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Prius fans forever with outstanding gas efficiency and undeniable comfort!

I have owned and driven three Toyota Prius' over the past 13 years. Working as a sales rep within a large territory, I was very pleased with it is gas efficiency. It drove smoothly and quietly all the while within a very comfortable setting. The seat provided support for my lower back with plenty of head and leg room. The car is wider than what u would imagine on the inside with fold down rear seats if needed. My only maintenance on the vehicle was keeping up with oil changes and tires.. It was always very reliable and dependable. I never had to worry about the vehicle breaking down or being danger to drive.. It holds a high level of safety with rear and front air bags as well as steel reinforced doors. I have driven each vehicle well over the 200, 000 mile before having any issues with the hybrid batteries. These can be replaced and u would swear your car is as good as new! My only complaint is although two of my vehicles were built in 2005, the vehicle built in 2006 had a very limited life span with its headlights.. After researching this issue on google, it seems this was a common occurrence although it was never verified through corporate. Overall, if necessary, I would purchase another Toyota Prius without any hesitation..

- A R

Toyota Prius: gas mileage queen.

Very tight fit is the bad side. But, car is pretty high tech considering it is 15 years old almost. Also, the gas mileage is still incredible! I am able to get well over 300 miles in a single tank. It averages about 42 mpg; however, on 60 mph highways, I am able to get over 50 mpg for a tank. Car does burn gas if you are a short commuter, like only a few miles. It will only get like 35-36 mpg city or quick highway trips. Car heats up quick and has a surprising amount of features on the touchscreen dash. Hatchback does provide a lot of room, surprisingly to put stuff. The best part about the car is it is overall affordability. It saves money up front, on your insurance, and per tank. Watch out though, if you drive quite a bit, the tank is only like 8 or 9 gallons and you'll have to refill semi-regularly.

- Bryant W

Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.

This is a really reliable car. I am able to drive a long way on one tank of gas. On average, I amble to get about 30-50 miles per gallon. The car only holds about 8 gallons of gas though. One feature I wish this car had was either a tape player or a spot to hook up my phone to. Another feature I wish it had was that it would stay on the menu you selected instead of going back to how your car is performing while driving. It is nice to see that information but I would also like for it to have that staying feature. Overall, it is a reliable car. It gets me to where I need to go without too many problems.

- Madison M

2005 Prius missing features found in newer models.

The 2005 Toyota Prius does not have a back up camera and I would of preferred one. I got the fabric seats in a tan color and then stain very easily. Do not ever let the car run out of gas because you will quickly run out of power for the car. The manual key to get in the car is very hard to use. In fact if your car runs out of gas and power and you have to use the manual key to get in the car, it is nearly impossible. Great gas mileage and the car very durable. If I were to trade in and get a new car I would get a newer version of a Prius. The 2005 is just lacking some important features.

- Lizzie W

Eco-friendly, great gas mileage

I love my prius. Its eco-friendly, great gas mileage, and roomy without being oversized. There's plenty of legroom for the back seat, which i find some vehicles lack. I haven't had many problems, only one i can think of that was an actual problem, un related to car part maintenance. It would not start properly for some reason. All i did was open and slam shut the hatch and then it worked fine. If you don't close the gas cap properly, the lights on your dashboard won't work so you can't read mph or anything. I don't find that a big deal, kind of helpful.

- Emily B

Roomy and a great gas saver!!

The ride is really smooth. I like the space it is really roomy and fits my son and husband perfectly. I like the key start push and how the car will sound if you leave the key in the ignition. I also like the feature of the car that allows the car to idle when not in motion. This helps the car preserve gas when sitting at a light or stuck in traffic. I also like the way it conserves gas because I can drive on a full tank for about a week to a week and a half before I need to get gas and on the meter it will flash when the gas is running low.

- Madeline C

Great car as long as you know how to drive a hybrid. Keep up the maintenance and you'll have a car for a long time.

As long as you keep up the maintenance, you shouldn't have any major issues. Other than the standard oil changes and tire rotations, I haven't had major problems. I have seen other cars with the front headlight off, and when you flick them back on, they stay on for a little bit, but then turn back off. Toyota is aware of the problem, but only recalled certain years. One other bad thing is that while driving at night, the green numbers on the dashboard appear in the windshield, which sometimes gets in the way of where I need to look.

