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The Toyota Prius c gets you there in comfort, style, and does not break the bank!

The Toyota Prius c is a stylish, economical, and reliable vehicle. Although it is not a luxury car, this vehicle has everything you need plus it gets over 50 miles per gallon. This car come equipped with cruise control, Bluetooth, am FM radio, CD player, steering wheel controls, hands free phone, power locks, power windows, USB port, rear defrost, air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, and so much more! It is also available in many different color options! Which makes this car suitable for male, female, old, and young! This car is great for a ride trip! It comfortably seats four adults. There are plenty of built in cup holders locate throughout the car. Although the Prius c is a small vehicle, it is actually very roomy inside! The Prius c also boasts so much larger trunk space than one would imagine. The trunk space is hatchback style and features two levels of storage when using the separator that comes stock with the vehicle. The Prius c runs partially on gas and partially using the built in battery. The battery recharges as the vehicle is being driven by the braking system, therefore there is no inconvenience of having to plug the car into an electrical source for charging. The car also has an option to run completely on the battery if necessary, but the distance is limited for this option. This option is primarily for an emergency situation and not meant to be used regularly. Overall, the Prius c is an attractive and extremely smart choice considering today's gas prices! When you drive a Prius c you are getting there in comfort, style, and saving your hard earned money at the same time!

- Brenda P

Happy driver of reliable and economical Prius c.

Problems include: display screen cannot be read in sunlight, multimedia controls are difficult to use, navigation system is nearly impossible to use. . Good points are that after seven years I have only one repair needed and that was because someone didn't turn the car off and completely drained the battery. . This car is very small and taller people are not very comfortable. I am a shorter person and usually I am in the car by myself and it is comfortable. . I bought this car for driving in a city in traffic and parking places are hard to find. It can fit into the smallest parking spot and the wide turning radius helps when parallel parking.

- Melissa B

It's a very reliable commuter car.

I purchased a used Prius c and have been satisfied. $30 fills my gas tank and I drive for a week! I drive in town and get 35 mpg, on the freeway 40-50. The drawback is that you have to use synthetic oil, it costs me $80 bucks every 5 to 6 months for an oil change. Another complaint I have is that there is no ignition key it has a push start and a key fob that costs $300 to replace. The backseat is not very roomy hardly fits three average size adults. Not a lot of trunk space either. The plus is the compact, zip around town style, and of course it's hybrid!

- Jenny J

Toyota Prius-c: the most efficient car around.

The car has really great gas mileage, which is my favorite aspect about it. It is also compact but not so much so that it is too cramped. It can fit 4 people comfortably, and the hatchback trunk is plenty of room. It is a very reliable car, and has lasted 6 years through harsh winters and beach environments without any major damage. The only feature I wish I had was cruise control, but that can be added by choosing a different trim level than I did. I also travel 600+ miles a few times a year and it is very comfortable.

- Sarah P

Hands down the best car I have ever owned

My mom bought this car new, and then I bought it from her three years ago. I absolutely love it. I get between 40-60 MPG based on how I'm driving (I don't always drive it like a Prius...) we have never had to do any maintenance besides tires/ routine maintenance. It drives the same it did the day we got it. The controls are all very user friendly and I never feel like I have to work to figure it out. It's getting higher up in miles (99,000) so it'll be time for a new one soon, but I would for sure buy another Prius.

- Dana K

Affordable, some standard active safety technology, warranty includes complimentary maintenance

Take the uninspired underpinnings of the Toyota Yaris and mix with it an even less powerful version of the Prius hybrid powertrain and you get the Prius C. The C rides on a shorter wheelbase than the regular Prius, and the C's combined 99 hp is less than the 134 hp of the Prius. We saw 43 mpg in our highway driving, but coaxing that level of fuel economy drained all driving pleasure from the equation. Standard safety items include automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning

- Piero C

Zippy, efficient, and reliable.

This is probably the best car I've ever owned. It is definitely the most reliable car, as I've only had to do general maintenance with this vehicle since purchase. The gas mileage is probably the most important feature of this car to me, and was the main reason why I purchased this vehicle. As well, the vehicle was highly rated in terms of reliability and cost of ownership. My only complaints about this vehicle are that the cabin noise is loud and the ride can be choppy and rough.

- Meg C

Interesting detail: He is electric blue and dents easily, but said dents can be popped out by hand because of thin metal used to build him. Summary: just one cool mf.

