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Get one if you can! Toyota Matrixes are the best!!

2007 Toyota Matrix Base

I would be totally satisfied if I had to own a Toyota Matrix for the rest of my life. Our red 2007 model has proven to be a reliable and really spacious car. (Dare I say even bigger inside than some SUVs?! I'm convinced of that since it's managed to hold a chaise lounge.). Back seats fold forward and whenever that happens I can feel a bit like a magician doing some kind of impossible trick because of how much stuff we manage to fit inside! We've taken our Matrix on many road trips and it's carried a lot of weight in the process. Thankfully it has been easy to strap on a roof bag when needed or a big ol' Christmas tree on top! Gas mileage is also good. Our matrix has been a great family car too. The back seats have fit well with our car seats. The *only* complaint I would have is that the maintenance light will go off/on randomly, with no repair being needed. Aside from that, we enjoy it very much and can't help but recommend it to others. I'm hoping that newer models of the Matrix will come into existence so that when the time comes to say goodbye to our current one we'll have the newer one to look forward to!

- Amie M

Small car with loads of storage space and great gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Matrix

For someone who loves traveling this car is pretty great. The passenger and back seats fold down completely flat. Leaving plenty of room and for camping gear hiking equipment etc.. Also for someone who owns two dogs I am able to fit a medium size crate into the car as well. Since its a Toyota the vehicle will last a very long time and it's amazing on gas. I get about 33 miles to the gallon maybe more maybe less depending on city or highway. Which in turn helps me save money on gas. Since I live where it snows a lot and the vehicle is 2 wheel drive I have yet to have a problem. This tiny car packs a good punch throughout the winter which is great. Especially coming from a SUV to this I would choose this car over an SUV. The cons to the vehicle is that I do not have a roof rack so I can't fit a kayaked etc. unless I buy special equipment for it. I have the basic model so I don't have cruise control which can be a pain on the long drives. But overall if your someone who wants a car with loads of room options and wants to save money on gas without changing your active lifestyle this car is for you.

- Hannah S

Sporty, spacious hatchback that needs "accessorizing".

2007 Toyota Matrix

This is my second Toyota matrix, but without the bells and whistles of the 2003 version I had, it is not as worth it. I love the car, but wish it had a more powerful engine. I find the interior to be pretty standard but extremely spacious, which is a huge plus. Unfortunately, it is the little details like storage compartments and device compatibility that made my previous car a favorite. Also, the rims/tires seem to get pretty banged up pretty easily. I have had numerous issues with cracks and dents that have needed repairing.

- Anna M

Great amount of space for traveling.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Had 1 recall for airbags. Very reliable if you maintain According to schedule. I am sorry they quit making the matrix. I have driven Toyota since 1976. That 42 yrs. The corporation backs their product even bought my 1996 Toyota Tacoma back for 75% that I paid for it after driving it for 11 years with 143, 000 plus miles gave me $13, 600 to buy a new vehicle. Unbelievable to many as it was to me!! Toyota has 6 plants in USA!! Best quality, best product replacement, good service.

- Terry L

Not fancy, not the fastest, but it simply works!

2007 Toyota Matrix

The vehicle has been very reliable since purchase, and gets good gas mileage. Problems have been minimal, including need to replace the battery twice, or replace an ECM under recall. Overall, the work it has needed has tended to be routine maintenance such as oil changes. The car handles well under a variety of driving conditions. It is not fancy and not the fastest vehicle, but for the most part it simply works.

- David R

It's a mid-size cars which feels a lot bigger on the inside. It's kinda like the Tardis (and comes in that same lovely shade of blue)!

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like almost everything about my Matrix. It makes great use of interior space. It fits four adults easily and comfortably, five if there are a few who are small and it's a short trip. It gets good gas mileage and I've never had a major problem. I do wish the intermittent windshield wipers were timed a bit differently and that the stereo system had an aux input...or at least the cd player plays MP3 discs.

- Ruth F

An interesting detail of the 2007 Toyota Matrix is the sunroof.

2007 Toyota Matrix STD

The Toyota Matrix is a reliable, sleek mid-sized car with ample space. A perfect car for zipping around town or an economical choice for a road trip, the Toyota Matrix is an ideal choice for a family or individual! A hatchback offers easy access to a fair sized storage space and spare tire compartment. The vehicle I own has a sunroof, which offers ventilation and charm for those scenic roadways.

- Katie G

Best car I have ever owned.

