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A Prius: It can hold most of IKEA�s flat pack furniture.

I absolutely adore my Prius! It is extremely comfortable for both the driver and passengers. I have had very few problems with the car, only minor issues so far, such as replacing tires or windshield wipers. I never pay any attention to gas prices because it uses so little gas for day to day driving. And, of course, on long trips it is absolutely wonderful because it costs so little to travel. My only complaint about the car would be that for someone of my height(5'3') I have two blind spots in the front and side sections of the car so sometimes can't see pedestrians as well, unless I learn forward. My husband doesn't have this issue though, so I think it's a matter of height. I wish that our particular year(2004) had the back up camera installed, but they put that in the year after our car was made. The car costs very little to maintain because it only needs an oil change every 5000 miles and it doesn't require a lot of oil. Also, the tires don't wear out very quickly so we haven't had to replace them very often. My favorite thing about the Prius is that the brakes aren't like brakes on other cars so they never need to be replaced. Often times people worry about needing to replaced the big hybrid battery in the back, but so far we've never needed to replace it.

- Lynn F

Costly battery replacement, but a strong commitment this car will make for you.

I drive an '04 Toyota Prius. It is both my first Toyota vehicle and hybrid vehicle. Being my first hybrid, I do wish that I have been more informed about the costs that generally come with hybrids, or at least mine. I love my car, it has taken me everywhere I've needed to be. And despite my pretty low upkeep, it hasn't let me down. I have had to replace both batteries (electric and standard) by now (I've had it for 3 years), and that has probably been the most difficult part for me. I purchased this car for the gas saving aspect, not realizing the cost for the batteries) would be so costly. But I still adore this vehicle. The navigation system, the clean/sleek appeal, the cargo space! There is so much space! I've honestly been able to fit one 4-drawer Ikea dresser in the back with a few other items at the same time. Plus, this little hatchback can sit up to 5 people. I would definitely purchase this car again in the future.

- Sally M

Great car, good on gas, no it is not slow.

2004 it is been reliable 14 years. I had the auxiliary battery replaced twice. The hybrid battery replaced 2016. Toyota wanted $4000, green bean did it for $1654 and they come to your home, plus 5 year warranty. It seems to be using oil, but that is ok, as with older cars you check oil before cranking. Gas mileage still great. Only thing I dislike now are the cloth seats, cannot get them clean. No problems, although I keep my car serviced a Toyota. Once had wiper blades that wasn't Toyota's, that noise drove me crazy, replaced with Toyota, noise gone. Same thing with Mr. Tire brakes for life, mistake, noise, grinding, got Toyota's brakes and drums, all good.

- Annette W

Great prius Toyota stands behind their vehicles.

I have 254, 000 miles on my 04 prius and have had no major problems with it. I am currently getting 44 mpg which is pretty close to when I bought it new. One of the best cars I have ever owned. Eight years ago I was driving from tacoma to phoenix and just south of lodi ca the dash lite up I lost ac and cruise control. I called the nearest dealer in redding and they said bring it in when you get there. It turned out to be the water pump sensor. So $560. 00 later I was on the road. A year later there was a recall on the sensor and water pump. I sent my receipt into Toyota and the refunded everything except the sales tax. I could not be happier.

- Ted C

2004 Toyota Prius; money saver!

My Toyota Prius is very reliable and is great on gas mileage! This car has really been great when traveling a lot to work everyday or long car rides. The key features of this car are the automatic start button, which allows you to start your car with a push button and restricts you from locking yourself out of the car. Also, the back up camera is perfect especially because I hate to keep turning around and twisting my neck just to see behind as I am backing up. Lastly, a key feature of the Prius is that whenever you are pressing the breaks, the battery is charging which really helps save gas and money!

- Michaela R

It really does save fuel, and really does have some pickup when you push that accelerator. Small and nimble to drive, yet pretty big on the inside.

