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The Best Vehicle in Town!

I love my Toyota Prius-V. I have owned the Prius-v for about a year and a half and prior to this one I had a 2006 Toyota Prius for five years. They drive beautifully. Are very reliable. And the amount I save on gas is amazing. I like how roomy the car is and how it feels like a small SUV. I am only 5 foot tall and find it perfect for my height. My fiance complains a little of the legroom space when he is driving but he is just over 6 feet tall. If my Prius ever requires servicing the Toyota dealerships I have been to have all been wonderful and very helpful. I have not experienced any issues with my car and it still has a wonderful resale value if I ever decide to upgrade to a newer model. I most likely will hold onto this vehicle for as long as possible as Toyota stopped making the Prius-V. I hope that they can come out with this model in future years as they will have me as a customer for life.

- Sarah M

Pros and Cons of Owning and Driving Prius V

Like the gas mileage and reliability, however find it difficult to see out of the rear and side rear, either when backing up or changing lanes. This is even though I am using the backup camera which in this model is not very clear. Also, when the car is put into reverse, a dinging sound goes off INSIDE THE.CABIN, which makes impossible to hear if someone outside the car is honking, like a warning honk to stop backing up, or if a pedestrian would be trying to yell to warn you they are there. The combination of these two factors makes this vehicle potentially deadly, so beware. The dealer claims the cabin ding cannot be disabled.

- Char K

Fuel efficient and smooth.

I love my car. Sometimes connecting via Bluetooth to my phone takes a long time and it gets stuck on a loading screen. The emergency brake is in a weird spot and I have accidentally hit it a few times while driving. Other than those two things, the car is smooth, reliable and fuel efficient. I went from spending over $160 a month on gas to about $60-80 depending on how often I travel/use it outside of my husband’s work trips and trips to the grocery store.

- Andrea T

Comfortable. Great gas mileage. Nice power. A lot of cargo space.

Love the gas mileage. I think for a hybrid it is got good power. Interior is very comfortable and I am 5 10. A lot of cargo room. Have packed the car full and still have room for passengers. My one issue it that the weather strips on the top of the car keep coming off. The dealership said I should hand wash it but who heard of a car that fell apart when you go through a car wash.

- Joyce M

Prius-v: efficient, quiet, and roomy.

One of the biggest selling points for me was the miles per gallon-very efficient! I love that it switches to electric and hardly uses any gas. It is very quiet, which I love! It rides nice and has plenty of space. The back seats fold down, allowing me to haul things for my art business. I have heard good things about Toyota's. This is my first one and I am very happy with it.

- Andrea F

Great Commuting Car, good quiet ride

The Toyota Prius-V runs great, is super quiet and gets great mileage. We use it for kid logistics and commuting. The leather package is great for kids as the back seats don't get gunked up with all the kids dirt in the backseat. The only downside to this car is the backup camera. We'd prefer on that turned along with the steering wheel but can always add/upgrade aftermarket

- Foo B

My silver Prius v, she's hot!

My Prius v is such a cool car once you get used to not hearing the engine all the time! Being a hybrid, the car averages 40 mi/gal. Excellent mostly city driving, but do not be fooled, this car takes the mountains like a race car! I love this car and I am hoping it will be with me until I leave this world! I haven't had not one problem, not one! You'll love it!

- Angela V

All in all, buying my Toyota Prius-v is the best decision I have ever made.

My Prius-v is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. The ride is smooth and quiet, especially driving in eco mode and the engine shuts off. It comfortably fits five people and the back seats recline as well as the front. Temperature control allows you to stay comfortable and hands free calling as well as steering wheel controls promote safety.

- Denise J

The best factor about this vehicle would have to be the gas mileage.

I really love the Prius V. It gets roughly 47 miles to the gallon of gas so it's very efficient on gas mileage. The interior is extremely comfortable, with soft seating and the seats in the back have the ability to be folded down for lots of space. The only complaint I would have would be the dashboard being at an odd angle.

- Angeline P

Reliability while driving the Prius cross country.

I have had no reliability or mechanical issues. I actually jumped my buddies truck after we were both out of town for a couple of weeks. I also drove it from Southern California, to Michigan, then Virginia in the winter, in less than a month, and everything went very smoothly. It has handled well in rain and snow.

- Jonathan G

Excellent gas mileage in a car that will comfortably seat 4-5 adults.

