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Older Model That Holds Its Own

2008 Toyota Matrix XR

The engine light keeps turning on, even though we fixed all in the car. It has a loud muffler as well. Other than that, it's a reliable car. It has over 180,000 miles on it and still runs pretty efficiently. There is no Bluetooth connectivity, as it's a 2008 model. The stereo is an older make as well, not even having an auxiliary cord hole. Most of the issues that I have with the car are superficial. It's reliable and runs fine.

- Cheyenne D

Aside from an airbag recall which was stressful, my car is very efficient on gas.

2008 Toyota Matrix

The only problems I have had with my car is the airbag recall. That made me uncomfortable with my purchase and I felt unsafe. My engine check light was turning on and off for the first 8 months of owning my used Toyota matrix. Otherwise, this car has had no problems, runs smoothly, and is very efficient on gas.

- Sara S

Great car except for one, large, incident.

2008 Toyota Matrix

Other than routine maintenance I have had no problems with this car, with one large exception. The engine was 'chronically' overheating - with no indication of this on the gauges. This resulted in the head gaskets blowing and warping the engine. My mechanic handled it perfectly but it was a large issue.

- Amy T

My vehicle is ten years old and I have had to worry about general maintenance.

2008 Toyota Matrix

My matrix is a little car. That gets great gas mileage. Even though it is small it can fit a lot in the trunk due to how the car is made. Tires are fairly cheap and easy to find. The drive is very smooth when you drive it and is great for traveling. The one downside is that is does not do well in the snow.

- Tanner R

my car is a sports car there�s drive mode and sports mode

2008 Toyota Matrix Base

This vehicle is small and compact, but it is a good size family car for those who don't like bigger cars. For this particular year of the dark, the steering wheel tends to be really stiff and if you perhaps happen to let go of the steering wheel, it will start turning quit rapidly than a modern year car

- Elizabeth B

Extremely reliable vehicle for families.

2008 Toyota Matrix

Since owning the car from January 2016 to now, I must say that I am entirely pleased with how it has performed thus far. The car was owned by my grandmother 5 years before me and is wonderful on gas mileage. After a couple of minor wrecks, minimal repairs have had to be made. It is a perfect family car.

- Virginia S

Good cheap college car, lacks power.

2008 Toyota Matrix

My Toyota is sturdy, reliable and pretty spacious. I have had very little maintenance concerns, and the concerns I do have are mostly cosmetic (i.e.. Missing hubcaps, rear view mirror falling off, bumper/heat shield becoming loose). I do wish it had more features, such as AWD or heated seats.

- Madeleine D

Easy to drive, just needs a new stereo.

2008 Toyota Matrix

There is no port to hook up my phone so I can listen to songs. But I love that it is easy to drive, close to the ground, and compact. It also has a lot of room for people and objects. I live in a area where it snows so it is not the best for those terrains of snow and rough roads.

- Julia R

My vehicle is black with black rims, it is a 5 door hatchback.

2008 Toyota Matrix

I love my car, I maintain it very well, I do not have any problems with my vehicle, I just keep up with the regular maintenance and it drives like a beauty, my car has a 120, 000 miles on it and still drive like new, I love Toyota, they make cars that really last a long time.

- Sheldon H

The amazing Toyota Matrix.

2008 Toyota Matrix

Great running car, cheap on gas, lots of room, love the hatchback and folding back seats for hauling. 4 doors leaves for a roomy backseat for 3. . The Matrix is an incredible car that I think is hip and sporty It is an investment the resale value is considerably high.

- Brandy T

2008 Toyota matrix is incredibly dependable.

2008 Toyota Matrix STD

I have owned my 2008 Toyota matrix for a decade, and it is been an incredibly reliable car, with no major mechanical issues in that time. While it is a fairly basic car, especially compared to newer models, it is great for affordability and dependability.

- Philip O

While the model and the look of the car may not look appealing it is actually a great car.

2008 Toyota Matrix

The make of the car is great. The miles per gallon are also great but my problems with it are: how little gas it holds and the airbags. Some of the things I enjoy about the vehicle is how smoothly it run and the amount of space inside the car.

