comfortable to drive with adjustable seats. The radio is a bit old, but its not hard to replace.

- Marie B

A sporty AWD hatchback with a sunroof and 6 disc changer.

There have been a few safety recalls on the passenger side airbag over the 6 years I have owned my car. There is no AUX cable connection because my car is an older model. And regular wear and tear. I do not think there's anything in particular that is horribly wrong.

- Emily L

Toyota are the best cars I have ever owned because they run the longest with least major repair!

Love the hatch back space for hauling a few things and that it is still going strong without major repairs for all these years. Wish it had a better air conditioning unit for the size and wish I had auto door lock/unlock mechanism, but keep my manual roll windows.

- Sandy R

Car with excellent height.

I love the higher feel of the Matrix. It is almost like driving a minivan or SUV. It has great hauling capability and the seats fold down to make it easy to carry whatever you need to haul. It has great handling and features just like any other Toyota vehicle.

- Jessica D

It has an exceptional sound system.

I like the features, especially the "electric socket" in it and all the places I can store small things. There are times when the vehicle seems too small to use for long distance travel with two dogs. My big dislike is that the cruise control no longer works.

- Ingrid B

It really runs pretty smooth and is very reliable.

It is a super reliable vehicle considering it is over ten years old. It is great on gas, but because of the age it is missing some key features like an AUX cord. Overall though I cannot complain. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it and still runs great.

- Sarah G

The Toyota Matrix is a carefully engineered vehicle which allows for good gas mileage and plenty of room for storage.

My car is very reliable. The hatchback and fold-down seats provide a lot of room for cargo. Mileage is pretty good. The only downside is the car is compact, and makes you feel vulnerable sometimes on the highway with trucks and larger vehicles.

- Wayne K

Love My 2005 Toyota Matrix

I absolutely love my car. There have been a couple recall issues but other than that it has been a great reliable car. There are over 220,000 miles on it. I get 28 miles to the gallon. I would definitely buy another Toyota!!!

- Robin O

The Matrix is reliable and fun.

My Matrix has been a reliable vehicle for almost 14 years now. It has some rough spots now, and it may be about time to replace it, but I can still drive it every day. The CD player no longer works, but the radio still works.

- David C

My car works fine despite the age and looks. I plan on driving it until I have to replace it,

I like my car because it is reliable and good in the snow. I don't drive a lot so the mileage is still relatively low. I don't like that the exhaust system is all one piece so is expensive any time it needs to be fixed,

- Barbara S

Toyota Matrix stills runs great after 300,000 miles

My Matrix is very reliable, gets good mileage, and has a surprisingly large amount of space for a small vehicle. I have put over 310,000 miles on this vehicle in the 13 years that I have owned it and it still runs great.

- Joseph M

It's a money pit. It seems like I am always having something repaired.

I like the look and feel of my car, but that's about it. The window/lock panel on the door popped out., which is really frustrating. I have also replaced three wheel bearings. I would not recommend this car to anyone.

- Patrick P

It is old, but a solid little car that gets great mileage.

Good mileage even with it being so old. Hatchback is awesome for groceries/shopping. It is a compact car, but feels much roomier inside, you sit higher up and it just feels like a bigger car when you are driving it.

- Shawna W

The Toyota Matrix is the Volkswagen Bug of the 21st century.

My Matrix keeps going and going. It has been through some rough treatment, and it is showing some rough spots, but the little car still keeps cruising. The main problem is the stereo: the CD player no longer works.

- David H

It is a good car and has lasted me a long time without problems.

I like that it is reliable and that it is cheap for gas. I don't like that it does not have automatic locks and power windows. It is not big enough with two kids and to be able to fit in more people.

- Christelle R

It is easy to drive the matrix, and it also gets fairly good gas mileage.

I love the compact nature of the car and that it is a hatchback, but the 'umph' and acceleration in the car is very poor. The heater and air conditioner are also weak, and the seats are uncomfortable.

- Karma M

I love that car! I saw one in a dealer showroom and had to have one. I have never regretted that decision.

She is very good on gas. I have had very few mechanical problems with this car. She is a good looking car, even at her age. Very dependable, pretty of room and fits in all those tiny parking places.

- jennie w

Small and money saving car

So far I really enjoy my Matrix. It doesn't use up has as fast as other cars which is great. It is comfortable and has its own outlet so I don't have to buy a car charger for my phone as well.

- Rocio C

Its small but effective, after having driven it over 45,000 miles it still works and has required little maintenance.

I enjoy the compact size and decent mileage. I do not always feel like a safe driver and this car allows me to be more careful given its smaller size. I do not like the lack of storage space.

- Relyks R

It is efficient in miles per gallon, it is compact but roomy, and it is comfortable.

