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Toyota matrix: great car for small families!

Overall, I love this car. It has been a very reliable commuter car for me (I drive 45 minutes to and 45 minutes from work every day). The driver's seat is really adjustable, which makes driving more comfortable (both forward and backward, and up and down) and I feel safer. The engine compartment looks clean and organized, and that makes it easier for me to find what I am looking for, be it motor oil, power steering fluid, or even windshield wiper fluid! The backseat is a good size, and every seat has car seat hooks, which is a huge plus for my family! Probably one of my favorite features is the hatchback. The window opens on its own for quickly throwing things in and out (or if you do not want everything to tumble out the back when you open it!), but the whole thing also opens if you need it to. As for the cons, the seats have sensors to ensure everyone has their seatbelt. This is not a con in and of itself, but the sensors are really sensitive - sometimes my computer bag sets off the passenger seat alarm! They do turn off after about a minute I think. There might be a way to turn this feature off, but I honestly do not mind it too much. However, the beeping drives my husband crazy! As for exterior noise, especially with the top rack on the inside of the car is pretty loud (but it is better with the racks off). I do wish the car got better gas mileage - I get anywhere from 25-28 mpg. Most of my driving is on a highway, but I do live part way up a mountain so I am sure i’d get better mpg if I lived in the nearby valley.

- Kay P

Trusty little matrix, but lots of issues as she gets old.

My matrix has been a trusty little car. She fits four comfortably, five is a squeeze. I love the hatchback and trunk space. It is a great road trip car! The size of the car is a plus as well-- I can park in tight spaces, or be crooked and still within the lines so that is great! She has been very reliable for the past 12 years. . As far as issues go, she loses hubcaps a lot. They do not stay on the wheels right. I have a friend with the same model and she has the same problem, so it is not just me. She idles pretty hard, and makes a loud purring sound, even just sitting at stop lights. As my matrix is now 12 years old and over 200,000 miles we have started having issues. Most recently, it would jerk a lot when you brake and then try to accelerate again (for instance, exiting the freeway, and then trying to speed back up again, she would jerk probably 5 or 6 times. They said this was a cylinder misfire and were able to fix it. She's also had issues with the spark plugs and the battery is slow to start when it is below about 35 degrees outside. . Mostly all the issues are because she is old and worn. I cannot complain too much. It has been a great car for a very long time.

- Catherine S

A nice reliable car that does the job.

It is fairly reliable and works great. Never had any major issues other than the small things like oil changes, new tires, etc. As long as you keep up with your vehicle nothing bad should happen. Everyone knows Toyota is great brand and holds up well and the vehicle I own stands up to that. The seats are very comfortable and the interior is alright. Nothing too fancy, it is a cheap and good gas mileage car so you should not expect anything too great but the car does the job. I would recommend the car to anyone else who is in the market for a nice and reliable car.

- Chance B

Great Car great mileage well built

Got this car on whim, out of need, 12 years ago. It wasn't what I was looking for, but she fit the bill. This car has given me no problems even after 243,000 miles. I have performed regular maintenance and had to replace brakes, clutch and starter, each one time, in the 12 years I've had it. She is comfortable- even tall people are impressed with the leg room in this model year. I am still driving her because nothing else out there rides like her with the gas mileage - average 34 mpg.

- Molly F

Knowing that it is your modern day grocery go getter!

The 2006 Toyota matrix is definitely very reliable and easy to maintain. I can do my own car maintenance with this vehicle which is a plus. It handles well with a lack of engine noise even a 65-70 on the interstate and has great mileage as well! The air conditioner will freeze you out in the summertime and will make you sweat in the winter. So it works well enough to please me and my girlfriend. Overall I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- A.j. E

Matrix with a sunroof and 5 disc player.

My matrix was bought new in 2006. It has a sleek design with a hatchback. It has good acceleration and drivability. When new it got 34 mpg but has since dropped. It is now 12 years old, and it still drives like new. It has a 5 disc CD player and a sunroof. It has needed general maintenance, but no major problems. I use snow tires in the winter and it does well in the snow. I use all season tires the rest of the year. It has been a great car.

- Rose M

My junker Toyota surprised me!

