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Awesome car. Lots of room. Very quiet ride. Easy start and park.

Love my Prius. This is my second Prius that I own. I love the Prius v for the room that we have in the vehicle. The back seats not only fold forward they also recline back. The back seat also moves back and forth. Plenty of storage in the car. The vehicle is very quiet when on. Most of the time you forget that it was turned on. The push to start is also very convenient. However, I am still not used to the neutral gear. Because the gear shifts are different then the standard it is hard to get it to neutral. Wish it was a button like it has for start and parking. Overall I love the car.

- Michelle F

It gets great gas mileage!

I love the fact that it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage, but also has a great range. It is my second Prius, and I like the roominess of the V over the Prius. I dislike it's GPS compared to the last one, as there is no quick way to return to your position on the map without going back to apps and hitting navigation again. In my old Prius, you just hit one button and were back.

- Serena S

I am saving so much money on gas! My Prius has such great gas mileage and I am getting at least 40 miles to the gallon. This saves me so much money especially because I am driving constantly. $20 to fill up my tank? Yes please!

I love the leather interior on the inside, I love how roomy it is, I feel comfortable giving rides to my friends children and I am saving so much money on gas. It's a beautiful car but it's also incredibly functional and it comes with all the latest technology including rearview cameras and Bluetooth. The only thing that I don't like is it does not have a lot of pick up and go.

- Lauren R

The Prius is a joy to drive.

My Prius is a joy to drive. I chose it mainly for the excellent gas mileage. But in 3 year, I have never had any problems with it. Very reliable. 700 miles on one fill up. One thing I do not care for is that it does not have 4 wheel drive. Also, it is very ‘tinny’ the doors seem to be very thin. I am nervous that if I get into an accident, the car will not protect me.

- Victoria G

The pros and cons of owning a Prius.

It takes a while for the car to get cool. The back window is not wide enough, its loud, good on gas. However it all depends how the person drives. If you drive below 40 mph it gives good mileage however if you drive above 40mph it does not give you good mileage. The radio needs better speakers. The car is roomy plus great for parking in small spots.

- Rm R

Space age transit in a Prius.

Driving a hybrid car is amazing! I love not having to think about gas. This car also has a lot of good tech- backup camera, Bluetooth and USB connectivity and tons of storage room. If you really love driving powerful cars, this is not the car for you. It is more like a spaceship than a car with push to start and other features.

- Kelly B

Great family car for anyone especially for long trips.

Very comfortable, reliable, great gas mileage, smooth drive, safe, children safe, great with turns, backup camera, and great car. I would recommend this car to anyone especially someone who travels a lot and city driving. I travel 30 minutes to and from work and only have to fill up once a week. It has a 16 gallon tank.

- Hannah R

Practical and enjoyable buy.

Drives really easy and gets great gas mileage, pretty color, very quiet and easily accessible, nice size, not too big but still has a lot of storage. Nice Bluetooth and heated leather seats, air conditioning and heating is great and cools down/heats up fast, very low maintenance as long as you take good care of it.

- Amy C

Great value - awesome car!

My car is very reliable and performs well. I love the great gas mileage and how spacious it is. It is a great car for our family and we plan to have it for a long time. I wish the sound system was better and the back up camera can be a little wonky. Those dislikes are manageable however.

- Erin S

awesome fuel efficiency! My car may not look cool but it can kick butt in gas savings.

It's my first hybrid vehicle and I love it for its fuel efficiency. I used to drive a gas guzzler and I love that I can get 325+ miles now on a single tank of gas. I also enjoy the hatchback trunk. Very few complaints, main one mainly being slower acceleration on highways.

- jenny o

Everything but Speed: A Prius V

The car is quite nice- It's relatively quiet, the speakers are high-quality, the fuel economy is that of a hybrid so it's very high, and the seats are workable and cause no problems. The only problem is the horsepower, but I'm not quite looking for acceleration.