- Tess R

Prius is amazing on gas and comfort!

My car is amazing on gas, has plenty of storage/trunk space, and is very comfortable. I would definitely buy another Prius. I have had some minor electrical issues and the car was in accident... But still worth it. I can drive around on $10 in gas a week (I do not commute too far however). I once drove from ri to me on $50 and I only had to stop for gas on the way back (after driving around for the weekend while in me). I do wish my car was a little more sporty/sexy, but I'd take it any day over a sporty v8 gas guzzler.

- Ari L

My Toyota Prius experience.

Of course everyone loves the mileage Prius’ get. I also like the way it runs, the interior was very nice at one time but is a little the worse for wear now. I have had no mechanical problems & think that is. Characteristic of a Toyota. The radio & ac are still in good working order. Generally speaking, I have no complaints other than in order to keep the batteries working, one must run the engine about once a week so it takes a conscious effort when one is going to travel w/o driving.

- Sue N

Efficient and Compact Vehicle: An Investment That Pays Off

My favorite thing about the prius is getting really nice gas mileage. I routinely get 50-60 miles per gallon on average, and when I'm intentional about driving efficiently, am sometimes able to do even better. I also love that it's a compact car - I can get into tight parking spaces without much trouble. I dislike that there's no temperature gauge for the engine on the car and that parts are often expensive to replace.

- Misha L

Great car and most importantly great gas mileage!

I love my Toyota Prius. The gas mileage is great and it is quiet and smooth. Because it is a 2005, it does not have all of the bells and whistles as a newer car, but it still runs like a champ and it is a great commuter. It has a lot of miles on it but I feel like I can run it to the ground because it is such a great car! I would totally recommend it to anybody who commutes.

- Allison B

Easy to handle and hybrid.

Comfortable, reliable and efficient hybrid so it take less fuel. It gives good average. One thing is that we go close to the car with keys so car automatically open. One more feather is also good that on the car front doors we can just press that button to look with them if we have key. We do not need to insert key to drive care. Moreover it is interior so good.

- Madam M

Hybrid battery problems, but awesome breaks!

The main problem with this car has been the hybrid battery it started having problems long before it should have. Everything else is great, the gas mileage I get doing a lot of freeway driving is about 47-48 miles per gallon. The breaks on this car are awesome! Just be aware that when you drive something else that it will most likely take longer to stop.

- Connor W

The gas mileage that you get on a Prius is awesome.

My Toyota Prius gets approximately 40-45 mpg. It's perfect for saving money on gas and seems to do well as a high mileage vehicle. However, certain repairs and maintenance can be costly. If you ever have to replace your Prius battery, it could cost thousands of dollars. Other than that, I love my car. The hatchback trunk allows for a lot of storage room.

- Melissa C

My Prius is a great car with one issue.

My Prius is very reliable, except for its starting battery. If I am gone for more than a week, when I return it must be jumped to start it. I think my Prius is very comfortable for four adults, and can seat five -- the back seat is much more roomy than you'd expect for a car its size. My Prius' gas mileage is great, especially on the highway.

- Leslie D

Love my hippie dippy two thousand and five Toyota Prius.

My vehicle has very high mileage because I bought it used. However, I do enjoy that I do not spend more than twenty dollars on gas. This is great because I do not work often and do not travel far so I do not have to refill constantly. My tires do get very low fast and I am refilling them a lot even though it does not take long. It is not bad.

- Amber G

It is quiet to drive my car. Cars that are not hybrids are much noisier to drive.

My car is very comfortable on my. Lower back unlike other brands that I have liver back pain while driving. My car is quiet to drive unlike other cars that are noisy. I like the sky blue color The outer layer of paint has been peeling in different palaces which is not good. I have noticed other Prius cars with the same thing happening.

- Lois F

The Toyota Prius is an amazing, efficient vehicle

Our Prius is great! It is both efficient in terms of gas mileage and really fun to drive. The acceleration is not the best, and it is a little loud on the highway, but overall it is a great car. When we bought it in 2016, the main battery died which was an expensive fix, but it was over 10 years old so that is understandable.

