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Great reliable gas efficient car.

Trim falls off that is the only problem I have had. I do love is car it is amazing great of gas so I can get this car I would really recommend it I have taken across country I have had no problems they are great reliable cards but you can fit four people there still room to fit other things in the trunk I have not had no maintenance problems so far oil changes are super easy to comfort could be a little better this either a little hard you get the base model it does not come with heated seats everything is electrical though besides the seats themselves.

- Amanda J

Gas saving compact beauty.

I love my car. I have had it for a little more than a year and I love it in general because it saves me lots of money on gas and it is not noisy like all the other cars. Another thing I like about it is that it is compact and it fits everywhere. The only thing that I am not so happy about it the speakers, but I cannot say much about it since I bought it used. The previous owner might have damaged them. The seats are easy to clean and that a very important thing for me since I have a messy 3 year old in the car with me all the time.

- Dania L

Great and reliable little car with great look.

I love it because is economical, reliable. It is great size for me. I love the color. I have not giving me any engine problems so it has been reliable and economical. This is my 3rd Toyota and would probably will not be my last. My first I drove for 12 years, an mr2, the second was a rav 4 and drove for 13years. The 3rd was a Prius and drove for 3 years, had to chance it for my current Prius because of the color. My first was red in color and got 2 tickets first 2 weeks I had it. Who knew cops like red!

- Nico C

Toyota Prius c performs well.

Prius c is very reliable get over 50 mpg as I commute to work 123 miles daily. This car has good pick up, and has choice for added eco mode or electric mode, surprisingly roomy and cargo room as both back seat fold down. Ride could be slightly more comfortable and winter driving Prius does not have great clearance or good traction. It is front wheel drive and put studs on it here in Maine but still not for large snow days. But overall great car and reliability economy.

- Mary A

Car can be converted into a small truck - use a tarp.

Comfortable; love the split back seat, which is GREAT for transporting large items; mpg is around 50 in the warm/hot weather months, but drops to low 40s in colder weather. The back hatch can leak if there is a bit of particulate that interferes with the seal - this is very hard to detect and if goes unnoticed, the water will collect in the spare wheel-well and slosh the interior, creating mold/rust conditions. Wish I'd have gotten a sunroof.

- Mert T

Eco-conscious, practical, and ideal for city life.

I cannot think of anything I dislike about my Prius C. I love the gas mileage it gives me, I love how smooth it is to drive and how quiet it is, as well as how easy it is to maneuver. It is ideal for me, working in the city and taking road trips, because it is so small and easy to park. Eco-conscious living is important in every area of my life, so the hybrid quality this car offers matches my personal values, too.

- Rachael W

It has one of the best gas mileage ratings around.

I love the gas mileage with it being a hybrid and the money savings that comes with it. It's a great car for in and around the city. I do wish it was just a little bigger in terms of leg room, especially now that we have two car seats in the back that require the front seats to be pulled forward. It will save you money on gas, and reduces your personal impact on the environment

- Stephanie G

Great car! Great car! Great car!

It is a great car. It is small so you can park it anywhere, but it is difficult to transport a lot of stuff. The ride in the back seat is terrible and in general, it is had a rough ride. It's a great car. It is small so you can park it anywhere, but it is difficult to transport a lot of stuff. The ride in the back seat is terrible and in general, it is had a rough ride.

- Pat F

I manage to get close to 60 mpg on average.

This car gets great mileage with low operation cost I can see me keeping this car for a very long time my car good in snow and it has abs which makes driving in bad weather even safer the car is nimble easy to park and rides well I could see myself buying another when I am through with this vehicle. I would recommend this car to anyone who has a long commute as I do.

- Fred Y

Really good miles per gallon; almost always over 45 mpg.

It is amazing. Mpg is almost always over 45, and I feel like I am only filling up my tank once a month. It is also surprisingly roomy; I have been able to put medium sized furniture into the car. It is really quiet, to. I wouldn't say it is good for a family, but for two people it actually has plenty of space. One downfall is that the headlights are manual.

- Nicole S

An economical comfy car with great ac.

The car is extremely reliable and often in city conditions it can reach more than 50 miles per gallon of fuel! It seems small when looked from the outside, but is very comfy once you are in. The gas pedal seems to be slightly 'late' when pressed, compared with other cars I have driven. It is trim 2 and has auto ac, cruise control and a great sound system.