Toyota is actually a really great brand and are famous for their reliability. I have had problems with my particular Toyota, but I bought it used and wasn't aware of the issues with it until it was too late. It has had smog issues, exhaust manifold problems and a couple of recalls for the ECM and the passenger airbag. But with all of these issues, it honestly has never actually broken down and left me stranded! It just keeps on trucking!

- Catherine H

My review on Toyota matrix cars.

My vehicle does not have any problems and runs really smooth. It is a small car, but very spacious from the inside. The people in the back will not be as close to the driver or passenger. The trunk is very roomy and adjustable. The only thing that sucks is that since it is an older car you will not be able to use an aux cord. The radio works fine and the only thing that needs a bit more fixing is the speakers.

- Alyssa C

This cat is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

This is an extremely reliable vehicle. The car has been through flooding and a blown engine due to poor owner maintenance, lack of routine oil changes. However, this car just comes through and keeps running. My husband has purchased three (3) new vehicles and always tries get me to swap out my matrix but l don't want to give up this car. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- Maria P

this vehicle is very reliable

This is a very reliable vehicle. I got it when I was seventeen and had seven me well into adulthood. I don't plan on buying a new car until I've run this one into the ground. It's roomy without being bulky like an SUV. I have packed up my life many times into the trunk of this little hatchback. It's a good car for small families and a decent commuter vehicle.

- Sydney M

The best car ever. Gas mileage is great. Has a great motor

Great gas mileage and durable. Maintenance is easy and cost are low. Rides will. Minimal problems. Sad that Toyota stopped making that brand of vehicle. Has a powerful motor. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The cargo space is awesome. I have been able to haul TVs 50', trees, large bags of soil. It has had some hits but keeps rolling on.

- Vicki M

The matrix is a very reliable and sturdy car.

My matrix was my moms car and was purchased from her due to Its easy entrance for her with her disability. The car has been very reliable and has only required routine maintenance other than a door handle snapping off and the headlights oxidizing. The car is roomy and comfortable for driving but I would prefer a smaller car with better mileage.

- Robert D

It is a good family car, can hold a good amount of weight and it is long lasting.

The Toyota matrix is a good car, lasts long, the only bad side that I have seen is frequent oil changes, but it is a great car, very durable and long lasting, there really is no concern with this model it is a really good family car, can hold a good amount of weight, it is just the kind of vehicle that should be a (family must have!).

- Marisa M

Matrix of you one of the best cars I've ever owned.

I love my Matrix. It gets great gas mileage, and is a great commuter car. Have owned it for 7 years and have had to put very little work into it other than normal maintenance. Runs great. I would highly recommend this vehicle. I am bummed that Toyota quit making the matrix's. We'll have to find another Toyota to love for my next car.

- Julie M

I Love My 2006 Toyota Matrix STD

I did not buy this vehicle new, so when I was the owner, it had a few minor issues. It is one of the most reliable cars I have ever driven. It has almost 250,000 miles on it and still runs incredibly. With the hatchback trunk, I have enough room in the back, with the seats folded down, to fit two bikes together. I love this car.

- Allison J

Toyota Matrix a reliable and dependable car

It is a good car can take you anywhere. The sounds are good. The ac is okay. The engine has enough power. It runs smooth and drives smooth too. It has a lot of trunk space and the back seats can fold down to create even more trunk space. This car can take a lot of miles and still perform very well. The gas is fairly cheap too.

- Andrei B

Great storage and All Wheel Drive

I love that the back seats of the Matrix fold down all the way. This makes it really easy to transport large or bulky items. I also like the netting in the back that allows you to secure smaller items in the trunk so they don't slide around. The car is a nice size, and the AWD is very nice to have in snowy weather.

- Karen K

This is a great family car. The matrix is such a reliable car.

It has been a reliable car. I have had a few minor parts to replace including the starter, but it purrs like a kitten. The interior is comfortable enough for me and my family. The body of the vehicle caught my eye. It is stylish. The trunk space was great for a small family of three. It has great gas mileage.

- Erica M

This vehicle will go forever.

Love everything about this vehicle except comfort. It has a “sporty” ride. It is quick it is nimble and it is extraordinarily reliable. My next vehicle will be a much more cushy ride. I have never had a single repair on this vehicle. I have only had to do maintenance items such as brakes tires oil changes.

- Dur M

My wonderful 12 year old car.