- Leia L

Toyota Prius: Boring but reliable and efficient.

It is reliable and gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway. The seats get a little uncomfortable on a long trip. The car is very boring to drive and very slow. There is a lot of body roll, but the brakes work great because of the hybrid system. Despite being boring to drive, it does everything it needs to do.

- Robert S

The Prius is a reliable, durable car with incredible gas mileage.

I bought my Prius used in 2016. It had 225,000 miles on it at the time of purchase. It now has over 250k on it. It runs like a dream and the gas mileage is incredible. I average about 38 MPG in the winter and 46 MPG in the summer. Priuses keep going and going, so long as you keep up with the normal maintenance stuff.

- Nunya B

Baby blue 2005 Toyota Prius.

One of the things I cannot ever complain about is the gas mileage. The car is quiet and smooth and it is still running well after 180000 miles! It does take about 20 seconds to accelerate to good speed but after that you cruise very well. Only thing I do not love is the temperature of the fabric, suggest seat covers!

- Tori C

It gets amazing gas mileage.

I like that it has great gas mileage, and it's been incredibly reliable. I've put a good amount of miles on it and it's still going strong. The only things I dislike are that when the headlights burn out, they are expensive to replace. I also wish it had an auxiliary jack, but that's not the end of the world.

- Charise e

The gas mileage is amazing.

My Prius has been owned by two other people (both family) before me, which is fine. I really like that, despite it is age, it still gets amazing gas mileage. Although, whenever I need repairs done, there are times when I have to pay extra because the shop has to order special parts just because it is a Prius.

- Joanna S

An overview of the Prius.

Very reliable. Almost at 230k miles and still running beautifully. Maintenance is not bad, because not much has to be fixed and if it does at least the parts are cheap. I have the base model so not a lot of bells and whistles, and I really wish it either had Bluetooth or a spot for an auxiliary cord.

- Cassandra L

The Prius has been a good for me.

My 2005 Toyota Prius has been a very reliable and comfortable car. I have owned it over 10 years and would happily get another one. The average gas mileage is never below 40 mpg and occasionally in the summer makes it above 50 mpg. It is not really a sports car but I do not about that sort of thing.

- Al T

A Prius lasts and runs forever!

Car is comfortable for a family with rear facing car seat. Maintains its condition well; does not seem as if it is over a decade old. Having trouble with the auto adjusting lights; a sensor is a bit finicky and malfunctions. Due to age does not have any form of auxiliary cable ports, Bluetooth, etc.

- Pamela V

Oldie but a goodie! 2005 Prius keeps on running!

The engine of the car works great and has had no problems! Gas mileage is great even after 300,000 miles. Cosmetically the front and rear bumper are easy to damage and need repairs often. As long as you keep changing the oil regularly, it will just keep running and running. Really love this car!

- Quinn R

Reliable, safe, and best car to buy for newly licensed drivers.

This car is very reliable and great for new drivers. It has a great turn radius, excellent storage space, and very comfortable seats. This car is great for road trips, especially because it fills up a whole tank of gas for 20 bucks. All in all I love it, was my first car and I am impressed.

- Kaitlyn N

I haven't had any issues with my Prius besides the electric battery.

I have had it for many years and it hasn't had any problems with it at all. Besides the battery but I believe that is acceptable. I am thinking about getting a new vehicle and I would recommend anyone to get a Prius. I might end up getting a newer version for my next car as well.

- Ryan W

People should know that the Prius is reliable and cost effective.

I love the cost effectiveness, reliability and fuel efficiency of my car. I'm not a fan of how old it is, the fact that the air conditioning isn't working and is very costly to fix and the overall look of the vehicle. I also don't like that the Prius doesn't offer a 4wd option.

- Alicia C

Prius cars age well and are very reliable.

My car is 13 years old, but I still get very good gas mileage on it. I really like having a hybrid vehicle and feel like I will never go back to a regular gas vehicle again. I like the Prius well enough that I plan to get another Prius when this one eventually needs replacing.

- Jennifer C

2005 Toyota Prius. I love the gas mileage.

Absolutely no problems. I love knowing I can get in this car and go state to state with no problems. I can get up to 50 miles per gallon. I love the room I have in this car. I love the airbag features all over the car. Maintain oil changes and service and it will run forever.