Feels a little cheap even though it isn't. The frame feels like tin (you can literally pop a dent out with your hands I've done it multiple times) and the interior makes you feel like you are driving a toy car. It also has no acceleration power. However, I have formed an attachment with my car, Eugene, due to how affordable he is. He gets me from point A to point B with little fuel costs. Also, a very reliable car. My family has had him for 5+ years with no real problems.

- Mila J

Small and reliable with great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage, almost 51 miles to the gallon!! The car is very compact and not very comfortable for long road trips! I have had no major problems with my car, just some minor lock and window issues! I have gotten my oil changed routinely and tires changed and rotated! It has been a great little car for me to get to work since I lived so far away! I did have one problem with my air conditioner, but just needed freon! All in all, it has been very reliable!

- Paula W

Easy to drive and comfortable Toyota Prius

This is a great car, very easy to drive, small and easy to park anywhere, it's very comfortable and you can travel long trips with no problems, car is fast and has features like AM/FM Radio, aux, USB, cold A/C and tinted back windows. Motor is very quiet cause is a hybrid and I have never had battery problems. I will not recommend it to big families, rather a couple or a student. This car has been very reliable and beside tire changes haven't had problems with it.

- Sofia C

It gets great gas mileage, and if you drive it properly it will get spectacular gas mileage in city driving.

I love the gas mileage (53 MPG usually) and the affordability of it. The price was low enough I didn't have to get a loan (important for a senior). I like the compactness of it, for easier maneuvering and parking. I am not crazy about the heating/cooling system, as I can't control the flow as finely as I would like. And the placement of the head pieces above the seats impedes my vision just a bit. All in all I really like the car, it serves my purposes well.

- Rose G

Overall a great car to have and to drive.

The headlights are not automatic, so you have to manually turn them on. It does though get up to speed rather quickly which is nice. It is very comfortable to drive. I drive 4 hours plus at least once a month and it is not a bad drive in that car. The gas tank is smaller than what is in normal cars, so you still have to stop to fill up just as often, but it does cost way less to fill up.

- Amy K

I love my Prius c and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

The vehicle paid for itself by the time I paid it off. Its very comfortable, has an amazing turning radius. My insurance is very inexpensive, car is zoomy in the city. Its very spacious inside and make lots of room for cargo such as seats laying down in order to make room for everything you wish to carry or transport. I feel very small on the highway but other than that really nice ride.

- Chris R

Do not understand why everybody's not driving a Prius c!

No problems! We love this vehicle. It is just the right size so that it is comfortable, will carry 4 or 5 people and is really easy to park. It does not have any of the newer features that vehicles have today but it is fine for now. We're still getting great gas mileage @ 54 mpg which is down a little from what we used to get @ 57 mpg per tankful of gas. Hybrid is the way to go!

- Dominick A

Amazing cheap fun and really reliable! Great on gas and oil!

I really love this car! It's compatible, I can take anything I want anywhere with it having a hatchback! It's great on gas and it's cheap on gas as well! I have no issues out of my car and with it being a hybrid is runs half on gas and half on electric and my oil and gas last way longer! The battery never runs low because it charges itself when you break it really is amazing

- Meredith B

Toyota Prius c, a great compact car.

I really love my Prius c. It is the perfect commuter car. It gets great mileage, performs well in both city and highway driving. It seats me comfortably, and I am 6'5" tall and 300 pounds, so that is not always an easy thing. Also, it has a surprising amount of cargo space for such an efficient vehicle. It is very nimble and even handles well in winter driving conditions.

- Scott S

It gets great gas mileage and you'll be surprised how little you need to fill it up. Even when I do, it only needs a little under 10 gallons, which is great.

I love how fuel efficient it is and how I don't have to fill it up all the time. I like knowing it's better for the environment and my wallet. I also love the color (bright orange), it's unique and I get compliments on it all the time. I can't think of any dislikes, maybe the unfortunate fact that it's considered "uncool" by car snobs, but this doesn't bother me at all.

- Marshall J

My Prius c is a dependable economic car.

My car is not very comfortable especially for long rides. The gas mileage is not exceptionally better when on long highway drives. However I love the size, the features like GPS, Siri, displays to inform of all car functions gas mileage, electric use etc. and Bluetooth. It is easy to maintain and have had few mechanical issues in 6 years. I would purchase again.

- Mb B

Saves you a fortune in gasoline. Now with gas up so high, 2.89 in our area, you can save a lot of money and still travel. We can go on a long trip and only spend a dollar or so to get there.