I purchased my Toyota with 130, 000 miles. It is a great 🚗. I absolutely ❤️ it. It is clean as a whistle and runs like a fine machine. There may come a time when I will attempt to convert it into a camper. Notwithstanding several other factors, my experience in purchasing it was quite wonderful.

- Richard D

This car can go the distance.

Very reliable in any kind of weather. Some minor parts recalled, but that was manufacturing fault, if I didn't get the notice in the mail, I wouldn't have none. I didn't have any trouble driving it. Toyota cars have a lot of road noise, but they are good on gas and great for long distance travel.

- Jasmine A

The dependable slow hatch

The Toyota matrix and the Pontiac vibe are the same car. So that means most parts are interchangeable. It's a dependable car but it doesn't have a lot of get up and go power. The only major mechanical issue I have had is to replace the clutch after 200,000 miles. I would highly recommend this car.

- Samuel H

My 2006 car is old and reliable.

It is an older car and has problems occasionally, but it is still durable. It is from 2006 and a used car, but I have tried my best to take care of it as much as I can. It gets me from one point to other and has been through one minor crash. It makes noises occasionally, but is still reliable.

- Natasha G

I love Toyotas everyone should own one!!

I absolutely love my Toyota matrix! I feel safe driving my children in this vehicle. I love the fact that it has automatic 4 wheel drive. The car knows exactly when it needs to extra traction. It is a very reliable vehicle and is good on gas! The seats are comfortable even on long car rides!

- Meghan M

Very reliable and dependable car.

My matrix is actually a very reliable car I am going on over a hundred and fifty thousand miles I have taken it in for regular check-ups and I have had no major issues I would recommend this car and Toyotas to fellow consumers I have bought over three Toyotas in my lifetime very dependable.

- Doug V

It is not a good winter car! It is too lightweight and slides everywhere even with top of the line snow tires!

Its small and compact, and gets great gas mileage. It is not a good car in the winters, it's too lightweight and slides all over even with top of the line snow tires. And it doesn't fit my kids comfortably, I have 2 in car seats and a 10 year old and they are all uncomfortable and squished.

- Paige A

It is an up to date modern grocery go getter!

Lets see. It doesn't have that many problems and its performance could be better. Its very reliable with comfort! I'd have to say it has a good few features about it like the sunroof, extra storage in the back and low mileage! I would highly recommend this vehicle to my family and friends.

- A. j. E

Toyota matrix. A great car.

The Toyota matrix has been an amazing car. No real problems and I have high miles. The car is. Compact yet holds a lot of cargo. It is been comfortable on long trips. As far as maintenance, it is been a dream. Other than oil changes and needed new tires too often it is been a perfect car.

- Erika L

Some of the little things are annoying but the vehicle itself is reliable.

It is a fairly reliable vehicle. It does not have good pick up or anything, and little things are falling apart in the vehicle, but on a whole it has been pretty good. It gets me where I need to go. It is not overly comfortable. But is comfortable enough, and has pretty standard features.

- Kirk C

Crossover utility vehicle stand out.

The perfect cuv. Not too big, not too small. Great gas mileage, very reliable, normal maintenance. And normal wear & tear repairs. I find the are to be very comfortable with enough adjustments. Unfortunately Toyota stopped making these vehicles just as they were catching on in the market.

- Grace H

Great gas mileage and super dependable.

It is very reliable and have had no major problems. It is the best car I have ever owned. It is nothing fancy but it gets great gas mileage and is super dependable. No major costly repairs and tires are reasonable for it too. I would definitely buy another one if given the opportunity.

- Melissa R

Great car with lots of space

This car is extremely reliable, and it is also fun to drive. It has a lot of room for cargo inside. I was able to pack it quite full for a move across the country, and I still had plenty of room for me and a passenger. I have not had any mechanical problems or issues with it.

- Carl C

I love my Toyota matrix!!

Great cargo space in my car, I love hatchbacks and will never go back. Great gas mileage too. It is also very drivable in winter with the all wheel drive. The only downside is the lack of Bluetooth stereo because it is an older model. Also the gas tank is only 10 gallons.

- Amanda S

Buying a matrix will be a great choice!

I haven't had any issues. 1 recall. It's never breaks down, runs great in snow. Comfortable for me being 6 feet tall. Get good gas mileage still. I love the hard plastic in back end because when I am active/do gardening etc it is easy to clean. I love my Toyota matrix.

