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Prius-V drives like a spaceship and has great gas mileage.

It has really great gas mileage, which goes without saying. It is really comfortable and it is perfect for me size-wise. It seats 5 people and it has a pretty big trunk, yet I can still fit it in compact size parking spaces. The car drives so smoothly; my friends and I call it a spaceship! Reliability is the only problem that I have had. Not often, but it had an issue where it just shut down in the middle of the road. It was an issue with some wires in the above-head lights. It has since been resolved and I have had no issues from then on. I frequently use the Bluetooth feature, which is great. The maps feature is a bit hard to use at times but it comes in handy when you do not know where you are going and your phone is dead. I am not sure if it is my fault or not, but the sound quality/radio reception is not the best. It sounds fine when I am in my car, but I always seem to notice the difference when I am in someone else's car. Toyota is great, too. They perform basic service on the vehicle for free and the staff there is always great.

- Ariana G

Prius v, great space less comfort. (2013).

Great mileage for a vehicle with as much cargo space as this car has. It is well equipped, though because it is a 2013, it lacks the newer safety features which are now available. Personally I would have to think twice about a repurchase, as it is lacking in luxury even with a package 5. My two biggest complaints are the poor insulation from road and wind noise and the uncomfortable ride. This is not an inexpensive car and as such I expect more creature comforts. I have experienced back issues as a result of repeated 5 hour rides in this car so driver comfort must be addressed!! I have not had mechanical issues with this model but be aware that repairs on this vehicle tend to be pricey, especially items related to the electrical system and the batteries!!

- Deb P

2013 Toyota Prius V I once put a full sized cedar chest into my Prius.

Roomy- Head and leg room, great seats down storage. Gets easily forty five miles per gallon in town, with a range of 515 miles. It is not luxurious inside but perfect car for groceries, Home Depot, gardeners, antiquers, pet sitters and beach goers. It has excellent acceleration for passing and interstate driving. I had a front bumper ding and did see it is styrofoam underneath when body shop took off bumper. Has a roomy middle console and two plug in outlets for electronic devices. I have loved the Prius V since the day I drove it off the lot, used but super clean with fifty thousand miles on odometer.

- Patty P

Efficient, economical family car.

I love my Prius v, however I would like a better voice command system and more trunk accessories. The voice command hardly ever recognizes my contact names. The trunk is spacious but I cannot attach any trunk organizers as it does not have many hooks. It drives well and saves us lots of money on gas. I truly enjoyed the free XM radio for a year!

- Veronica R

Excellent mileage and comfort.

The tire pressure sensor is a little sensitive for low pressure, but better safe than sorry. You can fold the back seats down to get a ton of space. It is really similar to a Honda fit. Warmed seats and a backup camera are nice extra features. I have of course gotten great mileage, so it is good if you travel a lot for work or fun.

- Rob J

Basic car, easy on gas. Not flashy or luxurious but it gets the job done.

Strange shifting mechanism. 13 times my car has gone in reverse when I put it in drive. Company refused responsibility and I had to pay repair costs on my own after bashing into a car behind me as I tried to drive forward. Others have described a similar 'springiness' to the shifter. Has resolved after several years of use.

- Shannon C

My sapphire blue favorite car ever!

I have had no mechanical problems with this car. It is super efficient, gets about 38 mpg and looks great. The back seats fold down giving me almost as much room as a van! The interior looks like new even after 6 years...And 3 grandkids! I have had to replace tires at a reasonable rate but nothing else major.

- Ronnie F

Great value for the investment

Extremely dependable. Great gas mileage. Lots of space and flexibility to adjust seats to create more space. Wonderful for short and long trips. So quiet you'll need to be careful not to leave the car on by accident! Also doesn't have a lot of get up and go, but I'm not a fast driver so I don't mind.

- Julia W

Its a 2013 Toyota Prius V. It has been a phenomenal car

I really love my Prius V, it has been a wonderful car to drive especially during the summer when gas prices are so high. It gives me good mileage, usually 38-40 MPH. It has helped me save a lot of money. I have never had a problem with it. I definitely recommend it to anyone because its economical.

- Jasper A

Great gas mileage so it costs less to fill - saves me money!

I love that it doesn't cost a lot to fill the tank and gets good gas mileage (yay for hybrids!). I also like that is big enough for my family plus pets when we travel. If there is anything I dislike, it would be that it doesn't have a lot of "pick up" - it has to sort of build speed.

- Heather F

Love our small family car!