- Brandy J

Very good car to use especially good on gas.

I had my Prius for about 4 years. It's a very good car and it saves money on gas. Getting a Prius is a good move, especially if you are looking for a compact car. I would recommended it to my friends and family. It's a car that you will not be disappointed at all.

- Lisa F

I love my 2005 Toyota Prius even after all these years.

As long as you take it for the scheduled services, it is extremely reliable. The mileage on the highway is pretty good and ok in the city. With gas prices the way they are, you end up saving a lot. Deceptively large trunk too and the back seats fold down easily.

- Kat S

The seats fold down in back if you want to get busy when you are out and about.

It is huge inside, I can fit anything. It gets really good mileage. I can repair it cheaply and easily. Replacement parts for trim are common. It is got lots of fun luxury-like features you wouldn't expect. It is quiet. The radio is good. Seats are comfortable.

- Cullen L

Great car, perfect for the city.

It's perfect for a city or suburban area, it has great gas mileage and has a surprising amount of space for a small car. It has enough space for a family or just a one person vehicle. When you are in traffic the car switches to electric so you don't waste gas.

- Dana M

The prius is well worth the money you spend and it keeps it's value even after you drive it off the lot

It drives really well in inclimate weather. the gas mileage is grate. I can get almost as much in my car than my old suburban. the 1 thing i don't like is that when in reverse, the beeping inside the car is irritating and really should be heard on the outside

- judy u

I love it so much. Need to replace battery.

The hybrid battery is dying. But it is a 2005. Other than that, it is an amazing car. Great on gas, very reliable, and has been with me for years. So I rather spent 600 to get the battery replaced then getting a new car. I love my car too much to replace it.

- Kay Kay N

It's more efficient than most people think especially for such an old hybrid.

My car is light blue, it recently had all of it's batteries replaced so now it runs like new again, which I love. I love everything about it except how it struggles to get up hill and how there is only a radio and cd player and no aux cord or tape player.

- Jenna H

Rear view camera makes everything safer and easier!

The Rear view camera is the BEST feature, being able to see when you back up is a life saver. the fuel economy is amazing too. My only gripe is it's hard to change the headlights and the keys are a bit frustrating for when the batteries die in the dongle.

- Jessi S

Great car for the struggling student/family.

I haven't had any issues. There is a lot of space for a smaller hybrid vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. I can fill up once a week with $20 or less and it last me a whole week/week and a half and I have to drive about 60 miles a day for work and school.

- Heidi S

Prius power: the car everyone should be driving.

Excellent gas mileage, limited maintenance expenses, comfortable and easy to drive, Versatile transportation options to haul furniture, bicycles, and musical equipment. Fits my concert harp and other gear. Equipped with GPS for navigation, easy to use.

- Naomi M

It is a Prius and can go very far on very little gas.

It is very good on gas, very small and efficient car. It has a CD player and 4 doors but otherwise is a very basic car for an affordable price. It does not have any problems currently but it has about 150, 000 miles on it and is going on 15 years old.

- Tony C

The battery is extremely expensive, but the gas mileage is great.

It gets great mileage, and at just over 250,000 miles on it with no real engine or transmission problems, it's pretty durable. However, the fact that the battery replacements practically total the car is a huge negative, and it accelerates slowly.

- Josh R

The most important thing to know about the Prius is how to operate the screen's functions.

I like that my Prius is a small car and has a screen that provides all of Its features. The fact that it's small allows for easy parallel parking. However, it's harder to accelerate quickly when merging onto the freeway because it's a Hybrid.

- Maddie G

It's a 13 year old car and runs like it's still brand new

I love the gas mileage on the Prius. Also when I first got it I was able to get a sticker from the CA DMV that allowed me to drive alone in the carpool lane. It handles well on the road. It's very responsive to sudden braking when needed.

- Pam M

It's fuel efficient and very fun to drive. It has enough power to perform most tasks and it's roomy on the inside.

My main complaint is that the hybrid battery is so expensive to replace. Also, since the car has so much technology integrated, it's hard to perform some of the basic car maintenance functions without paying the dealership.

- Sonya Y

I love the fuel economy of the car! We often haul a lot of things in it.