Excellent gas mileage with room for 5 and good luggage space and is a comfortable highway car. With 66k miles we have had no repairs other than suggested maintenance. Will cruise at 75 mph easily and is good in crosswinds. As I am 6'2" and my wife is barely 5' it easily accommodates us both comfortably.

- Phil W

Prius v is an excellent car.

Prius v is a comfortable ride and great mileage. It is also big enough to transport large items. We have not had any serious issues in over five years and have enjoyed owning this car. It is also an attractive car and have gotten many compliments on it. We would 100 percent recommend this car.

- Jack H

The 3rd Prius I've owned and still lovin it.

very reliable! This is my 3rd Prius and I love it. I do miss a few features I had in my old one., and I find the navigation system to be unnecessarily difficult to use, so my phone has taken over that job. Love the MPG's and it's the perfect size for my active family of four.

- Meghan J

Handicap accessible auto car.

It suits my needs as a disabled person--room for folded wheelchair. Really economical after 20 years of a minivan. Does not have auto headlights. Could use a little more power the climbing 6% upgrade. Does not tow. . Would rather have a dark past job--to be seen in fog,

- Linda A

Prius v is a great car!! It is sporty yet has cargo space.

Prius v is a reliable sporty car. Great on gas mileage and has the interior of a luxury car. We have had no issues with the car, just basic maintenance as needed. This car is great on long trips. There is plenty of cargo room and secret compartments for storage.

- Michelle M

The college mom's favorite vehicle - the Prius v.

The Prius v gets great gas mileage. It has spacious trunk space so you can bring home a piece of furniture or pack your child up for college. The reclining rear seats make a long drive more comfortable. It is quiet and has a lot of pick up when accelerating.

- Jean C

Gas mileage really is great, especially for the interior capacity.

Roomier than you'd expect, especially the backseat and cargo area. I have two large dogs that fit easily in the cargo area. Handles well and has more pick-up than most people expect from a hybrid. My mileage over 4 years of ownership is 44. 6 miles/gallon.

- Charity R

The best car I've ever owned! Low maintenance and fuel costs!

Lots of room, great gas mileage, low maintenance costs, comfortable to drive and ride in. The only problem I've had is the tire air pressure gauge lights up when it has rained or is very damp out. The light goes out once the car dries out and warms up

- Beth H

Hybrid technology provides great gas mileage.

I like the great gas mileage. I like the extra space the V provides. Feels more roomy than most sedans and not so low to the ground. However, it doesn't ride as smoothly as our other vehicle. And the hatchback area needs better lighting.

- Ann B

The amount of space inside the vehicle is depeptive from the outside, with lots of legroom in the back seat.

I love the gas milage and the roomy interior. We went on an 800 mile road trip with four adults and luggage recently and only had to fill up the gas tank once while on the road. I don't have any complaints.

- Kristine P

It gets 40 plus miles per gallon and is very reliable and stylish.

I like that it's a hybrid and gets good gas mileage. It is small but big enough for five adults to ride in it. Because it's a hatchback, there's a lot of storage and I like the built in navigation.

- Sandy G

It gets excellent gas mileage compared to vehicles that are not hybrids.

I like that my vehicle gets excellent gas mileage. It also has enough room for me to drive around my 3 children. The trunk gives me enough room to put items needed for outings with children.

- Pamela s

it's a perfect car for anyone who enjoys saving money, helping the environment, driving something with ease and fun and likes anything cute and peppy.

It gets amazing gas mileage that saves me money. It drives like a regular car even though it is a hybrid. It has tons of room inside the car while still being quite small on the outside.

- vic s

The gas lasts long time and the price is good to refill it

We love our car especially when we go on long vacations because the gas is good. The only thing is the trunk I wish was a little bigger to fit the big stroller we have with our luggage.

- Ysabel Y

Very fuel efficient and solidly built. Definitely one of the most dependable vehicles I have owned.

I really like that I am getting 42.6 mpg over the 4 years that I have owned the car. The car is very comfortable, very solidly built and very dependable. Quite affordable and steady.

- Walter H

The must buy Toyota! Fun for everyone.

I love the great gas mileage that I get. My Prius is super quiet and has a peppy acceleration. It also comes with curtain airbags to keep my family safe. I would buy another Prius.

- Laura P

Overall performance, manufacturer reputation, and reliability

Like - fuel economy, performance, comfort, Toyota responsiveness to defective equipment despite out of warranty Dislike - in dash navigation awkward to user and not user friendly

- Phil J

Great gas mileage, but not a family car. Not enough room in back seat to have car seats. But if you are a small family, the gas mileage is a definite pro in this car.

