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Prius C- amazing on mileage/ too small for a family.

I love the mileage my Prius gets. It's a small compact car which fits almost anyway for parking. I have had this car for 3 years and had no mechanical problems, just regular scheduled maintenance. My only frustration is that it is very small, and my infants rear facing car seat- which is required to be rear facing for the first two years of life- makes it so no one can sit in the passenger seat. I have to pull the seat all the way forward to allow the car seat to fit safely and correctly. Also, I have an older son who has to sit behind me and is getting more squished with every inch he grows. The hatchback trunk is also very small- finding a stroller to fit in it was difficult, and grocery shopping always has to spill over into my minimized front seat due to the children sitting in the back. Overall, I'd keep this one just for the fact the mileage is amazing, but am in the process of looking for a family car that will fit all comfortably.

- Rebecca M

Drives well. Good mileage. Just very unhappy with staff at dealership.

Salesman was a liar. Promised fewer visits to gas station. , but it get same mileage per tank as prior car because tank is 1/2 size. Car came with rattling sound. Brought it in twice and waited hours before they realized they did not put the hood latch in properly. Map is outdated. Salesman said "what did you expect, the car is 3 years old?" Wants $180 plus labor when Garmin gave free updates for life for a $10 charge. They also promised to mail out of stock touch up paint as apology for the poor service. Then they realized they could not put it in the mail and wanted me to come out again to pick up. Beware Wellesley Toyota.

- Matt S

You can parallel park with ease!

The Prius C is an economic hatchback that is perfect for city driving. The 2015 model has limited features but is complete with all the necessary tools for safety and entertainment while driving. The touch screen console not only allows you to control 5 different music lines (am, fm, aux, Bluetooth, CD) but it can show you internal car diagnostics as well. Even though the car is small, because it is a hatchback, it is perfect for camping trips, ski trips, fishing trips, and any other kind of trip you can think of. This is because the back seats can fold down to allow for more trunk space.

- Monica R

The car is small but comfortable.

Even though this is a small car, it is very comfortable. I like the rear seat that folds down to give you more storage room in the rear of the car. The gas mileage is great I usually get about 49 miles to the gallon. I call it my gas sipper. The ride is comfortable, I travel for work. I drive 100 miles to my destination stay the week, travel about 40 miles round trip each day and than 100 more to return home. I have not had any performance issues with this car. My only issue was that it did not come with cruise control. I had it installed after market for about $500.

- Tina A

Toyota Prius c is a lovely little car to drive.

The Prius gas mileage is amazing. I have done a lot of traveling and love that road trips are so inexpensive. It is compact, but with the folding seats you can still fit a surprising amount of cargo. I do wish I realized before purchase that my Prius c does not have cruise control. It comes in handy on long trips. Also, outside sounds are noisier than other cars I have had before, especially on the interstate. The car itself is very quiet, so pedestrians often do not hear me approaching.

- Heather W

Great gas mileage. The digital dashboard for viewing.

I have had absolutely no problems with my 2015 Toyota Prius c since I bought it. I have around 23, 000 miles on it and upon my recent inspection was told I should get tires before winter. I thought I would have gotten more mileage from the tires. The gas mileage, however, is remarkable. Generally in the spring and summer months, I average around 45-50 mpg. Winter months average around 35. To me, my Prius is my "bee-bopping" around car. Great for city driving.

- Valerie B

Prius C 2015, the facts... just the facts

My vehicle, the 2015 Prius C, has been wonderful to drive. Super easy to maneuver. Plenty of room inside for passengers and gear. The maintenance has been regular oil changes, tire rotations, and in standard mileage service checks. Sound system could be better, but the standard is just that basic. Its comfortable interior does feel comfortably compact. For the price it feels like a good value and for the trim options, I feel I've gotten the value.

- em G

It is a hybrid, which means it also uses a battery.

I love my vehicle. It takes a few times of driving the vehicle to get used to the shifter. The shifter is small, but I love that. Another thing the shifter does is it springs back to the same spot. When reversing the vehicle it makes a beeping noise. I like that, because the car is super quiet. There are a lot of great quirks to the vehicle like gas mileage, cost of gas, reliability, spacious for a compact car, and has many compartments.

- Sara B

Great vehicle with surprises.

Vehicle starts up quick. Seats are roomy. Smaller vehicle allows for easy parking even in tight spaces. Sound system is great that comes stock with the vehicle. Cost of gas fill ups won't break the bank. Comfortable enough to take on trips. Great gas mileage in town. Engine provides a great get up and go. Not the best to go up mountain passes but can get you there. Great and reliable vehicle for everyday stop and go driving.

