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Excellent Gas Mileage with A Comfortable Ride and Roomy Interior.

My husband and I love our Prius V. It has a hybrid engine, so we have been getting excellent gas mileage, averaging 40 miles per gallon. We only visit a gas station every two weeks. The car itself is extremely roomy, we can easily sit five people and haul everything on weekly grocery runs. And the seats themselves are very comfortable, made with memory foam. We are very happy with this vehicle, the only thing we do not like is the black interior color, it shows all the dirt and dust.

- Deana F

I love my Prius so much I gave her a name.

I love my Prius. It gets about 55 miles per gallon and I can go about 500 miles before filling up. For me this means about once a month, a huge savings on gas. My Prius is comfortable for long drives and around town. It has great storage capacity and the ability to fold down the back seat to make room for even more space.

- Rachel H

A Prius is great. My Prius keeps me safe.

My Prius gets great mileage. It is around 45 mpg. I like it because it warns me if someone is in my blind spot, if someone or something is in back of my car or if someone is about to come up to me as I back my car up. It has windshield wipers that turn on automatically when it starts to rain. It has a good radio.

- Linda R

I really appreciate the large amount of storage in the trunk.

It is very reliable, comfortable, and fits the entire family plus has large storage space in the trunk. It easily fits a family of four and luggage for vacation trips. It also is used regularly for trips to work and school, and errands like grocery shopping and trips to the doctor's office.

- James R

Easy to drive and comfortable.

Getting text messages is easy. I like the quick messages options. It was a bit tricky to set up Bluetooth to access my phone for Spotify. Seating is positioned so everyone gets a good view. Wish the passenger seat could go back 5-7 more inches. Love the features of keyless entry.

- Elle B

Prius review after nearly two years.

The Prius has been an amazing vehicle. Gas mileage that meets or exceeds the advertised gas mileage. I have had tanks that were as high as 47 mpg. It has also handles surprisingly well on snow and ice on trip to my local ski area. It has been 100 percent reliable so is so far.

- Chris M

A great car and it does not need too much gas.

My car is fairly new, we bought it in February 2017, and it currently has 30k miles. Up to now, I have had no issues with my car. It runs very smoothly. The mpg is great. Even with gas prices being so high, I still feel like I do not spend too much because it is a hybrid.

- Claudia S

Love the cargo room and gas mileage.

Overall like the car, but not the best in wet roads or snowy, icy conditions. Now to be fair I had a highlander before this car which was a tank. Great gas mileage. Interior not a luxury feel. Does have a comfortable ride. Great space in back for cargo. So far reliable.

- Joan S

Great car. Great value. Great fuel savings.

There's nothing like a Prius. Our 2017 is our 5th Prius. Never any maintenance issues. Reliable and economically to operate. Toyota is a very reliable transportation vehicle. If I were in the market to purchase another car I'd be purchasing another vehicle.

- Glenda S

2017 Toyota Prius - nice little car that looks futuristic!

Great small car with many bells and whistles. Start quiet and runs like a charm. Plenty of reserve power for hills and passing. Turns off when you stop at lights or for stop signs. Am getting 42 mpg overall at present - not what is currently advertised.

- Thomas J

Gas mileage is better than expected.

Hard to connect Bluetooth devices to car Audio. Cannot open the hatch until I open the drivers door and manually unlock the locks. Get good gas mileage. The visors are too narrow to block glare from sun. I like the cover for cargo.

- Ellen B

Toyota Prius V: my take on it

My car has really great mileage, and I love the backup camera. I dislike the fact that the seats are not automatic to adjust and they don't have an easy way to add a bicycle rack.

- Christina H

Roomy little car with great gas mileage

It has plenty of cargo space, and gets excellent gas mileage. It has been very reliable. Handling is good. Comfort is decent, but could be better, especially on road trips.

- Timothy M

Great gas mileage and roomy cargo space.

I have had no problems with car thus far, but only about 15, 000 miles on car. Excellent gas mileage and excellent cargo space. Interior not very plush, but is comfortable.

- Susan R

Fine car good on gas and gets great mileage.

None accept paying for subscription for Toyota connect safety it should be automatic on purchase. It basically is a good car. Toyota should have a package at purchased.

- Philip K

Gets around 50 mpg on average, even though the sticker claims only 43 mpg max.

Like fuel efficiency, size, color, dependability; can use it for car camping, comfortable; can carry a lot in it; backup camera is great. Dislike-too big.

- Thomas H

It's a family size car but still is half gas and half electric.

I love that the vehicle is a hybrid. I would love if it plugged in but we haven't made that in the medium size yet. I like the larger trunk.

- Sally M

Reliable and easy to handle.

Reliable, economical, and easy to drive. Especially appreciate safety features: collision avoidance, backup camera, and lane departure.

- Joan R

You will save a ton on gas

It has fantastic gas mileage, so I save money. It has a ton of room for all my trips to Costco and It's very safe and reliable.

- Carrie D

Great gas mileage with small tank size.

100% dependability, excellent gas mileage, easy to own and operate. Dealer service is pretty good. Plenty of power when needs.

- Richard M

Toyota Prius V wagon comfort

rides good, comfortable to ride in, drives great, has great gps, have had no problems in the 4 months we have owned it

- Linda K

Great gas mileage! I love it. Has more room than anyone would think.

I love the mileage that it gets. I like that it's bigger than my prior vehicle. It is very comfortable.

- Jodi G

The car is fantastic with the way it saves on gas.

the ride is comfortable but the best is the saving on the amount of gas needed to run this car

- ann g

Hybrid power is awesome. Great take off. Not sluggish but great gas saver.

I love the room yet compact. The hazard sensors. The comfort and definitely the gas mileage.

- Diana W

The Prius V is great-looking and gets very good gas mileage.

The gas mileage is very good. The car is comfortable. It is very easy for me to get into.

- Steven u




It is a great family car with lots of room. It is efficient and safe.

I love the fuel efficiency but it still have power and is a great size for a family.

- Renee P

the one most important thing other should know about my car is the color since it's my one and only favorite color

no complaints. i love the color the most. it is fuel efficient and very roomy

- amy k

It's spacious and it consumes way less gas than any other cars

Love everything, this is the ultimate car!! The future is here!

- Jose A