- Chris B

It's pretty roomy and can fit a lot of luggage for road trips

2008 Toyota Matrix

I like that I can carry a lot of cargo in it after putting the passenger seats down because it's a hatchback. It's relatively compact so it's easier to park, and I like that it has an AUX port. I dislike It's MPG and the tiny fuel tank.

- JOHN s

It is very reliable. Never needed any major repairs only maintenance.

2008 Toyota Matrix

It is very fuel efficient, I am frequently getting around 34 mpg with a lot of highway miles. No repairs have been needed other than general maintenance. It is not rusted out like a lot of vehicles the same age I see on the road.

- Christopher L

This car could run on the same tank of gas for hours

2008 Toyota Matrix

The Matrix is a great fuel efficient vehicle. It is available in manual transmission and has been great for us so far. It hasn't had any issues but we have been really good about preventative maintenance.

- Rachel C

It's great on gas and roomy. The rear seats fold down so you can carry large items

2008 Toyota Matrix

I like the hatchback style. It makes it easy to carry a wide variety of things. Also the back seat folds to make even more cargo space. I would have liked a built in nav system and maybe a backup camera

- joan c

Reliable,cost efficient,great MPG.Just keeps running

2008 Toyota Matrix

I own 2 Toyota matrix, I absolutely love these cars.Reliable, great MPG,low maintenance cost,one has 200,000 miles, the other has 340,000. Neither has had any major repairs.

- Daniel B

My car is a very sizeable vehicle, just the right amount of space.

2008 Toyota Matrix

I love how compact my car is. It is just the right size, however, over the past few months it has been making a weird sound. But other than that I love my car

- Tajudeen O

It gets really good gas mileage, especially for the age of the car.

2008 Toyota Matrix

The only things I dislike about my vehicle aren't the vehicle's fault. Things like options it doesn't have because they weren't available when I bought it.

- Melissa Q

The ac works really well, and the car holds a lot of stuff.

2008 Toyota Matrix

My car just turned 10 years old. Due to its age the car has had some issues. I loved the car when I got it but now the car is falling apart.

- Jessica V

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2008 Toyota Matrix

It drives great, has good mileage, and is comfortable. The recommended maintenance for the vehicle is relatively inexpensive and manageable.

- Jessica J

Safety is my number one priority.

2008 Toyota Matrix

Great gas mileage. Not enough power. Traction feels weak. Very light car. Too many recalls have been made on this model. I am on recall #3.

- Jeanne R

Cheap and useful car that doesn't waste a lot of gas.

2008 Toyota Matrix

The vehicle is a good size for an average car and has a lot of trunk space. It doesn't take up a lot of gas which is really useful.

- Itzel H

it has good gas miles on it

2008 Toyota Matrix

the toyota matrix has really good gas mileage but has bad acceleration. I fill my tank about once to twice a week but i drive a lot

- olivia m

It's a very reliable car; 135,000 miles and still going strong.

2008 Toyota Matrix

It's a great value car. The gas mileage is pretty good, there's good space, and the engine isn't terribly slow. Very basic though.

- William V

Toy Yoda Matrix great car

2008 Toyota Matrix

Lots of road noise is the only drawback i have about my car other then that i love my car and wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Jessica W

It is very dependable, it was worth the time and money.

2008 Toyota Matrix

I like my vehicle it is very reliable and dependable, I love my car, I had it for a long time and it treats me right.

- Sheldon H

That it gets good gas mileage. That I keep it clean.

2008 Toyota Matrix

I like that my car gets good gas mileage. That I have never had any problems with it.

- Deanna S

The Toyota Matrix is a reliable car. It is a spacious car for a hatchback. It has cruise control and a cd player.

2008 Toyota Matrix

It is a reliable hatchback that is very spacious. It is a good car.

- Rebecca R

It's easy to use, and fun to do. While not being expensive

2008 Toyota Matrix

it has great vehicle. And it's really fun, but strange

- ana n