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Great gas mileage if you drive a little more conservative.

We have a toyota prius v. We used to have the regular prius but when we had a second kid decided we needed something larger. In general we love the car there are things I'd change though. The headlights are not automatic like our last car and if you keep the headlights on there is a loud beep when you exit the car... this has woken up a baby on numerous occasions. The gas mileage while still great is nowhere as good as the standard prius which really doesn't make much sense considering while it is larger It's not that much bigger we oftentimes wish we would have kept our original car and maybe just got different car seats. it cant tow and can't fit sheet goods in the back not that It's not log enough or even wide enough but the doorway is 4 inches to short... and there is no roof rack so cant put it up top. but with all of those things we still like it It's fast fairly compact gets good gas mileage and at least It's not a stupid van or large suv.

- Jonathon W

Should you buy a Toyota Prius.

Great car for gas mileage and that is why I intentionally bought it for. Have driven in rain, ice, snow and drives great. Has a great stereo in it. The disadvantages of owning a Prius is at times I think it is all plastic. Also, I think it sits way too low and close. To the ground. Seems like it is made of plastic. It is a very reliable and dependable car. It sits way to close to the ground.

- Christy L

The Prius V is a roomy, well designed vehicle that gets great gas mileage.e

I love my Prius V. It gets wonderful gas mileage, averaging around 45-50 miles per gallon. It's roomy, with lots of legroom both in the front and in the back seat. The truck has enough space for 2 sets of golf clubs, which is ideal. The backup camera is an added safety feature that I use every day, as well as the lane assist, which lets me know when I stray outside of the lane. Great car.


Cute, not expensive, great mileage Prius.

Our Prius basically has no problems, my husband is good getting the best mileage when driving in the highway, not so much in the city. A little squeaky brakes when raining, it is noisy since the floor is near to the road and there is not much of luxury in it, very economically dressed. But ours has a sunroof and good enough features like electric windows, child proof doors, etc.

- Rosa C

2016 Toyota Prius v five model.

No issues at this time with my 2016 Prius v five. My vehicle is over three years old and my family and I love it. My 2016 Prius v five is quite versatile for my family of four. We have taken numerous road trips and the ride was very smooth. We love this vehicle so much and wish that Toyota continued to make this model in their line up of vehicles.

- Khris S

Good mpg, comfortable, and reliable.

The Prius is a very comfortable driving experience. It has very high gas mileage, only needing to be refueled occasionally. It has enough features to be modern without being overwhelming and the interior is very pleasant to drive in. I drive it regularly and it always provides a relaxing and reassuring driving experience.

- Quinlan M

Comfortable and good looking Prius v.

My Toyota Prius v gets about 45 miles to the gallon around town. It does a bit better on the highway depending on the speed that I go. It handles very well in all type of weather including snow and very heavy rain the seats are comfortable and roomy-great for long road trips. Plenty of storage in the back for luggage.

- Denise T

The storage space in the hatchback/trunk space is my favorite feature.

It is a hybrid, extremely quiet, roomy enough for 5 adults and quite a bit of storage in the back. I drive mostly in the suburban areas. I get great mileage and benefit from the hybrid engine, I average about 48 miles per gallon of gas typically, increasing up to 54 on highway driving while using cruise control.

- Emily Y

It already has the navigation on it.

I like that I feel very safe in my car. It had two sensors one in the front and the other in the back. It has a slot to charge my Samsung. It very good with gas right now that the gas prices are high. It's very economical! I do not have any dislike to my car I love it!!

- Bernice R

It's a hybrid vehicle, so it runs partly on gas and partly on a battery. This way, you don't have to fill up gas as often, so you end up paying less for gas.

It's very easy and comfortable to drive, and it's always so much fun to drive it too. I can easily hook up my phone to the car's bluetooth to play music too. It's also very fuel efficient as it is a hybrid car, so I pay much less for gas.

- Sisilia S

Great stealth car. Almost no one notices a grey prius.

Handles really well. My only complaint is the road noise. Long car trips usually give me a headache because of how loud the road noise is. A change of tires helped, but it still needs some sound proofing.

- Kathy F

The gas efficiency is worth the trade off of other luxury options.