I like that I save a lot of money on gas. I average over 60 miles per gallon. I usually only put $25 in every other week. I also love that it is easy to drive and park. I dislike that it is so small, it is crowded when I take others in the car. I dislike that when I hit a bump in the road, the car hits so hard. I also dislike that it is not good in the snow.

- mary l

that prius cars save you so much in gasoline that they almost pay for themselves. even small 2 seater cars as small as they are, use more gas than I do.

I love the savings on fuel costs. We average over 65 miles a gallon. Now that I am retired I can afford to do some traveling. I dislike that a prius c is not comfortable to ride in, you feel every bump in the road, plus too small for 4 adults. no trunk space either in a small hatchback. cannot even fit a load of groceries.

- Mary P

Very Smart move. Great car, great mileage.

This is one of the smartest things I have done. When I bought the Prius C. It has given me no problems at all. The Gas mileage is great. If driven right it will get above 50 MPG +. Has a smooth ride also. Visibility is great. One of the great things is the back with the back seat down give a ton of room.

- Mike O

The most reliable Prius c.

My Prius c has been my most reliable car. The mileage on it is unbeatable. It is a practical and compact car that can go and fit anywhere. It is awesome in the city and great on the road. Whether it is in the bustling, fast paced city or the tranquil seemingly endless countryside, my Prius c always performs.

- Sarah B

Prius-c: a great way to save on gas prices.

Love my Prius, especially in terms of gas mileage. It is very comfortable and has a surprising amount of trunk space for a small car. It is been very reliable. It has excellent extras such as Sirius radio, rear window wiper, and the ability to link your smartphone to the car for hands free calling.

- Jo L

Perfect little commuter car

My car is small and light, which is how I like it. I do not have kids so it is a perfect commuting car for me. The hatchback space looks tiny but is surprisingly spacious. My gas mileage is around 45 mph, which is why this is an almost perfect commuter car. I do wish I had a sunroof through.

- Morgan N

High mileage vehicle providing food transportation for urban areas.

The Prius is used primarily for short trips. We call it our go to Madison car. It works very well for this and provides twice the mileage our other vehicle which we use for long distance trips. I don't think it would provide the comfort needed for long distances or for carrying passengers.

- Terry L

Great value in a small package.

My Prius c has been super reliable, gas mileage is amazing and for a smaller vehicle, it is pretty spacious. It has traction control and heated seats. The back seats fold down easy making space for big shopping trips or luggage for travel. Good head room for tall people as well.

- Cheryl F

The Prius-C has excellent gas mileage both highway and city.

I love the gas mileage I get when driving in hybrid mode. I enjoy the upgraded features such as the moonroof, heated seats, and specialty paint color. I do wish the car had better traction in the rain and snow, but the traction control feature is very helpful during bad weather.

- Anna Q

Prius c - reliable, affordable, and an overall great first car.

I love the reliability and the way my car drives. I honestly think that it's one of the best value purchases you could buy. It looks pretty nice and I haven't had any technical issues with it yet. I do wish that the sound system was a little bit better ( higher quality sound).

- Erica D

The Prius is surprisingly roomy

The Prius has more zip than you would expect but still struggles at high speeds. The front can be surprisingly spacious, considering the fact that the Prius c is a compact body. The front seat does not come forests enough, making it difficult to look for dropped wallet/keys

- Steve G

Great small car that is fun to drive.

Great gas mileage and it may be small but has enough room. I can put the back seats down and have room for big boxes. The blue color makes it look great. On the freeway I can drive 75 and still get good gas mileage. It is a fun car to drive and I would purchase it again.

- Georgia R

The gas savior that is happy and healthy in California and is great.

It saves on gas, healthier for the environment since it is a hybrid, cruise control, barely any issues at this point. Reliable breaks and controls, comfortable seating, very quiet car and great sound system, turning feels odd with a Prius but I am still learning the car.

- Jackie C

Toyota Prius-C: great on gas and cute too!

100, 000 miles and not a single problem. Plenty of power. Super quiet. Comfortable. The gas mileage is incredible -- usually around 50 mpg but has been as high as 75. It is cute and sporty looking and fun to drive. Definitely the best car that I have ever owned!

- Susan G

The best little car you will ever need!

I love my car! I have had no problems, the performance is fantastic. It is very reliable, comfortable. It had cruise control, ac, radio/ CD player, Bluetooth, and more room than it looks. The best part, I can get close to 50 miles/ gallon, even in the mountains!

- Ruth C

A great entry vehicle into the hybrid world.