2007 Toyota Matrix XR

My matrix is dependable, runs well, and is very good on gas. It has never let me down. I love that it has ports for a car charger and a wall plug. It also has a CD player. I love the sunroof. When I got this car I didn't know how much I would love it. I usually go for trucks or SUVs but this car is my favorite. I will drive it until it will not go anymore and is beyond repair!

- Bekah S

My Toyota matrix is sleek and smooth. Great for camping and road trips.

2007 Toyota Matrix STD

My car does really well on gas and it drives really well in the snow. It has automatic windows and door locks. It came with an alarm. It has a CD player. It also has great ac and heat. The back window has a defrost. It drives really well and smooth. It is a four door hatchback. The only thing I do not like is the radio does not have the ability to connect to my phone.

- Vicki B

It's fun but also practical and economical.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love the bright blue color it is painted. I like that it is a hatchback, so there is more cargo space than a small sedan, and I can fit furniture and even a small Christmas tree in it when the seats are folded down. I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I like the sunroof. I don't like that it rides a bit rough and that I can hear a lot of road noise.

- Joanna P

It's bigger than it looks! This car is a great car with lots of storage/hulling space!

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love the way my car handles. It has a great turn-radius. It has also held up well under time and mileage, only requiring routine maintenance. My only "complaint" is that all of the wiper settings seem to be "backwards". I have to turn it toward me to speed it up, and that seems backward to be. It seems like away from me should be faster, not toward me.

- Lindsay S

This vehicle will last for a very long time if treated well

2007 Toyota Matrix XR

The only problems I have experienced it has some troubles with the brakes, but these issues are easily fixed. Other than that this car has great gas mileage and has honestly been a dream and it will last very long. Also one other thing is it can be very quick to the punch so if you have a lead foot it could be an issue but it is such a wonderful vehicle

- Brendan L

Can fold down seats and make a sleeping area

2007 Toyota Matrix Base

It has been very reliable. The car is very good in the snow rarely get stuck. The seats fold down so 2 people could sleep back there pretty comfortably. So with the back being opened up my 2 large dogs can fit comfortably also adding a small amount of luggage so space is great. Get great Thruway mileage not that good in the city else's car is good .

- Cynthia R

Amazing quality, low maintenance, and super reliable.

2007 Toyota Matrix STD

In the 12 years I've been blessed enough to own this car I have NEVER had a large problem with it. The only repairs ever required have been routine maintenance and warranty stuff. It is a very comfortable car and super fun to drive. It has 4 cylinders but has some pep. I love this car. She currently has 160,000 miles and shows no signs of stopping.

- Lindsey R

Reliable, inexpensive, lots of space.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Super reliable. Does exactly what I need day in day out. It is not super fancy or brand new, so it is lacking some new features. But it was inexpensive, gets good mileage, and the maintenance is always reasonable and predictable. The leg room in the front and back is good and it has tons of cargo space, especially with the back seats folded down.

- Jessica F

Toyota matrix-a hatchback that feels like an SUV.

2007 Toyota Matrix

The matrix has plenty of space for passengers and the back seats fold flat for extra hauling. The rear interior is lined in plastic rather than carpet for easy cleanup. Hatchback window can open separate from the door for depositing or collecting awkward items. It has a 6 CD changer great for hands free on longer trips.

- Jeanne A

Its a manual! And there is a dent in the roof.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Wonderful car. A few cosmetic issues, but nothing that really takes away from the look of the vehicle. Manual drive, smooth for the trained driver. But can also be a good starter manual if you're learning! Needs new belt and new tires. Also with shifts in altitude, the roof sometimes pops due to a dent in the roof.

- Emily G

Great little station wagon.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Very reliable. In the almost 3 yrs I have owned it, I have had no problems with it. Good mileage, comfortable ride, fits a lot of stuff in it. Have driven it around town daily (including interstate) and on at least 5 long-distance driving trips (over 7 hrs. each way). Attractive car that I am proud to drive.

- Lisa S

A few positive things about the 2007 Toyota matrix.

2007 Toyota Matrix STD

This has been a very reliable vehicle for me. No performance issues yet, very dependable. Plenty of storage capacity. Gas mileage is outstanding. This is the perfect car for 'soccer moms' and transporting sports equipment, camping, or fishing gear. The rear seats fold down for larger loads, great feature.

- Mark D

Spacious and comfortable for the price I paid.