- Minqiu Y

My Toyota Prius-v experience.

My Toyota Prius-v is by far the best car that I have ever owned. It is very reliable and comfortable! The amount of room in the interior is unbelievable. Also, gas money is hardly ever a problem for me. To fill the gas tank from empty to full is about $29 USD.

- Alexander P

Love our sporty, red Prius v.

Our Prius is a fun car that is reliable, comfortable even on long trips. It gets wonderful gas mileage and has plenty of room when we travel or shop and need cargo space for packages. I love the fact the seats fold down to actually turn each seat into a bed.

- Cheryl K

it's easy ingress and egress makes car nice for people with minor mobility issues. hatchback lifts and closes easily.

i enjoy exploring alternative propulsion with the hybrid. a bit disappointed that the sun visors don't slide toward the rear when pivoted to cover the driver's side window. very comfortable car with easy rear access hatchback.

- Gail B

Great on gas mileage. Gets at least 400 miles on a tank of gas.

I love the roominess of the vehicle and that it can accommodate large adults in both front and back seats. A lot of cargo space for transporting. I dislike the bugs in the onscreen display which turns off in excessive heat.

- Dawn B

It is very quiet and quite large on the inside.

Economy, comfort, size. It is quiet, easy to drive. There were not very many to choose from and I had to go out of state to buy this one. Wish it had more options.

- Emily Y

Affordable would be great.

Great gas-mileage. Roomy interior. Great on multiple types of trips - long and short. Foldable seats for additional room. Would like a little better sound system.

- Jason W

It does not use much gasoline.

No complaints. It is economical, comfortable and easy to drive. It is a step above the basic model and I do appreciate the extras included with the car.

- George D

The mileage per gallon is amazing.

The mileage per gallon is amazing and it is very trustworthy. I love the interior and exterior. The colors are beautiful but I need a bigger car.

- Isaac G

It's good for families, more space than expected.

I love that it is energy efficient. Plenty of room for a family of four. I prefer it to my husband's Highlander. The Prius is fun to drive.

- Amy D

The gas mileage is AMAZING! It costs about $25 to fill it up and that gets me about 400 miles per gallon.

I love the gas mileage and it only costs $25 to fill it up. I don't like going up hills in it because it feels like it's struggling.

- Marian E

It has the cargo capacity of a small suv with great MPG

Best Prius model in cargo and passenger capacity, but horrible Navigation and entreatment system, and I have the higher end model


Prius V is a very reliable and economical car. Good for long trips. Uses less gas especially in the city when traffic slows down.

I love the gas mileage. It's spacious enough for a family of four. Very reliable for 3 years I have not had any major issue.


No mechanical issues. Also, has amazing gas mileage, but not as good as advertised. We get about 41 MPG

My only complaint is the cross bar is set so it is difficult to see oncoming traffic from the right at intersections

- Andi L

It is smooth and dependable.

It gets me from point a to b and back to a, it does what it is supposed to do, but it is not big enough.

- Mac M

Good mileage from hybrid engine that makes 40 plus mph.

I like the mileage the hybrid engine makes possible. The storage space is generous. I like the comfort.

- Daniel S

Gets between 40 and 44 miles to a gallon of gasoline.

Great gas mileage. Fun to drive. Quite a bit of storage space and good people space.

- Helen M

45 highway miles per gallon.

Mileage is great. Feel eco friendly. Confident in maintenance schedule.

- Bob T

Great gas mileage even in town.

It gets good gas mileage. It is quiet It handles great. It looks good

- Nancy B

Good on gas. Will prolly keep driving car

Hybrid. Like it. Will prolly buy again. Looking for 2019

- Amber V

The fuel efficiency of this car is it best selling point.

I like it's fuel efficiency. It's a very Comfortable car

- Ray G

great mileage and it rides smooth and has great pick up

mileage we like comfort of seats need to be better

- paul L