We love the amount of space in the car! There is plenty of legroom in the back and front, and great trunk space. We also love the features, including the paddle shift and push-to-start. We like the double glove compartment and big console space. It has been a great small family car!

- Lauren M

Perfect mom vehicle gas saver.

It gets great gas mileage. I am able to fill up my tank once a week and I do a good amount of driving. It has a very spacious trunk which is great as a mom who often has to transport a lot of kids stuff. The one downside I find is the backup camera because it beeps when in reverse.

- Melanie B

Great features on an awesome hybrid!

It is dependable and looks great. Easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. I love all of the room it has. It has seat heaters for those cold winter months. I love the Bluetooth capabilities. The leather seats are very comfortable and I enjoy the adjustable back cushion.

- Kim B

Unbelievably economical if you drive it the way it was meant to be driven.

I like all things economical about the car; gas mileage, dependability, need for service, etc. I dislike the lack of power (especially going up any grade of hill > 5 degrees). I dislike the user friendliness of the car (understanding/using all of it is capabilities).

- Richard V

Toyota Prius versatility and so much more.

My Prius v not only gets great gas mileage but it also has great storage capacity. The ride is comfortable and we can comfortably have a family of four, our dog and luggage in the vehicle. We also were able to take bikes and kayaks on a recent trip. Love the car.

- Marcy W

Prius V has all the room!

It has so much space, you can really get so much stuff in it. I love the Bluetooth and the audio and the a/v component. Does not get quite as good of gas mileage as I'd like but that may be better if I drove it differently (not accelerating so fast).

- Heather C

It has great mileage. For the whole tank, the mileage takes me very far. However, it is more efficient in small streets than it is on the freeway in terms of mileage.

I like the technology of it including the built in navigation system as well as the back up camera and push to start engine. I like how spacious the car is yet it is small enough to fit into smaller areas. I don't like the horsepower of the car.

- Jolene P

This car has great gas mileage because of the mixture of both gas and electric.

I really like the space that this car provides. I am six foot and have lots of legroom. Also, there is plenty of room for my car seat and stroller. My least favorite part is that there is no truck but there is lots of room in the back for storage.

- Katherine J

It's a safe, reliable car that's versatile enough to suit most of your needs.

The Prius V is a pretty reliable car. I like that it has a hatchback and a large trunk, which allows room for a few dogs or a stroller. It's a reasonably safe car as well. It's a little noisy on the freeway, but that's a minor complaint.

- Andrew M

The great gas mileage. I drive hours a day and fill my tank once a week.

I like the gas mileage, that it drives smoothly, and that I can fit a lot in the trunk.... I dislike the control layout where some buttons are on the compartment that divides the front seats. It makes these controls awkward to reach..

- Megan W

That I can drive 400+ miles on just $25. It makes family travel far more economical and we find ourselves going on more family road trips.

I absolutely love the miles per gallon I get on my Prius. It's nice to only have to fill up twice per month and for $25 a tank -- a nice change to my SUV (second family vehicle). My biggest complaint is that I wish it looked sleeker.

- Brian R

The best vehicle I have ever owned

I love everything about my vehicle. The only downside I see is that it is on the lighter. I feel the wind blowing in my Prius more than any other car I have owned. But I would buy it again in a heartbeat!

- Arynn M

Since it's a hybrid vehicle, it gets 48 mpg on average.

My car isn't very luxurious but it gets great gas mileage with 48 MPg on average. So far there have been few or no problems with he performance and is very reliable. It's comfortable.

- Mustafa N

A Toyota Prius is a car you can count on for years and years. The Toyota brand can be trusted and will not let you down.

Love the gas mileage. Love the space that it has inside. Love the updated technology that I did not have in my previous car. Love the dependability of Toyota. I have no complaints

- Kyle P

My car gets reliably good fuel economy. It is great for someone who drive a lot.

My car gets good gas mileage and is easy & fun to drive. It lets me carry a lot of cargo and affords passengers ample space. It is reliable and always is there when i need it.

- tony c

The vehicle is very roomy inside and the seats are very comfortable. Room for 5 adults and cargo.

I like the mileage per gallon of gas the vehicle receives. Also, Consumer Reports rates the resale value and reliability very highly. The safety features are also very good.

- Jay F

Its better for the environment and reduces our dependence on oil.

It drives very nice, holds my whole family and has plenty of room. I get great gas mileage. The fact that it is a hybrid does not affect the performance. No complaints.