I like that it has a sunroof. I also like that it gets a lot of miles per gallon of gas. It is small and compact but I can fit my adventure sports gear. It is perfect for my everyday uses.

- Ashley M

It's a good vehicle, very low maintenance and will last me a very long time.

I like that it is easy to get in and out of. Not so low to the ground that it is hard to get out of with bad knees. The gas mileage is decent. It hauls just about anything I need to move.

- peggy d

It is a beautiful piece of machinery.

Love it as a truck or SUV. No complaints. Have taken a number of trips in it. Gets great gas mileage. I just change oil when I should. One thing I do not like is hubcaps keep falling off.

- Nancy M

Lovin' my manual Toyota Matrix

My car is wonderful on gas mileage and cheap to maintain. I love that I can put down the back seats and move large items, or take the dog to the park. It is practical and functional.

- Natalie F

I am the first owner of this car and it is still in very good condition.

I have owned my vehicle for 13 years. The style of the vehicle was perfect for traveling cross country with my 2 dogs. For being 13 years old my vehicle is still in good condition.

- Margretta M

Good on gas and reliable for the most part but does have a lot of things needed to be fixed overall but has lasted me years

Have had problems with my car for a while, even when bought off the lot it had issues and were not fixed by dealership. It has ran good for a while now but again is having issues

- Rachel R

The Man and the Reliable Engine

Very reliable, great engine. It's technically a Vibe but it's the same car with a different name. We've been very satisfied, and happy drivers. I would highly recommend one.

- David W

Long lasting with good gas mileage.

My car is 13 years old and I have had very few problems with it. It has a hatchback with fold down seats so it is convenient to carry large items. It gets good gas mileage.

- Joyce J

Fuel efficient, and economically and financially friendly.

Small and compact so it is easy to handle and park. Great gas mileage and inexpensive to drive. No rattling or other unnecessary vibrations, and little maintenance.

- Robert M

It has low mileage. I retired a year after I bought it so it has only 70K miles on it.

I do a lot of DIY and the hatchback allows me to carry many things that wouldn't fit in a trunk. Like the way it looks and feels. Only dislike is road noise level.

- Mary L

It has been discontinued and turned into a Prius.

It likes to go, but does not really like hills. Its comfortable for road trips, it still gets great gas mileage for how old it is. It is never broken down on me.

- Christina S

The car is manual, and the clutch can be difficult to use.

The steering and handling is not as good as it once was. I do like that it is manual transmission. But I do not like that it has over 200,000 miles on it.

- Mark C

It leaks when it rains in the driver's seat from the side and the front of the windshield.

I like the space in the back seat and the hatchback feature. I do not like that the car leaks when it rains all over my lap. It has a good engine though.

- Ali K

It's good on space and it's good on mileage. Toyota vehicles in general have been very reliable

I enjoy the hatchback and physical room in the car. Over the past year or so it has been having many issues with the exhaust/muffler that need repairs.

- Allison G

I depend on it to go to work, take my kids to school, go out, etc

i like the fuel efficiency, the low cost maintenance, the mileage per gallon, and the overall reliability. i don't like the size, it's a bit small

- chris c

It's a nice car for getting around town, and has plenty of space

I like how much space there is for how compact a car it is. The back area holds a lot of things.. the car isn't super strong though going up hills

- Nick M

It is a stick shift and has fair gas mileage.

Love that it is quick and easy to drive around town. Perfect size for me. Like the hatchback and that seats fold down in the back. No complaints.

- Mary K

It's a reliable hatchback but it has over 200,000 miles on it.

Extremely reliable, no significant problems over hundreds of thousands of miles. Hatchback is very convenient for carrying stuff around town.

- Charles B

This car is easy to maintain, and I have been able to replace parts myself with ease

Perfect road trip car! I love that the seats fold down completely. Easy for use with dogs! I'm just sad that this model isn't made anymore!

- Holly W

It gets good gas mileage & runs great. Hardly needs any repairs, for the past 13 years,

This is the best car I have ever had. Only complaint is, the interior trim parts were not put together very well & rattles since day one.

- Greg R

Car mileage is very important, to ensure good functionality of the car.

It is low maintenance. It is gas saver. It is compact and not roomy enough for the family. It does not have modern computerized features.

- Lydia B

This car is very reliable and doesn't look "dated."

I find my older Toyota Matrix to be very reliable. I haven't had any issues;however I do have regular maintenance performed on my car.

- Rhonda G

It is roomy for a small car.

Like that it has good gas mileage, handles well, and fits a lot of things in it. Dislikes that I can't hook my phone up to the stereo.

- M d

It is very good on gas. I am able to go for a while without filling up.

The only complaint I have is how it handles in the winter. During winter it doesn't have a lot of traction. Sometimes it slides a bit.