Even after 10 years, the car still gets great gas mileage. There are a few things that have issues like the auto-leveling headlights, but overall the car is wonderful. It's not meant for 4 large people, but works well.

- Staci N

The Prius runs great and gets great mileage and lasts a long long time.

I love my Prius and have been driving it now for 13 years. I know I will need a new car soon but it breaks my heart to have to give this one up. Even at 13 years old, it still gets mileage in the 40s and 50s per gallon.

- C H

Fuel efficient fun car to drive, plenty of interior room

I love that it uses very little gas, being a hybrid it generates energy so less gas is used in the city. However long distance travel you will use more gas. I also like that it tells you how much energy you generate

- Mary Y

It is the best car I have owned that is affordable and good on gas.

My car is pretty old but I love how good it is on gas. It has really saved me, it also is super reliable never had any major problems other than replacing the battery which is super easy. It drives very smooth.

- Emily V

It is easy to operate and maintain.

How it handles, the positive effect it has on the environment. Lower gas usage. I do not like the fact that my gas consumption goes up in the cold weather. Would like to see it handle better in the snow.

- Ann T

It is very light so you can feel the road a bit more than most cars.

I like the turning radius and fuel economy. It is been mostly easy to take care of as well. The screen in the middle of the console serves little to no function if you do not have gaps installed though.

- Thomas K

The gas tank is fairly small, so you'll have to stop for gas quite a bit

I got the car used, and it had a lot of problems that were quite pricey to fix. The battery cost 3k, which was a lot, and I had to fix a number of other things this past year. Otherwise it's okay.

- Mel G

It is both a very economically and ecologically sound investment.

Our Prius is both economical and reliable. In the two months we've owned it we have averaged between 48 and 52 miles per gallon and have had no issues with the car. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Don A

Toyota Prius is a hybrid car, and is very spacious in the back with seats down.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. I like the maneuverability. I dislike the acceleration speed. I dislike losing traction on tight turns in slippery conditions, the car is too lightweight.

- Tabi H

That it has better gas mileage than other cars on the market

I love my Prius it gets good gas mileage , but never as much as promised . Has great storage space. The one thing I dislike is how it handles in windy conditions , seems to be all over the place

- Diane R

Great gas mileage! It gets 40+ miles per gallon on a regular basis.

I love that it has great gas mileage and it is easy to drive. It drives like a large go kart! I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of trunk space and it's difficult to fit a stroller into.

- Emily C

It is not a sports car. The mileage does seems to be really good.

I like the gas mileage, the magic key system and the reliability. I do not like that I not comfortable taking it to a non-dealer for service. And the keys are super expensive if you lose one.

- Joe R

Prius: Reliable and Sturdy, 13 Running

This is a very reliable car with great fuel economy. I get roughly 40-50 miles to the gallon. Recently we had some suspension work done but the car still drives great, even at 13 years old.

- Maura H

I've had no mechanical problems and the car runs great.

My Prius is comfortable, has plenty of room, great gas mileage and I've had no mechanical problems. I like the GPS it came with and that it lets me see the mileage and engine use live.

- Sheri d

Reliable, long term savings on gas, and dependable.

I love the gas mileage, smooth ride, reliability. I dislike that it is older and needs some aesthetic work and the hybrid battery will be very expensive to replace if broken.

- Mary H

That the Prius is very expensive to repair and it's hard to find exactly what the problem is

I love the great gas mileage of my car. I like how quiet it is. I don't like how expensive it is to repair. I don't like when it has electronic problems every thing goes wrong

- Carolyn W

It's very roomy and can seat 5 comfortably and with the seats down and hatchback haul ,ay items.

The car gets great gas mileage. The car is very roomy and has a hatch which makes it super convenient to transport things. The car is different than most and I like that to.

- Chris B

Gas is cheap. Gas prices are about 2. 89 right now, costs $15 to fill up my tank.

Gas is super cheap, lasts a long time, battery is relatively cheap to fix if it dies, charges up fast, downside: if the battery dies it will not accelerate until you fix it.

- Violet Z

Very Reliable and Cost-effective. Perfect go-to car for practical use.