- Judy T

It is very comfortable to drive, as well as fuel efficient.

It has very high gas mileage. It is very room on the inside, I can move much bigger things than one would imagine. It has a great safety rating for a car of its size.

- jill f

It is INCREDIBLE on gas mileage. It is also much bigger on the inside than one would believe.

I love the gas mileage and the ease of how it drives. I dislike how spartan my model is, and that it does not have a moonroof and an automatic raising liftgate.

- Lenwood H

It has been a very reliable vehicle and gets terrific mileage.

I love the hybrid aspect. It allows me the benefit of great mileage. I also enjoy being able to put the back seats down, for the purpose of hauling items.

- Darla M

Great gas mileage. Even under adverse conditions (heavily loaded) mileage exceeds 40 mpg.

Great technology but interior design is not good. There is fabric in areas that should be vinyl to keep it clean. Layout of interior is not optimal.

- Tom S

If you are mostly interested in good gas mileage and better for environment being a hybrid, good choice.

Love the gas mileage I get and the space. Wish it had little better pick up going up hilly roads but understand that would affect gas mileage more.

- Mary G

Love this car, except for the blind spots.

It is a pleasure to drive. Has great mileage. Adaptable for transporting large loads, as good as my minivan. Only problem is bad blind spots.

- Amy R

2013 Toyota Prius v5 is the perfect family workhorse that puts money in your pocket instead of your gas tank.

120k miles no issues at all. Drives well, love it overall. I have done regular oil changes and tires but no mechanical issues at all.

- Shea S

when the battery fails it can be very expensive

i like the efficiency and the hatchback access. it's a good size for travel and moving. picking up speed is a little slow.

- nat G

Prius v rides like a dream.

Very reliable. Low riding so sometimes undercarriage can hit snags. Great fuel mileage. Smooth ride, really comfortable.

- Cheyenne T

Great gas mileage, plenty of room.

Great gas mileage, lots of storage, comfortable to drive, easy to maintain, great safety features, good visibility.

- Sue M

Low maintenance vehicle overall.

Reliable, great mileage, backseat is not comfortable for grown children and adults, blind spot on drivers side.

- Dianne W

My vehicle is not great on gas.

It is very cheap to operate with 43 average mpg. It looks good, with good lines. It has a lot of storage space.

- Gloria G

That It saves us so much money on gas. It gets great mileage,

I like the mileage we get from the Prius. I like that it is a dependable car. I like that it room for baggage.

- Margie C

Low fuel cost and economy car.

Like is low fuel cost because of hybrid. Then dislike are low power and heavy weight because of hybrid.

- Hide U

Toyota Prius looks great and saves money at the gas pump.

I love the gas mileage. We enjoy the roominess of the back for carrying stuff. The car handles well.

- Ann C

The Prius is very gas efficient

I really enjoy most of my car. It is small and compact and it can pretty much fit in any parking spot.

- Daisy H

it is a Hybrid,and gets excellent mileage per gallon

good mileage, easy to drive,comfortable to ride in, lots of room for cargo, easy to get in and out of

- Nancy K

Exceptional gas mileage, very quiet, overall nice drive

Like how quiet it is. I like the gas mileage. I like the navigation system. There are no complaints

- Brenda P

I should know the average life expectancy of the motor and battery.

I like the spacious cabin and the improved media controls. I dislike the mitigation of energy usage.

- Victor C

great MPG combined with plenty of space and comfort

Great Gas mileage, good room for luggage, comfortable, nice sound system, good looking.

- ann s

Hybrid save gas and it helps lower carbon footprint for the environment.

Great on gas mileage. Doing my part to help environment. Car is roomy for my family.

- John B

the mileage per gallon should get more

it rides well.,I'm should get around 40 miles to a gal I only get around about 25

- james n

My Prius V is just right for my driving needs. I can put as much gear in it when I am traveling as I want. It is great for shopping trips. It has very good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

Prius V is a wonderful family car with lots of room and great gas mileage.

- Beth P

The fuel economy is a wonderful addition to our cars.

I love the fuel economy, and adequate space. The power could be higher.

- DeAnn R

The gas mileage is wonderful. I routinely get 50 miles to the gallon.

I love the mileage and the reliability. No complaints

- Ida C

Awesome and reliable car. Awesome and reliable car.Awesome and reliable car. Awesome and reliable car.

Awesome and reliable car. Awesome and reliable car.

- Marcia O

It's safety features are very important

no complaints fuel economy is exceptional

- grant S