I've loved this car ever since I test drove one. I thought the hybrid thing was stupid back in 2003, but then I did that test drive, and knew I had to buy it at that moment. I got lucky and actually paid $100 less than list at the time (most paid more than list, although I did have to wait 3 months or so). I've averaged more than 40 mpg and love every minute of it. Very few issues/problems with the car. Did get a few software/firmware upgrades in the first couple of years, which really helped with any issues.....since then, great car!

- Ron V

This car will never let you down while providing a great feeling of caring for the environment, saving a ton on gas, maintenance and repairs and is fun to drive.

I have loved owning this Prius since 2004 when it was still a strange and anomalous vehicle that has since become emblematic of environmentally friendly. The car has never given me any trouble, except that tires don't seem to have a long life span. Every day has been a game to see how great the mileage can be and has taught me a lot about the best way to drive a car efficiently. I'm ready to replace it, but can't find anything I think will be better than a Prius!

- bl b

Cheap to maintain, and cheap to drive.

This car is insanely reliable and gets amazing gas mileage. For road trips I often average over 50 miles per gallon. It is pretty comfortable too. For people who haven't driven a Prius, the push start and shifting are a little odd to get used to but ultimately fine. The line of sight speedometer is really nice. It is a zippy little car that's cheap to drive and maintain. It is bad that it only has a CD player but obviously that changes in later models.

- Rose A

Early wonderful Prius.. I am glad I bought that year; All the kinks ironed out.

There are very few things I do not like about my Prius. Perhaps the fact that I cannot see the end of the front or the back makes it difficult when parking or even passing, but that is probably the only major problem. Also, the fact that it is so quiet makes it difficult in a parking lot when people are walking.. They do not hear the car. Other than that I love it!! It is comfortable, fun, accelerates well, and, of course, does not use much gas.

- Leslie S

I would definitely recommend the Toyota Prius.

My car is a fifteen year old Toyota Prius, so it has some basic maintenance issues. But so far it has been quite reliable. Sometimes the brakes will give a little jolt when it rains and it is a little slower on the take off than the newer models. But overall it has been great. The backseat is surprisingly spacious, the mileage is good (I can still get about 45 mpg on average) and the trunk has an extra storage area underneath.

- Hannah K

The Prius is a great vehicle to own. It has great gas mileage and runs smooth.

The Prius has never let me down. I have kept up with the usual maintenance such as new tires and oil changes and my car runs great. It has great gas mileage. I fill up about once a week and cost less than $20. The only problem I have is the headlight get a foggy film that I have to clean every few months with a little buffing it comes off. I am not sure why this happens. I would definitely get another Prius in the future!

- Stephanie W

My car is wonderful, I really like the screen that tells you the consumption use, and when the car is using the battery vs gas. It tells me in real time how many miles to the gallon I'm getting and changes as my speed increases or decrease.

I really love my Toyota Prius! I usually only spend $15-20 a month on gas if I just travel to work, home and store, and that's my favorite benefit. The car is very comfortable and roomy, I really like how the trunk has a hidden compartment which is very convenient for storage! I haven't had any problems with my cars performance it's 14 years old with almost 200,000miles and it's still running strong!

- Jessica H

Love my old Prius except for the blind spots.

I have never had any issues with my car's performance. My only issues are the lack of back-up cam (my model is from before they were standard), coupled with a bad blind spot - it is necessary to be very careful when changing lanes. Other than that, I love the mileage I get, and the way the car picks up quickly when I get on the freeway.

- Randy D

It is great for people that don't like sensitive accelerators. It is also great for fuel economy and it very quiet.

Love the accelerator that doesn't jump. I also like the fuel economy. However, there have been some issues with the multifunction display (the speedometer and fuel gauge) have been acting up and sometimes won't display which required disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to fix. But that is a newer and not frequent issue.

- Rachel R

Reliable, practical, convenient.

It is reliable and has incredible gas mileage. It does not do well in snowy weather or on mountain highways/roads. It has a nice amount of space considering how small it is. The size is really convenient for a daily commute, with easy parking, but still really good for longer trips with a small amount of people.

- Lori M

Prius car good on gas mileage.