2007 Toyota Matrix STD

Issues starting and computer box breaking, headlights break often, need new spark plugs, very comfortable and spacious, small and eco friendly, easy to park. Safe for my child and I. Cosmetically peeling due to heavy amounts of condensations, not cheap to fix, reliable if in good working order.

- Alyssa S

My red Toyota matrix car betsy.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I have not had a single problem with this car. I bought it used from a dealership and love her. She is bright red and we named her betsy. My kids and I fit comfortably with enough leg room and the storage space is great. I love the extra space when the seats fold down for large things.

- Lauren R

Toyotas are awesome. I would buy them again.

2007 Toyota Matrix

My vehicle is very reliable. It is fuel efficient. And it is roomy for a car inch class. I have had minor hardware issues with it. However the car is over 10 years old and is expected. My car is very reliable and I have faith in driving Toyota cars. I would by Toyota's again.

- Ben T

Perfect car for a single family of three.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love my matrix! Only problem I have had with it in the last two years, a recall on the airbags. I got it fixed and have not had any other issues. Very reliable car! It has a lot of truck room. The back is very comfortable and has a lot of space. Easy to keep clean.

- Chaise B

This is a reliable and family-friendly car! It is cost-effective and cute.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love this car! I have driven it for 6 years now with very little issue. It has great gas mileage, a good amount of room for a family of three and I can carry quite a lot of stuff in the cargo space. I also like that there is a regular outlet in the console.

- Whitney P

Small and convenient for my use.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love my car I don't have any problems with it I enjoy driving my Toyota. Its small and I can park anywhere gas lasts for a long time it has 4 cylinder and very convenient for me. 4 doors and hatchback very easy to handle this small car I recommend it.

- Elizabeth H

How easy it is pack everything and go wherever you want or need to go.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love my car because of the versatile it has. It has the capacity to fit a couch like a bed if a truck. And once you put love into it it love you back. The only thing I don't like is the front compartments they are just too small.

- Sadie W

The car can last a long time if you keep up with the general maintenance of the car.

2007 Toyota Matrix

The car itself is great for children. The hatchback makes putting things in and out of the car easy. Being a bit higher off the ground, you don't fall into the car. A major dislike is that it's too small for a growing family.

- Amy M

Great reliable gas saver lobe it.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It runs and drives smooth. Engine is quiet very good on gas it gets 32 to 37 miles per gallon. I am very happy with my car and I imagine it will last me quite a few years. Great buy. For a event price.

- Kristen H

It's falling apart. There's many things wrong with it.

2007 Toyota Matrix

The car is sort of a death trap. I don't like how it doesn't have an enclosed trunk, the battery caught on fire and it makes a weird sound all of the time. If I could, I'd get a different car.

- Kayla H

It's VERY dependable. Gets decent gas mileage no major malfunctions

2007 Toyota Matrix

It very reliable and dependable. I have owned it 6 years and haven't had any major issues with it other than a recall on the airbag system that Toyota fixed right away at their cost.

- Steven M

Car looks sharp just had more mechanical issues

2007 Toyota Matrix

Plan your buy better than I did Just bought this 2007 and have had issues with it but owned a 2003 but someone rear ended me and totaled my car and was forced to make a quick buy

- Connie W

It is very dependable on an everyday basis.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love that it is a hatchback... I love the way it rides, very smooth... It is small inside so I do not care for that... Toyota discontinued making them and I do not like that..

- Kelly D

GOOD GAS MILEAGE is the most important thing. The service at the dealership if excellent. When able to replace will probably go back.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the doors to not open wider, very difficult for older people to get in and out. Has been a reliable vehicle.


That it is a black car and it gets hot in the summer. Also it is light so it is harder to drive on strong windy days.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like that it is a hatchback and has sunroof. But I don't like that it doesn't have an AUX port and that it is only FWD. Also it is resting in some areas.

- Rebecca T

It is a reliable vehicle that gives me good gas mileage

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like that it is a hatchback so I have plenty of storage in the back that I can easily access. I don't like that there are no AC vents in the back seats.

- Taylor C

It is efficient and comfortable.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It is very reliable and dependable. I enjoy driving it. It also is environmentally friendly, so I can use it without worrying too much about my impact.

- Martin E

It's an awesome little, but powerful car.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love the size and that it's a shift, so easy on the gas. What I don't like is lately the service prices are high and that I don't have a dealer close.

- M P

Reliable and it gets good gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Reliable and good gas mileage. Good cargo capacity. Has held up well. However, does not handle well in snow. I do not like the low profile tires.