- Mackenzie M

Tons of room for not a lot of money.

It is an underrated model. My Matrix has survived road trips, being buried in halfway in sand, and low on gas for days. And it's still doing just fine. With over 300k miles on it! The only downside is that since it's older, gas mileage isn't as great as it could be.

- Null A

The Toyota Matrix is the car for SUV drivers

The size is. The hatchback and ability to lay down the seats provides additional space when needed. The gas mileage allows me to save each month. I like the compact size. It makes city driving a bit easier. This car gives you the space of an SUV without the bulk.

- Jennifer M

It has much more space inside than you'd expect for a compact car.

This care was very affordable to purchase and has been extremely reliable in the 8 years I have owned it. It's required only minimal repairs with regular maintenance. I love that it gets good mileage, can fit in small spaces but still has plenty of storage space.

- Cameron C

Very reliable, economic on gas and smooth ride.

I own a 2006 Toyota Matrix hatchback. It is a very reliable car, 4 cylinder and very economic. Vehicle runs smoother. The inside is spacious seats 5 passengers. The seats fold and make trunk space bigger and easier to fit more. Overall a very dependable vehicle.

- Alejandra G

I love my Toyota Matrix!!

Great reliable car! Cozy and roomy. I have had no issues with my Toyota. Great features. Great exterior paint. Does not chip or fade. Made with good quality material. Handles well. Quiet running car. I love driving it. I would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat!

- Autumn M

2006 Matrix in good condition despite 195000 miles

Lost all hubcaps; smooth driving, takes a little bit for speed to pick up. The air conditioner works great. A lot of space in the trunk, back seats are roomy. A few dents on the passenger side. Digital clock goes in and out. Automatic starter no longer works

- Conor M

Toyota matrix are great commuter cars for all types of weather.

I had issues with the ignition after first buying the vehicle and there was a recall on the airbag. I live in north Idaho where we have heavy snowfall in the winter and my car does better than some SUVs in the snow, it is easy to drive and very comfortable.

- Rebecca Z

Toyota matrix is it a reliable. It is great on gas for long trips. Super spacious fits 5 comfortably with room for storage.

Toyota matrix is it a reliable vehicle. The only problem is I have had where the recall for the airbags which was taken care of promptly. I absolutely love this car. It is great on gas for long trips. Super spacious fits 5 comfortably with room for storage.

- Michele M

The car is very reliable and sturdy which is critical in regards to safety

The car is comfortable . The car handle snapped off and the headlights are oxidized. I purchased the car to be able to help my mom who has problems getting in and out of vehicles due to a disability. This was her car originally and was purchased from her.

- Bob D

Reliable vehicle no backseat air conditioning.

Its reliable, easy to take care of, great heat gas mileage, low maintenance, just keep up with the oil changes. The hatchback aspect is not super ideal but it works. It's comfortable. The back seat passengers don't really feel the air conditioning ever.

- Bianca S

Good gas mileage while still being a comfortable size, for a family of four.

It is a good car, overall. I wish it had a bit more power. I also wish it was a little bigger. It gets good gas mileage and it is comfortable. Plenty of room. It can be parked pretty much anywhere, which is very convenient. I would recommend this car.

- Melissa G

The perks of a Toyota Matrix.

The vehicle is great, especially for a single person or a small family. It is surprisingly comfortable and spacious for it is size and has not required much fixing in the past years. It can be used for traveling as well and will not break down on you.

- Jessie M

It contains a toyota corolla engine which has the same size gas tank and mph rating, as a corolla.

I really like that the vehicle because it hugs the road in inclement weather with the AWD. The only thing that I would complain about is the vehicle always loses the driver or passenger hub caps. I have know other owners that state the same thing.

- Dan S

A reliable vehicle that is great for hauling items and running errands with.

My Toyota Matrix has been a relatively reliable car. It's great for running errands around town and I do like the extra cargo space in the back. My one complaint is that it doesn't get great gas mileage when driven around town vs. the freeway.

- Ben A

It is practically a maintenance free car - just needs oil changes. It is easy to get in and out of the car and the hatchback makes it a dream to cart things around in it.

I have no complaints about my Matrix. I love it! It is white on the outside and black on the inside. It is easy to get in and out. I hate that Toyota no longer makes this model. It was a winner. Never have had any problems with this car.

