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Toyota Prius - you will be pleased!

The Toyota Prius is an easy to drive, reliable car. It is very important to keep up with the maintenance, especially as involves the GPS. There is much more room than it first appears in the interior, so traveling is easy. The gas mileage is excellent, and has saved us an enormous extra amount of money. The car wears extremely well. In the back interior of the hatchback, there is a screen you can draw over items in the car, which makes it possible to hide luggage, laptops, etc. without fear of anyone seeing them. The car drives quite well, and takes curves on a mountainous road easily. We have kept our car outdoors, and over the years, the paint has held up quite nicely.

- Leslie H

Great gas mileage! Gets fantastic gas mileage in city, and okay with highway driving.

I am a tall woman, and I don't like that there isn't very much room in this vehicle for me. I have to keep my seat way back, and my knees still hit the steering wheel. Other than that, this car gets great gas mileage, and can do pretty much anything I need it to. One tip, you HAVE to get snow tires for it if you get more than a couple inches of snow. It slides around the road without them, and doesn't have enough get up and go to get past snow berms.

- Hannah W

Great hard working car that does not need gas often.

I love my Prius. I have had it for 16 years and have rarely had issues with it. I went 12 years on the original electric battery. Few things are going bad now but it has been a very reliable car. Plenty of room for passengers and kids. Decent size trunk for the size of the car. When I finally do get another I will for sure get another Prius.

- Kris O

The small yet powerful Toyota Prius.

The car is really good on gas and can take you many places even on the lowest bar. The interior is comfortable despite its compact size. It has a lot of good, usable storage. It is good for any new or young drivers who need a car that is cheap on gas and reliable. This car would not break down I you anywhere random, that is for sure!

- Valentina N

I love this car! 4 out of 5 stars

The seats are very comfortable.It's very good on gas. It is very comfortable for my chocolate lab in the back. It is a great car for the drive ins because it is quiet and you can leave running for the movie. One thing I wish it had was a little more tint on the windows. The sun can be brutal compared to other cars.

- Sheri R

The Toyota Prius is the most efficient car on the market.

Good performance and great gas mileage. The style of it is not to my liking but the efficiency is amazing. There is plenty of storage space for me and the seats in the back drop down if I am moving a lot of stuff. The model I have, even though it is older, still has electronic dashboard and great sound system.

- Justin S

The Prius is safe, reliable, economical and fun to drive!

Hybrids are the wave of the future. They conserve gas and therefore save money for their owners. The car is comfortable and very reliable. If you do regular maintenance the car will provide many miles and years of safe driving. The car is excellent for city use. The car is safe in winter driving.

- Paula C

That we don't go for new and trendy--we keep our cars for years.

Like that it is a hybrid--energy saving and better for the environment. Dislike "hard ride"--I feel every bump which sometimes worsens back pain. Seats are a little too much like a dining chair. Would like for car to be a bit roomier. My standard is my 20+ yr old Subaru Legacy wagon.

- Lee G

Dependable and cost effective means of basic transportation.

My car has been extremely dependable. I have not been the best when it comes to regular maintenance and still my car has needed very little in repairs. I get great gas mileage. My car is not the roomiest vehicle but that is seldom an issue, most of the time I am the only one in it.

- Tara H

Overall a comfortable ride.

We've had a few problems with the stick getting stuck and electronics, but it is 15 years old at this point. However, overall it is a comfortable ride. It is a nice size - not too small, not big. It has a roomy trunk and easy gold down back seats. Overall an enjoyable car.

- Nicole P

It has great safety features.

Very economical. Very safe and runs great. The bad part is, it's made as a hybrid, that almost everything has to be taken to a dealer to be worked on. Can't do much of anything yourself cause you need electronics. So its pricey when anything needs to be done to it.

- Scott P

This car is super compact and makes for comfortable parking

The car runs really well but it is getting old. Any of the issues are due to age. For example, there is a tape player in the car that does not work. However, the gas mileage it gets is rather good, especially for a car its age.

- Arinn P

Turn the key, then wait for it to start. It takes a second to click on (hybrid) and whisper mode does not mean it stalled.

I love that it is a hybrid. It gets GREAT gas mileage. But, being an older vehicle, it has some issues. The warning lights are not very clear when they come on so I'm not sure what each is for.

- Sarah D

It's a hybrid, one of the original styles and still runs great.

I like the fact that I still get at least 40 miles to the gallon. I love that it's compact but not tiny. I wish the exterior paint was in better shape, but it's just surface damage.

- marci s

The air conditioning does not work.

I like that my car is very fuel efficient. I hate that there is no AUX cord and the air conditioning is busted. I like that my car is small, and easy to clean.

- Megan B

Do not buy an older prius used. If the battery goes out you cant even get it on,

I like the gas mileage. My dislike is the power on acceleration and the fact that that batter is ticking time bomb as its 3 grand to replace

- D A

Smart and Fun Hybrid

I love my little car. It's surprisingly roomy, has lasted with very minimal upkeep for 15 years, and the gas mileage is tremendous.

- Jennifer A

It is fairly small but for the gas mileage and everyday use it is great.

Main battery has issues but otherwise it is great: mileage, dependability, low maintenance, etc. Not bad for a 15 year old vehicle.

- Curt S

Saving money on gas! And it runs great!

Just got it and it's working great so far. Saving so much money. I got it to save on gas and it's working so far!

- kelly m

the gas mileage is good. it takes a while to get up to 60 mph

it rides comfortably for the driver and shotgun passenger. the back is a little tight. gets a good gas mileage

- logan h

You can beat the high price of gas with a Toyota Prius

This car is very economical on gas. Repairs are inexpensive. I highly recommend this vehicle

- philip A

It's dependable and saves on the cost of gas and is good for the environment

It's dependable-No complaints-low upkeep-comfortable-

- joan k