The Toyota Prius is the frugal driver's inexpensive dream car. Smooth ride, great gas mileage, good stereo. Great car for getting kids around town AND for road trips.


It's a hybrid, probably THE hybrid. I feel good driving it.

I love my car for its milage and it can fit a surprising amount of stuff inside. It has had some problems with the water pump and lights, known specific to this year.

- Arianne G

It is soooooo quite that sometimes you can forget it is on.

I love the fuel efficiency. Since it is a hatchback I love the storage space. I dislike how low the front bumper hangs, it often gets caught on parking blocks etc.

- Erica S

It drives and rides exceptionally well.

I like that it saves on gas really well. I like the way it looks and how it drives. But I do not like how it is so quiet, sometimes I wish I could make my car loud.

- Anna T

It is great for the environment and saves money in the long run

I love my Prius. It is a very reliable vehicle and you get extremely great gas mileage. It is a little small so if you have a growing family you may need to upgrade

- Rachel C

It gets amazing gas mileage so it saves you money filling up less frequently.

Excellent gas mileage, quiet, plenty of space. One negative is that it has very low clearance underneath the car, which makes it difficult to drive in deep snow.

- Jennie T

Realizable transportation with very high gas mileage

The Prius has saved us a lot of money in gas. We have had very few problems with it. The batteries are expensive to replace, but ours have lasted several years.

- Tracey G

Make sure your oil is changed and you check fluids and keep gas in it.

Good on gas mileage. Lots of room. don't like that the battery breaks down if gas is low. Only costs $20 to fill up my tank and it lasts a good week and a half.

- Jennifer M

Even when this car has nothing to give, it keeps on going.

My Prius has been extremely reliable. But after maybe like 150, 000 miles you really have to be on top of it with the maintenance. A little old but still great.

- Charlotte D

You cannot lock the car if the ignition is still on.

Easy on gas, get about 55 mpg highway. Easy to navigate. No major mechanical work required. When the gas light comes on I know almost exactly how far I can go.

- Dolores K

It is good on gas mileage and quiet.

My car is comfortable and quiet unlike noisy cars that are not electric or have two batteries. It comes in good colors. My car is safe and I like driving it.

- Linda S

Older Gen 2 Prius are easier to work than Gen 3 and 4.

With over 220,000 miles, Prius gets great gas mileage and very reliable. Great for watching wildlife. Replacing the cells in the batteries were a hassle.

- Kim K

My Prius gets Great Gas Mileage

It is quiet, has great mileage. The air conditioning isn't the best. Has a great speaker system. Overall I love my Prius. It helps my wallet save on gas!

- Katrina L

The Prius that refuses to die

This car has almost 230k miles on it now, and it's running like it's still new. Never replaced the brakes and maintenance has been reasonable. I love it!

- Cassandra D

Great fuel economy on Prius.

Such a reliable car, it has not let us down yet. Toyota really makes great vehicles and we are very happy with how affordable gas is with the Prius.

- Grace H

It has four wheel drive and does excellent in the winter.

I like it brake system, controlling is good, a/c system and comfortable. Increasing race is little bit harder and steering is till bit hard to move.

- Marry K

You will fall in love with the Prius

My car has been very reliable for the 13 years that I have owned it. I've loved the fuel economy of it and love that it still has zippiness to it.

- Joce W

That it was the first cutting age in hybrid technology.

It gets great gas mpg with the hybrid engine.. The car is super roomy and I love the hatch.. Not all Toyota dealers service is the same though..

- Christopher B

The fuel economy for a long commute is amazing. I really save a lot on gas.

I love the fuel economy. I like that it is easy to maneuver and park. I dislike the small back seat, and I really wish it were a convertible.

- Nick H

It's easy to drive and enjoyable to use.

It is economical, and decently roomy. I like the handling and the pickup. I do wish that I could update the navigation system economically.

- Craig D

It is a great car to afford, and to drive.

I like the gas costs it is simple to drive. It is easy to handle. I dislike. . . Parts break. . The back hatch has separated from the frame.

- Donna W

Don't be scared of this Hybrid! Batteries will last a long time if you treat them right.

It has been the most dependable car I've ever owned. At 215,000 mi and 14 years it had its first mechanical issue. Great gas mileage too!