It has great mileage and is good on space if your not going to be taking too much stuff. It is pretty comfortable when it comes to seating could be a bit uncomfortable for 5 people but 4 fit comfortably. . The best thing is I drive all the time and have never used more than 50 dollars in a week for gas.

- Lydia R

Prius for the rest of us.

The car is very reliable and has required few repairs. It also has great gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and most of the features have worked well for the age of the vehicle. There are five seats but three do not fit well in the back seat. The storage is sufficient for most every day activities.

- Veronica H

Great leg room for a compact car.

Very reliable vehicle! Over 230,000 miles on it and still running well! Comfortable seating with plenty of legroom. Nice trunk space. Does not handle super well in the snow. I have been stuck a few times. If it is windy out and you are going over 55mph you'll certainly feel the wind pushing the car.

- Hannah A

14+ Years and still averaging 50 mpg in town..

Still runs great after 14+ years of use. The Prius is compact but still has plenty of storage space while comfortably fitting 4-5 people. Not the greatest turn radius but not terrible either, it just takes some getting used to the hybrid engine and feel of the car. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

- Jorge K

Favorite part of my car would have to be the interior it is amazing.

I love but hate my car it is a very nice model but the only things I hate about it the mechanical problems. It is a great model very slim and a great color. The only thing I regret is not buying a newer model and more reliable mechanic problems. I would advise you to buy a reliable younger model.

- Veronica J

Good mileage on the road -- especially on the freeway -- saves you money.

Excellent mileage, handles well, sufficient room for everything I have to do. Drove it cross-country and back. Only downside is that once in a while, the READY light won't come on when I try to start the car, and I have to wait anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes for the problem to resolve itself.

- Marshall S

It has a great space to gas mileage ratio so it's a really practical car.

I like that it gets good gas mileage and handles well. There's a lot of space to haul things, especially for a car that's "small", which I like as I live in the city and parking is often tight. I dislike that it doesn't have a good way to play music from a phone through the nice sound system.

- Christopher O

Horrible Prius for a young person who does not care about hybrid power.

I am used to a vehicle that will get up and go, this Prius is small with no juice behind it. The hybrid battery is a horrible invention because if something tiny is wrong with it the whole car is messed up. If I could have another car I would, the only good thing about it is the gas mileage.

- Brittany H

My vehicle is a Toyota Prius with a back up camera, and auto charging battery.

The Toyota Prius is a very reliable car with a back-up camera so I can see what is behind me without turning my head. I like that I do not hear the loud car and when I put on the breaks the battery charges itself. The Prius has saved me so much money on gas and I fill up about twice a month.

- Michaela R

The main battery died and it wasn't terribly expensive to replace.

I like that the car drives smoothly, requires me to fill the tank once every 2 weeks maybe and it is an easy car to drive.... What I dislike. The blind spots and body shape of the care. The pick up...It is not zippy nor particularly a fun car to drive, it is just utility..

- Robin W

Buying a Prius was the best decision! It is perfect to drive in the city.

Usually I am more of an SUV kind of person but I love my Prius. I can fill up the tank with $25 once a week. Even though it is a small car, it is comfortable and practical. When something breaks, it is easy and cheap to fix. Would definitely upgrade to the new Prius.

- Vivian B

The hybrid battery is great. You do not over spend on gas.

Great gas mileage and quiet. It has served me phenomenally well over these past years as I drive it from one town to another due to work. The display allows me to better monitor the battery and lets me keep it charged by letting the car coast or use less gas.

- Oliver F

Very economical and cheap

The Prius is a great gas saver last quite a long time and durable but once artery starts acting up all lights and stuff stop working brake pumps are hard to fix. Wiring is also very expensive to fix. Good and economical to drive expensive to fix. Worth it

- Karen M

Reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Acceleration is very lackluster and loud. Mostly slow unless I apply a lot of pressure on the gas. Breaks are great still to this day - emergency break is squeaky. Comfortable and lots of legroom. It is very reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

- Lois A

This car has great gas mileage! Never had any issues with how it runs. Sometimes, accelerates a little slow though.