- Jason T

Has navigation, backup camera and Bluetooth. Extremely comfortable.

I have really enjoyed my car after purchasing it. I haven't had any issues so far. It drives smoothly, I average about 45-55 mpg so do not have to fill it up very often. Very spacious and comfortable for me and plenty of room in the backseat as well. The trunk space is a little small, but still manages to fit a lot of stuff. It has navigation, Bluetooth and a backup camera which are all easy to use.

- Kay B

You will get spoiled driving a Prius

This vehicle is fantastic. Very reliable, great mileage, low maintenance cost. I enjoy been able to see how much gasoline is costing me per trips. Another feature that I enjoy is the hands free use of the phone as well as the sound system. The design is very slick, easy to clean. You will get spoiled once you get a Prius. I don't see myself driving anything else after this experience.

- Mildred G

Prius C Is An Affordable Functional Hybrid with Excellent Gas Mileage

It has amazing gas mileage for a compact hybrid. I love the sound system - great bass in particular. The seats are comfortable for four and decently sized for 5. There is a lot of noise inside the cabin which makes it hard to hear the radio or music. The plastic used on the outside of the car is cheap and a piece of it has already come off after only 3 months of use.

- Jennifer W

Prius c both economical and beautiful.

I have had no issues with my car in the 4 years since I bought it new. I regularly get 50+ miles per gallon and people often compliment me on the sparkling sea blue color. It still looks and feels brand new and my dealership is just as attentive as they were when I purchased the car. This has been my smartest car buying decision in the 50 years that I have been driving.

- Carol C

Cute little car but that is it.

This vehicle is way too small and it also is very underpowered. Not very comfortable and the ride is bumpy and noisy. The care is good for short distances in city but lousy on the highway. I have owned mine for 4 years purchased new in 2015 and overall not unhappy with its reliability functionally a very good car but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with a family.

- Heather J

The Prius c: a great Prius without the lame look.

The car is great. I get at least 45 mpg every time I drive. It has plenty of room inside. One issue that I wish was different, is that the car does not accelerate very quickly. It only has 90 horsepower. In some situations, I would feel safer if I could accelerate through traffic or away from another dangerous car. The breaks work great though. I love my Prius c.

- William P

The ideal city car that is good for the environment and good for the wallet.

This car is ideal for inner city driving, because it is easy to park, low on emissions, and plenty of room for transporting groceries or luggage or people or pets. The big windscreen means plenty of visibility and at no time do you feel unsafe despite being surrounded by many bigger vehicles on the motorway. It also costs a lot less to fill up with gas.

- Michael D

great little car ... so economical and easy to drive.

Love the compact size and sleek look. Great gas mileage, I only need to stop at gas station once every 2 weeks or so. The only slight drawback is driving on the freeway when big wheelers and other heavy cars (trucks, SUVs) swish pass me, and I get the drafting sensation. It is kind of scary feeling like my little car is the lightest one on the road.

- Annie O

Wallet Friendly and Eco Friendly Car

I haven't faced any problems with my car. The car is durable, reliable, economically friendly, trustworthy, and comfortable to drive around in throughout the city and during my daily four hour commute. The gas mileage is superb, and I would recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable car who doesn't want to waste all their money on gas.

- Taylor K

Car is great all around! Everything is amazing!

The car is very reliable for anyone. Great gas saver! Great for new car owners especially teenagers and/or college students. Exterior is very nice looking. Interior is way better, seats are comfortable, nice color and pretty basic. Great stereo system as well. Good for trips, but the car is pretty small so not as much room so plan ahead.

- Julia W

Love my Orange Dream Machine!

I adore my Prius!! It is comfortable and easy to drive. I get excellent gas mileage. I keep it in eco mode. The hatchback design provides quite a bit of room, I have hauled three half wine barrels in it!! I have owned this car for a little over a year and have zero complaints. The funniest part of my Prius is the color, bright orange!

- Samantha B

It is very efficient & easy to handle. Gas cost are low & tight spaces are a breeze!

I love my vehicle because it's get fantastic gas mileage & it has a great Navi system. The car is easy to handle & allows me to fit into small spaces & make u-turns easily. I dislike that it doesn't have automatic headlights or safety features such as a backup camera, warning lights on side view mirrors, auto braking, etc

- Marieelena W

Great money saver but lacking in power

I really enjoy the gas mileage of my Prius. It has room for the kids and two dogs. I really enjoy higher horsepower in my vehicles so I'm certainly going to go back to a fully gas-powered vehicle at some point. Overall it's a reliable car saves on gas so I recommend it to anyone looking to save some cash in the long run.