- denise l

Great gas mileage and fun to drive!!!!

Great gas mileage!!! Plenty of interior room for passengers!!! Enough room for packages and or groceries!! Enough power and decent ride!!!

- Cary F

Don't worry when the engine switches off. It sounds and feels like the car is no longer running.

It is a hybrid, and gets fairly good gas mileage. However, it is very lightweight and prone to hydroplane or slide in rain, ice, and snow.

- Jennifer p

Takes a lickin and keeps on ticking. Like many other well maintained toyota vehicles. Mine is at 175, 000 K miles and still whispering along.

I love my old prius. It is comfortable on my back, and easy to drive. Fuel efficiency is wonderful and I love cruising along sipping gas.

- Christine O

I have never experienced a problem in this vehicle so far.

My vehicle has a backup camera, leather seats, it is the color white, it has no problems so far, and doesn't have any scratches or dents

- Arvin N

The gas mileage is great. Your not always having to fill up the car.

I love that it gets great gas mileage. It's so quiet and smooth to drive. I really don't have any complaints about it. It's a great car.

- Heather Q

Great gas mileage and acceleration for highway driving.

I love that I get between 48-52 miles per gallon. But hate that I have over 250,000 miles on it. Will be getting a newer vehicle soon..

- Sara B

Reliable commute car with good gas mileage

Reliable, low maintenance, smooth ride, good family car, good commute car, good gas mileage, hybrid battery replacement is expensive

- Jen K




Increased mpg does not decrease handling or space!

It gets 50 mpg. I have never had to replace the large battery. It handles beautifully and saves me money and saves the environment!

- Claire K

It has great mileage and is cost effective.

I love the mileage on the vehicle. It is very cost effective when going on longer trips. I dislike how it handles in rain and snow.

- Zoe G

Great gas mileage and very low maintenance.

Have never driven a hybrid and I just love it because it is different. It gives you great gas mileage and the ride is very smooth.

- Sammy Z

It is dependable. The only time it didn't start was when I had left the lights on and ran down the battery.

Comfortable, easy to drive and very dependable. It gets good gas mileage. I like the way it looks and I hate the backup beeper.

- Jan K

The care gets 48 miles per gallon, which save me a lot of money.

I love the low maintenance and gas mileage. I do get nervous about the hybrid battery. But, overall it is a smooth and easy ride.

- Kayla S

Good on mileage and is quiet and not noisy like regular cars are.

It's good on gas mileage. It's quieter than regular cars. The top layer of paint is peeling and coming off which I don't like

- Starseed S

Hybrid saves on gas expenses and helps keep the environment clean.

Gas mileage and cargo space. Also like the lifespan of the battery. Love that it is hybrid. Nothing I do not like about it.

- Margaret L

It's not a sports car but it's still a great car the best I have ever owned.

I like the gas mileage and the magic key system. The prius has also been the most reliable car of all the cars have owned

- joe S

The Prius gets excellent gas mileage and is virtually maintenance free.

It drives very smoothly and comfortably. The gas mileage is amazing. We really don't see a downside to owning this car.

- Ann H

Excellent fuel economy, both in city driving as well as on the highway

I like the gas mileage and interior roominess. I dislike the turning radius and the spoiler on the rear windshield.

- Prabha T

That the highest mileage we got from this car is 68 miles to a gallon. Our average mileage is 55 miles a gallon.

This Prius helped lessened our gas expense considerably. It's also very comfortable, easy and cheap to maintain.

- Teresita A

Well, there is great mileage.

I like that there is good mileage. I dislike that there is slow acceleration. It is a reliable vehicle overall.

- Adam A

Built for reliability. Incredible on gas Efficient long lasting smart vehicle.

Great on gas. Good handling Steady engine . Lacks power in acceleration, but is smooth and very dependable.

- Scott S

2005 Toyota Prius - Gas Mileage

I have a 2005 Toyota Prius and I love it for the gas mileage. On average it gets around 45 miles per gallon!

- Tahvia V

It has great gas mileage and it's a nice size

It runs smooth and it's very quiet. It's also small which makes parking easy and the gas mileage is good.

- Keith P

Toyota Prius- 2005 and still running strong!

