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Oldie but a Goodie: First Gen Prius Still Kicking

A solid if unremarkable car. Everything it does, it does well. Not a lot of get up and go, but for someone like me, who doesn't care much about that, it is not an issue. Air conditioning doesn't run unless the gas engine is running, so that's unfortunate. Though, I think that has been corrected with newer models. Big selling points are the gas mileage and reliability. Mine is 18 years old, has well over 200k miles, gets 40 - 45 mpg, and it's still running great.

- Robert T

It has great gas mileage but the battery cells are expensive to replace

Bad part of the car is that the repairs can be expensive and the battery seems to run out frequently. If something is wrong with the battery it begins to affect things like the air and the radio. The seats are pretty comfortable for my long commute, good on gas. I prefer using this car to go to work since I get more out of the tank of gas.

- Donna T

Great on gas, perfect mileage.

Power steering rack just needed to be replaced, but overall a great car to purchase would be a Prius. Great on gas, perfect mileage, good car for long trips places. Affordable, but not that easy to fix unless you're good with wires and electronics. Car runs very quiet and battery charges when at a stop.

- Shawn R

Toyota Prius review. The best family sedan hybrid.

The Toyota Prius is a very reliable car it comfortably seats 4 people with a spacious trunk. It is a good gas saver with the hybrid option especially on in town driving as well as freeway drive the gas/ electric option goes well for people who need a small reliable vehicle for e everyday use.

- Michelle G

Great on gas.. Runs very well..

Very reliable, saves tons of money on gas. Nice color. Expensive batteries very scary when the! Point goes on. The seats are uncomfortable. But everything else is great.. Not a very big trunk but holds a lot nice back seat. Engine is in the trunk and the batteries are under the back seat..

- Natalie A

It works hard and has lasted a long time. It can get up to 90 mph! The MPG is good (although I had hoped for me from a hybrid).

I love my Prius- it's been faithful but it is getting pretty old and I am starting to think about what's next. The first generation, which is what I have, is the only Prius I've liked the look of. Only downside was having to replace the hybrid battery- $3500!

- Becky M

That it is a hybrid and gets better than average gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like being able to use the electric motor and how it switches seamlessly to using gas when necessary. I like that I haven't had major repairs on the car. It seems like it is lasting reliably. It is a bit small in the interior.

- Noyb N

Good on gas, handles really nice.

I like that it has had only one owner before. I like that it takes both hybrid and gasoline power. I like that it makes good turns. I like that it has a curved windshield to look out. I do not like that the hybrid battery sometimes dies.

- Melinda V

That it is a gas saving car.

I like how it saves on gas. I like how it makes wide turns. I like how I can see out of the windshield, because it is wide. I have one complaint about the hybrid battery and that is because of how long it has to be charged.

- Melinda R

It's not very speedy, and it feels like it's working hard when trying to merge into the freeway.

I love the gas mileage, and the reliability. I don't like how it's outdated and feels old. The clearance is also low so it sometimes scrapes speed bumps.

- Kelly F

The prius gets excellent fuel economy, when gas prices are so high today.

It is great on Gas. Good acceleration. Good heating and Cooling system. I don't like the angle of the window and door makes it hard to see out of.

- Michele S

It is cheap and it looks shabby, but you shouldn't be tricked.

There are not too many problems, but it is not spectacular either. The seats are good, the clutch and handling are good, and it is a good car.

- Jonathan E

Miles per gallon, was over 50 in Arizona, went down to 44 in California.

I love the low gas mileage, and the maneuverability. It is very comfortable and easy to drive, and the ac and heating work well.

- Lauren L

It is a very good economical car that runs very good quite and handles well.

The Prius is a great car runs hood is reliable comfortable to ride in. Picks up speed when you need and handles very well.

- Lynne M

Has great gas mileage and a simple vehicle

My car is not a terrible vehicle. It gets me from point A to Point B just fine, as well as has great gas Mileage.

- Angel H

fuel efficiency is the most important to me. other than that nothing else

there's nothing i don't like about it. maybe just the style? but overall it is doing what it's supposed to

- daniel t

My car does great at saving me money in gas mileage

I love the gas mileage I can receive with my Toyota prius. I have no complaints.

- Kandyce W

It gets good mileage 38.8 mpg and great bumper stickers

Great mileage easy to maintain Has had a few bumps over the years

- Allan S