- Kristina M

For an eco-friendly car, it is outstanding, often getting around 50 mpg. It is satisfying to have the engine shut off if I'm stuck in traffic, so no gas is being wasted.

Like: Incredibly cute Outstanding mileage Easy to maneuver and park Dislike: Shape of driver's seat Needs a little more pep Needs a rear bumper you can rest your foot on while opening the hatchback, of some means of opening the hatch- back when your hands are full.

- Jean H

Toyota Prius c 2014 model is a great fuel efficient vehicle!

Sometimes it is so quiet I forget to turn the car off. The seat sinks a bit so it causes low back pain if I am driving for too long. The performance in general is great. I love the mpg. I wish there was a sun/moonroof. The sound system is great and I like the Bluetooth feature but sometimes it does not connect with the artist/song info on the screen.

- Camille A

It typically gets greater than 40 miles per gallon and often will get greater than 50 mpg.

My Prius-C is comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage. I bought it because I wasn't ready to go all electric and it was a good deal. It won't break any speed records, but when gas goes back up above $4 per gallon, I will laugh at everyone! I wish it had come with cruise control and I don't like that the intermittent wipers only have one speed.

- Gregory v

Prius C - great on gas, tough on traction

I have owned my Prius C for a year and so far have had no issues. The traction light comes on occasionally if the road is bumpy or you brake too quickly on a speed bump, but I have read that this is more of a safety feature than a design flaw. The vehicle handles well (with properly inflated tires) and appears to be efficient on gas.

- Laura S

Excellent choice for a smart, dependable, economical and comfortable car.

My Toyota Prius c drives very smoothly and gets excellent mileage, and it is very roomy for a small car. I get tons of compliments on what an attractive car it is and what great features it has. It also has pretty good pick up speed. I am so happy I bought this car, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great, fun hybrid car.

- Timothy R

The gas saving little hot rod.

I have found that the trunk space is just not enough. The seats are very comfortable, maybe just not enough leg room in the back, but it is a coup so its expected. The gas mileage is just fantastic, I love it, that is one of the reasons I wanted a fuel saver car. It is a nice little car so it fits in small parking spots easily.

- Katie M

I don't like racing, I like efficiency so I bought a car that helps me monitor my efficiency.

I really like that it gives me live updates on my fuel usage. I love the gas mileage but I wish I could manage stops differently. It often has yo recharge its battery while I'm in traffic or in a long fast food line. That is frustrating 2nd I feel like it would be better if I could just keep it off electric during that time

- Todd p

Dependable and reliable car, great gas mileage.

I bought my Toyota Prius for the gas mileage, as it can get up to 50 mpg. I purchased in 2014 and have 114000. Miles at present. I drive sometimes up to 500 miles a week for work. It is perfect for my needs. I've been really happy with my purchase, I've so far only put gas. Tires and regular oil changes, and tire rotations.

- Robin C

Fuel efficient, affordable, cute, small so it�s easy to find parking anywhere

I really like how it drives. It is not very fast but for me it is just what I need. I like it is a small car making it easier to park anywhere. I think it's cute too but what I really like is how fuel efficient it is. I would consider buying a hybrid again anytime and would not mind trying other models of hybrid too

- Lucy T

It gets 50 miles per gallon, or more, on the highway.

I love the reliability and it is surprisingly roomy for a smaller car. The gas mileage is tremendous and I only have to get gas once a week. It handles well in the road and maintenance is minimal. I don't like that there is no cruise control, and the lack of a between seat cup holder to come down from the middle seat.

- Alyssa H

Great value and great gas mileage

The Prius c is small but does the job that it needs to. It's fun to drive and accelerates well. The drive is a bit bumpy and can be a bit loud with road noise but gets great gas mileage. The Prius holds its value well and is reliable for a lot of miles. It's a great value for the price. Would totally recommend.

- Claire G

OK, but very basic features.

Performance and reliability have been OK, but disappointing. Our first Prius was a 2004. Mileage of 2014 Prius C has been less than earlier model, and less than expected based on sales pitch. Navigation display is less intuitive. Small standard features are unavailable (automatic headlight setting, etc.)