I LOVE the gas mileage. I can get 35+ miles per gallon on it. It drives very smoothly and gets me where I need to go. No complaints. I had to replace the battery and for a bit the speedometer broke but I fixed it and works like a charm now!'

- Kayla S

At 40-50 mpg, gas mileage becomes an expected benefit!

Prius performs well, excellent pick-up. Performance is reliable, though sometimes the parking brake gets stuck OnStar-up (takes patience, sometimes opening and closing doors), but eventually goes. The push-button gear selection is very nice.

- Jane D

Prius: mileage + convenience.

The small size is convenient for driving and parking. The car gets excellent gas mileage and has required very minimal repairs considering its age and miles. A somewhat larger back seat that could more comfortably fit 3 would be beneficial.

- Veronica B

Bought a 2004 Prius used, it is great

Great car, and I love the comfort and performance. The only issue I have with the car is that soon we will need to replace the hybrid battery, which is expensive--but then again the car will last a very long time after that.

- Matt R

Fuel efficiency, it gets impressively good gas mileage.

Fuel efficient, big enough, environmentally friendly..... Dislike being associated with the reputation of a Prius driver, does not have much pick up when you go pedal to the metal, wish it had a trunk and not a hatchback.

- Jacqueline P

40 miles to the gallon! Save money while driving.

I love that this car gets 40 miles to the gallon. It's a solid little car that I can still get quite a bit in when needed. It's a little cramped for a trip for my family. I wish it was just a bit higher off the ground.

- Suellen w

It is good on gas, and it is reliable. I don't need to spend a lot of money on gas.

I love that I don't need to buy a lot of gas all the time. I love that it has a cassette player in it. I love that it has longevity. I don't like the cloth seats that need cleaning already. I don't like the color.

- Pam H

The Prius is still a great long term car purchase.

My Prius is 14 years old, but the features still hold up against new cars. There is a GPS navigation, an enhanced stereo system, keyless entry, and multiple airbags. The gas mileage alone makes the car worth it.

- Julie L

10 gal of gas gets me 430 miles.

Bought new and besides oil changes and tires the only thing that was replaced was water temp sensor. Otherwise, it is the best car I have ever owned. We bought a new prius in 2016 because we like it so well.

- Theodore C

It lives up to the hype of fuel efficiency, and is a trusted brand.

I like the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. I also prefer toyotas to other makes on the market. My complaint is mostly on account of its age and the knowledge that later models have benefited from upgrades.

- Ellice N

Great gas mileage. Smaller inside.

I love our Prius! We get amazing gas mileage with it. It's a little small for my husband and not the greatest car for longer trips with the entire family for that reason. But it's a great every day car.

- Suellen J

It is a hybrid car and it saves me a ton of gas money on each fill up.

I like that it is a hybrid vehicle, so it uses less gas then a normal vehicle. It fits my stuff in the trunk. Only issue is the view out the front window, you really can't see the front bumper.

- Matt F

Gas efficient but uncomfortable.

Gas tank is small, but I get very good gas mileage. The climate control (air conditioning) could be better because I have a hard time finding the right temperature setting to get comfortable.

- William O

Very efficient and helpful to environment. Saves money from gas, not best handling.

Great mpg, not great handling though. Really good for long drives and comfortable. Very roomy! It does not do well in any weather other than sunny. But otherwise it's a consistently good car

- Ali R

it's a good solid hybrid car that still holds up after so many years.

it's a pretty reliable vehicle that i really like for driving around. the only thing i don't like is that i wish i had a newer one just for better features.

- ricky j

Great value and eco friendly.

Great car. Other than industry recall issues no problems. Great on gas Just had to replace the "little" battery after 14 years. Hybrid battery still strong.

- Diane C

The gas mileage is 40 mpg in town and close to 50 hwy miles. I love it.

The gas mileage is incredible. It is getting older but still runs great with Toyota's usual high quality. It is compact I would love a little more room.

- Rhian P

Gets great gas mileage. The tank is small, so you fill up just as often, but spend a whole lot less.

Gas mileage is great-- 40-50 mpg on average. Never had any major troubles. Moderately comfortable. Visibility through the windshield is sub optimal.