- Tammy P

It is a perfect size and there is lots of room in the back to haul things.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like the size. I like that I can see all around me and there is a lot of room in the trunk. A I wish there was a better system for music.

- Phyllis G

Save your pennies. Each fix is about $500 whether you take it to a mechanic or diy.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It's a good car but the repairs to fix it once it's older becomes very expensive. Its roomy enough for kids. Not good for a large family.

- James B

It gets great gas mileage!

2007 Toyota Matrix

Love the comfort, reliability and overall personality of the car. It's been across the country several times and is still a great car.

- deb S

They hardly ever need work. I get my oil changed and my tires looked at and that's all she ever seems to need.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love the size of the back - we've moved a few times with it and just about everything fit. It's great on gas and very reliable.

- Beth D

Easy and comfortable to drive.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love my car. It is just the right, comfortable fit for me. It is great to drive, low maintenance, and gets great mileage.

- Lori H

spacious inside space and economy for either city or countryside.

2007 Toyota Matrix

high efficacy, save gasoline. suitable size for small family and spacious inside. But it is a little bit loud in high speed.

- wei c

That it is amazing in the hills.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love our Toyotas! They are easy to handle, feel safe with all tires firmly planted on the road, good mileage, dependable.

- Joanne E

Very practical and good on gas.

2007 Toyota Matrix

My car is very reliable. It is very good on gas. I have never had a problem with it. You can never go wrong with a Toyota.

- Ariana G

it has a wonderful back up camera which is handy to have

2007 Toyota Matrix

it is quite cute and fun to drive and it has a back up camera and on screen display it is really fun and it is dark blue

- rhonda m

My car is 11 years old. It is medium-sized and cozy.

2007 Toyota Matrix

My vehicle drives well for the most part. It does have some dents and some of paint is off. It's breaks are squeaky.

- Morgan J

If you are going to be taking a long road trip I would not recommend this car. It is way to uncomfortable

2007 Toyota Matrix

This car is a decent car but it is not very comfortable. When sitting at a light or sop sign the car vibrates

- Carla K

The amount you can pack into it and carry. It is a really great car for camping trips, etc.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I love my matrix. It is so reliable and easy to maintain. It is cute. It fits so much stuff. It's practical.

- ashley c

It's very reliable. It also gets good gas mileage.

2007 Toyota Matrix

None. The door handles were just made poorly and one broke off. I will get an aftermarket replacement soon.

- Ben C

Durable and easy to maintain.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like my vehicle because it has good quality. It has good fuel economy. It has kept us safe while driving.

- Pat R

Not flashy but a great car.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix is a very reliable car. I'm up to 228k miles and I'm barely starting to need engine repair.

- Yakima H

Toyotas are durable, nice looking cars. It's my number one choice.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It's comfy, roomy for my family of 4. It's lasted me for the last 10 years with minimal problems.

- Priscilla M

It's a good, solid car. Very reliable!

2007 Toyota Matrix

My car is reliable, comfortable and still drives good even after 11 years. No complaints.

- Laurab B

My Toyota Matrix is very reliable. I have over a hundred thousand miles on it and I've never had to take it in for major repairs, just general maintenance.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It's very reliable and gets really good gas mileage for a car that's over ten years old.

- Kelley L

I love that I can fold my back seats down, it's roomy but not too big to drive, very dependable engine, no problems except for regular maintenance,.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Toyota is a very reliable name. You will have very little problems & will be very happy

- Zang C

That they are very dependable and reliable vehicles. In my case, few mechanical problems unlike other vehicles.

2007 Toyota Matrix

No complaints. It's a good, dependable vehicle. I enjoy the make and model.

- Morgan D

It's a cute compact car that runs and is easy to drive.

2007 Toyota Matrix

It runs but its very old. I like the color also cause it's cute and blue.

- Sarah G

IT is the perfect size for my 5' 2" frame. It handles easily. I have had it 10 years with no major problems. The body is only beginning to show small rust spots

2007 Toyota Matrix

It is dependable needing very little maintenance beyond the basic stuff

- Terree B

It's paid for & I had it for 11 years! It's economical

2007 Toyota Matrix

It small. It's a Hatchback & you get a lot of mileage for the gas.

- Sandrinha F

It's a great family car-efficient, smart and dependable.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Easy to make room for things. Great gas mileage. Dependable.

- Jennifer R

My car is very reliable and efficient.

2007 Toyota Matrix

I like the size. The fuel economy is good. It is reliable.

- Kimberly P