- Susan D

It is a hybrid which means it has two batteries

Car is reliable and very cheap on gas, I have had no problems out of it besides the tires which are very easy to replace. As much as I love it I happen to be quite bored with it and will be selling it sometime soon, if you're looking for something reliable and eco friendly I would definitely recommend it

- Jacob J

Great vehicle needing few repairs offering great mileage on a tank of fuel.

I love the hybrid motor as it goes many miles on a tank of fuel. I like It's smooth and comfortable ride. I like that it is the right size which makes it easy to park. I like It's durability with few repairs needed. I dislike that it doesn't give quick enough acceleration when seeking high speeds,

- gar u

My car is gas efficient and compact.

Gas efficient, compact and I can park anywhere in the city. Its saved me so much gas in my daily commute. Its reliable, safe and has everything I need. I can fill up for a week with only 20 dollars. I wish that it did have a seat boost because I am short and would feel more comfortable higher up.

- Natasha A

Not much room but money saving.

Its to small for my family of 4 which consists of a 7 month old in a rear facing seat and a 4 year old in a booster. That is all that can fit. Trunk can barely fit a stroller let alone groceries of shopping bags. It's a great gas saver though and features such as eco boost and eve mode help.

- Ellie G

My amazing little car that I love.

It is very comfortable. It has superb gas mileage. I love the Bluetooth feature and I do not have to search for my car keys. I just keep the fob in my purse. It handles very well in the snow. It is very affordable and I can squeeze into any parking spot. I love having a smaller vehicle.

- Ruth T

2014 Toyota Prius c. The best small car we have ever owned. Great gas mileage.

We really like our Toyota Prius c because it really gets great gas mileage. Because of the great mileage we always use it to travel. I think the performance of the car is great and even though it's a small car it has more room than a person would think. Even traveling it comfortable.

- Sheila C

The Prius-c is perfect for me.

I have had my Prius-c for a year. I love driving it. The gas mileage is fantastic. It is small. I do not think anybody, except small kids, would fit comfortably in the back. That is ok for me because I just use it to drive to work & do errands. I like the sub-compact size for myself.

- Margaret K

The Prius is more than a snail.

Roomy with great trunk space. Economical and cheap on gas. Ride is not as smooth as preferred believe it or not there is space to move furniture in the back. Amazing. Would prefer brighter colors but were not available at the time. Also does not have sunroof that opens all the way.

- Linda F

Prius. A great little car.

My Prius is wonderful. What it lacks in size it makes up in miles per gallon I travel a lot and my Prius cut my gas cost at least in half. It has no problem keeping up with California traffic. My last trip had four adults and we road in comfort. I will make Prius my next purchase.

- Melissa O

Cruise through life while saving a penny or two.

I enjoy my Prius-C because it is great on gas. It has nice acceleration and quick sensitive braking system. It is tiny, yet roomy. Bluetooth phone capabilities and a great sound system. It is a great street cruising car, but makes some noises when stuck in traffic for too long.

- Elizabeth S

Cute, reliable, and fun to drive!

My Prius is reliable, cute, quiet, and easy to maneuver in traffic. I have had it for two years and it still looks good as new. Gas mileage is great and it has only needed routine maintenance so far. I like that it is a hybrid that does not necessarily look like a hybrid car.

- Kelly L

I love my hybrid car,, such a great gas saver and money saver.

I love this car, no complaints. I love the fact that it is hybrid. Yes it is small but I have a small family once they grow I will get a bigger car but definitely sticking to hybrids. Currently my car is small and fits anywhere and parking it is easy. Not much more to say.

- Iris L

Wonderful on gas and small and compact for those small spaces

This car has great gas mileage. Also it is very reliable. It's great for the environment. It's a small and compact car which makes it easy to get in and out of small spaces. It does not need much maintenance except the regular requirements. I would recommend it to others

- A M

Awesome blue compact vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage easy to park and fit into tight or small spaces. I love the color blue that my car is. Plenty of room for a compact car and very comfortable. Great radio great air conditioner. Is low to the ground so it is very easy to get in and out of.

- John R

Safe, great gas mileage, but I'm not sure if I'd buy it again.

I love that our vehicle is small, zips in and out of traffic, and has excellent gas mileage. There are several problems however, including limited tire choices, it burns through light bulbs crazy fast, and it's had air conditioning problems since we got it.