- Adam C

Great combination of luxury, comfort, and speed. Very smooth ride.

Seems like one thing or another is consistently malfunctioning. Bought the vehicle with 140k miles, so not sure if it was gone through thoroughly or if it was the actual model. A/C does not seem to be very powerful. Good things are the luxury feel of the vehicle and the quick acceleration for such a big vehicle.

- Stephen T

Toyota Prius review of 2019 3 year long driver

The vehicle does not drive well. It is not able to go as fast as I'd like it to. Sometimes it feels unstable to drive. I feel like it is hard to drive well in this car. I have had others tell me the same thing. Other than that, It's great on gas and I enjoy spending $30 every other week for a full tank!

- Marina G

Great gas mileage!! Spacious and stylish feel. .

Small but comfortable. Love the gas mileage. You cannot beat 50 miles per gallon. Also I love the style of it. The blue and black seats are comfortable and stylish. The trunk space is larger that one might think in such a small car. I also love the technology. It gives you all the info you need.

- Lindsey L

Toyota Prius C 2015 Model

Clear coat bubbled after only three years. The headlights stopped working due to moisture in all four lights, molding fell off around doors. The gas mileage has remained consistent with an average of 55 mph in city. Never had any mechanical issues. Comfortable and more roomier than expected

- Kelli B

My reliable and small Toyota Prius c.

My car take me point A to B. So far has been very reliable. It is small so it is good for parking in the city. However it does not accelerate fast like a normal car would. It saves me a lot of money with gas. Although it can fit 5 people, I would recommend it would comfortably fit 3 people.

- Maggie M

Small car, big possibility.

This car has very good gas consumption. It can drive around 375 miles per gas filling, and it only take eight gallons of gas per filling. Also because the car is small, it is very easy to park. Although the car is small, it can still hold up many things because how the interior is designed.

- Marco C

This is a great hybrid vehicle for its very reasonable price tag!

I love the mileage! I also like it's small size for fitting into small parking spaces in the city, as well as it's surprisingly room interior. I wish it had a little more horsepower/acceleration during clutch times like merging onto the freeway. And I'd have loved better interior options.

- Leah B

I love my Toyota Prius c!

I have never had any problems with my car. It's very reliable and very good on gas. I love this car, it has great mileage and seats very comfortably. The features are great and its reliability is the best. I have had the car for three years. It will be paid off in couple weeks.

- Love F

The car is basic but little upkeep and is running great after 110k.

The car is small, and can feel really tight. There is not enough features, and should have more just in this area. The wind sound, and overall handling is average. The car has issues with cooling performance and overall it has little problems. The gas is really like 44 mpg.

- Tyler W

Hybrid. Great set of standard features. Well balanced in all areas.

No problems to date. Great balance. Good amount of space, lots of legroom. Even the lower end of this particular (models 1 & 2) are still a good bargain. Hybrid energy is fantastic. Trip reviews and energy consumption available while driving. Bluetooth is standard.

- Ryan C

Great value great comfort

The gas mileage is incredible. It's roomy. It has up to date technology. It's easy to drive. The components feel of good quality. I have good storage. It's easy to maintain. The engine performs well. The price point is excellent yet the resale value is add well.


Economical and great for anyone of any age

So far my Prius c has been great. It still gets great gas mileage. I feel that it is reliable, I haven't had any major issues. The one thing I wish I had was better seats. I get a lot of back pain on long distance drives. I also wish the one came with a trunk cover.

- Kali H

THE GAS MILEAGE! It is by far the best feature of the Prius, i like that it i s cheaper to drive and it is better for the environment.

I like the gas mileage that i get in my car- its amazing! I like that it gets me where i need to go, has a hatchback. What i don't like about my car is it is a little small in the backseat. I also feel like it's not super well made, but it is still a great car.

- Catie H

I average 54 miles per gallon without even trying.

This car gets great mileage and suited my purposes well when I traveled for work. The only drawback is that it is low and visibility is sometimes poor. Even with the highly adjustable seat, it's difficult to see potholes and other road obstacles.

- Deborah B

It is a hybrid but performs as well as other cars on the road.

It is a compact hybrid. I like the size, the gas mileage is great and for the 3 years I have had it, it has been completely reliable. The only drawback is its lack of speedy acceleration, so I have to plan my merge onto highways accordingly.