Driving a hybrid is great. The gas mileage is very good and has cut my gas bill down considerably. I enjoy the small size of the car and that it parks very easily in the city. The Prius c is a hatchback and that can be challenging at times as I need more room.

- Kim F

Cozy compact and efficient.

The Prius c is very reliable, has wonderful fuel economy (53 mpg average). Surprisingly, it performs well in inclement weather as long as the roads are plowed. The back seats fold down and it has ample storage for such a small car. It is very cozy and compact.

- Christian S

Dependable gas saving car with plenty of room for family or deliveries.

I love my Prius. I travel a lot for work and it saves me on gas. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of room in the back for a car seat. If I have to make deliveries I can let down the seats and I have one ty of room to deliver a wedding cake.

- Andy A

I love my tiny Prius I (as a short person) !

My Prius is tiny and good for city driving since I get good gas mileage and the 'B' feature in the gears allows me to no brake as much and charge the battery. I like that I can fit into most parking spaces. The seats are comfortable for long drives, too.

- Kell S

Great low cost hybrid vehicle

I really enjoy my Prius-c. It is the first car I purchased. I love the gas mileage it gets. I love it's fun blue color. It has a really nice touch screen for being a 2012. I have been really pleased with this car and have had no issues with it so far!

- Lacey R

It is the perfect car if you want a reliable drive in rain or shine, though might not be the best for cross-country travel.

It is the perfect size for our day to day activities and it is reliable in getting us near and far. In the time we've owned it, it has held up to weather and multi-person usage. Also, the green engine it runs on saves us money in the long run.

- kat K

My car is very great on gas.

Gas mileage is wonderful. Only 4 people fit comfortably and sometimes a fifth squeezes in but is not very comfortable. Sometimes it is hard to haul everything I want, but most of the time we can get all we need in by putting back seats down.

- Miriam J

It is a fuel efficient car.

I love my car because it is fuel efficient and fun to drive, but it is not so fancy that I have to be careful with it. It is small enough to fit in small parking spaces, but still has plenty of storage room and can fit 4 of my friends.

- Susie R

The most important thing to know about the Prius-C is that it gets the same gas mileage as a Prius but at a lower price point.

I love that my car gets great gas mileage and is easy to park. I don't spend much on gas and I can always easily maneuver it in tight spaces. I do wish it had more space to fit passengers in the back and more trunk space, though.

- Laura V

My car actually gets 50 MPG. Other owners have said the same thing.

My vehicle is a hybrid that actually gets advertised MPG. It is small, but it holds and does everything I need it to. Low maintenance, 50 MPG and $20,000. Those are my top three priorities, and they have all been achieved.

- Michael Q

Easy to drive, fuel efficient, latest tech and zips around in traffic

I love my car because it gets great gas mileage, it has Bluetooth, it's small so it handles well in cities and it's blue, my favorite color. Plus, Toyota is a durable brand and I like helping the environment with a hybrid.

- Margie C

It drives like any other car.

I like the gas mileage because it provides a significant savings. It's also quite comfortable to drive, and for the passengers. I wish it was a bit bigger in the cargo area, and a wider selection of colors would be nice.

- steve H

This car is a very good choice for its value. This car will last for 10 years, making it a very intelligent choice.

The Prius C it is very fuel efficient. The car was more affordable than the other options in the market. It has more safety standards than other cars as well. The performance is decent on the highway.

- Polly P

People should know that my car is very fuel efficient and reliable.

I absolutely love my car. It's amazing on gas, and it is perfectly suited for me and my lifestyle. The only thing I'd change is the hatchback spoiler/window...but I really don't have any complaints.

- Viola W

I really save on gas expense.

What I like Prius. That I have it is easy to drive because of its size. Gas wasn't that expensive because it charged when it needs too. It so easy to park and convenient for all of us to have it.

- Michelle M

The gas mileage is incredible! Also being a Toyota, the car is very reliable.

This car has great gas mileage! It is a hybrid car, so that definitely helps with the gas mileage. My only con is the size, to save money the car is very small and is not always travel friendly.

- Whitney W

My gas mileage is still around 50 mpg even after 5+ years.

The foam padding in driver seat cushion has worn out from getting in and out of the car. The light grey seats are a bit grimy and gross looking. Routine replacement parts are way too expensive.

- Ariel D

Compact but comfortable and roomy enough for me, my husband, and our 2 dogs (not to mention the amazing gas mileage)!

My car is small but it is perfect for me, my husband, and our 2 dogs to ride in. If I do need more space, the rear seats will lay down flat. The gas mileage is great! I love my little Prius!

