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2018 Toyota Prius c has the most overall complaints.

This is a my best car. I will be running gass. I think it will be a best car in this world. I like it very much.Although the 2018 Toyota prius c has the most overall complaints, we rate the 2018 model year as worse because of other possible factors such as higher repair cost or more problems at lower mileage. The most-reported problem is also with the 2019 Toyota prius c for headlight failure.

- Louis L

Great mileage! Basic transportation. Decent ride.

This is my third Prius c. I have liked all of them. The 2018 has the best, smoothest and quietest ride. Although still very good, I got better mileage with previous models. I would probably get a different trim level next time. The one has no cruise control. I also miss adjusting the speed of the wipers when there is a light rain.

- George B

The Prius c is a hybrid vehicle, built for traversing the city in comfort.

This car is great for individuals who do not take more than the occasional passenger. Comfortable and great on gas mileage. The compact size makes for smooth handling. The Prius c takes the freeway at higher speeds without issue over excessive noise. I do not know that I would recommend this as a car for even a small family.

- Brett C

Great vehicle. Safe. Great heads up display. Great mileage.

Great gas mileage. Very comfortable. Safety features are awesome. I like the way it handles on the freeway and side streets. The hybrid battery is great. When I bought the car I feel like I got a good deal. I love the heads up display and GPS system in the vehicle. I wish everyone could drive this car.

- Thomas S

It gets great gas mileage and has excellent features for the price range.

I have a hybrid prius c. I really like It's compact size which makes it really easy to park in tight spots. It has great gas mileage and runs smoothly. I also like the backup camera. I wish the charging capability for phones was better and the gas mileage was more as described. Overall I like it a lot.

- Howard K

The gas mileage is incredible.. It averages around 44 mpg.

Gets an average of 44 mpg, has good pick up and maneuverability and has some safety features which are useful, such as alerts if your too close to the rear of another vehicle or outside your lane. Also another feature that helps when your backing up. I am a small person and this car fits me perfectly.

- Patricia S

Prius saves big money on gas.

I love the gas mileage. . . I have spent only 44 dollars in gas since I bought it in July. . . It is cute, bright red my favorite color. . . It drives in a zippy style and is very quiet. . I also like the technology and that I can control almost everything from the steering wheel.

- Dona R

It gets great gas mileage. Like, the the official rating is 44 mpg, but I'm averaging around 50.

It's a hybrid vehicle with too gas mileage. I'd actually have preferred a plug-in hybrid or a full electric vehicle, but charging stations aren't common enough where I am. Also, I live in an apartment complex so I can't really charge at home either.

- John M

This car gets great gas mileage--you will save money on gas.

It's a nice looking car inside and out. It gets great gas mileage. It's very comfortable to drive and has a lot of great technology features. One thing I would like is for Spotify to be among the music apps

- Maggie B

It is very eco friendly and saves you plenty of money on gas.

I love my car it is perfect size, gets me from point a to b, it is extremely good on gas. I Just don't really like how long it take for my music to load but other than that they car is great.

- Jennifer Y

Great gas mileage means it is very eco friendly and affordable for commuters

I love the gas mileage first and foremost. But I also love the design of the interior and how well it accelerates. It's also one of the safety cars I've ever had

- Amanda F

It's a hybrid so it gets great gas mileage.

I really like the great gas mileage that it gets. It's small, but roomy, so it's easy to maneuver. The technology is great in the car.

- Brian T

It's a bit small,but it does fit my son and I. The seats a little cramped for a car seat and I can't see more than 2 kids and 1 adult being comfortable in it at any one point.

It does fit more than what you think. I can fit a weeks worth of camping gear for two people in it. It's roomier than you think.

- Mary P

Being a hybrid I get between 35-40 mpg.

It is very comfortable, a smooth ride, no noticeable loss of torque from it being a hybrid and I love the great gas mileage.

- Jeff K

It rides smooth and it is very quiet.

Hybrid and it is really good with gas zippy to drove, dislike the lack of trunk space and it does not have seat warmers.

- Donna R

It is slow so you have e to be prepared to go faster.

I love the low gas mileage this car offers. I also love the backup camera. I have no complaints with this vehicle.

- Tammy H

The money the you can saving for the gasoline.

This car is the best because you can drive 50 miles per gallon and is so comfortable and easy to drive it.

- Lorena S

How fuel efficient it is. It is great for the environment

I love that it is a green vehicle. The fuel efficiency is amazing. I wish it were fully electric

- Nev P

GREAT on gas and runs very smoothly

I love the gas mileage that it gets. The only downfall is I forget sometimes to get gas! lol

- Amy T

The Toyota Prius gets gas mileage of about 58 miles per gallon..

I like the mileage. I like the styling. I like the comfort. I have no complaints.

- Penny H

It Gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. I like the color. I wish it was a little bigger.

- Denise K

For gas mileage it gets over 50 miles per gallon. Saves a lot of money.

I love everything about it. No complaints. Cool technology.

- Jean G