- Griffin A

Toyota Matrix is a wise vehicle purchase

Very reliable vehicle. The AWD is a great asset in the snow. It is the perfect car to use for car camping. I would recommend this car

- Hailey N

The most important thing that people should know is that it is great on gas.

Oh that it hardly waste gas. I like that it's small and easy to drive. I don't like that it does not have enough passenger room.

- Sonia S

The gas mileage is amazing.

Has been a great car with low maintenance. The car has 275,000miles on it and runs new. My husband drives it everyday to work.

- Shannon L

It runs well after all these years.

The car gets great gas mileage, with every trip. Plenty of space inside the car, and seats fold down allowing cargo space.

- Hunter H

Comfortable and fuel efficient car

Very comfortable car and also fuel efficient. Strong motor and comfortable interior. Also exterior design is very stylish

- Kerem C

The Toyota Matrix has great gas mileage and a powerful engine for the size of the vehicle. It is good for city driving.

I like the size of my vehicle and the gas mileage. I do not like the design of the hubcaps because they often come off.

- Claire C

The hatchback and the ability to fold the back seats down.

Great reliable car. Love the hatchback and the ability to fold down the seats. Lots of room and gets great gas mileage.

- Terina T

It is great in size. Due to the small body build, it is compact and easy to use.

This car takes up a lot of gas if you plan to use it for your everyday use. Not recommended for an only car household.

- Isabella L

It is reliable and will last you for longer than other cars.

I like my car because it is decent on gas and is still running well even at 13 years old. I don't have any complaints.

- Alexa W

there is nothing important that i can think of. it has a six cd changer and has a sunroof.

i like that my car has lots of cargo space. i don't like that my car makes lots of noise. overall it is a decent car.

- jennie n

Good performance for more than 10 years already. Gas saver.

Very good performance. But getting small for a family of four. It is a compact car that can be easily driven around.

- Andrea T

It's a nice car, I personally like how light it is but I know that technically makes it less safe than a heavier car. It has a few problems, the suspension has been shoddy for years now and I had to get the transmission flushed several months ago because it was very close to breaking down completely.

For the most part it's a reliable car, but it's known for having transmission issues that can be expensive to fix.

- Mark F

it doesn't have a/c. i can't afford to get it fixed

It's fine, still runs good. It doesn't have many modern features. it seems to have held up well for being so old.

- seth M

Low mileage that was put on the vehicle.

Like the comfortable fit, but it is a cuv with only 4 - engine horsepower. Like its durability & low gas mileage.

- Ma L

It is reliable, and comfortable.

It is easy to drive, big enough for me, and gets great gas mileage. There's nothing I really dislike about it.

- Michael G

Low maintenance. I just take it for the regular oil changes.

It is dependable. It has fairly good gas mileage. It is roomy. Easy to drive. The visibility could be better.

- Jean G

very small car. very good on gas

Love it. a nice family car. I've not really had any issues with my car. very good on gas. drives smooth

- carrie c

Metallic Blue Toyota Matrix

Comfortable padded seating, black interior, 4 seater, runs well with no problems, has about 150k miles

- Andrew S

The hub caps are pretty loose and easily fall off.

The car is very spacious. I love that the seats fold down flat and you have a ton of room in the back.

- Anna S

It's small and compact and cozy. And it has all the newest features of it's time

It's great! I like that it's small and compact. I wish I knew more about it. But it was a great find.

- Ann B

It is the best car and I love him. He gets the job done

I love the car because we've been through a lot together. But it's really old and runs terribly

- Shelby A

How reliable and cheap it is to maintain compared to other cars

very reliable. Drive it daily and it hasn't had any problems. Don't like the appearance

- Renpei C

My car is great on gas, and has had minimal issues in all the years I've had it. It can carry a lot of equipment, but is not a huge vehicle. Smooth ride and looks cool.

My car was built to last. Over 120000 miles and still looks and feels great.

- Christina H

Built to Last My Little Matrix is still going strong.

My car is old, but runs like a charm. You cannot beat Toyota engineering.

- Trina W

This vehicle is not built for durability.

I like the compact size but hate the flimsy material it is made out of.

- Lisa L

I like the Toyota's because they are reliable. The Toyota's also have great brakes. This Toyota also drives and handles well for me.

Overall it is a great vehicle that is reliable and dependable.

- Sarah S

Gets me where I need to go. It is a safe reliable car.

Wish was newer and had bluetooth. But am very happy with it

- Gail G

It got me all the way to Arizona and back

Great gas mileage. Very dependable. Easy to work on

- Bambi S

It is a great car and gets great mileage

It's easy to drive no repairs great gas mileage

- Bruce O

Reliable. Low maintenance

Love Toyota's! Reliable low maintenance.

- Megan L