- Sarah M

Driver's door locking problems

the driver side door is no longer locking and unlocking with the key fob. I love how quiet and full efficient my Prius is. Is also handles very well. I do wish that it sped up a little faster, but I know that would defeat the purpose of the hybrid engine.

- Christy C

Saving fuel is saving money. 50 or more miles per gallon.

It is a perfect vehicle. Save money, worry. It is outstandingly secure, comfortable. The interior is wider than it appears to be. Eco-friendly, a rational, humane person does not need more than that. Vehicles are to move from point A to point B securely.

- Guillermo R

My Prius is energy efficient. It is a hybrid that does not need to be plugged in. It saves lots of money on gas.

I love my vehicle because it is energy efficient. it uses little gas. Each feature in my car works very well. I like the color of the car. However, I dislike the color of my seat fabric. I sometimes also dislike how little legroom there is.

- carolina t

Fun color makes it easy to find!

I commute 14 miles each way every day, so the fuel efficiency of this car is really what I love about it. I also love how compact it is, it makes parking in LA so much easier. I haven't had any performance issued with it since I got it.

- Maura R

Hybrids are wonderful and are well worth the extra cost. They will pay for themselves.

The only thing I do not like is that it is small. At first I loved the smallness of the car, but with growing kids it is too small. I love the hybrid battery and engine. I chuckle at the people in suvs paying 2-3x as much for gas.

- Annelaura C

It performs really well for a hybrid...one would be surprised

I like that my vehicle is a hybrid and therefore gets good gas mileage and is somewhat better for the environment. I also like that it is small and runs very quietly. It is the perfect vehicle for where I am at in life right now

- harr B

Very cheap to own and drive.

I like the fuel economy and reliability. Our previous prius was such a good car that we wanted another to replace it. Our only complaint is that it is a little small for more than two people but that does not happen often.

- Douglas P

It is fabulous on gas, I only have to fill it up once a month.

I like that it is easy to park, and very good on gas. I like that it is very easy to handle and is quite zippy. There is not much I do not like about it. It is not a big car so there is not much space, but I do not care.

- Debra E

Great gas mileage! Hardly ever needs to be taken to the gas station!

I love the gas mileage and low maintenance. I do think the car is a little small - but that does make it easy to park. It also isn't very comfortable to ride in on long trips - but great for short trips.

- Elaine F

Fuel economy is best when driving at 35 to 45 mpg trips

Like the great fuel economy and low carbon footprint. wish the steering wheel was made of more durable materials since all the plastic symbols have rubbed off. Fuel economy is not real good on hot days.

- Crisi M

Cute, practical, economical ride that lasts.

Love this car, everything from the color to the dashboard display, but the gas mileage is truly incredible. Easy to keep clean, easy to handle even in our snowy winters. I recommend this car to everyone.

- Madeline F

Fun Size Car with Great Space!

I love how many miles I get per gallon! I commute a lot for work and my Prius C helps a lot with mileage! I also love that even though it is a hatchback it is still quite spacious!

- Mary G

Great reliability and gas mileage, will last you years!

I like that my car is reliable. I have had few problems with it. I also like the gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't accelerate very quickly and that my bluetooth is unreliable.

- Dagny H

Prius-c: a fun golf cart.

The Prius is extremely quiet, it drives like a golf cart, has great turn radius, and I only have to refill for gas once a month. The car essentially pays for itself in the end.

- Caitlin A

Small but mighty vehicle that sips gas

Very reliable car with great gas mileage. I have been able to put more into it than you would think because it is a hatchback. Made a 2,000 mike move in it with no problems.

- Kelly S

Now days with gas prices going up this car is a life saver. It doesn't waste a lot of gas

I love that is a gas saver and it's a good sides for my family. I love the inside of the car and outside. I don't like that its too low but other than that is just perfect

- Janet A

How reliable this car is & the best on gas mileage.

The Toyota Prius C is excellent in gas. For a small hatchback it is comfortable to ride in & travel with this car is more comfortable than I ever thought it would be.

- Sheila K

You can't beat the great gas mileage; I love not spending much money on gas!

It is reliable, trouble-free, and gets great gas mileage. I expect to own it for many years. Would buy again! I'd rather have a trunk than a hatchback though.

- Charlotte T

It has really good gas mileage!