- Kerry P

It is a hybrid, so the gas mileage is awesome.

I love the mileage I get. I love having working ac. I love that it is better for the planet. The only issue is that the 12 volt chargers do not work.

- Victoria T

It has reliably and gets good mileage for the size car that it is.

Great gas mileage, great stereo, handles like a dream. I love the dark green color. It is pretty cheap to have it worked on and I am glad about that.

- Susie G

Great family vehicle, reliable.

I love my Prius. It's been very reliable and is a great family vehicle. I've owned it for 2 years and only had minor issues that were easily fixed.

- Brittany H

How much money I can save on gas and stuff by having a Prius

I like the fuel efficiency and how much I save. It has lasted several years with minimal maintenance. I would by a newer model Prius as my next car

- Travis R

Small but roomy, reliable , gas saver, smooth rides for me.

My car is very reliable. It is a great gas saver. Looks small but has a lot of room for me. Loves how it doesn't have that loud engine start up.

- Adejaney C

It's a regular car, hybrids work just like any other car just get better fuel economy.

Been a great car. Have over 150k miles on it now, very reliable. Could be a little more stylish and the radio/cd player doesn't accept MP3's.

- Kevin H

It has great gas mileage. Loved it we did so much traveling in it.

Our peius was awesome till it broke down. We really liked it and will get another in the future. A new model would be nice so it lasts longer.

- Morgan R

It's a regular car. Just like any other.

Very reliable car that has lasted a long time. Gets great fuel economy an is easy on the environment. I would purchase this vehicle again.

- Sam R

I Love this toyota prius!!

Absolutely love the gas mileage! The cruise control has some minor problems and the car is slow to take off because of the electric engine.

- Jesse S

Take good care of the car and it will take good care of you.

Very reliable car. Love the gas mileage. Car is very roomy especially for a tall person like me. Wish it had a bit more trunk space.

- Wayne W

The convenience of the button key is really a great feature.

A much better car than I have ever had. Love the button key. Love the dashboard set up. Very easy to drive. Just right for just me.

- Melinda L

The gas mileage is amazing.

I like the amazing gas mileage, it feels like I am driving a spaceship, and the tape deck. My only complaint is that it is so low.

- Emily T

used Toyota Prius is great

It's good with gas and very comfortable. Everything has worked for a few years now, and the repairs don't cost much.

- Yangchen D

I get great gas mileage and it has lasted me a long time it has 270000 miles on it

It has 270000 and still runs great. It has some dings and scratches. It needs a new wheel bearing and an alignment

- Brianna V

How much money you save on gas.

How much money I save on gas. Keyless entry and drive. How quickly it picks up speed. Wish it were a newer model.

- Lydia A

Rear view is somewhat restricted due to spoiler in middle of the window.

Just the right size to fit in my garage and maneuver in traffic. Not too high or too low. Great mileage.

- Catherine M

reliability--no breakdown. easy to maintain. save gas

it's reliable. saves gas. lots of room . easy to handle. little maintenance. durable. easy to park.

- John L

You save a lot of money on gas, and time filling up your tank.

I love the gas mileage. I also like the size of the car. Even though it is small, I feel safe.

- Nina M

You should plan on it lasting forever. With routine maintenance, have had no serious issues with it.

Have 294,000 miles on it. Plan on doubling that. It has been a great car for us.

- Jon p

I think it is safety thing and drive nice and look cool

it has been running well. it drives quiet and nice. it has good technology

- Ayaka S

It gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. It is well made. Very few mechanical issues

- Erick P

Economical because it is electric and gas.

I like the size. I like the miles per gallon. I like the interior.

- Olga D

My car is very reliable and comfortable. It serves its purpose of getting me from point a to point b with no signs of problems.

It is very cost efficient which means that it will save you money.

- Jesse e

This car is very reliable. It gets excellent gas mileage. It is inexpensive to maintain.

This is a reliable, fuel-efficient automobile to own.

- Ann B

has good gas mileage, comfortable, like the color. Dislike the interior.

gas mileage is really good compared to other cars.

- Yuk N