- Lowell L

That it might be small and a hybrid but it can accelerate and keep up with traditional gas cars. Don't underestimate the Prius C.

I love that it is small and a hybrid but it accelerates quickly. It is fuel efficient and fun to drive. It is a small car but has the touch screen, navigation, and hands free features of a larger, more expensive car.

- Angela S

Flexibility. The Prius C is a great fit for most people. It has great gas mileage, looks professional (inside and out), and has various options as far as what technology is equipped, meaning you can get a car that works for your lifestyle.

I love that my car is affordable, great on gas mileage, and visually attractive inside and out. In addition, the range of colors available, familiarity with the brand, and positive reviews were great influencers.

- Cheyenne B

It is a great car for the price but it is worth getting a few upgrades to make it even better.

I love that my car is environmentally friendly and that I get great gas mileage. I'm not happy that it doesn't have cruise control and some other features. It also has one tire that goes flat all the time.

- Heather P

The gas mileage is seriously unreal. Just a little bit of money will go a LONG way!

This car has the best gas mileage I have ever personally witnessed. 5 bucks will last a week! Plus, it drives like a dream, looks amazing, and has a killer sound system for such a cheap car. I love it!

- timothy y

The acceleration is poor, so you do need to floor it when getting on the freeway, but other that is easy to drive.

The Prius C offers great gas mileage. The price of the vehicle was low and the fuel economy makes it an even better deal. The warranty on the battery sealed the deal for me. I would purchase again.

- greg j

It has excellent gas mileage which is good for the bank account and environment.

I love that the vehicle is small and easy to drive. It is a hybrid and great on gas, which saves me money. Even though it is small, it has great room for hauling items. It is also very dependable.

- Karen M

Love my Toyota Prius c. You will love it too.

I love my little Toyota Prius c. It very good on gas, and very good mileage. It's a small compact car but I am a single person with no children. I love my car, its just the right size for me.

- Zenobia F

2015 Toyota Prius C averages 50 MPG or more every fill up.

I love the gas mileage my Toyota Prius C gets. It's great to only have to fill up my tank once a month unless we go on a road-trip. My only complaint is the outside gets so dirty so easily.

- Lori G

The gas mileage that comes with my car alone makes it a winner.

I like that I only have to fill up my vehicle with gas every two weeks. I like how light it feels to drive and how compact it is. Also for Its size you can actually fit quite a lot in it.

- Alicia s

This is a daily driver. Do not expect to get fast acceleration with it.

I love the gas mileage on my Prius. Since I travel by car a lot, it helps me cut down on gas cost. The digital display also lets me know how many miles I have to go until my next fill up.

- Ariel M

It is a hybrid, so it gets great gas mileage and there is no need to plug it in.

I love my Prius because it gets great gas mileage, which is necessary for all the miles I drive. It has plenty of storage space for such a compact car. It is perfect for what I need.

- Bekah R

The orange tangerine color makes me hard to miss.

Very reliable, best for driving in the city, can be a little loud and tinny at fast speeds. Comfortable interior with plenty of space when the back seats are folded down.

- Bridget B

It has Great gas mileage.

I love that it's small and compact, and it gets great gas mileage. I love the small compactness of it but wish it had more height to it to see better while driving.

- Lisa D

The gas mileage is amazing if you are commuting for work

I love my Prius. It's incredibly comfortable and spacious. I live in a city and am always in traffic. It has awesome gas mileage so I barely ah e to fill the gas up

- Jada B

Excellence fuel efficiency and a great commuter car.

I love the fuel efficiency. I get 50 miles to the gallon. I like the small size but I would like something a small bit larger so that I could put a bike carrier on.

- Barb K

Getting 53. 5 mpg and gas tank might be small but it will not break the bank.

I love the performance and the miles I can get with my gas. It is definitely gas saving vehicle. Only dislike is when I was in an accident, the airbag didn't work.

- Gee L

its efficient on gas. barley pay 25 to fill it up...

the car runs super smooth. you can't hear it running at all. the only problem is mainly the car being too low to the ground. so going up or down driveways is hard

- krislyn m

great mileage, perfect size for a short person with little kids.

Inside the care there is too little lighting in the back seat, especially because I have kids. I am short and while I am driving the front seat is often too low.

- Melinda R

It's got more room inside than it looks like

It's small, but there's more space inside than you expect. The gas mileage is excellent. It's also got more torque than you'd guess from a subcompact hybrid

- Collin O

It is great for horse hauling.