My vehicle is habanero in color. I love the gas mileage on it but it could have more space. I also wish it had air conditioning vents in the back for my child

- Joseph G

Incredible fuel efficiency and great compact size for driving around town

I get great gas mileage and only have to fill up about once a month. I love the small compact size. The only thing I would change is adding cruise control.

- Caitlin M

Surprisingly roomy, great mileage, but not too sporty

It has very good fuel economy. I'm often surprised at how much interior space it has for passengers and/or cargo. The acceleration is a bit slow, though.

- JT B

Has more storage capacity than you would think by looking at it

I like the mpg that it gets. I like the amount of storage it has for such a small car. No complaints but I do miss the storage of my minivan sometimes

- Jenie S

It is a hybrid, which means it uses both electricity and gas to run.

I love my prius. It's new, modern, high gas mileage, it's blue which I also love, but the high gas mileage and energy efficiency is what I love most.

- Morgan S

Reliable and low cost of the car.

Gas mileage and reliability are excellent and have really low maintenance cost I really love this car and would buy another when the time comes.

- Christopher C

It is incredibly dependable! Never have had a problem with this car.

I love the mileage. Wish it had more features. Wish it had gps, backup screen, better radio and warning lights for stopping and changing lanes.

- Joel C

Roomy & I can get a lot of cargo in it.

No comfortable, noisy, it gets great gas mileage. It has a lot of room for how small it looks. I can park anywhere. Not a lot of get up & go.

- Shannon B

It is a good car for someone who cares about the environment and likes to save money at the gas pump, when driven well.

I absolutely love my Toyota Prius. I like the compact size, and I love the gas mileage. It drives beautifully and looks sleek and sharp.

- Amanda H

My car saves gasoline a lot.

I like my car to save gasoline and very eco-friendly protecting the environment. I dislike it sometimes very slow to speed up on freeway.

- Mandy C

It steers and stops very well.

Fuel mileage is great love the size for parking and love the visual updated access to see what my engine is working on, gas or battery.

- Lynda D

It has wonderful miles and saves money on gas!

My car is absolutely amazing! Not to many issues with it! Just need more space in the future, however the gas efficiency is wonderful!

- Jasmine I

when stopped at a stoplight the car stops using gas so it is perfectly quiet. it didn't stall

i love everything about my vehicle except its ability to travel through snow. It gets great gas mileage. It is quiet when it runs.

- jodene b

Best car to save money, in every way that a car can be efficient.

Obviously, the gas mileage of 40-50 mpg is legit. Saves me money on gas and makes it easier to save money on the small tires also.

- Keith H

It is fuel efficient and works well. There is almost no maintenance required.

Works perfectly. There are no problems with the Prius C except that is does require gasoline. A pure electric would be superior.

- Her S

This car is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage (over 50 miles/gallon)

I like that it gets very good gas mileage. I've never had any problems with it. I do not like the size of it. Wish it was bigger.

- Valerie C

It gets fantastic gas mileage and handles really well.

I like the gas mileage the best. I also really appreciate how large the back seat is. I dislike the horsepower of my car though.

- Ryan F

It get over 50 miles to a gallon of gas.

It gets over 50 miles to a gallon of gas. I like the hatchback. It has a smooth ride. It is easy to drive and I like the color.

- Alice G

that it's a hybrid and energy efficient car, much better for the environment than many other

i love that our prius is energy efficient, saves gas, has eco mode. I dislike that it's so easy to feel every bump on the road

- lex k

Gas mileage is amazing! 55+ mpg.

I love the gas mileage-50+ mpg. I dislike some features about my vehicle, it has older features. I. E. No touchscreen display.

- Sierra N

When I fill it up it costs me around $25 and then has almost 300 miles to go!

It gets great mileage! It is super cute! I have had it less than a year so I haven't encountered any problems or issues yet.

- Cynthia S

Excellent for the environment and my wallet thanks to gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, very easy to drive, easy to park in small spaces. A little slow on pickup, but you can still get there.

- Steph W

Love my Compact Prius! :)

I love my compact prius. It's so easy to park and drive, and it doesn't feel claustrophobic. It gets amazing gas mileage.

- rachel a

That it has enough storage for a family of 3 and great audio system to keep everyone happy in the car.

I like it has all I need for getting to somewhere with ease, and environmentally friendly. It's quiet and easy to drive.