My Prius is amazing! It is 13 years old and still runs beautifully, is quiet and is great on gas mileage.

- Kim N

Good mileage and is quiet.

It is good on gas mileage. It is quiet. It is old and has needed repairs. The paint top coat is peeling.

- Linda S

I get over 40 miles to the gallon, on average. By that metric, my car has paid for itself many times over.

Gets great mileage, efficient. Sometimes expensive to fix. All the same, wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Leah C

Gas Saver and Driver Friendly

Very economical. Minimal problems. It's 2 wheel drive making it hard to drive on our hill. Spacious car.

- Jim A

I don't feel I've traded comfort to save gas. It's a fun car to drive.

You can't beat 58 mpg and it comes with toyota reliability. Also pretty comfortable for an economy car.

- Lou H

really good gas mileage because it is a hybrid car.

I like that it gets great gas mileage, around 50-60 miles per gallon. I also love how quiet it drives.

- Emilie S

It is a hybrid and low gas mileage.

Love the size, gas mileage, comfort and size. I cannot think of anything that I dislike about my car.

- Judy L

That it gets great gas mileage and that it is a reliable vehicle.

I love the gas mileage I get and the fact that I'm helping the environment while using the HOV lane.

- Adam S

Even though it may be old, it still runs in top condition.

I like how it is simple. Sure, it may be a bit old, but it's the car I've been using for a while.

- Matt L

Great gas mileage rocks!!

Great gas mileage! Love getting 40-50 mpg or more. Like having a hatchback. Very reliable vehicle

- Joe P

My car is a hybrid. The gas engine is not always running when it is moving, so it may not be making any sounds.

I only had my vehicle for a few months now. I like it a lot. I have no complaints at this time.

- David M

It has low service requirements (mostly oil changes) so no large bills (knock on wood)

It is fuel efficient, easy to drive, comfortable, and relatively cheap in terms of maintenance

- Jon b

it is on the road and reflects my transportation priorities

Low insurance. Low cost of operation. dependable transportation. reduces carbon footprint

- kev M

It's got great mileage & is great for road trips & driving around a lot

It's reliable, has a ton of miles on it & is a car that is super comfortable to drive.

- Jenny B

it's fuel efficient and gets great gas mileage in the city

old and needs some work. but used infrequently and gets us to where we need to go.

- Kristen R

Great gas mileage while a very comfortable and powerful ride

as a hybrid, it gets great mileage. It's also very quiet. Has plenty of headroom

- Steve F

great fuel economy, low maintenance costs

reliability, fuel economy, cargo space versatility. does have cabin road noise.

- vw s

This hybrid is so important for good gas mileage while also stylish

I love it so much.IT is very roomy. GREAT gas mileage. And looks good, too.

- Chris D

First, You don't have my vehicle - Mercury. I used my daughter's car. The car is great on gas mileage. Very quiet, not always sure it is even running. Has a nice smooth ride. Bigger on the interior than it looks.

It gets great mileage, and doesn't have a small car ride. Very spacious

- Lois S

The Prius has Great gas mileage

I like that it is compact. It has Lots of cargo room. Great mileage

- Kim W

It gets gas mileage. It shows you your current mpg.

Like everything except the radio reception. Love the gas mileage.

- James T

It get 50 MPG on the highway

It's not a SUV or van. It's not all wheel drive. It is a hybrid

- Dona R

The fuel efficiency of the Toyota Prius is exceptionally positive.

The Toyota Prius is Fuel efficient and extremely easy to drive.

- Justin B

I like that it's a hybrid. I dislike it's lack of power. It's great for commuting

It's a great commuter car and is better for the environment.

- Karsten K

IT gets great on gas and go at least 400 miles highway travel.

It is great on gas. Good mileage. Easy to handle and park.

- Chris M

My prius gets great gas mileage, especially for freeway driving.

Great gas mileage. Not too big but plenty of storage.

- Vasily K

I love the Prius since it is hybrid. Not only is it less costly for gas, but I like the fact I do not have to go to the gas station but only once per week. The maintenance on it is is very low too.

Low gas cost, low maintenance cost, roomy interior

- Cas C

That it is fast. That it handles like a dream.

I like how it is good and very easy and pretty.

- Laura T