- Ashlee G

It gets great mileage, better than any other car I've driven.

It's an easy car to drive, and all the maintenance is included. It gets great mileage. It's quite comfortable despite It's small size. My only complaint is that the back hatch is too small.

- Angela C

I get 50 miles to the gallon!

It is compact yet very comfortable. I get fantastic gas mileage. The brakes and steering are great, allowing me to maneuver easily through traffic. I love my cat and have no complaints.

- Sarah S

It's a great little car for short haul driving. No frills.

Great mileage, it gets around 49 mpg on the highway and 37 mpg in town. Easy to drive, but confusing display controls and useless manual. Ride is pretty comfortable but really noisy.

- El W

Great MPSs, terrible pick up.

Love the size of the car and MPGs. Do not like the comfort level. The seats are very uncomfortable, especially during long trips. Don't like pick-up. Very forced going uphill.

- Isabel L

Trunk is large when seats are down, can fit multiple sets of photography equipment.

The back seat doesn't have much leg space. But when you put the seats down the area is huge for moving things. Good quality car, easy to maintain. Great mileage, easy to drive

- Megan H

Toyota Prius c 2012 summer rain. Quiet and simple. Good gas mileage.

It is very quiet upon turning on! It drives very well. It is a bit smaller than my car before (ford Taurus 2003) but that's not a big deal (plus, there are larger Prius').

- Sarah H

The great gas mileage. I get in the high 40's around town, and low 40's on the highway.

I like my Toyota Prius C very much, I love the gas mileage that I get. It is easy to drive, it is small and fits in most parking spaces. It is just a fun vehicle to drive.

- Pamela S

They're very practical. The car drives after than people think.

I love the gas mileage. I enjoy that this car can make turns very quickly. What I don't like is the rear window is small and makes it difficult to see when in reverse.

- Carmen N

It's great with gas. I regularly drive four hours to Des Moines Iowa on one tank of gas

I love the color and gas efficiency of my car. I also love the fact that it's reliable. The only thing I dislike is how the paint is chipping off the front bumper.

- Langen G

That it gets Great gas mileage!

I love the fuel efficiency and that it is environmentally forward. It is a bit small and I would like a few more bells and whistles like heated leather seats.

- Gail B

The Prius c is a great car

I love my car, I really like the mileage as well as the EV feature which saves gas. Only issue I've had is the wipers but I bought used so I can't complain.

- Zack B

Fuel Efficiency is amazing. Vehicle is slow off the line but drives very well

This car has been amazing. Extremely reliable, standard maintenance schedule has been followed and it has never had a problem. Fuel efficiency is amazing.

- Carlos A

How great the gas mileage is and how great it is for the environment.

I love the gas mileage. The comfort is ok for daily driving but would never take it on a trip. I have 50, 000 miles and have only done basic maintenance.

- Theresa M

The most important thing to know about my car is that It handles poorly in the snow

My car gets awesome gas mileage. I love it's compact size. The two things that I do not like is how it handles in snow and it's lack of get up and go.

- Laura D

The mileage! With the price of gas now. That means a lot.

No problems a all. I love the gas mileage, the ease of parking, the reliability and comfort. I will definitely purchase my 4th Prius in the near future.

- Ruth G

10/10 Would Recommend This Car

Prius C is the best car I have ever owned. I have had zero problems with it in the four years that I have had it. It drives great and is AMAZING on gas

- Kaley G

The gas mileage is a lie- The closes I have ever gotten to 50 mpg is 48 mpg going down a mountain

It gets me where I need to go. I don't think it is high end and it shows with very cheap materials that are used- but it gets me where I need to go

- Pat H

48 miles per gallon over 85,000 miles

My wife loves the car because it is easy to park downtown. We drive it to Florida every year and it is comfortable and gets great mileage.

- Wilt F

It drives nicer than a car.

It has fantastic gas mileage. I can squeeze into any parking space. It is a nice blue color and it is a Toyota so it is very dependable.

- Ruth T

My car has all the features I need, including heated seats!

I love the leather interior and the gas mileage. The car is very easy to drive. It has great trunk space. It is a very smooth drive!

- Nicole L

Great Gas finish to drive over 100k still going strong after five year on the ca roads.

Great on gas pay to get the upgrade mode. Also the usb port does go out after a couple of years however Bluetooth works fine for music

- Mike w

great gas mileage, 50 mpg. But has enough power for highway travel.

