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Honda- Matrix 2011: This car will last and is beautiful outside and inside.

I like that it drives. It hasn't broken down and overall it's an amazing car with a sweet interior. The outside of the size of the car has been able to help me get my friends through long road trips without them feeling cramped in. They appreciate the car almost as much as I do. Overall the car is amazing and is the perfect size for a family of all sizes. It is reliable and will last for a long time.

- Alan A

Reliable, and just the right size.

Very reliable. Never had a problem with this car not starting. Also have never had a problem with it breaking down. Comfortable and compact, yet big enough to fit everything I need. If you maintain this car with regular oil changes and regular maintenance, it will serve you well for years. Also is good on gas, fill up about once a week (unless I drive further than usual).

- Christine O

Great car 2011 Toyota matrix.

The car runs great. Very smooth drive, never really had any problems with it. The airbag was recalled for a while but now everything is fixed. This car has been through hell and back with me and no matter what everything has always turned out fine. I recommend this car for anyone, it's not too big but not too small and I love it. Definitely good for shorter drivers.

- Abby G

Silver spur Toyota matrix

Toyota matrix is very reliable. Have went over 9000 miles with it while doing home health care with having the vehicle a matter of 8 months and have not had any problems with it this far. Gas mileage is very can I can put 20 dollars in a week and have a full tank. Very comfortable vehicle, trays on the backs of front seats to eat meals.

- Crystal B

Very reliable and great gas mileage.

My vehicle is super reliable, hardly break down( actually never did since 2011), and always great gas mileage, I highly recommend this car. Only problem I had was they recall the air back defect, so I need to go to the dealer and fix the air back. Of course they fix it for free of charge. Too bad they do not make this model anymore.

- Sara N

The perfect size and can withstand the winter of the north.

My vehicle is small but it never feels like a small car. There is space in the interior that does not make me feel closed in. I love how the car maneuvers in the city and out on dirt roads. The seats are comfortable for long distance trips. I also love this car's ability to warm up in five min.

- Jill P

It holds a lot of stuff! People in the front seats are comfortable, but not too much space in the back seats for people.

When I purchased the car, CarFax said it hadn't been in any reported accidents. Apparently it had been either in an accident or stripped down and rebuilt. Dealer wasn't willing to work with me on the price. And I only got one key - not cool!

- Liz P

It's a relatively small car but it can hold all the things you need to regularly transport.

I love my matrix. I'm so sad that they no longer make it. It holds everything I need and more. Also, it can pick up speed like basically no other car. So it is a great car for getting on and off highways. It's handling is so easy and smooth.

- Aliza K

It's cheap to,maintain and is just basic transportation. Nothing fancy or extravagant

I like the size of it.i do not like the visibility.it can be difficult to see around the door posts on the drivers side. The rear visibility when backing up,is also,very bad. But it runs well and is very easy to drive.

- Irene T

It's like that energizer bunny - just keeps going and going.

This vehicle was purchased new - DID NOT LIKE THE DEALER - very little was spent on maintenance (other then routine) and it now has over 200,000 miles and is still going strong.

- Joseph B

You can depend on it to get you where you need to go.

I like it because it gets good gas mileage,it is very dependable. It is very comfortable for a small car.a very good car on the highway.

- Richard M

That it is great to drive around with and that it handles really well.

It is a nice looking car with comfortable seats. The handling is also really good. Only issue is the brakes are a bit iffy.

- Brandon C

It has all the bells and whistles that you would need.

My car is very reliable, good gas mileage, never had major problems, just excellent car.. No complaints so far.

- Sato N

Runs well reliable gas mileage is good.

None it runs well. Good on gas easy to park. Reliable. Reasonable to run. Nice car overall that is it.

- Shirley S

My car runs and drives great.

I like the gas mileage and that my car is paid off. I wish that my car was a little bigger.

- Elaina L

Compact and very easy to drive. Seats in the back fold down for extra space

I like Toyota as a company and the matrix is very spacious for being a small car.

- Sarah C