- Bonnie M

It's dependable!! It is built solid and made to last!

My car is almost 13 years old and is still going strong. It gets GREAT mileage and has plenty of room to shop, travel and overall use. Never want to get rid of it and am waiting for it to turn over a quarter million miles!

- Kathy M

This car worked reliably for many years. No frills.

Car worked perfectly. Only complaint would be that the covers for the standard wheel rims would eventually fall off into the street. They should have either left them off or supplied the basic model with different rims.

- Haydn M

Great gas mileage and rarely has anything major wrong with it

When i first purchased it in 2006 i loved it, rarely has any mechanical issues, but over the years the bolts that hold the fiberglass panels together have broken and now it looks like all the bumpers are falling off.

- jennifer l

Reliable car, great for normal commuters

I love my vehicle because it's very reliable; no major problems despite the age of the car. Seats are comfortable, but I'd like it more if it was a bit harder. Fuel economy seems to be good for the age of the car.

- Yuki B

Nice looking easy to drive plenty of room for things.

I love to drive this car. It handles well on the road. It looks nice. Although it is not as gas saving as my previous car ' it can carry a lot of thing big and small including my walker and rotator.

- Daisy Y

It is very reliable and it's the perfect size! I would definitely recommend!

It's 12 years old and still running like a champ. I love the size of it and how comfortable it is, not just for me, but for all my passengers. Toyota cars are very reliable and I'm a proud owner.

- Patricia T

The handle is broken and it makes it hard go get into

Most toyota matrixes have a fault in the rims where the hub caps don't stay on and it is extremely frustrating. Other than that the car as a whole is great. Cruise control would be nice.

- Haley R

It is a reliable and great car with great gas mileage.

I love the fuel economy of this car. It's pretty spacious for a compact car. Even the back area is spacious enough for the things I need when I'm taking my kids on errands with me.

- Paula F

A 2006 toyota matrix is amazing on gas! It's a very smooth ride

It has rented windows which is great for kids so sun doesn't get in there eyes. It has cloth seat, easy to clean instead of cracking and hot seats. Has very cold air. Great radio.

- Shelby L

It works and it is good on gas!

I like that it runs and it is pretty reliable. I also like that it is pretty good on gas. I dislike the look of the car. The style is not great and I hate the bright car coloring.

- Rae M

My vehicle is reliable, starts well and gets good mileage even in the winter.

It gets me where I want to go most of the time. It is easy to get in and out of and decent amount of space in the back for storage of groceries and etc. The MPG is good.

- Donna K

It is worth what it cost.

Performs well in the winter. Good mileage. With proper maintenance does well especially in the cold months. Good reminder from the dealer for routine maintenance reminder.

- Elsa I

Strong, very reliable transportation. No major problems in the last 10 years.

I owned my 2006 Toyota Matrix for about 10 yrs and it is very reliable. No major problems that cost over $500 to fix. Only minor problems. It's been very good to me.

- Sophea H

Excellent gas mileage and longevity.

Great gas mileage and longevity. Comfortable interior, drives well. Have over 250, 000 miles on it. Only complaint is it is not good for driving in snow conditions.

- Kelley C

The front bumper sticks out a lot.

The Toyota matrix has great gas mileage; go through a full tank in almost two weeks. I am not a fan of the interior design and the ac is not all that great either.

- Kelsey B

They should know that I my car has been in many accidents.

I like that my vehicle has a sporty look. It also is great on gas and I love that. The only bad part about my car is the wear and tear that I have put on it.

- Taylor G

It gets great gas mileage.

The matrix gets great gas mileage. Because the car is smaller people tend to drive to close. Although the car appears small there is a large amount of room.

- Tara I

It is a Smooth reliable car that has been great in the snow

Although it's old, it's Been the smoothest, most reliable car once owned. Love the shape, no blind spots. Great trunk space but car is not too big

- Steph P

It survived being half buried in sand for a whole night and still runs fine.

I dislike that it doesn't have very good gas mileage. I has to be filled up about every week. I just got it and already it needs maintenance.

- Jessica F

Good gas mileage while still having room to transport what you need.

Good mileage. Has the room I need. Wish it had cruise control. Could be smoother riding but it is not a luxury car so it doesn't bother me.