GREAT gas mileage! My only complaint is that there is quite a bit of road noise. As I get older the low seat get harder to get out of.

- juli w

I average 50 miles to the gallon.

The mileage is excellent. The driveability excellent. The size perfect for me. I love, love, love it. I only wish it had a sunroof.

- brenda h

Great mileage and easy care.

It gets great mileage, easy to park in the city, great maintenance plan, fun to drive. Drawback headroom and legroom, exterior noise.

- Michael C

great gas mileage, without sacrificing ride comfort.

sips gas, gets up and goes, looks nice. everything is in working order after much use, and the vehicle shows little wear and tear.

- dave S

Great on gas, you can get fifty one miles to a gallon of gas.

Good performance great on gas, because its good on gas, I really enjoy the car, though it could be wider for more storage space.

- Renee S

That it is a very reliable car and the parts to it are cheap to replace

What I like is that I don't have to fill it up with gas so often. It is a reliable car, what I don't like is that it is small.

- Ayla O

Best car to own and drive around the city in terms of comfort and reliability

It's a comfortable car. Easy to drive around even for new drivers. However it's not the best choice for long road trips.

- Anshu B

My Prius c is easy to own and maintain. The fuel and oil changes are few and far between!

I love my Prius c. It gets great fuel mileage, it is spacious and comfortable. Controls are easy to reach and navigate.

- Stacie M

That it gets great gas mileage

it's small and it get great gas mileage. Save a lot of money and don't have to go to the gas station but once a month

- laura F

It's a very well build simple car

So far it has been a very reliable car and gets great gas mileage, but it's on the small side. It's rides very smooth.

- Wesley K

Good gas mileage, enough horsepower for daily usage, enough storage for moving apartments.

I like the gas mileage that I get in the car. But something I don't like is other drivers' responses to the car.

- May A

It has good gas mileage on highways.

It's currently in the shop. I wish it had 4 wheel drive. I like that's it's roomy inside but not a large car.

- Elizabeth O

It will last a long time if you keep up the maintenance on it.

It has great gas mileage, have had no problems with it. It's an all around great car, no complaints at all.

- Gail B

Small, fun, efficient—my favorite car ever

I love how small it is. Energy efficient, easy to drive and convenient to park. It's also cute...great car.

- Lurana B

The fuel economy is good, about 50 miles per gallon.

I like the fuel economy. I like that the vehicle is quiet. I don't like the lack of speed / acceleration.

- Andrew P

toyota has really earned Its place in the united states

It is economical. It's gotten me to a dozen vacations and nascar events and it gets my kids everywhere!!!

- valerie a

It is a hatchback, meaning we can transport big items.

Love the mileage, hate the interior. It could be way cooler and more fancy. Needs a serious makeover.

- Meghan W

Love the gas mileage, especially around town. only issue is with acceleration on highways but this car is seldom used for those roads. Have another vehicle for that type of travel.

Excellent mileage for a hybrid vehicle. Only needs regular maintenance. Have not had any issues.

- Pamela D

It exceeds expectations. It is reliable and I'm thrilled to be able to count on it.

I love that the gas mileage is above expected. It is quiet and compact. I can park anywhere.

- Jackue H

It really is a money saver. I would recommend this car to anyone.

It is compact. I can park it anywhere. The gas mileage saves me hundred of dollars a year.

- Jackie H

Its efficient and very reliable! I am happy with the purchase

I love the good mileage and it's comfortable and feels safe. Wish it looked cooler

- E D

That if they want a well built vehicle that gets great gas mileage, this is it!

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I love that it is a very well built car.

- Jeff P

It is an easy, efficient car.

It is a small, convenient car. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to drive.

- Christine H

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. I like driving it. It is very quiet.

- Brent S

I love the gas mileage and size. Dislike the range of headlights

Great gas mileage with zippy performance. Great for local use

- Karen H

has a small gas tank so does not cost too much to fill up tank

gets good gas mileage is small car but has a lot of road noise

- Irene F

You can go long distance on a single tank although it is not that comfortable

Love the gas mileage, the color, the reliability of the car

- Pv C

It is a hybrid , gets great gas mileage and is better for the environment than a gas guzzler.

I love that it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage.

- Lisa S

The Fuel economy is excellent. A tank of gas is less than 25 dollars

I dislike the acceleration but I like fuel economy.

- Charles S

great method of transportation

energy efficient, but doesn't have a lot of power

- R B

great on gas--and very fun to drive

I love it --great on gas and very dependable

- jill k