Love the space and mileage per gallon. Dislike the inside noise and more basic inside. There aren't many luxury options - heated seats, heated mirrors, self dimming mirror, blind spot detection, etc

- Claudia S

Comfortable and fuel efficient!

The fuel efficiency is fantastic; it handles well, and has a surprising amount of space for a compact car. It is comfortable for long road trips and easy to parallel park.

- Emily R

It is comfortable and I love all the space it has. the get up and go is great

I love the fact that if you are a passenger in the back seat you can recline the chair. I love the get up and go it has while driving. trunk has space for all of my junk

- kari m

How great is is on gas. I feel like I drive a long time between fill ups

Love the gas mileage. I also really like the cargo space. With the passenger seats down, I can fit a lot in. Feels much bigger when driving than it actually is.


Versatility of the Toyota Prius V is awesome and hope that Toyota will manufacture a similar model since they discontinued the Prius V.

Great MPG for a wagon. Comfortable and smooth to drive. Impressive safety technology. Roomy vehicle. I wish Toyota did not discontinue the Prius V lineup.

- Cindy L

Great gas mileage that you can reasonably manage

I like the gas mileage of my car. It is reasonably comfortable to drive. The entertainment system does not always interact consistently with my phone.

- Jason R

It's a reliable and comfortable ride and economical.

It has a smooth ride. It gets great gas mileage. The in console touch screen system isn't great. It's not the most exciting to look at.

- Lukas K

It is reliable and great for off roading.

Love the gas mileage, the speed and the reliability; I would like for it to be less expensive and for the dealer to have better service.

- Wanda B

Great car for a not to crazy price, save money and the environment

Like the size and speed considering that It's an electric car. Saves me a ton on gas. And the interior cabin is really sleek and fun

- Dwinsley W

Best mileage and environmental car, so much happening

What is the deal that I have to do this weird question. It is a difficult situation that is not the best place for the answer.

- Jane H

That is it a good ride and they should definitely consider looking into it.

I never have any problems with it. The gas mileage is good and it drives smoothly. It can fit enough people comfortably.

- Bridget A

It very good to put stuff in and there will still be room for people to sit in.

Gas mileage is great cannot be beat.. Comfort is good for my needs.. Size just what I need.. No trouble at all.

- Lulu S

It is really good I really like it except the a/c is not the best.

don't really have any but the a/c is not the beast but it is okay Its not that bad but I like my car.

- Maryam A

the most important about my vehicle that I should is its fuel level.

I love this vehicle.it is an hybrid car.i used to go to my college and vice versa.

- waqas a

Love the fuel efficiency and the size - it's surprisingly big! My main dislike would be the fact that there are vents in the floor that, if they become clogged, cost $400 each to replace. Not good for people with children who make a mess.

Others should know that they will save a ton on gas with this hybrid vehicle

- Jamie S

I like the gas mileage. I like the storage and head room. I dislike that it sometimes is not powerful enough and that it does not have enough cup holders.

It saves money because it gets good gas mileage and has excellent storage.

- Marilyn J

The very high fuel efficiency and how quiet it drives

Love the fuel efficiency and size, audio system is a bit difficult to use

- Oliver K

The car is very nice and works for driving to and from school. I only have to make a short drive to and from campus. I would just prefer to have a newer car.

The car is good for the environment and it has good gas mileage.

- Allie M

Gas mileage is Great. It doesn't use much fuel at all

Family car. Great gas mirage. Easy parking. Easy driving

- Brianne S

Eco mode, gas saving, better than I expected, it that I've own 3 in 12 years

Saves a lot in gas, roomy, and fun. It proves it worth.

- venetha B

Overall, the Toyota Prius V is a great car. A more spacious option in comparison to other Prius models without being overly large. It drives smoothly and is also very fuel efficient.

Affordable hybrid option that offers comfort and ease

- Eunice L

I love the space in the backseat and trunk. It fits 3 adults or 2 large car seats comfortable. I have the reverse beep and the headlights and dash lights are not automatic. It has great speakers and drives well. The gas mileage could be better.

It has decent gas mileage for the size of the car.

- Rachel S