Gas mileage is great, it is reliable and it has enough power to make long road trips.. It is not the most comfortable car, but I am still loving it..

- Irene J

Save money on gas. Because it's a hybrid.

Saves money on gas because it is a hybrid. 4. Doors easy to get in and out. Style is attractive small compact. Easy to park. Air conditioner cold.

- Karen B

Great for commuters who need to travel and park in tight spaces.

I like the great gas mileage that it gets and that it's a compact car. I don't like that it's not quite big enough for my growing family.

- Christina S

It is very small. I think people should know that taller people, over 5' 7'', will have a very uncomfortable time.

Car is compact. Has camera for reversing. In built navigation is great. The trunk can no longer open and will take a lot of money to fix.

- Mahindra B

Reliable economic car that will keep on going.

Fuel economy is great, averaging 45 miles per gallon. It is a very reliable vehicle mechanically. It is comfortable for longer trips.

- Robert W

Good family car, lots of space.

I fill the tank once a month. I get 55 mph. I love the color of my green car. I just wish it was a little wider and longer for comfort.

- Lois B

Prius C is amazing on saving gas

Great car. Great gas mileage at 53 mpg and the perfect car to do rideshare on. It's a little too small but the gas mileage is worth it

- Ramon J

Small and nice does the job

Great for short person with young kids. Needs lights for backseat. Front seat drivers is too low, would be nice if more adjustable

- Mindy R

Competes with the big boys.

Perfect size. Easy to drive and operate. Technology is awesome. Large display screen. Stylish and smooth. Gas mileage is great.

- Shirley H

the mileage king and the tech master

I love my car's mileage is very 50 mph and the technology is great . the savings are amazing. I would recommend it to everyone

- victor r

You save so much money on gas.

This car is so good in gad. I pump maybe once a month. I love the look and style if the car. Great hatchback for beach days.

- Penny O

Hybrid saves money and gas really good gas mileage.

I like having to only get gas once a week. I like how quiet the car is. I like how easy it is to park with a smaller car.

- Sally H

It is easy to drive and energy efficient.

I enjoy my car and have no complaints. It transports my family. It is reliable and efficient. And it is attractive.

- Martha W

For a truck it has great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. A little small. Like the gps in dash. Like the heated seats. Not enough leg room in the back.

- Paula M

It is fuel efficient and low-emitting.

I dislike all the dents on it, but I like the fuel efficiency, size, convenience for driving in a city.

- Tara M

Prius C - a reliable vehicle

A bit of a bumpy ride, but does really well on gas. It is more than adequate to drive and I feel safe.

- Lillian E

It gets great gas mileage and that makes me happy.

It gets great gas mileage. It doesn't look like it but it is spacious inside. It was also affordable

- Amanda H

Outside noise gets very loud. Does not have much space inside. Great mpg.

It's slow. Does not accelerate well. I like that I spend almost no money on gas. Sound system is good.

- Jason T

It's reliable, safe, and it performs well

I like that it performs well, ita safe and reliable. I think the design could be a bit more updated

- Vivian G

doesn't take much gas so I like the upkeep. I like that I don't have to spend much to refill the gas

cost is low, but pick up is also low. I can't speed, which is something I like for my daughter

- cin m




The hybrid is little overestimated. It is less efficient than the normal size Prius.

It is a small compact urban car. If travel out of state, the driver feels tired quickly.

- Howard H

It's fuel economy is excellent. Hybrid runs on battery part of the time.

I like the way it handles on the road. I love the gas mileage. It has a nice look.

- Alice W

Great gas mileage. Has a lot of extra features as larger vehicles

I like the gas mileage. I like most of the features. Don't like the size.

- Jen H

Hybrids are great, run very quietly

I get great gas mileage. It's eco-friendly. It carries lots of packages

- David A

hybrid, so it takes gas and doesn't require a plug in

it's a very gas efficient car, but not good looking or well thought of

- cin m

It A great and completely addicting car to ride in

I love it the gas mileage is great and going places it a great car

- Marc F

I love that I get 400 miles per tank of gas and I love that it is environmentally friendly.

The gas mileage is fantastic and the ride is smooth.

- Linde C

It's a good reliable car that is cheap to run due to it being a hybrid

Like gas mileage Like reliability Dislike trunk size

- Paul A

Its MPG is very high. Considering the high cost of gas nowadays, it is a good choice.

It has high MPG and saves me a lot of money on gas.

- Emily Y