- S S

It has a lot of space. It is also a comfortable ride.

It is a long lasting, overall, good car. It is very dependable. It is just older that is all that I dislike but it is really not bad at all.

- Esther G

Very stylish,sporty,fun to drive,take anywhere that the road will lead you

Ver great reliable vehicle with good gas mileage,my only complaint is the car rides very rough hitting bumps kinda hurts from the hard seats

- Terry P

Lots of room on the inside

Has not had any issues since I got it and runs very smoothly. I like that it has plenty of room inside. And it gets fairly good gas mileage

- Betty H

No problems at all with the car. It's a nice simple car for teens and people who don't drive a lot. I drive very fast and it doesn't start shaking until I hit 110 mph

The most important thing to know about this car is that you can drive super fast until you hit 110 mph and then the car starts to shake.

- Cora A

My lovely Toyota matrix rx.

A review of my Toyota would be its great on gas. It drives well I haven't hardly had any problems with it. Its very reliable and roomy.

- Angela M

This car is very reliable to take on long trips and is very comfortable.

no tilt steering wheel, air cond. could be stronger I like the way seats go down for moving large items gas mileage could be better

- Bill B

Overall it is a great car.

It is a great car it is comfortable and reliable. The seats are too stiff, and I do not recommend it for long drives or commute.

- A F

My car has a couple of upgrades that I love including the sunroof and manual transmission which make it a lot of fun to drive. Additionally, it's 12 years old and still runs great. I do think that the seats could be upgraded to be more comfortable as they are hard.

Not only does the Matrix have the sporty utility feel of an SUV because of its hatchback, it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Alison R

It drives nice has good pick up and droves smooths.

Love the look and the size color it drives smooth its roomy. Sunroof which is a plus. Dislikes keeps overheating on me.

- Amy C

It's my daily driver and has never let me down. Well worth the price I paid.

The car has good gas mileage and has not required that much maintenance. Only periodic oil change and brake services.


It has close to 300,000 miles on it.

Great reliability; hatchback; good performance; good gas mileage; enjoy the styling and the look of the vehicle.

- Jerome V

That it has 188,000 miles on it and still runs great!

My car has over 188,000 miles on it. It is very solid. The best purchase I've ever made. Nothing to dislike.

- Amy E

Navy blue Toyota Matrix 2006

I wrecked it and it has Dents in it and it also has a broken windshield Wiper handle and it has a headlight out

- Sara T

Great single or small family car.

It is a great car looks small but is spacious in the inside. Runs great, good on gas and great for traveling.

- Daniela M

That you don't have to worry about tuning on the headlights.

I like the way it handles. I love having a rear defroster. I like the fact that it has a CD player with it.

- Ruth W

My car, though it is no longer in production, might be the best thing ever.

I love my vehicle, I have no complaints about it is functionality or ability to drive in any way whatsoever.

- Nick P

It is very reliable. And low on gas usage.

I trust Toyota. I have never had any problems & they last a long time. Love Matrix as it has a hatchback.

- Denise B

It is a very reliable car/make.

My car is super reliable. My car has never broken down and has transported me all over the united states.

- Tara T

It is so great on gas! Only costs me $35 to fill up the tank.

Last forever. Easy maintenance. Good on gas. I just love everything around it. Everyone should get one!

- Lisa A

It is very reliable. Except for some small things is a very good car.

It is a very reliable car. It could be more comfortable however. The hub caps Won't stay on the car.

- Jim B

Toyota matrix is good car, on size it can only hold a certain amount of weight.

It is a good vehicle and is long lasting and very durable. I really enjoy this vehicle. I love it! .

- Marisa M

That it is small on the outside, but can fit a lot of people and things inside

I like that is a small vehicle. I also like that the seats fold down. I have no major complaints.

- Allie C

It keeps running without any major issues. Great car. Great price.

Great dependability. I love the gas mileage,. I wish it had electric seats

- Mike E

Even though it is a Toyota, most of the car parts are American made.

Very reliable car even now when it is 12 years old. Great gas mileage too.

- Pat T

That the Toyota Matrix is a very dependable vehicle!

Fuel efficient - Just the right size for us. Very Dependable.

- Hal R

It's a great first car but not really for an older person.

I liked the price. It stood up to a bad car accident.

- Tammie H