- April Y

I will never go back to any other vehicle. Nothing beats the great gas mileage.

The car is very reliable. It also offers great mileage The car is very comfortable. I've never had any problems with it.

- Fernando C

Toyota very good gas mileage.

Great gas mileage as I used to drive 800 miles a week. No maintenance issues. Very reliable car. Driven 143,000 miles.

- Don D

High Gas Mileage Vehicle.

The Prius C has excellent gas mileage. I use it to drive to clients homes and have had no problems with performance.

- Steph K

The fact that it gets good gas mileage which decreases the trips to the gas station.

I like the gas mileage. I like the fact that I don't have to to the gas station as often. I wish it has more power.

- Julie J

They say that it is supposed to get 50-55 mpg, but honestly, I get 55-60 mpg on a regular basis commuting to and from work.

The gas mileage is incredible--the most of any non-electric car that I've come across. It is comfortable and cute.


really great gas mileage!

The gas mileage is the best part of this car. I get over 45 mpg on average and have saved money having this car.

- shawna j

Great gas mileage and economical!.

Love the gas mileage and its size. Dislike the way it rides on long drives as it can be rough and uncomfortable.

- Elaine F

51 MPG with Toyota dependability. Handles well for a small care.

There's a lot of road noise. Otherwise, it's fine for a small, inexpensive car. Great mileage. Handles well.

- Lee B

it is a big and good for family and looks good

It is a good car but can be low at times, gas does cost more to fill up the full. it is also a good family car.

- Isabella H

Flex fuel. Why waste money?

We get at least 50 miles per gallon. It is a stylish and comfortable car. It has only had regular maintenance.

- Ann B

reliability has been wonderful , and the gas mileage can't be beat for the price

I love the gas mileage and the size of the car, it has been very dependable it has been very easy to maintain

- Chris C

The gas mileage is great.

I like the gas mileage. I like that I'm helping the environment. I like the look and the driver of the car

- Sara G

The Toyota Prius C 2014 is an excellent priced car and is reliable.

I enjoy that the vehicle is a hybrid. I like that I get high gas mileage. I dislike the navigation system.

- Brandon P

Personal Review and prospective of Toyota Prius

It's an excellent economical vehicle. It's comfortable and quiet. I haven't had any major issues with it.

- Carissa F

My vehicle is a hybrid and helps save on gas

This car is a hybrid and will help you save on gas. I save about 40 dollars a month from my last vehicle

- Bethany L

Spacious and good gas mileage.

Like: good gas mileage. Hybrid. Compact and easy to park yet spacious. Dislike: not high end finishes.

- Mariana B

Everyone should know that the car is a hybrid, so it saves on gas.

I like that it is a hybrid. I like that it is a hatchback. I like that it is fairly low maintenance

- Henry S

It has great fuel efficiency.

It gets great gas mileage. It has had no major repair issues. I've got 180k miles on it runs great.

- Dan W

Fuel efficiency. And the driving manner that makes it more efficient

I like the way I drive prius C. It feels good. Also, I like the fuel efficiency. No complaint

- John H

The gas mileage is great and it is very reliable.

I love the reliability and gas mileage. I would like if it had more pickup and more features.

- John R

It gets great mileage and is easy to drive. It's a little small but can hold 4 people.

I like that it's cute and compact and gets about 50 mpg. I dislike the blind spots.

- Joanne A

Fun to drive this car in the city

I have a Saab 9-3 convertible that is fun to drive, but old. I don't like repairs

- Kurt r

It gets great gas mileage. Although it is small, it is large enough for even a small family.

I like that my car is small. It is easy to drive. It has bells and whistles.

- johanna L

great gas mileage over 50 miles per gallon

I love my car. It get great gas mileage. It is very easy to drive and park

- john G

I love my Prius-C for short trips. It gets great gas mileage and has ample storage space for grocery shopping. It is fun to drive and has been quite reliable. If we are going on longer trips we typically take another car because it is not so comfortable that we want to be in it for hours on end.

Prius C- Great gas mileage and ample storage space for grocery trips

- Jennifer C

It's a hybrid vehicle that gets 50-60 miles per gallon

I love the gas usage. I do not like the size of the vehicle

- Janet S

good mileage and the cruise control is easy to use

gas mileage is terrific, wish I had automatic seats

- Sheryl H