Love the gas mile. 350 -400 miles per tank. But not enough room in back seat. My son has a hard time getting in and out of car seat. Wished the USB port charged better.

- Tamara A

The Prius is a car that gives good mileage. .

My 2nd Toyota Prius pleases me in all ways but one. My first Prius was bright red but this Prius is black and for this reason alone I do not like it nearly as much.

- Karen W

This car has a cool interior and is a nice drive

The first thing that attracted me was the comfortable interior: it is quite spacious. Also a nice drive: takes minimal time to accelerate and switch between gears.

- Olivia K

Comfortable for 4 adults and 40+ mpg.

Fuel economy, room for 4 passenger s plus luggage, ability to cruise at 75-80 mph with 40 mpg, comfortable seating, quality leather seats, excellent sound system.

- Philip W

Gas mileage is great and you'll have to do minimal maintenance to the vehicle.

Car gets about 50 miles per gallon year round and I have had to do minimal maintenance. Also went on family camping trip with 4 people and had plenty of space.

- Shane L

It is a very mechanically sound car that does not make a lot of sound.

I like the mpg. Storage space, hatchback, reclining folding rear seat are all nice. Bluetooth radio and it rides very quiet. It is easy to get in and out of.

- Gregory S

The manner in which you drive matters when it comes to fuel efficiency.

I like my Toyota Prius-V. It's spacious, saves me money on fuel amd trips to the gas station, and it's perfect for driving around town and on highways.

- Mindy H

You can't hear the outside. A very quiet car.

This car has got me everywhere. Very reliable, not many problems at all if any. It's also a very quiet car, with a great stereo. Good quality car.

- Amber S

I really do not know, other than they need to know how to use a clutch.

The fact that it gets great gas mileage, has a large trunk, is quiet, and rides smooth are all great. There us nothing u do not like about it.

- Julie K

The back seat is far larger than most expect, with ample head and leg room for taller folks.

Very quiet engine, and very smooth an reliable operation. An ideal car for urban commuting with great flexible storage and passenger space.

- Steve K

I forgot to mention that it also has a pretty good sound system and gets GREAT gas mileage since it is a hybrid.

Great small car with superb gas mileage. It's somewhat uncomfortable as the seats do not fit my back and I am always stiff when I get out.

- annis h

That the alternator is possibly going bad.

I like everything about my car... I mean it be better if it had a sunroof.. But it gets me from point a to b that's all that matters.

- Susan S

My car is environment friendly.

I like that my car is energy-efficient and saves me money on gas. I dislike how there are not many mechanics who can work on hybrids.

- Dominique M

Great gas mileage and gains more speed than you would think.

It is reliable, great mileage. Gains good speed, compact, and affordable. Low riding and a little prone to damage in the under side.

- Cheyenne R

Comfortable, plenty of room for transporting groceries etc. Great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, handles well, minimal problems. Needs more foot room in the front. Blind spots when looking for traffic.

- Cissy H

Tons of space for big families.

Like - fuel economy, handling, performance, comfort. Dislike - in-dash navigation system, awkward and not user friendly.

- Philip J

It drives like you are on a cloud

The car drives very smooth. The gas miles is very good. It is a good to and from work car. The seats sit very good

- Anna K

It's a hybrid an better for our environment.

It is roomy and it gets great gas mileage. We save a lot on our monthly gas bill. Also good for the environment.

- Melissa M

This car is incredibly spacious, comfortable and easy to drive.

I love the space. It's still compact and easy to park. It's a hybrid so great gas mileage. Very comfortable.

- Toni S

The mileage and it's fuel efficiency. It gets 50 mpg

Very reliable and trusting. Great gas mileage. Travels extremely smoothly and comfortable. I love it

- Isaac G

It gets great gas mileage. Plenty of room inside for comfort.

We love the gas mileage. There is plenty of room inside and it is easy to get in and out of.

- Sandra H

Fantastic value saving time and money avoiding gas stations

Love the roominess. Great gas mileage for long distance travel. Comfortable seats.

- Linda V

It is an amazing all around economical car

It has great gas mileage and plenty of space for anything we need to use it for.

- Jordan L

It is smooth riding on the road. And the on the highway it picks up speed. The car is nice when you have option of buying gps and installing on it.

I like the gas saver. I dislike there is no pickup for this car.

- Lee C

Small, safe and fun to drive.

- Margaret D